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NSWRPF Archive The Real House/Soccer Wives/Men/Kids of the Orange County- A Romance RP!

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by PRENNTACULAR, Jun 22, 2006.

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    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    From the award winning GM who brought you Lost, comes:

    The Real House/Soccer Wives/Men/Kids of the Orange County- A Romance RP!!!

    Come on, admit it. We all have the need for drama. The deep, dark desire to be one of those desperate housewives, one of those spoiled rich kids on MTV and the O.C. This is just the place to let that spirit free! In this game, you can do it all. You can play a rich kid, or a famous athlete with a sucky marriage, or even a poor guy who is stuck in the rich school due to circumstances out of his or her control. The more drama the better! Come, join us in the O.C, and give in to your deepest desires!

    Welcome, one and all, to the Orange County! Home to all things romantic, expensive, shallow, and fake.

    It is in this county that our game will take place. Playable characters include Parents, Teachers, Kids, and anything else that catches your fancy.

    This RP is romance based, meaning there will be drama a plenty. In this game, we will be going through the days and lives of the inhabitants of the Orange County, and fun will ensue. There are many paths to go down and options to take advantage of? Will your character be a wife in a struggling marriage, though all the material comforts one could wish for? A tough Junior in High School who was born on the wrong side of the tracks, yet forced into the rich-kid culture? A spoiled brat? A famous athlete, or his wife?

    The choice is yours. Let your imaginations run wild.

    This is going to be a dramatic game, based around the drama that we all secretly love. Is your marriage falling apart? Is you girlfriend of two years just not what you are looking for? Who is coming to your birthday bash? Will you pass your SAT?s and get into the college you feel all the pressure to get into? These questions and more will be answered in The Real House/Soccer Wives/Men/Kids of the Orange County.

    The schools:

    Willow Springs High School- The biggest school in the O.C, this is where all of the affluent (and a couple of the poor) kids go. Many, many kids have gotten variances to go to this school for it?s many sports, cliques, and classes.

    O.C.H.S.- Orange County High School is the school on the wrong side of the tracks. Everybody who goes here has not other option, and the school atmosphere reflects that. Parties are a plenty, but not in the big, rich houses of the Willow Springs kids. O.C.H.S. gets its butt kicked at almost every sporting event, and there is almost no school spirit.

    The Grandiose College of Higher Learning- This is the college that all the Willow Springs kids go to, because they are the only ones who can afford to go and also take part in the extra curricular activities.

    O.C. Community College- The name pretty much explains it all?

    This game is going to be built on the creativity of the players. I will have an overlapping story, but all of the love triangles and drama will be up to you guys.

    The character Sheet:

    Socioeconomic status (Yes, this is important):
    Personality (includes habits, likes, dislikes, the works):

    The Rules:

    2. Obey the T.O.S. ? please, graphic language or scenes is a no-no. There will certainly be some ?romantic circumstances? but let?s try to keep this 13 year old friendly. Though innuendoes are another thing?
    3. IC/OOC format please- if you don?t know what this is, please PM MASTERPRENN
    4. GM is law
    5. Drama is encouraged, and needed to make this game run, as is romance. Feel free (even encouraged) to PM other players and work out pre-existing relationships and whatnot. The sky is the limit. You can be brothers, sisters, lovers, spouses, best friends, whatever catches your fancy. And all it will take is a little PM?
    6. Have fun!

    Please PM any questions/concerns/complaints/ideas to MASTERPRENN

    Also, I will be lookin
  2. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Intriguing...I may have to be a suave and debonair publishing mogul...
  3. Clayface

    Clayface Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 21, 2006
    GameMaster Approved!

    Name: Tripp Nixon
    Age: 23
    School/Occupation: MLB (Major League Baseball) Shortstop for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
    ---Height: 6' 2"
    ---Weight: 215 lbs.
    ---Hair: Buzzed, light brown
    ---Eyes: Hypnotizing green
    ---Skin complexion: Tan
    Socioeconomic status: Rich & Famous
    Sports: Baseball
    Popular: Huge
    ---Traits: Charming with the ladies, haughty and arrogant thanks to his illustrious status, short-tempered.
    ---Likes: Money, women, fame.
    ---Dislikes: Bad food, opposing fans, striking out.
    ---Habits: Gets in arguments with umpires when bad calls are made on the field, likes to charm the ladies with pick-up lines, makes sure he looks good.

    Life couldn't have gotten any better for young Tripp Nixon. He grew up in Orange County, his father a famous business mogul and his mother a successful lawyer. His true passion was baseball, and he idolized Mike Piazza as a kid (until he left Los Angeles for New York).

    Yup, everything seemed to be going perfectly for Tripp. Good grades all throughout school, graduating high school with a full ride to The Grandiose College of Higher Learning.

