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Star Wars The Return of the Forgotten Ones [New Players Welcome]

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Lyra Te'lorn
    Primary Temple, Meal Area

    Te'lorn smiled as she looked at the group around her while she ate her meal. In such a short time, they had managed to accomplish much. And there was still much to do, but at least now, they had some knowledge of things, a working place to live and protect themselves, and for the moment all was quiet. She could not understand the council's decision of putting those within the group, who seemed so unstable. It was the only way she could think of it. The strange bothan who abandoned them as soon as they had awoken. And then the twi'lek who had disappeared shortly after herself awakening. But she could not worry about them right now. She supposed in a way, they might have felt after being asleep for close to a thousand years, might have earned themselves to go and live their own lives.She could only hope that was true, and that they would not cause any trouble. From the way things sounded, there was already enough troubles out there for them to deal with.

    Te'lorn did notice while she was speaking with Palerma, Melina walk into the room, and up to the table. The girl opted to sit with the other students. Te'lorn gave the girl a slight nod. Te'lorn stroked the plant that had grown, and was winding its way up her arm, its leave moved upward, and then curled in contentment. Te'lorn wondered slightly if there were any more of its kind still in existence, besides what was here in the temple? What a sad thought indeed. So much had been gained...and lost it seemed. After everyone had been healed, Te'lorn had spent her time near the temple, familiarizing herself with the various plants and animals nearby. She even found some healing plants not too far away. Perhaps it had been from an old garden, gone wild, but she was happy to find it. And her friend had grown closer now as well, venturing out to be with her, whenever she stepped outside, and not evening running away when the others were near. The large cat was useful as well, her guide whenever she walked about. She kept a close eye on the weather as well, but had felt nothing else since the last 'storm.' That was good. Tython was wild enough.

    "My Master was wondering if you all were available for a meeting in the Carbon Chamber. He wants to discuss our plans...or at least, that's what he told me."

    Te'lorn offered the girl a smile. "Why, I see no pressing need not to attend the meeting. And, there is need for such a thing, recent events have show us that much, if nothing else. I am quite willing." she told the young girl.

    If they were going to discus what she imagined, this should be a lively conversation indeed.

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Mala Palerma

    Mess Hall, Jedi Temple

    While the others had been busy making repairs, he had been busy diagnosing the archives and reviving the ancient machines and the data within. Much had survived but still much more had been lost due to algorithmic decay or the cores ceasing to function entirely. He had hopes in recovering the data from the cores that no longer worked, all he needed was a new core and the proper tools and he could nurse the lost information out of the old ones. He knew there was no guarantee that he could retrieve it all, some data would be irreversibly and regrettably lost forever.​

    Palerma gave Te'lorn a tired smile as he finished explaining that to her when the young Padawan from the future, even though technically she was the present and he was the past, came into the hall and passed on her master's request for a meeting in the Carbonite Chamber. "I suppose it is necessary though I don't see why it has to be held there. Frankly the less I see of that chamber, the better," he replied, his tone a little bitter. In the time he had been awake since his thawing, he's had time to think about his own situation (when he wasn't thinking about Noro and the Dark Jedi) and discovered he longed for his time and what few friends he had left behind.​

    Especially her.​

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    Nov 3, 2004
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    IC: Calen Sirion
    Mess Hall, Jedi Temple

    It had been a good day.

    Perhaps it would be better to say it had been a good day so far, as it wasn't yet finished. Regardless of proper phrasing, it was in fact good. It had only been a few days since he had awoken to too-white medical bay, but they all held the hopeful promise of a better future. Certainly the menacing darkness that clouded much of his senses if he reached past Tython was disturbing, but the planet itself, his home, felt safe. Even with the person who had hurt Melina, and the bothan, Noro, who had helped him, running lose somewhere on it's surface, Tython gave the young padawan the feeling of safety one would expect from, well, home. It wasn't perfect, he missed the hundreds of other initiates and padawans that once roamed the grounds, and the loss of the other jedi as whole was very noticeable, considering only a few weeks ago from Calen's standpoint they had all been right here.

    There were good things here now that he hadn't possessed back then, like his master, Briiana. Especially her. Ever since waking up for the second time since the nine hundred year leap, much of his time had been spent by the older jedi's side, even when she wasn't taking the moment to teach him some little tidbit. Not that there had been a lot of time available to the traditional training like there would have been all those centuries ago, they had had a lot to do in getting the temple functional again. More than once Calen had to spend time helping to clean through rubble strewn rooms or carry something to someone or fetch this or that. Not that he terribly minded, it only made sense that they all do something to help, even if he was the youngest and smallest of those there.

    But we've strayed from what we were discussing.

