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Before - Legends The Riddle of Masters and Padawans

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JENNA, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. JENNA

    JENNA Jedi Master star 2

    Jun 19, 2005
    summary: when obi plays a practical joke, his master decides to get even. As usual, a normal-er- as normal a morning as it can get with our two Jedi favorites.

    I don't own Star Wars.

    There was a man back in '95
    Whose heart ran out of summers
    But before he died, I asked him,
    Wait, what's the sense in life,
    Come over me, come over me

    Obi-Wan Kenobi, 15 years old, snuck into his Master's room. it was 6:30 in the morning, but it was a special day for Qui-Gon, Obi's Master. Even if Qui-Gon didn't remember, which he usually did, it was his birthday. So, Obi-Wan decided to play some tricks. After all, what was April 1st for?

    Qui-Gon's nose twitched as he "sniffed" a large feather that was hanging under his nose. Now, a feather wouldn't affect most Jedi, but to Qui-Gon, it made him sneeze. Jinn's nose twitched.

    And twitched.

    And TWITCHED!!

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Qui-Gon bellowed, sitting up in bed, hair flying around his damp face. The bedroom window was wide open, letting in the nice cool air. Qui-Gon got up and went to the window. As he peered out, something hit him in the face and exploded. Qui-Gon just humphed. Then he went and closed the window.

    He said,
    Son, why you gotta sing that tune,
    Catch a Dylan song,
    Or some eclipse of the moon,
    Let an angel swing and make you swoon
    Then you will see, you will see

    Obi-Wan could barely contain his grin when he saw the haphazard look his Master was sporting. "Good morning... yawn.... Padawan," Qui-Gon said, slowly stumbling on the words. "W@e won't be practicing this morning-- go enjoy yourself," Qui-Gon said. Obi-Wan yayed silently and said reverently, "Yes Master." Qui-Gon noticed that a muscle in Obi-Wan's right cheek twitched. Qui-Gon wondered why as he walked off.

    A few minutes later from the bathroom, there was a very un-manly screech.


    Then he said, here's a riddle for ya
    Find the answer
    There's a reason for the world,
    You and I.

    Obi-Wan spent the rest of the morning in his room, writing a long essay on why it was not appropriate to play jokes on masters. Then a devilish idea popped into the young Jedi's head. He quickly started typing on his datapad, grinning wickedly. He thought of his Master's now bright pink hair and grinned some more.

    Qui-Gon was handed the essay that evening. "Thank you, Padawan. I hoped you learned your lesson," Qui said, gesturing that Obi-Wan sit for dinner. "Yes, Master," Obi-Wan said. Jinn sat after Obi-Wan, then a sounded erupted from the Jedi Master's behind.


    Obi-Wan couldn't help it anymore. He burst into laughter, laughing wildly as Qui-Gon stood up and held up the whoopee cushion he had just sat on. "Apparently, I was wrong," Qui-Gon said, throwing the cushion away. "Alright, then. Let's have a nice dinner, and pretend that didn't happen."

    Picked up my kid from school today,
    Did you learn anything
    Cause in the world today,
    You can't live in a castle far away,
    Now talk to me, come talk to me
    He said,
    Dad, now I'm big,
    But we're smaller than small
    In the scheme of things,
    Well, we're nothing at all,
    Still every mother's child
    Sings a lonely song,
    So play with me, come play with me

    Obi-Wan climbed into bed, after thinking about what had happened during the day. After dinner, Qui-Gon had tried to read the 'pad, but words kept changing around. It had been a very old idea of Bant's, sometime ago, to change what you wanted seen and didn't want seen around so that you could confuse the other Jedi. Obi-Wan grinned. He'd have to thank her for telling him about the trick.

    And hey dad,
    Here's a riddle for ya,
    Find the answer
    There's a reason for the world,
    You and I

    Obi-Wan pulled his covers up and closed his eyes. A few hours later, his bedroom door swished open, revealing a very awake Jedi Master.

    I said,
    Son, for all I've told you,
    When you get right down to
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