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RPR Archive The Role Playing Community's Third Annual Christmas / Winter Ball

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource Archive' started by Imperial_Hammer, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004

    The Role Playing Community's Third Annual Christmas / Winter Ball



    -Fellow Roleplayer or Roleplaying Ally,

    You are cordially invited to the Role Playing Community's Third Annual Christmas / Winter Ball, located in the resort town of the Role Playing Resource Forum. Tis the season for good will and friendship among all posters; and to this end, I am happy to announce the return of our yearly favorite Holiday Ball. The resort hotel ?GFM? shall open promptly at the end of this invitation, and shall remain open until the 2nd of the New Year. Users are encouraged to come as themselves, but the shy among us may certainly play as one of their favorite characters. Dress to impress, No RSVPs required. Users are encouraged to find dates for the ball if they can find them, but everyone is invited, date or no. Users are welcome bring food for our community Potluck feast, or presents for any of the users in attendance.

    We look forward to seeing you there!
    -The Powers that be

    About GFM

    GFM is a small but lavish hotel, whose title is short for ?Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.? It?s a fully modern place with all the amenities one would expect for a upper level resort. The hotel has been booked for the party, and one can gain a feel for it from the pictures below.


    The Lobby: Upon entry of the hotel, one is greeted by an impressive Christmas tree, surrounded by smaller ones on a brisk marble floor. The ceilings in this circular room are very high, culminating with a tasteful tile-work rotunda. Around the side of the room, the following phrase is written. "Science dwells on the foundation of spirit, reason and honor. These are the lords of man." The photo above is of the lobby, and the check in counter is behind the Christmas tree. Guests are not expected to check in.


    The Golden Hall: The lobby splits off into two directions. If one goes down the left corridor, one finds oneself in the Golden Hall. Done in a classical style, the most striking element of this place is its Christmas trees, clad only in gold painted ornaments. There are five of them which line the circular hall, with marble busts of great musicians alternating between them. The middle picture above depicts the hall as it usually stands, but for tonight, the center sitting area has been removed, as have the rugs. The fire is lit and there is a small band of versatile performers ready to take requests for songs. The windows here look out into Balthazar Gardens.


    Melchior?s Lounge and the Villaro Bar: Taking the left from the lobby will take you to Melchior?s Lounge and the Villaro Bar. Melchior?s Lounge is a small sitting area with comfortable full-backed leather seats, gathered around a fireplace. As one enters, the Christmas tree you see above is to your left, as is the staircase. To ones right is the lounge and sitting area, which is serviced by the Villaro Bar, dwelling beyond the staircase. The Villaro Bar is not only just a bar, but also the kitchen for the event. They will have all kinds of Christmas goods ready, to be served both at private tables and at the bar proper. The restaurant is dimly lit, with a piano and player at the ready. There are a few trees scattered about, and the smell of gingerbread seems to permeate.


    Balthasar Gardens: If one continues down the hallway past the Villaro Bar, one reaches the doors out to Balthazar Gardens. It is cool but not cold outside, and the hotel has opened up its beautiful gardens to guests. Its polishe
  2. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    *Walks into the hotel in a black suit with black tails, carrying a plate of Christmas cookies in one hand and a carton of egg nog in the other. Places the food on the potluck table carefully before heading into the bar. Sits down at the bar, waiting for other guests to arrive.*
  3. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: BobaMatt

    BobaMatt strolled into the hotel's lobby, somewhat disconcerted by the boldly displayed holiday tree standing so near a placard extolling science and reason. If the placard stood over a nativity scene, BobaMatt's mind would have been utterly blown.

    Of course, things were weird enough already. He'd been escorted to the party by none other than blubeast. Matt, having no date, accepted on a whim but was already beginning to regret it. Blu wasn't known for his being couth among company. Matt tugged at his tie, straightening it, and walked well ahead of his "date" to place a tray of delicious empanadas down beside a plate of festive Christmas cookies and, in a fit of liberal anxiety, produced a fold-up menorah from an inside pocket and placed it on the table, his eyes shifting nervously. The task done, Matt sighed and turned surveying the beautiful lobby. He had heard stories of its lavishness, but had never experienced it firsthand.

    Now to find a bar...

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  4. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    Ktala is checking on her latest postings, when a very coloful message comes through. She opens it up, and jumps up, laughing with delight.

