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Saga The Protector (Obi-Wan, Anakin and OCs) Sequel to 'Dangerous Games' Chapter 15 added 23/03/14

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by hlc88, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Rainbow Knight Star

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    Apr 18, 2005

    Excellent work.

    It Seems like Owen doesn't care about anyone but himself. Obi-Wan's rescue of Alex mended his relationship with him, and Owen is willing to just throw it all away. I feel so sorry for Obi-Wan. I hope everything works out.

    Please, update soon.

  2. hlc88

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    Sep 3, 2012

    Rainbow Knight Star Thank you for the comments! Owen is a complicated character... But Obi-Wan is in for a very tough time...

    - - - - -

    The Protector
    Chapter 11: Betrayed

    The early hours of the following night found Obi-Wan with his legs crossed and resting quietly in a corner in one of the long corridors that led from the control centre to the training room. Around him people slept, or talked quietly. Most had blankets wrapped around their bodies. Small children were curled up beside their parents: the conditions were cramped but it was better than being forced to work as a slave.

    Obi-Wan submerged himself in the Force, focusing on the components that lay scattered before him. He didn’t feel that he was ready to own a lightsaber again but he couldn’t keep turning his back on it. It just felt like that he would need it. Perhaps having one would facilitate his acceptance as to who he was now. He was more hardened, sadder than he ever had been but here on Stewjon he had realised at how contented he was.

    His hands moved through the air as he focused his energies upon the components, imaging them sliding together, feeling his way to the heart of the device, his crystal spinning in the air. He remembered what it was like to make his own lightsaber for the first time on Illum. There he had faced his fears of not ever being chosen as a Padawan, but in the here and now he was facing his troubles, his past.

    He had killed Dooku with a lightsaber. He could have stopped it but since his talk with his parents and his sister he had found that he could not feel guilty over something that was not his fault. He had accepted that Dooku had made his choice: the Count had killed himself to make Obi-Wan feel guilty, to ensure that he would never forgive himself and enable his complete fall to the dark side of the Force: not through anger but through guilt instead.

    The Count had failed in his final goal: for Obi-Wan had forgiven himself that night when he had told his parents the truth, even if it had taken him a few weeks later before he realised he had made that significant step.

    Falling further into the Force, Obi-Wan discovered the remnants of the bond he had with Anakin. He had torn it in his anger and misguidance at his friend. The strands of the bond still lay scattered. He missed Anakin.

    Could shattered bonds be repaired?

    That had never been tried before.

    Could it be done by him alone or did Anakin have to be there?

    Obi-Wan put that thought to one side; that was something he would have to deal with later if he returned to the Jedi Temple. There was no guarantee that he would either.

    And that was when he sunk so deep into the Force that it opened up before him. Images came to him, blurred images, not easy to interpret but enough, for just a brief second, for him to see himself on his knees in front of Grievous. Clouds swirled in front of the image preventing him from seeing anything further and Obi-Wan’s eyes shot open as he fell out of his mediation posture.

    His hand was clutched tightly around a lightsaber hilt.

    He stared at it, transfixed at the design. He had been lucky to have found material that could be used in lightsaber construction, but what he had found had been enough to make a workable one. The design he had unconsciously modelled it on was his own old lightsaber, the hilt had had left behind with Anakin at the Temple.

    What did that mean? Was it significant? He hadn’t even considered what the design might look like when he had finished – it hadn’t been a conscious decision to construct it in the way his old one was.

    He held it in his hand, inspecting every inch of it, ensuring that all the components were in the right place. Getting to his feet he quietly moved through the sleeping people until he came to the storage room. Walking into the room, he shut the door behind him.

    His thumb on the activation switch he waited, feeling worried at what he should expect. His lightsaber came to life, the blue blade shining elegantly in the air. It felt strange to hold a lightsaber in his hand again, it almost felt that he was a youngling again, handling a lightsaber for the first time. Marvel hit at him and he felt a warm feeling rush up his arm.

    This was his lightsaber.

    The Force had bequeathed with him a working blade. Did it except him back? Did the light side deem him ready? Obi-Wan sucked in deep breaths, calming himself as he considered his future. He had come to Stewjon seeking peace and healing and he had found it: until Alex’s kidnapping when things had spiralled completely out of his control.

    Yet had he run away?

    No, he hadn’t.

    He had embraced it, acted accordingly to how he knew best. He had acted like a Jedi should.

    Was he truly ready to wield a lightsaber blade once again?

    If you weren’t, your guilt would have prevented you from making a working lightsaber.

    Obi-Wan grimaced. “That may be so but after this is all over will I still feel like that?” he answered Qui-Gon aloud.

    It is your conscience that you have to learn to control. Right now you have something to live and fight for because you want to prove your worth. You want to prove to yourself that you are still a Jedi and unconsciously you are making that happen. But what if you returned to Coruscant, what then? What if you saw Padmé?

    Obi-Wan swallowed. Guilt welled up inside him. Padmé had suffered a near-serious injury in the final battle between two Sith Lords, a fallen Jedi Master and a Jedi Knight. The Senator had been stabbed through the gut with a lightsaber. But it had been Obi-Wan’s lightsaber that had done the damage. Obi-Wan had been holding the blade.

    But it had been Dooku who had Force-pulled Padmé onto Obi-Wan’s blade.

    Padmé had survived but had lost her natural ability to have children. Obi-Wan hated himself for that. When he had last seen Padmé she had urged him not to blame himself. He had told her that he would try not to but it wasn’t that easy to not do so.

    “I can’t blame myself for that,” he said slowly, “but I won’t ever forget what I did.”

    Do you feel you cannot be in her company?

    “I feel that she would judge me but I know deep down that she wouldn’t. She’s still my friend regardless of that. She’d want me to move on. But forgetting isn’t as easy. I took her ability to have children away.”

    Did you?

    Obi-Wan felt completely stumped. “What do you mean?”

    In this day in age, especially the Kaminoans, new tissue can always be regrown…

    “So she can still have children?” breathed Obi-Wan.

    But Qui-Gon did not reply.

    Had Padmé and Anakin kept something back from him deliberately or had they not realised their selves?

    Was his guilt really for nothing?

    He knew then that to solve his feelings that he would have to return to Coruscant. But he wouldn’t abandon his people for the sake of his own confused feelings. His family came first: they were people who needed him most.

    Disengaging his lightsaber, he clipped it onto his belt, feeling strange at the familiar weight that he hadn’t carried for over a month, and walked out of the storage room. He had work to do.
    - - - - -

    It was a few days later that everything was ready. Owen had made all the arrangements. Guilt gnawed at him as the time came for him to leave. He had tried to sound out his parents and sister if they would take a way off planet if there was a way but they had all refused. They would take their duty and stick to it, even if it meant death.

    Rena had been the most suspicious of all, probing him as to why he was even inquiring to them about this. He was certain she had realised what he was planning on doing. But he also knew his brother remained unaware. Obi-Wan was completely in the dark about what was about to happen.

    Alex was sleeping, drugged to sleep so that he could not stop his father. The young boy had become very close to his lost uncle: the uncle that Owen had hated, who he now respected in more ways than one. He had saved Alex from the Separatists and yet he planned to betray everyone.

    I have to do this.

    It was the only way he was convincing himself that he could go through with it.

    He was doing it for his son. For Alex’s survival, so that he could grow up on a world without conflict or strife.

    Who knew how many people he loved would die because of his actions? Would they ever forgive him?

    Carefully, Owen fixed a blaster to his belt, picked up his son and quickly but quietly moved through the base. He was due to go out on duty in thirty minutes. By leaving early he hoped to not raise suspicion. Danja was back in his quarters, under the watchful eye of one of the guards who had been assigned to his quarters whilst Owen did his duty.

    He only had one small bag of possessions.

    Owen reached the exit, input the security code giving him access to the outside and he stepped out. The sun was just starting to come up as he quickly jogged away, his heart beating fast in his chest. His conscience yelled at him to return, to not do this, but he could not.

    He kept going.

    Five miles east of the base was an abandoned speeder, placed there by Danja’s brother. Laying his son down on the back seat, Owen powered the speeder up and sped it across the landscape, unaware that he was being watched.
    - - - - -

    Maje waited beside the shuttle, his eyes peeled for any sign of the speeder that would contain Owen Kenobi and his worthless son. He didn’t like the idea of simply letting him go but his father had ordered him to. It would make it much more potent for Owen to live as a traitor rather than to die as a martyr.

    Still, at least they would have the Jedi who was leading the resistance against them.

    In the distance a small speck appeared.

    There he was. Owen was on time.

    The speeder started to slow, stopping just yards away from where Maje waited.

    A figure clambered out of the speeder and hefted something from a seat and started to walk across the grass towards him.

    “Maje?” Owen Kenobi said as he approached.

    Maje grinned. “I never thought you would be one to abandon the people.”

    “Yes, well, some things are more important,” muttered Owen, looking down at his sleeping son. “I want him to be safe. I didn’t want to be involved in this…”

    “You should be thankful we even agreed to you request. Good thing you have something to trade! Danja is in position?”

    Owen nodded. “He is.”

    “Good. And the Jedi?”

    “Knows nothing,” confirmed Owen. “And…” he bit his lip, “who he is makes my betrayal even worse.”

    Maje laughed, folding his arms across his chest. “Which of those mystic sorcerers is it?”

    Owen breathed out slowly. “My brother.”

    “Well, well, how convenient. I’m sure Grievous will have fun dealing with him.” smirked Maje. “He’s not at all happy that a Jedi is here… but the fact that it is your own brother? That makes your desertion even more beautiful.” He held out his hand. “The keys to the shuttle. Circle around the planet and then go into orbit. There is a Separatist fleet above but not circling the entire world. And remember, don’t come back, or your mother will die. Do you have the information?”

    Owen shivered. That was part of the deal to ensure his compliance in not betraying his uncle: make his mother’s life a bargain he could not break. Michael had promised to protect her at all costs providing Owen gave him what he wanted.

    He steeled his shoulders. “I won’t.” He reached into his pocket and drew out a data card. “Here. This contains the co-ordinates of our base.”

    “Then go,” finished Maje, placing the keys in Owen’s palm. “And good riddance. Oh, and if these co-ordinates are wrong we will know about it. We do have a contingency plan in place if these do not check out.”

    “They are the correct co-ordinates.” Taking the keys, Owen boarded the shuttle, strapping his son into the seat behind him. Owen activated the engines, moving the joystick forward to lift the shuttle up into the sky.

    As he veered the shuttle away, he didn’t look back.
    - - - - -

    Obi-Wan knew something was wrong when he couldn’t find Owen or Alex.


    He turned around in the corridor. Bro was running up to him, panting heavily. “What is it?”

