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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by greyjedi125, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. jedi_killeroak

    jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2005
    IC:Michealle (Necrosgolgoth)

    As she stood by the door, a smile came across her face. "I need a new helper. Some one I can trust and will obey my every command without question, and not a male." She set off for the magical store that was near by. She needed some very important stuff to make her next spell work.

    She actually enjoyed such walks, but her studies have been keeping her away from such enjoyments. As she neared the store, she brought up her hood and covered her head. Spiders covered the eligant hood from top to bottom. If someone stared long enough at it, the spiders tend to move on their own. Michealle held no thoughts that she was the only necromancer here in the place, so she had to be better than the rest.

    Pushing the door open, she stepped inside the building and closing the door behind her. Rapping her staff twice to get poeple's attention, she spoke. "I am looking for the manager, I need to speak to him." Her eyes scanned the area, but held no amount of time on any one person. Her voice betrayed no fear or nervouses, but strength. "His or her time will be needed now, not tomorrow. I have work to do."

    She did not wait for who ever to come and talk her to death, but went to the far wall, looking at the jars full of eyes and other needed stuff for spell componets.

    TAG:Who ever.
  2. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Jedi_Killeroak, I'm going to put your character at Ocklimar's Cave of Wonders, which is the magical shop Dujour. I should be updating this weekend. [face_praying]
  3. jedi_killeroak

    jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2005
    IC:Michealle (Ocklimar's Cave of Wonders)

    Michealle, a young woman by standards, but her knowledge had grown so much by the amount of time she was studing and learning. Like right now, a spell that she had put on her zombie, would let her know if he was up to trouble and no good. It was almost a draining spell, but she would learn to out do the spell's draining affects....soonn. Right now she needed to find a drow's heart and a spider's lung, to finish her last spell.

    "Maybe I will even find someone to take over my zombie's job too. Though, I may have to steal that part myself." A smile grin came across her face as she thought that. Her clothing was making small swishing sound as she walked slowly from jar to jar. Her money flow was kinda low, but that did not bother her, yet. "I wish he would hurry up and be done with his other customers."

    TAG:Who ever
  4. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Hahaha! Nice! But I DO get the hint!! Ack!! *Was just doing a check before going out to an event tonight. Will be back laters. Much to do, much to do! (Poof! vanishes)
  5. jedi_killeroak

    jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2005
    OOC:I think we are dieing. :_|
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    Jun 30, 2001
    Dying or not, I find your lack of faith disturbing.

    If you think you have nothing to do, you may wish to consider reading some old posts and offering some of your own new ones with regards to in-character observations, reflection, thoughts, or insight into personal history.

    Then, when you've exhausted all avenues for exploration (preferably before you begin spamming), you might want to consider an exercise in patience or a PM to the game master(s) in charge, as opposed to making a comment that sheds a poor light on your view in the way of this game's vast potential.

    In the meantime, I'm sure my words will not go unnoticed.
  7. ViciousVixen

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    Nov 13, 2005
    His mind empty and his eyes vacant, the coachman hardly noticed the Captain of the Red Guard as the man swayed where he stood. The captain shook his head, then, and his subordinates regarded him with curious expressions. Yet none of them made to move or interfere.

    In short order, the Red Guard Captain shared the same vacant expression as the coachman.

    Lady Caemlaria's lips moved ever so slightly, forming a smile upon her face. She remained within the carriage, one of her hands resting upon the young woman before her, and the other hand raised in the air. She stroked the hair of the beautiful girl, as that girl sighed contentedly, safe and secure in her mistress' lap.

    The Lady's free handed fingers began to move in a slow rhythm, more rapidly with each second that passed until her hand began to emit a twinkling essence of blue light. She closed her eyes and flicked her hand in a gesture of dismissal, and the coach began to move once more.

    Commanded by his mistress the driver knew only to obey. He led the coach past the Red Guard and through the gates, which opened to Matahari Viudos' Estate. Once inside its perimeter, the coach slowed. It came to a pause and the coachman alighted, but he did not move to disturb his mistress.

    Within the carriage, the young lady rose slowly. Gazing up into the eyes of her mistress, she expressed a look of longing. Lady Caemlaria smiled warmly upon her, and reached out to touch the younger female's cheekbone with the back of her hand. "We must leave the carriage," she said gently, her hand caressing Alintha's face before it lifted her head with a subtle rising movement.

    Moments later, the coachman opened the carriage door, and held his arm out to receive the beautiful Alinthalliana. The young lady smiled her gratitude toward him, and she waited as the man received the coach's second occupant, the Lady Caemlaria in her most immortal radiance.

    "Let us visit Lady Viudos on this occassion of her undeath," Caemlaria said to her feminine companion, and, together, they headed toward the mansion.

    The coachman watched them depart, his mind beginning to clear as he took his place near the dark horses. His eyes remained ever watchful of his mistress as she approached the mansion. And, he wondered briefly what it might be that the young Alintha carried in the elegant chest she held.
  8. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    For those of you still around, the wait is finally over.