    The Annual Christamas Winter Ball! She has gotten her invitation. She absolutly LOVES dressing up for the event, and can barely restrain herself. So much to do, so much to get ready before she gets there. Humming Christmas songs now, she dances to her closet, to decide what to wear this year. She looks at the announcement, and she notices the words, â??Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.â?? Presents delivered by the three wise men. As she continued to scan the information, she found more mention of it. She smiled. She really, really loves dress up. And with such a theme going, she could not resist!!!!

    She hoped GreyJedi and DarthXan would show up this year. She missed LSA, but he had not bothered to appear for the last one, so she didnt think he would attend this one either. But The Imperial Hammer would most definatelly Be there! And Jello, if nothing but to find a place to set his throne. Hopefully, there would be others to dance with as well.

    She now knew what she was going to wear and bring with her. She quickly began to pull different bits of clothing from her closet, thankful for her being interested in so many hobbies. She could find everything she would need here. Ktala dove headfirst into her closet. Only muffled sounds of "yes!" and "NO!" were heard, as she tosesd items out of the closet....

    It was several hours later, when the flurry of clothes flying accross the room finally ceased. Ktala stood, checking herself out in the mirror. She was wearing soft blue slippers, which came up to her ankles. Tiny bells were on the cuff, which jingled softly as she walked. She wore a royal blue Caftan/tunic which opened up with a high collar and large bell sleeves. There was a secondary color of baby blue and gold, which was an underskirt, and lined the sleeves and neckline of the dress. Soft blue fur trimmed the hem, sleeves and neckline. A thin, light blue veil graced the top of her head, and she decided to wear her hair down. It also lightly covered the low cut graceful cut of the front of the dress, and had lace and ties on both the sides and the front. A thin gold crown graced the top of her head, holding her veil in place.

    With a grin, she ran to the kitchen. As she often played pirate, she had been stockpiling a few items. Now would be a perfect time to use some.

    Gold foil covered coins.

    She found a plastic serving tray with a lid. She put in a bit of velvet, and linned the tray. She then poured the gold coins inside. There, a present and dress that fit the theme. Thought she was NOT about to show up on a camel! A limo would have to do. She but a few other belts around her waist, that jingled softly as well, and then pulled out a Dark blue cloak, with red trimming. She carefully clamped it around her shoulders, using a cloak ring. Now, she was ready.

    Adjusting her hood, she carefully stepped into the limozine. She was so excited, she simply loved the ball, and getting a chance to dance. And to mingle social with the others on the list. She sat, taking a small sip of her drink, as she rode to get to the hotel.

    Even she could not stop gapping at the entrance to the GFM as she reached the hotel. As the door opened, she quickly stepped out, and taking her tray with her, made her way towards the lobby. As the doors opened, Ktala simply stood and stared. The huge Christmas tree in front of her made QUITE an impression. Soft music could be heard playing through the area, and such wonderful food smells reached her nose. She walked in, and continued, looking around at such a beautiful surrounding. Hammer had REALLY outdone himself this year!

    She made her way into the golden hall. It was breathtaking. She decided here would be a wonderful place to wait for others. She lowered her hood, and began to wander abit, to see who else had arrived.

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  5. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: Imperial_Hammer
    Location: The Golden Hall

    Imperial_Hammer removed his pocket-watch, flipping it open. It was time. The man returned the watch to his vest pocket and looked around the Ballroom. Everything seemed in place. Hammer ran his hand through his shortish brown hair and adjusted his black suit and blue tie. Two years he had been throwing Christmas bashes, and one would think after that, he would have gotten used to them. Unfortunately for the young gent, he had no such luck.

    The was just so much to do and prepare.

    Hammer felt unhappy missing his trademark coat and gloves, but the weather simply was too warm for them. He had to settle for a much more conventional, much less exciting suit.

    At least the gold pocket watch chain accented his ensemble.

    Hammer walked to a nearby mirror and looked himself over. Ah, his ModSquad lapel pin was a bit off center. He adjusted the pin so that its golden "MS" letters were not crooked.

    Yes. Now he looked good. He paused as he slipped a bit into thought, waiting for some sound that the guests had arrived. My how so much had changed in the span of one year. He imagined his guest list for this year. Different indeed. Back then there was more Reynar, more Sephyclone, more Nemisis and Prenn. This year, probably not. Gladly there would be new names to take their place. Bobamatt, Sarge, and a few other rising stars. Saint, with his new promotion, would hopefully be around more. Maybe Xan as well? Was she around for the second ball? He could not remember.

    And then of course, he had high hopes for the old stalwarts. Sinre, Ktala, I-5, Grey. Those guys managed to make the ball great every year. Maybe even Sey and TLI would attend? Things had gotten better between the EUC and RPF, surprisingly so in the post-NP days. An anxious host could only hope! And then there might be the curious Mod that may make his or her way down from their far-away forums. Hmmm.

