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    In The Shadows Book 2: The Rising Tempest
    Sequel to ?In The Shadows Book 1: [link=]Jedi Uprising[/link]?

    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to George Lucas and so do all his characters. Any characters created by Jude Watson and Dave Wolverton belong to them + any characters I created belong to me. I am making no money off of this and I hope you enjoy this exciting adventure.

    Author note: I would like to thank my two beta readers for the time and energy they put in to check my fic over and offer advice.

    Author note 2: If you would like to be pmed when there are updates and/or for future episode updates then please let me know so that I can add you to my list.

    Author note 3: /bond/ means talking through bond. Italics mean dreams, visions, and/or thoughts.

    Dramatis personae


    - Jedi Master (Unknown species male)
    Plo Koon - Jedi Master (Kel Dor male)
    Even Piell - Jedi Master (Lannik male)
    Yaddle - Jedi Master
    Adi Gallia - Jedi Master (Human female)
    Oppo Rancisis - Jedi Master (Thisspain male)
    Saesee Tiin - Jedi Master (Iktotchi male)
    Dooku - Jedi Master (Human male)


    Darth Bane
    - Sith Master. Head of the Sith Council.
    Darth Cralash - Sith Master. Sits on the Sith Council. (Human male)
    Darth Sidious - Sith Master
    Darth Ronok - Sith Master (Human male)
    Darth Milter - Sith Master. Nev-Kwellen?s Master. (Human male)
    Darth Sidious - Sith Master (Human male)
    Darth Fraunel - Sith Master (Human female)
    Darth Meltric - Sith Master (Human male)
    Darth Mage - Sith Master (Human male)
    Darth Dakonda - Anakin?s Master (Human male)
    Darth Nemiraa - Sith Master (Human female)
    Darth Redav aka Obi-Wan - Sith Master (Human male)
    Darth Khunth aka Bruck - Sith Master (Human male)
    Darth Seront aka Garen - Sith Master (Human male)
    Anakin Skywalker - Sith apprentice (Human male)
    Nev-Kwellen - Darth Milter?s apprentice (Human male)
    Drengin - Sith apprentice (Humanoid male)


    Jango Fett
    - Bounty hunter (Human male)
    Watto - Owner of parts shop (Toydorian male)
    Panaka - Chief of security.
    Maya - Padme?s handmaiden (Human female)
    Kitster - Padme?s bodyguard (Human male) What no older picture of him?
    Jobal - Padme?s mother (Human female)
    Sola - Padme?s sister (Human female)
    Pooja and Ryoo - Sola?s daughters (Human females)
    Jonash Solo - Captain of a warship (Human male)


    - Capital planet. Inner rim planet.
    Naboo - In the outer rim.
    Theed - Capital of Naboo.
    Tatooine - In the outer Rim.
    Mos Espa - A town of Tatooine.
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    Chapter 1

    Darth Redav walked purposefully through the dim corridor and entered a dark room that was weakly lit by the rays of the sun that managed to come through the dirty glass doors. He opened the doors to the balcony and went to lean against the railing. He looked out into the sky to see the sun begin its descent. The sun?s rays cast shadows on the many buildings, while others sparkled with color.

    ?It?s lovely, isn?t it?? Nemiraa remarked as she came up next to him.

    ?Every day it has the same view when it rises and it sets. Even through storms, clouds, and whatever can seem to cover it up, it?s still there. Colors may vary, shadows may be larger or smaller, but the same beauty is there.? Redav replied as he continued to watch the sun?s descent.

    ?As for those who conceal their true selves in an effort to create a false version of their true self, it is the same.? Nemiraa added.

    ?A sun can implode and erase its beauty and the beauty around it, and in its place there is destruction and chaos,? Redav continued.

    ?Corruption of a person?s true self can occur, but can disaster be replaced with the renewal of beauty?? Nemiraa finished.

    Redav turned his head to look at her. ?Well said.?

    Nemiraa turned to return his look. ?And the same to you.?

    ?I?m leaving on another mission early tomorrow,? Redav told her as he looked back at the setting sun.

    Nemiraa frowned. ?But you only just returned from your last mission five hours ago!? she remarked.

    ?The Council had other ideas,? Redav replied with an irritated tone in his voice.

    ?Redav, you have gone on more then twenty missions for the past five months! And you wind up staying at the Temple for less then 24 hours!? Nemiraa protested.

    Redav shrugged his shoulders. ?The missions may be annoying, but I have to do what I have to do.?

    ?In other words, do what the Council orders you to do; I know the routine. So what kind of mission is it this time?? she asked.

    ?I have to deliver a message ?personally? to Jango Fett,? he replied as he walked away from the balcony.

    Nemiraa crossed her arms and watched him leave, ?That?s a job for an apprentice, not a Master.?

    Redav turned to look at her, ?Tell the Council that, I?m sure they will be happy to know that detail.? He said sarcastically.

    Nemiraa uncrossed her arms and walked over to him. ?At least this mission is less dangerous then the last seven were,? she replied, and gave him a light kiss on the lips. ?I will love you anyway, no matter what mission they give you.? She said before she left the room.

    Redav smirked and left the room as well.


    Darth Khunth walked into the Council chambers and strode to the center where he bowed in front of Darth Bane.

    ?Report!? Darth Bane commanded.

    ?Jenna Zan Arbor has been captured and taken to the high security prison on Kessel where she will receive the proper punishment for her crimes. Her labs and experiments have been destroyed. The records of her experiments, viruses and cures have been sent to Darth Yintac, on Abregado-rae.? Khunth reported.

    ?Splendid work. You may go until called for.? Darth Cralash told him in dismissal.

    ?Darth Khunth you?ve proven your loyalty and skill satisfactorily, now you must take on an apprentice before your next assignment is given.? Darth Bane added.

    Darth Khunth bowed in respect and left the room.


    Darth Seront sat in his small living room in the middle of floor in meditation. Ten years has passed since that fateful day on Naboo. Progress had been slow and the goal we intend to reach still seemed so far away. There is one obstacle after another. For five months we had Sith Masters evaluating us, testing and taking us on missions. After that the Council began to send Obi-Wan and Bruck on missions that lasted for weeks. I, however, was put in charge of a lightsaber class as well as collecting children to be raised as Sith.

    He rubbed his forehead as a headache began to form. Anakin received a strict Master and for the first few months did
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    Chapter 2

    ?Master, how can good come from bad?? thirteen year old Nemiraa asked her new Master.

    ?That is a very good question. There are many theories and a few are based on fact. Many cultures and beings have different beliefs on it. Personally, I see it as someone that comes from the outside to a place where things are bad and begins to slowly plant seeds of goodness,? he explained.

    ?I think I get it,? Nemiraa confirmed as they watched the sun finish its descent.

    After the sun went down they headed back to their quarters. ?Master,? Nemiraa began as they entered their quarters. ?You won?t leave me like my former Master did, will you??

    He gave her a small smile. ?I won?t be around forever, but I will be in your heart and my teachings will be with you when you need them.?

    Nemiraa nodded in acceptance of his answer and headed to her bedroom. ?Good night, Master.?

    ?Good night, Nemiraa,? he replied and headed off to his room.


    Darth Khunth stood before the Council again, this time with Drengin standing beside him.

    ?I have chosen Drengin to be my apprentice and now ask the Council?s approval and recognition,? Khunth began.

    Darth Cralash examined Drengin with his piercing stare and looked back at Khunth. ?There are older ones that may benefit from you better than this boy,? he replied gruffly.

    Drengin stiffened at this and bit his lip as he looked to Khunth for reassurance.

    Khunth?s eyes blazed with anger at this remark as he replied, ?I am sure of my choice, unless, of course, the Council now doubts my abilities??

    Darth Ronok fidgeted as he glared at Khunth. ?Are you questioning our decisions?? He asked as his hand inched to his lightsaber.

    Khunth swallowed a lump in his throat as he answered, ?No Masters, however, I have made my choice so either you grant his apprenticeship to me or I will not choose an apprentice.?

    Darth Bane nodded his head. ?Very well then; Drengin will be your apprentice.? With that said he dismissed them.

    Khunth and Drengin bowed their heads and left. As soon as they were out of the Council chambers Drengin let out a sigh of relief.

