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  1. Genimay Jedi Padawan

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    Willow decided she wanted to have fun. She winked at the other girl,Jamie. Hopefully,the girl would get the hint that Willow wanted to double team. "Oh,a Senior?" she asked and moved a little closer along with Jamie.

    Fun looked as if it might be had.


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    IC: Issac
    The Party

    Issac felt both of the girls move in closer.

    He turned towards Jamie.

    "I go to Willow Springs as well, and I would LOVE to see you around. Hey, do you want to see something cool? Lets go out to the beach...Follow me...And..." He looked at Willow, "Perhaps we can find you a male companion as well...I have many friends here who would love the oppurtuinty to talk to a wonderful girl as yourself."

    Issac then grabbed Jamies hand, and led the two girls through the party, looking eagerly for a companion for Willow, so they could all go out under the stars together."

    TAG: Jamie, Willow, Any who want to come on our escapade...
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    Tanner Kane

    After leaving Joshua, though he felt a little bad about leaving the obviously socially awkward fellow alone, he began making his rounds through the party. Some of the people had recognized him so far, but none of the indifference of when he had gone to school with him remained. The extra dose of confidence that the other school had given to him really must've been what he'd been missing those years.

    He was about to head into the kitchen, thinking that while it was crowded it was the fastest way to parts of the house he hadn't been to yet, when someone who obviously couldn't hold their liqour began stumbling out. The party had barely started and this idiot was already inebriated enough that walking was difficult. The guy, however, was moving too fast for Tanner to fully react to. In the hurry to get out of the randomly moving guy's way, Tanner accidentally bumped into a girl he hadn't really seen before. She was wearing a light blue tank and blue jeans. It hand't been a hard bump, but it was noticeable.

    "Oh, I'm so sorry." Tanner stated quickly. "I didn't mean to run into you like that. I was just dodging someone." he gave a soft chuckle. "Name's Tanner Kane." He said as he extended his hand. "Really sorry about that. But at least now you know to run the other way if my clumsy self comes near again." he finished with the introduction with a joke.

    TAG: Genimay

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    An internal clock went off. "Actually,not that this isn't fun,have you seen my sister? Shorter than me,dirty blonde hair,blue eyes,blue tank. Seen her around? If I can find her and make sure she's cool I can hit the beach." she said.

    Her eyes scanned the croud for her sister again but no sign of her was to be seen.



    She felt the bump but Tara didn't really react to it. Then the guy started talking to her. "Um,I I'm t...Tara S Summers. And it wasn't bad. I I mean the bump. N never mind." she stuttered.

    Tara blushed and looked down. Her face had to be the color of a red crayon by now and she kept her blue eyes on anything but the guy in front of her.


    OOC:I gotta jet for tonight but I'll be back tomorrow
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    IC: Tripp Nixon

    Sweat trickled from my forehead and made its way down my cheeks, the heat of the helmet taking its toll upon my body. My brows were narrowed, my eyes focused as I gripped the wooden bat behind my body. My feet stood in the batter's box, shoulder-width apart, and I had dug a comfortable hole for my back foot.

    It was Game Seven of the World Series. The Los Angeles Dodgers versus the New York Yankees, a recap of the 1963 classic. And I was at home, in the limelight, every pair of eyes in the stands focused upon my body. It was the bottom of the ninth, two outs, with a runner on second base. The score was three to two, the Yankees leading. Mariano Rivera stood tall on the mound, taking his sign from catcher Jorge Posada, whom I did not favor at the least. The bright lights of Dodger Stadium shone down onto the field, and I felt at home. I was at home.

    The stadium was deathly silent, deafening for my ears. I didn't bother taking signs from my third base coach. I knew my job - smack one out of the park and go home with a ring.

    Rivera had taken his sign and brought his bare right hand to the glove on his left. Checking the runner on first and looking back to home plate, he lifted his left leg and my grip on the bat became even tighter. My knees were slightly bent, my feet glued to the dirt, and my eyes locked on the ball. It came at me, a cutter, Rivera's signature. For some reason, it was the reason he was so successful as the Yankees' closer. But this baby was mine. The rotation of the ball told me that it was headed towards the outside corner. I stepped towards the plate with my left foot, and as the ball drew nigh, I mustered all of my strength, and swung.


