The Rocketeer

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    Okay, so there isn't a thread yet for this awesome movie. I think this is a tragedy and it needs to be fixed!

    My first question is how did they come up with the design of the rocket and helmet?
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    It is very much the style of "The Future" as seen in the late 30s/early 40s. The Buster Crabe and early Super-Man era of comics.

    And it was fun to have Cole Porter songs played in it.

    I found the final sequence a little underwhelming, even when it first came out. I just had trouble suspending disbelief.
    As a period piece, it worked modestly well. As an action adventure movie, not so much. The Shadow did much better as both.

    But another great soundtrack.
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    It was definitely the DNA of Joe's style in this film that contributed towards his work on Captain America.
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    Agreed. I got Captain America for Christmas. As I was watching it today, I couldn't help but think that The Rocketeer and Captain America would be a fun double feature.
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    I think that the Rocketeer was somewhat inspired by Commando Cody and other similar characters, then given more Art Deco styling.
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    I agree I got both movies on Blueray for Christmas and you can see how one lead to the style of the other.
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    Just watched CA:TFA last night, and yes, it matched my feeling of when I first saw Rocketeer: over-long build up, not enough of the villain, feeble payoff.

    Both movies relied on nostalgia to bring warmth to the period movie, without enough substance to bring it off.
    I kept waiting for the movies to get started... By the time they did, it was too little/too late, and the endings felt rushed and forced, and very much let down.
    Glad I didn't pay to see either in the theaters (had free passes to Rocketeer, waited for DVD with CA:TAF).