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  1. Master_Valar

    Master_Valar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 17, 2005
    OOC: This is not accidental double post you're looking for.
  2. Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: E. Alan Bryce
    Down Town -- [Newly Renamed]Fraggen Droid's Street

    "Hey," he gasped, sucking in nervous breaths, "you okay? What happened?"

    Bryce kicked over a durasteel table, squating behind it and using it as a shield while he thought of a plan. How to get out of this and live on to sue the fraggers that made these droids.

    He pulled the man down behind the table with him, and drew his blaster. Just in case.

    "I perfectly fine...and I haven't the foggiest. All I know is that droids are trying to take my head off...and that would get my suit bloody. YOu know how hard blood is to get out? Even if you treat it with Seltser Water right when it happens..."

    He slid the gas canister off the back of his blaster, checking the series of lights that indicated the charge (15 shots), and thinking about what he had said. He really needed to talk to his Therapist about his piorty issues.

    "Are you ar--" He stopped short as a loud coughing came from across the street. He knew that voice.

    "Oi, you two. Hit the nose."

    He knew that voice. It usually accompanied that cough. Sometimes the cough was stand alone...but normally it had the voice with it.

    That was Markus Carfax. 30 years service for M-I-5. Pretty good considering he was facing 60 in Corsucant Maximum...AFTER the Sentance he had been spending in on Kessel.

    "Come on...If we're going to make it out of this...we need to hang with him." He said, jerking a thumb towards Markus. "You go first...I'll cover you." He slid the canister back on the blaster with a click.

    Tag: Peng
  3. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005
    Roman Meralovski

    Roman suppressed a gulp.

    Run out there? With cover fire?

    Roman could not be described as a coward. Throughout school, he had a small band with his friends, and they would cover school events, public stuff, even some nightclubs. He had the guts to go on stage and do his thing. Hell, he'd even gone snowboarding off-planet, tried some of the craziest stuff ever done, too. He'd been arrested for protests, ticketed for speeding... The list goes on.

    But now, he felt more afraid than ever before. Or just confused. Whatever, maybe it was his nerves, but he did not have a good feeling about this.

    He looked back at the suit-clad man. Then across the street to the other guy, who just seemed like a fighter to Roman. So, be stuck here with the gun-toting, neurotic businessman, or with the gun-toting, cigar-chomping soldier-type.

    Roman scrambled out of cover, and moved across the street.

    Tag: DVC
  4. KILIK

    KILIK Jedi Master star 4

    May 21, 2005
  5. Kartanym

    Kartanym Jedi Knight star 6

    May 23, 2002
    OOC: I'd like to welcome all to the Danger Room. It's great to see such a strong following already. As Tyi mentioned, if there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask one of us gamerhelperpeoplelikeguysorgals ;)

    Name: Doobie Lee
    Gender: Male
    Age: 61
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Affiliation: Bluey, his blanket.
    ---Traits: A compelte and utter looney! Yet skilled with a blaster.
    ---Likes: Blankets
    ---Dislikes: Mirrors, water
    ---Habits: Sucks his thumb when he gets nervous.
    ---Skin Color: pinkish
    ---Hair Color: light brown
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Clothing: Dark brown pants and jacket with a white undershirt and black boots. A skull belt completes the picture.
    ---Other Attributes: his blue blanket sticks out of his left pocket.

    Weapons: Twin blasters.

    ---Personal History: Doobie somehow managed to get involved with the Danger Room program by showing off his blaster techniques. He learnt from watching holo recordings of his heroes, most notably the Bounty Hunter Boba Fett. Doobie hopes, beyond hope, that by joining the program, he can learn to control his fears and leave behind his attitude ... or at least, his blanket.

    GM IC - Doobie


    Doobie held tightly to his blanket as he ran around in circles. He didn't like the idea of being chased down by droids ... let alone droids with the capability to kill.

    "AAIIII ... GRR ... AHHHH!"

    The problem with Doobie, as it would have been clear to those walking past, was that he had no control over his fears. A shame, really, since his blaster skills proved he had what it takes to be a winner ... not weinner, as the case may be.

