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Beyond - Legends ~The Second Time Around~--new post!!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by val solo, Jun 21, 2003.

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  1. val solo

    val solo Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 22, 2000
    This is a repost and continuation of a Ganner fic I started some time back. I figured I should move it here to the new forum. :) [link=]Old Thread[/link]

    Title: The Second Time Around
    Author: val solo
    Genre: Romance/ Action
    Time Period: Post-Dark Journey... before they felt the need to kill poor Ganner off! :(

    Disclaimer: Of course, I own nothing except Analee, and am making, sadly, not a single dime off of my time and effort.


    Ganner Rhysode surveyed the cramped passenger cabin looking for a place to sit. He had fled the forward compartment unable to bear anymore fawning teenage girls. Usually, the handsome Jedi soaked up any and all female attention, but ever since Myrkr and all of its tragedy, he found himself being focused on more important and serious matters.

    The Jedi had willingly accepted Master Skywalker?s assignment to accompany a band of refugees from their home planet, which was too close for comfort to occupied Yuuzhan Vong territory, hoping it would be rather tame compared to his previous mission. That disaster had seen the death of young Anakin Solo and had taken a piece of Ganner?s heart in the process. Anakin was a good kid and a great Jedi. Ganner was quick to admit that he had even respected and admired the younger man. In addition, Jacen Solo was gone and his twin Jaina had nearly succumbed to the Dark Side right before Rhysode?s eyes.

    What he needed now was something low-stress and simple. He assumed that escorting this group of people would be just what the doctor ordered and then chuckled inwardly as he recalled what his father used to say about making assumptions. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined how physically and mentally draining it would be to oversee the welfare of a group of such demanding, and often annoying people.

    Tame? Yeah, right.

    At last, he spied two empty seats near the back by the refresher. Pushing his way through the narrow aisle, answering about fifty questions and offering several ?pardon me?s?, he finally reached his destination. Back here he would be out of the way and could hopefully catch a bit of quiet shut eye. If he had to make idle chit-chat for just one more minute, he might be forced to hurt someone despite his reputation as a well-mannered gentleman.

    He sunk into the seat and tried his best to fit his large frame into it as comfortably as possible. These types of public transportation never seemed to account for those of broader girth, such as himself. After draping his cloak over the empty chair next to him, he leaned his head back and shut his eyes. Sleep was going to feel glorious.

    ?Excuse me.?

    The soft, feminine voice jolted Ganner out of his restful state. He sighed heavily and opened his eyes fully expecting to see one of the young girls that had been trailing behind him since they?d boarded the ship. Instead, what he saw stunned him into silence. Standing before him was a rather petite woman, probably in her late twenties, he guessed, although the glow of her smiling face made her appear younger. Her sandy blonde hair hung straight except for two tiny braids that began at her temples and were pulled to the back of her head. To be honest, she was far from the most beautiful woman Ganner had ever seen. In fact, she was actually rather plain. However, what had him rattled was the fact that her middle was obviously round with child? very round.

    ?May I get to my seat, please?? she asked softly with a grin.

    ?Oh!? Ganner exclaimed jumping up and out of her way. ?I?I apologize. I didn?t think these seats belonged to anyone.?

    She maneuvered awkwardly into the chair and looked up at him. ?Please, sit back down. I know I?m huge, but I really don?t need both seats.?

    Despite himself, Ganner chuckled out loud and then sat back down next to her. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. ?Am I taking your husband?s place?? he asked, ready to move if she said yes. He was su
  2. val solo

    val solo Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 22, 2000
    A gentle tapping on his shoulder woke Ganner from his sleep. Forcing his eyes to open, he turned his head to see Analee awaiting his response.

    ?I need to get to the refresher,? she stated apologetically. ?It seems to happen quite often these days.?

    ?Of course.? He stood to allow her to pass by and then sat back down. Gazing upon the full cabin ahead of him, he found himself wondering about Analee?s situation. She was apparently very near her date to give birth. By her own admission, she had no husband or anyone else with her. She seemed to be all alone except for the tiny life she carried inside her. That one had spirit, he could tell, and he had the sneaking suspicion the mother did, too. However, something about her put him completely at ease, and he didn?t feel the need to lay on his boundless charm to impress her. No, Analee Garsone was the most real person he had met in quite some time, and in the midst of these perilous, war-filled days, she was a welcome breath of fresh air.