    Ur-Karpathos, Ocklimar's Cave of Wonders, Item Shop

    Finally, after what seemed like an entire lifetime, Ocklimar did return to his purchasing customers. He held the Fire Stave in both hands as if it were a thing alive as he offered it to the Wraith. He did wonder how something without substance planned to hold on to a solid object. Even though he was most curious to find out, he wanted both the Werewolf and the Wraith gone from his shop. The spectral creature was indeed giving him the creeps and the Werewolf simply could not be trusted. Ocklimar would much rather deal with mortal beings, and not these long dead creatures that defied their final rest, or creatures that could hardly be killed by conventional means. Of course, if he could have one as his ally, as in the case of Ravana, then so much the better for him. But be that as it may, Ocklimar remained a most accommodating trader, even though he thought himself insane for giving away an item costing 5,000 gold pieces for something as immaterial as a soul.

    Think of the profits, man! He mentally chided himself.

    "Well then, I believe that succesfully concludes or business for this night." Ocklimar said respectfully and with as much charm as the portly man could muster. "Now I must attend to my oter customers, so if you'll excuse me..." Ocklimar offered a respectful nod and slowly backed away without turning. Only when he was at a what he considered a safe distance, did he finally turn. As he moved to his next customer, Ocklimar was already thinking on his list of possible buyers for the soul he'd just acquired. He was not worried that the warith would use the Fire Stave within his shop, since he did not seem like a magic user, besides, only the most powerful magical items could actually best his shop's protective wards and become active within it's walls. Ocklimar was no fool and had paid a hefty price in gold to protect his investment. However, the Wraith's touch and the Werewolfs fury were a diferent matter altogether.

    The pair did make the shop owner quite nervous.

    But unbeknownst to Ocklimar, there was a Talon in his shop, secreted within the shadows and watching the pair with great care. A Wraith and a Werewolf together within the Dark City was certainly bound to draw attention to themselves.

    Ocklimar's eyes quickly looked about for the young aristocrat who wanted to purchase a gift on his way to the Viudos Estate, but did not see him. Perhaps he had gone while he looked for the Fire Stave, the shopkeepr reasoned. He quickly wondered if his diminutive assistant managed to make a worthwhile sale, or had he once again blundered and cost him a paying customer. Ocklimar was about to call for Tombolinn, when he saw a female customer that was already in his shop. Immediately Ocklimar veered in her direction, already wearing a disarming smile and an open expression of service.

    From her dark coloured garb, Ocklimar could easlily guess that she was a parctitioner of the dark arts, which was not at all uncommon in the Dark City.

    "Long Night to you dear madam, how can Ocklimar be of service?" the man asked as he quickly appraised his new customer. "Have you found any items of interest, or is there something in particular that you're looking for?"

    Ocklimar's smile widened considerably, as he was inwardly relieved to be dealing with another human, rather than feeling as if his life was hanging by the flimsiest of threads, no thanks to beings far greater than himself.

    Tag: I-H, Trimaj, Despied 1, Jedi_Killeroak


    ...And Now for the Viudos scenario
  9. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Necrosgolgoth, Ur-Karpathos, The Dark City, Nocturne Mistress Matahari Viudos Estate

    All the major players had finally arrived at the dark, yet lavish Estate of the beautiful Nocturne Mistress Matahari Viudos, who's vampiric allure seemed to be at it's peek this eve, on her 50th undeath anniversary.

    Her trusted twin Renfields, Castor and Pollux made great flourishes when they finally announced the City's Grand Magister, who was accompanied, surprisingly even to them, by a shadow demon who called himself Voide. The Grand Magister's own female apprentice managed to joined them as they were presented before the Nocturne Mistress herself and her companion, the Dark Lady. She did not fail to notice the look her Master and the Dark Lady traded for the briefest of seconds. Perhaps there was some secret communication between the two, however, she knew much better than to pry into such matters.

    Mere moments later, it stood to reason that Castor and Pollux received Lady Caemlaria of the House of Minnaleia and her companion, Alinthalliana Sacromania, with great fanfare indeed. Not unlike the Dark Lady, the Noble Lady of House Minnaleia did not make very many 'public' appearances, and that was expressly why it was so noteworthy whenever she did so. Everyone bowed as Mistress Viudos glided over to properly greet a true member of the Noble Court.

    And as if that were not a high enough honor, Castor and Pollux nearly had to re-invent the Art of greeting once they learned that a member of the most powerful Noble House in Necrosgolgoth was at their gates. The Legendary Nocturne Master Vandranok of the House of Blight would grace them with his immortal presence this night, which was indeed a most welcomed, humbling and unexpected honor. Ushering him and his guest, whom they recognized to be the rising-star Nocturne Mistress Lilith Thornn of the House of Maraud, would be the crowning achievement of their careers as Rendfields...and to their credit, and their Mistress' delight, they did not fail in their task.