    “It’s Owen…He’s gone. He’s betrayed us all. I didn’t follow him the whole way but he took Alex with him and there is a Separatist droid army coming right for us. They’ve already taken out two of the sentries. And our alarms are down, the droids can walk in here easily!”

    Obi-Wan swallowed, mindful of the people in the corridor who had heard Bro’s statement. Fear was already spreading through them, mothers grabbing their children, already moving, hoping to escape. “Is Grievous with them?”

    Bro nodded numbly. “He’s at the head of the army.”

    “Bro,” he began calmly. “Get everyone as quickly as you can out of here.” He raised his voice. “Anyone willing to fight, grab your weapons and prepare to fight! If we survive this we can consider Owen’s betrayal later!”

    Obi-Wan turned and started to run back down the corridor, his lightsaber hilt already in his hand. He had had the feeling that he would need it but he hadn’t expected to need it so quickly. He tried to ignore the hurt feelings that roared up inside him with Owen’s betrayal. He could not dwell on that, not now.

    All around him people were running in the opposite direction, save for those that were willing to fight alongside him.

    As he moved further towards the entrance, he heard the sound of blastershots echoing through the corridors. Screams echoed and Obi-Wan threw himself round the corner. His blue blade came spluttering to life.

    General Grievous stood in the corridor, surrounded by battle droids. His organic eyes found Obi-Wan and widened in surprise. “KENOBI!”

    “Grievous,” stated Obi-Wan, swallowing the lump that was forming in his throat as he considered his rival. He held his lightsaber up in a guard position. Those that had joined him to hold off the Separatists, lined up just behind him facing the droids, blasters pointed straight at the battle droids.

    “So, you are the Jedi causing my forces so much trouble,” Grievous growled, coughing slightly. “I never would have thought it was you I was contending with!”

    Obi-Wan smirked. “The last time we met Grievous you got one up on me, I won’t let that happen this time!”

    Grievous laughed, his arms moving to his sides, taking hold of two of the lightsabers he had hanging around his waist. “I have the advantage, Kenobi! My forces vastly outnumber yours! If you think you can prevent me from capturing all of my slaves then you are mistaken!”

    Coldness swept through Obi-Wan’s body. He knew. The droid General knew where the other exit of the base was, where it would come out. He had forces already waiting for them.

    They had lost even before the fight had even begun. It was a total betrayal of all their secrets.

    Why Owen?

    He almost felt like giving up but a part of him yelled at him to not do so. He levelled his blade, watching wearily. Grievous would not attack first, not in an enclosed space. The battle droids had their blasters trained mostly on him.

    “Obi-Wan, what do we do?” asked one of his fighters. There was fear in the other man’s face, his blonde hair falling into his eyes.

    Grievous had every advantage. If they fought these brave men would die. He had no way of knowing if the blasters were set for kill or stun.

    Even before he would reach Grievous he would be shot.

    “Attack me and your little fighters will be killed, Kenobi!” rasped Grievous. “Do you really want to feel responsible for more deaths?”

    Deep breaths kept him going. He was ready to fight, even if it meant his own death. But he couldn’t risk the deaths of so many others.

    “Drop your weapons,” Obi-Wan ordered. His lightsaber blade disappeared as he removed his thumb from the activation button. Glancing at the hilt, he threw it at Grievous’ feet. “I surrender.”

    All around him his men did the same, their blasters cluttering to the floor.

    Grievous’ laughter echoed around the corridor and the droid General stomped forward, his eyes fixed entirely upon the Jedi that had long defied him. He stopped right in front of Obi-Wan.

    Obi-Wan held his ground, not letting Grievous intimidate him.

    A metal hand came out, clasping the Jedi around the throat. He was thrown into the wall, his head hitting the side of it. Was this the end? Would Grievous kill him now? But the droid general was walking away, his metallic hands behind his back.

    “Take Kenobi back to the city. He will be publicly executed once he has been interrogated. He may still be hiding information from us that could be of some use. The other slaves who escaped us, including the children, will be starved for a week for their defiance in joining this Jedi scum!”

    Battle droid arms grasped Obi-Wan from beneath his armpits and they hoisted him up. His head sagged as he was led away.

    He had failed.

    And he had been betrayed.


    To be continued…

    Please let me know what you think!
    *looks innocent*
  3. EGKenobi

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    Apr 27, 2005
    Wow oh wow!!!

    This is quite a story!

    Please send me a PM when you update it again? :)

  4. hlc88

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Ah... erm... its been just over 5 weeks since I last updated. I do have a good excuse. Uni work deadlines plus evil exams and an essay, a poster plus a dissertation due over the last few weeks has prevented me from even writing. But here is the next chapter!

    Chapter 12: Execution

    No one had escaped Grievous’ attack. Every prisoner had been transported back to the facility outside Sti. The Jedi had been imprisoned in a secure cell with super battle droids stationed outside his door; that was until the Jedi had been brought to face Grievous for questioning which he was now undertaking.

    Michael Kenobi had been surprised to learn that the Jedi captured was his own nephew. He had not expected that. Grievous had instructed him to bring the brother to him
    that had taken his rightful position from him. He knew that it would be impossible to hide his connection to the Kenobi family now.

    He moved down the corridor towards the cell that held the Kenobi family. He felt nervous about the impending confrontation. A blaster was on his hip and he unsheathed as he neared the cell door, inputting the passcode to open it.

    Stepping into the cell he saw his brother, Ben with his wife sitting on the floor. Their daughter, Rena and her husband Bro were on the other side of the cell, snuggled up to their three children.

    “Michael,” said Ben quietly, his eyes meeting that of his brother. “Come to finish us off?”

    “No,” replied Michael. “I’ve come to take you all to General Grievous. You will find that Jedi son of yours already in his company.” He levelled his gun at the youngest child. “I will not hesitate to kill any of you if you do not obey me.”

    Ben growled. “Threatening children now? You made a deal with the devil and for what? He won’t keep his promises. He will kill you when he finds out who you really are!”

    Michael smirked. He wouldn’t let his younger brother realise how concerned he was about that possibility. “Move, Ben.”

    Ben struggled to his feet and moved past his brother. Lau-rie and the others followed, looking quite dejected.

    He would rub it in later about Owen’s betrayal. At least Owen understood the folly that Ben had made all those years ago in taking his place from him. That had been the mark of his genius. Owen had made contact. Michael had agreed, with stipulations. One of his sons had to be smuggled into the base just in case Owen renegaded on his deal with the co-ordinates.

    Fortunately for Owen he had provided the correct ones. Danja had swallowed a small tracer. Both had checked out. Owen had not lied.

    As they made their way towards the main hall, Michael had to admit he was looking forward to this, despite the potential danger he was in for hiding his true identity from Grievous.
    - - - - -

    Obi-Wan was held in a force-field in the centre of the main hall. His eyes were fixed upon the droid general in front of him. He refused to answer Grievous’ questions, refused to yield as to how he had come to be on Stewjon, why he was here.

    Evidently Grievous did not know that this was Obi-Wan’s homeworld. He had ordered Michael Kenobi to bring the family he hated to the hall. Obi-Wan was certain that Grievous intended to use them against him and if he found out that they were related… Well, things would just get worse, that much was obvious.

    The door opened to the main hall and his father and mother walked in, followed by Rena and Bro and their children; his uncle came up behind them looking quite satisfied.
    Grievous marched over to them. “So you are the family that have caused my partner so much trouble in acquiring his rightful spot?” The droid general looked up at Obi-Wan. “Tell me, Kenobi, do you really want me to harm these children or will you answer my questions?”

    Obi-Wan raised his eyebrows. Surely Grievous would be able to see the resemblance between himself and his father and mother? “It depends on the questions.”

    “Michael here wishes for his rival to be dead. I can make that happen and you know it, Kenobi.”

    Obi-Wan smirked. “Threatening people that mean something to me isn’t going to force me to answer your questions.” Grievous would work it out; Obi-Wan wanted to see if he could, but it did involve in trying not to bait the droid general prematurely into killing anyone. It was a dangerous tactic.

    Grievous wanted to make an example of Obi-Wan to the people and he intended upon a public execution. Killing any members of Obi-Wan’s family would only strengthen the people more but if he let then live, forcing them to watch the execution of their son… well that could either make or break them.

    Obi-Wan was betting on the idea that the droid general would want them to suffer.

    Grievous leaned in close. “And what do you mean by that?”

    “I don’t come from Coruscant, Grievous. Jedi have home worlds too. Family who give us away to an Order where we can hone our Force talents.” But Obi-Wan could see something in Grievous’ eyes. He had the sudden feeling that the droid General knew exactly who Michael really was and had probably always known before he had even come to Stewjon.

    Grievous’ yellow eyes moved back and forth between Obi-Wan and his other prisoners. And then his dreaded gaze turned on Michael, flitting between Ben and his beneficiary. “You two are similar in many ways.” The droid looked towards Obi-Wan and then back again. “You have just given me something to make you talk, Kenobi! Your biological family are right here. Killing them is all I need to do to get you to talk.”

    “Actually it won’t,” responded Obi-Wan mildly. “You want me to suffer and you want the people to bend to your will. Starving them, imprisoning them all isn’t going to do that. Killing the last surviving members of the former royal family of this planet will only strengthen the people more. Michael may be a traitor to the family but we’ve been fighting against you for over a month.” It felt right to grin then. “And we’ve been winning.”

    “Until you were betrayed,” muttered Michael under his breath, but Obi-Wan caught that.

    It surprised Obi-Wan that Grievous wasn’t angry about the sudden discovery of Obi-Wan being related to his beneficiary. Of course the droid general could have decided not to make a scene in front of his prisoners. Right now he did need Michael.

    “I’ve been betrayed before,” swallowed Obi-Wan, trying to ignore the feeling that swept up on him. He could not think of that at this time.

    “I would have thought that Jedi families would stick together,” hissed Grievous. His yellow eyes were now fixed on Michael. “That honour is a concept that is never lost. Yet you chose to betray the world you wanted for your own. If you thought I did not know your true identity then you are a fool.”

    Michael gaped, his mouth hanging wide open in surprise. “You… you knew who I was?”

    “I knew you were related to Kenobi. Your blood was taken from you when you first made contact with me months ago. Your blood sample matched to Kenobi here: a sample that I took on Count Dooku’s instructions when this Jedi was my prisoner. I chose to hide that little fact from you. I did not count on the Jedi being here as Kenobi. Word is that he remained holed up in the Jedi Temple…” The droid’s gaze swept back to Obi-Wan. “It appears that the Jedi Council are lying to hide the truth that you ran away.”

    “I did not run away!” Obi-Wan grated out. If he hadn’t been floating in a Force field, he would have been visibly shaking. Much like Dooku before, Grievous was playing a dangerous game.

    “How… how did you get my blood?” asked Michael. “I didn’t meet you until you came here with your fleet!”