    Doobie ran down a corridor, thumb in his mouth, and hid behind a canister.

    "Too scared," he whispered, "Too scared ... No! No! Can't be scared! Must prove me. Have to prove me. Doobie can't lose, not now. Doobie has to show all what he can do ... yes! Doobie good!"

    A loud bang startled him.

    "Who am i fooling! Doobie crazy!!!!"

    tag: Any soul willing to even try their luck with poor Doobie ;)
  6. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Well, thanks a lot, Tyi-Maet_Nefer, I wasn?t actually planning to be involved with this apart from delivering the body bags.

    IC: Nurse Ratchett, lobby of the Danger Room.

    Along with the proper patrons, a frantic Ratchett is shoved through the energy field leading into the scenario chamber.
    She feels her mind torn into two distinct personalities


    Name: Anakin Skywalker ? ?The Chosen One?
    Age: 9

    Affiliation: K.I.D.S. ? (Kiddies Inter-dimensional Security Force). Way I figured it, if Naboo are going to have a child leading their planet, they?ll have some junior investigators too.
    Personality: Pretty much the same as in The Phantom Menace

    Fanfic: ?KIDS: The Frag-Off Superweapon Affair?
    Original Source: Duh.

    Name: Collin ? ?The Anointed One?
    Age: 8-ish

    Affiliation: K.I.D.S.
    Personality: Possessing the superhuman speed and strength of a vampire make him act more confident and mature than his partner, but having twice died in violent circumstances lends an underlying fear that he is unable to voice

    Fanfic: ?KIDS: The Frag-Off Superweapon Affair?
    Original Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Seasons One and Two.

    Shared Biography
    ANAKIN. Human child. The previous year, he was released from slavery on Tatooine, and is due to be inducted into the Jedi Order under Master Kenobi.
    COLLIN. Pint-sized vampire kid. Was a human child, got attacked and killed by vamp?s in the town of Sunnydale; resurrected as some special vampire, and then killed again by a rival called Spike.
    Someone ? alright, it was me ? thought it would be cool to have ?The Chosen One? and ?The Anointed One? working together.
    They have completed one joint mission, called in when a pre-adolescent Greedo became a threat to the Galaxy. Long story. At least it was for me; I was typing for days.


    Inside the DANGER ROOM, Exiting a sweet shop.

    The two schoolkids emerged, one with tousled blonde hair and round face holding an ice-cream cone and already attacking it with gusto.

    ?Sure you didn?t want anything?? Anakin asked, with as much concern for his fellow man as a nine-year old can manage.

    Collin scowled. ?What is it about ?blood-sucking vampire? that you don?t get? You want to see me excited, let?s stop in at the blood bank on the way to school one morning.?

    A man came tearing up the street, face looking like he was in fear of his life, shouting about killer droids and for everyone to clear out of his way.

    Respect for their elders prompted the boys to step aside, backing up to the sweet-shop?s façade, but such concerns did not occur to the lamp-post.
    The man ran full tilt into it, rebounding soundlessly from the impact.

    Anakin Skywalker, First Aider to the Stars, was about to ask the grown-up if he was okay, when a blur from the left took the man?s head clean off.
    Copper-scented blood jetted skyward in a geyser of liquid crimson.

    Collin grinned happily. ?Now that?s what I?m talkin' about!?

    Tag: Anyone good with kids
  7. Ponja_Ridd

    Ponja_Ridd Jedi Youngling

    Nov 23, 2005

    "Hoa!" shouted Varius, for no particular reason. He ducked his head and shoulder instinctively, the spinning disc of death, or least gravy-stained implement of pain, whizzing past his head. He heard a yelp of pain as it struck off of someone behind him, but the Shistavanen paid no heed.

    Droid's gone nuts, he thought, looking for a weapon. With a metallic shriek, WB-7 picked up a plate and hurled it at him, with a battle cry of "Would you like fries with that?"

