Thriller The Reckoning

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    Laura Changte
    House of the Talbott's, D.C.

    Laura nodded at Chaz report and looked around. "Get into the chopper the moment it lands!" She yelled over to Anna and Kawin. Then she looked at Chaz. Nodding she gave the two dead bodies a last look.

    "Explain the police the situation and take the car back. I got this one. Make sure your old colleagues work fast. I need to know what is going on here!" She yelled her words over the chopper sounds and then turned to enter the chopper last.

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    IC: Kawin Muthurangu
    Talbot's House, Get to the Chopper!

    Letting the actual 'specialist' Laura handle things at the moment left him somewhat as a sidecar in the situation. Taking the offered arm of the young woman he was here to help, and letting her act somewhat as his impromptu crutch as he hobble stepped it to the chopper.

    If not for the dead bodies no one would of realized that this was a frenzied retreat, not at the pace he was able to muster even with Miss Talbots arm helping him along. Although at the pace she wanted to go he felt slightly dragged in the helping hand department. He had wanted to say something to calm her down, help her relax, but with the furious noise that that beast of a helicopter was putting out he could hardly hear his own thoughts.

    Once there he smiled and nodded as the young woman tossed her bag aboard, jumped up ahead of him and then reached back to help him. Nodding he simply passed her his cane as he did a well practiced maneuver. Letting her pull on the cane to feel helpful he got one good hand on the floor of the chopper and did one hand stand, spin and sit. Letting go of the cane he scooted himself back until he had a good spot to get grip on a seat, reaching out he retook his cane and planted it on the opposite side to aid in hefting him up and leverage a push into the seat. Where he then was able to sort out his legs.

    Reaching up he grabbed a headset and motioned for the girl to do the same as Laura came aboard. "Much better." he simply smiled and sighed for a contented moment before trying to get his seat restraints on. "It's a four clip buckle, see how I do? One, two, three, and click four. Cinch straps. There we go, now your turn."

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    Matt Andrews
    Office in the The White House, Washington D.C. and beyond ...

    Matt did not show any satisfaction when Gates was asked out, but he felt quite a bit satisfied. The President wasn't the strongest man, but he had just shown he also was not a complete fool.

    He sat down on the couch he had sat on so often and sighed. He waited for Professor Cale and the President to do the same and then began to talk.

    "Sebastian Stein is an idealist. Which means he will do whatever he considers right. Actually he is a man with high moral standards and political education. He is also one of the worlds most famous street artists. But we wouldn't be sitting here if that was all. I became aware of him, when he appeared in this office. I never saw him, neither did any Secret Service guard, camera or staff. He stopped time, walked in here and talked to the President. He can do that. Stop time. He seems also to have the ability to teleport and he was killed at least once and appeared in Alaska half an hour later. He is intelligent, highly intelligent actually and has the ability to plan and execute complex schemes. He is probably ... no ... he is the most dangerous person alive. And he has also killed before. Only when considering it necessary, but he has executed the Gifted codenamed Gamma. Also because of his abilities conventional security is absolutely ineffective against him. I mean ..." Matt sighed. "When he considered Kurt Roland a threat he told him to back off or he would ... I quote him here as good as I can ... blow up all nuclear reactors on the eastern seaboard in alphabetic order. He could do that in a second. Freeze us and do whatever he wants without us ever having the ability to react to it." Matt folded his hands. "He got one weakness though. Other Gifted are immune to his powers. Also he is a man of flesh and blood and can be killed by normal means." He shrugged. "Yet, he returns from the dead eventually."

    Matt leaned forward. "I will be absolute honest with you. A bomb is actually not his style. He could do whatever he wanted to do to this building in Berlin without us being able to stop him. If there is the slightest, tiniest chance though he has turned against us, I'd say it is necessary that TARC get's involved with your personal security. You need Gifted bodyguards or you won't have a chance. That is what we have created TARC for, right? To have the ability to react to threats of the Gifted." He leaned back. "I do not care about my political career that much and hell, I don't want your job for sure. But I have spend my last years to prepare us for this scenario. If it is LEGO or another Gifted, Secret Service might not be up to the job this time."

    He had said enough. He had thanked the President for his trust by telling him the absolute truth. Now it was up to the most powerful man in the world how to deal with the situation, he was probably only number two on the list.