    “You were summoned for a medical. The sample was transported directly to me. I must always know who I am directly dealing with,” coughed Grievous. “It is simply a coincidence that the Kenobi I made a deal with is related to this one here. Despite what you believe, the name Kenobi is relatively common on certain worlds.”

    “I’m surprised you are not more upset by his deceit,” mused Obi-Wan aloud. “The fact that he lied to you…”

    “It does not matter,” spat Grievous. “I have this world in my clutches. I have you. If I cannot make an example of your family, I can make an example of you.”

    Obi-Wan had expected that. It was unlikely Grievous would even allow him to live. The question was: how much time did he have left? “I still won’t tell you a thing.”

    “I already know your answers to my questions. You are here because you cannot face what you have done to the galaxy. You killed Count Dooku. You are still implicated in the eyes of his murder even if you have been cleared of it by the Republic and the Separatist alliance. You cannot forgive yourself for what you have done!” the droid hissed.

    “Maybe but I accept that I’m not the person I once was. Before you came to this planet I had nothing to fight for. No reason to think that I could be a Jedi again. But I am. It took me a long time to realise that Dooku changed me, perhaps for the better. You kill me I won’t die a broken man that I once was, I will die a man who has come to terms with what he’s lived through and the choices he’s made. I will become a part of the Force, at peace. My soul may still be torn in two but even those wounds can be repaired if one person believes in trust,” said Obi-Wan confidently.

    “Your sentimental words will not change your fate. You will be executed tomorrow at sun-down.”

    A small grin appeared on Obi-Wan’s face. “I look forward to it.”

    Oddly enough, he really did feel like that.

    He may die but his words would resonate onwards. The people that he had helped to protect would still fight back, regardless of whether he was dead or not. Grievous was underestimating the people of Stewjon.
    - - - - -

    Obi-Wan was placed in the same cell as the rest of his family. He had not expected this, believing that he would be left on his own to muse about his own fate. His arms were tied behind his back, but he still had access to the Force. He could easily break out of the cell but he wouldn’t. He felt that wasn’t what he should do.

    Was he meant to die? Would it serve any purpose?

    “You can’t do anything then?” his mother moved forward slowly towards him, her eyes shining with tears.

    “I could,” he admitted, “but I don’t think I should.”

    “But you’ll die,” she replied quietly.

    Obi-Wan tried his best to shrug his shoulders. “A Jedi follows the will of the Force. I don’t feel the need to break out and escape the inevitable. Even if I’m not executed, Grievous controls this planet. I won’t be able to hide from him forever. If I escape, he will harm you, any of you, to get at me. I don’t want to risk that, even if it means I have to face my death. If it is my fate to fall into the grace of the Force then I will welcome it.”

    “Is that what you are trained to do? To accept death? To die when it is not your time?” asked Lau-rie.

    Obi-Wan shook his head. “No. We are taught to serve the will of the Force. I follow its guidance. It’s a part of me. Right now I feel it is telling me to stay here.” He hung his head. “I broke my oath as a Jedi when I turned on the Republic… I didn’t listen to the Force… I want to be a Jedi again, but I can only do that if I stay true to my principles.” Obi-Wan bit his lip. “If I tried to run…” He stopped again. “I don’t know… Maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that staying here is the right thing to do… even though it is so illogical?”

    He saw in the corner his sister and her husband trying to shield their youngest child from the conversation. The other two clearly had an idea what death was, what it entailed. The fact that he may be executed in front of them had the potential to scar young children for life, to damage them beyond repair… Obi-Wan could already see Grievous ensuring that this happened, to enable the further breaking of the people. But what could he do? Whatever action he took meant pain for those that meant a lot to him. How could he possibly choose when so many negatives were getting in his way?

    The Force stayed silent, but a small nudge here and there continued to point him in the direction of not trying to escape his inevitable fate. But why? It seemed strange to just sit and wait and not to something.

    He sighed. “Look. I don’t know why but things may not pan out the way Grievous wants them to. I’ve been thinking… about Owen… about what he did.” His parents knew that their son had betrayed them: they had been shocked but didn’t hate him for it. They were, however, disappointed. “I just feel that there is something more to his betrayal.”

    Ben hung his head. “Do you really believe that? You didn’t grow up with Owen… He was quite a selfish child. Though he loved his sister, he always resented that he wasn’t the child that we loved the most. After losing you, we perhaps coddled him more then we should have done, raised him to be independent as best we could but it also meant that he became so attached to his son that he would do anything to save him… just like a parent would… But we wouldn’t do what he has done to this family. We would have tried to work together to fix things.”

    Obi-Wan shook his head. “I’ve had time to think things through. When Bro told me he trailed Owen I felt betrayed, disbelief that he would do that, especially when we were getting on quite well, but I feel sure now that there is more to it.”

    Rena leaned forward, holding onto Craig, hugging him tightly in the darkness of the cell. Out of the children there he was the most scared. His face and hands were mattered with dirt. “You think Owen is going to come back?”

    Chewing his bottom lip Obi-Wan considered his answer. “I think there is more to this. I don’t think he readily betrayed us. Even if he was selfish as a child, he doesn’t come across like that now. Even if he did dislike me when I came here, he grew past that and got to know me.” If he could have wiped the sweat from his head he would have done. “I don’t know how to explain it.”

    How could he? When he didn’t really know the answer himself?

    All he knew was he felt that there was more to his brother then what he had been perceived to be.

    But he just couldn’t place his finger on it.
    - - - - -

    It was a sombre mood the following day.

    The hours seemed to fly by as it got closer to Obi-Wan’s execution. His family didn’t know what to say – and for the most part they stayed silent – so he took the opportunity to meditate. The calmness of the Force flowed through him, the hint of darkness from his time with Dooku was barely perceptible, and he noticed the shards of the bond between Anakin and himself. He had destroyed that bond in anger.

    Tentatively he reached for the shattered remains of the bond, wondering if he could bring them together. But what would be the point? To say goodbye? No, he couldn’t do that to his friend. Anakin meant a lot to him. He didn’t want to hurt him…

    Obi-Wan sighed and slowly opened his eyes. He could sense something coming for him. He knew it was time: time for him to walk to his death.

    The door to the cell opened. Grievous stood there, his robotic hands behind his back. “Kenobi,” he hissed.

    “You won’t win,” said Obi-Wan mildly.

    “I already have, Jedi,” hissed the droid General. Grievous moved out of the cell and a squad of super battle droids marched in.

    “You will stand,” the first of the super battle droids stated.

    Obi-Wan smiled wistfully. He felt strangely at peace. He climbed awkwardly to his feet: his hands still behind his back restricting his movement. He moved out of the cell and into the corridor. Behind him, his family trooped out behind him. The fact that even the smallest child was being taken, just proved Grievous’ lack of humanity.

    But he wouldn’t let that affect him. He would meet his death with dignity.

    He walked through the hallways, head held high.

    Obi-Wan was led out of the facility into the plains just outside Sti. He could already see that the rest of the prisoners, most of Sti’s population were already lined up outside.

    A very public execution then.

    “Take the Jedi thirty metres out into the field!” ordered Grievous from behind him.

    Obi-Wan was dragged out. He could feel the eyes of everyone on him in the field. He was forced to his knees and he glared up at Grievous as the droid General stalked forward.

    “Killing me won’t destroy these people’s belief. They will still defy you, no matter what you do,” said Obi-Wan. He kept his eyes fixed on his enemy.

    “Hah! So says the high and mighty Jedi. A Jedi who will be dead!” laughed Grievous. “I have a deal to keep. After you, your precious father will meet the same fate!” he said this quieter, as if he intended to keep this information quiet.

    “Whatever you do Grievous, you won’t win,” replied Obi-Wan calmly, watching as the General activated a lightsaber – and with a jolt of realisation he recognised his lightsaber hilt – the one he had made just before his capture. He would be killed with his own blade.

    Grievous turned to face the watching crowd, some of whom stood defiantly, looks of anger across the face, the rest tearful and some hugging their children. “Now you will see what happens to those that seek to defy me!”

    Obi-Wan would not shirk before the General. He would keep his gaze, even though death was just seconds from welcoming him into its arms.

    The blade was raised but still Obi-Wan would not look away from the glowing yellow eyes of hate.

    “This is the end of Obi-Wan Kenobi,” shouted Grievous.

    But before he could even bring the blade down something stopped him, an invisible force grasped his metallic hand in its tight grip and a voice echoed from above him.

    “I don’t think so.”

    Obi-Wan’s eyes widened as he recognised the voice. He lifted his head upwards and saw the last person he had ever expected to see, standing on a hover-car, piloted by Captain Rex, lightsaber clutched tightly in his hand and glaring down at the General.

    It was Anakin, and standing right beside him was Owen.

    To be continued…

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    AZURASKYE Thank you!

    Chapter 13: Rescue

    From above Anakin Skywalker leapt down, somersaulting in the air, landing on the balls of his feet, lightsaber held in front of him, facing Grievous. “Didn’t expect us did you?” he smirked at the droid General, whose arm was still held by the Force, preventing him from finishing his killing blow. To Obi-Wan, Anakin said: “If you want to live, Obi-Wan, I suggest you roll away. Ahsoka can’t keep the Force grip for too long.”


    Another speeder, piloted by Commander Cody with Ahsoka perched next to him, roared into view, the young Padawan’s arm out in a Force grip, maintaining her grip on Grievous’ clawed hand.

    Obi-Wan took his chance and rolled away towards Anakin, who swiftly cut the binders from Obi-Wan’s wrists. “I’m not even going to ask how you got here.” His eyes moved upwards to where his brother was still standing. “I think I can guess.”

    Anakin smiled. “Don’t blame him. All of us make mistakes.” He pulled off a spare lightsaber from his belt and handed it to Obi-Wan. “I think you may need this.” He stepped back and nodded up at Ahsoka.

    The Force grip loosened and Grievous took his chance, bounding forward, swiping his lightsaber at Obi-Wan, but the Jedi blocked it, ducking under the blow and rolling past him. Anakin took a swipe but the General was too fast, leaping back in anger. Now his other robotic hand reached into his cloak and retrieved another lightsaber which he ignited. Laughing, he moved forward, brandishing too blades at once, swinging them at Anakin, who Force-leapt over him, landing behind him.

    As Grievous turned to face him, Obi-Wan made a move, bringing his blade up and slicing through the droid General’s right hand, the one that held Obi-Wan’s newly constructed lightsaber.

    Obi-Wan grinned and used the Force to pull the dropped hilt into his palm. His left hand clutched around it and he ignited it, standing in front of the General with two lightsabers now. “You can surrender, Grievous.”

    “Hahahaha!” Grievous laughed. “It is just you and no one else!”

