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The Protectors of Liberty(young life of Qui-Gon Jinn) New Chapters posted!!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by QuanarReg, Sep 1, 2002.

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  1. QuanarReg

    QuanarReg Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 17, 2002
    You are not allowed to have extra threads for your story chapters. They all must be posted in your original thread [link=]here[/link].

    Here are the next three chapters in the story. Feedback is greatly anticipated.

    Chapter 4:

    Ten-year-old Qui-Gon Jinn leaned against one of the large support beams in the apprentice dueling chamber in the Jedi Temple. His legs ached; he was also bruised and burned from long lightsaber battles in the chamber. He watched as two other apprentices, friends of his, Rav-Rukawa and Hacdu battled.

    The students fought while other students and some of the Masters watched. Sweat stood out on Qui-Gon?s forehead. His eyes followed his friends and he laced his fingers together. Qui-Gon had been dueling for most of the day and was completely exhausted. He hoped above all else that one of the Jedi watching was impressed and would accept him as his Padawan.

    He had been in the Temple for many years. He had seen many friends become Padawans and others not. Becoming a Jedi was all that Qui-Gon thought about in the recent months. It was hard for him to be sure if one of the Masters was impressed with his performance. Many times he could feel the eyes of Knights on him, but they never asked him to become their Padawan.

    The students ended their battle with Rav-Rukawa coming out the winner. The other students cheered along with Qui-Gon for Rav-Rukawa as he held his lightsaber above his head.

    ?Done well,? Yoda called as the Masters had conversations about the fight. ?Good you are, showing your practice is.?

    ?Thank you,? Rav-Rukawa said bowing before the Masters.

    It was dinner time, and the students were all rising from their seats and making their way towards the dining halls. Rav-Rukawa walked past Qui-Gon and made a sudden turn to face him.

    ?Aren?t you coming?? He asked Qui-Gon while attaching his lightsaber to his belt.

    ?No, I?m going to ask Master Yoda something. But I?ll meet you there in a few minutes. Don?t let anyone eat my food,? Qui-Gon replied cheerfully.

    ?Well than I will save you a seat. See you later!? He called as he walked away.

    Qui-Gon walked slowly up towards Yoda. He stood, cane in hand, watching out a large window to the gigantic city of Coruscant. Although he knew Qui-Gon was standing behind him, he didn?t turn to face him.

    ?Question you have young Qui-Gon?? Yoda asked finally facing the student.

    ?Yes, I was curious if he has returned yet,? Qui-Gon answered looking down to meet the small Master?s eyes.

    ?He has. Hoping to be his apprentice yet, hmmm,? Yoda spoke, his ears rising.

    ?Do you still think he will accept me?? Qui-Gon asked.
    ?Long time since he has had a apprentice, ready again he is. See you soon Rai-Jel will,? Yoda remarked nudging his cane towards Qui-Gon.

    Qui-Gon felt warm inside, Yoda?s foreseeings were not often wrong. Qui-Gon thought it must be the will of the Force that Rai-Jel Karoo was going to accept him as a Padawan. Yet what if Yoda was wrong? Yoda had always said, ?Strange are the ways of the Force,? and ?Unexpected the future can turn out.? Qui-Gon tried to clear his mind and only think of the positives. He would be so proud if he could be Rai-Jel Karoo?s apprentice.

    Rai-Jel Karoo was a powerful Jedi Knight. He was often in charge of the utmost dangerous of missions. He only came to the Temple on certain occasions and would spend his time meditating and consulting with the Masters. Most of the apprentices never even bothered trying to impress Rai-Jel. He was very strict on his students and only accepted the very best.

    Knowing this, Qui-Gon longed to be his apprentice. Qui-Gon often had troubles controlling his fear and anger, paths to the Dark Side. Although it was common amongst apprentices to have these problems, Qui-Gon felt that he needed more control over his emotions. Sometimes when Qui-Gon battled other students he lost control of his emotions and with a hot head fought fe
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