    Khunth smiled inwardly. ?We?ll stop by your old room and pick up your stuff. Then we?ll start the bonding process in our quarters.?

    ?Yes Master,? Drengin replied in a cheery tone, a tone that he quickly squashed as best as he could.


    Anakin walked quickly through the corridors in a sour mood. This is ridiculous; it seems the better I do the more work my Master gives me. I want to get rid of him now not later. He stopped walking near Darth Seront?s quarters. I could be a little late; it?s not like it?ll be any worse if I?m on time. He knocked on Darth Seront?s door, hoping that he hadn?t left yet.

    ?Come on in, Anakin,? Darth Seront called as he came out of the kitchen. Anakin entered and was met by Seront. ?Well, Anakin, I haven?t seen you in awhile. Your Master keeping you busy?? Seront asked as he gestured for him to sit down as he too sat down across from Anakin.

    Anakin snorted. ?That?s an understatement; I?ll probably die young if he keeps this up.?

    ?I see, so you decided to see me and be late instead?!? Seront remarked questionably.

    Anakin nodded his head. ?I do need a break from this training. I wonder if he trains me so hard because they think that I am the Chosen One.?

    ?Anakin, you ?are? the Chosen One,? Seront corrected.

    ?Yeah, chosen for torment and probable death at a young age,? Anakin replied sarcastically.

    ?Anakin, no one said being the Chosen One would be easy and training to be a Sith, Chosen One or not, does not mean it will be easy. Drawing on the Dark Side ?is? an easy thing to do but the training is still hard work.?

    Anakin stood up and headed to the door, ?Thanks a lot,? he remarked irritably and left.

    Seront clasped his head in his hands and groaned. ?And I wonder why this mission hasn?t been completed yet.?


    Darth Redav flew his ship down to Paquallis III?s surface and landed in a hanger b
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    Chapter 3

    ?He could be trouble,? Darth Milter muttered as he watched Anakin from the shadows.

    ?He?s just child; he can?t possibly get in your way, Master,? Nemiraa remarked, confidence in her voice.

    ?Yes, he is still a child ? but he will grow older, more mature and stronger,? Darth Milter responded in a gruff tone.

    ?The Council would be displeased if they knew that you wanted to get rid of the Chosen One just to get what you wish for.? She carefully reminded him.

    Darth Milter chuckled. ?That is why I?m not going to do anything except suggest a certain Master to the Council.?

    Nemiraa frowned. ?You wouldn?t?? She sighed as she saw the look that her Master gave her. ?You would.?

    Darth Milter grunted. ?Of course I would. Now I want you to gather information on the Chosen One and bring it to our quarters. I have a lot of work to do.?

    Nemiraa bowed her head. ?Yes, my Master,? she replied and left for the library.


    Drengin walked through the corridors and headed to the gym, where his Master had told him to wait. Excitement mixed with apprehension filled him as he entered the gym, only to stop suddenly in his steps when he saw nineteen year old, Nev-Kwellen, practicing his katas in the middle of the small gym. Drengin swallowed a lump in his throat and continued inside. He found a small corner and waited for him to leave, wishing fervently that his Master would come soon or that Nev-Kwellen wouldn?t notice him and leave.

    ?Well, well, well, runt,? Nev-Kwellen said, stopping his kata and looking at Drengin. ?What are you doing in ?my? gym?? he asked coldly as he approached.

    Drengin?s mouth went dry and he shuffled his feet. ?I?m waiting for my Master,? he managed to croak.

    Nev-Kwellen was a burly apprentice, with light brown hair and orange highlights. His eyes were gray and dull and his eyebrows were a bushy brownish orange. ?Little slave boy has a Master?? He cackled evilly.

    ?I?m not a slave!!? Drengin defended himself.

    Nev-Kwellen clucked his tongue. ?Your people serve us, thus you are still a slave.?

    ?I have the Force,? Drengin replied.

    ?Yes, that is the only reason why you are here and not working in the spice mines of Kessel.? Nev-Kwellen snorted.

    Drengin crossed his arms, his face passive. ?Well, then, I?m not a slave.?

    ?Don?t think you can act tough with me, slave!? he spat out angrily.

    Drengin?s face flushed red in simmering anger. ?I?m nobody?s slave Nev-Kwellen. I?m an apprentice now and no one can say otherwise,? he told him firmly.

    Nev-Kwellen was ready to attack Drengin when he stopped and looked behind himself, then back at Drengin. ?You may have gotten out of this one but I?ll be harder on you next time,? he spat as he turned around to meet his Master.


    Darth Redav landed his ship on the landing pad of Tipoca City. He pulled his hood up and descended the ramp as rain pelted against him and a strong wind swept at his robes. He came up to the entrance and the door slid open automatically. He entered a bright room that appeared even brighter because of the white walls. He pulled back his hood and watched a Kaminoan approach him.

    ?Greetings, Darth Redav; we have been expecting you. I am Taun We, please follow me,? she said in a melodic tone.

    He followed her down the white corridors to another room. Inside he saw a male Kaminoan sitting in an egg shaped chair.

    ?May I introduce Lama Su, Prime Minister of Kamino,? Taun We introduced. ?This is Darth Redav,? she finished.

    ?Greetings, Darth Redav; we are honored by your presence. What may we do for you?? Lama Su began.

    ?I am looking for a bounty hunter called Jango Fett. The Council has an important assignment for him.? Darth Redav explained.

    ?He is here. I will lead you to him personally,? Lama Su replied as he got up from his chair and led Darth Redav to another room. With a wave of his hand, the door opened and Darth Redav stepped inside to see Jango Fett.

    ?I can?t seem to get away from you Sith, can I?? Jango asked as he c
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    Chapter 4

    Redav slowly woke up in a dark room. He moved his head as he examined his surroundings and, attempting to sit up, he felt pain course through his body. Grunting, he laid back down and began to focus on the Force to free himself, but it was illusive.

    ?Ah, you?re awake, I see,? said a voice.

    ?Who are you? And why have you captured me?? Redav asked with a menacing voice.

    His captor chuckled in amusement. ?Why? Because I was ordered to do so.? He paused before adding, ?Jedi!?

    ?You are mistaken,? He told his captor with a stony expression and confident voice. ?I am a Sith and fully devoted to the Sith Order,? Redav replied.

    ?I think not,? his captor rebuked him as a fingernail trailed Redav?s cheek. ?However, we can change that.? He said as he brought a sliver bladed knife to Redav?s bare chest. ?Yes, we will.?


    Anakin left the Council room with a smirk on his face and headed to the cafeteria for mid-day meal. Nev-Kwellen joined him and put his plate of food on a table.

    ?How did it go?? Nev-Kwellen asked as he took a bite out of a spicy piece of grilled meat.

    ?As well as could be expected. Darth Dakonda was glaring at me when I left, so I must have been pretty persuasive,? Anakin replied with a smirk of satisfaction.

    ?Good for you. Standing up to Darth Dakonda is not an easy thing to accomplish. The Council will be sure to note that,? he replied, giving Anakin a nod in approval. ?After they give the verdict, we?ll go out and celebrate your victory. I know a little bar that will do nicely.?

    ?I?ll look forward to it, Nev-Kwellen,? Anakin responded as he bit into a piece of golden-brown fruit.


    Darth Seront listened to Anakin talk to a boy as he sat eating at a table across from them. So, the hearing went well for Anakin. Still, I have a bad feeling about this. Looking away from them, he spotted Darth Khunth and his apprentice approaching his table. ?So this is your apprentice,? Seront remarked, examining Drengin as they sat down at the table.

    Khunth nodded. ?Darth Seront, this is Drengin. Drengin, this is Darth Seront,? Khunth introduced them.

    ?I?m pleased to meet you,? Drengin told Darth Seront and began to eat his food.

    /Seront, I?m thinking of telling Drengin about us./ Khunth said through their bond.

    /You what? Are you crazy?/ Seront screamed.

    /Calm down. Besides, we are going to be telling Anakin, too, when the time comes./ Khunth replied smoothly.

    /We are not talking about Anakin, we?re talking about your apprentice./ Seront replied.

    /I don?t want to lie about myself to him, Seront. I just can?t do it./ Khunth confessed to Seront.

