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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by greyjedi125, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Greetings Mortals and Creatures all to the Dominion of the Dark.

    You've now entered the Realm of Darkness, where the great nightmares of man are born, nurtured and made to thrive. This here is Necrosgolgoth, which is also commonly known as the Shadowlands, a place not easily accessed by common men, much less by those who are faint of heart. For those seeking entry into the Dominion, they must first brave the perils of the Haunted Woods, which they must traverse in order to gain entry. Assuming one achieves success, then the perpetually dark city of Ur-Karpathos is the first location encountered by the brave souls that survive.

    It is true that supernatural beings which are generally referred to as Nocturnes rule this land, but perhaps not so ironically, there is a notable human population that dwells here as well, some of which have made this their home for generations. These mortals are comprised of hardened men and women who worship the powers of the dark and will do what they must to gain the favour of their dark rulers and those others who weild great power.

    Power that is held fast by the land's supernatural population.

    At first glance Nocturne society is fairly simple. Might makes right. Those with power and the will to exercise it rule the Dominion. And at the top of the list we find the aristocratic oligarchy of Vampire Lords, headed by none other than Sovereign Lord Avernus Blight himself. He is a Legendary Millennial Creature of unparalleled Power as well as being the absolute Monarch of the Dark Dragon Throne. He is 'assisted' by the Council of Elders and the House of Lords.

    Many other creatures of the night dwell upon the land and make it their home, such as Necromancers, Lycans, Wraiths, Revenants, Night Hags, Dark Spirits, and Skeletons, just to name a few. And all without fail, render obeisance to their Sovereign Lord. In exchange for their immutable obedience, they all have a place to call home, for this is truly their haven. Save for the gods themselves, no other power holds sway here.

    Canopied by perpetual darkness and flanked by impassable mountains, the sole entrance to this inaccessible realm is through the Haunted Woods.

    Do we even have to say it....

    [hl=black] "Enter if you dare..."[/hl]

    Only the brave need apply. ;)

    If you're interested in joining, please PM the GM for approval. Respectively,
    [hl=grey]Lightside_Apprentice[/hl] or greyjedi125.

    Fair Warning: Please note that this realm is designed with the more experienced gamer in mind.

    ( * More details to follow* )



    Species (Lifeform):
    Faction (Allegiance):
    Place of Birth:
  2. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    GM Approved, Moved From the Realm of Men

    Name: Pzaroth
    Species (Lifeform): Wraith
    Gender: Male
    Age: Dead
    Faction (Allegiance): Independent
    Home: Nomadic
    Place of Birth: Dark Realm
  3. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003

    Name: Lazarus Rose
    Species (Lifeform): Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Faction (Allegiance): Neutral (Necromancer)
    Home: Medrae (Z-25)
    Place of Birth: Medrae (Z-25)
  4. LadyFireStorm

    LadyFireStorm Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 12, 2003

    Name: Al'telra Dena Khiot - The Dark Lady
    Species (Lifeform): Elf+
    Age:Looks 20-ish
    Home:The Towers of the Haunted Lands
    Place of Birth:Callanthorith


    Al'telra - The Dark Lady
    Edge of the Haunted Lands

    Al'telra moves with a quiet grace, as she rises from the small alter she had knelt before moments ago. Her dark red cloak rustles softly, as she stands and turns, walking from the room dedicated to her diety. She leaves it, and turns silently towards another location within her lair.

    She walks up the short flight of stairs that leads out to a small enclosed landing, overlooking the woods that lay nearby. There are no paths here. No roads or foot trails. The woods she looked out were known to be Haunted. She would not say otherwise. It was one of the features that brought her to this blightened land. The other was that the Nocturne Dominion lay past those woods. It was here, that it was quiet. Peaceful. She could work in peace. She breathed in deeply. The air here was brisk and cool. Only the foolhardy, and those random lost souls or adventures found themselves this far out. Some would try to seek her out, for whatever reasons. Sometimes, she would help them, offering them bits of wisdom that she had gleemed from what they brought with them. Other times, if they were fortunate, she ignored them. And those that made the mistake of actually drawing her ire, usually were not heard from again.

    She looked out among the beginings of those woods. The trees, twisted and deformed, as if tortured and in pain. The twilight enhanced the look, as small dots of light sometimes flickered within them. If she climbed to the highest point of her dwelling, she could just make out the dark entrance that was the Nocturene Dominion. The land of perpetual darkness. She turned, leaving the landing, and heading down, towards her living area. It was time to dine. As she entered the building, a small feline moves to her side, its tail swayed gently. The small stripes that covered its body wrippled as it walked, a loud purr could be heard. Telra, gently patted the animal's head, as they walk.

    "Yes, Lilal, I am hungry as well. Let us prepare to dine." she replied with a small smile. The cat moved ahead of her, leading the way towards the dining area. Servants, unseen by sight moved quietly throughout the place, doing the various errands that kept the dweling tidy, and kept Telra and Lilal comfortable. Once they reach the dining table, Al'Tera sits down, while Lilal moves to her own spot to eat. "I feel, something is about to happen, very soon." Al'Telra tells her companion. "The winds of prophecy are on the rise." she says softly, her eyes shinning, reflecting the light around her. Lilal purrs in agreement.

  5. HandofSkywalker86

    HandofSkywalker86 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 12, 2004

    Name: Arjin
    Species (Lifeform): Half Vampire
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Faction (Allegiance): Neutral
    Home: Nomadic
    Place of Birth: Ur-Karpathos, the Dark City
  6. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Greetings and Long Night to you all. I'd like to share a few words before we officially begin our journey. First, many thanks to all of you for all who have inquired and sent entries thus far. We've had many varied and interesting responses.

    I guess it's only fair for me to say that because this is a heavily charcater driven (and plot driven) thread, so those of you who desire to role-play significantly powerful characters will only be able to do so as the story unfolds. I suggest creating beginner characters that may be able to take advantage of scenarious which call for character development. There are alot of discoveries to be made once we begin gaming. :)

    Next, I offer a modest list of playable creature-types found in the Dark Realm, along those you have submitted. For the record, most of the players starting off as vampires will be fledgelings. Advancement will occur in-game.