    The barrel of my bat made solid contact with the ball, and the small white sphere soared into the sky, higher and higher. I dropped my bat on the plate and began to slowly trot to first base as the ball soared over the left field bleachers and into the upper deck. The crowd went nuts, the booming of their cheers clashing into my ear drums to the point where I could not hear my first base coach say "I knew it!" I trotted around the bases slowly, savoring the moment, albeit I was sure there'd be more to come.

    I smiled as I saw the disappointed faces painted across the visages of the Yankees' infield, and a tear make its way to the cheek of Mariano Rivera. I laughed, for I never liked that guy anyway.

    I made my way to third base, slapped hands with my third base coach who had tears of joy falling from his eyes, and made my way home, where the entire team waited for me at the plate. I took my helmet off and threw it behind me, grinning from ear to ear, and jumped on home plate, a myriad of hands making contact with my head. "Way to go Tripp!" I heard. "I knew it from the beginning!" "Woohoo!" My heart was beating faster than it ever had. The Los Angeles Dodgers - 2006 World Series Champions, plucking the crown from the Chicago White Sox.

    Tripp Nixon's hand grew tired as he finished writing in his journal for the night, which he hoped would become his autobiography one day, when he was a legend. He was sure that that day would come very soon as arrogance took over his mind, as it so frequently did.

    He set the journal down on the wooden end-table beside the black leather couch that he sat on. He grabbed the remote control and pressed the "Power" button, turning off his big-screen television, and headed out the door of his three story mansion. The clock read ten o' clock prime meridian, and the party started at ten thirty. Right on time.

    He hopped inside his black Ferrari and activated the ignition, the engine roaring to life and bringing a grin to Tripp's face. Ashley would be meeting him at the party from one of her concerts in Los Angeles. Backing out of the long concrete driveway, he hit the gas pedal and zoomed off, headed for Jeff's Bar & Grill, the O.C.'s pride and joy.

    Fifteen minutes had passed, and Tripp had arrived at the bar. He found a parking spot at the front of the lot filled with car
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    Tanner Kane

    "Um,I I'm t...Tara S Summers. And it wasn't bad. I I mean the bump. N never mind." she stuttered.

    As the girl visibly blushed and looked down, Tanner interally chuckled. She reminded him of Josh. Shoot, she reminded him of himself before highschool. He wasn't really interested in meeting new people at this party, he'd only shown up to mingle and leave, but something made him stay and speak some more with this girl.

    "Y'know, if the crowd is too much for you, I heard the guy throwing this bash talk about a pool or a beach or something. There should be plenty of space out there. Enough to build up your confidence to interact. Believe me, I've spent plenty of time outside parties trying to determine if I wante to build up the confidence to mingle or to go home and study or write or something." He paused. "Oh, I hope I didn't offend you or anything by saying that. Sometimes I get ahead of myself, even now." he laughed lightly. He really did want to help her at least try to have fun; as if just talkng to him, the most nonthreatening person in the world, made her blush and look down he didn't think she would be doing much mingling. Of course, he could be wrong.

    TAG: Tara

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    IC: Jamie Arakawa

    "I go to Willow Springs as well, and I would LOVE to see you around. Hey, do you want to see something cool? Lets go out to the beach...Follow me...And..." He looked at Willow, "Perhaps we can find you a male companion as well...I have many friends here who would love the oppurtuinty to talk to a wonderful girl as yourself."

    Jamie had decided earlier to make a life change this school year and going with this boy wasn't a very good start. Oh well, she thought, the school year doesn't start till tommorrow. Jamie took Issacs hand and started to run after him. They would have a ton of fun at the beach.

    Tag: Issac

    OOC: I am out for the night. I will be back around noon tommorrow!
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    Emilio San Vallarde

    Emilio smiled, and quickly entered before he could be recognized. Then it struck him - he was probably the oldest person here.