    When all would be said and done, they certainly hoped that their names would be mentioned when the great success of Noturne Mistress Matahari Viudos 50th undeath celebration anniversary was spoken about. Other than great material reward and accolades, the twins secretly hoped to also be rewarded with the gift of immortality and the honor of joining the House of Ash. But as it was, the Night was far from over as the Midnight Hour approached. A great toast was being made ready, followed by some showing of gifts, and ending with some spectacular form of entretainment.

    Despite some rough beginings, the Night's Festivities were going rather well. Castor and Pollux shared a confident look of satisfaction and triumph, and by the way they were feeling at the moment, they doubted if there was anything that could come up during the course of the night, that they could not handle.

    Of course, that fact remained to be seen.

    Tag: DarkSide Apprentice, LadyFireStorm, Master Valar, Shadowmancer, Vicious Vixen, anyone else at the Estate.

    *Just trying to keep this going, somehow. Questions or comments, please PM me.
  10. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: my thanks GJ, i'll post in the near future, and let I_H know that we're back in business.
  11. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    I just now noticed this is going still, and I have been tagged. I will get a post up soon.
  12. ViciousVixen

    ViciousVixen Jedi Youngling

    Nov 13, 2005
    It would appear that all honoured guests had arrived. Lady Caemlaria's gaze swept the room in a flicker, so fast and precise that her eyes seemed unmoved. In that brief moment she caught sight of the centre of attention, Nocturne Mistress Matahari Viudos, who played the role of host for her fiftieth undeath anniversary. She was still so young, yet she commanded a power even greater than that held in the House of Minnaleia.

    To say that Lady Caemlaria was jealous would not be entirely untrue. A Vampire House was measured by its influence and the strength of its leadership, but more than either of those, by its accomplishments. Present this night was the Grand Magister, accompanied by a shadow demon. Their presence spoke volumes for Matahari Viudos. What surprised Lady Caemlaria, however, was the presence of the Dark Lady ? the secretive mistress of the Haunted Woods, a woman as mysterious as she was dangerous ? who had not been seen at such an event for a great many years. Her being there this night was significant enough implication to credit Viudos beyond normal reckoning, even for such a grand event, which alone brought her into the deepest pits of the heart of darkness. It was a night that offered tremendous, additional praise and repute to the House of Ash.

    There was no telling how Matahari Viudos came to know the Dark Lady. If not for their close proximity, their shared smiles, and glasses of blood, Lady Caemlaria might have thought them mere acquaintances. She held back a snarl at the sight of the two together, so jealous was she that her own influence was not nearly as great despite her considerable advantage in age and experience.

    Very few outside of the Great Houses knew of her secret rise to power. Those few that did know possessed such a small grasp of knowledge and actual truth that their insight carried a pitiful value, if any at all. Only Lord Blight knew her secret. He knew it all. Forcing thought of the Dragon Lord from her mind was an effort, and such thoughts usually brought attention from the Sovereign Lord, which had a way of compounding matters enormously. It was best to put him out of her mind.

    She focused instead on her own position within Nocturne Society. Lady Caemlaria Minnaleia was wealthy beyond most within the Realm, beyond most outside of the Great Houses, in any case. The passing of her dearest father was unfortunate, but such was the undeath. Caemlaria smiled at the thought, and her attention returned to her surroundings.

    When Mistress Viudos glided forth to greet her, many of the woman's guests bowed low in their own proper greeting of a true member of the Noble Court. Caemlaria smiled and her hand moved in a brilliant flourish as she acknowledged the gesture. Finally, the recognition she deserved. Despite that, she grew annoyed at her host from within. Mistress Viudos gained favour from the mere presence of the leading member House Minnaleia. The only reason Caemlaria attended such an event was for the information she would gather in conversing with the other Lords and Ladies.

    "Greetings, and long night," she purred, hiding all trace of her true feelings, as he set her piercing gaze upon Mistress Viudos. "It seems an age since we last spoke." Her eyes drifted toward the Dark Lady. "I am deeply honoured for your warm invitation and hospitality. To be in the presence of such esteemed guests on this special occasion brings warmth to my skin." It was an honour no matter which way she looked at it. She simply hated it.

    "Allow me to introduce Alinthalliana," Lady Caemlaria offered by way of distraction, as she gestured toward her most beautiful companion. She watched Mistress Viudos intently. The woman's reaction to such an attractive guest would be most interesting indeed, not to mention the likely realisation that Alintha carried the gift, just as rumour indicated, a mark of any Fledgeling. Caemlaria's proud smile knew no bounds.