    /You tell him and you?ll jeopardize this mission, putting our lives ? and possibly that of your apprentice ? at risk./ Seront said sternly.

    ?Master, are you going to eat the rest of your Pacins?? Drengin asked.

    Khunth stopped talking to Seront and gave a small smile to Drengin, while Seront managed a small chuckle. ?Go ahead, eat them,? Khunth told him, handing Drengin his plate.

    Khunth looked up at Darth Seront and saw the small amusement that had been there fade away, replaced with a cold, rebuking face.


    Anakin finished eating and headed to the top of the Temple, where there was a stunning view that was kept hidden from the rest of the Temple. From here, he could see the far off mountain peaks and when the sun set, it offered a magnificent view. Anakin leaned against the edge of the roof as his thoughts drifted to the past...

    ?I?m not going to hurt you,? Garen said gently.

    ?Why should I trust you? Your kind killed my mother. How do I know that you?re not the one who killed her? Or that you plan to kill me?? Anakin blurted out, pain and anger in his tone.

    Garen glanced at Maul, whose lips were curled into a snarl, then back at the boy. ?You don?t,? the padawan admitted.

    Anakin nodded his head. ?Right, so leave us alone!? he commanded, crossing his arms stubbornly.

    Garen looked at the boy, sensing the fear in him. ?Look, I?ll giv
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    Chapter 5

    Anakin was still mulling over past conversations and encounters when he heard running footsteps. He looked toward the stairs to see a young boy running up and heading to the far end of the roof, opposite Anakin. Curious, Anakin walked over to the boy. When he got closer he saw that the child was crying.

    ?What?s wrong?? Anakin asked softly.

    Drengin glanced at Anakin, silvery brown eyes betraying his nervousness, before looking away to avoid Anakin?s gaze, ?Nothing.?

    Anakin shook his head, not entirely convinced, and stood beside him. ?What?s your name??

    ?Drengin,? he mumbled.

    ?Well, Drengin, would you like to walk with me?? Anakin asked.

    Drengin turned around to look at Anakin, his face still streaked with tears. ?Why??

    Anakin shrugged. ?To get our minds off of things for awhile.?

    ?Okay,? Drengin agreed, wiping his face with his hand.

    They began to walk along the roof, enjoying each other?s companionship.

    ?What?s your name?? Drengin asked, glancing up. ?I know I?ve seen you before.?

    ?My name is Anakin Skywalker.?

    Drengin stopped and gaped at the young man, remembering when he had seen him. ?The Anakin? The Anakin that was brave enough to take on his Master just to get a different one!?? Drengin exclaimed in surprise and awe.

    Anakin?s cheeks grew warm in embarrassment. ?You saw that??

    Drengin nodded his head shyly. ?You?re brave.?

    Anakin gave a little snort. ?Brave is not how most people describe me ? more like reckless and hotheaded.?

    ?And brave,? Drengin added.

    ?You?re very persistent, aren?t you?? Anakin asked as he crossed his arms.

    ?I guess I am,? Drengin answered with a smile.

    ?So do you come up here a lot?? Anakin asked as they stopped next to the edge of the roof and looked at the scenery.

    ?Yes, it?s like a safe place for me,? Drengin answered. ?Is this where you like to go too??

    ?Sometimes; other times I wish I could get away from the Temple for a while,? Anakin replied with a faraway look in his eyes.

    ?Where would you go?? Drengin asked curiously.

    ?Naboo, most likely,? Anakin answered as he turned to look at Drengin. ?Where would you go if you could leave without being on a mission??

    ?Oh, I don?t know,? Drengin answered as he turned to meet Anakin?s gaze. ?Anakin, is it true that you?re the Chosen One??


    ?What is so special about being the Chosen One, then?? Drengin asked.

    ?I?m not sure, but it?s a great way to get a different Master,? Anakin responded sarcastically.

    They both laughed and watched as a storm began to form over the mountains, all of their troubles and worries set aside for the time being.

    ?Anakin, may I ask you something?? Drengin asked seriously.

    ?Sure, go ahead,? Anakin answered as he looked back at him.

    ?Well, if you found out that someone you trust had lied to you, what would you do about it??

    Anakin leaned against the wall and turned his head right to look at the dark clouds that were scattering the rays of the setting sun. ?Is that why you?re upset??

    ?No?I mean?it could happen,? Drengin quickly answered, unsure if he could betray his Master regardless of what he had said he was.

    Anakin pressed his lips in a thin line in thought. That?s a hard question, and it?s one I try not to think about. ?I can?t really say since I have not traveled that road.? But could I be traveling it with my thoughts? Is it possible that I have been lied to since I met up with the Sith?

    Drengin let out an irritated sigh and softly kicked at the wall. ?I guess that the ?Chosen One? doesn?t always have the answers.?

    Anakin snorted and looked back at Drengin. ?Anyone who thinks I have all the answers had better get their brain examined. I don?t, and I?m not perfect.?

    ?Yeah, but they respect you.?

    Anakin rolled his eyes and shook his head. ?That, I could do without. It can get plain annoying at times.?

    ?Why?? Drengin asked, puzzled.

    ?Because then everyone expects you to be perfect, expects you to follow rules, expects you
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    Chapter 6

    Nev-Kwellen and his three friends were roaming the hallways when they spotted Drengin coming down the stairs. With evil grins, he and his buddies hid in a corner and cloaked themselves with the Force before Drengin could see them.

    As soon as Drengin reached the final step, they ambushed him.

    ?Well, well, well. What do we have here?? Nev-Kwellen snickered. ?Little slave boy has come to play.?

    The bullies cracked up, laughing even more as Drengin?s face turned red.

    ?Go pick on someone your own size,? Drengin shouted as he tried to push his way through.

    ?I don?t think so,? Traunty replied as he pushed Drengin away. ?We?re going to have fun first.?

    Drengin glared at Traunty and crossed his arms over his chest. ?I?m not afraid of you.?

    ?Such brave words, slave,? Lotect sneered, his brown eyes dark with malice.

    Drengin turned around to face Lotect just in time to miss the incoming blow to his side. ?I am no one?s slave.?

    Again the bullies erupted with laughter.

    Drengin swallowed a lump that was forming in his throat as he saw that they had him trapped.

    Nev-Kwellen grabbed Drengin?s throat and shoved him against the wall. ?Really? Well, if you?re not, what are you??

    ?An apprentice,? Drengin responded, yelping as Nev-Kwellen?s hand tightened against his throat.

    ?You know what I mean, now say it!? Nev-Kwellen snapped.

    The other bullies began to chant Nev-Kwellen?s last two words, pounding their right fists on the left palms of their hands.

    Drengin tried in vain to break free from Nev-Kwellen?s grip, and tears formed in his eyes as he shouted, ?I?m not a slave!?

    Nev-Kwellen released Drengin and backhanded him across the face. ?You can?t seem to learn your lesson, can you??

    Drengin growled and reached for the Dark Side. ?Don?t push me.?

    The bullies loosed another roar of laughter that was cut short by a burst of lightning from Drengin?s fingertips.

    Nev-Kwellen looked over his shoulder where the Dark Side lightning had pinged harmlessly against the wall. Looking back at Drengin, the bully clucked his tongue in admonishment. ?You missed.?

    Drengin?s frown deepened as anger and irritation swam through him. ?Next time, I won?t.?

    Nev-Kwellen raised an eyebrow, only faintly amused by Drengin?s defiance. ?Is that supposed to impress me??

    Scrunching his noise in concentration, Drengin shot another bolt of lightning at Nev-Kwellen.

    Nev-Kwellen deflected it with a Force shield and sent it flying harmlessly to the ceiling. ?Not fast enough.? Looking toward his friends, he made a small gesture with his head and they moved in. ?Grab him; I have a special treat for the little maggot.?

    Lotect and Traunty grabbed Drengin?s arms and dragged him to a disposal chute.

    Seeing where they were headed, Drengin struggled to get away only to be punched in the stomach by Tumott.

    ?Let?s take out the garbage,? Nev-Kwellen snickered as he opened up the chute that was just big enough for someone Drengin?s size.

    Fear clenched Drengin?s heart as they picked him up to stuff him into the garbage chute. ?Couldn?t we just talk this over?? he squeaked as he was pushed inside.