    It had been a good day for the young padawan. He had spent much of it outdoors, exploring the vastly changed wild land that had encroached up to the temple's very doors. Healer Te'lorn, he hadn't been far off her name after all it seemed, spent a lot of time there. He wondered if she planned to re-tame the immediate area, like the courtyard again. She seemed to really like the plants there. He himself had ventured a little ways into the veritable jungle, although never to far unless his master was with him, she likely kill him if he got seriously injured in his solo explorations. He had found a few familiar, if changed, sights while out and about. Including the fruit tree he had once broken his arm when he was younger falling out of. It was much bigger than it once was, as a tree is liable to be if it is the type to live for millennia. As luck would have it, even if such a thing wasn't supposed to exist according to the older jedi, it was the right time of the year for the tree to be positively bursting with fruit. He had filled his small satchel that the young padawan had carried around of late with several of the fruits. He had been sharing them with Briiana before Melina had come through the doors.

    "My Master was wondering if you all were available for a meeting in the Carbon Chamber. He wants to discuss our plans...or at least, that's what he told me."

    The two oldest jedi in the room, the nice healer lady and the seemingly forever grumpy lore-keeper, quickly responded and prepared to leave. Calen blinked and looked to his new-found master and then back to Melina, the closest person to his age in the room. "All of us?" 'All of us?'

    The reply was spoken, but also telepathically thought to Melina and Briiana, though the others would have picked up on it if they had desire to be listening for it. It was another lapse in control, something he had been working on but was ever so frustrating to maintain on his own, and still difficult though lessened when his master helped. His former master had possessed a technique to 'lock down' Calen's errant senses and the related telepathy to allow the young padawan to practice control with a smaller amount of that power, but his former master and that technique were lost to him now. And yet, he did not care as much as he thought he would. It wasn't just his partial lose of memory either, he truly liked the time spent with his new master, and he knew she had faith in his mastering those senses eventually, and he had faith in himself because of it.

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    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Briiana Shapur - Mess Hall - Temple - Tython

    Briiana had spent the last few days assisting with general repairs and guard duty, as well as attempting to guide and train the young Padawan who had attached himself to her almost as soon as they had awakened. To be fair, the link she felt to him was quite as strong, and continually confusing.

    As far out of her depth as she felt, especially when trying to interact with Calen during regular, everyday situations, she had to admit to herself that she enjoyed his company. Had it been anyone else, especially one of her own rank and age, she would have been beyond annoyed, but she could hardly be upset with him. His powers reminded her of her own, and his difficulty controlling them only made the urge to help him even stronger. She had turned to anger to bring hers under control, and, though it was very effective because of the way time stood still for her when she was upset, she had no desire to see one as young and softhearted as he was follow in her footsteps. Besides, she had learned control without anger, and she was sure he could, as well. Not that the anger had gone away, but it was no longer a necessity, and she didn't always have to be at least annoyed to be fully effective.

    At times, the difference between the way she handled things and the way she wanted him to caused such conflict within her own mind that she had to shut down completely. Occasionally she wondered if, one day, she would forget how to shut it all down, and it would cause her to lose control in a way she had never done before. It haunted her, lingering at the edge of her conscious mind, a torment she had not experienced before. Then again, before had been when she was young, defiant, and being punished. She had been able to release her anger in many "understandable" ways then, unlike now when she had to keep herself completely and always under control for the sake of her Padawan. She wondered if other Masters felt a similar struggle, or if most of them actually felt more "Jedi-like." On second thoughts, probably the latter. Most Jedi did not turn to one of the darkest emotions to keep them functioning on a daily basis, or to learn to control their power.

    As she looked around at the others seated with them at the table, Briiana realized that she still was releasing some anger in small ways. After all, the way she responded to and treated anyone whose opinions and behavior she did not approve of was infinitely below the acceptable standard for a Jedi. And it brought a smirk to her face. However, this train of thought was hardly acceptable when she was seated beside her Padawan, enjoying some of the fruit he had brought back with him from his latest expedition. She was very grateful that he never strayed too far from the temple without her by his side, as worry for his safety was one thing she was not quite prepared to feel again anytime soon. Throughout the time they had spent since he awoke in the medbay, she'd noticed his interest in the healer's work, and questioned whether she should ask the woman to teach him some of her skills. Perhaps it would help him deal with the strange new world, not to mention his own struggles, better, but Briiana wasn't ready to let someone else train him yet. Maybe at a later date, when she felt more used to this Master thing.

    Bringing herself back to the present again, Briiana smiled over at Calen, hoping that none of the things she'd been feeling had leaked through to him. She didn't want him to think she found him a burden, because, despite everything, nothing could be further from the truth. Just then, they were interrupted by the only other Padawan currently awake on Tython. "My Master was wondering if you all were available for a meeting in the Carbon Chamber. He wants to discuss our plans...or at least, that's what he told me."