    This time would be interesting to be sure. The venue was different, the people would be different, his role would be different. Wild times!

    The man adjusted his glasses and turned just to see Ktala enter the Golden Hall. Blue! The woman took great delight in creating her outfit for the event, and every year she managed to create a very impressive gown. This year was certainly no exception.

    Hammer smiled a bit and turned from the mirror.

    "As always Miss Ktala," he said with a warm smile, meeting her in the center of the room. The clicks of his shoes on marble contrasted with the soft sounds of her slippers. "What would I ever do with you, hm? The one lady who keeps my projects going more than anyone else here."

    He gave her a deep bow, not moving in for the hug in fear of messing up her outfit. Best to let the woman make that decision Hammer always felt. As for men, a good handshake always solved things.

    Hammer gestured to the room.

    "Pretty nice huh? The hotel does a fantastic job decorating for the season."

    The sound of a violinist warming up rang from the side of the room.

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  6. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    As she wandered around abit, she heard a familiar voice call to her.

    "As always Miss Ktala," he said with a warm smile, meeting her in the center of the room. The clicks of his shoes on marble sounding like sharp pops. "What would I ever do with you, hm? The one lady who keeps my projects going more than anyone else here."

    She blushed, and nodded her head. "Oh, tis far to early for such things. I can not help, that you make them so enjoyable!"

    He gave her a deep bow, not moving in. Ktala laughed, gave a curtsy, and then leaned in for a gingerly hug, and a quick peek on the cheek. "I promise not to coat you in lipstick.." she stated with a laugh.

    Hammer gestured to the room.

    "Pretty nice huh? The hotel does a fantastic job decorating for the season." The sound of a violinist warming up rang from the side of the room. "Its wonderful. I shall explore more in a bit. But right now... "

    She opened her tray, showing her golden coins inside. "A coin to get the party started?" she offered with a grin. Ones on the left are plain. Once on the right have liqueur in them." She laughed as she waited to see who else would show up on such a fine event.

    TAG:I_H, Others
  7. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    IC: Darth Ramza
    Outside the Lobby

    Sweating slightly from nervousness, Ramza adjusted his red bow tie one final time before stepping through the doorway. As a relative newcomer to the Role Playing Forums, this was his first Winter Ball, and he wanted to make as good an impression as possible. He sipped the last remnants of the melange spice coffee he had taken with him from Hooper's as he went over a quick mental appraisal of himself. His coat, a traditional black tuxedo, had been pressed to as nearly flat as it could get. (It could never, of course, be truly flat, and Ramza had contemplated working out the math beforehand, but had decided against it.) His previously mentioned bow tie had a matching cummerbund which was not currently visible thanks to the aforementioned tuxedo, and his white tuxedo shirt had black cufflinks and button decorations. His dark brown hair was a mess, but then again it always was. His face was paler than usual, and Ramza was worried that this would draw more attention to his eyes. They were in the process of a fairly steady transition from brown to blue-within-blue, a result of a melange addiction he attributed to BobaMatt and that new Dune game. But now was not the time to worry about such things.

    Taking a deep breath, he opened the door to the lobby and walked in.


    How stupid of him. Yes, the lobby was amazing, and yes, that had been the first thing that came to his mind, but still, it was the equivalent of tripping on the entryway steps. [i]The kind of thing that lost presidential elections[/i], he thought with a grin, as he took in the sights around him. The usual Christmas adornments, but what really caught his attention was the writing around the side of the room. "Science dwells on the foundation of spirit, reason and honor. These are the lords of man." He nearly shed a tear, he was so moved.

    Turning his attention back to the remainder of the lobby, Ramza couldn't help but notice the familiar face of BobaMatt, standing next to a plate of appetizers and what looked like a fold-out Menorah. He walked over in that direction, and helped himself to a cookie as he spoke.

    "Nice to see you, Matt. Quite the politically correct holiday party, eh?" He held out the hand which was not holding a baked good to offer a handshake.