    Whispers between Castor and Pollux ? servants of Viudos and the House of Ash - drew attention from Caemlaria, as Alintha exchanged greetings
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    Apr 29, 2002
    Thanks for your continued participation, everyone. And Vixen....AWSOME POST! :D [face_devil]

    See ya'll this weekend ;).
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    Aug 12, 2003
    The Dark Lady Al'telra - Necrosgolgoth, Ur-Karpathos, The Dark City, Nocturne Mistress Matahari Viudos Estate

    The Dark Lady was indeed enjoying the night. All the major players had finally arrived at the dark Estates of the beautiful Nocturne Mistress Matahari Viudos. Mistress Matahari seemed beside herself at such attention. Surely, her party drew in many more, than she dared hoped that it would. The twin Renfileds, were quite busy, as they announced the many guests that seemed to find this place, of interest on this night. The City's Grand Magister, who was accompanied, by a Shadow Demon who called himself Voide. A young slip of a female, the Grand Magister's own apprentice joined them as they were presented before the Nocturne Mistress herself and Al'terla. Al'telra gave the Grand Magister the briefest of looks, before looking away, as introductions were formally made. As if they were needed. As to the apprentice, Al'telra gave the barest of nods, her eyes scanning the woman throughly. After all, next time she saw the woman, she might very well be the next Grand Magister. A simple smile at that thought, that faded, as she moved with Mistess Matahari to greet the next guest. The shadow deamon was an intersting creature as well. She was sure it had visited the haunted lands once before. She wonder what drew it nigh. Such events were not known to be the stample of Shadow demons. Even ones who had named themselves. Truly an unusual event indeed. The Dark Lady, gently swirled the liquid within her drinking up, the aroma of the fine wine gently waftling to her noise, even as she stared within the relections of her cup. Her eyes twinkled with amusement, as she moved on, to see what other guests made their way within.

    Lady Caemlaria of the House of Minnaleia and her companion, Alinthalliana Sacromania, with great fanfare indeed. Al'telra found that of interest as well. Similar to herself, the Noblewoman of House Minnaleia did not make very many 'public' appearances. My, the night was getting quite esquisite. Al'terla watched as everyone bowed as Mistress Viudos glided over to properly greet a member of the Noble Court. Al'terla did not do a low bow, as the others had, but she did give a respectful nod of the head towards the woman and her companion. There was only one, among those who 'lived' within the realm, that she would give a full court bow towards, and that person was not in attendence. Caemlaria smiled and her hand moved in a brilliant flourish as she acknowledged the gesture. "Greetings, and long night," she purred, hiding all trace of her true feelings, as he set her piercing gaze upon Mistress Viudos. "It seems an age since we last spoke." Her eyes drifted toward the Dark Lady. Al'terla could all but feel the heat of her ire, coming from the woman. Al'terla found such things as the vampires seeming want for recognition, amusing. In some cases, it was even worse than in the normal population. Vampire hirachery was a deeply violent subject at times. Houses did almost anything to gain favor. Lord Blight however, kept them in line, and things had been quiet.

    "I am deeply honoured for your warm invitation and hospitality. To be in the presence of such esteemed guests on this special occasion brings warmth to my skin." Al'terla gave a gentle nod to her head. "Allow me to introduce Alinthalliana," Alinthalliana carried the gift, the mark of a Fledgeling. Intersting. Al'terla smiled, directing her attnetion back to Caemlaria. "Long night to you both. Perhaps later, we shall have a chance to speak once again." she stated, as she slowly swirled the contents of her goblet.

    A noise, and a reaction from the twins caused her to turn her head. And upturned eyebrow. She was both bemused, and rather curious now. She then looked within her cup. She let her face show no emotions, at the new person who now entered within the room. Nocturne Master Vandranok of the House of Blight graced the group with his presence. With him, was another Nocturne, a Mistress Lilith Thornn of the House of M
  15. sithian_goddess

    sithian_goddess Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 21, 2004

    Name: Aosoth
    Species (Lifeform): Fallen Angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 2,000 years
    Faction (Allegiance): independent/Dark Realm
    Home: Dark Realm
    Place of Birth: Dark Realm

    She enters this Realm of Darkness, wondering if her slave will serve for her purposes.....
  16. dragonsith13

    dragonsith13 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 3, 2005

    Name: Maeglin Arcamenel
    Species (Lifeform): Dark Elf (Necromancer)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 313 years old
    Faction (Allegiance): none
    Home: Unknown, exiled at early age from Elven homeland.
    Place of Birth: Shadowlands Outskirts

    Enters the Dark Realm, not knowing what his mistress and master has in store for him, hoping to prove his worth and please her will...

    ooc: sithian_goddess and I are joined... I her servant, slave, and willing warrior... her my master!

    We are both looking forward to playing with you guys!

    Both our sheets have been GM approved :)
  17. dragonsith13

    dragonsith13 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 3, 2005
    Maeglin----Edge of the Haunted Woods

    Maeglin stood his mind and eyes focused scanning well beyond his normal visual range, with all his senses. Normally his special sight allowed him to see beyond reality bending around trees and hills, but this tortured and raped terrain was clouding his sight. Maeglin was used to sifting through the dark auras of reality and space which allowed him to focus and pinpoint dnagers, or subjects to torment and make use of. Spirits floating, thinking themselves invisible to the real world, but not to Maeglin. Here it was not the case, darkness swirled and his sight was limited signifigantly.

    Maeglin's sight was useful and he could see a short distance with it, which was about the same distance as his normal visual range. Maeglin squinted his eys and breathed a frustrate sigh. The cold air showing his breath as he breathed out. This place was dead, silent. Not a place a Necromancer feared to enter, but still being prepared and scounting, gathering as much information as possible was important in any situation.