    ?So long, slave,? Nev-Kwellen remarked before shutting the chute.

    Drengin slid down the long chute, screaming until his voice grew hoarse. Faster and faster he went until he reached the end of the chute and landed in leftover food, old clothes and other now unidentifiable items. ?Ewww, gross!? He stood and felt the sewage water come up to his knees. Deciding that being in the water was not a good idea, the boy climbed up to the less damp area and looked around for a way out. ?This is not good.?

    The chamber was dimly lit and the smell was enough to make him gag in disgust. Something moved within the water and churned it as it moved.

    Drengin tried hard not to panic, and he kept looking around until he found a small maintenance door. Sighing in relief, he hurried forward through the water and tried to figure out how to open the door.

    His warning senses fl
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    Chapter 7

    Anakin was summoned to the Council right after he had finished eating breakfast, and he immediately hurried to the Council chamber. Anakin was ushered inside as soon as he had arrived at the Council rooms doors where the Sith Council awaited him inside.

    ?My Masters,? Anakin greeted, bowing his head in respect.

    ?The Council has reached a decision,? Darth Bane began. ?Your apprenticeship to Darth Dakonda is hereby nullified.?

    Anakin fought to keep a pleased grin from appearing on his face in triumph. He had won.

    Anakin?s triumph faded as he heard part of what was said next.

    ??Darth Sidious will be your new Master,? Darth Meltric finished.

    Anakin glowered with anger that they had already picked a Master for him.

    ?Displeased, are you?? Darth Cralash asked, his fingers linked together under his chin.

    Anakin?s answer was sharp in reply. ?Being that my former Master failed to train me as I would have liked, I should be granted the right to choose who I want to be my Master.?

    Darth Meshan snarled in rage and in seconds was out of his chair, his lightsaber mere inches away from Anakin?s throat. ?You dare defy us! We are the elders here, not an ungrateful apprentice interested in getting his own way! We decide what is best, not you!

    ?I am the Chosen One, or have you forgotten that already?? Anakin answered, anger lacing his voice.

    ?You would do well to keep your mouth shut. Chosen One or not it, you are to respect your elders? decisions,? Darth Meshan replied warningly.

    ?The data that I brought to you from the archives says??

    ?Blast what is says!? Darth Meshan retorted abruptly. ?We still decide what is best.?

    Anakin clenched and unclenched his fists, his anger growing. ?I see now.?

    ?Good,? Darth Meshan said, turning back to his seat.

    ?You are all a bunch of conniving, cold-hearted, sinister, plotting, hateful beings,? Anakin finished.

    Darth Bane raised a graying eyebrow at Anakin?s words. ?Of course we are. You are dismissed.?

    Anakin?s face was red with barely suppressed fury as he turned and left the room.

    ?That ticked him off real good,? Darth Milter commented with a twisted grin. ?The angrier he gets, the more powerful he becomes.?

    ?And dangerous,? Darth Cralash added.

    ?Darth Sidious will do a splendid job in making sure that his anger goes in the right direction,? Darth Meltric commented with a nod.

    ?Yes,? Darth Fraunel hissed between her teeth. ?The Jedi will have no chance against us now. They will all be destroyed, once and for all.?

    The room erupted in sinister cackles and thoughts as the Council relished in the thought of their enemies impending doom.


    Drengin went into the kitchen area after taking a shower and found his Master already setting the table for breakfast. ?Morning, Master,? he said as he sat down.

    Khunth sat across from his apprentice and took a sip of water. ?Morning, Drengin.? Should I go ahead and ask him? Or should I let him bring it up?

    Drengin poured a little bit of syrup onto his hot cereal and stirred it around for a few seconds before looking up at his Master. ?Master, what happened to the glass statue that was on the table next to the couch??

    Khunth sensed the hidden question in Drengin?s words and felt Drengin?s unease. ?I had a visitor come not long after you left and he said something that I didn?t like.?

    ?Oh,? Drengin replied as he stared into his bowl. ?So, um, why are you here? I mean, you?re a Jedi ? an enemy of the Sith ? so why did you come here??

    Khunth leaned back in his seat and allowed a small smile to appear. ?It?s a long story; simply put, I?m here on an unofficial mission.?

    Drengin?s curiosity was stimulated as he looked up at his Master and into Khunth?s gentle eyes. ?Unofficial? You mean you aren?t supposed to be here??

    Khunth emitted a short chuckle at Drengin?s question as the tension around them eased. ?Technically, no, I?m not.?

    ?You?re allowed to do that?? Drengin questioned, his eyes wid
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    Chapter 8

    Anakin watched Nemiraa as she sat down across from him. ?Who says I need help??

    ?No one,? Nemiraa replied calmly. ?However, I can tell by the look on your face that you?re trying to figure something out.?

    Anakin sighed and shook his head. ?I?m that obvious, am I??

    ?Only when you?re not in public. Now, about Redav ? how much do you already know about him??

    ?I know that he was once a Jedi, but he later defected to the Sith. Plus, from what I saw from the two visions I had, why he defected is unclear,? Anakin answered, resuming an unreadable expression.

    Nemiraa nodded at his answer. ?Before I tell you why, I want you to answer this question: Why did you start going to him for help or advice, knowing he was a former Jedi??

    Anakin read the unspoken part of her question with ease and a small pang filled his heart as he remembered his dead mother. Why did I?

    As he explored the Temple, Anakin entered one of the secluded rooms near the ruins of an older part of the Temple. The air was damp and soggy, and the dim light cast shadows on the wall. The floor was adorned with worn, dull rocks that had lost their shine long ago. Fountains were scattered around the room, each with a carved figure. The water had long since ceased running and the fountains were covered with mold.

    He peered into one of the fountains and wrinkled his nose at the foul stench of the water. He turned to leave when he spotted a cloaked figure, hidden in the shadows, near one of the fountains. Curious, he walked over to the lone figure. As the boy got closer, he saw that an area of the fountain?s edge had been cleared away, leaving a suitable place to sit.

    ?What are you doing in here?? the person asked as Anakin came within a few feet of him.

    ?I was exploring,? Anakin replied, wondering if maybe this was not such a great idea after all.

    ?Find anything interesting?? the man asked, still not moving to look at Anakin.

    Anakin shook his head sadly. ?It?s not like home.?

    ?It wouldn?t be, either. Every place is different. No matter where you are, or where you live, the place where you were born is still your home.?

    ?That?s not what my?mom said.? His voice hitched in his throat. ?She always said home is where the heart is,? he finished, fighting hard to keep his tears at bay.

    ?She?s right, but the memory of where you were born bonds you to that place. So in a way, it is always your home.?

    ?I suppose,? Anakin said softly.

    ?I remember where I was born only vaguely, yet it is still a part of me. I remember the harsh howling of the wind as it raged outside the house, the smell of spices and ointments drifting throughout the house. The humid heat would feel stifling and harsh, regardless of what anyone did to cool down. I remember being tucked in bed at night by my uncle, and then my aunt would sing me to sleep. Memories of our early lives are discouraged by the Sith, but no one can take them away, for they are a part of us.? The cloaked figure turned his head and Anakin slowly made out the man?s features. ?What do you think??

    Anakin pulled himself out of the memory and back to the present. ?He had an interesting perspective on things and I was curious about him. I felt drawn to him.?

    ?Interesting ? I agree about his perception of things; it makes you think.? Nemiraa was silent for a few minutes before she continued. ?Redav left the Jedi because one of his best friends was planning a dangerous mission, one that could have had disastrous results if a mistake had been made. When Redav found out that there was no way to stop the events that were about to unfold, he joined his friend so that he could keep watch over them and make sure that things went smoothly. I could be wrong, but there seemed to be something else he wasn?t telling me. I?m not sure what it was.?

    Anakin sighed and picked up the stone. ?I still feel lost. I?m just not sure about anything anymore.?

    Nemiraa stood up and watched as Anakin sat staring at the stone in his hand. ?Then perhaps you need to look
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    Chapter 9

    The blade was a half-centimeter away when another blade suddenly intercepted it and shoved Seront away from Drengin. ?Get away from him!? Anakin shouted as Seront regained his balance and tried to get past Anakin.