    Demons* ( extra-dimensional/ GM's discretion ), Dopplegangers, Fallen Angels* ( extra-dimensional creature/ GM's discretion ), Gargoyles, Ghasts,Ghosts, Ghouls, Harpies, Lichs, Mummies, Necromancers, Revenants, Skeletons, Specters, Vampire Fledgelings, Were-Creatures* ( various ), Wights, Wraiths, Zombies. Just to list a few.

    There is also a human population that live among the supernatural beings within the Dark Realm. They too serve a purpose in the scheme of things, and like their counterparts in the Realm of Men, they too have classes such as Archers, Armourers, Bar Keeps, Beastmasters, Carpenters, Dungeon Keepers, Executioners, Furriers, Fortune Tellers, Jewelers, Guards, Hunters, Maids, Masons, Nursemaids, Potters, Rangers, Scribes, Scouts, Smiths, Swordsmen, Tailors, Thieves, get the idea. :p

    I hope this helps to illustrate the myriad possibilities within the Ultimate Fantasy world, in this case, the Dark Realm. Needless to say, there will be many more such updates which will help to bring a greater uniformity to our gaming realm.

    For those of you who needed some clarity concerning location, I've provided a helpful tidbit.

    Faction (Allegiance): Dark Realm
    Home: Necrosgolgoth
    PLace of Birth: Ur-Karpathos, The Dark City

  7. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Outside the City Gates of Medrae

    Lazarus Rose was a man who had naturally outgrown his birthplace. He'd learned all that he could learn from all the men and women of wisdom. There were no more mysteries left for him here, nothing last morsel of arcane know how for him to glean. Yet despite all that he had learned, he still possesed an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

    Dark and forbidden knowledge.

    Lazarus Rose heard of a place that could well hold all that he wished to learn, and more.

    And so, he gathered all that he would need for his uncertain journey as he set out on a quest for new knowledge. Without fanfare, Lazarus exited the Gates of Medrae, the city of his birth, the city he called home, and boldly began his journey into the unknown.

    Tag: Winged_Jedi

    OOC: Just a little something to warm us up. I'll soon be sending you a PM with some pertinent information. :)


    Dark Realm, Necrosgolgoth, Ur-Karpathos

    Ur-Karpathian outskirts, Viudos Estate

    Though the city was shrouded in perpetual darkness, this night was different from the one preceding. This night was Nocturne Matahari Viudos 50th undeath Anniversary celebration. She was young, dark and an admittedly beautiful addition to the House of Lord Ash. Not to mention a powerful vampire in her own right.

    Her Renfields had arranged for a great festivity in her honor and many notables were slated to make an appearance. They had arranged for a grand banquet, a ball and many ingenious forms of entretainment. There was even a hall for those of the underclass to deliver their tribute.

    The cinnamon coloured skin beauty was wrapped in a strapless polished black scale form fitting long dress with a long train. Her Long raven hair cascaded down her back, and she wore black diamond jewelry on her naked arms. Her emerald eyes sparkled like jewels bathed in moonlight.

    Within the walls of her expansive estate, the Nocturne beauty sat in her audience hall as her two Renfields, human twins, one male and one female, greeted the arriving guests. Other human servants went about their tasks as they made sure that everything was in order. As usual, the Red Guardsmen were called to provide security detail for the occassion.

  8. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003
    Lazarus Rose
    Leaving Medrae

    Goodbye, then, to what passed for "home". Most of his adult life wasted in that awful city, hidden away behind those crumbling grey walls, living with the bitter cold, studying conscientiously, always listening, always obeying, always waiting. Hated it. He couldn't stand it any longer. He simply had to get out.

    He'd spent a thousand nights beside a single dim candle in the privacy of what had been his tiny, dusty room, poring over the pages of another worn tome, searching for even the slightest references to that strange place, finding them here and there. They were generally brief, ominous warnings. and those mages he knew were little help. "There is a realm where they practice darker arts," they would say, looking away, "but such darkness fortunately lies far away from our fair city." How could they? How dare they? What gave them the right to judge what he should and should not see? There was a great, great deal to learn. He had a gift, he knew it. They merely wished to prevent him using it. Perhaps they wanted to keep him there, forever. Or worse. Perhaps they had plans for him. Evil plans. He wouldn't let them!

    No, no, he was going to find his path. To answer his calling. He already had begun to touch upon the strangest and most arcane of abilities, even here, in the heart of Medrae. He had just begun his study of the dead, and the powers that one might have over them. To be an aspiring necromancer...the word thrilled and chilled him in equal measure. One day, one day, he would return here, to this icy city, having achieved his potential. The powers he might communicate freely with the dead, to give life to corpses, to heal fatal wounds, to summon infernal beings to your aid...he breathed slowly, and wiped his brow, overwhelmed by the possibilities. That was what he could become. It all started here.

    Yet as Lazarus Rose set out, trudging off across the fresh snow, a small voice began to whisper softly at the back of his mind. It said something about demons, and about vampires, about danger, and about his own soul. It was hushed almost immediately. An odd shiver shot up his back, and he dismissed it as the cold.

    Tag: none
  9. Master_Valar

    Master_Valar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 17, 2005
    L_A Approved.

    Name: Voide
    Species (Lifeform): Shadow Demon
    Gender: Male
    Age: Ancient, appears as a young man
    Faction (Allegiance): Darkness
    Home: Ur-Karpathos
    Place of Birth: Unknown
    Appearance: Tall and slender, muscled and elegant. Crystal blue eyes and blonde hair that falls past his eyes. White wings that only appear when he wills them to.
  10. LightSide_Apprentice

    LightSide_Apprentice Manager Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 22, 2001

    Given the nature of this particular game community, and its apparent, limitless scope for freedom of creation and development through imaginative originality, there are certain things that I feel must be noted. Under normal circumstances I would leave such things unsaid, since I believe they apply through implication, but unfortunate past experiences and a modest degree of foresight have led me to realise that some things must be made known, or said, or otherwise be presented explicitly. It is simply an effort to ensure that these things do not go ignored or misrepresented or misunderstood, or some other such thing along these lines of sending and/or receiving what might be later called misinformation.