    Briiana continued eating for a moment, while the other two replied. Then Calen quickly glanced between her and Melina. "All of us?" he asked aloud, while the question also echoed through the Force, //All of us?//

    Smirking, she replied, //I'm guessing so, Padawan. There's not much sense in excluding the two of you from general meetings. Especially when there are so few of us, in total.//

    Rising, she nodded to Melina. "We're not currently occupied. Are we gathering now?" She knew her frame alone made her somewhat intimidating, but, at the same time, she didn't want to appear unready, so she stepped away from both the table and Melina, motioning for Calen to follow. Distance might provide some comfort for both the girl and herself, while she had noticed that Calen found her height completely irrelevant, which she greatly appreciated. While she waited, feeling somewhat awkward, at a safe distance for Melina's answer, she reached out to touch the other Jedi's minds, and find out what the general attitude was towards the proposed meeting.

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    IC: Melina Daltross
    Temple Aurek, Mess Hall

    After giving the group the news, part of Melina wondered how they would react. Jedi they may be, but they were so...different from what she was used to. More independent to be sure. And that meant she didn't know if they would have questions about the need for a meeting, or just wouldn't want to do one. Thus, the young Padawan wasn't entirely sure what to expect. However...

    Te'lorn offered the girl a smile. "Why, I see no pressing need not to attend the meeting. And, there is need for such a thing, recent events have show us that much, if nothing else. I am quite willing." she told the young girl.

    Well, that's good.

    Palerma, on the other hand, sounded a bit bitter as he replied, "I suppose it is necessary though I don't see why it has to be held there. Frankly the less I see of that chamber, the better."

    Though, one could hardly blame him. Part of Melina still wondered about the idea of using the Carbon Chamber as the meeting area. But the Council Chamber was cut off from the rest of the temple by rubble that still needed cleared, and that left the Carbon area as the most efficient for the meeting. According to her master at any rate.

    "All of us?"

    That time it was Calen, sounding confused. Again...couldn't blame him.

    I would wonder why I was being included too...if not for the fact there are so few of us. My Master doesn't want to keep anyone in the dark...

    "We're not currently occupied. Are we gathering now?"

    And that time, it was Briiana. And that was the question of the hour really. Melina hadn't recieved any mental messages from her Master, so he probably hadn't managed to get the attention of the other two Jedi. Then again, he may be testing her initiative. Yeah...that had to be it.

    "If everyone is ready, yes," the teenage Padawan replied.

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    Aug 19, 2003
    IC: Vessan Felian
    Temple Hangar, Tython

    “So, the old bantha breeder replies: ‘Baby, you must have really been something back before hyperspace!’”

    After a slight pause to contain his own chuckles, all he could make out from back down the corridor of the dingy freighter was an unsatisfied “hmm…” While Vessan had never been a very good teller of jokes he had been trying to liven up his and Mipah’s workplace the last couple of days. He still had a ways to go. “If only we had a radio or something in here.”

    Before he could continue to work on the hydraulics of the freighter’s landing gear system he was interrupted by a now-familiar voice, that of Master Sule.

    "Hello in there! I need you to come with me to the Carbon Chamber! I am planning a meeting to plan our next move!"

    Mipah was the first to reply, no doubt eager to get away from Vessan’s less-than-stellar comedy, but the Khil was quick to catch up and walk with the other two back out into the hangar.

    “Well Master Sule, the project is coming along from where it was when we found her. Give me another day and we should be able to retract and lower the skids. Should make any potential landings a lot more pleasant. If and when we actually get her flying -” He held up a finger and excused himself. The Jedi turned on his boot heel and jogged back to the ship, returning with a few small data cards which he slipped into a pocket on his field belt. “The core flight computer sequencers, in case our dark intruders want to mess with our affairs again. I say we organize a hunt…very soon.”

    When he wasn't working in the hangar, Vessan was in the Archives with Palerma - because the human Lore Keeper hardly ever left. The only Jedi of the group that he had known personally before their freezing, he had begun to reconnect with his old friend. And the two of them knew that the first real objective of the stranded Jedi needed to be to neutralize Noro and whatever he was up to.

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    GM Approved!

    Name: Ferrum
    Species: Kel Dor
    Gender: Male
    Languages: Galactic Basic Standard, High Galactic, Kel Dor, Huttese
    Homeworld: Brentaal IV

    Skin Color: Orange
    Hair/Fur Color: None
    Eye Color: Silver
    Height: 1.85 meters
    Clothing: Traditional Robes of the Jedi Order; overtunic, undershirt, leather utility belt, obi, loose-fitting trousers and leather boots.