    I sure know how to pick 'em, he thought, lifting his guitar over his head as he walked through the dense crowd. He moved to the stage, and idly tuned up as he waited. At least he could give the kids a treat, right?

    Emilio sat, holding his guitar like a lover. This place could get out of hand, but he figured he'd be able to either a) get away in time, or b) smooth things over.

    Tag: Any
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    Name: Zeik Genhardt
    Age: 18
    School/Occupation: Willow Springs High School(Senior)
    -Hair: Black
    -Eyes: Aquamarine
    -Height: 5'8"
    -Weight: 1790 lbs.
    -Build: Athletic, Slightly muscular

    Socioeconomic status (Yes, this is important):Wealthy(Inheritance)
    Sports?: Paintball
    Popular?: Yes
    Personality (includes habits, likes, dislikes, the works):
    -Likes: Art, The rush of bullets flying at him.
    -Dislikes: Guys that get in his way. Bad team-mates.
    -Habits: Loves to play air combat simulations, he aspires to be a fighter pilot.
    Bio: Little is known about Zeiks past before he was adopted by Atrix, and he rarely tells anyone of what his past was like.

    Name: Atrix Stellreef
    Age: 39
    School/Occupation: Ex-Navy Seal(Demolitions Expert), now teaches gym class at Willow Springs High School
    -Hair: Black
    -Eyes: Peircing Green(Emerald almost)
    -Height: 6'0"
    -Weight: 210 lbs.
    -Build: Muscular
    Socioeconomic status (Yes, this is important): Wealthy
    Sports?: No
    Popular?: Yes
    Personality (includes habits, likes, dislikes, the works):
    -Likes: Activities that involve a workout, like football, or soccer. He especially like to make things go boom.
    -Dislikes:No real dislikes
    -Habits:Always has a match in his mouth, no matter what. He is quite secretive, although if asked directly about his past, he will not hesitate to go into war stories.
    Bio: Atrix was born in OC, into a relatively wealthy family. He is an only child with no cousins. Yet, he always seems to make the best of it. He grewe up and had basically everything he could ever want, money, toys, anthing his heart desired. But from there, everything went south.
    As an adolescent in the city, he grew up among a rough group of kids and was immediately assimilated into the ?bad? group of kids. Among them he learned art, the art of graffiti, arassment and even other worse things. This did not go so well with his parents, they loved him more than he understood. They would give their lives for him, and he didn?t care. As a result, they waited for him to reach the age of sixteen, then they sent him off to a correctional military facility.
    At this facility he learned discipline, leadership, and teamwork. He was taught the basics for survival and he was taught them well. As a matter of fact he took to the training as a personal challenge to make himself a better person, and he succeeded. He came out of the training a better man, at the age of eighteen he was the youngest cadet to come out of the camp. He liked the life of a military operative, and he felt he could become even more. At the age of nineteen he joined the UNSM. After four years of eager training, he became a UNSM Navy officer. He retired at the age of 32 after a minor accident that wounded him. But this couldn't keep him from doing things he liked. He went through college in OC for a teaching degree and started teaching physical education at Willow Springs High School, to keep an eye on his adopted son, Zeik Genhardt.(Atrix is a retired 'Lt. Colonel'.)

    OOC: Well, Prenn got me aboard...I gave in to the temptaion, I am so ashamed of myself.

    IC: Zeik Genhardt

    Zeik finally found the house he was lookig for, Isaac's house. In his newly painted Corvette Stingray II, he reved the engine before he finally found a parking spot. Getting out and switching on the alarms, he straightens his shirt and walks up to the front door.

    He could hear everything on the inside, and the door was actually a litle open. Zeik decided that going in wasn't a bad idea, so he just went in. Seeing a good amount of people around he goes over to the first person he notices, a tall kid with jet black hair cradling a guitar.

    Walking over to the person, Zeik extends a hand, "Hey Zeik Genhardt, just transferred here from Hawaii."

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    Emilio stood to greet the newcomer.