    Anakin’s eyebrows rose. “Do you really think I’d be stupid enough to come all this way without bringing an army? We have the planet surrounded Grievous. Your army is defeated. We have control of the space lanes above Stewjon. We jammed your communications and your scanners from orbit so you wouldn’t realise we were here. Surrender and submit to trial. You can live.”

    Obi-Wan already knew that his foe would never surrender, never allow himself to be brought before the courts, but he had to be given the choice. No matter what Grievous now was, he had once had the capacity to feel remorse. “I had every chance to escape when you imprisoned me but I refused to take it.”

    Anakin stepped forward. “You can do the right thing, Grievous.”

    It was futile but they still had to offer, otherwise they would not be upholding the principles of the Jedi Order. Despite Grievous not deserving the offer, they still had to prove that they were the better people.

    “You will NEVER take me!” hissed Grievous, and he leapt forward, brandishing his remaining lightsaber.

    His leap took him over Obi-Wan’s head, who slashed out with both the blades he held but he missed. The General took off towards the line of prisoners. But then Ahsoka jumped down from her speeder, brandishing two lightsabers herself, and Grievous took another running leap, catapulting himself over the crowd of prisoners. The battle droids that had escorted Obi-Wan to his execution, had already been decapitated, their metal bodies fizzling with electrical energy, their remains scattered across the plains.

    Anakin made to pursue the escaping General but Obi-Wan held up his hand.

    “Let him go.”

    “But we can’t let –”

    Obi-Wan shook his head. “Trust me.” He raised his right eyebrow at Anakin. “You do have the planet under your control, don’t you?”

    Anakin nodded. “Of course. Three fleets of Jedi Cruisers are topside. We need to end this here. Grievous cannot be allowed to escape.”

    “Good. I’d rather take him alive then dead. And, most of the prisoners are outside. My execution was meant to be public. But there are other facilities around the world which are holding others prisoner. We need to free them,” explained Obi-Wan. “As long as Grievous has access to prisoners, he can use them against us. I’m not going to let him control us like that.”

    “You sound more like your old self…” said Anakin slowly, almost unsure if what he was saying was the right thing.

    “Grievous coming here put me into action,” mooted Obi-Wan. “It was either continue to think I’m useless or try to prove to myself that I’m not.” He held up the two lightsabers, examining the hilts of each one. “I’ve barely touched a lightsaber in the few months I’ve been here and now I’m using them again without a moment consideration to what wielding one could potentially do to my very fragile mind.”

    Anakin nodded. “I’m in charge of this mission but I get the feeling you would prefer to do so.”

    “You are right,” responded Obi-Wan, sweeping his gaze over the plain as more and more troop transports were landing, handing out supplies to prisoners, some releasing them from the binds that were either on their wrists, ankles or throat. Slave devices intended to be used to keep them in line: each slave would receive an electric shock if they stepped a toe out of line. “I’m their protector. I’ve got to be the one to solve this. Not just for the people, but for my own sanity too.” His eyes swept upwards to Rex who was just bringing his hover-speeder down.

    “I think you may have company, Master,” mused Anakin, nodding to a group of people rapidly moving over the short space of plains to reach Obi-Wan’s side.

    His mother grasped him in a tight hug. Feeling awkward, Obi-Wan patted his mother on the back, unsure of how to respond. Emotions were still an odd thing to him, despite his own caring feelings to Anakin and Padmé and Ahsoka, the three people he was most closest too.

    “I thought…” his mother couldn’t finish the sentence.

    “It’s ok,” he whispered. “I had this feeling that my execution wasn’t going to go as planned.” He looked towards his friend. “Anakin, this is my mother.”

    Anakin stepped forward and shook her hand. “My lady,” he bowed. “Your son has been quite a father to me…” A wicked grin crossed Anakin’s face. “So, Obi-Wan, does this mean I’ve rescued you how many times now?”

    “This doesn’t count,” replied Obi-Wan quickly.

    Anakin laughed. “And why not? I did rescue you.”

    “That count is only valid in war. We are not at war,” said Obi-Wan.

    “But we are at war... with Grievous,” the younger Jedi pointed out.

    Obi-Wan shook his head. “The galaxy is not at war. The Republic and Separatists are not fighting one another either. It’s just Grievous on the loose who really wasn’t part of either side. He would have eventually turned upon Dooku if the Separatists had won the war. And that is why you cannot add this to your count as to how many times you have saved me.” He folded his arms, looking stubbornly at his young friend.

    Anakin rolled his eyes. “Fine.” Though Obi-Wan was sure he hadn’t heard the end of it.

    “So, what happens now?” asked his mother quietly. “If the Republic is here…”

    “Grievous will do anything he can to make sure he escapes. He won’t stick around for long if he can have his way,” said Obi-Wan. “We need to trap him.”

    “If he steals a ship we will know about,” said Anakin. “Our fleet is monitoring the entire planet. He tries to make a move off world, we will get him.”

    Obi-Wan couldn’t help but think of the visions he had seen over a month ago. He looked over at the speeder that Rex had settled on the ground, his eyes locked on his brother. “Owen, I don’t blame you or hate you for what you did. You betrayed us to save us.”

    Owen bowed his head and very slowly walked from the speeder so that he was facing his family again. “It was cowardly. I did it to get my son out of the line of fire.”

    “Where is Alex?” asked Obi-Wan. Clearly the boy was safe…

    “Back in the care of Admiral Yularen,” replied Owen. “I wasn’t going to bring him back down here. He needs to be safe from all of this.” He cast his eyes around at the people on the field. “In fact, any child has to get off world. Anyone who is willing to fight can stay but no children can be hurt in this battle. We will be fighting, regardless. This General Grievous is going to make sure that we fall and he will throw everything at us. I can’t risk the lives of any children in this.”

    “I’m not sure if there would be enough room to hold all the children…” said Anakin quietly.

    “Not even for a little while?” asked Obi-Wan. “Not while we deal with Grievous?”

    Anakin shrugged. “What happens if he escapes? And the battle goes to space. What then? The children will still be in danger. We can’t guarantee they will be safe up there. At least with your son, Owen, if there is any sign of any launch made by the enemy, we can evacuate your son to a place to safety. We can afford to lose one Jedi cruiser but we do not hold the facilities to hold many children within a fleet that is primed for war.”

    “Then we risk harming anyone who stays on this planet,” said Owen.

    “It’s a risk we have to take,” replied Obi-Wan quietly. “We have to act now. We have clone troopers coming down from orbit?” He glanced at Anakin who nodded his head to confirm. “And once they are down here, we will leave a battalion here to protect anyone who doesn’t wish to fight, and Ahsoka will stay as well. She may be just a Padawan but she is fully capable of defending a position.”

    Ahsoka looked like she was about to complain but Anakin gave her a warning glance and her open mouth closed.

    “And then what?” asked Owen.

    “First we free the remaining prisoners across the planet, and then we take down Grievous,” said Obi-Wan. “It may not be as simple as that.”

    Considering it was General Grievous, who had a penchant from escaping from the Republic, Obi-Wan already knew it wouldn’t bas simple as that. He just hoped that they actually brought the General to justice for once. They couldn’t let him escape, not again. They had a chance here to end his reign of terror for good and they couldn’t afford any mistakes.
    - - - - -

    Owen had to clear the air. Instead of staying with Obi-Wan which he had intended on doing, his family was more important. He had to talk to them, had to tell them, and had to hope that they understood why he had done what he had. He always been taught family was the crux of their society, was their strongest belief. He had put his son first, but he’d also had a plan. He had never intended on abandoning Stewjon either. And his cousin hadn’t wanted his father to align with the Separatists.

    They had shared a common goal. One that they could take advantage of.

    Danja had agreed to betray his own father and brother as long as he enabled Owen’s safe passage from Stewjon so he could get help from the Republic. This deal had been completed under the table. Michael had leapt at the chance to trap his own brother, but Danje and Owen’s plans had gone further. They wanted to save their families from further destruction – and Grievous would kill them all. Michael was useful to the droid general to a certain extent but he hadn’t considered he was in any danger.

    Owen and Danja had agreed to best help Stewjon they had to betray both sides. He just hoped that Danja’s betrayal would not be discovered by Grievous’ forces before they could free the planet. Both Michael and his two sons had fled in the ensuring attack made by the Republic forces. Grievous would turn on them… Owen wanted to save them all, even his uncle who had tried to bring ruin down upon his family for years.

    “You look wistful,” said a voice behind him.

    Owen turned to find Rena standing there. Her clothes and face were dirty and her hair was ragged, half of it falling out of the pony-tail she had it in. “Hello,” he swallowed, feeling a bit worried.

    “You betrayed us,” she stated. She folded her arms across her chest, giving her a steely gaze. She reminded him very strongly of his brother. She could be a very formidable person, someone not to cross if they got on the wrong side of her. “But you came back for us.”

    “I always intended to. I was never going to completely abandon you. I saw what others could not. We couldn’t win this fight… Something had to change,” explained Owen. “I knew if I could get off world I could get to the Republic. I didn’t bank on finding them so quickly though.”

    “Were they close to Stewjon then?” queried Rena, her curiosity overcoming her.

    Owen nodded. “Closer than I thought they’d be. They were on patrol a few solar systems over… I was only in hyperspace for less than a few hours before my proximity warning went off. I disengaged the hyperdrive and found myself in the middle of their fleet. They brought me on-board when I revealed who I was and where I had come from. General Skywalker took charge of me from then on… I told him everything… What I had done, what was happening here… The look General Skywalker gave me when I told him I’d betrayed my own brother… By that point – and he’d guessed – I was his Master’s brother, he told me I had a lot to make up to.”

    “You do…” agreed Rena but she stepped forward and placed her hand on his shoulders. “Obi-Wan had faith in you. I think he knew you’d betray us… but he also knew you had honour and responsibilities. He realised you’d come back for us… I thought you were never going to… You’d lost your wife and you changed, Owen. Not for the better but for the worse. You weren’t my big brother anymore. I thought you betrayed us to make sure you wouldn’t lose Alex… I thought you would flee…”

    Owen grimaced. “It did cross my mind that I could just leave and not come back. But I love my family. I’m dad’s heir. I would have come back… even if it had taken me a while to realise it…”

    “And if you had taken a long time to come back or bring the Republic here then you wouldn’t be getting the family’s forgiveness,” intoned Rena solemnly. “Your brother would be dead and mother would be distraught… I certainly wouldn’t want to be associated with you if you hadn’t gone straight to find the Republic.” She cocked her head to the side. “That may seem harsh but it is how I would feel.”

    “I don’t think I would have blamed you,” he said. “Danje… do you know we collaborated together on this? He doesn’t really want to be on his father’s side.”