    It was there that he met his current wife and hip-hop phenom Ashley Rhodes. The two dated for two years and then were married, both at the ages of twenty-one.

    A year later, Tripp was drafted out of college and into the MLB as the first-round draft pick of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    A full season, Rookie of the Year and National League MVP Awards under his belt, Tripp Nixon is living in the big-time with his beautiful wife, who has now grown a bit of suspicion since her husband's sudden rise to fame...

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    GM- Glad to see this game has gotten some attention. I am expecting three or four more Character Sheets to be posted shortly, and then I will post mine. We will wait untill we have six or seven players, and we will get this ball rolling! Thanks to all who have offered advice or words of encouragment thus far!

    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    Name:Trent Stavers
    School/Occupation:Willow Springs High School, and Trent works at a local sports bar(His uncle owns it)
    Appearance:6'0,215 lbs,Long med Brown Hair(Shoulder Length). Usually wears letterman's jacket, or just half-way unbuttoned collar shirts, and jeans.
    Socioeconomic status:Middle Class, His family doesnt live from pay check to paycheck, but they arent filthy rich either.
    Sports:Quarterback for Willow High School for the past 2 years, hopefully this year to.
    Popular:He's the quarterback and he's an all around good guy.Of course he's popular! Darn popular!!
    Personality:The care-free sort, Trent loves his life, but he suffers from "Thrill-seeker Personality". He loves to think that he's afraid of nothing and will do anything to prove it.
    Likes-Football, Motorcycles, and Trent has a weakness for.....well girls in general.
    Dislikes-Snobs, Girls who just cant relax, and fast Linebackers
    Habits-Driving his Harley Motorcycle, Hanging with friends, working out, makes time for girls he's involved with.
    Bio:Trent came to the Varsity Football team his Freshman year. He tried out for QB but couldnt get the spot. 1 because they thought he was too young, and 2 the other guy was a Junior and he was the Head Coaches son. So Trent took the bench for half of the season, until one game at home against the school's rivals, the coaches son got rocked hard and he dislocated his shoulder. Well, Trent was backup, and he brought the team back from losing 0-24, to winning in the final seconds 27-24. Trent was the QB from then on, and he is good. The coaches even nicknamed him "Ironman" because it seemed that no matter how hard he would get hit, how loud he was booed, or how bad the situation looked, it wouldnt faze him and he'd get the job done. The guys on the football team fondly refer to him as "Ironman" too. But, this past year as a Junior, he took the team to the state finals where on a QB scamble he was hit and blew out his knee. He's gone to rehab over the summer and hopes to be back this year as a Senior.(Certain out of state colleges are now hesitant to talk to him about a scholarship because of his knee)

    On his personal side Trent doesnt have a girlfriend right now, his last girl dumped him after he blew out his knee, She figured she had a sure fire way to becoming a Mrs. NFL Star. Well, after that fell through Trent is just kinda looking for the right girl to come along now. His only major fault, is his EGO! Trent belives that he fears nothing, and he does stupid and needless stunts to get attention and to satisfy his inner need for a thrill. So he really likes to party sometimes too.

    OOC:Sorry if I kinda got carried away[face_whistling]
  6. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    OOC: Sorry prenn it took me so long to post this thing... was kinda busy yesterday

    The Britt Family
    Name: Kyle Britt
    Age: 48
    Occupation: Lawyer, Head of Firm
    Appearance: Tall, tan skinned, Thick peppered hair (that had once been black), peircing blue eyes. Other than the thinning and greying hair, still looks quite young.
    Socioeconomic status: Rich... VERY rich
    Sports: Loves to sail on his yatch, the Sophia, and sailboat, the Freedom.
    Popular: Yes.
    Personality: Very kind, and intellegent. LOVES the women. Cares very much for his kids and gives them anything they want.
    Bio: Kyle grew up in Willow Springs, and went to WSHS, where he was one of their most top ranked Baseball players as an all state Third Basemen. He played for USC for his freshman year, but then, due to a car wreck, was unable to play ever again. He then decided to become a Lawyer and did so with flying colors. While attending Yale, Kyle met a woman by the name of Sophia Williams, who was studying English at the college. The two hit it off, and got married a year later, after Kyle's graduation. He moved back to Willow Spings, making Sophia quit school, and started a family. Soon, Kyle made partner, and then moved up to head of the Firm, all while raising his two kids. He owns one of the larges houses in the area, and is known as an avid Sailor, and a great lover. He has had several affairs, most of which no one knows about.

