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Star Wars The Rogue

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by tnek89, Apr 14, 2014.

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    Around 440 BBY, during a time of peace for the Galactic Republic, all seems well for the Jedi. Since the Sith fell into hiding, few dangers from the darkside of the force threaten the Jedi. However, recent reports have told of a rouge force-user ruthlessly murdering innocent people, and hunting and killing the Jedi. The Jedi High Council is now putting together a team of elite Jedi Knights to track down this monster.

    ((I'll use my character sheet as an example))

    Name: Merrett

    Race: Human

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Jedi Knight

    Age: 21

    Backstory: Like most Jedi, Merrett was taken from the planet Drall at an early age to learn the ways of the Jedi. Although she struggled with her connection to the force, feeling that there was a great "strain" to reach it, her skills as a duelist and martial artist were unparalleled by her piers. Eventually she was chosen as a padawan by a master, Kyo Narress, who helped shape her philosophies and fighting styles. She loves to do all that she can to serve the Republic, and can be quite stubborn about this. She has recently attained the rank of Jedi Knight.

    Appearance: Merrett was a slim young human who measured to about 5'7 and had piercing sapphire blue eyes. She wore armor similar to a bounty hunter as she felt it was better fit for battle. She had straight light brown hair and usually wore it in either a bun, a high ponytail, or french braid.

    Swordsmanship/Martial Arts: Merrett was a master of Jarkai dual blade fencing, and preferred it instaed of single blade work This means she was a practitioner of form six. She used many aspects of Djem So in her lightsaber style as well, learning Shien as well. Instead of using two lightsabers, she used a lightsaber in her right hand and a virbrosword in her left. She used a visor to pinpoint direct weaknesses in an enemy. Her style was aggressive, but had a slow and steady pacing to it most of the time. However, when pushed, she would use a more quick and confrontational attacks

    Force Abilities: Merrett knew how to utilize simple pushes and pulls. She was strong in physical augmentation. She also could use force repulse to some extent. She was a master of force jumps, being able to jump incredible distances.

    Armament: She owned a vibrosword. She also owned a light green lightsaber with a smoth pummel and a pointed pummel. She had a visor that allowed her to pinpoint weakness in an enemy.

    ((Rouge Sith Character Sheet))

    Name: Porr Serta

    Race: Human- Dathamorian

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24

    Occupation: Sith-Rouge

    Backstory: Serta was born of a Human father and Dathamorian mother. The night sisters of Dathamoir, because of their culture, were repulsed by him, so his mother secretly sent him away, and he was eventually found by a Dark Jedi. Secretly raised in the ways of the Sith on the planet of Korriban, excelled is his mastery of the force and was taught into a dexterous and evasive fighting style. Serta was haunted by dreams of Dathomir, which helped him grow in the dark side. He later challenged and killed his master in a duel. The dark side eventually fully consumed him, and he dedicated himself to seeking power.

    Appearance: He has a shaved head and green eyes. His skin is that of a Dathamorian. He wore a simple dark Jedi robe. He had broad shoulders and stood at about 5'8.

    Swordsmanship and/or Martial Arts: Serta was trained by his master is form one, Shii-Cho, and form two, Makashi. Under his master's tutelage he became an expert duelist. He used Shii-Cho's unpredictability and makashi's ability to avoid being disarmed as key aspects in his dueling. He also used his incredible agility and evasiveness to dodge even the most precise attacks. His style didn't go without faults. He rarely used power attacks due to his lack of physical strength and couldn't hold of a barrage of heavy physical attacks if he could not evade them. He had some experience in hand to hand combat but this was rarely used.

    Force Abilities: He was proficient in simple pushes and pulls. Serta uses a protective green bubble like the witches of Dathamior to shield himself from blaster fire. He fused thing with more traditional force barriers. He also is proficient with force choke and uses it often. He has a little experience in force shock. He is a master of telekinesis. He put kinitite to destructive and deadly use. Other powers include a proficiency in force physical augmentation and incredible and unmatched use of force

    Armament: His lightsaber is of an old, archaic hilt design and has a maroon crystal inside of it.

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    Is that "rouge", or "rogue"?

    For clarity, this is rouge:


    And this is Rogue:

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