    Essentially, I am referring to the use of superhuman abilities, magic, inhuman sensory capabilities, uncanny or latent abilities that might be referred to as extraordinary by human standards, and any other skills, talents or abilities that might reasonably be considered as qualifying for classification within this particular area, included but not limited to physical size or strength, natural or unnatural agility, and endurance or stamina.

    This is not to say that such abilities will be disallowed, for nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, any unusual talents or characteristics should be discussed with the relevant Game Master(s) upon initial character creation, subsequent use of such abilities, intent to use such abilities, or through general character development. It is a player's responsibility to use these abilities reasonably, fairly, credibly, equitably and with extreme discretion. And, it is the Game Master's duty to not only monitor and watch such characters, but also to rectify any apparent course deviations.

    How this is done will be revealed as the game progresses. Needless to say, these 'gifts' are a chance and opportunity that, if misused or exploited for ill purpose, may very well be revoked, or stripped from their bearers by the powers, entities, beings or other parties, that initially granted them, with no future or second chance to repent after falling from good graces.

    Needless to say, any persons or parties that struggle and fail to comply and cooperate may very well be met with what you might see as extreme prejudice. This is more than a simple 'do not god-mode' warning. I'm confident that we can all enjoy a community game where great powers are freely granted to all players, regardless of experience or position. So, let us prove that we can be trusted to work together for the growth and prosperity of this great community.

  11. DarkSide_Apprentice

    DarkSide_Apprentice Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 30, 2001
    Approved by greyjedi125, Master of the Realm. May he bring it prosperity, and cast shadow across the world.

    Name: Vandranok of the line of Blight.
    Formerly Korlandrad Humdunig, a hunter-tracker from lands east of Callanthorith.
    Species (Lifeform): Vampire.
    Immortal - Drinks Blood. Sharp Fangs. Nocturnal - Albino.
    Superhuman strength and agility. Extremely keen sight and senses.

    Gender: Male.
    Age: 1,623 years since rebirth.
    Captured and 'turned' at thirty six years of age by Lord Blight
    Faction (Allegiance): Dominion of the Dark - the Dark Realm.
    Home: Ur-Karpathos, the Dark City
    Place of Rebirth: Necrosgolgoth
    Born in a distant land east of the region of Callanthorith.


    [i]Necrosgolgoth, Dominion of the Dark, Northern Callanthorith[/i]

    [color=darkblue]What a pitiful place it was, this insignificant excuse for a region of prosperity and peace. He could never leave, of course, for it was a place of opportunity. Men ruled, and men were weak; pathetic slaves to passion and seduction, of temptation and fleshly pleasures, humans were only too easy to manipulate and prey upon. They were unworthy, and yet they served a purpose, even if only as cattle. Their blood held value, more value than their lives.

    Callanthorith was his hunting ground now. His homeland had long since been cast aside and surrendered as a place of the past, which belonged in the past. The present was Callanthorith, and the future brought him a malevolent smile of self-satisfaction. The future, he knew, was the Dark Realm's shadow extended across the entire region of Callanthorith, and then the world.

    Shadows reigned and moonlight cast a faint glow across the land. It was cold, chilly. Like ice. He passed through Nerotholin--the Haunted Woods--without incident. Not true. Vandranok [i]was[/i] an incident. A masterful hunter, the very best from the land of his original birth, and now a leading scout in service to the power that held sway in these parts, beasts and birds, monsters and men, cursed trees and wandering wraiths stood aside at his passing. Or they did not remain standing at all.

    Vandranok of the line of Blight slipped through the night, a shadow creeping across the land, until he finally paused at the great gate, which barred the way into Necrosgolgoth. He knew that the gate was not to keep men out, but rather to keep what lay inside contained. Were the gates to be opened and those creatures beyond them set free upon the world, all chaos would endure. Darkness was patient and would not be unleashed with haste.

    It was a tricky business passing through that massive gate, a border between realms. For one such as he, a Nocturne, it was not even an inconvenience. He climbed its wall like a spider its web. He was efficient, and none would see a shadow among shadows. He was a black thing scaling darkness itself. And then, he was within the Dominion of the Dark. He leapt from the wall with inhuman grace and seemed to glide toward the ground where he came to land in a perfect crouch.

    There was no place like home. Whispers among the humans spoke of an event within the realm. Whispers among the other classes spoke of a party. And, talk among Vampires revealed Nocturne Matahari Viudos' fiftieth undeath Anniversary Celebration. Vandranok smiled. There was nothing quite like being undead.[/color]

  12. Shadowmancer

    Shadowmancer Jedi Master star 2

    Apr 16, 2003
    GM approved [face_devil]

    Name: Lilith Thornn
    Species (Lifeform): Vampire
    Gender: female
    Age: looks 25/ is 250
    Faction (Allegiance): Dark Realm/ Nocturne Society
    Home: Ur-Karpathos, the Dark City
    Place of Birth: Quandalore


    Ur-Karpathos, The dark city

    Slowly she rose from where the fledgeling slept and walked over to the open window. The night was young and the chill of the air refreshed her as she basked in its cool caress. Like a hunting feline she stretched, uncaring that her pale body was exposed to elements she could barely feel. Lilith passed a pale hand through her short white hair and felt the flush of her face, then the moistness in her lips, she could still taste the tang of blood there.

    A wicked smile crossed her face as she licked her lips and fangs with her tongue. Smiling, she looked over her shoulder and gazed at the fledgeling. He wore a rapturous excpression even though his bed was drenched in his blood and his body was filled with multiple wounds, gashes and lacerations.

