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    Title: The Shadow
    Author: PattyB0123
    Timeframe: JA
    Characters: Obi-Wan,Qui-Gon
    Genre: angst,some humor.
    Summary: Apparently Obi-wan died in a mission, while he was trying to rescue a princess. The girl?s father felt sad about the apprentice dead, so ordered to his healer to clone the boy. Against of Jinn whishes the King sent the clone to the temple, but is the real Obi-Wan, who comes back. When Obi-wan arrive to the temple finds a cruel Master, and a new nightmare.

    Note: I reposting this story becuase my beta reader recomended. Also I deleted some bad parts and changed the introduction.

    Disclaimers- George owns his movies I'm borrowing his beloved nice characters!

    "One more time, Obi-wan Kenobi it is time to get up", said Qui-Gon to the sleeping padawan, who was still on the bed wrapped under several blankets like a cocoon.

    After waiting for several minutes, Jinn decided to wake up his lazy padawan from his sweet dreams.

    **One more dance my highness** the padawan was saying holding a pillow very tightly with his hands. **Can I kiss you?** Then Obi-Wan, started kissing the pillow with extreme passion.

    The master was amused by Obi-Wan?s dreams about kissing girls, but also he wanted to be ready for the long trip.

    Qui-Gon walked by Obi?s bed, while Obi-Wan was having a romance with the pillow.

    The Jedi called the Force, and gently levitated his padawan out the bed, and POW dropped the boy on the floor.

    "Ahh" "MASTERRR!"

    Qui-Gon giggled at his angry padawan, whose face turned red from the Master?s suddenly style of awakening.

    "Obi-Wan Kenobi" "We need to get going in 10 minutes".

    "Yes, Yes", groaned Obi-Wan

    "Now my beloved padawan, I want you to go to the healers to get your medicine".

    "Why my DEAREST Master?"

    "Obi-Wan Kenobi", said Jinn a little seriously. "You a got fever last night and I do not want to have a sick padawan on my ship".

    "Yes, Master I am sorry, I should go and say hello to my jailers".

    "Jailers?" asked Jinn

    "Yes, any time I have to go to the healers I feel like I am under arrest".

    Qui-Gon did not want to keep talking with Obi-wan,so he grabbed Obi-wan by his left arm and started dragging him out unceremoniously.

    "No I do not want to gooo!"

    "Yes you are going".


    After a couple minutes the whole temple heard Obi-Wan?s moaning. Then the tired Master and the restless padawan finally arrived at the healer center.

    The healer looked at Obi-wan and said "Is he dying...again?"

    "Yes is going to be if he does not get his medicine", said Jinn

    The Master and the healer laughed at the joke, but Obi-Wan shot them with a murderous look.
    The healer left and came back with a tube.

    "Hey! what are you going to do with that?" Said Obi-Wan little nervously.

    "Insert the tube inside your left hand".


    The healer and Jinn looked down at the floor where the unconscious padawan landed.

    "Good", said the healer "I do not need to give him any sleeping medicine".

    Then he picked the boy up like a baby and placed him on the bed.

    "Please Master Jinn leave me alone with your padawan, and come back in ten minutes.

    "Excuse me, but we need to leave in five minutes at least".

    "Sorry, Master Jinn, but inserting a medicine tube inside a hand is not an easy job".

    The master nodded and left mumbling something about "We are always late for Obi-Wan".


    Obi-Wan slowly opened his eyes and found that he was in the healer?s center.

    "Great I am still here, I should leave before the healer comes back"

    The padawan tried get to up, but a very intense pain in its left hand
    stopped him right away.

    "Oh, I see you that are up, young Kenobi".

    "Well little one, you can now go to your famous mission".

    Obi-Wan did not like to be called little a one, so he decided to give his personal opinion about it, but he stopped from saying anything when he saw the healer h
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    Talasea Planet

    A worried man was walking back and forth trying to figure out how to make more talasea's credits.

    This man was the healer's King. The King gave him the best room of the palace, and he was well paid by the King's generosity. Even though the greedy healer always wanted more, today he was thinking how to get more credits from the King.

    "I should work on something new, so I can get more credits".

    Suddenly a young boy came rushing inside the healer's room. "Healer Fik- Youngk".

    "Hey, did I tell you to knock on the door before coming in? "

    The boy lowered his head and apologized "Sorry healer Fik-Youngk, but the King wanted to see you near the transport area"

    "Okay I will get going" The healer putting his robe on and walked out with the boy, who was his apprentice.


    Obi-Was was playing some holo-games in one of the ship's rooms, but he was tired of playing the same game repeatedly. He stood up, walked to the window, and observed the constellations. "Same galaxies, same stars" " He felt hungry, so he went to get his bag that was on the night table and grabbed a granola bar from the bag.

    "This granola does not have anything sweet". He sat on the bad and started eating the unappetizing bar. He sighed and rolled on the bed, squashing his left hand between his body and the bulkhead. He grumbled, and looked down at his left hand with sadness.

    Obi-Wan got up from the bed and walked to the fresher. "Ugg, my hand really hurts".

    He turned the cold water on and let the water heal momentary the pain that it was now digging into his nerves.

    "That is nice". The padawan smiled and turned the cold water off. "Where is my medicine? ". Obi-Wan opened the medicine cabin and started searching for pain pills.

    Finally, he could see his medicine in the corner of the cabinet, but when he tried to reach the pills, the medicine cabin suddenly closed. His left hand was stuck inside of the cabin box and yelled when he felt fire shot up his arm.

    "Sith, hell". Obi-Wan cursed.

    Jinn entered at the room in the right time that Obi-Wan was cursing if he was a Hutt.

    The master could not stand hearing so colorful words coming from his padawan.

    "Obi-Wan! Please stop cursing, and finish whatever it is you are doing in there. I will not tolerate that kind of behavior from you".

    "I am sorry master". Obi-Wan replied feeling a little embarrassed.


    "Yes, master".

    "I do not want to see you using again your Force abilities in a totally frivolous unnecessary way".

    "But Master, my left hand hurts a lot, so I..."

    "Enough Obi-Wan". The master sighed.

    "Okay, master"

    The padawan gave Jinn a glance of forgiveness. "I am sorry, master". Obi- Wan whispered, pain wrinkling a line between his brows.

    Jinn smiled, shocking his head. "Get some rest now. I will be back with something that should help your pain".

    Obi-Wan curled back into a ball of sorrowful padawan. "Well, a least the big puppy eyes tricked his master this time".
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