    Maeglin knew little of this forest, only of its darkness and the danger inherent. Rumors once spread to him of a Citadel, a Dark Tower which stood high above this forest, but they were not at an elevation to sight such. Caution, it would not be easy to gain barings once insode the forest. Still there had to be useful souls inside the forest. If he could not find a way, surely his master would be able to find a starting direction.

    Maeglin turned his head slightly to the side back to where his master was, speaking with a confident voice though his tone and voice were always dark, his evil demeranor showed through in everything he did, even how he spoke.

    Master... Milady we should move forward, I have heard rumors of a dark tower that lie within this place, should not be more than a few days journey.

    Maeglin paused waiting briefly. Turning his head back to her ever so slighly. He knew they had to travel this path, through the forest. There was no other way of journeying to the heart of the dark realm, were they yearned to get to.

    Your wishes master?

    Maeglin turned back, again scanning the horizon which even for his elf eyes was not far, due to the twisted and deformed landscape of the forest. the foliage was not thick, but twisted vines, branches, and all manner of dark plantlife drenched the landscape making ita suffocating presence in itself. Maeglin stood forward of his master waiting on the edge of this mass.

    sithian_goddess, if necessary: greyjedi125
  18. sithian_goddess

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    Jan 21, 2004
    Aosoth--Edge of Haunted Woods

    Glancing at her slave Maeglin, she contemplates of what other choices than to enter it, although the only and one choice is to go on forth and find the Dark Tower; rumours of it had been said. She feels it's best to so much just go what is there than to just stay.

    She nods for Maeglin's request to enter the Haunted Woods.

    dragonsith13, if neccessary: greyjedi125
  19. DarkSide_Apprentice

    DarkSide_Apprentice Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 30, 2001
    Shadowmancer, greyjedi125

    Necrosgolgoth, Dominion of the Dark, Northern Callanthorith

    Matahari Viudos' estate was a sight worthy of admiration and pause. So beautiful it was, with its black gates, its shadowy foreground--the yard littered with ashen tress and leafless shrubs--it might have served well for a hunter's abode, the type only the greatest hunter could afford. There were thorns in her front yard that could kill a man. Worse yet were the safeguards against unwelcome visitors and intruders upon her home. For someone such as Vandranok, however, it was a magnificent sight to observe.

    More attractive still was the creature at his side. She, not unlike the Viudos' estate, was as dangerous as she was seductive. Vandranok turned his head slightly so that he might look upon his fetching companion. A smile found its way to his lips and he said, "They will be expecting guests from throughout the Realm. Let us not disappoint them."

    His arm slid across the back of his companion and he drew upon her unnatural, incandescent shadow, the very thing that filled her like an aura of death and darkness. She was absolutely pulsing with the sensation of danger, and Vandranok found that he enjoyed her company all the more because of it. They were perfect together, or nearly enough.

    Vandranok slowed before reaching the gates of the estate and his eyes searched the grounds. He caught sight of Castor and Pollux greeting Lady Caemlaria. Within the building itself he caught sense of several others--the Grand Magister, and the Dark Lady Al'telra, too, if he was not mistaken. The two were among the most powerful he recognised, at least from the few who were not among those that might be described as conventional vampires. No doubt their presence would serve to add interest to the gathering.

    For the moment there was a separate matter that required the hunter's attention. He waited patiently as a pair of spiders scurried across the street to meet him. The first paused some several metres from the gates, its beady eyes scanning its surroundings, as it took watch while the second approached.

    A small leather pouch dropped from the mouth of the second spider, into the outstretched palm of Vandranok, who offered a sense of approval to the creature. No words were exchanged. In fact, mere moments after the exchange was made, the two arachnids fled into the night. Vandranok revealed nothing to Lilith, except to display a secretive smile. Of the pouch, there was no sign.

    Before long the two were within the confines of the lavish home of Matahari Viudos. Furious whispers filled the room upon their arrival, and a mixture of jealous stares, expressions of awe, and looks of sheer shock, were among some of the sights that greeted them. Matahari Viudos for her part was a gracious host.

    "A dark and eternal night to you, Mistress Viudos," Vandranok greeted. His smile was charming and his manner as gentlemanly as a Knight from the distant human kingdom of the east. "My compliments on your bountiful furnishings. Truly, your home is as welcoming as the twilight before darkness."

    His right hand disappeared into his shirt pocket to retrieve a small leather pouch. So quick was his movement that in a moment the pouch was opened and the contents spilled into the open palm of his left hand, within which he held an amulet of breathtaking design: crafted from diamond and set with glistening gemstones of ruby and sapphire, surrounded by perfectly cut and polished obsidian and diamond, the item was clearly of custom order.

    Vandranok was not one for complete formality on this particular occasion. Indeed, he was known by those who knew him at all for being something of a rogue in the way of obedience and acceptance to common rules and expectations. True to form, he presented his gift to Matahari Viudos before the traditional toast was made.