    She chuckled softly. These young fledgelings always found it hard to part with their mortal habits and appetites, and she could certainly understand why, especially since she.....capitalized on their weakness.

    No matter. This one would probably take almost a full day to regenerate. No harm done, Undead coudn't die, besides, they'd had so much fun together.

    Lilith smiled at her handiwork as she sat on the windowsill for a brief moment, letting the wind hit her exposed back. She bit down on her forefinger and savoured the warm spurt of blood which did not last very long. As always, the wound regenerated and healed.

    Sighing in satisfaction, Lilith went to the fledgelings vanity room and cleaned herself. She was invited to Nocturne Matahari's 50th undead celebration. As the water ran, she played back the nights events. Those memories would make a unique gift. She couldn't wait to see her expression.

    Moment's later, Lilith's pale form came once again into the fledgeling's bedroom. Finding her personal effects, she slid back into her form fitting black-thorn bodysuit. It had been a gift from an old drow suitor.

    Her blood stained lips smiled once again as she looked upon her 'unconcious' victim. She had no doubt that he'd come calling again.

    They always did.

    With a casual swipe of her pale hand, she lifted the small bag of gold coins which lay upon the night table and safeguarded them within her ample bosom, then she turned and headed towards the window, already feeling the invigorating effects of the brisk night air.

    Without even sparing a backwards glance to her enraptured client, Lilith casually dove out the sixth floor window of the vampiric manor and smoothly glided to the ground, landing almost noislessly.

    With the grace and allure of a skilled dancer, she moved down the stone path, then turned and headed towards the outskirts of the Dark City. As she walked, her knowing smile returned and her ice blue eyes glinted dangerously.

    The night was still young and quite ripe for adventure, not to mention that she was still feeling mischievous. Perhaps she'd have an additional gift to present to the young Nocturne.

    She'd just have to wait and see.

    TAG : No one yet....
  13. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Haunted Woods, Tower of the Haunted Lands

    Wind and fog whipped past him as he rode his horse for speed now and his long flaxen hair snarled behind him as if competing with his flapping cape. Night Thunder, his trusted steed, galoped nearly at full speed as he tried to make up for lost time. This was his chance to make Proven, and no obstacle would stand in his way, no minion would break his determination. Ikonen Zorvis was a courier, a fledgeling messenger for the Nocturne. He could go where no human scout could go and live to tell the tale. More accurately, he was already dead and was thus more efficient at his job. And his fees reflected that ability.

    This particular job took him through the Haunted Woods, and though he had no fear of what he would encounter there, the Barbaroi mutants could prove to be a great deterant. Fortunately for him his steed was also undead.

    After 'dealing' with a few of the Barbaroi upstarts, Ikonen finally made it to his destination.

    The Towers of the Haunted Forest.

    "We have arrived my friend, and not a moment to soon."

    Slowing somewhat, Ikonen launched himself from his steed and landed smoothly, his hand always at his sword, just in case. This had only been his second time to the Towers of the Dark Lady, and the sight was just as breathtaking as it had been the first time, however, he had no time to waste with such indulgences.

    "Wait there..." he said to his black steed, which huffed in acknowledgement.

    Ikonen did as instructed and approached the stone circle near the tower.

    He produced a handsized ornate box of finery from his travel sack and held it for a moment and cleared his voice.

    "Hail the Dark Lady of the Towers. I bring thee a message from the Nocturnes of Ur-Karpathos. I bid thee receive it in good faith."

    Slowly he placed the small box upon the stone altar as he proceeded to declare in a loud voice.

    "Long Night be to you Dark Lady."

    With that, Ikonen backed away to a safe distance and whistled for his steed. In a flash, he was once again upon Night Thunder and speeding into the night. He had heard enough stories of the Dark Lady and her treatment of 'uninvited' guets. He certainly did not wish to find out if they were true or not.

    That he'd succesfully made the delivery for Nocturne Matahari Viudos was of itself sufficient reward. He needed nothing else.

    And so, the ornate viridian box awaited to be claimed by it's intended recipient. Within it, a single perfect emerald lay embeded upon it's velvet interior and underneath it, was a single strip of parchement with scarlet script which clearly read;


    Tag: LFS


    OOC: My apologies for the slow beginning my friends, but there IS more to come. ALOT more, so bare with me. Thank you one and all. :)
  14. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003
    OOC: The journey begins then...

    Lazarus Rose
    Around X-29

    There were many paths to take towards the Realm of Darkness if you left from Medrae. At least, that was assuming the location Lazarus had pinpointed the Dominion to was the correct one. If he was right, it lay far to the north, hidden away in the great heights of the region, almost unreachable. To most, anyway.

    He had decided to head along what was in effect a very roundabout route- he would in a slightly south-westerly direction, from Medrae, through the various forests and across the river, until he was directly southwards of the Dark Realm. From there, he would simply head northwards, and keep climbing until he reached his destination. Simple in theory; far more difficult in execution. But he had planned for this journey for what seemed like his whole life- if a man lacked the endurance simply to set upon the path towards his destiny, he was no man at all. This was the road to greater things. Lazarus knew it. One day the whole world would know it. They might even have monuments along the way, one day. To mark the footsteps of the glorious Lazarus Rose, the mighty necromancer, ally of vampires and demons. It made him shudder with excitement simply to think of it. To think of what he could achieve. What he would achieve. As long as there were no meddlers. No one to interfere.

    Thankfully, things had been uneventful so far, and Medrae was now long out of sight and behind him. He had crossed the borders of the city's realm, and the bitter snowy climate was starting to merge into something warmer and greener. All in all- he was optimistic. The future was bright. Or Dark, rather.

    Tag: LSA or gj125
  15. HandofSkywalker86

    HandofSkywalker86 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 12, 2004
    IC as Arjin

    Outside Ur-Karpathos, Necrosgolgoth

    [blockquote] Arjin shivered as he gazed up at the massive battlements that comprised the Dark Gate. The menacing towers of the wall loomed overhead filled with bowmen who promised painful death to any interloper stupid enough to trespass where they were not welcome. The implacable stone walls seemed to shout "Abandon hope, all that enter!"