    Name: Sophia Williams Britt
    Age: 40 (Looks early 30s)
    Occupation: Housewife
    Appearance: Beautiful, long auburn hair, tall and slender, gracefull. Her eyes are a dark shade of green, and are quite large. Everything about her seems to be perfect.
    Socioeconomic status: Rich, very rich
    Sports: None
    Popular: Quite
    Personality: Tends to be more the quiet type person, but one who knows everything that is going on. She writes everything she hears in a journal she keeps hidden in her closet. Loves gossip and blackmail.
    Bio: Sohpia grew up in a small town in Maine. She recieved a large scholar ship to Yale for her amazing composition skils. SHe attened Yale for one year. During that year she met Kyle Britt, married him, and dropped out to move to Kyle's hometown. Soon, she had two beautiful children, which their father spoiled rotten against her wishes. Eventually, he spolied her as well, with a beautiful house which was the envy of all the women in Willow Springs.

    Name: Liam Britt
    Age: 18
    School: Willow Springs High School
    Appearance: Tall, tan, muscular. Thick black hair which he wares shaggy. He has dark green eyes and has a wonderful smile.
    Socioeconomic status:Rich
    Sports: Baseball Star, Third Base like his father once played
    Popular: Yes, though not like his sister. He hates it.
    Personality: He's quiter than his sister, and hates being rich and popular. He's sick of his father pushing him to play baseball and to become a Laywer to take over the firm when he gets older. Liam would rather be a writter for a local newspaper.
    Bio: Grew up in a life of privalge in Willow Springs. The affluent city is all he knows, which is one of the reasons he wishes to leave. Unlike his sister, Liam has always worked for his A's, and is, as the grades show, quite intelligent. He made the varsity Baseball team his freshman year, and has been a starter ever since, following in his father's footsteps. He hates it. If his father hadn't made him stick with it, he would have quit the baseball team after his freshman year. He is now looking at colleges, and secretly is searching for a Journalism school, while his dad pushes him to Law School.

    Name: Auyrn (ARE-en) Britt
    Age: 17
    School: Junior at Willow Springs High School
    Appearance: tall, slender build, like her mother. Her father's blue eyes and her mother auburn hair. Her hair is long and thick and utimatly beautiful. She seems, like her mother, to be perfect.
    Socioeconomic status: Rich
    Sports: No, but is known for her love of Music and is a wonderful
  7. Genimay

    Genimay Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2005
    Name:Tara Summers
    School/Occupation:Willow Springs High School
    Appearance:Bright blue eyes hat always seem dull except when she is smiling. Dirty blonde hair that is beautiful though she does nothing to it. Not to tall around 5'6" but slender. Has a girl-next-door beauty.
    Socioeconomic status:poor
    Sports?:No,but she plays flute very well.
    Popular?:No,is new at the school and will most likly never be popular
    Personality:Tara is VERY shy. She is kind and loving but homesick for her old life(seebio). Her habits are many that inculde;stuttering when nervous,not talking for long periods of time(days),biting her lower lip when in pressure,studying obsesivly.
    Bio:Tara grew up in an abusive family until socail sevices took her away when she was 15. She wants to go back to her old life because she is under the beleif she deserved,and still does deserve,to be hurt. She lives in a foster family across the train tracks but by the time she got there after school started her Jounior year she was sent to Willow Springs instead. Now she is about to start her first day at the fifth High School she has been to in two years.

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    GM- Alright. We'll wait for Integral and maybe Peng and some others to post their sheets, and we will get this show on the road! I hope you guys are PMing eachother and building relationships and whatnot. In the meantime, here is my character. I will also be controlling NPC's for updates for players and whatnot, but feel free to use any NPC's you see fit as well...

    ***GM APPROVED***

    Name: Issac Rossi
    School/Occupation: Willow Springs High School
    Appearance: Latino. Mid-length, styled black hair, very, very attrractive. Physically fit.
    Socioeconomic status: In Brazil, Issac's family is rather poor, but his host family in the U.S. is rather rich...
    Sports?: Soccer.
    Popular?: He just moved here, but he is already pretty popular.
    Personality: Outgoing party animal. Issac has a sensetive side when talking to girls, but is prretty funny. You'r typical High School Senior.
    Bio: Issac grew up in a small Brazillian town, where the only thing to do was fight and play soccer. Naturally, Issac became good at both of those things. He worked and played his way through High School, and two monts ago was sent to live with the Hobbes, a welathy American family who live in the O.C.


    All of these characters are available for a player to work up a CS for and play them as a Character. These people are just crucial to the game, so if no body wants to play them, they will be NPCed.

    The Hobbes Family
    Principle Weller (Willow Springs H.S.)
    Prresident Johnson (Grandiose College)
    The Bee's (O.C. Local pop band)
    Any others you wish to create

    Also, here are some of the local places...