    ?I?m back,? she said suddenly appearing in the aisle next to him. Her simple smile was so open and warm. He had heard that women who were expecting often ?glowed?, but had never paid it much mind. Analee proved it to be true, however. Ganner let her back in and settled back. ?That?s why I sat back here close to the refresher? because I need to use it so much,? she admitted.

    ?No problem,? he replied. ?I should probably go check with the pilots? part of my ?official duties?, you see.?

    ?Okay then. Wouldn?t want to stand in the way of anything ?official?. It was nice to meet you, Jedi Rhysode,? she said.

    ?Are you so ready to get rid of me, Mrs. Garsone? I was hoping you?d save my seat. They seem to be in short supply around here.?

    Analee seemed genuinely surprised that Ganner had promised to return and stumbled over her words. ?Well? of course? I?I?ll keep it safe for you.? There was that smile again. He was liking it more and more.

    Making his way back through the crowded compartments was a nuisance to the Jedi, which he suffered by plastering a fake smile on his face and nodding his head in answer to the barrage of questions flung at him from every other row.

    ?When will we get there??
    ?Are you sure the Vong aren?t following us??
    ?Couldn?t you have gotten a more comfortable ship??
    ?Can?t this thing go any faster??

    The last question was one that actually almost came from his own mouth. Luckily he caught it before it slipped out. That would have portrayed a rather poor example for a Jedi, he supposed, but being cooped up with some of these irritating people was almost more than he could stand. True, he was not a shining example of Jedi patience and calm, but these people would try the goodness of even the legendary unflappable Yoda. He was sure of it.

    Just as he entered the cockpit, Ganner sensed that all was not well. Fear and uncertainty were emanating from the two pilots, and they were frantically adjusting controls and pushing buttons.

    ?What?s wrong?? he asked firmly.

    ?This is not good, Jedi Rhysode. For some reason, all of our systems are failing. I?ve never seen anything like this before.? The senior pilot stopped his ministrations and looked right into Ganner?s face. ?It?s almost as if the ship has been sabotaged. There?s no other explanation.?

    A brief flash of panic surged through Ganner, but he quickly banished it with the Force and calmed his nerves. ?Isn?t there anything you can do??

    ?We?ve tried everything,? the co-pilot said. ?Our only hope is to make it to the nearest planet.?

    ?Can you do it?? the Jedi questioned.

    The two pilots looked at one another, an unspoken conversation taking place between them.

    ?We?ll try our best.?

    ?There is no try? only do or do not,? Ganner quoted. How many times had he heard Master Skywalker say those words, never thinking he?d be using them himself. ?I?ll go take care of the passengers. You get us to that planet.? He spun purposefully on his heels and exited the cockpit.

    ?Simple,? he said to himself. ?Low-st
  3. val solo

    val solo Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 22, 2000
    ^^^***^^^***^^^***^^^***^^^***^^^**^^^***^^^In less than thirty minutes from the time they strapped in, the refugees on board The Galactic Gem crash landed gently on the planet of Tridel. Even though Ganner?s Jedi senses assured him that no one had died, there were several injuries, and, unfortunately, they were still on a world, which just so happened to be right on the edge of conquered Yuuzhan Vong territory. Only Ganner and the pilots knew about this tiny problem in the hopes they could allay some of the others? fears.

    Strangely, Ganner found he was first and foremost concerned about Analee. He had even thrown himself over her when the turbulence began and stayed there until all was still. Protecting this woman and her unborn child just seemed the natural thing for him to do? as a Jedi and as a man. Using the Force, he had cushioned the impact for her as much as possible. It gave him one humdinger of a headache, but, in his estimation, it was worth the pain.

    ?Are you all right?? he asked as he pulled away and studied her. Her hands were protectively on her belly and she tried to clear her head. The landing had left her rather rattled. She examined her own arms and felt her head.

    ?I think I just have a few scratches, but the bruises are going to be rough going,? she finally replied.

    ?Well, we need to see to those wounds,? Ganner began, digging into the supply pouch on his belt for some antiseptic. He was intent on making sure she was perfectly safe. Analee watched him in amusement for a moment before placing her hand on his forearm to stop him.

    ?I?m fine, really. And they aren?t ?wounds?, just scrapes. I?ll be okay.? She was so calm, he thought. He should be the one doing that, not her. He was the protector.