    The ever dark sky seemed to get lost in his green eyes as a smirk played its way across his handsome features. A well maintained trove of blonde hair sat atop his 6'3" 242 frame. In his scuffed chainmail, complete with bastard sword and unanointed shield, he cut a remarkable figure. Darkly handsome he had made many a maiden swoon with but a glance. Thusly the other mortal denizens of the Dark Realm gave him space as he walked in the unoque gait of a skilled swordsmen.

    Ur-Karpathos. The Dark City was the place of his birth, yet not his home. He had no home, no place could be his home. Arjin was an abomination, he neither belonged in the realm of Men or Vampires. Arjin was a half Vampire. Hated and feared in equal amounts by Man or Vampire. That is if they knew him for what he was, fortunately none save his mother had any knowledge of his true self. To the outer world he was a skilled swordsman who excelled at bringing slaves to slake the thirst of Nocturne overlords.

    Time seemed to drag on as the queue of people wishing to gain entrance into the damned city flowed through its gates. His commission tramped along just before him, hands and legs bound by irons. A woman of striking beauty and a massive man who towered nearly seven feet, nobles of some repute from the South that were now nothing more than entertainment for Matahari Viudos.

    Neither of the southlanders dared to even glance in his direction. The weeklong sojourn had been long enough for Arjin to break them. Now his lightest tone evoked instant submission and obedience from the once proud pair.

    It galled Arjin to have to wait in line with the commoners, when he should be ruling them. One day he promised himself that it would be the Vampires who waited in line to see him.

    Finally after what seemed a week they met a mousy little man whose entire appearance seemed to shrilly scream "Pen-Pusher". Wordlessly Arjin showed the man his contract from Matahari Viudos and was allowed into the city with nary a word.

    "Move." he said, to the awestruck slaves.

    They had been gazing with unabashed fascination at the fabled home of so many fearful creatures. The towering spires and myriad buildings must of held a very deep fascination for the two, for they ignored him.

    "Move now!" he said once more his voice now tinged with all of the utter malice that he could conjure.His hand moved to the hilt of his broadsword. This time they juimped as if he had struck them.

    Together they marched until they reached the residence of his employer.

    A bulky guard stood at attention next to the entrance for humans. Steering his merchandise toward the Bulky man he spoke.

    "I have a contract to fulfill with your mistress. Please notify her Renfield that Arjin has arrived with his southlanders as promised." his voice was neutral as he let the guard see the document.[/blockquote]

  16. LadyFireStorm

    LadyFireStorm Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 12, 2003
    Lady Al'tela - The Dark Lady
    In the Haunted Woods, on the edge of the Dark Realm

    Al'tela and Lilal finished their meals, enjoying the darkness that enveloped them as the sun slipped behind the mountains. Lilal moved, sitting near her misstress feet, puring softly, as Al'tela enjoyed some wine. Al'tela looked out at the stars in her skylights. She had excused her servants for the evening, bidding them a good eve, and making sure they hurried home. This night, was to be one full of promise. From the fairy realms far away, to the dark lands of Nocturne, the spirits moved about on this great night. Only one servant stayed with her, for that being never left. Al'tela looked over to the side of her chambers. A mirror had begun to glow softly. She smiled, as she rose from her table.

    This night, Al'tela also knew it to be the night of celebrations. And of power. Al'tela moved towards her mirror, looking upon it as Lilal made loud noises. Al'tela shook her head. "No. Let it pass." She picked up her fur cover, and walked, heading for the outter chamber. She took a seat, lounging upon a small couch, as she looked upon a a dark pool of water. She did not move, but sat still, gazing upon the waters. Soon, the sound of hoofs were heard. She slowly rose from her seat, still gazing into the waters, as she saw a man leave a horse, and moved from it to the circle of stones in front of her dwelling. His clothing, and the cloth of his stead made it quite apparent where they came from.

    ["Hail the Dark Lady of the Towers. I bring thee a message from the Nocturnes of Ur-Karpathos. I bid thee receive it in good faith."] The man yelled, as he slowly he placed the small box upon the stone altar and he proceeded to declare in a loud voice. ["Long Night be to you Dark Lady."] She watched as the man quickly backed away, and was back upon his mount, speeding away once again. She nodded, as she watched the man speed away.

    'My my. What trinkets do they bring forth to me this night?', she mused to herself. She waited into the man was long gone, and then she stepped forward towards the pool. "Shall we check, Lilal?" she asked, as she dipped her hands into the cool water...

    ... And slowly withdrew an ornate viridian box. Curosity now clamed her, as she opened it. Withinn it, was a single perfect emerald lay embeded upon it's velvet interior and underneath it, was a single strip of parchement with scarlet script which clearly read;


    Al'tela smiled, as she withdrew the bright green stone, and held it up so that Lilal could see it. She then looked upon the strip of parchment and smiled. A reminder, for a most glorious event. Petting Lilal on the head, she stood, and slowly walked up the steps, entering her private chambers. Her long brown hair flowed around her shoulders, as she moved. Lilal moved to one side and took a seat. Al'tela smiled. "You have to take one too..." she murmored, as she cast a simple spell around her companion. Lilal purred as her hair and skin were gently brushed and combed, and the smell of fresh herbs came from her fur. Al'tela grinned, as she removed her own clothing, moving into her bath area. Sometimes, old fashioned ways were best.

    A huge tub, large enough to walk into, lay in front of her. The water had steam gently rising from it, as on its surface, various herbs and petals floated within the water. The smell rushed to meet her, quite pleaseant. She droped her robe, as she walked into the pool of water, laying back, and closing her eyes. A slight smile formed on her lips. She would enjoy the nights activities. Such meetings were always useful. And even she enjoyed such 'amusements' from time to time. It have her a chance to meet those of power. And those she should keep an eye on. As she laid back, she felt long slinder fingers, gently combing through her hair. She gave a sigh of contentment, as her hair was carfully combed, her hair shampooed and rinsed, and then after a gentle wind to dry her hair, was put up in a
  17. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    [hl=black]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    Name: Azhmodin, slayer of men, or just slayer. Other details revealed in game?