    Vista Boulevard- The most prominent neighborhood. This is where all the "big" houses are.
    The Bean- Local coffee shop
    The Garage- Local music venue/club

    That's all I got for now, but expect more to come. As always, PM's are welcome!
  9. DarthIntegral

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    Jul 13, 2005
    Integral constructed, Prenn approved!

    Name: Dr. Yvanne Polowski
    Age: 41
    School/Occupation: Assistant Professor of Physics @ The Grandiose College of Higher Learning
    Appearance: A tall and skiny Polish lady, Dr. Polowski stands about 5'11", and weighs about 120 lbs.
    Socioeconomic status: Wealthy, but not lavishly so
    Sports?: none
    Popular?: no
    Personality: She has two interests in her life: physics and men. She succeeds greatly at one (physics) and not at all with the other (men). She is eccentric and often compares everything she sees, does, or experiences to a physics problem or equation. She will hit on just about any man who is over the age of 18 and does not have a ring.
    Bio:Dr. Polowski grew up as the daughter of poor workers in inner city Cleveland, OH. Her parents sacrifised everything they had to pay for her to go to college, and she did, graduating from Penn State University with a Bachelor's degree in Physics. Upon completing this degree, she enrolled at the University of Southern California where she completed her doctorate in Physics, specializing in Optics. Shortly after graduation, she had a one-night stand and it resulted in the birth of her son, 15-year-old Joshua. After bouncing around from one single-year job to the next, she was finally offered a tenure-position at the Grandiose College three years ago.

    For her "personal" time, she enjoys going to the bars after leaving the university to try to make "friends", as well as the normal faculty outings she attends as part of her job.

    Name: Joshua Polowski
    Age: 15
    School/Occupation: Willow Springs High School (Sophomore)
    Appearance: Big n Tall, to the point of being awkward. He stands around 6'8" tall and close to 250 lbs. Has black hair that is "styled" in a big afro.
    Socioeconomic status: Wealthy, but not lavishly so
    Sports?: Plays on the basketball team, but only because his mother makes him
    Popular?: Has only one person he considers to be a true friend, but hangs out with a lot of people.
    Personality: Absolutely loves to study, and loves to hang out with his best friend, Doug. Does other social interactions (like basketball) only when forced to by his mother. Thinks that becoming famous through his studies will help him find his estranged father.
    Bio:Joshua is motivated by three things in life: his studies, pleasing his mother, and finding his father. Nothing else really matters to him, and as a result, he tends to be a loner, except when he is with Doug. He is routinely teased by many other students with their favorite topics being his height, his weight, his mother, his father, and his nerdiness. He has learned to lock in his anger about being teased and uses it as motivation in his studies and on the basketball court.

    Name: Doug McEnrow
    Age: 16
    School/Occupation: Willow Springs High School (sophomore)
    Appearance: 5'7", 150 lbs. Short blond hair, deep blue eyes. Very average build. Wears glasses and dresses VERY nice.
    Socioeconomic Status: Filthy Stinking Rich
    Sports: He wishes he could play baseball
    Popular: He likes to think so, but many of his friends are fake, but he does have one true good friend: Joshua
    Personality: He's rich and he knows it, and often comes off as snobish as a result. He is smart, but chooses not to put in effot and as a result is not as succesful in school as he could be. Loves to play video games, board games, and baseball, and hangs out a lot.
    Bio:He is the son of a CEO (his father) and a small business owner (his mother) both of whom travel a lot. The result of this is that Doug has a lot of money, little guidance, plenty of free time, and little discipline. The three things he values most in life are his friendship with Joshua, his money, and his brand new Mazda.
  10. ScaPaCamem

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    Jul 10, 2003
    Name: Dino Pelton
    Age: 48
    School/Occupation: Very Succesful Commercial Real Estate Agent.
    Appearance: Tall, handsome, and well built. Short Dark brown/ almost black hair, slicked back.
    Socioeconomic status (Yes, this is important): One of the richest Real Estate Agents in the country, Fortune 500 Member, Eligible Bachelor
    Sports: Used to play football, was a kicker, for Willow Springs High School.
    Popular: Voted as the Most Eligible Bachelor by a women's fashion magazine.
    Personality: Very set on making as much money as he can, loves the attention he get's from females. Tends to have a short temper.
    Bio: Dino grew up the son of a local Senator. His family was very wealthy, but it was old money. His great-grandfather became extremeley rich when he sold much of the land that is now Orange County.

    Dino was a popular high school student. He was one of the top Kickers in the nation and was being recruited by several football powerhouse schools. He decided to go to USC. While at USC he began studying commercial real estate. He discovered he had a real gift of being able to tell what areas would would eventually worth millions. His senior year he elected not to go to the NFL, even though he was expected to go early on in the draft. His father was extremely dissappointed, but Dino promised that he would be succesful as a commercial real estate agent.