    “I thought you two might have worked together. When the Separatists attacked it wasn’t hard to figure out that there was some under the table dealings going on… But until you came back I didn’t realise that he could possibly be trying to help us too,” explained Rena.

    Owen chuckled. “Danje’s job was to ensure that none of the outlying sensors in the system were working so the Republic could arrive and surprise. Though he didn’t manage to disable all of them… I hope he wasn’t caught…”

    “If he didn’t disable all of them how did get through undetected?” asked Rena, surprise littering across her face.

    Owen smiled gently. “General Skywalker is smarter than that. He knew that was a risk so he sent out probes to test each of the sensors that had been deployed by Grievous when he took the planet. Those that were still online we jammed, thereby preventing any detection, as long as they hadn’t seen us on their radar before then.”

    “Considering you did arrive undetected then I guess it worked…” said Rena. “But Danje was there at Obi-Wan’s execution. He stayed back but I did see him.”

    Owen sighed in relief. “That’s good to know. But they may still ask questions… I won’t be relieved until I know Grievous and his forces are gone from our home.”

    Rena placed a hand on her brother’s shoulder. “Then let us hope that Obi-Wan and the Republic will bring us the freedom we need.”

    He nodded, feeling a little numb inside. His sister had forgiven him, just like his brother had. Would anyone else?

    Rena gently grabbed his upper left arm. “Come on…. Mum and dad want to talk to you…”

    Owen took a deep breath and dutifully followed his sister to the shelter where the non-combatants were being sheltered and guarded by Ahsoka Tano and a legion of clone troopers.
    - - - - -

    Obi-Wan was ready. He even felt that he was, which felt strange considering how he had felt not that long ago, before Grievous had invaded. He had a duty to these people and he intended to uphold it.

    The spare lightsaber Anakin had given Obi-Wan had been the hilt of his old lightsaber with a new crystal in it. He hadn’t even realised that until he had the chance to examine the hilt. He had felt that it was familiar in his grip but he hadn’t expected Anakin to bring his own lightsaber though the original crystal rested in the new hilt he had built not that long ago. He intended to keep both lightsabers, both were hooked to his belt. He felt that he had to.

    And it felt right.


    Obi-Wan looked over his shoulder and saw Anakin standing there. “Have we taken Sti back?”

    Anakin had led a brief campaign to free Sti from Separatist forces whilst Obi-Wan dealt with his people. He had thought it best to remain behind.

    “It is. We can use the city as a place to protect the people. It will be harder for the Separatists to reach them if they are kept inside the city walls. I’ve already instructed Ahsoka and Rex to start moving them in,” said Anakin. “There was no sign of Grievous… He’s fled. Nor of you uncle and cousins either.”

    Obi-Wan sighed. “I figured they wouldn’t be. Grievous will seek to maintain control of this planet. We need to consider all the places he may go and mount a defence and attack back as quickly as possible. The sooner we can catch him, the sooner this war can end.”

    “I have men trying to track his movements,” added Anakin. “I thought I’d come and see how you were doing…”

    “Thanks,” mumbled Obi-Wan. He didn’t know how to look at Anakin. The heat of the rescue earlier had made it easier but now he was faced with the reality that he had walked away from this man… Walked away from the life of a Jedi….

    No. Don’t think like that. Don’t for one second believe that you have failed. I needed the time to evaluate everything… I’ve had that time. Look what I’ve been doing the past month. I’ve been fighting back, not thinking about what I did… I took the last step just a few days ago in allowing myself a lightsaber…

    “Obi-Wan?” asked Anakin.

    Obi-Wan sighed. “I’ve realised that I’ll never truly forget what happened to me. I’ll always remember it… Nothing will make me forget it. I’ll always carry this burden with me. But I can move past it. And I did… I led these people against Grievous’ forces. I kept them safe… I gave them hope. And they accepted me, even though they were aware of my iffy past with the Separatists. They saw who I really was. They trusted me. And…” A small smile came to his face, “for that, they helped heal me.” He moved forward and rested a hand on Anakin’s shoulder. “I can’t ever be the same person I was before but I certainly can try to be. I will always feel guilty no matter what… especially about Padmé… but… there is always hope.”

    A gentle smile crossed Anakin’s lips. “Padmé doesn’t blame you and neither do I. How could I? It wasn’t your fault. Padmé and I haven’t really had a chance to talk about all our other options yet… but we can still have kids even if she can’t carry them. I know you may find it difficult to face me or Padmé… but you are still a dear friend and I want you to be a part of our life. But I can understand why you may want to stay away… I don’t expect you to come back to the Republic once we’ve caught Grievous.”

    “I think I might be,” said Obi-Wan. That surprised him. He hadn’t even thought about it, hadn’t even considered that. It had just come out of his own violation. Had he made that decision unconsciously? Did he feel that he could return to the Jedi Order now?

    Anakin was watching him carefully.

    “I think…” continued Obi-Wan slowly as he mulled over his own words, “that coming back to the Republic would be a good thing. I don’t feel that I need to hide anymore.” More than anything he wanted to fight back. He wanted to help people again and he hadn’t felt that when he had departed Coruscant.

    “I didn’t think you would…” said Anakin, looking a bit surprised.

    “Neither did I,” admitted Obi-Wan. “But that won’t happen unless I can find Grievous.” He locked gazes with his young friend. “Anakin, I know I have to be the one to end this. It’s the only way. Grievous was the one who captured me and handed me to Dooku… He was the start of it all… I have to be the one to face him… I have to end it…”

    “But you don’t want me there?” asked Anakin.

    Obi-Wan shook his head. “No. I want you there… To support me. Because I think I’m going to need you to be my anchor. I’ve faced Dooku, now I need to face Grievous… and I have to beat him, if I’m ever going to try to let go of my past. It will always be with me, but I know I can put it further behind me if I’m the one to finish what Grievous started by capturing me…”

    Anakin nodded, and placed a hand gently on Obi-Wan’s left shoulder. “I’ll be there for you. You know I will. And you’ll get through this.”

    Obi-Wan sighed. “I hope so.” A slight smile seized his face. “Thank you, Anakin.”

    To be continued…

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    Yea! Obi-Wan is healing. I'm so glad. I hope he finds Grievous and crushes him.

    Please, update soon. I can hardly wait for the next chapter to see what happens.

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    So in my defense, I completely forgot about posting here! I'll be updating regularly now.

    Rainbow Knight Star Thank you! Here is the next chapter. Sorry for the long wait!

    - - - - -

    Chapter 14: Brothers Reunited

    If there was anything that would have made Michael Kenobi nervous it would be Grievous in a temper, which he was. Stomping around one of the few remaining bases that they still held on Stewjon (with a total of ten prisoners), the General was frustrated that the Jedi had got such an upper hand on him.

    And he wanted to find out how Owen Kenobi had managed to get off world and bring the Republic to them. So his anger had turned upon the very family that he had conscripted to aid him.

    Michael already had a sneaking suspicion as to what had happened. There was only one explanation for it. Yes, he had agreed to the trade that Danja had proposed. Owen and his son’s passage from the planet providing the location of the rebel base was handed to them. Owen had fulfilled his bargain but Michael had not considered that he would bring in the Republic. Not with his mother’s life being used against him to ensure his compliance.

    But even now Owen’s mother was out of his grasp. Sooner or later Grievous would realise exactly what had happened. Michael had to find out first.

    He moved through the small staging post, walking faster than he usually did, fearful that the General would come after him before he had a chance to explain. Danja had been rescued from the base when they had taken it but none of them had even thought to consider that he may have betrayed his own father and brother too. Had he known was Owen planned to do? Had he too been tricked? Or had they conspired together?

    Danja and Maje were talking quietly to one another when Michael found them in the small room they shared. They both looked up, their cheeks reddening slightly as they saw him.

    Michael folded his arms across his chest. “Tell me, Danja, what happened?”

    Danja steeled his lips. “I think you already know.”

    Michael growled. “So you did betray us.” He should have realised. Danja had always been the one who had enjoyed his time living with his cousins. Had always been the one less enthused about regaining their rightful heritage.

    “Father… Grievous would have killed us anyway. He would never have let us live. He wouldn’t keep the deal you made with him,” said Danja. “It was my idea. I contacted Owen. I knew Owen loved his son, loved him enough that he would do anything for him, so I arranged for his transport off world. We both want to help Stewjon, but siding with Grievous is not the way to do it! I agreed to betray you because I knew that staying on the course we were would bring us doom!” He sighed audibly. “I shouldn’t have gone behind your back. You always told me you loved our world but you are destroying it… All because of your greed.”

    “My greed?” Michael exhaled angrily. “I only wanted what was rightfully mine! I took that Jedi to the Republic so my sons could have what was theirs! You were meant to represent our planet!”

    “Dad… Ben would have given us responsibilities. While we lived with him he didn’t shun us. He taught us. He wanted to give us responsibility. And he tried to make that happen for us,” replied Danja. “He gave us the education we would need to lead. Your actions… what you did to Obi-Wan… meant that the people could never truly trust us. But who could blame them? Many people have said to me over the years that they were watching us grow up, see who we became. There was a lot of support for us out there, dad. They would have given us a chance… but you came back and you pulled us away. The people decided then that we could not be given that responsibility.”

    “How do you know this?” Maje asked, his eyes widening.

    “Owen told me,” stated Danja. “Then I did a search on the network. There was support for us. But father’s actions… And now you’ve ruined the world all because you wanted something you couldn’t have. I wanted to help my people and I’m doing that. If I die because of my actions at least it will be because I have brought hope to this planet! The Republic are here and this world is saved.”

    Michael’s fists shook. “Everything I did, I did for you!”

    “Yet, you’ve said to me that you wished you had never joined with Grievous,” interrupted Maje. “When Danja was with the others… you told me. We’ve been given the opportunity to turn things around. I don’t like my cousins very much… but if we have this opportunity, why not take it? Why not try to prove to the people that we can be trusted?” His eyes locked on to his brother’s and the two seemed to share a mutual understanding.

    Michael sighed. “It’s too late. The people have already made up their mind.”

    “Maybe for you,” replied Danja, “but maybe not for us.”

    “I’m getting old, son,” sighed Michael. “I just want to rest. Rest and know that I did my best for my sons.”

    “You did, though you’ve made mistakes,” said Danja. “Just like all of us have. But we can still fix this. We have to do the right thing.” He looked at his brother. “We can help you, father, if you let us.”

    Michael was silent, his mind going through the motions, considering the possibilities, what he could do. Could he really try to help to free his world after trying to subdue it? Would they accept his help? Grievous was likely to kill them. He didn’t need an explanation for why the Republic had arrived: he would kill them because his plans had been ruined.