    Glancing down at her round stomach, he asked, ?What about the baby?? She reached out to put his hand back on her belly and smiled when he jumped in surprise.

    ?Oh, he?s fine. I think he wants to do the whole thing over again, in fact,? she joked, ?but I?ll start my parenting a little early and say ?no?.?

    ?Good!? Ganner discovered that he had been holding his breath while waiting to hear about the baby and exhaled rather audibly.

    ?No need to worry. We?re both fine,? Analee reassured him with a motherly pat on the knee and another of her calming smiles. ?What about you? You?re bleeding.? She raised her hand and gently probed his forehead with a feather light touch.

    ?Me?? He lifted his fingers to a stinging sensation above his eyebrow and was surprised to find blood when he took them away. The Jedi was taken aback by her question and her sincere actions. There wasn?t usually anyone to be concerned about him. Even the other Jedi often suffered in silence. It had been a long time since he?d felt so? so? nurtured.

    ?Hand me your pack,? she ordered quietly while rolling up her sleeves. He placed the small med-pac in her dainty hands, and, before he knew it she had him skillfully bandaged up. ?There!? she declared, leaning back to admire her handy work. ?All done.?

    ?You?re very good at that,? Ganner stated crunching his face back and forth to see how well the bandage would hold.

    ?I should be. I?m a nurse.?

    This admission stunned the Jedi. He had assumed she was only a wife and expectant mother. He hadn?t even considered the possibility that she was anything else, but after hearing it, he thought if any job suited her, it was definitely nursing. ?I should have known.?

    ?What? Do you read minds?? she asked teasingly with a chuckle.

    ?Not exactly,? Ganner replied mysteriously with a dashing grin. Suddenly, the two became aware of their surroundings. Several people were crying and some were moaning in pain. He had work to do. ?I need to check on the others.?

    ?I?ll help you,? she offered. Analee started to get up awkwardly out of her seat, but had to plop back down.

    Ganner admired her determination, but wasn?t about to let her move a muscle. ?I think you?d better just sit right here.? The blonde woman shot him a look to kill.

    ?I will not just sit ri
  4. val solo

    val solo Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 22, 2000

    The stranded refugees decided to sleep on board the wrecked ship. Ganner and the pilots had checked and rechecked the vehicle inside and out to make sure it was safe. While it would provide shelter, it wouldn?t do much else. There was no way The Galactic Gem would fly again without major mechanical work, and considering they were smack dab in the middle of nowhere, the chances of getting the ship fixed were slim to none--- and ?slim? had crashed and burned right along with the shields and thrusters.

    After discussing the results of their investigations with each other, the Jedi and the pilots all came to a similar conclusion--- someone had indeed sabotaged the ship. Ganner couldn?t help but think that whoever was guilty would eventually come looking for the Gem in order to ascertain his mission?s success. Therefore, he and the pilots decided it would be best to get help as soon as possible. The plan was to gather as many supplies from the ship as they could and set off in the morning for the nearest settlement. If the whole group stuck together and followed the coordinates the co-pilot was able to gather before the navigation systems failed completely, then all forty-three people might have a chance at survival.

    Forty-four, Ganner corrected himself. Analee?s child made it forty-four.

    Night had descended suddenly, blanketing the planet Tridel in an inky darkness. The air was clear and brisk allowing the distant stars to shine sharply on the shipwrecked group, which sat fairly close to a campfire that had been started to fend off the chill. Several people had ventured outside the transport to check out their surroundings or get some fresh air. Ganner had recruited a few of the other men to take turns keeping watch through the night, even though he knew he most likely wouldn?t fall asleep at all. He knew from experience that making the refugees feel like a team right from the start would be key in surviving this ordeal.

    The Jedi strode around the encampment, as any good leader would do, making sure everyone was holding up under the pressure. A few people were softly weeping, no doubt feeling hopeless despite his assurances they would make it. Most had families with them to provide the comfort they needed, but not everyone had someone.

    Ganner spotted Analee sitting on a large rock on the opposite side of the fire and his heart sank. There she was, an attractive, intelligent, kind woman with so much to offer? and she was alone. It just didn?t seem right to him.