    "Emilio San Vallarde. Good to meet you."

    He extended his hand. Emilio was glad to meet new people, regardless. Of course, new friends could become new enemies...

    Tag: Zeik
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    Trent Stavers

    Trent was confused as to why Tara didnt want to talk, but he figured that he would try and pick that back up later, perhaps a few beers from now.

    Trent answered his friend, "We'll make it back to state, just after my knee heels up. Trent blew his knee in the state Championship last year, he was rehabin it untill the season started.As Trent saw his buddy go and talk to Auryn he grabbed the first beer near him and chugged it. Hey Mark, ten bucks says I'll drink ya under the table. Trent was goading him, he new if both of them started drinking heavy this whole party was about to get out of hand really quick!(Not to mention that he's got this thing about being in the spotlight)

    Tag:Mark, Anyone who wants to start a beer drinking contest

  12. DarthIntegral Streak for Colors Tiemaster

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    IC: Joshua

    As Tanner walked away, Joshua desperately and frantically looked for another familiar face. He found none. He quietly went inside the house. What he found there wasn't very helpful or happy, either. More idiots, more beer, nothing he really wanted or liked.

    He made his way towards the music, and found a corner to stand and sulk in. He just hoped no one would notice him and he'd be able to get the night over with and get back to his books as soon as possible.

    Of course, he realized that probably wouldn't happen, but a guy could hope, right?

    tag: any in party listening to music
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    Auyrn Britt
    Party, Front Exterior

    "I'd love to go inside." Auryn said with a smile. He ran back to his beer real quick, then rejoined her. She noticed him looking around. Auryn knew who he was looking for. "Relax, he's with his baseball buddies out in the back, they'll leave here soon to go to their own party with the track girls."

    Realizing she hadn't touched her drink yet, Auyrn took a big swig. It was just right. You could bearly taste the bitter taste of the Everclear under all the fruit juices. It was stronger than most, so getting drunk would not be a problem.

    Now that they were back inside, Auyrn could hear the band playing. "Let's go dance!" she excaimed as she grabbed his arm and pulled him. Once they were in the room with the rest of the crowd, Auyrn started to dance. Every motion was fluid, and those four years of dance lessons really helped... but years of partying had made her quite the little dirty dancer. She turned her blue eyes on Mark expectantly.

    TAG: Mark

    Liam Britt
    Party, Beach

    Liam looked around, exasperated. He hated parties. The only reason he was here was because of his baseball buddies. They soon left to go to a college party, but Liam had decided to stick around.

    He now was sitting on the beach, staring up at the stars... imagining what he was going to write next in his book.

    TAG: Whoever/>
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    Gm Approved

    Name: Alicia LaCroix
    Age: 24
    School/Occupation: Model
    Appearance: A natural beauty that is enhanced by the inch thick layers of make-up she applies... at least until you get close. Her eyes are a sharp crystal blue and her hair a suspiciously perfect blonde. She has a perfect figure, with all the curves in the right places which is mainly down to the fact shes been on a diet since she was 12.
    Socioeconomic status: Very rich, she inherited alot of money from her mother and father who both owned big companies.
    Sports?: sports mean muscles, muscles are not attractive on models...
    Popular?: yes, more by men than women but still friends with most people on the Boulevard.
    --habits:She instinctivly stands in a seductive pose when not moving in a seductive way, she also taps her long fingernails when bored.
    --likes: men, money, cameras
    --dislikes:fat, wrinkly women (it reminds her of whats to come)
    --Bio: Alicia was always beautiful and never took it to her head until one day her father introduced her to a model agent and his compliments and setting her up with just the right magazines made her who she is today. An arrogant beauty. Her mother and father seperated shortly after her sisters birth and they both went to live with their father on the Vista Boulevard in a very large house, he said it was bordering on Mansion though with all the extensions added over the years it has probably passed that point. Her mother died of cancer 4 years ago and then her father passed shortly after from hepititas B. Alicia was left looking after her 17 year old sister Maya, much to her despair, but generaly just lets her do what she wants when she wants. Alicia is currently single after throwing all her boyfriends clothes into the street and then a tin of pink paint over his jag when he cheated on her.