    He slowly breathed out. “I’m too old to be involved in this. The people’s perception of me will never change… but for you two, it can. Maybe my folly was trying to take back what was rightfully mine. I still had the right to what I was owed…”

    “But not to the people…” said Danja. “You might have regained that if you hadn’t harboured such dislike… They might have grown to see that. You’ve always said that your brother was behind the ill thought of us… I don’t think it was. It was the media that caused that perception… and they ignored all attempts of Ben’s speeches about how you could be trusted. We did live with him for a while…”

    Maje nodded, almost reluctantly. “I never stopped looking up to you, dad. I was so eager to join you… but what’s happened just proves that I was wrong. I was given a stable upbringing and a chance to have a good life… But I threw that away when you called for us… We can still help… Still change how everyone perceives us.”

    But their father did not reply. Michael knew it was too late for him. How could he possibly change? He couldn’t see how he could. But there was one thing he could do for his sons. “I won’t stop you if you try to help the others…”
    - - - - -

    A slight breeze was rustling through his hair as the sun descended below the hill, bringing darkness to the area. His hands rested on the wall that surrounded Sti, looking out.

    “Are you ok?” a soft voice said to him from behind.

    Obi-Wan allowed a slight smile to pull at his lips. His mother moved beside him. “I am ok as much as I can be in this situation…”

    “Has there been any development?” his mother asked.

    “You might say that,” he replied. “It’s complicated… but I figured this development might happen.”

    His mother nodded. “You know where Grievous is, don’t you?”

    “Yes… A coded transmission to Anakin’s comlink gave us his position. Owen again… He set this all up in advance before he left Stewjon to get the Republic,” replied Obi-Wan quietly. He felt amazed Owen had set things up so far in advance. Even now he knew the source of the information was Danja, especially since he still had the transmitter device in his body.

    Before Danja had been given the transmitter, Owen had been working on prearranged times for the transmitter to work, effectively programming it so that it stopped working after a period of time, only to reactivate when it was pre-programmed to. It was Danja who had supplied Anakin with the co-ordinates of the execution, and now his location put him two hundred and fifty-three miles south of Sti, in an abandoned town which also had a bunker underneath it. Though it told them Danja’s location, they assumed Grievous would be there too, considering they had all fled mostly together.

    It was only reasonable to assume that, but the question was, how could they go about capturing the General once and for all? He always had an escape plan. No doubt he would be plotting his escape off world. They had to stop him, to prevent him from running amok elsewhere in the galaxy.

    “Owen was always resourceful,” mused his mother. “And he was always good at fixing things.”

    Obi-Wan smiled. “That reminds me of someone… Skills he doesn’t advertise much now?”

    Lau-rie nodded. “When he gained more responsibility they were skills he neglected… but it sounds that he never truly forgot them if he was able to programme a small chip… It was a small chip wasn’t it?”

    “It was…” replied Obi-Wan. “A small device like that would be very difficult to programme. There is only one other person I know who would be able to pull something like that off.” Anakin had always been talented.

    His mother’s face suddenly turned forlorn and serious. “I want you to come back.”

    Obi-Wan sighed. “There is a chance I won’t.”

    “Don’t say that.” She laid a hand on his. “Please don’t. I have faith that you can save us. You are our protector. Not any of the Jedi or the Clones here, but you.”

    “There is a small part of me yelling at me to not believe what you say but the sensible part agrees with you. My time here… building a resistance against a malevolent force and trying to save the people, trying to do everything I can to protect them has made me that. I am your protector. I was damaged when I came here… unsure of myself or where I was in the world… but now I feel more like myself then I ever did before.” He bowed his head, running a hand through his hair. “But I know I’ve still got one more trial to survive.”

    “I know you will get through it. You will come back,” intoned Lau-rie, belief radiating from her aura, engulfing him, making him have that inch of confidence that he would stride back victorious.

    But facing Grievous would have its challenges. If the droid general was smart he would try to push Obi-Wan’s buttons. Try to make him react to things he shouldn’t be doing. Grievous could still use Obi-Wan’s past against him. He didn’t know if he would be able to control himself if that was used to distract him – he hoped he would but that was always a risk for him.

    He squeezed his mother’s hand gently. “If you believe it… then I’ll believe it,” he replied quietly, hoping that his faith in his mother would not be misplaced.
    - - - - -

    “I want to come with you.”

    Obi-Wan turned to face his brother. “Owen.” He had been expecting this. Alex was safe in orbit and Owen wanted to fight back and prove his worth. He held up his hand to stop his younger brother from speaking. “I know what you are going to ask of me.”

    “You do?” Owen’s mouth twitched upwards.

    “Of course. You want to join me in my fight against Grievous. There are several sub-teams being deployed to prevent his escape… but you want to be in the main group, with me, at my side. Am I right?” He could already tell from his brother’s Force aura that he was.

    Owen nodded. “I can’t not face him.”

    “This isn’t your fight…” started Obi-Wan, trying to think of reasons to stop his brother from joining the main group. He could see Anakin watching with interest just a few metres away. If his former Padawan interfered…

    “How can it not be my fight?” queried Owen. “This is my home, my people. Besides, I am the one with the tracker for Danja’s chip. I can turn it over to you – which I will do if you decide against me joining you – but equally I can still help you.”

    Obi-Wan sighed. “I don’t want to see any more of my family hurt.”

    Owen smiled gently. “I know you don’t… but it is my fault for everyone getting hurt… I did abandon the people and my family to get help. Bringing the Republic here does not change the fact that I fled. I could have taken the easy option and not come back… Even if Danja had not agreed to help me… I would have stayed away… If it meant keeping my son safe I would have abandoned everyone. I don’t want to admit that to anyone else.”

    Lowering his gaze, Obi-Wan breathed in slowly. “You want to atone for something you never did though could have done. Like me…”

    “We are quite similar when we have time to talk…” admitted Owen. “You want to atone for the things you did when you were coerced and manipulated… and you think you killed a man when you didn’t… You know how I feel, and I think you understand why I have to stay here and help. But your wish to keep us all safe is fighting your conscience because you know that you need me.” He held up his hand. “Brothers reunited and alongside one another…”

    Obi-Wan closed his eyes, seeking the Force, wanting to know what he should do. He began to seek deeply into the flow of it, focusing upon the light that coursed through him. The darkness that he had embraced still ebbed, yet he had come to terms with that… He knew it would always be a part of him, but he knew he would be able to fight back and prevent it gaining control of his soul ever again. He was a Jedi and he always would be.

    As he swam into the flow of the Force, images appeared in his mind and he saw echoes of the future reaching back. It was not set in stone, he knew that, yet the possibilities he saw evoked the yearning in him that he should be accompanied… not just by his brother, but by Anakin too…

    A circle of fire…

    Three men stood side by side…Two with lightsabers, and the other with a shining sword…

    A monster of war hell bent on destroying them all…

    A fierce battle between Jedi and foe…

    Blood and fire mixing together in a liquid staining the earth…

    Exhausted and weakened, Obi-Wan rose up…

    A cliff…

    Someone tumbling into the depths of a raging river below…

    Obi-Wan yanked himself away from the accumulating visions, panting as the voice of Anakin roared through his mind, from that final battle… “DON’T YOU LET

    “Obi-Wan?” Owen asked, watching his older brother curiously.

    “It’s nothing…” he replied. He closed his eyes trying to soothe himself. “I just saw that I need you by my side.” He looked suspiciously at his brother. “When did you get a sword made from Cortosis ore?”

    Owen shrugged. “Years ago. The family has had it for as long as I can remember. You are not the first Force-sensitive person in our family. There have been quite a few of us who have had the skills of the Jedi… but most have remained on Stewjon, never reaching their potential. The only reason you did was because of our uncle.”

    That was a surprise but he shouldn’t have been. “But I guess at one point someone in our history did?”

    “Yes… but the family name at the time wasn’t Kenobi. I don’t know the details or names… I was never really interested in the Jedi or Force-related stuff of our family history… but I suspect the name of the Jedi would be easy for you to find,” replied Owen hopefully. “The cortosis ore sword was bequeathed to the family by the Jedi. I know it works against lightsabers.”

    Obi-Wan frowned. “Why would the Jedi Order give someone a sword that works against their own weapons?” Cortosis ore swords could not be destroyed by a lightsaber – that was the beauty of them. But something niggled at the back of his memory, something he remembered reading as a child when studying the history of the Jedi. “Service. I think. At some point our family must have contributed a great service to the Jedi Order. One of the rare gifts that were extended by the Order was a unique sword. I’ve not heard of that happening very often… but it can explain why this sword was given to us… It’s a practice that is moot now… As far as I recall only a few were ever given out…” A thought struck him then. “Maybe that was the Force recognising that we would need it one day… Sometimes destiny is mapped out for us and we follow the will of the Force… What if this was always meant to happen? What if this battle is the one that I’ve been working towards all my life? What if hundreds of years ago, the Force chose this family?”

    Owen blinked. “I’m not an expert on the Force…”

    “I know,” breathed Obi-Wan. “The Force is my ally… and I am a part of it. The Force chose Anakin to be its Chosen One… to be the person to defeat the Sith which he fulfilled. What if I was chosen too and everything that has happened to this family in the last eighty years has been the will of the Force, bringing us to this moment?” It sounded ridiculous but Obi-Wan felt that he was on to something. What if his brush with the dark side had always meant to happen? What if his destiny had been written hundreds of years ago with the cortosis sword being bequeathed to his family?

    He shook his head, brushing his fringe out of his eyes. It couldn’t all have been a co-incidence could it? But one should never underestimate the will of the Force. Clearly, his visions and Owen’s place in them meant that he didn’t have to do this alone.

    Obi-Wan focused on Owen. “You need to get that cortosis sword and quickly. We won’t have long before we need to move against Grievous.”

    Owen nodded. “I’ll go and get it. It’s always been stored in Sti.” He began to walk away and then turned back. “Where shall I meet you?”

    “At the entrance to the city. We will go from there,” stated Obi-Wan.

    Owen acknowledged and ran off leaving Obi-Wan alone.

    Taking a deep breath Obi-Wan let the excitement that had built up in his chest to fade away.

    An ominous feeling enveloped him then.

    And he had the terrible thought he wouldn’t make it through the coming battle.

    To be continued…
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    Please let me know when you update this.

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    - - - - - - -

    Chapter 15: The First Battle

    They watched from afar as Grievous marshalled his forces. It would have been a fallacy for him to not have had sentries or any form of security covering his position. No doubt the droid general knew he was surrounded. He would be completely foolish to not even have monitoring defences set out.

    But Obi-Wan had been smart. He had ordered a complete surrounding of the area with a legion of clones in every direction and he’d even brought two of the Jedi cruisers down into the atmosphere. If Grievous escaped from this trap, then he had prepared for every eventuality but Obi-Wan had fought with Grievous plenty of times and he knew his style.