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    Laura Changte
    Leaving House of the Talbott's

    Laura nodded at Chaz report which was hard to get over the sound of the helicopter and looked around. "Get into the chopper!" She yelled over to Anna and Kawin. They probably did not her, but climbed in anyway. Then she looked at Chaz. Nodding she gave the two dead bodies a last look.

    "Explain the police the situation and take the car back. I got this one. Make sure your old colleagues work fast. I need to know what is going on here!" She yelled her words over the chopper sounds and then turned to enter the chopper last. "I got this one." She said, but not loud enough to be heard over the sound of the rotors whirling. Ducking she signaled Chaz to proceed and climbed the chopper last. She padded the pilots shoulder to signal they were good to go and fastened her belt. Finally she took her headphones on and put them to mute. She left talking to Kawin now.

    The adrenaline slowly went out of her system and she began to feel the bitter and hollow feel of having taken a life.

    They had a car. They had watched. Why? If they were after Anna, why watch? Were they probably not there to kill her, but to recruit her? Had they tried to abduct her when they realized they had rivals?

    Laura felt almost ashamed what she was about to do to Anna. The Gifted were not soldiers. No. But to the overloads of TARC they were assets. Tools. She knew a bit how close Matt Andrews had been involved in the Antville affair. He had seen their worst side. Why had he put all his political weight into having his own group of Gifted? It was an easy enough to answer question. He prepared for a war. And ordinary soldiers would not do. Anna was a nice girl with a nice life. Laura hoped she would never realize they took it away from her, knowing she would never have it back.

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    Apr 13, 2001
    Streets, Washington, D.C.

    Fortunately, parked cars lined G Street on both sides of the curb and there was even a large dumpster to accommodate a nearby construction site – all would provide suitable protection from the inevitable blast. However, time had run out.

    Before Maria could shield her body completely, the car exploded in a brilliant fireball, the shockwave rushing forward and throwing her off her feet. As the pavement came rushing up to meet her, she would notice that she was not the lone victim. Innocent bystanders have also been caught up in the blast, their cries for help muffled by the ringing in her ears. Others were motionless, their bodies lying prone in the now empty street.

    But then out of the haze and smoke, a lone figure in a tattered suit approached – it was her assailant. Miraculously, he had survived and he sauntered forward with a feverish look in his eyes. Slowly, he raised his arm and took aim with his gun to finish the job.

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    Underground facility, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

    The corridor beyond the opening was dark with dull yellow lights lining the baseboards to lead the way. The air was also stale, which only contributed to the claustrophobic feeling of the narrow walkway. The floor was also angled downward at a steep angle, but the corridor soon opened up into a much larger space with industrial tunnels. Piping and fluorescent lights decorated the stone ceilings, but other than that, there wasn’t much to see. The place appeared to be carved right into the mountain with the rock face exposed.


    As they strode through this open space, Malcolm finally turned and addressed her comment. “We have some business to take care of first, but you’ll have time to clean yourself up,” he confirmed with a small nod. “It’s not the Ritz, but we have all the amenities. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even have hot water in the showers...that tends to be hit or miss. But in the middle of the desert, sometimes that’s a Godsend.”

    He gave a short laugh and led the way down a second access corridor. The overhead lighting was much softer here, but just like the main corridor they had just passed through, the place seemed deserted. That was surprising considering the doors that lined both sides of this corridor, most likely the personal quarters for the denizens that worked here. This section was clearly a barracks of some kind.

    Malcolm didn’t mention any of this – he didn’t explain anything at all beyond the fact that Black Rock was a former U.S. military base – and continued at a brisk pace through the passageway until he came to a room near the end. He casually pushed the door inward and invited her inside with that same simple hand gesture.

    “This is it,” he said bluntly. “Get yourself situated, stow your gear, wash up...whatever you need. Just be sure you’re ready to go in 10 minutes.” He paused for a moment and grinned. “The guys in the Ward don't like to be kept waiting.”

    With another nod, he stepped back and pressed himself against the wall. “I’ll wait out here.”

    * * *

    When Jane reemerged a short time later, Malcolm was still standing off to the side with his arms crossed casually over his chest. His eyes followed her closely, silently appraising her in the dim utility lighting. Satisfied with what he saw, he pushed away from the wall and stepped forward to meet her. “And now, my dear, are ready to witness the evolution of mankind?”