    ic: Alicia LaCroix
    Outside Party

    "Now don't drink too much, and are there boys in there?" Alicia said looking down at her kid sister,
    "No... its a party for nuns. Listen! I'm 17!" Maya snarled back.
    "Which is too young to drink and go screwing around!" Alicia snapped back.
    "Don't worry i'm not like you!" Maya said turning to the door.
    "How dare you young lady! I may not be your mother but-"
    "And you never will be! So stop trying to fill her shoes. Now i am going in doors, to people my age. I suggest you go home, though feel free to mope on the lawn looking pathetic, then you can stop pretending." Maya then stormed off into the party leaving Alicia standing alone.

    Alica turned and walked back to her Merc where she started the engine and drove the 30 yards home. As she arrived she went straight for the drinks cupboard and opened a new bottle of her favourite chardinay and began her usual nightly routine. She poured her drink and sat in front of a fire. After exactly an hour she took the empty bottle and put in by the door. Alicia had the perfect evening this way.

    tag: no one
  15. Genimay Jedi Padawan

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    Kennedy was loseing herself in the music. She was still having fun. A couple of her friends had taken off but most of the girls were still there. Either hooked up with boys or hanging out by the beach. Kennedy finally came off her moving high and decided to sit the next song out.

    She spotted Joshua. He played basketball but she didn't know him to well. So,she could know him now. "Hey,Joshua. Likin the party?" she asked.


  16. ScaPaCamem Jedi Padawan

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    IC Mark

    "Relax, he's with his baseball buddies out in the back, they'll leave here soon to go to their own party with the track girls."

    Mark smiled and tried not to act like it bothered him. He was not afraid of Liam, he just didn't want to get in any sort of fight tonight, he wanted to have a good time. Auryn then took a drink of her Jungle Juice and Mark easied up a bit.

    "Let's go dance!"

    Auryn pulled Mark into the house. When the two began dancing Mark was suprised how good of a dancer she was and liked how dirty she was two. Auryn turned and looked at Mark.

    "So, you are coming to all my games this year right?"

  17. DarthIntegral Streak for Colors Tiemaster

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    IC: Joshua Polowski

    A girl approached him and he wasn't sure if he recognized her or not. His social circle was too large, but apparently, she knew him.

    "Hey Joshua, Likin the party?"

    He let a sly grin come to his face. She was cute and athletic, but he'd never let anyone know how he felt about a girl. He'd seen his mother's life wrecked from bouncing in and out of relationships and he wanted no part of that. He figured he'd wait until college, at the earliest, to try any kind of romance. Which made it a lot easier to talk to girls when you didn't have to be concerned about them liking you.

    "Not really," he responded. "Doug kinda left me high and dry, and I don't really know anyone else. How 'bout you?"

    Tag: Genimay
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    IC: Pat Murphy and Co.

    Pat tapped bottle necks with a man who approved of his taste in beer, but said nothing, instead turning his back and scanning the crowd. He stepped into a more open, quieter corner, and continued his search.

    "R-A-Z-B" He heard one of his goons say.
    "No, no, no." Another replied
    "Uh...R-A-S" The first said again. They'd been doing that all day. Stupid blokes, thought they could tell he was tougher by his spelling abilities...and he almost felt bad not telling them there was a P in the word, but didn't.

    He snapped his fingers, his four goons circleing around him in a huddle, so he could speak.

    "Firs' off, It's R-A-S-P-B-E-R-R-Y." He said, smacking one of them on the back of the head. "And secondly, don't forget why we're here."
    "Right. And why's that again?" The biggest of the goons, a man called "Biggs" asked, Pat glaring at him.
    "We're here ta make sure tha' tha' Tanner bloke does hi' job."
    "Right boss. Make sure the Brain does his job."
    "Righ't. An' if he DOES do hi' job, we see if h' wan's some protection, Righ't?"
    "Right boss."
    "So g' keep 'n eye on 'im."