    ?Get out of my way, Anakin. This does not concern you,? Seront said softly but firmly.

    His lightsaber at the ready, Anakin blocked every move Seront made toward Drengin. ?I heartily disagree, Darth Seront. Now leave!?

    Seront?s eyes darkened and narrowed as he was once again outmaneuvered. ?So be it.?

    Anakin blocked a swing aimed for his shoulder and shoved against Seront?s blade hard, making the other back away from Drengin.

    The lightsabers sizzled and crackled as they connected again and again, their owners engaged in a deadly dance. The Force swirled around the combatants, giving strength and agility.

    As the duel progressed, Drengin managed to get back to his feet. He bit his lip to keep from crying out as pain lanced through his left arm. He called his lightsaber to his right hand and observed how the duel was progressing. His first reaction was to go help Anakin, but with an injured arm he realized he would only get in the way.

    Anakin saw Drengin stand up and the older apprentice let a relieved sigh escape his lips. Drengin was all right. ?Drengin!? he yelled over the clash of the sabers. ?Get the ship ready for take off!?

    Seront growled as he saw his quarry escaping into the ship. ?This has gone on for long enough.? Locking the blades together, he managed to turn himself toward the ship. With a quick shove, the Sith pivoted quickly on his heel and ran for the ship.

    Anakin ran after Seront, cursing in Huttese as Seront reached the ramp.

    Seront made it to the doorway of the ship only to be stunned by the ship?s security lasers.

    Anakin smiled and pushed Seront off the ramp before closing it. Smart kid. He entered the cockpit to see Drengin warming up the engines. ?Nice job. For a moment there, I wasn?t sure if I?d get to him in time.?

    Drengin managed a weak grin as he moved over to the copilot?s seat. ?No problem.?

    Anakin took over the controls and led the ship off the ground and out of the hanger. About five minutes later, the friends were safely in hyperspace.

    Anakin unbuckled his restraints and looked over at Drengin, who was in a light sleep, and for the first time he noticed the boy?s lightsaber burn. ?Wake up, Drengin,? he said, nudging his friend. ?We need to get that arm fixed up.?

    Drengin opened his eyes and looked up at Anakin. ?It?s not that bad.?

    ?I?ll be the judge of that. Now, come on,? Anakin ordered, heading out of the cockpit.

    Drengin sighed and unbuckled himself. ?I?m coming.?

    In the small med-bay of the ship, Drengin sat on the cot and let Anakin examine his arm.

    Anakin cleaned the wound and applied a bacta dressing before wrapping a bandage around the wound. ?There. Now, that wasn?t so bad, was it??

    Drengin rolled his eyes and hopped off the cot. ?So, where are we headed??

    Anakin put the first aid kit away and looked at Drengin. ?Actually, I don?t know yet. For now, we?ll put as much distance between us and Coruscant as we can.?

    ?I suppose the ship is stocked up then,? Drengin commented with a raised eyebrow.

    ?As a matter of fact, it is,? Anakin answered with a grin. He chuckled at the look on Drengin?s face. ?Well, I never knew when I might want to take a holiday, so I kept the ship well prepared.?

    Drengin responded with a smile. ?Did your Master know??

    ?No,? Anakin replied as they headed out of the med-bay. ?It?s a good thing, too, or else we probably would have had to steal a ship.?

    They made their way to the cabins and Anakin let Drengin pick the one he wanted. Afterward, they headed to the cargo hold where they gathered items for the ?fresher and the small cabins. Also, to Drengin?s delight, he found a box filled with clothes his size.

    Drengin spent the rest of the day setting his room up and exploring the ship while Anakin set up his cabin and did rou
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    Chapter 10

    An hour and four drinks later, Khunth headed for his small starfighter. I can?t stay here. It doesn?t matter now, both Anakin and Drengin are gone, who knows where they went. Perhaps somehow they will wind up at the Jedi Temple. Perhaps this mission is not as failed as I think it to be.

    He sat down in the cockpit and closed his eyes, trying to hold back tears. I?m acting like a scared kid. I shouldn?t be afraid of Redav, but I am. I guess I should be, I have failed him. And because I?ve failed him, I have to do what I promised. But I can?t, I can?t do it.


    ?Master Drengin,? a droid?s tinny voice called as he walked into the cabin and turned on the lights. ?Master Anakin says that if you want a hot breakfast, you need to wake up.?

    Drengin groaned and reflexively shielded his eyes with his arm. ?He didn?t tell me he had a droid,? he mumbled to himself.

    ?I am C-3PO, human cyborg relations. I?ve been programmed for over thirty secondary functions. You could say that versatility is my middle name. I am also well versed in six million forms of communication and protocols that are most useful when dealing with different species. I am quite sufficient at cleaning, preparing meals, sending messages and operating the ship in case of an emergency. Of course I usually prefer ---------?

    ?Aaah! Ok, I?m up, I?m up. Just please stop talking,? Drengin yelled covering his ears.

    Although somewhat indignant, Threepio promptly silenced himself as Drengin climbed out of bed.

    Drengin looked at Threepio and shook his head despairingly before heading for the door. ?Tell Anakin I?ll be there in a couple of minutes.?

    ?Yes, sir,? Threepio replied and exited the cabin.

    Once Drengin had finished washing up and changing into fresh clothes, he headed for the kitchen and found Threepio standing near the door. Rolling his eyes, he headed for the table and sat down opposite from Anakin. ?When were you going to tell me you had a droid?? he asked before taking a bite of the scrambled eggs.

    Anakin smiled and glanced over at Threepio before answering. ?I take it he had no problem getting you up??

    ?He talks up a storm,? Drengin answered, taking a sip of his milk. ?No, he didn?t.?

    Anakin chuckled in amusement and laid his fork down on his empty plate. ?Good. If you want, you can go in the workshop with me and help me work on Threepio.?

    Drengin nodded his head as he finished chewing and grinned. ?That?ll be fun. Can I rewire his mouth?? he asked.

    Anakin chuckled and shook his head. ?Actually I was thinking of giving him silver plating,? Anakin responded as he wiped his mouth with his napkin.

    Drengin scrunched up his nose in distaste. ?That doesn?t match his personality. Maybe he should be gold plated.?

    Threepio, who had been listening, cocked his head as he looked at Drengin and then at Anakin. ?Master Drengin, I?m offended.?

    Anakin snickered and nodded in agreement. ?You have a point. Gold will be quite suitable for a droid that can be offended.?

    Drengin smiled and looked over at Threepio. ?Can?t wait to see your new look, Threepio.?

    ?Oh dear,? Threepio moaned melodramatically, causing Drengin to laugh.

    ?You?ll look fine Threepio,? Anakin said gently as he began to clear off the table.

    ?Do you think I can make my own droid?? Drengin asked as he found a washrag to clean the table with.

    ?You can but it?s harder to do than it looks.? Anakin informed Drengin.

    Drengin looked at Anakin thoughtfully. ?Then you can help me.?

    ?There are some schematics in a drawer under the worktable.? Anakin relented. This will be interesting to watch.

    Drengin smiled and put the rag into the sink. If Anakin can do it, then I can do it.


    Darth Milter got to the hanger bay just as the ship landed. His face was grim as he watched the ramp lower. Darth Redav descended the ramp and greeted him with the formal bow. ?Darth Milter.?

    Darth Sidious watched Darth Milter and Darth Redav walk away with a sly look on his face. Soon
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    Chapter 11

    A couple of days later, Khunth woke up from his hibernation trance by the sound of his fighter automatically exiting hyperspace. Right outside the viewport was the planet Dantooine. Taking a deep breath, he flew the ship down to where he knew one of the Jedi outposts lay.

    This is it; there?s no turning back now. What will this accomplish except land me in prison, in isolation? I know what will happen if I continue on my course; I also know what might happen if I remain with the Sith. It is better this way. I do not wish to harm another friend. He landed the fighter gently on a patch of grass and shut down the engines.

    I trust that Anakin is keeping you safe, my padawan. I?m sorry I couldn?t make things work out. It is hard being a Master ? much harder then I believed it would be. I failed as a padawan when my Master was killed, I failed as a friend when Garen was killed, and I failed as a Master when you left with Anakin. How can one live with so many failures? He walked toward the rising sun for about a mile before coming upon what seemed to be an old stone shack covered with moss.