    Ferrum (meaning "Iron" in High Galactic), born in the Ringali Shell (Brentaal IV), was a male Kel Dor Jedi Guardian. Born to two Kel Dor; his father a former scout in the Republic Survey Corps and his mother an Agricultural Engineer - Ferrum spent a very brief normal childhood in his home city of Oradin. When his parents had become aware of his untamed connection to the Force, their first reaction would be to hide him from any Jedi visitors but it seemed his later apprenticeship to the Order was all but inevitable.

    When Jedi Master Koru and Knight Veraat visited Oradin, their task proved to be difficult yet successful in conclusion with the discovery of several force-potentials including Ferrum, who had personally told the Jedi of his secret ability. While his parents were incredibly reluctant on giving their child to the Jedi Order, Master Koru thoroughly convinced them by revealing the benefits and capabilities of a Jedi. Assuming the Temple on Coruscant would be best for Ferrum, he later boarded a shuttle with a few other hopefuls after a sorrowful farewell.

    Upon their arrival on Coruscant, an extensive process had soon begun; the Training of a Jedi. After years of constant progression, he would find himself in the position of a bona fide Jedi Guardian. Making short work of the Republic's enemies such as pirates and marauders, he proved to be as aggressive as he was calm making him a competent candidate for a special project. Put into stasis in a casing of carbonite, he was separated from the main body inside a leveled Force-related gallery deep in the forests of Tython. After years of sustained rest, he still has yet to awaken....

    Jedi Rank and other information:
    Rank: Jedi Knight (Guardian)

    Amount: 1
    Type: Single-hilt lightsaber
    Color: Cobalt blue
    Lightsaber Form(s): Ataru (Form IV), Shii-Cho (Form I)

    Skill Set:
    Force Strengths: Telekinesis, ionize, stun, tapas
    Force Weaknesses: Alter mind, revitalize, speed

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    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Calen Sirion
    Mess Hall, Jedi Temple

    'I'm guessing so, Padawan. There's not much sense in excluding the two of you from general meetings. Especially when there are so few of us, in total.'

    For a moment, Calen smiled softly. He was being included in what was usually considered older jedi stuff, something he had always wanted. Well not always, but recently assuming one ignored the great sleep. It vanished after that moment rather quickly and his gaze fell to the ground as sadness emanated from Calen. The latter had reminded him of the unforgettable, that the other jedi were gone, and the older jedi other than his master Briiana would have likely excluded him and Melina as being to young were that not the case. Another moment passed, and a sense of determination gripped the young jedi. He looked back up and met his master's eyes and an uncertain but almost hopeful smile returned to his face. Yes the others were gone, but he and Master Briiana and the others, they were still here, and they were not leaving into the force anytime soon.

    "We're not currently occupied. Are we gathering now?"

    Calen's focus twisted to return to Melina, waiting for the reply. Were they? It made sense, after all she had just come to get them. Of course, they may have just been planning one for later today and wanted everyone ready. It wasn't long before the question had an answer.

    "If everyone is ready, yes."

    The young padawan's eyes brightened before he carefully but quickly packed the rest of the fruits from today's explorations into his bag and stood from the table. An eager spirit had returned to Calen, along with a curiosity of what would be talked about shortly. Maybe something had been found? Or perhaps another of their frozen brethren had been thawed? Despite know he would find out soon, Calen had some difficulty quieting his nerves, the nerves that were going to having bouncing on his feet if he didn't watch it.

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Lyra Te'lorn
    Primary Temple

    Te'lorn smiled as she gracefully stood up. So far, it seemed that everyone was in agreement that now was the time for such of meeting, even if the place of that meeting did not bode well for some. She looked over towards Palerma with a smile. "Well, perhaps it is not the most comfortable place to talk, but it might be the most appropriate. There are still so many more frozen, and we dont know why they havent activated yet. Perhaps, with more activity, they shall." She gave a soft chuckle. "Besides, if it pulls you from out of the archives, that is an achievement in itself, I would say." She gave him a wink.

    Te'lorn reached over and picked up a fruit from the table as she began to walk towards the area the meeting was to be held. She stretched out with the Force, feeling the emotions that swirled around the room. Yes, there was a bit of anxiety, but there was hope there as well. And a sense of some type of purpose. With their world changed so much, they would have to decided if they were going to join it, and become a part of it, or stay hidden away. And with what happened when they awakened, she wondered more about that. Several things about the time they woke up, seemed so very strange. Then again, so was the world about them now. They had a enemy, even bigger than the old counsel had foreseen. How could they have let things fallen so far? Well, perhaps they would find out a bit more, during the meeting. Te'lorn walked on, as she gave thoughts on what to do next.

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