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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Sir_Robin_the_Brave, Dec 16, 2002.

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  1. Sir_Robin_the_Brave

    Sir_Robin_the_Brave Jedi Youngling

    Nov 15, 2002
    The Ripple Effect.

    PART I

    Two Days After The Battle of Geonosis?

    The Clone War has begun.
    Thousands of Jedi are spreading throughout the galaxy to lead the clones into battle.
    On Coruscant, those remaining on the Jedi council have but two things
    on their minds: how to win the war, and what they should do when the Dark Side takes them.
    On Naboo, Anakin is adapting to his new mechanical arm, while enjoying
    his forbidden honeymoon with his wife Padme Skywalker.
    But on Kamino, a plan has been hatched. A plan, though innocent in
    theory, which will have an enormous effect on the galaxy?

    Prime Minister Lama Su looked out at the watery plains of Kamino, wondering if his scientists were really up for the challenge of his plan. They?ve only done so much on normal human specimens, he thought, I don?t know if it will even work. Taun We entered the room. ?I bring some unfortunate news I?m afraid,? she said, ?it seems that Jango has been killed. A Jedi named Mace Windu killed him in battle. It appears that he was working for the side of the enemy.?

    ?Well, I?m glad we didn?t allow him to know too much about our cloning techniques,? he said, ?otherwise we would have been blamed if the Republic?s enemies were able to clone for themselves!? He knew his humor was inappropriate at the moment. A friend, if you may, had just been killed.

    Lama Su owed Fett so much gratitude for offering a few cell samples. All the thanks he could never say to a man who had made a life of solitude and death. No wonder he had wanted a son so badly. He needed someone whom he could truly, relate to. ?How did you come across this information?? he asked.

    ?Master Boba returned flying Slave 1, quite skillfully I might add, and came to collect what was left of his father?s pay,? Taun We responded.

    Looks like they didn?t really need the accelerated learning, Lama thought. He looked back out the window, ?Has my?sample?arrived yet??

    ?No sir, but it is on its way, There was some trouble obtaining it and that is the reason for delay.?

    ?Is it damaged??

    ?No sir, we had it put in carbonite while on board the ship in order to preserve it.?

    Lama dismissed her. He sighed, smiled, and looked back out the window. Good, he thought, soon we shall see if a better army of the Republic is in order.

    Luke felt the space about him widen as he moved forward, using his lightsaber as a dim beacon. He strained to see in the darkness trying his best to hear. But there was no sound at all.


    Then, a very loud hiss.

    The sound was very familiar. He froze where he stood. He had heard that hiss even in his nightmares; it was the labored breath of a thing that had once been a man.

    Out of the darkness a light appeared? In its illumination Luke saw the looming figure of Darth Vader raise his lighted weapon to attack, then lunge.

    The block glowed red around the object at first, then slowly melted away and fell on the table. Lama felt it to make sure there was no damage in the defrosting stage. There was no need for him to do this, but he wanted absolutely no flaws in this experiment. If his scientists were to lose the sample, it would be almost impossible to obtain another.

    ?Alright,? he summoned his top scientists. ?I want to be perfectly clear on this subject. This sample is to be priority one. I do not want you working on any other clones. This is to consume your complete attention. I want a DNA analysis, single cell extraction, simulation reproduction, and a test reproduction. When all of these stages have been completed, I want to be notified and shown results.?

    He walked out of the room, head held high and with giddiness in his step. It was the first time in a long time; he felt he was going back to his old ways of being a scientist, himself. Crazy in his ideas, but genius in his results. That was how he got to his position in the first place.

    Through ultra-violet-seeing, his ey
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