    And he would become VERY succesful.By the age of 25 he was already making a 6 digit income. At 29, already a multi-millionare, he met the girl of his dreams while on a buisiness trip to Italy. The two feel in love over night and he brought her back to America. The two were married two months later. And she found out she was pregnant one month after that. The night of the birth something went wrong and Dino's wife died during child birth. Dino was devestated, but stayed strong for his son. Now for 18 years he has raised his son without a wife, but is constantly looking for one. He has just not found anyone that could replace her.

    He is one of the richest men in America and a member of the Fortune 500. He is looking to biggger and better things for his company as he begins to spend more time oversea's and less time at home with his son...

    Name: Mark Pelton
    Age: 18
    School/Occupation: Senior at Willow Springs High School
    Appearance: Very handsome. Long black hair, very defined jaw, very athletic build.
    Socioeconomic status: Get's just about everything he wants from his father.
    Sports: Starting Safety at Willow Springs.
    Popular: Very popular, Voted Class Favorite Sophmore year.
    Personality:Very social, likes to drink a lot. Loves attention from girl's just like his father.
    Bio: Mark has grown up getting just about everything he wants. He is not really spoiled though. If his father tells him no, he is willing to accept that, but he is rarely told no.

    Mark plays football just like his father. His sophmore year he was made starting safety and he is being recruited by USC, Texas, Florida, and Ohio State, for his hard hitting, leave it all on the field style.

    Mark is also like his father with women. He loves the attention from them, but cannot seem to keep one around. He is very social with everybody and people say he is one of the nicest guys around. But, sometimes when Mark drinks he gets a little to wild and sometimes gets very angry and agressive.>

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    GM- Man! I get home and have seven PM's! Very incouraging. In light of all the new players we just received, I will give them some time to post their sheets. I'll have the first post up early tonight though.
  12. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    The character Sheet:

    Name: Patrick Murphy
    Age: 18
    School/Occupation: OCHS

    Light skinned with various tattoos on his back and chest. Normally wears white Tee-Shirts, Black pants, and black combat boots, but not always. Wears his blond hair short and messed up, nose is crooked from being broken a few times. Muscular and Athletic, but still thin and tall, standing around 6'0 weighing 153 pounds. (Think along the lines of Justin Theroux in Charlies Angels.)

    Socioeconomic status: Poor, White-Trash, but finds a way to make do (even if it isn't legally)
    Sports: None
    Popular: Yes, but only with the Outcast crowd
    Personality: Arrogant, Violent, short tempered, easy to offend, bully.

    Born near Dublin, Ireland, Patrick was a member of one of the Dublin street gangs, untill he and his parents moved when he was 15. Angry with the move, and knowing no other way to 'fit in', Pat became a bully. No one was safe, rich, poor, or otherwise. Young or Old, Fat or Thin. In his book, everyone is eaqualy able to pay him off. Or get hurt.
    By 16, he had become the leader of one of the few O.C. Gangs, originally called the Bad Landers, but shortened to Banders on account of the leather armbands each member wears on his right wrist. A rough band of Theives, Extortionists, and street hustlers, the Banders are now the prominent O.C. gang, including over 25 members, and a good many favors that can always be called in on a moments notice. Patrick now lives alone, parents long dissappeared, at his home in the O.C. Trailer Park, Cross Roads, and has a storage container in one of the many Rental Centers around town he can fall back on (paid for in a different name).
  13. Genimay

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    Jun 2, 2005
    OOC:I have these new charaters and bother have been approved. Can't wait to start.

    Name:Willow Anne Summers
    School/Occupation:Willow Springs High School
    Appearance:Tall and beautiful. Gray-green eyes and blonde-gold hair. Around 5'9" and incredible slim but not overly skinny. Smooth skin and sliky hair.
    Socioeconomic status:poor
    Sports?:Volly Ball
    Popular?:No,she is just starting there but has the liklyness to be.
    Personality: Unlike her sister she is very high strung and always ready for action,of any kind. Often finds her self in trouble with older kids for protecting her sister but is a loyal and good friend.
    Bio: The same as Tara.

    Name:Kennedy Ponite
    School/occupation:Willow Springs High School
    Apperence:Brown hair to her shoulder blades. Deep brown eyes. 5'7". Skinny and athletic.
    Socioeconomic status:VERY rich
    Sports:Anything she can get sighed up for but mainly soccer.
    Popular:She is the most popular girl 'jock' at Willow High and she doesn't mind it but doesn't embace it to a freakish point.
    Personality:Down to Earth. She likes to play sports and tends to be a little rougher around the edges than most girls. Not really into major relationships but has a few close friends. Keenedy is a lesbian. (this is checked by GM0
    Bio:She grew up in O.C. Her mom left when she was just three years old. Her parents are rarely,if ever home. Kenn has three little sisters and five little brothers all from a different mom. She looks alot different from her step mom resulting in the fact she looks nothing like her brothers and sisters who all have blue eyes and red hair. Her siblings are(in order from oldest to youngest);Kennedy,Timothy,Ashley,Lauren,Jim,Laken,Jake,Bredon,and baby Christie. Timothy and Ashely are twins and freashmen at Willowsprings. lauren is 12.Jim Laken and Jake are triplets and 9. Bredon is 7. Chritie is barely 2.(I might throw in a line from some of the siblings or have her talk about them if anyone ever goes to her house.)