    Analee watched the handsome Jedi make his way to her place on the big rock. When his eyes had caught hers across the campfire, the friendly smile on his face told her he?d be coming over soon. He walked so confidently, yet something still seemed to be weighing heavily on his broad, straight shoulders. She was curious to find out what his burden was and to learn the origin of that nasty looking scar on his face. Most people would have had that blemish fixed as soon as possible, but Ganner hadn?t. Why?, she wondered. It was merely one of the many questions about this man that she wanted to answer.

    He stopped when he reached her, and she scooted over to make room for him on the boulder. ?It?s starting to get cold out here. Maybe you should go inside,? he suggested.

    ?I?m okay,? she replied. ?Besides, I had to get out of that stuffy place for a while. It?s bad enough my body temperature is higher than normal with my pregnancy, but throw in a bunch of stressed out people in a small enclosed space and I could barely breathe!? She laughed lightly and he couldn?t help but smile.

    ?Well, at least let me give you my cloak,? he insisted as he undid the clasp and smoothly wrapped it around her shoulders. ?There,? he declared softly when he was finished. ?Got to keep that little one warm,? he added with a wink.

    Analee looked up into his face where shadows from the flames were dancing across his rugged features. ?Thank you,? she whispered unable to tear her gaze away from his. When he smiled
  5. val solo

    val solo Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 22, 2000

    That had to be the reason for what had happened between she and Ganner Rhysode outside in the firelight. The trauma of the crash was causing Analee to act in a way that was vastly different from her usual, levelheaded self. Yes, she decided, that was it? trauma.

    Why else would she so wantonly kiss a man she had only just met? It wasn?t logical--- but had it felt wonderful! Analee?s lips tingled at the mere memory of the Jedi?s tender kiss. He was a man who knew just how to use the sense of touch to perfection. Why, if it hadn?t been for the baby kicking when he did, she might have made an even bigger fool of herself than she already had. How would she ever look him in the eye again? she wondered. Am I missing Tahmis?s attention so much that I cling to the first man who shows me an ounce of kindness?

    Analee made her way to the back of the passenger cabin and tried to settle into her seat for the night. After vainly shifting several times, she accepted the fact that she would probably get little sleep. Between her awkward size, recurring backaches, and the embarrassment she was suffering from the incident with the all too handsome Jedi, she merely hoped to get a few minutes of shuteye before morning.

    Leaning her head back, her mind immediately drifted to thoughts of Ganner? how kind he?d been since the start of the trip? how he confided in her about the suspected sabotage? and of course, how warm and strong his lips had been as he pressed them to hers time after time. These contemplations led Analee to a baffling question. She knew why she had kissed him, but what had his reason been for kissing her?
    The night was torturously long for Ganner. He thought he would at least get a few hours of shuteye, but it apparently wasn?t in the cards. Wondering what to do about Analee and the long hike to the nearest settlement had him in a quandary, and, before he knew it, the first faint rays of dawn were peeking through the treetops and the local wildlife was astir in its endless cycle of daily survival. Today, the human inhabitants would be in the same boat.

    He knew that for her own good as well as that of her unborn child, Analee should not try to make the trip. As close as she was to giving birth, the physical exertion could be dangerous for the both of them. And so the Jedi had made a decision that he hoped would be acceptable to all. He would stay behind with her and the still unconscious passenger while the two pilots would lead the remainder of the refugees to the nearest town. Ganner had already plotted out the course the group should take and readied their available provisions. His inability to sleep had not been a total waste.

    Soon, others began to trickle out from inside the ship, yawning and stretching, trying to get motivated to face the day. Ganner inconspicuously watched the boarding ramp for a sign of a certain rounded female as he busied himself with stoking the cooking fire. The refugees would need to eat a hearty meal before striking out on their journey. As anxious as he was to see her, it was for conflicting reasons. First off, he wanted to apologize, but another part of him was desperately curious to see if she seemed as effected by their shared kiss as he felt. Again, he almost felt guilty for thinking such a thing considering her situation, but something about her intrigued him and not thinking about her was simply impossible.

    A tiny tingle traversed his spine, and he turned to see Analee descending the ramp. Despite the circles under her eyes, she still managed to radiate an indescribable feminine beauty to which Ganner was being drawn like a moth to a flame. She stopped at the bottom and placed her hands on her lower back, arching it in an attempt to stretch out the kinks. Only the Jedi seemed to notice her nearly imperceptible wince of pain. Without even realizing what he was doing, Ganner found himself directly in front of the mother-to-be.