    Species (Lifeform): The last of the Hounds of Chaos, permanent were-wolf. They can speak in the common tongue, but also have a language of their own. He is the last to know it.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 700 years old

    Faction (Allegiance): Realm of Darkness

    Home: Mountains of Death Eternal, Dark realm

    Place of Birth: Varied? Village is lost to time, may be rediscovered.

    OOC: a post will i have later, either tonight or tommorow, likely tommorow.
  18. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Azhmodin/ Entering Ur-Karpathos, Necrosgolgoth

    He stopped and stood at the entrance, the gate to the city. It was a rather nasty looking thing, like everything else here, but it also had a rather malignant beauty to it. It was almost as though it had a life of it's own, which it very well may have as there were many sentient artifacts across the realms. Lovely, wouldn't it be? A sentient gate... How could Azhmodin around that get if needed it were? He sighed, it coming out as something of a rasp from his muzzled. In some ways he missed being able to think in a more normal fashion... but that had long since been lost, being stuck in a cave for over three centuries tended to do strange things to your mind. He just hoped the others wouldn't resurface, that would truely be a problem.

    He looked about him at the various beings going up and down the road and smirked slightly. Little bugs that are vile they are... Squash many of them I could... The mere thought bringing causing drool to come to the poing of one of his fangs, dripping to the ground with a rather wispy plip. Everything seemed wispy in a way here, but not in a good care free type of way, but in a sinister way, a way that meant death... and asked for it as well. Blood does Azhomdin long to taste again. Wait Azhomdin must. Again the raspy sigh and he drew his matte black cloak about him, the holes in it showing his brown fur underneath. His first order of business when he came across a clothes shop was to purchase a new one, preferably enchanted. Money wasn't much of an issue, having ravaged a whole section of the elvish countryside for nearly 200 years, until that blasted cave-in that had gotten him stuck for so long...So long it was... so long. Missed the sights, the smells of peoples Azhmodin did. Peoples... especially the taste. Far too long has it been since last Azhmodin tasted flesh... longer still be it will. He quickened his pace until he came to the gate, and one of the guards stopped him. He was the only one stopped, and this made him a little angry.

    "State your business," was all the guard said to him. It was dressed in mostly black metal armor, with a red emblazened cape. He assumed it was a captain or some such rank. How he longed to rip it's head off, but he held himself in check. Barely.

    "Purchases, bussiness of gold does Azhmodin bring. A problem this is?" His voice came out in something of a low raspy growl, his glassy, black eyes staring out from under his hood, teeth revealed from behind his curled lips. A fool this is! He knows not Azhomdin. Azhomdin kill him now he could. Kill him slowly he could... painfully he could. His eyes started to get a wild look in them, a dangerous wild look... a look they had many times before.

    "No problem... wolf. Know this, you will not find the guards of the city easy prey should you need to fill your... baser desires. We have slaves for sale for that purpose." This caused Azhmodin to grin wickedly. He knew what his second order of business was now, then he would have to find the assassins... he wanted work to do. He was far, far to bored with life at the moment. "Go on your way, and obey the laws or you will be killed. Your weaknesses are known to many in Ur-Karpathos." With that the guard looked away from him.

    He went in, completely ignoring the guard, having already forgotten the minor inconvienance. [/b]"Ah, but Azhomodin is not known to the many. Not yet is he known..."[/b] he muttered to himself as he went in. He looked around the street, hoping to find a shop that could fulfil his needs quickly, but apparently there were few magically inclined shops this far out of the center of the city. He cursed under his breath at the delay. "Find a storey will Azhomodin, then... then..." He found himself slightly unsure what he would do next. Killing the shopkeeper kept coming to mind, but that came to mind for everyone. Oh how he longed to kill again. Ju
  19. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: I have no clue what happened, but a whole section of what I typed disappeared. Here's the fix of it. Sorry for the triple post, tis not something I normally do.

    He walked along for nearly thirty minutes before a store that might suit his purposes came into sight, but he decided to pass on many before coming to one, Ocklimar's Enchantments of Death. This one sparked his interest. The sign had a skull on it, with a spear running through the mouth and two daggers coming out the eyes. The building itself was made of plain stone, but had obviously been well made, probably dwarven. He grinned at the thought of the little folk, and the fun they were to kill and eat.

    He entered and immediately felt the magic in the air, but it wasn't solely death magic. Death magic in great quantities left a frosty feeling on the fur or skin, depending on which you had. There was a very slight overtone of that, but there were many other types of magic in this story as well. He looked around, the size of the room seeming greater than the actual builiding with a door on the back wall leading to at least one other room that shouldn't even be in the building. Dimmensions that are extra... Hate them Azhomodin does... hates them. A headache does he get from them. He felt it coming already, which caused him to start drooling. Continueing to look around he saw shelves on all of the walls, covered in magical trinkets and larger things. The variety from rings to chainmail to things that looked like they were from another plane (and likely were). The shelves were made of a glossy black substance, obviously magical in nature with what looked like no support at all, growing straight out of the wall. There were tables, an on them were weapons very obviously enchanted as well. Swords and scythes, spears and daggers, nearly every variety you could think of. The tables themselves were also made of the same glossy black stuff, but he got a closer look at it in the tables. It was almost as if the table were made of intertwined rock, something that was hard to do even for the greatest mages. For almost everything in the store to be made of it was most impressive. Even the counter that a goblin stood behind was made of it. This counter ran the whole length of the back of the room, and was engraved with various things as well. Demons heads, vampires, scenes of violence, epic battles, were-wolves, wraiths... and it seemed to be constantly shifting, as though the duels and fights and all were actually happening as you watched. An enchantment is that which Azhmodin would like to know. Learn it Azhmodin will surely have to. He realized that he had no way of being able to use it though, weak as he was in the magical arts at the moment.