    Hitting the floor and rolling forward, Varius was barely able to dodge the lukewarm chowder. Behind him, he heard a yelp of pain as the bowl careened off of someone behind him. Varius turned and moved quickly, picking up the tray that had been hurled first. He paused to throw a sympathic glance at the Rodian who was covered in gravy and chowder, and who now sported a soup bowl for a hat, canted unflatterengly off to one side of it's green head.

    Varius turned, tray held in both hands, and took a step towards the droid.

    "No thank you," he said grimly, "Just the check."

    TAG: Rayson, Tyi-Maet
  8. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

    Tyi-Maet_Nefer Jedi Master star 6

    Jun 17, 2005
    Simulation I: Droids in streets

    IC as Varksst'illio:
    Street sidewalk

    [blockquote]The abruptness with which the female shook Varks' hand off of her shoulder surprised him. It reminded him of a dewback's tail he had once tried to grab hold of.

    Managing not to fall, the Twi'lek immediately arched his back in response to the human's comment and flicked his cape so it fell straight down his back.

    "Civilian?" he repeated with a mouth full of teeth. "I must say, I would be surprised if you talked?"

    Even his hands that had started waving in front of his body for emphasis stopped when multiple things happened at once. It started when a voice, which Varks soon located to have come from a being that was more to his liking, shouted the obvious out to them to hit the pit droid's nose. I would have to be a spaceslug or horse-like amphibian not to know that!

    The lady now in front of him took the advice to the extreme?and fired a blaster bolt with such precision it would have split the nose part of the droid dead centre.

    That was, if the droid was still there. Varks found that he was now looking at a small furry... what was it? His mind searched for the right memory?he eventually found a left-wing one. Ah yes. Ewok.

    What is an Ewok doing here?!

    A touch question, just like why he didn't pick up his ale bottle, but one he didn't have an answer for. The small being spat out some noise that Varks could only assume was some form of intelligence. Smelling something that would be far more invigorating than staring at a fuzzy little thing, Varks turned his head towards the scent of smoke coming from the hands of the earlier human that had voiced his opinion in a carefree manner.

    The Twi'lek was just in time to see the small spherical droid face-to-face before it bumped him in the head. Even though it was only the size of a human head, the little flying conglomeration of metal had hit Varks hard enough to cause the slightly uncoordinated Twi'lek to fall to the ground. Which now also meant he was lying right next to another droid?which had a knife.

    He hoped he didn't look too stupid to the female next to him.[/blockquote]
    TAG: Eleventh_Guard, Livi-Wan, Master_Valar

    OOC: KILIK, just a note to say that you don't need to tag me. I was just starting you out; try and interact with nemisis or anyone else if you can. I'll just respond to keep you going. :)

    IC as R2-K1:
    Street gutter

    [blockquote]Other than some softly spoken words under his own breath, the human in front of R2-K1 simply knelt down and stared directly at the droid.

    Which freaked out the lost little droids fried programming even more.

    Reversing forward?something that made his programming go into even greater spins?a step, R2-K1 stopped directly in-between the two humans he had bumped into earlier. That was it. He lost it.

    And erupted.

    Every single appendage and tool, from his arc welder and buzz saw to his computer jack and many more, shot out of their hiding places and erratically started to hum and jolt every which way. A couple blue lightning flashes coursed across his metal frame as he started to rock back on forth on his two main roller legs.

    One could say that this droid had blown his top.[/blockquote]
    TAG: darth_nemisis, KILIK


    OOC: Wow, Sith, chill. If you don't want to be in the scenario, that's fine, no-one ever said you had too. I was simply letting you know that in-game IC was to be done inside the scenario once one starts. :)
  9. Eleventh_Guard

    Eleventh_Guard Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 17, 2005
    IC: Melany

    Melany groaned inwardly. Another perfect shot screwed up by some bumbling fool. If this keeps up, I'm going to be assigned to stormtrooper duty on the new Death Star, she thought.

    "I am Sub-Lieutenant Melany Baclaw of the Glory Flail," she said, her words clipped and spoken with precision. "This is a crisis situation. Listen and don't get -"

    Killed was supposed to be the end of that, but she saw the Twi'lek fall, struck by a smaller droid. Giving up for the time being on shots, she took a few running steps and smacked the bigger droid in the center, pulling her hand back before it could swing upwards with its knife. Well, almost; it grazed her forearm, leaving a surface scratch that sliced through her uniform and oozed blood without gushing. She pressed her lips together and let the stinging fade slightly as the droid began to fold up.

