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Discussion in 'Archive: The Senate Floor' started by Darth Mischievous, Jun 5, 2005.

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  1. Darth Mischievous

    Darth Mischievous Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Oct 12, 1999
    To assist members in keeping down redundancy within the forum, I have compiled an index of existing threads containing relevant topics for discussion. The following index is moderator approved, and I hope that members can utilize the index to make their search for issues of interest easier. The following topics are in alphabetical order, as are the threads within the topic header for easier retrieval of the appropriate thread.


    [ul][li][link=]Abstinence only sex-ed[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Abstinence vs. Birth Control Programs[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Can American history and government be taught without using the word "God"?[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Gay Clubs in Schools[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Intellectual and Academic Free Speech[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Intellectual honesty in academia[/link][/li]
    [li][link=] Single sex schools v.s. mixed, which is better for kids?[/link][/li][/ul]


    [ul][li][link=]2005 - A Big Year for British Politics[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Achieving Peace in the Middle East[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Aussie Politics[/link][/li]
    [li] [link=]Can we trust the UN?[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Canada heading toward breakup?[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]China, Taiwan, the EU and America - The Arms Embargo Ordeal[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Does America have the right to force Democracy on the World?[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]****Gasoline pricing explosion****[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Iran - the next war?[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Neo-Liberalism in the world.[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]North Korea, nukes, and what will/should happen next?[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Official Church and State Discussion[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Reforming the United Nations: A critical look at the reform package of Kofi Annan[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Taiwanese Independence and What the World Will Do About It[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]The European Union: Its Foundation and its Future.[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]The Iraq/UN "Oil for Food" Scandal[/link][/li][/ul]

    Legal, Ethical, and Moral Issues

    [ul][li][link=]Abortion: Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? (v3)[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Discussion of "Tolerance" and "Bigotry"[/link][/li]
    [li][link=]Discussion on Same-Sex Marriage: State, Federal, Community[/link][/li]
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