    [b]TAG: BobaMatt, Any[/b]>
  8. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Outside the Lobby

    All the fine clothes in the world couldn't help me relax as the limo pulled up in front of the hotel. A fictional world, and all you can think of is a limo and a fine set of clothes? For shame, Peng, for shame. Yes, this was not my finest hour in terms of imagination and creativity, but it was a start. My tall frame was encased in a fine overcoat and jacket; nothing too gaudy or fancy, but still, not a bad set of duds as far as clothes go. I couldn't stand bow ties, so I opted for a simple red necktie. A bit more subdued than a giant knot about the neck, I thought, and hey, the noose can always loosen up. The door to the limo was pulled open by a Jeeves-type fellow, and I slid out of the back seat, unfolding myself carefully. Trust the RPF to set up a perfect evening for the occassion, as snow fell from the sky gently and the cool air wakened the senses. Times like these made me want to head home, and sit in front a fire with a mug of hot chocolate steaming away in one hand.

    But that could wait. I thanked the Jeevesian man with a smile, and made my way to the front doors. As I neared I could tell that I was going to feel out of place. Someone else in a tuxedo just barely slipped inside as I was about to try my hand at small talk. There was only one thing to do, and that was go inside and act far more confident than I actually felt. I went to pull the door open, but then another Jeevesian fellow beat me to it. I frowned as he ushered me inside, and I slipped inside, only to be blown away by the marvelous decor.

    I stood, dumbstruck, unsure of what to do.

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  9. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    The Golden Hall

    As Ktala stood speaking with Imperial Hammer, and congratulating him on a marvelous job, she heard several people enter, but no one had come there way yet. She turned and looked back towards the main Entry way.

    There stood Penguinator, dumbstruck, and looking quite unsure of what to do.

    Ktala smiled, as she took a few steps towards him in the main lobby. "Do come in. If you think the view of that area is havent seen ANYTHING yet!" she replied, as she held out her tray.

    "Gold?" she asked jokingly, as she moved to get a drink.

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  10. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Xany


    Xany entered the lobby of the GFM with a wide grin on her face and a box of Christmas crackers under one arm. Last year's ball had been fun but a bit odd; she'd just returned from a hiatus and everything had been half-familiar and weird. But this year, though: this year was going to be great. Plus GFM looked prettier than ... whatever the place had been last year. She couldn't remember.

    Once again Xany had foregone her usual ultra-casual look for the occasion, opting for a classy dark green gown and black boots. She handed off her coat and the box to a passing greeter, along with instructions to leave said box in the lounge or wherever, and had a look around the lobby. Gotta hand it to Impy, the decorations were magnificent - but more importantly, who was attending? There were a couple of people already in there: Peng was standing there looking dumbstruck, Ramza was talking to Matt, and - aha - Ktala just emerged from the Golden Hall, calling a greeting to the aforementioned dumbstruck Peng.

    Her grin widening, Xany made a beeline for Ktala and Peng. "Merry Christmas!" she called. "Pretty, isn't this? Impy's outdone himself again."

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  11. Saintheart

    Saintheart Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Dec 16, 2000
    IC - Saintheart

    Outside the Lobby

    What a difference one year makes!

    Well, at least this time his clothes were a little better washed.

    Saintheart had again chosen the leather armour, fur-lined boots from the steppes of Russia, long traveller's cloak and a long sword at his hip -- though this one sparkled with white motes of light down its blade and bore an inscription which read Winterfall in no language of the Earth. There was something of a story for how he'd managed to get hold of that. He'd trimmed his beard down somewhat, and this time had chosen a couple of boughs of holly to surmount his green cloak.

    He nodded approvingly of Hammer's work. His adopted brother certainly knew how to put on a party. This had been a big surprise, even to him...

    Saintheart stamped the snow from his boots and marched into the lobby, glancing around.

    Saintheart strode across the lobby, clapping a gloved hand down on Penguinator's shoulder. Saintheart took a flickering glance over the man's attire-- "Quite adequate," he said, feeling the ice roll out of his throat for the last time. "Welcome indeed, Peng, on behalf of Hammer. Well, he doesn't know I'm offering greetings, but I don't think he'll mind..."

    As he waited for Penguinator to respond, his mind drifted to two topics. One: would DarthXan need a date for this night? If not, he could certainly offer to chaperone her to this event. None would question the "pairing"; Saint was, after all, a man of honour.

    And here, it seemed, was Xan. And Ktala! Saint sighed to himself and scratched his beard, essaying a quick dancer's bow to the two well-dressed ladies. "Your health, my dears."

    He also privately wondered: was there any chance, some small chance, that LightWarden might take a punt and venture by this year?

    TAG: Peng, Xan...
  12. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Xany

    The Lobby

    Xany half-turned at the sound of footsteps - and did a double-take. She couldn't help it; the new arrival was none other than Saint, dressed to kill - literally - in a cloak and full armour, with a very familiar-looking glowing sword at his hip. Regardless, she returned his greeting with a smile. "Hey, Saint! Good to see you here."