  14. BartSimpson-SithLord

    BartSimpson-SithLord Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 24, 2002
    GM Approved

    Name: Tanner Kane
    Age: 16
    School/Occupation: O.C.H.S. Sophomore
    Appearance: Stands at about six feet and has an averagely athletic build. His face is considered handsome, but very non threatening. He has short black hair on his slightly tanned skin. He usually wears what would be considered almost uniform at most highschools, except when out of school when he dresses in a variety of averagely stylish clothing.
    Socioeconomic status: Rich
    Sports?: No. But is interested in Baseball.
    Popular?: Yes. Somehow the most popular kid in his class. Though one must wonder if being popular in a school full of delinquents is a good thing.
    Personality: Loves to write and tell jokes, often submitting jokes to raio stations that accept and air amateur humor. He loves to watch baseball and fancies that he could play it, but is a bit too laid back to try on his own. He likes to study and pay attention in class, as well as arrive on time. He likes order. He dislikes chaos and things that go against his normalcy.
    Bio: Born to rich parents and destined to attend Willow Springs, Tanner led a quite and orderly life. He had friends whom he hung out with, though he was never anywhere close to being popular. He enjoyed the learning clubs in Middle School and thus was seen as something of a geek. His dream was to get into an Ivy league college. However, when it came time for him to go to High School, a mix up occured and he was enrolled at O.C.H.S. His mother and himself thought this terrible, but his father saw it as an opportunity to give the boy some backbone. Something he'd need in his future life. His father and mother held a discussion and told him they'd see what they could do about him changing schools, but for the time being he should attend classes at O.C.H.S. Once there Tanner was witness to a strange phenomenon in which he quickly won over the tough kids of the class. The logic was that Tanner had to be the strongest, meanest, toughest kid in the class because only the most ferocious Mouse would join a company of Lions.

    [hl=darkred]~*!~-~DOCTOR BEAR~-~!*~[/hl]
  15. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005

    Name: Emilio San Vallarde (Eh-mill-ee-oh San Vai-ard-ay)
    Age: 25
    School/Occupation: Hit musician (read: Rockstar)
    Appearance: Long, straight hair, jet black. Tall, fit, and thin, the epitome of a Rockstar
    Socioeconomic status (Yes, this is important): RICH! Filthy Stinking, that is.
    Sports?: Swims, capoeira
    Popular?: Incredibly
    Personality: quiet and private, yet very charismatic. Cannot commit to anything, though.
    Bio: Emilio was born to a Spanish father and Polynesian mother. He spent his early years at boarding schools, where he expressed himself through a classical guitar his father bought him. By University, he'd turned it into a career. Now, after years of relationships in the public eye, he's taken a break for "personal reasons", chiefly being that he's exhausted and looking for real friendships.

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    GM- Alright, let's get this show on the road!

    IC: Issac Rossi

    Issac Rossi sat in his comfortable couch.

    Despite where he was sitting, the Brazilian dreamboat was anything but comfortable. The clock read 6:17, and the invitations said 6:45, but Issac was still worried that nobody would come. And for now he was stuck twidling his thumbs.

    He hated twiddilling his thumbs.

    So instead, the foreign exchange student went through a mental check list. He had invited the key people...He had the house to himself for the whole night...He had booked the band...He had bought the choice liquid...He had even invited that special girl he had just meet. At his hands, he had all the ingrediants for a sucessfull American party. Yet he worried that nobody would show up. In perfect timing, the doorbell rang. Issac ran to turn his iPod on shuffle, to hold untill the band got there, and then looked out the huge front window. Kids had started dribbling in, some coming in Hummers, some in Mustangs, but none coming alone. As he looked out the window, he saw an encouraging sign...Kids he didn't know. Kids he didn't invite. That was the true sign of a successfull party. Another impatient ring brought Issac out of his dreams, and he headed to the door...