    The General was not one to make elaborate plans. He was one for ensuring he had a quick get-away, but Obi-Wan hoped that he now held the advantage.

    Yet he was very mindful of the surrounding country. His vision still flashed through his mind. He was barely a mile from a cliff-face which descended into a raging river below. That unnerved him but it also made him feel that this was the final battle, that either way there would be a victory. He knew he had to prevent that battle by the cliff-face. His stomach twisted and Obi-Wan breathed out.

    He needed to relax. Become one with the Force. If he did not, his distraction on something that may or may not happen would prove costly, not only to him, but to everyone around him.

    Footsteps came up behind him and he turned to see Anakin walking towards him with Owen by his side.

    “Everything is ready, Obi-Wan. It’s now or never.” Anakin glanced towards Owen. “Are you sure about allowing your brother to come with us?”

    Obi-Wan nodded. “I am. This may be my fight, but I know that I need you two with me.” He lowered his gaze, almost feeling ashamed at the realisation that he’d had. He just had that feeling… Stop thinking about that!

    “How are we going to go about this?” asked Owen. On his belt was clipped the sword. It would restrict his running movement unless he drew it, but Obi-Wan didn’t want him to yet, not until they had reason to use weapons. They might be lucky and Grievous may surrender, though Obi-Wan doubted that. The droid General would never do anything as foolish (or smart from the Republic’s point of view) as that.

    “He will know he is surrounded. I will give Admiral Yularen the command in a minute to set off the EMP. Its range should knock out all of Grievous’ technological systems. If it is strong enough, it could also disable him… but his wiring may not be affected by the nature of an EMP…”

    “Wouldn’t that affect our lightsabers?” asked Anakin. “We’d be right in its range.”

    “We are far enough out of range for it not to affect us. Our weapons will still be useable. I intend to deploy it in a few minutes. Once that has been completed and I have received confirmation that Grievous’ systems are knocked out, we will move in as fast as possible. I’m expecting him to try to flee or face us whilst someone else clears his escape path. He will always face us, but we all need to be ready.” Obi-Wan took a deep breath. “We cannot let him get anywhere near the river either.”

    Anakin’s face twitched, concern fleeting over it. “What do you know?”

    Obi-Wan bit his lip. What should he say? “It’s just a feeling…” he finally relented. He didn’t want to worry his friend. He almost wished then that he had never broken their bond. He’d be able to reassure his friend through that… He wondered then, was their bond ever repairable considering the circumstances it had been broken? He missed having Anakin linked to him in mind. The Master and Apprentice bond was a powerful bond, one not easily broken.

    And Obi-Wan had torn it to shreds in his false anger at Anakin.

    “Are you sure?” pressed Anakin.

    “I’m sure,” replied Obi-Wan, his voice shaking a little.

    Anakin harrumphed, clearly unsatisfied with the answer but he seemed to understand that if he pressed further, it still wouldn’t allow Obi-Wan to answer his queries. Though they trusted one another again, it was still difficult for Obi-Wan. “Fine,” answered Anakin. “When you are ready, Master.”

    Obi-Wan swallowed. His fingers brushed against his lightsaber hilt on the right side – this was the new hilt he had built with his old lightsaber crystal, but the hilt on his left side was his old design with a new crystal, the one Anakin had brought with him to Stewjon. He was going to use both. Grievous’ technique in combat meant that a Jedi was better defended with two lightsaber blades then just one. It would take a very skilled opponent to take down Grievous.

    He took a deep breath, breathed out slowly, and centred himself. “Ok.” He activated his communicator, a small hand-held device he had unsheathed from his belt and brought it to his lips. “Admiral Yularen, this is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Please deploy the EMP.”

    The EMP device would be launched by the flagship, escorted by a squadron of fighters under the command of Captain Rex, whose mission it was to ensure its safe delivery into position. Obi-Wan anticipated fire-power from the ground but he hoped they had been able to round up as much Separatist weaponry as possible. Grievous should have limited resources at his disposable.

    Obi-Wan scanned the skies, his eyes fixed upon the squadron of fighters launching from the Jedi Cruisers above. They moved with precision through the sky, accelerating, dropping lower and over a specific point something fell from the middle fighter in the squadron plane… falling to the ground…

    Eyes screwed shut; there was a dim flash behind his eyelids and then the sound of the fighters flying overhead. Debris was still falling to the earth after the detonation of the EMP. His comlink beeped and Obi-Wan reached to his pocket and activated it, bringing it up to his mouth so he could speak into it. “Obi-Wan here.”

    “We’ve run our checks,” said Admiral Yularen. “Grievous’ systems should be offline. They shouldn’t be able to have any functioning weaponry either. The blackout should last for thirty minutes.”

    “Affirmative,” acknowledged Obi-Wan. “Have Commander Cody on standby. At my signal, order them into battle.” Commander Cody was one of the few Clone battalions that had been assigned to Anakin after the end of the Clone Wars. He had worked with Cody before and it had been reasonable to place his command with Anakin in Obi-Wan’s absence.

    “Yes, General Kenobi,” replied the Admiral.

    Obi-Wan winced. He hated being called General now, but for the purpose of this mission, he had to be. He flicked off the communicator, glanced at his two companions, and gave them a nod.

    Together they ran into the heart of battle.
    - - - - -

    Inside the base, Michael was in panic. He was in darkness. The lights had suddenly gone off and the emergency back-up wasn’t working either. Not even his torch. He fumbled for the wall, trying not to let his fear get the better of him. Both his sons, even Maje, had gone to try to aid the Republic forces.

    He had made all sorts of mistakes in his life. He had been consumed by hatred and he had ruined his son’s futures. If he could change things… would he? Michael honestly did not know. Why had he had that episode when he was younger which had resulted in him having his future responsibilities taken away from him? His medication had helped, stopped any relapses.

    But there had been a time when he had stopped taking the medication though he had never admitted it. Not even in a court of law, though he had been obliged to do so. He had taken Obi-Wan as a child to the Jedi. Everyone thought he had done it on his own free will, but he had neglected to take his medication for a few months. It was only during his prison sentence that he had started to take them again, as it was compulsory for anyone to be observed to be taking meds.

    He had regretted his actions in taking his young nephew. But he hadn’t wanted to admit it. Perhaps if he had admitted that he had stopped his medication at his trial then the people wouldn’t have turned on him so badly as they had done, nor would they have judged his children so harshly that Ben had to work to get the people to trust them.

    He had been so foolish.

    He now knew what he would change if he had the chance to go back. He would stop himself from refusing to take his medication in those months he had kidnapped his nephew. If he hadn’t of done so, perhaps there would have been hope, not only for him, but for his children too.

    Michael shook as realisation hit him full in the face. Everything was his fault.

    Guilt poured out of him and a single tear trickled down his cheek.

    For no one knew that he had stopped his medication for the second time in his life, a few months ago…
    - - - - -

    Every droid sentry that Grievous had set up had been disabled. As the moved through the area towards the entrance to the underground bunker (it was located within the educational building of all places!), they used their lightsabers to cut the droids up. At least that way they were reducing Grievous’ remaining droid army.

    With the EMP effects still in use, Grievous would not be able to escape the building. They would have to cut through the base doors to even get in. But they had to be careful. If everything did not go according to plan… Obi-Wan swallowed. The town in which the bunker was located was a quarter of a mile away from a flowing river and cliff-face.

    Grievous’ lightsabers shouldn’t work either, at least not for another twenty minutes… when the EMP effects wore off. Obi-Wan was betting on him trying to flee. It was a shame that Grievous was immune to an EMP himself, otherwise capturing him or destroying him would be relatively easy.

    “Whose idea was it to put the entrance to a bunker in a school?” wondered Anakin, as they shouldered the door down into the school’s main corridor.

    “The government, years ago,” answered Owen. “Better to put a secret bunker in an unusual place.”

    Anakin nodded, understanding the reasoning for it. “This planet seems to have quite a few secret bunkers.”

    Owen shrugged. “Our government believes in being prepared for any eventuality. If we are invaded we have a good chance of spreading out our people to safety. The rationale was there but these places were never really used. I don’t think any of us ever thought it would come to this. Especially now, fighting the Separatists.”

    “I came here for some peace and quiet…” said Obi-Wan. “To heal… ” Then it hit him. Qui-Gon had told him to come to Stewjon… Had his old Master known the events that would happen? Had his very reason for prodding Obi-Wan in this direction was to ensure he met the destiny that the Force had planted for him years ago?

    “You look like you’ve just had an epiphany,” noted Anakin, smirking lightly.

    Obi-Wan blinked and then scowled. “Shut up, Anakin.”

    They continued to move down the corridor of the school, Owen leading the way as he knew where the entrance was located. Surprisingly, the entrance to the bunker was located in the corner of the cloakroom. They had to physically lift up six slabs of stone to reveal a metallic door embedded in the ground. There was a control panel next to it but it was non-functioning, evidence of the EMP effects were still active in all electronic equipment.

    Obi-Wan activated his lightsaber. “I don’t know what we will find as soon as we cut this open. Be ready for Grievous. He may just try to escape from here.” He plunged his lightsaber into the metallic door, drawing a square round it. As his lightsaber met the end of the square cut, Obi-Wan stepped back quickly as the metal fell out and clanged loudly on the floor of the passage below. He looked at the others and stepped forward, peering down into the darkness.

    Nothing happened.

    Obi-Wan leapt down into the darkness, keeping his blade ignited, his eyes scanning the area, looking for any sign of movement. Anakin joined him, with Owen lastly.

    “Tread carefully,” whispered Obi-Wan, moving his blade around the tunnel. They had to look in every nook and cranny. Any movement they had to investigate. They moved a few metres ahead, turned a corner and the passage opened up into a wide room. All the computer systems installed in this room were down and there were three passages leading off from it. Obi-Wan swallowed, considering his next move.

    He started to move towards the first passage. They had to start looking in all of them. He expected Grievous to try to escape. His only option was to separate them into different passages but he didn’t want to do that so he had to try another tactic.

    They started down the first passage, knowing that the light of their lightsabers would still be seen if someone was watching their every move. The passage turned a corner, and here Obi-Wan switched off his lightsaber. Then Anakin did so to. Owen hadn’t even used his Cortosis sword yet.

    Obi-Wan quickly whispered. “Move back towards the room, slowly and quietly.”

    Now they couldn’t see but both Anakin and Owen had quickly realised what Obi-Wan had intended to do. If Grievous wanted to escape he would take the advantage now whilst they were searching down different passages. They had to make him think they were no longer in range of hearing any movement towards that one exit in the school. They had to pretend they were still searching down the first passage.

    Pitch blackness made moving back difficult however they used the walls of the passage for support. They reached the entrance to the passage and waited, straining their hearing, looking for any sign of sound in the ensuring darkness.

