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Beyond - Legends The Return of the Sith. -3 planned movies- *storyline*

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Lord_Ninja, May 1, 2005.

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  1. Lord_Ninja

    Lord_Ninja Jedi Youngling

    May 1, 2005
    Hello, i am planning a large story to take place some time after the movies. Even though all envolved in the empire and the rebellion are long since dead, the new republic is still in a state of dissaray and rebuilding. 10 years before the story, a major rift formed in the republic, and a large war broke out. The loosing side was called the sith, but there were not truly sith. Near the end of the war, the "sith" destroyed a world iscolated from the republic war, but still a part of the republic itself.
    Few survived on this world, but the families of 2 young children survived (the children were both 5 at the time). The story takes place 10 years after the end of the war. the 2 children are now teenagers, and both of their families have died.(their names are Kareth and Redak)
    A rebublic ship mysteriousely crashes on the planet. When a rescue ship arrives, Kareth and Redak leave with them, and join the rupublic fleet. After a few years, they leave the fleet and become bounty hunters. As bounty Hunters, they are hired to hunt down a person who turns out to be a dark jedi. after a difficult battle, Kareth somehow gets ahold of a lightsaber that the Dark jedi was not using, and defeats him. A jedi saw this fight, and offers the two an oppotunity to join the Jedi. they accept and leave for training.
    after a few years, they become jedi knights, and are sent on a mission by the council. For the first time since the days of the empire, the true sith are beginning to appear across the galexy. They have located their leader, so Kareth and Redak are to go and stop him before he gains too much power.
    They go to a distant world, and vanish. The jedi believe they have died. They have actually been captured by the sith lord, who tells them that their planet was used as bait by the republic to stop the "sith" The republic baited the sith fleet away from their world, and attacked them while they were defenseless, bringing an end to the war. This is used to convince them to join him, and they become his apprentices. The jedi still believe they are dead.
    Eventually Kareth challenges the old sith master, and kills him. He becomes the new master, and leads the sith into war with the republic. The jedi do not know of his identity until several years into the war, where he faces several masters in battle.
    The sith are winning the war, and the republic is failing. But a sith ship crashes on a jedi world. They investigate the crash, and find kareth waiting. He tells them that he seeks their forgiveness, and wishes to rejoin them. They do not trust him, but he gains their trust by leading many succesful battles against the sith. The dark lord Redak does not know kareth is still alive.(he has a talent for fooling people into thinking hes dead doesnt he?)
    Eventually the Republic begins to win.
    The sith build a great weapon, and use it to all but destroy the republic. In the final days of the war, Kareth leads several jedi to attack this weapon ship. Therre he confronts Redak, tries to bring him back to the light and fails, and they fight a great battle. Eventually Kareth wins, and uses the fact that he was the dark lord once to stop the sith, and bring them to an end.

    well that's my storyline. There will probably be 3 movies, 1 is the beginning up until they join the sith, 2 is the rise of Kareth and the war, 3 is the return of Kareth to the jedi, and the defeat of the sith.

    Please give me any suggestions you have. Thhis is my first Star Wars movie, but not the first movies iv made. I have made several movies with my brother, who will help me on this one (hes in Kuwait right now, but should be home before too long).

    Hi Lord_Ninja. As interesting as the outline you've given is, the The Beyond The Saga board is not where this belongs. I'm slightly confused as to where to direct you as you've stated this is a story plan, then talk about it being movies.

    If you've thinking of making a movie, you might want to check out [link=] Fan Film Forums[/link].

    If you're p
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