    His goons nodded, and took up possitions to watch the boy, while there boss went back to the party...

    Tag: All
  19. Pheonix_Rising Jedi Youngling

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    IC: Zeik

    Zeik took the guys hand in a firm shake and stood next to him.

    "So...you play that guitar, or is it only for looks?"

    TAG: Penguinator
  20. starwarsbeauty Jedi Master

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    IC: Jamie Arakawa

    Jamie continued to follow Issac. The excitement building up in here was not an unfamiliar feeling but it was one that she enjoyed getting.

    "Issac, where are you taking me?"

    Tag: MasterPenn

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    IC: Issac
    The Beach

    Issac smiled as the girl asked him where he was going.

    "I don't know...We'll just have to wait and see." He was playing dumb, but really, he had this planned out from the begining. As they passed a guy sitting on the beach, Issac saw a good oppurtunity to get him and this girl by themselves. He turned to Willow.

    "I don't know where your sister is, but there is a pretty good looking guy right there. Perhaps he could answer your quetsion..."

    "Oi, man. Come here, I have someone I want you to meet!"

    TAG: Jamie, Willow, Liam

    GM- Hey guys, all of the adults are invited and encouraged to show up at the party Clayface is running!
  22. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

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    OOC:I would have posted more yesterday...but was forced to disconnect.

    IC:Zelda Black

    They'd been playing for a bit now, and she saw a shaggy headed dude running around backstage.
    He is always late.
    In the break of the song, she went over to the curtain's edge.
    "Micheal-hurry it up!"
    He looked up, grabbing his guitar from it's case. "sorry, I-"
    "just get out here or you'll miss your solo!" He hurried a bit and finally plugged his guitar into an amp, before going into a burning solo.
    finally... She unstrapped her own guitar and put it on a nearby stand. She grabbed the mic and went full force into the lyrics.
    "Kill me. murder me, hurry before it's too late. my head screams, that my coffin calls....don't wake me...till someone cares..." She let out a growling like scream into the mic, while the late guitarist made his guitar wail. It went back to the slow and steady rhythm from teh beginning.
    "do you care anymore? if not-kill me. take my life....murder me here-now-gone-where are you? where. are. you?"
    The cymbals crashed and the last chord screamed. She took the mic from it's stand, and called out into the crowd.
    "How are you all doin out there?"

  23. starwarsbeauty Jedi Master

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    IC: Jamie Arakawa

    "I don't know...We'll just have to wait and see."

    Jamie giggled. Of course he knew where they were going. She had dated guys like this before actually she had dated one just recently. Issac didn't need to know that though. He was plotting to get them alone and she couldn't wait to be alone. Not that she didn't like Willow but she wanted to be alone with a guy before doubling with another girl.

    Tag: Issac, Willow
  24. DarthIntegral Streak for Colors Tiemaster

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    IC: Doug McEnrow
    Party/Music Room/Watching Band

    Doug finished his beverage as he watched the band perform. The singer had some almost inaudible screaming, and the guitars seemed to be off and just ... well, horrible. At least to Doug.

    Emboldned a bit by his beverage, Doug stood up and walked toward the stage. The music stopped after a crashing of cymbals and the band leader yelled out.

    "How are you all doing out there?"

    Doug decided to make a name for himself. It was one way to get more friends, right?

    "Better than you," he yelled towards the stage. "You suck! Get off the stage!"

    Tag: Zelda_Skywalker, others in the crowd

    OOC: If I'm wrong about where the band is (i.e. they aren't at the party, let me know ASAP and I'll edit ... but I think I followed the posts correctly)
  25. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

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    IC:Zelda Black

    She smirked.
    Bit of an idiot.
    She kneeled on the egde of the stage.
    "Well, unless you can sing or play guitar any better-I suggest you shut up and get a life." She smiled and cocked her headto one side.
    "get a clue...I didn't get a record deal for your flippin opinion. I get the opinions of critics-and you I have no time for." She flipped him the bird and stood up.

    TAG:bold one
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