    ?Sleep well?? he asked almost sounding timid, if that was possible
  6. val solo

    val solo Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 22, 2000

    The first day passed without much incidence. Ganner organized their supplies, scouted out the surrounding area, while Analee kept watch over the still unconscious man whom they had learned was named Nikko. He had no family with him, so he had become their responsibility. Ganner watched as she tended to him the best she could in spite of her extended stomach. He noticed she had to stop every once in a while and catch her breath, and he?d lost count of how many trips she?d made to the refresher. When he jokingly mentioned it to her she responded curtly.

    ?Talk to me when you?ve experienced a human being doing constant flip-flops inside of your belly!?

    They laughed together, but still there was a sense of uneasiness between them stemming from their kiss the night before. Both of them were unsure of what it meant and how to handle the feelings it stirred within. Ganner had always used humor and lighthearted teasing to cope with his insecurity. Analee had always chosen to simply avoid the situation and act as if it never happened, which was what she was doing now.

    Nightfall was once again coming and Ganner had another fire blazing outside. The evening air was chill, and he didn?t want Analee to get cold. While they could have simply spent all of their time on the ship, he found he enjoyed the open air. It was something he hadn?t had much of over the past few years. Too much of his life had recently been spent inside the cold hull of spaceships as he traveled around fighting against the Vong.

    As he lay stretched out beside the fire, leaning up on his elbow, he stared blindly into the flames. It was so quiet, apart from the sounds of nocturnal insects buzzing and chirping in the fading light, that he was forced to remember things he didn?t necessarily want to recall.

    His first thoughts were of his parents, his mother especially. They had always been close. Klarhys Rhysode had been the epitome of social grace and highbred ideals, which she had embedded into her only son. She?d taught him how to handle people? women mostly, and he had taken to it like a Mon Cal took to water. For most of his younger years he had been an irresponsible, arrogant playboy who didn?t realize that his ability to ?persuade? females of any age and race was owed to his Force powers. Now that he reflected on those times, he cringed with self-loathing. How could he have been so immature?

    Perhaps that was why he and his father had never gotten along. Jarvis Rhysode was the complete antithesis of his wife. He avoided society as much as humanly possible and concentrated on his business, which was one of the largest on Ganner?s home planet and allowed Klarhys to continue living so lavishly. Ganner had an inkling that his father?s money was the only thing his mother was interested in. She?d taken on several ?personal assistants? over the years, and Ganner figured out soon enough that these men weren?t exactly well versed in the latest dictation methods. At first, he was appalled and waited for his father to do something about it. But time went by and Jarvis turned a blind eye to his wife?s exploits in order to keep her happy. When Ganner saw how much ?fun? his mother seemed to be having with no repercussions, he willingly followed in her footsteps, turning his back on his father and the company he was sure to inherit someday.

    Although Jarvis never spoke out against his wife, he had no such reservations about his son.

    ?Ganner, you?re a disgrace to the Rhysode name,? he?d said on more than one occasion. ?You persist in squandering away your inheritance, your youth, and your dignity. You disappoint me, son.?

    Ganner could see his father?s face in the flickering flames of the campfire and hung his head in shame at the memory of those words and his own response. He?d laughed in his father?s face, told him he didn?t want the company anyway and made some derogatory comment about his father being a cuckolded old fool. After talking to his mother, who had embraced him and said Jarvis?s opinion
  7. val solo

    val solo Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 22, 2000

    ?Now?,? Ganner asked, ?as in this very minute?!?

    Analee responded with a loud moan and then squeezed his hand with more force than he?d ever imagined she could possibly muster.

    ?I?m going to take that as a yes,? he added with a wince. Through a clenched jaw, she shot him a look to kill. After a few seconds, she released her death grip and breathed deeply.

    ?Sorry about your hand,? Analee apologized as she watched him rub his numb fingers. He looked at her in wonder. Only seconds before she had been glaring daggers, and now she was all sweetness and light.

    ?Let?s get you moved to a more comfortable spot.? Ganner stood and carefully helped her into the main cabin area. However, before he could get her seated, another contraction hit causing her to cry out and double over in pain. She buried her head in his shirt, and he struggled to hold her up. Even without the Force, he could feel her anguish and almost came unglued when she looked up at him with tears streaming down her face.