    She eyed his sword again, bemused. Xany could've sworn she'd seen that before -
    Oh! [face_idea]

    She couldn't help it. She laughed. Of course: the one he had used as Amery Vraath's sword in his Tide of Flames game, a very nice touch. "Nice sword," Xany added, grinning, with a gesture at Winterfall. "Can't imagine where I've seen that before..."

    TAG: Saint, Peng, Ktala :p
  13. The Loyal Imperial

    The Loyal Imperial Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 19, 2007
    IC: The_Loyal_Imperial
    Lobby Exterior - Golden Hall

    [blockquote]Outside the entrance to the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Hotel, an elongated but still elegant car drove up the lane. The EUS Chancellor had arrived, coming straight from the jet at the airport that he had specially reserved to ferry him from the EUC to the RPF for this occasion. He recalled having to travel a greater distance, last time. Perhaps the land was reshaping itself to suit the closer relations between the two entities? Well, it mattered little for the moment, regardless. He was here to celebrate the whitest and brightest season of them all, and so he would. Forward through the entrance he moved, leaving the mysteries of parking to his driver.

    The sight that greeted his eyes within the hotel's lobby was even more magnificent than he had expected. The mighty holiday tree stood tall, its foliage radiant with multicolored light, and the smaller trees encircling it only served to enhance the effect in the viewer's eyes. Shaking his attention from the spectacle, he turned his mind to determining where the center of the party's activity was locating itself. He could hear voices drifting from the no doubt aptly-named Golden Hall, and so it was left that he went. Upon arrival, he discovered that his deduction had proved rather correct: the Golden Hall was appropriately named after all.

    His fellow partygoers all seemed to be tastefully attired, as well. He had considered attending in his senatorial robes of state, but had rejected the concept almost immediately. Much too voluminous and officious, he'd determined. Rather, he had gone with burgundy waistcoat over a white shirt worn under a simple black chesterfield coat with matching black gloves, pants, and shoes. He had also managed to exchange his rounded glasses for a half-rim pair and acquire a suitable silver-handled walking stick to complete the ensemble. Internal fashion monologue completed, he set off in search of the party's host, the famous Imperial_Hammer, to fulfill the duties of a guest and offer his greetings.[/blockquote]
    TAG: Fellow partygoers all, Imperial_Hammer
  14. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Somewhere in the Americas...

    Sith-I-5 woke up, checked the vehicle logs, looked out the window, listened to the police band, and swore profusely.

    On the positive side, he had arrived on Earth via a Quantum Gate inside a rented Armoured Command Unit ninety-metre-high mech suit, used the readily available resources in the middle of a field to build a land factory, upgraded it to Level Two, built some tech engineer units, and eventually created an massive Experimental six-legged mech which went by the unlikely name of Monkeylord: Spiderbot, and had all sorts of offensive and defensive capabilities.

    He had not done this to wage war against anyone though, not deliberately anyway.
    He just liked to make an entrance.

    Oh, and he had successfully arrived at the DarthVadersCousin homestead with the intention of apologising profusely, throwing himself upon his e-bro?s mercy, then inviting him to Imperial Hammer?s annual Christmas Bash.

    On the negative side, Sithy surmised, after he had learned the mental rhythm to get the armoured walker?s six mechanical legs moving in sequence, he must have dropped off before crossing the county line into wherever it was that DVC called home, and with the mech cybernetically linked into his unconscious brainwaves, had left a trail of smoking and melted and fitfully burning local police cruisers in its wake, and on arriving in the field at the back of the farmhouse, energy-flamed the hundred square metre apology, [hl=yellow]I?M SORRY I NEVER RESPONDED TO THAT PM THAT YOU SENT , WHENEVER THE FRAG THAT WAS... IF I READ ONE AND DON?T RESPOND RIGHT THEN, I TEND TO FORGET. CAN YOU FORGIVE ME?[/hl] into the parched soil.

    Sith-I-5 had come all this way; shame to back out now, especially with the National Guard on their way.

    He slid down the leg nearest for back porch, ran round the front, and rapped hesitantly at the front door.

    Tag: DarthVadersCousin
  15. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    iC: Blu

    [blockquote]Eyeing the company that had gathered, Blu smiled courteously to everyone, biting back a laugh. He felt anxious and partially nervous. The hotel was fantastic and magnificently overwhelming without being overdone. It gave one the feeling of happiness with the colors of the holidays and the environment of friends. Saint was here, dressed in a suit of armor and Russian styled boots.

