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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by ScaPaCamem, Apr 10, 2006.

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    Jul 10, 2003
    Thousands of years ago, the Eternal Wizard Elowin came to be the watchman of Rasaria. He sat atop the highest mountain in all of Rasaria, Dakwyn Mt, and saw all. He saw the fall of the giants, the rise of men, and the greed of all. Hundreds of wars broke out, thousands died, and Elowin could never find a reason why. Elowin could no longer stand by as the people of Rasaria slaughtered themselves out of pure greed and hate. So Elowin sat and wrote the Book of Time, and in it the book contained all the knowledge of the known world. Opening it, a man would find all he needed to know about what he wanted, but there in lies the problem. He handed down the book to the then small kingdom of Byiron.With the Book of Time, the king united the 3 great races, and peace was restored. For 1000 years Byiron thrived and became the most glorius kingdom in history. Until one day when Byirons most recent king, King Artias, saw a man dying of thirst and hunger, dressed in a soldiers uniform. My father took the man in and gave him all he needed. He became close to my father, like a brother and sat in the High Council. This man was called Morgol. Morgol heard stories of the book and became mad with curiousity, he searched deep within the castle until he finally found it. And when he opened it the book showed it's weakness as it gave Morgol the knowledge not to unite, but to conquer. Morgol enslaved the people of Byiron and turned most of the soldiers to his cause, as well as the dark elves. All the evil creatures of Rasria came to bow before him. He created an army greater than anything ever seen. It was not until King Artias rose up a revolt, and freed the slaves that our people were free. However, King Artias died freeing his people and his son Prince Rutherford took over. Rutherford came to a spot he knew would be out of Morgol's site and has lived here ever since, over 15 years and still Morgol is unaware of there presence.

    It was around the time of the Rise of Morgol that the dark Elves began to ravage the lands of Byiron's westfold. A great ranger named Jurius defended his kingdom along side of a great dwarf named Hamis. Until one night in the cover of dark the dark elves attacked the camp in Whitebush forest and slaughtered the rangers, Jurius ordered Hamis to take his son, Raen, away during the fighting. The two came back to see that everyone was dead including Jurius. Raen vowed to protect Whitbush forest, and along with Hamis' training became a fearless warrior.

    Raen has just stumbled upon Rutherford's village, and believes that something must be done to change the lands of Byiron back to the way it was before the Rise of Morgol.

    I will be Raen:
    Name: Raen
    Age: 30
    RACE:(Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Half Elf, Dwarf, Centaur, any other race you want to add)
    Affiliation (Byiron, other Kingdom, Morgol?s army, Dark Elves):
    -Height: 6?1?
    -Weight: 160
    -Eye colour: Green
    -Hair colour: Dark Brown
    Clothing: [image=]
    -Special marks: A scar on his left cheek
    Weapons: Long two handed blade crafted from elven steel. Short bow. Long dagger.
    Other: Carries a liquid called Heaven?s Tears which can heal almost anything.
    Brief Bio: Raen was born into a world of fighting his skills are matched by few and he is a fantastic leader. He is willing to do whatever it takes to restore Byiron

    Other Characters:
    Dark Elf King
    Other characters can be added to the quest.

    LSA :) Edit: Locked at author's request.
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