    He held the striking amulet within his hands as a sign of offering, as he waited for Matahari Viudos to turn before him. Only then would Vandranok place the gift around
  20. LadyFireStorm

    LadyFireStorm Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 12, 2003
    For Those Who Would Dare Know..


    The Haunted Lands, lay between all the normal lands, and is an entrance towards the eternal lands of Night, the land of Nocturene Dominion. The land of perpetual darkness. And towards the giant dark walls and gate that protected the lands within.

    There was no mistaking where you were, once you entered the Haunted Lands from any direction, as the change in terrain was quite evident. Regular trees changed, as their leaves fell from them, and their trunks, twisted and turned into shapes impossible to imagine it growing that way naturally. They looked to be in pain. Even to those not stepped in the ways of magic, a feeling of worry permeates the area. The further into the lands once goes, the feeling changes, and dread and disapar flow through the area. Those who are talented in the ways of magic can feel the effects upon the land quite strongly. Death, with a warning flows around the area. A fog, about knee level for most beings, constantaly flows along the ground, and their is a coolness within the air above.

    Only the path that all other main paths merge towards, on their way to the Nocturene Dominion seem to feel 'safe', that term being relative.

    The woods are silent. No normal animals call this home, except for one. But other creatures within the woods exist as well. As one travels deeper into the woods, towards the dark gates, the light of the sun grows dimmer, all the way to the gates, where twilight rests. Barbaroi mutants roamed the lands, along with other strange and exotic creatures.

    At the edge of the Hanuted lands, lays a simple sign. It reads,

    If the lands beyond, are your destination
    then keep your feet firmly planted upon the paths station
    for if your feet, should lose their way
    your life, you could forfeit this day.

    A tiny alter, lay beneath small token were busily laid upon it. A hope for save travel, perhaps? Other signs, less eqloquent, and more to the point, also litter the path, their meaning clear to all those who surrounded the lands. To wander through the woods, could cost you your life. The path itself was well traveled, and wide, and from the looks of things, was in good repair. Every so often, a clearing would open up from the side of the road. A place which looked cleared. Perhaps for a caravan to pull over. A rest stop perhaps? They seemed to be at regular intervals. Looking into the woods from the path, the trees became dense, and darkness seemed to hang heavily. The trees bark also changed color, from a light greysish ash color, to nearly pitch black, the bark growing hard and rough as well. Thorn bushes, vines, and other such plantlife, strange and unknown to many parts of the land, could be seen here.

    Within the darkended woods, is rumor of the Dark Towers, the abode of the Dark Lady, which lives somewhere within the woods. There are no paths, footpaths, other ways that mark the way to this tower. At least, known seen or known to the normal beings within the realm. And if the rumors were true, neither could it be seen from above as well. It was well known, throught ALL of the territories, on how the Dark Lady apprecitaed and liked her privacy.

    The silence that overshadowed the forrest was deafening. In the distance, the lands of forever night lay.

  21. dragonsith13

    dragonsith13 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 3, 2005
    Maeglin----Haunted Woods

    This place was vile, tainted even more severely than Maeglin had anticipated, the forest was a living entity in itself it seemed. The forbodding thought that began to surge in Maeglin's head. He had been in many a dark place and come through and had been served many a dark hand. He knew when to rein things in. This place would cost them too much time. Maeglin had no doubts they could survive such an ordeal as treading this unknown path, the path they were blazing for themselves. However time was also a factor and was of highest priority. Maeglin knew they had been traveling for quite sometime on this heading, they needed to move, find a new avenue.

    Quickly Maeglin turned his head to the side, speaking up clear to Aosoth.

    Milady this is becoming a nasty predicament. This place is far more tainted than I originally though. It will slow us down considerably more than first thought. I saw markers for a road, we should find it and follow it through. We do not have time to play in the forest.

    Maeglin did not hesitate, he knew they could forge on but it would be a waste. Finding their way through this way might have saved them time, or might have slowed them down severely given what they might encounter, not to mentioned the rumored dark tower, and what lay in it. Such could also prove too burdemsome on their time. So such things would have to wait.

    Maeglin again turned this time setting out in the direction he had marked for the road, they could easily make it before nightfall. No sense wasting time.

    sithian_goddess, and again if necessary: greyjedi125
  22. jedi_killeroak

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    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Michealle (Ocklimar's shop)

    Michealle was looking at the dark, thick blood that was in a jar and was almost drooling. Than some one walked up from behind her and spoke, "Long Night to you dear madam, how can Ocklimar be of service? Have you found any items of interest, or is there something in particular that you're looking for?

    With out turning around she spoke in a kind voice. "Actually dear man, there is, I would like your slowness stopped. I have been here, for what it seems to be ten days!" Now she turned around and glared at the man. "Men, they always think they are the biggest thing around since trees." She thought to her self.

    Her eyes shone like death darts, and her fingers that were calm, but were now tapping on her staff. "Now Ocklimar, I am needing some things, plus some good answers. For starters, I would like 3oz. of this here. Then I was wondering if you carry one or two Drow hearts? If you do, are they fresh?"