    Without waiting for her to respond, he waved her forward. “Your talents were the dawn of something truly special, Jane...the future begins right here.”

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    Skid Row, Los Angeles, California

    Just as quickly as it had come on, Deklan’s vision began to clear and he could move his limbs again – slowly, the world was beginning to come back to him. As he recovered, he would be able to make out the form of the assailant still hovering nearby, his arms now falling limply to his sides and his face flushed. Dark circles were now evident under his eyes and they were bloodshot. Spittle clung to the corner of his mouth, but the most disturbing thing of all was the blood oozing from his nose. It came in a steady stream, almost as if someone had punched him in the face.

    The man stared at Deklan for a long moment, worry and fear replacing his fury. His lips parted to say something, but he never found the strength to utter the words; he fell backward, his head connecting with the pavement with a dull thump. Lifeless eyes now stared upward into the bright, morning sun. The assailant was dead.

    Deklan’s vision had nearly returned to normal by this point, and he could see Bill hurrying back up the stretch of sidewalk to meet his friend. The man’s eyes first went to the body, his jaw muscles bunching with concern, before he turned back to Deklan to see if he was alright. But as he approached, he stopped in his tracks and retracted his hand as if someone had shocked him. The older man gaped and his eyes grew wide. “Jesus, Casey!” He ran his hand tirelessly over his stubbled jaw. “Wh--what the hell happened?!”

    There was no denying the fear on Bill’s face; he was seemingly more afraid of Deklan than the body lying at his feet.

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    Leaving the Talbott House, then TARC Headquarters, Fairfax, Virginia

    Chaz nodded then hurried off to carry out his duties, his hair flopping wildly in the wind as he returned to the scene where the cops were beginning to arrive.

    With everyone else aboard the chopper, it soon took off and angled toward the northwest to return to their base of operations. It was only about a 40 minute drive by car, so they made good time with the chopper. TARC headquarters itself was safely nestled along a wide stretch of wooded-area just outside of Fairfax, Virginia; one service road led in and out of the facility. As they skimmed over the treetops, the large building loomed above the natural terrain with its one-way reflective glass windows and utilitarian design.


    A wide clearing beyond the main building contained a single helipad. They circled this area once before coming in for a landing.

    As the doors parted once more, a single figure rushed out to meet them, his thick mop of hair whipping almost comically in the abating wind coming off the rotors. He flipped it back casually with his hand and immediately went to greet Laura as she departed. The man was dressed simply in a dark suit with the tie loosened at the neck. He had a fine line of stubble lining his jaw and the aforementioned hair, which remained tousled and longer than was usually acceptable for someone in the public sector. If someone did not know his position prior to meeting him, he could easily be mistaken for a bum. This was Paul Weizak, TARC Director.

    Paul Weizak

    “Laura!” he called with his brow creased with concern, reaching out to place his hand on her shoulder. It was always on a first name basis with him; he very rarely addressed his people by their titles or their surnames. His reasoning wasn’t entirely clear, but there were a few theories – some said he was lazy and liked to buck the system, others said it was a way to create a more relaxing work environment with a such a stressful job. Whichever the case, the man knew how to do his job...and do it well.

    “I got your message,” he continued in a harried tone, “you alright? You got the...package?” His eyes strayed for a moment to Kawin and Anna, his gaze lingering on the young woman before he offered a small smile.

    “It’s...Anna, right?” he asked, his face screwing up slightly as he tried to recall her name. He shook it off and slowly extended his hand. “Welcome to TARC, Anna. I’m Paul...I guess you could say I’m in charge. I know this must all be strange to you, but I promise it’ll get easier.” He nodded to Kawin. “I see you already found a friend in Kawin. Stick with him, listen to what he says...he’s a good guy. He won’t steer you wrong.”

    He clapped his hands together before turning away. “Now, if you’ll follow me…”

    His voice then dropped, turning conspiratorial as he began to lead Laura back toward the facility. “Laura, this wasn’t an isolated incident. We’ve had two other reports, including myself on my way back from the White House. Someone’s targeting TARC.”

