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Discussion in 'Buffalo, NY' started by VideoPrince, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Zilly's Cupcakes of Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo competed on the recently aired Food Network STAR WARS Cake Challenge July 3rd.
    There was a private viewing of the broadcast premiere at the Screening Room, which our group did attend in costume, posing for pictures to raise money for Compass House.
    This was a very hastily arranged appearance, which restrictions on the number of attendees due to size of the venue.
    We did raise a nice piece of change, and had to eat cupcakes for charity.


    Shannon and Zilly

    Why there are no left-overs!

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    I heard about the episode but didn?t watch it. I didn?t know it had a local baker on it. Looks like it was fun. Wish I knew about the event. I haven?t been to the screening room yet and would like to check out the place sometime. Did Zilly?s win?
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    Hey, did I just aquire another Rebel Pilot when I wasn't looking? [face_praying]
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    Pictures have been added to the NR's Facebook page! Thanks Larry!
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