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SWRPF Archive The Quest (searching for players)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by ShadowLeonheart, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. ShadowLeonheart

    ShadowLeonheart Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 15, 2005
    The Quest
    (Searching for players)

    The Quest is a new concept I have come up with.
    The era is a confusing concept: After the new empire is formed and running a new sith faction has formed beond the outer rim, beond the galaxy, heading for the new order, not by hyperspace, just at high speeds. years will pass before they arrive. That is the era where your character will be from.
    50 years into the future the sith arrive and dominate... year of war and struggle take place, the jedi of the future are nearly out-numbered, only a dosen remain.
    100 years into the future The remaining jedi witness the siths new found ability to whield time... The sith are able bring to bring 3 sith from the past into there time... The jedi study this ability and in a desprite effort they are ablt to bring 4 jedi into the future to help. That will be the current era...

    Pm me your characters, you can be a jedi or a sith, No Movie Characters, and form your character to match the era arond the time of Sidious's uprising before the new republic.

    your character sheet should include:

    Force Affliction:
    Weight/ hight:
    Skin Complection/tone:
    Eyes/ color:
    Main weaponry:
    Ship/ship bio(Optional):
    Astro jroid bio(Optional):

    Please be creative, here is an example. I will be playing A future sith, A future Jedi, And a recruted Jedi. I Will post the futue characters after the present characters end up in the future.Here is an example of my present character' a jedi:

    -Ogion Lorado aka "The Shadow"
    -Rouge Jedi
    -38 years of age
    -White skin-tan
    -semishort brown hair-forward facing and spiked like a crown in front
    -aqua blue eyes w/ a slight glow
    -1 custum green lightsaber
    -Bio: Trained in a jedi temple till the age of 23. He gained the honor to go on a royal escort mission. During the mission the ship had to land on Tattoone. Ogion encountered two sith followers and was very close to dieing. The company of the ship left quickly to coorisant in retreat and the sith knight stow-awayed onto the ship. The Sith master (Darth Dracoo) tried to break the spirits of ogion by revealing to him his plan to create the empire. Darth dracoo was a former apprentes to Darth Sidious And they were planing to rule the galaxy together. In an attempt to learn more Ogion swore allegence to Darth Dracoo And spent 10 years as an apprentous. During this time ogion created a ship (Shadow fang) and an astro jroid (r5-d7). The plan for an empire is set in motion. Ogion is sent to a planet inhabited by wookies to attract Yoda and kill him early on in the plot of evil. (yoda and the wookies have been friends for a long time). Ogion had enough power to ask yoda for help in leaving the darkside. In secret for the next 3 years Ogion was apretous to Yoda. Yoda did not tell the council and Ogion did not tell Darth Dracoo. Although one day he found out and they battled to Darth Dracoos Death. Master yoda could not promote Ogion to master so he helped Ogion construct a new lightsaber (his red sith one was destroyed fighting Darth Dracoo). Yoda provided his Green Energy crystal (very old) to Ogion. Ogion spent the next 2 years In solitude travaling the galaxy and learning to control his powers on both sides of the force.

    -Ogion is rarly in battle (appering more and more regurally). His eye "glowing" slightly aqua is from his time as a sith. He refraines from using dark powers but sometimes does, exspecially agenst a sith. His eyes glow more intense when pushed to his limits, almost as if he is summining up more energy. He tries hard to work out things with a jedi consience and the presence of yoda (the lightsaber) helps out alot. He hold himself responsible for the death of some of the council members and thinks he has a great deal to do to reclame honor. He hopes to one day be on the jedi council as a master and he believes he should earn it first.

    - R5-D7: Is nearly exaclally the same as R2-D2/ Built by ogion.

    - Shadow Fang: Ship Built By Ogion. Exactally Like Obi-
  2. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    what is this about?????
  3. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004 will need to provide an in-depth story, a set of rules, and a characters sheet for you to be able to post a RPG in this forum. Or else, the thread will be locked.

    I suggest you check out the following links, also located at the top of the RPF forum index:

    [link=]Adoptions Program[/link] - This can help you gain knowledge in the art of RPing.
    [link=]Training Ground[/link] - Provides many tips for RPing.
    [link=]Discussion Thread[/link] - A place for you to advertise your RPG for this site only
    [link=]Danger Room[/link] - A thread for you to go through many different scenarios to gain a better understanding of all aspects of RPing.

    Hope that helps. :)
  4. KenobisHeir

    KenobisHeir Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 27, 2005
    Also check [link=]this thread[/link] for RPG help as well. Don't worry, we're not calling you dumb or anything, we're just offering you help to improve your RPing skills so you can be benefited with more RPG enjoyment and more successful RPGs of your own. :)
  5. ShadowLeonheart

    ShadowLeonheart Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 15, 2005
    Well then, I'll close this thread down, how do I go about doing that?
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