    It started chirping something that sounded vaguely like the beeps and blips that the mechanic droids on the Glory Flail emitted when activating an override order.

    Melany used her rifle to hit the droid's armed appendage and smash it up against the main body. Sparks flew and wires dangled.

    Tag: Tyi, Livi, Valar
  10. KILIK

    KILIK Jedi Master star 4

    May 21, 2005
    IC:Ewan Solo.: "Oh great!" Was Ewan's only thought as the droid looked liked it was about to go really nuts. Before anther second pasted Ewan Jumped back anyway from the droid.

    "Um anyone else got any ideas,"Ewan asked. As he looked around at everyone.

    TAG. Anyone.
  11. DarthIntegral

    DarthIntegral VIP star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 13, 2005
    IC: Nonn Jash

    Nonn hates the Danger Room. He has a hard enough time determining reality from his mind as it was, and now ... this. He looked around and he couldn't see anyone familiar ... his usual hint to tell if he was halucinating or actually seeing the real reality. It seemed like he was in a bad episode of "Droids Gond Wild". He reached deep into his pocket and pulled out a pill. He hated to do this, but when the going gets tough ... the tough take their medicine. He tossed the pill into his mouth and chased it down with whatever drink he'd had ... he didn't even remember at this point in time ... but whatever it was didn't taste too good. It would be a little while until the drugs kicked in and he could discern reality, but he needed to stay alive in the meantime. He reached into his cloak, and pulled out his blaster. He spun around for something that looked real ...

    Tag: Anyone.
  12. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005
    Roman Meralovski

    Roman ran, flinching at blaster fire, across the street.

    A bolt hit where his foot was going to be. He jumped back, and fell, landing on his elbows.

    "Ow! Not cool! Not cool!" he screamed, as more blaster fire flew overhead.

    This reminded him of a gig he once did. Although, it had been bottles flying past his head, not dangerous lasers that would fry your skin. Now, that had been a crazy gig...

    A blaster shot hit by his hand, and he rolled away quickly.

    He stood, and ran hunched over, nearly off balance. His foot caught on the curb, and he fell forwards, throwing his hands up. He hit hard, and the pain joled up his arms.

    "Ohh..." he moaned, crawling forwards. He rolled onto his bakc, and realized it: he'd made it across the street unscathed.

    Tag: Markus, DVC
  13. Rayson

    Rayson Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 10, 2002
    IC: Sven Razinowski
    Middle of the Street
    Sven watched as a Shistavanen mouthed off a WB-7 in the middle of the street, and thought it best for him to stand aside. Of course, Sven never did what he thought, and usually ended up regretting it later.

    Grabbing a broom, up against the wall of a shop, he muttered to himself, "That's convenient," and ran up to attack the WB-7 from behind, hoping that whoever this mysterious fellow was didn't get the Jawa Juice beaten out of him before Sven got there.

    TAG: Ponja and Tyi


    Sorry for the quick post, but I'm rather busy..
  14. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    IC: Sean Hamar

    [blockquote]Sean walked down the streets, platforms, and alleyways of Coruscant trying to find something to do. He had just left a bar a few blocks back, and was a little...drunk, for lack of a better word. Though, his senses were not comepletely in disarray, for he could walk quite solidly, and did not have any kind of double vision, which was good.

    As he turned a corner, he was hit by something. He looked down to see an astromech droid. The droid looked at him, and then swivled it's head around, and went the other way, and bumped into another person. Sean watched as it, again, backed up. But, this time, the droid erupted, all of it's tools extending from the body, and electricity spounting out from some of the tools, electrocuting the poor droid.

    "That was strange," Sean said, more to himself than to the other human, who appeared to be a teenager.

    Sean looked further down the street, and rubbed his eyes. Had he saw what he thought he saw, or was he just drunk and hallucinating?