    Minutes went by and their breathing remained the same, low and unnoticeable, and then, just as Obi-Wan was beginning to think of trying a new strategy he heard the sound of Grievous’ spider-walk echoing along the ceiling of the larger hall.

    He tugged Anakin’s sleeve who in turn alerted Owen, and the three of them carefully moved out of their passage back towards the one that led to the exit. The sound of Grievous’ metallic claws were heading straight for that passage. Once they were close enough to that passage, Obi-Wan stopped, keeping one hand gripped on his lightsaber.

    They could hear his breathing… Another sign that he was attempting to slip off quietly. Of course, none of his lightsabers would work after the EMP would have scrambled the electronic part of the hilt. Though it was likely the power would recover for them first due to the crystal part of the blade.

    The sounds of the metallic feet seemed closer to the exit passage now and Obi-Wan moved forward in the darkness, throwing up a ball of light that he had clipped onto his belt for this very purpose. The light, having been out of range of the EMP, worked perfectly, brightening the room, its rays pinpointing Grievous’ exact position. The ball of light had its own gravity machine allowing it to suspend itself in the centre of the room.
    “General Grievous,” said Obi-Wan, reactivating his lightsaber and pointing it at the General. “We meet again.”

    Grievous snarled, his metallic hands clenching. “Kenobi…”

    “Surrender, General,” said Obi-Wan. “I’m not alone here.” Owen and Anakin stepped forward, one with the Cortosis sword and the other with a lightsaber.

    “NEVER!” hissed Grievous. And he moved.


    His fingers and feet scuttling fast underneath him as he moved into the passage leading to the exit.

    Obi-Wan rushed forward. But Anakin was too fast. He reached out with the Force, grasped Grievous with it and threw him back across the room.
    “Why didn’t I think of that?” mused Obi-Wan, as he stopped and turned to face where Anakin had flung the General.

    The three of them moved in, watching the General with careful eyes, aware that he would try anything to escape. The General must have already tested his lightsabers prior to trying to escape. It was telling he didn’t move to reach for them. He had no weapons… for now. Obi-Wan calculated that it wouldn’t be long before he would be able to use the lightsabers again but if they could bring him down before that…

    Grievous moved suddenly, leaping towards the weakest member of their team – Owen.

    Owen brought up the Cortosis blade but Grievous ducked below it, going back into the scuttling body that he’d used before. He lashed out with one of his limbs, physically knocking Owen over, grabbing the hilt of the Cortosis sword as the younger man fell. Unprepared for the change in tactic from the General, Owen’s head hit the floor, and he didn’t move.

    Grievous righted himself, now holding the Cortosis sword in his right metallic hand. He laughed. “Always the weakest.”

    Obi-Wan didn’t give Grievous time to consider his next option. He leapt forward with the Force, bringing his lightsaber over his head. Grievous’ held up the Cortosis blade, successfully blocking Obi-Wan’s powerful lash downwards. The General moved back, now in the perfect position to make his escape… unless of course they pulled him back with the Force again.

    A warning in the Force urged Obi-Wan to duck as Grievous pulled back, swinging his blade in a side-to-side arc, narrowly missing Obi-Wan’s throat. The General stepped back, laughing.

    Then Obi-Wan moved forward quickly, ducking down, pushing his blade forward, but the General side-stepped his attack, lashing out with one of his clawed metallic feet to push him away. Obi-Wan reached out with a hand to cushion his fall, using the Force to ensure he didn’t hit his head on the concrete like Owen had.

    In that moment, Grievous turned tail and ran.

    “Anakin! Stop him!” yelled Obi-Wan. They couldn’t let Grievous escape this bunker!

    But Anakin was too slow. He had been checking on Owen, ensuring the young man was still alive in the few seconds it had taken Obi-Wan to confront Grievous and to be pushed aside. Grievous was already through the exit tunnel, the sound of his metallic feet pounding heavily against the floor.

    Obi-Wan cursed. The one thing he hadn’t wanted to happen had. He rose to his feet. He activated his comlink, speaking into it quickly. “Admiral Yularen, Grievous has escaped the first trap. He is on his way out. Please order Commander Cody into battle and Captain Rex to fly over with his squadron. Try to take Grievous out, we will be following him!” The Admiral acknowledged the request. Obi-Wan briefly wished that Anakin had put Ahsoka in charge of a battalion of clones rather than help defend Sti, but the people of Stewjon still needed protecting whilst Grievous remained on-world.

    Anakin was helping Owen up, the younger man shaking his head wearily.

    “I think I’m alright. But I’ve lost my weapon.” He looked guiltily at Obi-Wan. “I shouldn’t have come.”

    Obi-Wan shook his head. “It’s not your fault.” He gripped his lightsaber hilt tightly in his right hand. “He was always going to go after the weakest of us. He may have the Cortosis sword, but he doesn’t have what we have.”

    “And what’s that?” queried Anakin, looking a bit mystified as to why Obi-Wan could be calm over this situation.

    “The Force,” replied Obi-Wan. “Ignoring the fact that Owen isn’t Force sensitive –”

    “I am,” interrupted Owen, “just not strong enough to be trained as a Jedi.”

    Obi-Wan resisted the notion of rolling his eyes. “Grievous isn’t immune to the Force. We can still use it against him.” He folded his arms. Maybe it was time he came clean? “I think I know where this fight is going.”

    Looking sharply up at his former Master, Anakin looked shocked. “You are not going to die!” It was as if he knew what Obi-Wan were feeling about this mission.

    “If it is the will of the Force…” trailed off Obi-Wan.

    “No. I won’t let it happen,” stated Anakin, almost angrily. “I’m not losing you. Not again.”

    “You might not have a choice,” replied Obi-Wan stonily. Why couldn’t Anakin let go of him? “What matters is that we get Grievous.”

    “Well, standing here talking isn’t helping us achieve that goal is it?” stated Owen obviously.

    “No, good point.” Obi-Wan carefully met Anakin’s eyes. “I can’t promise I won’t die, but I’ll fight it with everything I’ve got.”

    Anakin’s shoulders slumped. A slight smile tugged at his lips. “I just don’t want to lose you.” Then he seemingly took charge, shaking off the mournful air he had adopted. “Right. Let’s get this done. We need to get out of here, find Grievous, get your Cortosis sword back and kill him. I think capturing him is not an option.”

    Obi-Wan hated to admit that but even he knew it was true. Grievous would never allow himself to be captured. Taking a deep breath, he motioned to the others and ran towards the exit, hoping that the clones would be attacking Grievous as they emerged back out of the bunker.

    They couldn’t let him escape.

    They just couldn’t.
    - - - - -

    Ahsoka stood on top of the wall surrounding the city of Sti. She felt restless. Part of her wanted to rush off, abandon her post and go and aid her Master and Obi-Wan. She hated the thought of being left out.

    She was too far away to see the battle from her position but she could see the small blips of the shape of three Jedi cruisers remaining in orbit above Grievous’ known position.

    “You should value the quiet you have…”

    Ahsoka turned, her head-tails swishing beside her head. “Hello.”

    An older woman stood there, her face lined with worry, her auburn hair filled with strands of grey and those eyes… the same eyes of Master Kenobi. She was his mother. “I know you want to fight, but protecting others is still a worthwhile cause. And it gives you time to think.”

    Ahsoka felt like chuckling. “Now I know where Master Kenobi gets his ability to be very wisdomy from.” That wasn’t even a word, but wisdomy felt like the right way to describe her Master’s Master.

    “Wisdom comes with life experience,” the older woman answered. She held out her hand, which Ahsoka took. “We haven’t been formally introduced. I know you are Ahsoka Tano, but I am Lau-rie Kenobi.”

    “I thought you were,” guessed Ahsoka. “Master Kenobi takes after you.”

    Lau-rie smiled sadly. “I missed seeing him grow up.”

    Ahsoka felt that was a strange thing to say. “But didn’t you-?”

    “No. Not at first.”

    “Oh.” Ahsoka felt stumped. Obviously there was something more to Master Kenobi’s entrance to the Jedi Order as a youngster.

    “It doesn’t matter,” continued Lau-rie. “My point is, is that we should not dwell on the past or what we think we should be doing… I never really let Obi-Wan go… not in my heart anyway. I always knew Obi-Wan was special…”

    “Everyone is special,” said Ahsoka. “No one person is the same.”

    “You are right… But out there, right now, I can’t help but think of the past, because two of my children are fighting against an enemy that could kill them both. I lost one of my children to the Order, I don’t want to bury both in the same day,” said Lau-rie quietly. “I can’t focus on the present now because I’m a mother and we worry constantly, but you can focus on the here and now, and protect us, from what is coming for us.” She leant forward, leaning on the wall, resting her arms on the top of it, her auburn-grey hair flying gently in the wind. “I won’t give a proper smile again until I know they are safe.”

    Ahsoka swallowed. She could understand – sort of – what Lau-rie Kenobi was trying to explain to her. Focusing on the here and now was part of the Jedi way, it was something that Ahsoka had yet to really master. She was always looking ahead, looking forward to the day she would become a Jedi Knight. In this instance she was looking at the past, wishing she hadn’t been left behind. It was the same thing in reality.

    She had to focus on the here and now, and hope, that Anakin’s decision to leave her behind would not come at the cost of his death.

    “What’s that… in the distance…?” Lau-rie pointed outwards, her eyes squinting.

    Ahsoka leapt up onto the wall, using the Force to balance her feet precariously on the edge. Her breathing quickened, as she pulled out a small set of binoculars from her utility belt. Putting them to her eyes, she peered into the direction that Lau-rie was pointing.

    Three Separatist multi-troop transports were heading their way, with twenty armoured assault tanks escorting the convoy.

    “Oh no…” said Ahsoka lowering the binoculars. How had Grievous managed to get a whole army across the land without being detected? How had he managed to get them through the EMP field?

    Lau-rie seemed to realise what she had been thinking. “He must have another base somewhere near here under his control. He must have dispatched this army before the EMP was deployed…”

    Ahsoka’s hands found the hilts of both her lightsabers at her side. “Lau-rie, there is only one thing we can do now. We have to fight.” She looked at the older woman, seeing the slight fear in her eyes. “I’ll gather the troopers stationed here. And I’m going out there. I will try to hold off that army for as long as possible, but if there is a way to evacuate everyone from this city, get to it, and if anyone is willing to fight from the walls, they have to get here now!”

    Lau-rie stepped back. “Ok… Just be careful.”

    Ahsoka gave her a small smile. Her focus now upon the looming droid army heading straight for them, she ignored the concerns she had for Anakin and Obi-Wan, and began the preparations she needed to make for the coming battle.

    These people’s lives were in her hands now, and she wouldn’t let any of them suffer.

    To be continued…

    The next chapter will be posted in a few days. Please let me know what you think!
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