    "Secondly, I have been out of touch on the happenings around here. Though I have heard of some talk about a 50 birthday. Now, do some one have to have an invitation to go to it? Or can they just show up?"

    Then she stopped, her hands and fingers still, like a piece of stone on the side of the road, and her face went white with anger. "That no good, piece of meat!" Michealle started to leave, but stared at the man strenly. "Tell me quick about the party and how to get there. Now."

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  23. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Aosoth & Maeglin

    Passage Perilous, Haunted Woods

    It took a much longer time than they would openly admit for the powerful and secretive coven of Augurs and Clairvoyants to recognise or identify that which they beheld. The news of the most recent development outside the black walls of Dark City seemed to cause a stir among the Viziers, who as usual, seemed to know more than what they were telling.

    This new knowledge, though unconfirmed, was quickly reined in. The proper 'authorties' were to be informed immediately, but there was to be no other communication...lest a trip to the torturer's rack was one's fondest desire. The standing orders were just to observe and inform on any developments.

    And so, the eyes continued their watch, and the whispering lips were rendered mute.


    Within less of a half standard hour, they were on the move. Not one, but several Elite Talons. Of course, no one saw them as they moved. No one ever did. At least none of the humans that resided within the dark city. And the few nocturnes that found themselves possesing sufficient skill to see but one of them passing, were best to immediately forget that which they glimpsed and never to speak of it...lest they be recompensed with everalsting oblivion.

    Thus, they moved; they darted speedily akin to dark blurs, too swift and too well concealed by darkness which rendered them near invisible. With mercurial grace thry dashed through the dark city, shifting through shadows faster than chained lightning, always apart yet in unison.

    Commanded as they were with a mission, the Elite Talons departed the Dark City undetected by the human element guarding it's dark walls, as facilitated by their supernatural skills and arcane knowledge. Once outside the city walls, they were 'free' to move at greater speeds.

    It was not long before the perpetual darkness of the dark city was replaced with the ever present mist that enshrouded the Haunted woods, as were the gnarled trees and the ominous atmosphere they evinced. This was quite complimentary a place to the dark city, and these were as clear a marker as any, that one had arrived at the Haunted Woods. Wordlessly, the Elite Talons communicated with one another and proceeded forth as planned. Each payed tribute before entering the forbidding landmark and never strayed too far from the Perilous Path, which was the only 'road' available to travellers through the Haunted Woods, and by far, relatively the safest.


    Even for someone as long lived as Maeglin and all his accumulated knowledge, which could be said to be vast and varied, there was still much more to learn. Certain themes did repeat themsleves over time, and certain patterns did become evident, but always with a twist, often more dangerous than the last. That, however, was not his present focus. Maeglin wished only to depart the uninviting Haunted Woods and provide as safe a passage as possible to his Master. If this was at all possible remained uncertain, but Maeglin would not be discouraged.

    As the darkly garbed servant forged ahead scouting the path for his Master, he did round a bend, past an imposing large and gnarled dark tree. There was a short straight-away before the path disapperad around another sloping bend. At the end of the straight path, Maeglin's keen eyes were certain to spot a darkly cloaked figure standing at the edge. The figure stood still and unmoving, nearly 30 meters away. Maeglin would no doubt feel the figure's penetrating gaze upon him, studying him, silently appraising him. There also seemed to be marks upon the figures dark cloak, but it was hard to tell from this distance.

    If the haunted woods had seemed oppresively silent before, it was more so now. The dark figure was in fact, the first sign of 'life' Maeglin had seen or encountered ever since entering the forbiddig area, however, it's intentions were altogether unclear. Was it another traveller who'd lost his way, or a local sim
  24. LadyFireStorm

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    Aug 12, 2003
    The Dark Lady Al'terla - Necrosgolgoth, Ur-Karpathos, The Dark City, Nocturne Mistress Matahari Viudos Estate

    Blade dancers had been hired to perform for those who admired skill and more than a touch of danger. Parlor magicians performed their tricks and jesters provided the comedy. In all, their skills were excellent. Matahari was quite busy at the moment entertaining and greeting her other guests, and in truth Al'terla did not mind. That someone from the house of Blight had appeared, with a most interesting and unique offering was indeed something special, but it was not what held her interest. What now garnered her attentions, was the arrivial of another, who had not yet appeared to the house Mistress. Al'terla paused, her eyes narrowed as she felt a particular dark pulse. She was not to pleased with what she had acknowledged. That particular visitor could possibly throw off the carful balance now being maintained, depending upon his intentions. But she held pact with them, which drew her attentions even more so. The balance of things, was certainly being called into being this night.

    The Dark Lady moved towards the table, picking up another vessel of wine. As she did, she drew her hand over the opening of the cup. From her ring, she released a tiny amount of a substance from it, to fall into her cup. With a delicate long finger, she gently stirred her drink, before talking a sip. Satisfied, she turned and began to move accross the room. She slowly took her time, moving between diffrent beings as she did, simply observing the movements within the room. She then gazed at the clock, before looking down into her own goblet, gently blowing accross the dark liquid.