    "Hey you!" He shouted to the other human male who the droid bumped into. "Am I just seeing things, or is there a bunch of droids going crazy?" He didn't know which one he wanted to believe more. Though, if the latter was correct, he would certainly not be sticking around here much longer.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Kilik
  15. Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: E. Alan Bryce
    Down Town

    Bryce never actually fired a shot. He knew that pulling the blaster would help the man over...but he wasn't going to blow his ammo here.

    He could fight his way down to the Weapons Deopt down the street...but blaster fire suggested the droids had beaten them to it.

    Bolts wizzed by the man he was supposed to be covering...but he crossed the street unscathed.

    Now it was his turn. He on the other hand was a bit more resourceful.

    The table he had kicked over was of the round coffe-house variety. Therefore, it was easy for him to roll it. Which he did, while crouching along behind it.

    It seemed like a good plan...untill a bullet tore by his head. That deffinatly wasn't a good sign.

    Durasteel Peircing Slug Thrower rounds. He jumped from his slow crouch, and ran the rest of the way...the second half of the street. A large hole in the tail of his suit coat showed where a bolt had almost hit its mark...catching the tail of his coat and searing his skin. It wasn't bad. Barely hurt. But it was a wound. He'd settle for 20 Grand...not a millicred less.

    He took refuge with the man he had "covered" and the Convict named Markus.

    "Any bright Ideas? You two work on it while I draft up an opening argument.."

    Tag: Markus, Peng
  16. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005
    Roman Meralovski

    Roman stared, slack-jawed at the man.

    "An argument? What are you, a lawyer?" asked Roman, only to answer his own question.

    "Okay, so you're a lawyer. But come on, what happened here? This is way outside of the box, really, the box seems to be infected with some crazy flesh-eating disease, and we're outside of the box, daring each other to go closest to the box..." he sucked in a breath before continuing, "...and I'm going to be sick again. This is not good."

    He heaved, and coughed up bile. Roman spat, trying to get the bitter taste out of his mouth.

    "Sorry," he muttered, sitting down behind cover.

    Tag; Anyone
  17. Livi-Wan

    Livi-Wan Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 29, 2002
    Markus Carfax

    Markus looked around. Nearly everyone on the street had seemed to gravitate to him. He blamed it on his undeniably magnetic personality.

    "Alright, Alan?" he asked the lawyer casually. "Get this lot behind the bin. We can work on a plan from there."

    [TAG DVC]
  18. Ponja_Ridd

    Ponja_Ridd Jedi Youngling

    Nov 23, 2005

    The Shistavanen watched as the Human began sneaking up behind the droid.

    Yes, that's it, thought Varius. A distraction.

    "HEY, DROID!" Shouted the wolfman. "That guy behind you is cutting out without leaving a tip!"

    The serving droid checked up, just as she was about to hurl a wicked-looking pasta primavera at the approaching Varius and his stalwart tray.

    "No tip?" shrieked the droid. "NO TIP???"

    Slowly she turned, step by step, inch by inch...

    And Varius darted towards her, tray brandished resolutely above his head.

    TAG: Rayson, any
  19. KILIK

    KILIK Jedi Master star 4

    May 21, 2005
    IC: Ewan Solo.: Ewan heard someone shout at him. And turned to face who it was, it was someone he hand't meat before.

    "No its not you this droid is nuts." "Do you think you could help out somehow?"

    Tag. darth_nemisis / Sean Hamar

  20. Rayson

    Rayson Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 10, 2002
    Sven Razinowski
    Middle of the Street
    As the MB-7 turned it took a nasty hit to the face with the dull, blunt end of Sven's unorthodox broom. As the droid recoiled it took another, what would be, bone breaking blow to the legs. The droid recoiled once more, but didn't fall. Sven swung again, this shot much more poorly placed, and he regretted it.

    "You won't tip me?!" The Droid screamed at Sven, "No TIP!"

    Sven took a metallic limb, full in his jaw. Crimson blood began to seep through his teeth, or what he had left of them. He could feel fragments of his mullers crushed into his aching gums and cheek. The Droid shrieked some more incoherent babble at Sven as he struggled to get up, and Sven muttered to himself, "I knew I'd regret this."