    He walked over to the counter and placed a hand on the counter. He looked at the goblin, and smirked. He didn't think there was any way this goblin could be in control of this store, much less the owner. If that were the case it was certainly a rather unique goblin. Kill him Azhmodin could... kill
  20. Rayson

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    Apr 10, 2002

    Name: Davinoth Vascnir
    Species (Lifeform): Vampire
    Gender: Male
    Age: 134
    Faction (Allegiance): Sovereign Lord Avernus Blight and the Dark Dragon Throne
    Home: Shadowlands (In general)
    Place of Birth: Dark Realm
  21. LeiaHair

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    Aug 9, 2003
    GM Approved

    Name: Lyra Nall
    Species (Lifeform): Human (Necromancer)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Physical Discription: Tall, slender, delecate features. Long black hair, green eyes, pale skin. A charter mark on the side of her face... it is a mark made from magic and is only visible when a Charter Mage is around, or she is using Charter Magic herself.
    Faction (Allegiance): none, she is a Necromancer of the charter of life... her allegiance is to life... and keeping the dead dead
    Home: she's nomadic, moving from place to place, keeping the dead dead, her bandolier of bells across her chest.
    Place of Birth: Unknown, rumors say she was born within the dark relm, and was a still born, her father, a necromancer himself, pulled her back into life agenst his own beliefs... hence why he banished himself to exile.

    I will post when I get back from my classes today. Just wanted to get this Character sheet up here.
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    Aug 9, 2003
    Lyra Nall- Necromancer
    Aveena, Free Lands

    Aveena, a small village on the border of the free lands beyond the Relm of Men and far away from the the Dark Relm, was lacking human activity. The only activity that could be seen was a few people peeking out their windows and the village elders who quickly ushered Lyra towards the center of town.

    Years of dealing with the dead could be seen in Lyra's tired expression. If she were to smile, the young woman could easily be attractive with her hair of ebony and large emerald eyes. Her pale complextion and her lack of muscles almost made her look ill, but the life in her eyes said otherwise.

    As the elders led her, Lyra took a large wiff of the sea air. It was filled with death. Death wasn't really a scent, but more of something Lyra had learned to identify the past seven years. The sun dissapeared behind the clouds, and the Charter mark on the left of Lyra's face flashed in a silvery rainbow, then dissapeared once again. Ahead of her was the town center, surrounded by a moat filled with knee deep water which was flowing in the circle. A powerfull Charter Mage must have put the spell on the water to keep it moving.

    The dead hated moving water. It reminded them of death, which consisted of seven gates, all connected to a neverending flow of water. Behind eachgate, the water became more powerfull, and the water before the seventh and final gate was unbareable. No one could resist it's flow. It was a gate Lyra had no intentions of visiting untill right before she passed through the last gate of death.

    As she stepped into the water, Lyra ran her fingers over the seven bells on the bandolier, each calling out to her. SHe had learned early in her training to never give into the calls of the bells; that she was the master, not the other way around. The bells were in order smallest to largest, the smallest being at the top by her right shoulder and the largest being by her left hip. As her finger touched eachone, their names and purposes ran through her head.

    First was Ranna the Sleepbringer, the smallest. It was a rang a sweet, low sound that brings silence in its wake. After that was Mosrael, the waker. A harsh, rowdy bell. The bell whose sound was a seesaw, throwing the ringer futher into Death as it brings the listener into life. Kibeth, the walker, was a bell of sweet sounds, a difficult and countrary bell. It could give the freedom of movement to one of the dead, or walk them throught the next gate. Dyrim, a musical bell, of clear and pretty tone was after Kibeth. Dyrim could return the voice that the Dead have so often lost, but can also still the tongue that moves too freely. Below Dyrim was Belgaer, another tricksome bell that seeks to ring of its own accord. The thinking bell, the bell most necromencers scorn to use. It can restore independent thought, memory, and all the patterns of a living person. But, if used in careless hands, could easily erase them. Sareneth, the deepest, lowest bell, sounds of strength and is know as the binder. It is the bell that sheckles the dead to the wielder's will. The lowest bell on the bandolier Asterael, the Sorrowful. The banisher, the final bell. Properly rung, it casts everyone who hears it far into Death. Everyone... including the ringer.

    Lyra looked at the army of dead, most of which were made of decomposed bodies. They moaned and groaned as they waited for her just past the water's edge. She was going to have to walk them past the first and second gate so that they wouldn't come back. Each bell begging to be let loose of it's leather holder, Lyra unleased Kibeth, the walker. Without hessitation, she swun the bell in a counterclockwise motion, creating a sweet and clear ring which was caught in the ears of all the dead. Charter marks escaped Lyra's mouth as she ordered the dead beyond the second gate of death.

    A cold breeze blew over Lyra as they reentered death. Only a handfull of beings could feel death... most of those few became Necromancers. And only one line of Necromancers had ever been agen
  23. LeiaHair

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    Aug 9, 2003
    OOC: Okay... so I was really bored today, so I made a sketch of Lyra.... here it is:

  24. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Dark Realm, Necrosgolgoth, Ur-Karpathos, the Dark City

    Nerotholin, The Haunted Woods & The Black Wall, Dark Gates of Ur-Karpathos

    The Dark Lady

    Great and Terrible Magics were always associated with the Dark Lady of Nerotholin, and though she had never officially declare herself the ruler of the Haunted Lands, in effect it was so. The Barbaroi Clans all paid tribute to her and considered her the highest authority in their land. And this night, as her floating skiff tavelled through the misty ground powered by the might Ba'thor, wild lupines howled in the darkness and drew near it, running parralel to the mystic coach and flanking it, effectively acting as escorts for the Dark Lady. Not that she needed it, but it was a gesture of tribute and respect.