    Blu admired his Soviet Union taste. Ktala and Xan were here also, appearing to merge with the environment only the way a pair of angels could with their stunning appearance. BobaMatt, his date, was dressed in a tuxedo and appeared to be very uncomfortable for a reason that was enigmatic, to say the least.

    Blu just hoped he was dressed to impress.

    The Beast had dressed himself in a tuxedo, like his friend, accompanied with cowboy boots, a shotgun, and, in respect to the upcoming movie "The Spirit", a brilliant scarlet tie that seem to complete the effect. Straightening his blue hair for the 20th time tonight, Blu made his way over to T_L_I, his trusted Imperial, who had just appeared in the door.

    L_I was dressed as a Chancellor would be, repectable and elegant. Blu grinned before walking over and bowing.

    "Evening, my Aristocratic Duke. How do you do?"
    Tag: L_I, BobaMatt, eVerybody and aNybody
  16. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Sarge

    With the several limos that were driving up to the hotel being a predictable and traditional sight that one would find at one of these gatherings, he thought he'd change it up a little. It was going to be his first appearance at one of these things anyway so why not?

    So after a little bit of work, the glittering red and green lights in the night sky was the result as the decorated LAAT/i gunship flew towards what was known as the GFM; the designated location for the ball. The gunship had gotten a completely new paintwork, having been colored red and green with the two ball turrets having ribbons tied around them to have a vague resemblance of presents, wreaths hung from the forward cannons, and christmas lights were strung up all around the gunship and had been properly welded on so that they wouldn't end up flying off during the flight.

    Should've tried to get some reindeer into this getup, Sarge thought to himself, sticking his head out of the gunship and taking another long look at his handiwork. Ah well, too late now.

    How one got to these events weren't the only things he changed as his attire hinted. Wearing his usual Phase 1 clone trooper armor, he had done another bit of paintwork on each of his plates of armor. A little bit of red here, green there, and he pretty much matched the paint job that had been used on the LAAT. He had his DC-15 as well, but he had cleverly disguised the rifle by placing it in a long, green box with a red ribbon wrapped around it that he had tied to his back.

    The LAAT carefully drifted towards the ground in front of the hotel and it was then that Sarge picked up his helmet - which was completely painted red - that he had placed on the troop bay floor and slid it over his head. At his command a layout of the hotel appeared within his visor and he made sure he had the whole thing memorized before the LAAT stopped and hovered a foot off the ground. Taking that as a sign that it was time to leave, he dropped down from the gunship and onto the ground before turning back and pulling something from within the gunship: a large, red sack that contained several cans of Mountain Dew which he had little problem lifting. Always helped to come prepared though he wasn't sure if the case would last throughout the whole celebration. Course, running out of cans may not be his only problem as he realized transporting the cans of soda in this fashion may cause them to be ready to explode upon opening. He'll have to make sure to warn people about that.

    After waving goodbye to the pilot, the LAAT took off and Sarge strolled into the lobby of the hotel, immediately looking around to see if he can recognize any faces.

    TAG: Anybody
  17. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sinre
    Gardens, Fountain

    [blockquote]Sinre pulled up in the limousine provided by the SWC for his needs tonight, far away from the front and at the quiet grove, opening the door himself and jumping out, his feet crunching in the snow. With a tap, he directed the limo driver to go, well aware the Aqualish had to pick up others from around TF.N and get them to the Ball.

    He smoothed his suit and pulled the Imperial Chancellor of the SWC robes close to him. Flicking some snow from his shoes, which he'd spent a good ten minutes buffing up - he had only one pair of shoes that he was actually willing wear. The others were far too painful, and he'd taken to sneaking slippers under his robes occasionally when in session.

    Sinre opened his Chancellor robes, and checked he had Hammers present handy with his free hand. Excellent. In the other, he had a bottle of wine, dated from before the fall of the Empire, the wine industry having been reinvigorated by Emperor Palpatine. He walked across the garden, leaving a trail behind him. He stopped at the fountain, flipping a cred coin into the fountain and wishing good tidings upon all he knew.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Whomoever
  18. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gunny

    Gunny sat at the Hotel bar, having arrived before everyone else. He had poured up a little of the egg nog he had brought into his glass, and was now sipping away at it. No one else had arrived at the bar yet, so he was wondering where everyone was. Probably all out in the main hall, if anyone's even here he thought, taking another sip from his glass. However, at that moment, he heard what sounded like a gunship come up from outside, a sound that he was very familiar with. Believing that someone had finally shown up, he grabbed his glass and carton of egg nog and left the bar.