    The MB-7 raised it's left arm, and was about to strike another blow onto it's victim's neck, and Sven noticed that the Shistavanen was prepared to pounce, and hoped it would be soon.

    TAG: Ponja, Tyi


    GM Note: I will be gone this weekend, sorry for any interruption with anybody already tagging or planning to tag me. I may be able to get in some RolePlaying next Monday and Tuesday, but then I'm gone again next Wednesday. Again, sorry for any inconvenience.
  21. Kartanym

    Kartanym Jedi Knight star 6

    May 23, 2002
    GM IC - Doobie


    The MB-7 droid turned just in time to see a headless Bantha ... more commonly known as a scared out of his mind Doobie, running down the street.


    Doobie ran headlong into the droid, the two falling in a mess to the floor.

    "Hold me," Doobie whispered, "Hold me."

    "GET .... OFF" the droid screamed.

    Doobie looked down at who he had fallen atop of ... then up at the people nearby, clearly stunned ... then back to the droid ... to the stunned crowd ... the droid ... the crowd ... droid ... a strange bird flying in the air ...

    "Oooooooooooh," Doobie said, "Niiiiiiice."

    tag: Ponja, Tyi, Rayson
  22. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

    Tyi-Maet_Nefer Jedi Master star 6

    Jun 17, 2005
    Scenario* I: Droids in streets


    IC as Varksst'illio:
    Street sidewalk

    [blockquote]Varks noticed that as soon as his body connected with the solid permacrete that his feet used to be planted firmly on?or so he had thought?the human who had been speaking jumped forward and had a smack at the wiry droid that was now beside the Twi'lek. Immediately, the pit droid sharply folded up, at which stage Varks dragged his own body into a more comfortable position than laying flat on his back like a stunned mynock but with legs and no wings.

    A strange feeling returned to his forehead?he soon recognised it as pain. It actually wasn't strange at all... rather, it was a quite familiar feeling these days. The small bump that appeared from his run-in with the floating droid returned the dull thudding to his head. He raised a blue hand and rubbed his forehead as he blinked a few times at his chaotic surroundings.

    The sharp sound of sparks crackling from something metal returned his wandering gaze from the new arrivals?who had joined the man now clouded by smoke?to the ground beside him. Before he could focus on what exactly was in the mess of smoking wires, a sight he remembered quite well greeted him.

    And it came in the shape of a sphere. A metal sphere, with a couple of lights flashing and a noted small degree of intelligence as it aimed straight for him.

    This time, when the flying remote droid shot in towards his head, Varks responded. As what might be contrary to appearance, the Twi'lek didn't actually like being knocked to the ground.

    Ducking his head back to look at what he now saw as a magnificent cloudy sky?white and puffy, he thought with delight?he bent his body back far enough that the droid would zip straight over his head. At the same time, he brought his right hand up in a backward swinging fist, aimed directly to connect with the black ball-shaped droid.

    And missed. Obviously, Varks' ability to define a direct hit was slightly disorientated.

    Luckily enough, the Twi'lek had decided to add a few more swings with his other arm in a random-looking attempt to knock the droid into the wall behind him. It reminded him of the time he had tried to swim a thing that the Quarren called 'backstroke'. He had never achieved the art of smoothness that the native water-dwelling creatures had. Some might be thankful of this.

    Varks felt his right fist connect?on the third swing. Apparently, his first couple of swings had happened before the droid had even reached the point of intended connection with his head. Hitting with a sizeable force, Varks managed to bash the droid hard enough to cause it to continue barrelling forward in its flight long enough for it to smash directly into the wall of the building behind the navy Twi'lek.

    Stopping his violent arm swings, Varks turned around to see the little droid lying on the ground with a dent the size of his fist in its side. A delusional thought crossed his mind that his hand was responsible for the dent. A few lights still flickered when he took a step closer to the small thing. Searching for something to smash it with, as staring into the flickering lights caused his head to hurt, Varks' eyes caught sight of the rifle in the female's hand behind him. He also noted that the earlier pit droid was in pieces on the ground, sparks shooting every which way. He offered a grin to her as his cape danced around his shoulders.