    Fear is of the Dark Side; I know this yet I?m afraid. Afraid of the Dark Side, afraid of failing, afraid of having to kill in self-defense when it?s against a friend, afraid to fulfill a friend?s wishes. That is why I ran. I was afraid, afraid of what might or could have happened, afraid of being alone. My conscience weighs heavy with guilt, so much guilt.

    Two Jedi emerged from the shack and immediately took him prisoner when they recognized Khunth. /Forgive me,/ he whispered through the still shielded bond.


    Drengin felt the engines cut as they landed in the outskirts of Mos Espa. Smiling, he finished putting on his boots and ran for the ramp.

    ?Don?t be in such a hurry, Drengin,? Anakin called from the cockpit, sensing Drengin?s excitement at being on a different planet. ?It?s not like Tatooine is going to disappear or anything.?

    Drengin?s cheeks pinked in embarrassment as he stood in front of the ramp?s opening mechanism.

    Anakin came up behind Drengin and pulled the hood of his dark brown cloak over his head to hide his face. ?Now you may open the ramp.?

    Drengin didn?t hesitate and pressed the button. Before the ramp even hit the ground, Drengin was running down the ramp. Anakin rolled his eyes and chuckled as he finished waiting for the ramp to lower.

    Drengin jumped off the ramp and ran a few feet before stopping to take a look at his surroundings. Everywhere he looked he saw endless miles of sand. ?Where?s Mos Espa?? Drengin asked in puzzlement.

    Anakin came up to stand beside Drengin and pointed to the north. ?You see that shimmering outline over there that looks like a mirage??

    Drengin nodded his head as he looked on.

    ?Well, that?s Mos Espa. From a distance it blends in with the sand and can be easy to miss if you don?t know what you?re looking for.?

    ?Oh,? Drengin answered as Anakin started walking. ?So, where are we going first??

    ?I figure we can stop by one of the shops,? Anakin replied, staring straight ahead. The closer they got to Mos Espa, the harder it was for Anakin to continue toward it. It had seemed so easy, to go back to the planet where he had been born. But now, now it took all of his willpower to put one foot in front of the other.

    Drengin sensed Anakin?s hesitation and grasped Anakin?s left hand with his and smiled up at Anakin.

    Anakin managed a weak smile and glanced at Drengin. ?I?ll be fine.?

    A couple of minutes later they entered Mos Espa and headed to a small square that housed some shops. Everything Anakin saw brought back old and forgotten memories. Some were happy, while others were unpleasant and sad. Anakin bit his lip as they stepped into a shop, the same shop that he had once worked in as a slave. At the counter sat Watto working on a broken electronic driver.

    ?Chut Chut, Watto,? Anakin said to get the Toydorian?s attention.

    Watto looked up in surprise, startled that he hadn?t hear
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    Chapter 12

    Once they got back to the ship, Anakin headed straight for his cabin while Drengin plopped down on a chair in the lounge. Closing his eyes, the boy relished in the coolness of the ship...

    A green lightsaber cut through the darkness with a shrilling buzz as its wielder twisted and spun in a complicated kata. The little light that came from the lightsaber momentarily lit up the person?s face, revealing a strikingly beautiful girl.

    Her brownish red hair was cut at her shoulders and light red freckles ran over her nose and cheeks. Her face was peaceful and calm, and her sea-green eyes sparkled as she let the Force flow through her. Drengin watched her every move as she jumped, spun, parried and blocked at an unseen opponent. When she finished she looked directly at him and smiled. Drengin smiled back before she vanished and he was rudely woken up...

    ?Master Drengin sir,? Threepio repeated, a little bit louder.

    ?What!? Drengin snapped suddenly as he opened his eyes to see Threepio standing in front of him. ?Couldn?t you see that I was relaxing??

    ?I am sorry sir, but I thought you should know that the scanners have detected a Sith warship approaching the planet,? Threepio told him quickly.

    Drengin rubbed his eyes as he sighed. ?You should be telling Anakin this.?

    ?He specifically told me not to disturb him; if it was important, he said, I was to tell you,? Threepio explained.

    Drengin rolled his eyes as he stood and stared hard at Threepio. ?Override what he said, then. It?s his ship ? he makes the decisions, not me!?

    ?But sir,? Threepio protested. ?I am under orders??

    Drengin resisted the urge to Force push the droid into the wall as he stomped past him. ?You?re impossible.?

    ??not to disturb Master Anakin!? Threepio finished, now alone in the lounge.

    Drengin didn?t even bother to knock as he opened Anakin?s cabin door with the Force. He found the lights on dim and as his eyes adjusted to the lighting he saw the distinct figure of Anakin sitting on the floor, facing away from the door. ?Threepio says that the ship?s scanners have picked up a Sith warship approaching Tatooine.?

    Showing no signs that he had heard Drengin speak, Anakin continued to sit in the meditative posture.

    ?Anakin?? Drengin said softly, turning the lights up a bit before approaching him. ?Did you hear me?? He sat down in front of Anakin to see the Anakin?s eyes tightly shut. ?Anakin??

    Anakin sat oblivious to Drengin?s presence, his mind far away in the mists of the past...

    Kitster sat by Anakin as they both looked up at the stars, curiosity and longing filling them both.

    ?Maybe one day we?ll be able to visit every star,? Anakin commented dreamingly.

    ?On our own ship,? Kitster added with a small smile. ?With no one to stop us.?

    Anakin stared longingly at the stars, his blue eyes bright with hope. ?We?ll be free.?

    Kitster sighed and looked at Anakin. ?But it?s just wishful thinking,? he responded dejectedly.

    Anakin looked into Kitster?s brown eyes that were lit up by the light of the moons. ?Perhaps,? he said softly, his fingers digging into the sand. ?But that won?t stop us from dreaming.?

    Kitster nodded in agreement and smiled. ?True,? he answered with a small yawn.

    ?You never know ? maybe if I can beat Sebulba in the next podrace then Watto will want to take me to more podracing events.? Anakin laughed and shook his head. ?Maybe I can win our freedom while I?m at it.?

    Kitster laughed along with Anakin. The thought was crazy but if it ever did happen, it would be so great...

    Drengin growled in frustration and shouted, ?Anakin, there is a Sith Warship approaching!?

    Anakin opened his eyes, startled and momentarily confused at where he was. ?There?s what??

    ?There?s a Sith Warship approaching Tatooine,? Drengin answered more softly, relieved to have gotten Anakin?s attention.

    Anakin swiftly stood and headed out of the cabin with Drengin running to keep up with him. ?I believe our visit has been cut short.?

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    Chapter 13

    Nemiraa?s aura radiated her ever-increasing anger as, from afar, she watched Darth Milter speak with Darth Redav. Once Redav went on his way, Nemiraa stormed up to Darth Milter. ?What do you think you?re doing!?

    Milter cocked an eyebrow, his expression showing no sign of surprise or anger. ?I have no idea what you are talking about, my dear.?

    Her green eyes flashed angrily, her face twisting into a scowl. ?You know quite well what I?m talking about!?

    Milter frowned and glared at her. ?It is my own business, not your own,? he responded before turning and walking away from her.

    Hissing, Nemiraa blocked his attempt to walk away from her. ?Ever since Darth Redav came back from his mission, he hasn?t been himself.?

    ?People change,? Milter replied, looking unconcerned. ?Blaming others for those changes does no one any good.?

    ?What did you do to him?? she demanded, enunciating each word firmly, anger lacing her voice.

    Milter crossed his arms, his face stern. ?I did nothing! Now stay out of my way!?

    Nemiraa watched Milter as he disappeared around the corner, a dangerous looking smile on her face. ?And it will be ?nothing? that kills you!? she whispered under her breath.

    Pivoting sharply on her heel, she headed for the nearest turbolift and pressed the level on where her quarters were located. As the turbolift began its descent her mind drifted back to the past?

    Her Master had just finished demonstrating a kata when two Sith guards and Darth Cralash entered the room with their sabers drawn. Through their bond, her Master instructed her not to do anything right before a guard injected a Force inhibitor into his body and took away his lightsaber.