    "A Toast! I propose a Toast!" someone called from the crowd. Al'terla looked up. With robes flowing, the Grand Magister stepped into view, already holding a glass. His smile was bright and genuine. It was evident that he was enjoying himself this evening. And why not? Like herself, he was one seldom seen within the populace. That they were all within one estate, definatelly rasied an eyebrow. A moment later, his lovely apprenctice came to stand next to him, an Al'terla chuckled softly at the sight. She watched as he raised his glass. "To the most beautiful Nocturne Mistress in Ur-Karpathos. A Joyous half-century celebration, and may your 100th be twice as Marvelous!" Servers hurridly made the rounds among the invited as they filled glasses with drinks of choice. The toasting had begun.

    Al'terla gave a nod of her head, as she took a sip from her own goblet, acknowledging the toast. She moved to the wall, and paused. Another device had chosen that time to garner her attention. Al'terla silently mouthed a word, as she held up her goblet. Upon its dark surface, an image unfolded in front of her. Something was going on within the Haunted Woods. Something that involved the Talon elite. Her eyes sparkled darkly, even as she took note of how they all paused, but for the slighest of moments, to give tribute. She turned her gaze inward, as she heard Lilal's voice.

    'There are beeeingsss, within the woodss. One waitsss.' Lilal's voice spoke gently. Al'terla responded in a way only Lilal and Ba'thor would hear. "I know. The Elite are on the move. I will send another to watch. Continue with your task." 'As you wisssh, Misstresss.' Lilal responded, and the Dark Lady could pick up a hint of amusement from her. Al'terla then turned her gaze back towards the towers. Her mind traveled along the many hallways, and hidden passages until it found the being she sought. She spoke, in gentle tones. 'I have a job for you.'

    A pair of golden eyes opened slowly, as a mouth yawned sleepy.


    Soon, the woods had another pair of eyes, taking in the scene below in bemusement.

    Lilal and Ba'thor - High above

    Lilal and Ba'thor were high in the skys, waiting for the time, until a small necklace began to glow around her neck. Intruders? Lilal purred softly, as she alerted her mistress, to f
  25. jedi_killeroak

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    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Michealle (Ocklimar's Shop)

    Michealle's connection with the zombie was throwing her concertration off. Even then she could see Ocklimar google her. "Men and their dirty, stinking thoughts. I should just kill the rodent and leave a smoking ash." She mentally shrugged and tried to listen to what he had to say.

    "Well my dear, to answer your first question, that jar contains Orc Blood, and it's already spoken for. I have it on dispaly in the event another interested party may want to place an order."

    Then the man flashed another dirty grin towards her, and she almost went for him then. But she held herself in check. She may be needing it later.

    "As for Drow Hearts....Oh, ho, ho, that's a pretty tall order. We of the Dark City have an 'interesting' alliance with the dark elves, more like an armistice I'd say. So, if I was ever to carry such items, and I'm not saying that I would, hehehe, they would not be on display, and yes, they would have to be fresh. Usually such things are also acquired through pre-arrangement.....I would imagine. *ahem*"

    As she listened, and watched, this time he looked around. "Is he scared of something or someone?"

    Oh, yes. The party. It's not actually a birthday, not in any traditional way we can imagine. The celebration you're probably refering to is Nocturne Mistress Matahari Viudo's 50th undeath celebration. I've come to think of it as a sweet sixteen know."

    "Vampires, is he scared of vampires?" She was almost impressed with his professional attitude, if it was not for him trying to flirt with her. "Just the thought of him and me together, makes me sick."

    "The Viudos Estate is at the West End of the City, any carrige can take you there. If you do decide to go, its best not to do so empty handed. There's no guarantees concerning entry, but I have no doubts that they won't think twice about letting in as lovely a lady as yourself."

    Ocklimar gave Michealle a small bow at his long answers, but they were full filling. All except no drow hearts. But, a wizard never gets everything he or she asks for. Then a sharp pain that almost took her to the floor. "Argg", was the only thing that came out. She suddenly turned and walked out the door. Not even saying a word, other than "I will be back."

    Michealle's connection with her old master, was now to the final stages of the spell. She could tell that in another 24 hours he would be back. She could not have that happening, not now. Though she was pleased that the spell worked for this long. As she neared the door, she prepared two spells, and called for him to come out side. Even out here, she could hear his thounderus rampage through his old cottage. With more will power and concertration she yelled in her mind for him to come out side.

    After what seemed like three hours and a major headache, he finally came out. His shambling feet and swaying arms, looked more solid. "Nope, I sure can not have that." Michealle held out her right arm and pointed towards the middle of the street. As he moved towards the middle of the street, Michealle cast her first spell of "Holding". Then the zombie stopped moving all together. She backed up a little more, and sent smaller version of "Fire Ball", out to burn the thing dead. The purpose of the smaller version, was to contain it in one area. The explosive nature of the spell sent a flicker of fire to a small bush, in which she put out, when she got there.

    Michealle watched the burning thing die, and then turn to ash, and now peace was filling her soul again.

    TAG: greyjedi125, and anyone one around the area.

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