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NSWRPF Archive The Rhythm of Life: A Reality Show

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Vectus, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Vectus

    Vectus Jedi Youngling

    Apr 21, 2007
    The Rhythm of Life: A Reality Show

    ?Well, I won? say it?s not hard being an ar?ist. But it helps that music is me first love and sex is me second. Ha ha ha! Man, I love Rock.? An old rocker, in black leather and long hair that seriously needs a cut, says as he leans back in the chair, his legs crossed. Taking a sip of water from the Aquafina bottle in his left hand, he smiles to the interviewer. ?My reality show will take everyone into the life of living on the road, as my band mates an? I did back in the day. Sold out shows, constant touring, and lots of ladies!?

    The man across from him chuckled stiffly. ?So, tell us about the contestants.?

    ?Alrigh?. The show follows four bands, each of a different kind of music; Rock, Pop, Latino, and Country. We will be following them for two years? taping the good an? the bad. They will be doin? gigs as well as gettin? record labels.?

    ?And what do these groups get in the end??

    ?Well? after the two years, we will be putting on a concert, featuring the group with the mos? votes from the audiences at home. They will receive a contract from me recording studio and will be paid quite a hefty price as well as go on a world tour with me band.? He smiled, showing his crooked teeth. Despite his looks, Mal Tyco was a millionaire. As lead singer, he and his band broke records upon records and was named one of the best rock bands of all time. ?So watch an? vote for the band you think worthy of touring with The Kaisers.?


    In this game, you will be playing as a member of one of the four bands. Not only will you be RPing their actions, but will (from time to time) endure one on one and group interviews for the show. This is meant to be almost comical and should most defiantly play on stereotypes.

    The playing style will be the same as most games? but with an emphasis on surroundings. Remember, this is a reality show? so everything in the viewing area is important. I will not ask you to describe camera angles (so don?t worry about that) but I will ask you to keep in mind that there are always cameras around.

    As a group, you will also be writing your music (so? that means showing us how your band comes up with words and the music) as well as performing it. Practice makes perfect!


    The Rules:

    -I, the GM, have final say.
    -Cussing is not allowed (but encouraged if in character? so bleeps are oh so appropriate.)
    -No God-moding
    -Keep OCC to a minimum
    -Drugs, Sex, and alcohol should be used with caution. Keep it tasteful and allude to anything that is board inappropriate. Remember the TOS and don?t do anything you think would be cut from a Reality show on Prime Time T.V.


    The Bands:

    The Name: Sacrificial Lambs
    The Band Members:
    -Lead Singer
    -Lead Guitar (Electric)
    -Other Guitar Player (Electric)
    -Bass Guitar (Electric)
    NOTE: All members are from the UK.

    The Name: November 22
    The Band Members:
    -Lead Singer
    -Back up singer/guitarist (acoustic/electric)
    -Bass guitar (electric)
    NOTE: All members are pretty to look at and have a distinct style of clothing.

    The Name: La joya de México
    The Band Members:
    -Lead Singer/guitarist (acoustic)
    -Back up singer/guitarist (acoustic)
    -Bass Guitar (Electric)
    NOTE: All songs are in Spanish (or mostly Spanish) and all members are Hispanic.

    The Name: Tipping Holly
    The Band Members:
    -Lead Singer/guitarist (acoustic)
    -Guitarist (acoustic)
    -Fiddle/Mandolin Player
    -Bass Guitar (electric)
    NOTE: They all have southern accents, wear cowboy hats, drive trucks, and enjoy home cookin?.

    Any position not filled will be played as an NRC and players are allowed more than one character.


    Character Sheet:

    (Include hometown)

  2. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    [hl=limegreen]Vectus Approved!![/hl]

    Name: Chad "Chaddy Boy" Ray
    -Gender: Male
    -Age: 24
    -Nationality: English-- Brighton, England

    Physical Description: Tall, thin, pale, brown eyes, long, shaggy brown hair, stuble


    Typical Clothing: Blue jeans, random t-shirts that usually have funny sayings on them and usually wears a different pair of sunglasses every performance.

    Personality: Quiet, charming, and way to into himself.
    -Hobbies: Likes to fish... and get completly **** up.

    Band: Sacrifical Lambs (Rock)
    -Role: Lead Guitar- Emerald Green


    Bio: Chad grew up in a middle class, working family with two older brothers; Liam and David. As a young boy, his mum made him take piano lessons from the 'old cat lady' down the street. After two years, Chad grew annoyed and skipped classes to hang out with his much older friends and getting into all sorts of trouble.

    One day, while buying some drugs closer to town, Chad heard a homeless man sitting in an alley way playing a catchy tune as he sat against a wall that had a painting of a girl letting a red balloon float off and the words 'There's always hope'. (Later he found out it was Norwiegen Wood by The Beatles.) The tune stuck with him, to the point that he was singing it in his sleep. The next day, Chad made his way back to the wall, relieved to find the old homless guy still sitting there.

    Eventually he asked the man to teach him the guitar in return for the money he was supposed to be spending on piano lessons. The man agreed.

    Soon, Chad found himself playing guitar in cirlces around all the local players and went on the search for a band.
  3. DarthTK42-Wan-

    DarthTK42-Wan- Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 14, 2003
    Name: Charlie Ray
    -Gender: Male
    -Age: 27
    -Nationality: English-- Brighton, England

    Physical Description: Tall, thin, pale, brown eyes, long, unkempt dirty blonde, clean shaven

    Typical Clothing: Khaki pants with graphic t-shirts.

    Personality: Spastic, but good natured in a weird... sort of way.
    -Hobbies: Sleeping, drumming, and eating. Rumored to be a heavy drinker (but, from what the band says, he is completly sober... just brain damaged)

    Band: Sacrifical Lambs (Rock)
    -Role: Drummer--Drumset changes from performance to performance... due to his many "accidental" drumset fires.

    Bio: Charlie grew up as a normal boy in the suburbans. He was a happy boy, with no problems... and seemed to be a promising brain surgeon, just like his father. Unfortunatly, his overdeveloped sense of adventure lead to a tragic street luge accident. ("If only that mini van hadn't been there..." His cousin Chad always says.)
    After that fatefull day, Charlie has never been the same. His simptions range from near narcolepsy to bouts of ADD. (Sometimes he seems schizophrenic... but Psycologists all agree that he is none of the above.) As his cousin Chad would say, "He's all sixes an' sevens. Poor chap. Why did I let him jump off tha' bridge?"
    Chad eventually came around trying to create a band, and started with Charlie, who had found a talent for beating on things... in a rythmic sort of way. Although we're not sure he actually registers that he's in a rock band, he is considered to be a great drummer.
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