    She watched in shock as her Master did not resist them and instead let himself be taken away. She followed them to the Council chambers at a distance, her heart beating rapidly in her chest.

    Someone must have discovered his identity; somehow, he must have slipped up. No ? he had not slipped up. He had been betrayed.

    The doors to the Council room opened, beckoning us in like a hungry beast, waiting to devourer us. Nemiraa stepped inside and with a loud slam the doors shut behind her. The guards pushed her Master onto the floor in the middle of the room while Darth Cralash took his seat.

    She looked at the cold faces of each of the Council members, all of whose gazes were focused on her Master, all except one. Darth Milter was looking at Nemiraa with triumph dancing in his eyes.

    Nemiraa?s anger and anguish grew as Darth Bane said the final word that would ultimately send her Master to his death.

    Darth Milter: he is the one. The snake! He is the reason my Master is here, the reason my Master is going to die.

    Darth Runder harshly questioned Nemiraa?s Master. Getting up from his seat and kicking Nemiraa?s Master hard in the ribs when he did not answer. They wanted to know if there were more Jedi and where they were. They wouldn?t get an answer, no, not from her Master. He is strong, even without the Force.

    I don?t understand ? why he didn?t try to find a way out of this mess. I know the answer, but I do not like it. I can?t accept it.

    Hot tears trailed down her cheeks, stinging her eyes as she watched her Master being hit with a bolt of Dark Side energy.

    She did her best to stay strong for her Master, no matter what happened. It was so hard to just stand here and watch him suffer. Darth Milter was still looking at her as she began to wish that she could wipe that gleeful expression off his face. She despised him, more so then the other Council members. It didn?t seem right but it was how she felt.

    Darth Cralash stood up and began his own interrogation. He spoke harshly and swiftly, asking questions so fast that they soon became a blur in her mind. Without warning, her Master jumped to his feet and, with a last glance at his apprentice, struck out at Darth Cralash with his hands and feet.

    I must continue my indifference for my protection: my Master told me
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    Chapter 14

    Drengin found Anakin in the cockpit the next day, just before Anakin pulled the ship out of hyperspace.

    The boy gaped in amazement at the planet in front of them. Eyes wide, he eagerly absorbed everything he saw as the distance between the ship and the planet decreased.

    The planet, with its blue seas and green land, was like a sparkling jewel in space a far cry from the desert world of Tatooine. As Anakin landed the ship on the outskirts of Theed, Drengin?s excitement grew. ?It?s very,? Drengin began, searching for the right word. ?It?s pretty.?

    Anakin landed the ship gracefully, and then turned to look at Drengin. ?Did you eat breakfast??

    ?Yeah. Can I go outside and look around now?? Drengin asked impatiently.

    Anakin looked back at the consol and made a few minor adjustments before answering. ?Go ahead, but stay close to---?

    Drengin didn?t wait for Anakin to finish as he raced out of the cockpit to the ramp.

    ?The ship,? Anakin finished with a shake of his head. He leaned back against the chair and closed his eyes.

    Maybe coming here is a bad idea. Why would she ever want to help me? How do I know that she doesn?t actually despise me? Sure, I contacted her before via the comm unit, but that was only for several minutes. Even before that, I had talked to her multiple times, but still.[/b] Anakin took the japor snippet out of a small pouch on his belt and looked at every line, rubbing his fingers along the smooth edge.

    I?m not a child anymore, I?m a Sith, was a Sith, in training and she is a Queen. She will consider me an enemy, she?ll want me to leave, but she?ll have no choice. The Sith own everything and everyone, all fear us. Is that why she talks to me for those brief minutes? Just to avoid the anger of the Sith? No, no she wouldn?t do that. Why am starting to doubt now when I have talked to her over the years?

    Anakin clenched the pendant tightly in his hand, his eyes squeezing shut as tears threatened to give way. What of Kitster? How would he see me? Would he still be my friend? Is he my only real friend? A friend with whom I shared dreams and longed for freedom with? Does he think I?m dead? Does he even remember me? Is he even alive? I will never know, now that he is out among the stars, still a slave. Still a slave.

    Anakin opened his shining eyes and quickly wiped the tears away. I?m just a tool, a pawn. One without hope, family or friends. Just someone to be used for another?s gain.

    He opened his hand and gazed down at the pendant. If my mom was killed by the Sith, then I have betrayed her with my actions. Betrayed her memory, betrayed her love, betrayed her words to me. Unable to continue looking at the pendant he had lovingly carved for his mother, he tucked it back into its pouch and placed it back into his belt.

    Outside, eager to go into the city he had seen as they were landing, Drengin impatiently called for Anakin to hurry up.

    Slowly, Anakin rose from his seat and headed for the ramp. He seems so cheerful, as if the conversation we had last night never happened. How does he do it? Does he simply conceal his real emotions? I saw a different side of him last night, quite the opposite from how he is right now.

    Grabbing his cloak, Anakin put it on as he descended the ramp. As he pressed a small remote control on his belt, the ramp closed behind him. Drengin ran up to him, excitement in his eyes.

    ?This is better than Coruscant and Tatooine,? Drengin proclaimed with a smile.

    Anakin managed a weak smile before drawing up his hood. ?We are going to the palace. I want you to behave properly ? do not speak unless spoken to. Understand??

    Drengin nodded as he tried to be calm. ?I understand,? he answered, fidgeting noticeably.

    ?And don?t fidget. It?s unbecoming of an apprentice,? Anakin instructed sternly.

    Drengin nodded and followed behind Anakin.

    As they entered Theed, Drengin was so fascinated by all the sights, sounds, and smells that Anakin had to use the Force to give him
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    Chapter 15

    Anakin stepped into the room hesitantly and then shut the door. The sun shone through two open windows, creating a cozy feeling as the light?s rays hit the pale yellow walls. There hung holo pictures of Padme?s family, one of which was an actual painting of a sunset over a lake.

    Her bed had a comforter and pillow that displayed every type of flower that grew on Naboo. Under one of the windows, there was a desk, stacked with datapads. The bed lay just vertical from it, under the second window.

    Her room smelled fresh and the air felt cool against his face. He took off his cloak and sat down on her bed. Why did Padme?s sister send me into Padme?s room? Where is Padme?

    The bed felt so inviting, offering him a chance to let him rest from his search. My search for what? was his last coherent thought before he fell into a deep, refreshing sleep?

    Anakin found himself in a white room in which he saw Padme sleeping in a bed. On the left side of the bed sat three wooden cribs that rocked gently as a warm breeze came from an open window.

    Anakin walked closer and peered inside the first one to see a small baby no more than a few days old. She had soft brown ringlets, and, he noticed, she had his nose. The baby opened her eyes and gazed at him for a moment before they drifted back shut.

    He went on to the second crib where a second child lay: a male with wisps of light brown hair. The little baby also opened his eyes briefly, his bright blue eyes looking into Anakin?s own.

    Anakin drew in a shuddering breath and looked into the last crib, expecting to see a third child. A chill ran through him when he saw that it was empty; reaching down inside, he touched the unused covers and found them cold to the touch.

    He stepped back, an indefinable ache in his heart. The room shimmered for a second and then disappeared. This time he found himself walking along a beach in the moonlight. The waves crashing against the sand, reaching yet falling back, ever reaching. The sound of the crashing waves was like thunder during a stormy day. With a roar they come crashing down. He walked further up the beach and saw a fire and as he got closer it took the shape of a platform. Fear clenched his heart and a shiver ran down his spine although the night was warm. There, there in the flames on the platform was Padme.

    Anakin gasped and struggled to reach her, but he was held back by unseen hands and was forced to watch the pyre burn. He closed his eyes, anguish gripping his soul. When he opened his eyes again the pyre, beach and ocean were gone.

    In its place stood two children around ten years old. The girl resembled Padme with her long brown hair and soft brown eyes. The boy who stood on the right had light brown hair and deep blue eyes.

    The scene shimmered again and the two children disappeared, and in their place stood a boy who resembled Anakin. When the boy reached out a hand, reaching yet not touching, Anakin also reached out his hand to grasp the boy?s hand but failed to make contact.

    ?Father,? the young boy called desperately before he too vanished?

    Anakin woke up with a start, sweat beaded on his forehead. He wiped his face with his hands and then headed for the door, grabbing his cloak in the process.