    Soon enough, the pain subsided and Ganner quickly got her situated in a reclining seat before the next round began. Analee?s breathing was coming in three quick little bursts followed by one longer one. He assumed it was some type of breathing technique.

    ?It? helps? me? handle the?pain,? she huffed. She was breaking a sweat, her light brown hair plastered to her flushed face. Ganner reached out and smoothed it back tenderly, trying to appear calm and in control for her sake. Force knew he was about ready to crumple from the pressure.

    ?I?m going to help you, but I may need you to guide me through the particulars. Believe it or not, I?ve never delivered a baby before,? he added with a wink.

    Analee managed a brief smile before her eyes widened and the next pain overtook her body. Ganner grimaced. He didn?t think he could take it much longer--- seeing her in agony he could do nothing to ease.

    Or could he?

    Suddenly an idea sprang into his mind. Maybe there was something he could do to help Analee. Ganner waited until the worst was over, and then shared his plan.


    ?Do you think it will work?? she asked hopefully, finally at the point where she was willing to try anything to make it stop hurting.

    Ganner nodded confidently. ?Yes, I do,? he stated firmly.

    ?Okay, then,? she agreed. ?Try it now because I feel another one coming on.?

    Taking a deep breath, Ganner gently placed his large hands on Analee?s protruding abdomen. Her muscles were tensing, gearing up for the impending contraction, and he closed his eyes to concentrate. Finding the last remaining strand of calm within himself, Ganner reached out to Analee through the Force. It took a few seconds to find her. He wasn?t very adept at this kind of mental connection, but he hoped to take away the burden of some of her pain.

    Then he found her.

    A flash of light was followed immediately by a jolt of blinding pain that nearly took his breath away. He bit back a cry of his own and focused on being strong for Analee. In a moment, although not soon enough for his liking, the pain stopped and he opened his eyes.

    ?How? was that?? he asked her weakly. ?Better??

    ?Yes,? she answered, ?much better. It must have worked.?

    Ganner forced a smile. ?I told you it would. Did you doubt me??

    She managed a weak laugh as she shifted in the seat. ?No, no doubts here.?

    ?So, um, how much longer do you think this is going to take?? he asked patting her hand. She raised one eyebrow and gave him ?the look?? the one he?d gotten from plenty of other people over the years whenever he stuck his foot in his mouth?his father, his teachers?the list went on and on. ?Forget I said that,? he added apologetically.

    Suddenly, he felt her fingers tightening around his and knew it was time for another dose of 'pain relief'.


    His face hurt.

    And it took him a second to realize why. It was because he?d been smiling no
  8. val solo

    val solo Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 22, 2000
    Whew! This poor thing has been neglected long enough. If anyone is interested, here's a new post. :)

    ?Where am I??

    Nikko Binaldi raised himself to a seated position and glanced around the empty passenger cabin. The place looked faintly familiar, and as he slowly stood it all came rushing back to his memory. He replayed it all in his mind, up until the last thing he remembered? the ship descending wildly to the planet below, and then the heavy metal beam headed right for his?

    His hand immediately reached up to touch his head and winced in pain at the tenderness his encountered. He must have been knocked unconscious--- but for how long? Had he missed it all?

    The bile formed in his gut and seeped up to his throat. No one else was around, so that could only mean?

    He ran to the exit ramp but had to shield his eyes from the painfully bright sun.

    ?Well, hello there, sleeping beauty.?

    Nikko?s head jerked to his left at the sound of the voice and immediately wished he hadn?t moved. He groaned in pain and rubbed the back of his neck. The speaker ventured into Nikko?s line of vision, and Nikko moaned again at the sight of the dark haired Jedi.

    ?You,? he growled, barely able to get the sound out of his parched throat.

    ?Yes, it?s me, your very best friend,? Ganner mocked. ?Good to see you?re awake. We were beginning to wonder if you were ever going to snap out of it.?

    ?We?? Nikko asked in urgent curiosity quickly surveying the clearing around him. Off to his right sitting with her back leaning against a large rock was the woman from the ship? the pregnant one that couldn?t keep her mouth shut. Only now she wasn?t pregnant but was cradling a tiny infant in her arms.

    ?Of all the rotten luck,? he muttered under his breath.

    ?Good morning!? she called from her resting place. ?Why don?t you join us for breakfast??