    On into the darkness her skiff travelled unimpeded and without incident, until it finally reached the massive black walls and finally the dark gates of the city. In truth, it has been nearly an age since anyone had seen the Dark Lady arrive in such fashion. From the battlements, forward observers sent word of an approaching mystic charriot. Fortunately for everyone involved a Senior Officer was present. His grey beard spilled out from under his helm, but his eyes, wit and senses where as sharp as ever. When last he had seen the Dark Lady's charriot, he'd been but a young lad.

    "Tell the gate keepers to open up and let the charriot through. That's a Nocturne vehicle, the Dark Lady's I believe....if memory serves right."

    The Senior Officer stroked his beared then leaned in to whisper to his righthand man.

    "Also tell the Heavy Archers to be at the ready, just in case."

    His right hand man shot him an incredulous look, then both men drew warding symbols on themselves before they returned to their duties.

    Eyes watch the runic wards etched upon the Dark gates as inmense mechanisms mcame to life and began to draw the massive doors open. The black steed drawing the floating skiff neighed and it's silver horn glinted in the firelight. Archers atop the walls waited for a sign.

    The Black gates were opened and the wards remained silent. The nocturne Trump sounded, announcing the arrival of one the dark City's gentry. Silver hoofs trotted on without incident as the mystic charriot proceeded to Castle Viudos.

    Tag: LadyFireStorm


    Ur-Karpathos, Dark City, Cave of Wonders Item Shop

    "What in Tartarus are you trying to tell me you blitherin' goblin..." Ocklimar said with increasing annoyane at the least of his assisstants.

    "T-t-teeth! W-woo-wu-wolf!!" the goblin managed to stammer.

    "What, someone wants Wolves teeth?" inquired the corpulent man, trying to understand. He hated being interrupted when he was trying to keep count of his inventory.


    "A customer you say? and you left them unattended in MY SHOP!!?"

    Ocklimar exploded with exhasperation and went to give the goblin a meaty backhand with his heavily ringed fingers, but the creature was faster and evaded, then dissapeared behind some crates. "I'll get ya later you no good..."

    Ocklimar had already turned around and drew back the partition that separated the little hall from the wooden door tha lead to the main store. He pulled the lever and the door opened, then locked behind him once he walked past.

    "Long Night and welcome to my shop stranger, how can I help y....."

    Ocklimar's massive form came to a halt as the 'customer' turned around t face him. As a retired mercenary turned merchant, Ocklimar had seen many things in his day. He was even familiar with a few of the wolf folks, including the Lykan Tribes, Garou Shamans and Wild Lupines....but this, he'd never seen anything that looked so feral. For some reason, he suddenly felt a flash of fear, even for a man of his experience and his size. His brow immediately began to sweat, but he took a breath and gathering all the will pow
  25. HandofSkywalker86

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    Aug 12, 2004
    IC as Arjin

    Ur-Karpathos, Dark City outskirts,

    Viudos Estate

    [blockquote]The Red Guard appraised Arjin, as he motioned for a servant, who came and looked at the proferred documents. Arjin waited patiently for the servant to finish his inspection, putting on an air of anticipatation though he felt no such emotion. His mother always said that he would've made a better actor than a warrior and, that was saying something.

    "Ah yes, the entertainment has arrived. I'll go notify the Renfields." said the servant after being satisfied with Arjin's contract.

    The servant quickly turned and disappeared through a side door. The Red Guard's intimidation routine was laughable to Arjin but, as was customary Arjin made himself emulate the guards posture and bravado. The Red Guards alert eyes scanned the merchandise, Arjin was sure that he would like what he saw. At that moment, he heard the servant return.

    "There he is your graces..." The servant was heard saying.

    "You may go now." said a male voice. "Thank you." a female voice put in right after.

    Two identical figures came to stand before arjin just then. They both were the same height, sported white hair and steel blue eyes. The female and the male were equally attractive, and it was their corresponding blue velvet apparels that made obvious their gender. Inwardly Arjin rolled his eyes, Renfields thought that their **** didn't stink. Outwardly Arjin gave a respectful nod to both, with a charming smile aimed at the lovely female.

    Powerful though they might be, they were simply another set of slaves to the Vampires. Thats what gave Arjin the confidence to stand before the two uncowed, he was free... they were bound in a prison of silk and gold to serve the Nocturne 'til their last day.

    "Greetings and Long Night, I am Castor and this is my sister, Pollux. I'm glad to see that you have complied with our written agreement."

    The pretty woman gave a small nod to Arjin as her twin inspected the contract and the 'goods'. Blight knows what I had to do to get them, thought Arjin with no little disgust.

    "Hmm....these will do nicely." Castor observed. He sounded quite pleased. "Guards, take them." he ordered, his voice sounded like one that was use to being obeyed.

    Even as the Red Guard began to take away the captives, Castor reached into his robes and pulled out a bag of gold coins.

    "As agreed. Here's your full payment in gold."

    With a graceful motion, he tossed the moneybag to Arjin. Pollux contented herself with observing the tall swordsman as she smiled. Arjin caught the bag of comfortably full gold without taking his eyes off of the lovely face of Pollux. Arjin had always been very popular with the ladies and it wouldn't hurt to get in the good graces of one who was obviously powerful.

    "...and for a timely delivery, you have earned this."

    Another flick and an emerald shard sailed towards the big man. With a deft flick of his wrist he had ensnared the valuable jewel yet, his hold on Pollux was broken by the approach of another servant.

    Castor smiled smugly, while another servant ran up to Pollux and began to whisper in her ear. Castor began to turn, interested in what news the servant may be offering, but only half turned.

    "Oh, yes...tonight is a night of celebration. You have served Nocturne Matahari well, so it would only be proper to invite you to stay. Enjoy the festivities if you choose to stay, and though you are not an official resident, I need not remind you to obey the House Rules."

    Of course Arjin would stay. Such a gathering would help him meet potential employers and, would help to further hide his lethal secret. For who would suspect that a Half Vampire would dare to attend an event brimming with Nocturnes. He would just have to put up with the rules as degrading as they were.

    Castor gave a slight warning glance then turned to join his sister. They spoke in hush tones briefly, then he excl
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