    TAG: All H.S. Kids, Peng and Zelda for the band

    GM- I will post an oppening for all the adults soon, I just wanted to get this one up before I left for a bit...
  17. Genimay

    Genimay Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2005

    Kennedy was surrounded by her normal group of friends. All of the soccer girls were laughing about the upcoming game against thier rival scool,OCHS. The brown haired beauty rang the bell and waited. She didn't bother to bring her invitation on account of these parties brought more than just invite-ys. The door opened and the teen grinned. "We're here for the party? We in the right spot?" she asked the pointless question.

    These parties were never all that fun for Kenn after the first couple hours but she came anyway. At least the twins were on Baby patrol. Until Kenn's cell phone went off and Ashley was whining about somthing so she would have to leave. Ahhh,sometimes Kenn wished she was normal.

    TAG-Any at party

    IC:Willow and Tara Summers

    Willow sat in her room. Bored. To. Tears. Her and Tara started school the next day and somehow her older sister was already studying. Probably stuff from thier last high school.

    Willow rolled over to look at her older sis. There she was,not two feet away at the desk that had been shoved in thier room with the two beds and smallish dreser. "You wanna do something Tare?" Willow asked.

    "No." Tara answered.

    "Why not. I'm Bored." Willow said.

    "You're always bored and I I'm st studying." Tara said with the faintest stutter,they both knew it was because the older girl was nervous about being in a new place. Willow was surprised she was still talking.

    Willow rolled until she flipped her feet over her head and landed behind the desk chair. She looked over her sister's shoulder. "You're not studying. You're drawing." she pointed out in a mild tone.

    Tara blushed but didn't respond. This sent off red blaring alarms to Willow. "C'mon, there has ta be a party around here somewhere. Maybe over by our new school. We can ask Mr. and Mrs. whoever if we can check it out. Please?" Willow said and added a pout when Tara looked at her.

    "Fine. But d don't lea leave m me alone a at a p party." Tara stuttered.

    "Deal!" Willow said before running out the room to ask thier foster parents.

    The foster parental units said to be home by ten. Willow was back in the room and ripping clothes out of her and Tara's drawers to find them 'party clothes'.

    Tara sat back and wacthed the whole thing with a slight smile. When Willow found what she was looking for she threw Tara the outfit she picked for the older girl and began to change.

    When they were both ready to leave it was 6:30. Eventually,they found a party and joined a group waiting for the door to be opened. It looked like it ranged from jocks to popular girls so hopefully the two would fit in.

  18. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    Liam Britt, Auyrn Britt
    Issac Rossi's party

    Liam arrived in his green mustang, a gift for his 16th birthday. He quickly turned off the radio which was blaring All American Rejects. As he stepped out of his car, his sister, a 17 year old beauty named Auyrn, pulled up in her silver H3, her subwufers booming. Rolling his eyes he locked his car and headed for the front door. Liam was actually quite nervous. It had been a few years since he had gone to a party. He usually avoided these things because of his sister. Besides, he'd rather spend the time out on the beach writting his book.

    Auyrn, on the other hand, was made for this. Cothed in the cutes outfit, hair sexily messy yet curly, makeup dark but natural... she was ready. Her blue jean skirt was tight and short, showing off her long muscular legs.

    Suddenly, her blue eyes saw over her brother's shaggy black hair, to the front door. It was her least favorite person in the school... and one of her competitors for most popular girl.

    "Kennedy." Auyrn said underbreath. Luckily, there were enough people here that she could get around not talking to her. On her way to the door, a group of girls who were considered her fab four (Kelsey, Ashley, Jessica, and Taylor) grouped up with her at the door. A couple of the jocks also waited at the door, as did her brother Liam, waiting for the host to open the door.

    TAG: Gm
  19. Genimay

    Genimay Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2005
    IC:Kennedy,Willow,and Tara

    Kennedy turned around when she heard more people. "Auyrn." she practically growled.

    Then a couple girls she had never seen before came up. they looked a little out of place but she smiled at them anyway. One was kinda cute by her standards and the taller one appeared to be protecting the smaller,but older looking blonde.

    Willow smiled at a brown haired girl who smiled at them. Tara had her head down but Willow wouldn't have that. The girl who smiled was kinda far awya from them so she turned to a closer girl. she was a raving beauty. Aburn hair and blue eyes. "Hi,I'm Willow Summers. This is my sister,Tara Summers. Were a little new and we'll be starting at Willow Srings High tomorrow. Do you go there?" she asked trying to start a conversation.


    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    Trent Stavers

    Rumbling up on his harley motorcycle Trent pulled up to the house of his next party. A lot of people were invited to this thing. As Trent got off his motorcycle he surveyed who had come. Auryn Britt, she was so hot but she had this really High maintence attitude,"That's fine with me," Trent thought to himself. He then caught sight of Tara Summers, who was a really cute girl, she just needed to let the freak inside loose. Trent knew that this was going to be a good night! "Partying, all night long," Trent said to himself. His reputation well known as the life of the party. And tonite would be no different.