    Ryoo reached for the second branch with both hands, balancing precariously on the first branch. Her feet slipped and she tumbled to the ground with a scream.

    Drengin saw her slip a few seconds before it happened. Using the Force, Drengin cushioned her fall so that she wouldn?t injure herself.

    Pooja ran to her sister and hugged her, tears streaming down her face. ?Are you okay? I?m sorry for making you climb the tree.?

    Ryoo opened her eyes and saw her concerned sister?s face hovering over her. ?I think so.?

    Drengin climbed down the tree quickly and warily walked over to them. ?You better get your arm looked at,? he stated as he noticed that her left arm was bleeding.

    Pooja helped her sister up and wrapped her sister?s arm with a pi
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    Chapter 16

    The two figures entered the Naberrie house just as the rain began to fall. Quietly, they crept down the hallway to the guest room.

    The taller of the two was a male with chocolate brown hair and eyes. His skin was light brown, and he wore a dark green tunic along with a blaster, which was held by a light green belt. The other one, a few inches shorter than the male, was a female with a long, blonde braid. Her eyes were dark blue, and she wore the same colored tunic as her companion.

    Entering the guestroom, the female turned the lights on dim so that they would be able to see, while the male walked over to the bed.

    Lying in a deep sleep, Drengin was unaware of his night visitors.

    ?Wake him up ? we don?t have much time,? the female instructed her companion.

    The male nodded his head and gently shook Drengin?s right shoulder. ?Wake up, little one.?

    Drengin mumbled something unintelligible and turned over onto his left shoulder.

    The male looked over at his companion, whose only response was a raised eyebrow. He shook his head and spoke louder this time. ?You need to wake up, now!?

    A few seconds passed and nothing happened, and then, slowly but surely, Drengin began to open his eyes. As soon as he sensed the unfamiliar presences in the room, Drengin flipped his covers off, leapt out of the left side of the bed and had his lightsaber in his hand in a few seconds flat.

    The male visitor stepped backwards in surprise at the young boy?s sudden response, and gradually began to calm himself.

    His companion said something under her breath and then walked up to her partner. ?And you wanted to go wake Anakin up first??

    Her companion looked down at his feet so she wouldn?t see the embarrassment that was creeping up his cheeks.

    She walked around the bed to where Drengin was standing in a defensive stance, his lightsaber unlit. ?Sorry about the intrusion but we?re in kind of a hurry.?

    Drengin sensed no hostile intent from them yet he kept himself alert for possible trouble. ?Who are you??

    She smiled at him and made a small hand gesture to her companion. ?My friend?s name is Kitster, and I am Maya. Kitster is a friend of Anakin?s.?

    ?If Kitster is Anakin?s friend, then why are you guys sneaking around?? Drengin asked, looking towards Kitster.

    Kitster scratched the back of his head and smoothed his hair out. ?I wouldn?t exactly call it that.?

    ?Oh? Then what do you call it?? Drengin asked.

    ?Well----I----? Kitster sighed and plopped down on the bed. ?Fine, yes, we were sneaking.?

    Maya chuckled softly and glanced at Kitster. ?Perhaps I should do the explaining.? She looked back at Drengin, who had relaxed his stance a little bit. ?The reason for the sneaking around is that since Queen Amidala?s assassination there have been several other attacks by the same assassin. We believe that the assassin may be after Kitster, since the attacks come whenever Kitster is nearby. Either this assassin is very sloppy, or they are trying to place blame for the Queen?s death on Kitster.?

    Drengin looked at her skeptically and then at Kitster. ?So you think Anakin can help you??

    ?Anakin is my friend, why would he not help?? Kitster remarked.

    ?Sith do not help people,? Drengin answered in a voice that sent shivers down Kitster?s spine.

    Swallowing a rising lump in his throat, Kitster tried to keep his cool. ?Anakin will help, I know he will.?

    ?You?re afraid of him,? Drengin stated, sensing a stray thought from Kitster?s mind.

    ?I?m not afraid,? Kitster responded defensively.

    Drengin cocked his head sideways and then looked at Maya. ?Is Kitster afraid??

    Maya nodded, ignoring Kitster?s sharp glare. ?To a certain extent. He knows that Anakin must have changed a lot since he last saw him ten years ago. Kitster and Queen Amidala talked a lot about Anakin, trading info, but it was not the same. He wants to believe that Anakin is still his friend, but his fear of the Sith is strong.?

    Satisfied with the answer, Drengin put his lightsaber down on
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    Chapter 17

    Drengin sat beside Anakin on a low stool, waiting for him to awaken. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned his head to look at Kitster.

    ?You should get some sleep,? Kitster told him gently.

    Drengin shook his head and looked back at Anakin, who was shifting back and forth in the grip of a dream. ?I can?t sleep. I want to stay here in case he wakes up.?

    ?I?ll stay with him; you go along to bed,? Kitster responded firmly.

    ?No!? Drengin snapped back.

    Kitster walked around Drengin and knelt down in front of the boy so that he was at eye-level with him. ?You still don?t trust us do you??

    ?It?s hard,? Drengin answered in a low voice.

    ?It won?t be easy. What?s torn down in a day can?t be rebuilt as quickly, but when you find true friends, then what has been torn down will be stronger than before,? Kitster responded with a small smile. He briefly glanced at Anakin and continued, ?Anakin is one of your true friends and that?s a step forward for you.?

    Drengin started to respond but was interrupted when Anakin cried out in his sleep.

    Kitster turned to look at Anakin just as Anakin?s eyes snapped open. ?It?s all right my friend, you?re safe.?

    Anakin moved his head to see who had spoken as his rapid breathing slowed to its regular rhythm. He looked confused as he saw the dark skinned man who was at his side. ?Kitster?? he said hesitantly.

    ?Yes, it?s me Anakin,? Kitster replied, smiling happily.

    Anakin?s eyes regained some of their lightness at seeing his friend again. ?How did you get away??

    ?About a week after you were taken away by the Sith, I was sold, along with a few other slaves, to someone from another planet. We didn?t know who our new owner was until we reached Naboo,? Kitster began. ?We finally found out who bought us, and not only that, but that we had been freed. We were provided with jobs and places to stay. I got work inside the palace and helped with the organizing of schedules and other things.?

    ?Do you have any friends?? Padme asked, changing the subject.

    Anakin sat back into the chair, inwardly glad of the change of subject. ?Kitster, Wald, Seek, Amee, Dorn and Pala.? He smiled a bit as he thought of the adventures he had had with them. ?Kitster is one of my best and closest friend I have ever had.?

    Amidala smiled softly. ?It is good that you have friends. I?m sure they miss you.?

    Anakin shrugged his shoulders and his cheery mood seemed to darken again. ?They?ll probably think I?m dead or was sold unexpectedly.?

    ?You could contact them and let them know that you?re okay and weren?t sold,? Amidala responded.

    He shook his head bitterly. ?They?re slaves like I was. Their Masters would not permit them to receive any communications off the planet.?

    ?Well, how about I be your friend?? Amidala asked.

    ?Padme freed you,? Anakin stated in realization.

    ?Yes, she did,? Kitster confirmed. ?I was surprised, considering that no one really pays attention to Tatooine.?

    Anakin closed his eyes and turned his head away so that Kitster and Drengin couldn?t see the tears that escaped his eyes.

    ?Anakin, did I do the right thing?? Drengin asked, worried that he had made a mistake in trusting Kitster.

    When Anakin didn?t respond, Kitster stood up and placed his hand on Drengin?s shoulder. ?I think he wants to be left alone right now.?

    Drengin hesitated for a few seconds before he reluctantly left the cabin.

    Tears glistening in his eyes, Anakin looked back as the door hissed shut for the second time. ?Don?t go, my friends,? he said in a low voice. When the door did not open again, Anakin cried himself to sleep.


    Drengin glumly stared into his bowl of oatmeal, occasionally making circles in it with his spoon. Absorbed in his musings, he didn?t notice that someone else had entered the kitchen.

    ?Your breakfast is going to get cold if you don?t eat it,? Anakin commented as he walked up to the table and sat in a chair next to Drengin.

    Drengin didn?t look up as he replied, ?Why would you care??
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