    As he walked down the hall, Gunny could see that many other elegantly-dressed people had shown up after he did, and that one or two of them were munching on a Christmas cookie that he had brought. Taking another sip from his glass, Gunny made his way into the fray of people, seeing if he could engage in a conversation with some of them.

    TAG: Anyone

    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
    IC: Kira
    ~The Lobby~
    Looking at the invitation for the tenth time, Kira finally admitted to herself that she was nervous. The last time she had been to one of these events was the Summer Beach Bash a year ago, and oh how things had changed. Standing outside the hotel, Kira rubbed her hands together, watching her breath form miniature clouds in the icy air. It was no good, she was here now, and it was a choice between braving the crowds or the cold. She decided the former was certainly the better option.

    Checking her appearance in the reflection of one of the hotel's large windows, Kira nodded her approval. The little black dress had been a good choice, and was perfectly complimented by the black heels and diamond-encrusted jewellery. When she dressed up, Kira certainly spared no expense. Finally satisfied that she was ready, Kira wandered towards the lobby entrance, trying not to look too nervous.

    The sight that greeted her was breath-taking in terms of scale alone, and the trees were magnificent in their radient gowns of light. Surveying the great hall, Kira spotted Saintheart sporting that great festive mainstay... Leather armour and fur boots. Kira smiled; there was always one. Glancing through to the adjoining hall she noticed Imperial_Hammer, Ktala, Penguinator and Xany were gathered, chatting amongst themselves. BobaMatt blubeast, and Darth Ramza were also in a huddle nearby, apparently not having arrived all that long ago either. Then she noticed The_Loyal_Imperial meandering through the gathering, searching for someone, while Sarge entered the great Lobby behind her.

    Leaning against the wall, Kira wondered if verd_beskar_prudii and her Padawan, lokust, would join her at the Ball. Either way, she would wait in the Lobby for the time being, as promised.

    [b]TAG: Any[/b]>
  20. verd_beskar_prudii

    verd_beskar_prudii Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 27, 2008
    IC: Prudii

    Dress to impress... the invitation read. well certainly, but impress WHO?!
    He was sure that suiting up in full combat armor with a bazooka on his back would impress drill sergeants the world over, but this event didn't seem to call for such...extroversion.

    instead, he strolled out to his garage in a a spiffy tuxedo that James Bond would be jealous of. the black jacket and velvet lapels were accented by a midnight purple tie, the exact shade of the vest he wore beneath it and the stripe along the seam of his trousers. gold cuff links adorned his wrist and perfectly shined shoes and a matching hanky in his breast pocket completed the ensemble. his long hair was freshly braided back into imaginative patterns and he'd brushed his teeth until the reflected light from his smile could fry ants on Hoth.

    in his left hand, he carried the invitation, in his right, his garage key. Pressing the button, Prudii selected the vehicle he would drive there. why not arrive with a bang? after all, this would be his first such event, and he would only know a few people there. they might as well notice him as he arrived, or else, they might not find him in what was sure to be a huge crowd.

    Nearly an hour later, a loud engine's roar startled the few bellhops and valets at the GFM's circular driveway. Heads turned as the amethyst colored Ferrari F-50 pulled into the light from the GFM's decorations. the color shifted subtly as the light reflected, appearing anything from jet black to ruby red depending on where you were standing.

    Prudii stepped out of the vehicle, revving the engine one last time before handing the keys to the valet.
    he doubted his ride's engine registered in anyone's ear as he looked up at the LAAT/i gunship descending to the surface. its bay door obscured his view of its occupant, but he could only think of one man he had met who would make such an entrance.

    Finally, he made his way up the stairs and inside of a party that looked as if it would put a crown prince in the poor house. Decorations, trees and lights adorned every flat or adhesive surface. Food and drink fit for kings was being bustled about by waiters and waitresses and there was no shortage of impressively dressed gentlemen or ladies.

    Prudii didn't regret leaving the combat armor one bit until he noticed one chap parading around in leathers and furs with a sword hanging amicably from his belt.
    oh well. whats done is done, he thought, turning his attention to the crowd.
    Deftly slipping a glass of champagne from its moving perch on a drink tray, Prudii scanned for familiar faces.
    He wasn't nearly comfortable in gatherings of this sort, and good company would go a long way towards making it an enjoyable ball.

    tag:Sarge, Kira-Shay, anyone else
  21. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007


    Tag: Everyone.
  22. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Das Lobby

    I felt a friendly hand on my shoulder, and took my eyes away from Xani and Ktala to take a glance at the third man. Well, first man, other than myself, but any allusion to film noir was time well spent.

