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The Promise (One Post Spin off of Coming Fury)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Lonewolf89, Dec 29, 2002.

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  1. Lonewolf89

    Lonewolf89 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 26, 2001
    This is a one poster centering around the past of my OC, Alixander from [link=]Coming Fury.[/link]

    The Promise:

    Alixander Kendo had lost a lot of people in his life. First his younger sister, his mentor, then his most loyal friend. None of that could prepare him for a moment like this.

    ?She wants to see him,? he heard the medic say to his father. He continued to stare at his hands as the argument ensued.

    ?He doesn?t need to go in there,? his tutor said in his usual obnoxious voice, ?He?s not ready to go through that.?

    ?Don't you tell me what my son is ready for!? his father hissed at the boney, cross eyed man.

    ?Perhaps the boy is too young,? the medic suggested in a calm tone, raising his hands in the air signaling them to lower their voices.

    Alixander?s father brushed passed them both and marched over to his son. Alixander kept his eyes glued to the floor until his father was standing right over him. Part of his young mind feared the opposing figure, the other part of him loved the man dearly. At the moment he was too numb to process any emotion which was probably for the best.

    ?Get up,? his father commanded, stepping back so that Alixander could stand. The eight year old boy slowly got out of his chair, his gaze moving from his shoes to the door at the far end of the hall.

    ?She wants to see you. Straighten your suit,? his father said in a cold voice. Alixander looked up at his father for a brief moment. The pale green eyes that mirrored his own where reflecting the rage that was boiling just beneath the man's calm exterior.

    Alixander felt a shiver run down his spine as he bit back a remark. He wanted to fall into his father?s arms and let his tears run freely, but he knew that he would receive nothing but a back hand to the head for such a display. So he held in his emotions and walked down the corridor passed his teacher and the white clad medic. He ran his hand along the fabric of his suit and brushed out the remaining wrinkles. He forced himself to stand straighter, raising his head up a little higher.

    Alixander?s paced slowed as he reached the doorway. He hesitated for a moment as his hand fell on the opening control. He jumped as he heard his father clear his throat roughly, signaling him to start moving again. With a gulp Alixander pushed the button and the door slid open.

    He moved into the brightly lit room, his gaze quickly falling on the frail, huddled form lying on the bed.

    ?Alixander,? his mother said, a weak smile playing across her face as she saw him. He forced himself to keep moving closer. Finally he bent down into his knees next to her.

    ?Hello, mother,? he said, taking her hand into his own. He couldn't help but be alarmed as he realized how cold and fragile it was in his grasp. He looked up, glancing at his mother. Her beautiful brown hair had become thin and brittle. Her tan skin was now yellow and transparent. Her stunning features had been dulled and deformed. He bit back tears as he saw the true extent of what the disease had done to her.

    ?Don?t cry, my boy,? she said, gathering what little strength she had to reach over and brush a few stands of hair across his forehead.

    ?Why shouldn?t I?? he asked, cursing himself for the harshness of his tone.

    Her soft blue eyes looked up at him with the same kindness and warmth he remembered her to have had throughout his life. A lump formed in his throat. He knew this would be the last time she would ever look at him like that.

    ?My dear boy,? she said, her eyes locking with his, ?Tears will do nothing. You must be strong, for your father.?

    ?Father!? he exclaimed, his voice rising, ?Father cares nothing for me or you!?

    ?Shhh,? she placed a finger over his lips, ?Don?t talk like that. You?re father loves both of us. More than you will ever know.?

    She closed her eyes as a wave of pain washed through her. Alixander gave her hand a squeeze as her eyebrows knit together in discomfort.

    ?You have to promise me, Alix,? she sai
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