    While he couldn?t stand the thought of sharing the company of these two, Nikko couldn?t deny that his stomach was extremely empty and desperate for food. Taking slow, cautious steps, he finally reached the woman and lowered himself to the ground across from her. The Jedi was right behind him and started to sit as well.

    ?Wait, Ganner,? she said. ?Will you hold the baby so I can check our friend?s head out??

    The Jedi glanced warily down at Nikko and then back to the woman who?s face seemed warm and caring today, unlike the banshee unleashed on the ship. Ganner carefully took the baby from her and situated him in the crook of one arm while using the other to help the woman to her feet. She wobbled uneasily for just a moment before taking the few steps it required to reach Nikko?s side.

    ?I?m still a little weak,? she admitted with a small smile before plopping softly down next to him. ?Now, let me that bump.?

    She began to tenderly prod around Nikko?s head and ask him questions to see if he was mentally alert. All the while he continued to nervously glance around the clearing, none of which was missed by the Jedi.

    ?Where is everyone else?? Nikko dared to question even though he was fairly certain he already knew the answer.

    ?They?re gone,? Ganner answered, noting the flicker of anxiousness that flashed in Nikko?s eyes. ?Gone with the pilots to find the nearest settlement.?

    ?Oh,? Nikko uttered, almost sounding disappointed.

    The baby in his arms wiggled and fussed as if on the verge of crying, and Ganner began to sway gently back and forth on his feet. The baby settled back down after the big man offered some calming words.

    ?What day is it? How long have I been unconscious??

    Analee returned to her resting place against the rock and gestured for Ganner to hand the baby back to her, which he did with the greatest of care. She then proceeded to explain their situation to Nikko.

    ?We?ve been stranded here for almost six days now,? she said. ?You do remember that the ship crashed, right??

    Nikko nodded while doing the calculations in his head. They were late.

    ?Well, Ganner believe
  9. duskwings

    duskwings Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 10, 2003
    This is a great story. Never saw it before, but it's cute. Analee seems very real and self-assured (perhaps a little too perfect, but I'm sure some flaws will show up later), and Ganner falling in love with her is absolutely adorable. [face_love] He's so sweet, trying to defend her even though he barely knows her. Although, as usual, he played the typical guy at the beginning of her labor--"Now? As in this very minute?" [face_laugh]

    And as for the new post . . . [face_shocked] Nikko was Peace Brigade? No wonder he was spouting all that anti-Jedi propaganda. Although I wonder who this woman is whom he couldn't save . . . interesting. I guess I'll just have to wait for the next post to find out. :)

  10. J_M_Bulldog

    J_M_Bulldog Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2003
    I read the old thread to this and loved it. I'm glad you're continuing this story.
    Why am I not so shocked that Nikko was the one who sabotaged the ship?
    *growling* The Peace Brigade better not touch Analee or her baby if they know what's good for them. Not wise to mess with a Jedi's loved one even if they barely know each other. *stops growling*
    More soon?
  11. Jaina_Solo_Durron

    Jaina_Solo_Durron Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 3, 2002
    i was reading this over at FFN...and i must say, lovely new posts, val! may i kill nikko? please?

  12. rogue11lovesjag

    rogue11lovesjag Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 13, 2002
    Ooh. Neato. I hadn't read this, and I'm enjoying it very much! more please?

  13. Princess1

    Princess1 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 3, 2001
    A update! A UPDATE! :D :D :D

    At long last, I just adore this story, been reading it since it started. :) Anyway, Ganner and Analee are sooooo sweet. But Nikko is bad, bad bad bad! Can you let Ganner beat him up? Pretty pretty pretty please? :p

    PROPHEToftheCOUNCIL Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 11, 2001
    I liked this the first time. And I like it the second time.

    This is still a great one Val. :D
  15. Princess1

    Princess1 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 3, 2001
  16. Jedi_Jaina_Durron

    Jedi_Jaina_Durron Jedi Knight star 5

    Dec 1, 2001

    I didn't know you'd reposted this! I love this story! :) Ganner's always been one of my favorite characters and he and Analee are so cute! I loved the baby! And Ganner gives the impression that he would make a wonderful father... ;)

    Is it too soon to ask for more?
  17. padawan lunetta

    padawan lunetta Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 15, 1999
    Ohhh cute story, your characterization of Ganner is right on, it's great! I almost feel sorry for this Nikko dude, wonder who Evette is...
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