    * * *

    As Paul moved ahead to speak with Laura, a second man appeared from within the facility and patiently waited for Kawin and Anna to approach. Despite Kawin’s struggles, the man did not rush forward to help him; he understood how important it was for him to take care of his own. Kawin would recognize the man as Dr. Julian Dunning, the personal physician and surgeon who had been responsible for many of Kawin’s recent breakthroughs, including his ability to walk.

    Dr. Julian Dunning

    Dunning smiled as Kawin finally reached his position. “You’re doing a remarkable job, Kawin. It’s so good to see you up and about.” He placed a gentle hand on his arm. “How are you feeling? Is the pain manageable? I’ve heard you had a little excitement...”

    He trailed off and nodded to Anna with a crooked grin. As usual, he wasn’t being too subtle with his approach and he was liable to embarrass the poor girl. Julian Dunning was never the best when it came to social engagements; he came across as clumsy and nervous.

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    Oval Office, The White House, Washington, D.C.

    The President remained silent for a long moment, taking this all in with his brow furrowed with concern. He fingered the LEGO print out a few times before pushing it to the corner of his desk and unleashing a quiet scoff. “Funny how all these details managed to slip through the cracks when I sat in your position, Matt…” It wasn’t an accusation, merely an observation. “I understand the need for secrecy, but…Christ.”

    He took a moment to knead his forehead before turning his gaze to Cale. “And I assume since you are sitting here, that you had a hand in all of this as well, is that correct, professor?”

    Cale quirked a brow and straightened a bit, clearly surprised at being called out directly. “That’s right, Mr. President.” The professor licked his lips and angled his head toward Matt, almost as if he was gauging how much he should reveal. “I accompanied the Vice President and President Roland to Antville and witnessed the events firsthand. While my interactions with Mr. Stein were limited, I can confirm the Vice President’s story about the extent of his power.”

    The President nodded and steepled his fingers against his chin. “Then we have one hell of a problem, don’t we?”

    The professor suppressed a grin. “It certainly seems that way, Mr. President, yes. The Vice President claims that a bomb is not Sebastian Stein’s style, but you never can tell these days. Power tends to go to people’s heads…”

    Harris raised his brow curiously, seeming to sense some kind of veiled meaning under that comment, but decided not to pursue it. Instead he shifted in his chair and turned to face Matt once more. “I guess this ultimately brings us back to your suggestion about…enhancing my security detail. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about that myself, especially with the Republican Convention coming up this week. It seems as if we are both seeking the same solution.”

    He spread his hands in acceptance. “I’d like to try it out, at least on a trial basis. I already spoke to Paul this morning, and he made some recommendations.” Angling his head, the President gave a small shrug. “Are you familiar with a Kevin….Muth--Muthrango?” He shook his head with a small laugh. “Sorry, some of these kids’ names are beyond my comprehension.”

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    IC: Jane
    Underground facility, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

    As she entered she did not remove hat or cover as her Uncle would have called it. It was generally the practice that military personnel removed any head covering when they entered a building. Despite her outward appearance Jane was no soldier, sailor or marine. She did remove her sunglasses once she was out the sun blasted desert, letting her eyes adjust to the darkened interior. Hooking the glasses around the back of her neck she followed Malcolm deeper and deeper into the darkness lit only by the weak lights along the bottom of the wall. The stale air weighed heavier and heavier on her as the path slanted downward. Her boots thudding against the bare stone floor tapped out a steady rhythm. The sound echoed all around her making the walls feel uncomfortably close.

    Soon it opened up into a wider room lit with harsh fluorescent lights causing her to close her eyes tight waiting for them to adjust again to a change in the light. When they finally did she took in the scene before her. Bare stone walls carved out of the mountain, exposed pipes running this way and that, fluorescent lights hanging from the roof of the man made cavern. It looked like a military installation all right. Just what a person needs to get around and see...and that is about it.

    "We have some business to take care of first, but you’ll have time to clean yourself up," Malcolm said turning to her after remaining silent. "It’s not the Ritz, but we have all the amenities." That was the second time he'd told her that. Was he trying to assure her or just bragging? He should know from the confrontation in the desert that she wasn't some delicate flower. "If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even have hot water in the showers...that tends to be hit or miss. But in the middle of the desert, sometimes that’s a Godsend."