    While admiring the scenery as he was walking in, Trent saw his best friend from the football team. Mark Pelton, "Hey bro, what's going on, looks like this place has rich enviroment. "And how's you prospect of going to Division I school look?".

    Tag:Mark, Anyone at party
  21. DarthIntegral

    DarthIntegral SFTC May Winner/ Go Cavs! star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 13, 2005
    IC: Joshua Polowski
    location: at home

    Sitting at his desk, Joshua found himself very content and happy. He'd just finished his pre-calc homework, and earlier in the evening he had finished his paper for World History. Now, all he had to do was read ahead for Chemistry and it'd be a good night.

    His night of reading would soon be interupted, however, as the phone rang, and on the other end was Doug McEnrow, his best friend.

    "Hey, what's going on?"

    Joshua, thankful for Caller ID, knew that Doug was on his cell phone, and could answer very casually. He remembered getting in trouble once, when he was very young, for answering the phone and speaking improperly to a Dean at a college his mother had applied to. He wasn't able to sit for a while after that one, but he had learned the lesson.

    Unfortunately for Joshua, Doug wasn't calling just to talk. There was a party tonight ... Isaac Rossi was throwing a party, and Doug wanted to go to try to be social. Joshua is never one for being social, but he knew he couldn't leave Doug hanging, so he asked Doug to pick him up ... and just then heard the honking of Doug's new Mazda 3, which was sitting in front of Joshua's house already.

    Hurrying, Joshua scratched a note to his mother about his whereabouts (assuming she'd come home tonight and assuming she'd be sober enough to read them), and threw on some nicer clothes. He hopped outside and hopped into the Mazda, and they zoomed off to the party.

    Doug was thrilled.

    Joshua was anything but.

    But at least it could be a good night for both ...

    Tag: any at party

    (feel free to tag/interact with Doug, Joshua, or both)
  22. Genimay

    Genimay Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2005
    IC:Tara Summers

    Tara listened while her sister made small talk. She let the younger girl handle that part of life. It made hers so much eaiser.

    A boy threw her a glance as she happened to look over. He was cute and Tara blushed heavily before looking down.


    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    Trent Stavers

    Trent saw Tara steal a glance at him and he beamed with confidence. Trent did what he thought was the best move for the moment, he simply said hi.
    "Hey Tara, how's it going," Trent took pride in the fact that he made her blush, but he didnt want to embarrass her. So he kept it simple.


    OOC:I'm going on a trip to North Carolina tommorrow(I wont be near a computer untill Monday), and Genimay or MaterPrenn can take conrol of my character untill I get back.
  24. Zelda_Skywalker

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    Sep 4, 2005
    Name:Zelda Paine Black
    School/Occupation:up and coming rockstar, currently going to college. The Grandiose College of Higher Learning
    Appearance:tall, and slender. jet black hair styled like that of Davey Havok. black eyes, piercing stare. usualy wears a band logo Tshirt, mainly of the band AFI. black pants that are badly ripped and loose fitting, chains on both sides of pants, and wears studded belt, and armbands. usually walks on stage wearing an black AFI jacket, later to take it off. black converse, covered in autographs. wears heavy black eyeliner and shadow, and has short black nails. lip piercing and earrings from the top of both ears to the bottom. tattoos cover arms.
    Socioeconomic status:rich
    Sports:5 black belts in ****o Ryu, Tang Soo Do, Tai Kwon Do, Okinawan, and majors in Shotokan
    Personality: quiet and writes very thought out lyrics,they are usually dark and detailed. Very obnoxious on stage, very loud and crowd-oriented. claustrophobic, and fears needles.
    Bio:Black is not your average rockstar. She's kinda-different. She has always loved music, but the crave to be a top rockstar came at age 14, when she became obsessed with the band AFI, and keeping a musical hero of singer Davey Havok. She taught herself to play guitar, and would sometimes practice for ten hours or more. She met best friend Kayla Martin in High School, and they were determined to start a band. They met up with the rest of their band later on to create the band "No Fate", of which she is vocalist and lead guitar. NO Fate-which has just been granted a record deal and now has scheduled to go on tour, Their first album to be released in a few weeks. Following in Havok's path, Zelda is now attending college for double majors in English and Psychology.

    I'll post shortly.

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    IC: Issac
    Issac's House

    Issac smiled as he opened the door. The blaring music and light flowed down the street.

    "Hey all. Glad you could make it. Come on in! The keg is in the kitchen! Beer pong starts at 8!"

    Issac smiled at a couple of the girls. They were all so pretty. But he hadn't seen "the one" yet. He silently hoped in his heart that she would come.

    "Hey guys, the pool in the backyard is open, and so is the beach!"

    TAG: All, any who want to talk
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