    "Do you think you could...?" The Twi'lek looked pointedly at the human's rifle and then gestured at the ball of metal beside him[/blockquote]
    TAG: Eleventh_Guard, Master_Valar
  23. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Kiddies Inter-dimensional Security force.

    Ignoring the homicidal robots running up and down the street, Collin drank his fill off the decapitated pedestrian?s blood, then stood roughly to wipe his face clean on the shoulder of Anakin?s grey school blazer before the latter could protest.

    ?Yuck. Thanks mate.?

    Collin ignored his friend?s grimace. ?No problem.?

    Gathering his wits, Anakin thumped his little fist into his other palm, superhero-style.
    ?Right, we need a plan.?


    ?I mean a plan to help save everyone.?

    ?Still thinking ?Hide?.?

    ?Look, we play this right, we can come out of this heroes.?

    Collin rounded on his human companion. ?Alright, who are you, and what have you done with Anakin?? The junior vampire then ignored the response as something impinged on his mental radar, and he spun round to see an astromech trundling across the street towards them.
    His eyes narrowed as he ran his gaze over it.

    ?Don?t? move.?

    Skywalker jostled to get a good view. ?What? Why? It?s only an R5 unit.?

    ?Yeah, but Industrial Automaton or Kenner??

    ?What difference does it make??

    Collin hesitated, unwilling to invite ridicule. ?Um, the Kenner version has a concussion missile in the chest.?

    Anakin Skywalker looked at the sallow-faced vamp? like he was mad. ?Oh you have got to be kidding me. Who the hell would put a concussion missile in that titchy thing. He?d be knocked over by his own recoil.?

    Col? shrugged. ?Hey, I didn?t build the thing. Look out!? He used super-strength to shove Anakin several feet to the right, and used the momentum to tuck and roll in the opposite direction as a mini-missile tore from the droid?s chest on a horizontal streak of flame and smoke, flying into the sweetshop and blasting it?s façade into the street in an explosion of shattered glase and burning wood, the stench of smoke in the air.


    The vampire was the first up as shredded debris like a surreal snow flurry.

    His face had morphed from that of the innocent child he had been two lifetimes ago to the snarling creature of the night that he was now. He only adopted this visage to give himself a further edge in combat, to demoralise an enemy, or if he was a bit?upset.

    Ignoring Anakin as the dazed boy staggered to his side, Collin glared first at the spot where the droid had been, then up at the astromech-shaped hole punched into the side of the yellow repulsor-lift school-bus parked on the opposite side of the street.

    ?Oh that?s it.? Collin raged, ?We are gonna Control, Alt and Delete all of you fraggers!?

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  24. DarthIntegral

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    Jul 13, 2005
    IC: Nonn Jash

    Nonn had his blaster out, and about 1/10th of his wits about him. A great combination, to be sure. He pulled his blaster out in front of him and fired a shot. It went through the "person" he thought he was firing at.

    "That's one way to see if it's real or not ... shoot it", he thought to himself.

    The thought made him laugh. Slightly at first, but then more and more. Soon he was overtaken by laughter, and lost focus of the scene around himself. That didn't last long, as the two scenarios unfolding before him, that is both the "real" danger of the droids and the imagined danger of the three-headed humanoids he was seeing.

    "At least this vision is entertaining."

    He got his laughter back under control and pulled his blaster back up. He stepped back and fired a shot towards, but not at, a male human. That should get his attention and help to determine if he was real or imagined. And, on top of that, if he was real, he might provide help in figuring out exactly what was going on here.

    "Hey, you real?", Nonn called out, and waited, blaster ready to fire, for his response.

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    Roman Meralovski

    Roman was busy catching his breath when a voice caught his ear.

    "Hey, you real?" it called.

    Roman looked, and then ducked as a shot flew past his head.

    "Whoa! Whoa! Yeah, I'm real, don't shoot!" he yelled back.

    He looked at the being that had fired at him, and called out to him.

    "You okay?"

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