    "Hot water at all is a luxury," she said following along behind Malcolm. They entered another hallway this one with dimmer lighting, a little less harsh on the eyes. It was a quiet as a tomb, and as empty as one. There were doors either side but, no sounds came from them. It was clear from the layout that this was some sort of barracks, even if her guide didn't say anything about it.

    The pair came to a door close to the end of the hall. With a casual push the door opened.

    "This is it," Malcolm started. "Get yourself situated, stow your gear, wash up...whatever you need. Just be sure you’re ready to go in 10 minutes." He quieted a moment and grinned that off putting grin. "The guys in the Ward don't like to be kept waiting."

    "I'll be quick." she said entering the space as he backed off slumping against the near wall.

    "I’ll wait out here."

    She rolled her eyes a little once she was out of sight. Yes she felt so comforted by his presence right outside her door. He wasn't as shall we say forward as Davis but, something about him was just not right. Though who was she to judge, she killed people and destabilized countries for a living.

    Inside the space was spartan, a simple bed in the corner, a footlocker at the foot of the bed, a metal cabinet for hanging clothes, and a door connecting to a small simple bathroom. She closed the door with a boot and dropped her duffle bag on the floor. The space was efficient just enough to move around in but, not so much that you felt comfortable. Unzipping the bag she pulled out her M4, and the stolen weapon from Davis. She cleared and safed the weapon before storing it under her bed. The M4 she stored in the 'wardrobe' that might have once held a soldiers Class Bs or Class As for the times when a dress uniform was required underneath a mountain.

    She had no fancy clothes to wear, never really came up in her line of work. She was a mercenary, not a spy, had no reason to go to glittering galas, or embassy openings. Her meetings took place in dark alleys, abandoned warehouses, or decommissioned military facilities. What once held a freshly pressed uniform, now only contained her weapon and bullets.

    Her clothes she stuffed into the footlocker wondering if these amenities included a clothes washer. Not that she was above wearing her clothes twice or more. She was use to making do with what she had, though she couldn't deny some simple comforts every now and again.

    Taking up a change of clothes she moved to the cramped bathroom, again with necessities and nothing else, mirror, sink, toilet, and shower. As she took off her shirt she caught sight of her back. The field of scars gained over years of fighting someone else's fights. Her eye was drawn to one that ran down the center of her back, right between the shoulder blades. It could have been worse but, the slightly jagged nature of the mark showed some back alley doctoring. Well in this case it was more like front seat of her uncles mustang doctoring.

    She could still recall that night three years ago, when she learned she had powers, when she faced down a murder that could teleport from place to place, the night she left a man that had done nothing wrong paralyzed on the floor of a low rent hotel.

    She shook her head putting the past where it belonged, behind her. In the shower the water was at best lukewarm, looked like this was a miss on the hot water. It was cooling and slightly refreshing it.However she didn't linger quickly cleaning up, washing all the sand, dust, sweat, and Davis off her. She poked at another scar on her right shoulder, a parting gift from Simmons as she put him down. Anger still burned in her, and shame, she wasn't fast enough, she could have saved him.

    The water turned ice cold snapping her out of her reminiscing. Taking it as a sign she jumped out and quickly got dressed, in the exact same thing she'd wore when she came in. Tan shirt, military desert camo pants and a baseball cap. She took her holstered glock off the sink and attached it to her belt. While she was here she wasn't going to let this weapon out of her reach.

    She walked out hair still noticeably damp, her room smelling slightly of soap. She didn't use scented products, too much of a risk that they could give away her position.

    "And now, my dear, are ready to witness the evolution of mankind?" She opened her mouth to respond, to tell him that she wasn't here for his New World Order but, he cut her off. "Your talents were the dawn of something truly special, Jane...the future begins right here."

    She lowered her brow nodding her head. She didn't buy into his creating the future, she was just here for a paycheck and maybe a little destabilizing of the most powerful democracy in the world. Though it seemed that it was capable of doing that itself. However she held back. Shutting him down now would be a little foolish.

    "Well, we'll see if it is a bright, profitable future." She said walking alongside him, making her goals clear but, not completely denying his vision of the path ahead. He had to know that hiring her. She was only in this for the money or the chance at profit.

    If he didn't he was more idealistic that she gave him credit for.

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