    "Quite adequate," he mused, glancing over my clothes. I raised my eyebrows, but said nothing. Swords are cool and all, but I prefer to cut a more Bond-ian figure. I smiled a hello, turning back to the others. "And a Happy Christmas to you! This is something, eh? Any talk of games yet?"

    Tag: Saint, Xani, Ktala
  23. YT-2400

    YT-2400 Jedi Master star 1

    Sep 3, 2008

    YT, or Yettie as some people are wont to call him, stepped out of the blue box and checked over his tuxedo one last time. "Erm, not my usual style, but this class of party requires a different class of dress." He flung patches of snow off his blue Chuck Converse hightops. "Snow...brilliant...and quite perfect for this time of year and mood. Right then, allon-zee" he said cheerfully.

    Walking over to the front of the hotel, Yettie spotted Sinre in all his Imperial majesty. "Hello Sinre!" Yettie called out. "Good to see you!"

    Reaching the lobby, Yettie flashed his psychic Force paper at the doorman. "No worries mate, here's my invitation." The doorman, thoroughly entranced by a Force mind trick, gleefully allowed Yettie through the large ornate hotel doors. I wonder what I did with that invitation, he thought as he strolled inside, no bother, probably turn up later next year.

    In the lobby, Yettie was impressed with both the amount of trees and the amount of guests. "Oh, now that's a tree, a real Christmas tree right there," he said, walking over to the large glamorous Christmas tree that dominated the lobby. Yettie put on his glasses for a better look. "Quite brilliant," he said, looking over the pretty ornaments. "Yep, someone forked out the credits for this lot."

    Smiling, he noticed Nick standing over the at the other side of the lobby. Yettie started off towards him, walking past others, some he knew, some he didn't (Sarge looks as happy as ever and quite shiny. Is that BobaMatt over there or Ramza?)

    "Hello Nick," Yettie said. "Nice to see you here. Quite a lot of people. Care for a jelly baby?" he asked with a smile, holding out a small brown bag of the candies.

    Tag: Sinre, Nick, Sarge, Anyone

  24. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    The Golden Hall

    As Ktala stood speaking with Imperial Hammer and Penguinator she saw someone else she instantly recognized.


    Xany entered the lobby of the GFM with a wide grin on her face and a box of Christmas crackers under one arm. A beautiful green gown, with black boots. Xan saw Preg and herself, and made a beeline for Ktala and Peng. "Merry Christmas!" she called. "Pretty, isn't this? Impy's outdone himself again."

    Ktala smiled. "Glad you could make it!! Oh yes, He has really outdone himself. Ktala laughed softly , and was about to comment more, but she saw someone enter the area, and she had to stop and do a double-take.

    Santa Claus?!?!??!

    Well, it wasnt Saint Nicholas..but it was Saintheart. Saintheart had chosen the leather armour, fur-lined boots from the steppes of Russia, long traveller's cloak and a long sword at his hip -- though this one sparkled with white motes of light down its blade. It did seem QUITE familiair.

    He'd trimmed his beard down and had chosen a couple of boughs of holly to surmount his green cloak. Saintheart strode across the lobby, clapping a gloved hand down on Penguinator's shoulder. Saintheart took a flickering glance over the man's attire-- "Quite adequate," he said. Ktala was delighted. Saint sighed to himself and scratched his beard, essaying a quick dancer's bow to the two well-dressed ladies. "Your health, my dears."

    Xany also gave a double look, before she returned his greeting with a smile. "Hey, Saint! Good to see you here."

    Ktala curtsied. "My My, Saint. You have definatelly dressed for the occasion." she replied with a smile. She held out her tray. "Gold?" she offered to the others.

    A fine begining for a lovely party!!

  25. Saintheart

    Saintheart Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Dec 16, 2000

    The Golden Hall

    "Dressed for the occasion? I just got off work..." began Saintheart, then let his mock-seriousness drop, smiling. "Well, I figured if I'm going to dress up, I might as well do it literally. I've stopped time over in A Tide of Flames so I could borrow Winterfall for this evening. Thanks, Ktala, but I'll pass on the Golds right now; I plan to get comfortably plastered later this evening."

    Saintheart looked around conspiratorially, then rifled through his pockets and took out some sprigs of mistletoe, hurrying over to put one sprig above the front door before hurrying back to them. "Sorry. Had to spread a little mischief. It's been a busy year. Little Jessica's not walking yet, but she's getting there slowly. How are your families?"

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