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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, May 13, 2011.

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  1. -Remi-

    -Remi- Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 8, 2007
    IC: Michael
    Location: The Ruins, Saridona Prime

    Slipping away from consciousness every now and then was a sweet relief for Michael. The problem with this was the fact that he was always aware on some level, due to the force shifting his mind constantly back in to a lucid state. He saw faces he recognized whenever his head felt clear. But that was the only thing he knew at the moment, that and his becoming aware of his first padawan's presence.

    ...The ruins.. That was the one thing the jedi could not understand. Why was he there? He remembered leaving a year ago, then....Nothing. Wait... Then It suddenly dawned on him, what are these ruins? His throat felt rasped as he spoke for what seemed like the first time in ages. "W-where am I H-hochner?"

    TAG: Mitthy and anyone within the area!
  2. Darth Aiser

    Darth Aiser Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2006
    IC: Darth Aiser
    Location : Great Hall of Goreh
    Darth Aiser stood along the outside edge behind everyone with his eyes narrowed and running along everyone and the speakers. He stood there tall and silent observing and taking it all in, he clapped when everyone else clapped as to not garner attention. He smirked when he noticed a single person slip in and thru the crowd very unnoticeable til she got to the front, but he didn't pay much mind as he continued scanning the room thru the applause. He had stopped his idle lookings when the Dark Lady began handing out the assignments. ":Fun time everyone" he muttered under his breath

    “And last but not least Darth Ardeur will lead the remaining stormtroopers to eliminate the wannabee True Sith. Darth Aisner and Darth Lilith will be joining this squad."

    He cringed slightly at the construde pronunciation of his name, but he did smile at the thought of stormtroopers. He had limited contact with Lilith when he was serving under Darth Helinith but was at a total loss as to Darth Ardeur was. "Well atleast Darth Helinith and Darth Mal are teamed up and woe be with their target" he thought with a smile. As the speechs finally began to wrap up he did one last look over the crowd. He was glad they were over, out of repect he always left his armour and weapons ,execpt his lightsabers and the blaster pistol strapped to his ankle, back in his freighter. "Well time to get geared up and ready to go" he muttered as he turned away and toward the exit.

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  3. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel
    Saridona Prime, Near Ruins, Ancient Haven

    That had been...odd, to say the least. As soon as he came to his senses, Alec's immediate concern was to quickly review on what he could remember last. It came instantly. He and a group of Guardians were going to check out some mysterious ruins, they found someone - another Guardian, he had assumed - and

    Ancient Haven, he thought, recognizing the inside of the vessel. Lifting his head, he glanced left and then right. At first he was surprised with what he saw but an explanation came immediately.

    I wasn't the only one then....

    Hochner was already up and about and, from the weak voice that he heard, the man that Alec only knew as Michael was conscious as well. As for everyone else, they were still out due to...his thoughts trailed off. He had no idea what happened. An attack? If it was, it hadn't been meant to kill as everyone was still alive and, as far as he could see, unharmed. And how did they get back to the ship? He was at a loss so he abandoned anymore thought into that and focused on possible threats. As he stood up, he did an inventory check. Lightsaber, equipment belt complete with commlink, small medpac, datapad, all there. He still had the tools and the weapons to defend himself and assist the others if needed.

    Scan for possible threats, Alec continued to list off, remembering the lessons for survival training and mission prep from his times at the Temple. Make sure area is secure. Then see to any wounded.

    A quick scan with both the Force and his own eyes confirmed that there were no threats in sight. No immediate ones anyway; he couldn't rule out anything until a more thorough search could be done. Right now, however, he would have to trust that his talent in the Force would be enough. His search continued even farther, his probings going beyond the walls of the vessel in an attempt to find any external enemies. Again, nothing. There was no presences or any kind of hostile intent that was focused in their vicinity. Even so, with a flick of his finger, Alec used a minor application of the Force to hit the panel for the boarding ramp in order to seal it. That was all he could do on such short notice.

    Now on to the others. Bringing up the names and faces of the group, Alec counted the other bodies to make sure the numbers matched. Hochner, Michael, Dovey, Gaan... So far everyone seemed to be here and while Michael called for Hochner - who would no doubt be at his side soon -, Alec focused on attending to the others who had yet to awaken, crouching down to place a hand at their heads.

    Awake, he commanded silently to their minds, trying to bring them back to consciousness. He was no healer but such a minor manipulation of the mind was something he was capable of. So far he, Hochner, and Michael hadn't taken any other injuries; it just seemed as if they had simply fallen asleep. Unless something more serious had occurred, it was just a simple matter of getting the others to wake up.

    TAG: Ancient Haven Group

    OOC: Correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the impression that we were back in the ship from Macja's one sentence update :p
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  4. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005

    Darth Lilith
    Everything was going as planned, just as her Master had foreseen. Darth Mystique is now Dark Lord of the reunified New Sith Order. Lilith, her secret apprentice couldn’t be more pleased. Though thing were going well Lilith knew that there was still more work to do to succeed in Mystique’s plan. Malkuth had just finished his speech and yielded the podium to Mystique.

    Lilith listened as Mystique announced assignments. Lith was to accompany Darth Ardeur along with Darth Aiser to the Mobus system to eliminate the True Sith. She needed to get her data pad from the Dark Child so she can read up on the Mobus system. She went toward where the ship was docked to fetch her data pad. Se went to her compartment and saw the data pad on her bunk. Her hand pushed a small button that turned it on.

    “Ok let’s see what’s in the Mobus system.”

    The data pad displayed a map and some information about the system. She learned that the Gas Giant was called Sanctuary and had eighteen moons. One of the details that caught Lilith’s eye was the living planet of Zonama Sekot.

    “Could they be there? It would make sense if the so called True Sith went there.”

    Realizing that she was probably being waited on by Ardeur and Aiser, she took off bringing her data pad with her. She found Ardeur and came up to her.

    Greetings Darth Ardeur I’m Darth Lilith reporting for duty.”

    She had no real expression on her face when she greeted the Sith Lord. Lilith always kept a straight face about her. It was just in her nature. She was ready to do
    her Master's bidding.

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  5. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Darth Helinith (& Darth Mal)

    Oh force. It was one of these long meeting things. Helinith didn’t do meetings. She did stealth and hunting Jedi and killings and assassinations- wait, two of those were the same. Well she did action-y things. Not boring meeting things, however celebratory. On hindsight she should have brought some confetti or something, just to liven things up.

    Helinith yawned silently, not bothering to cover it with her hand, and watched her feet scuff in the dust on the floor. Darth Mal was standing as still as a rock next to her, completely unreadable under his helmet. She presumed he was listening to what this Darth Malkuth was saying. She didn’t like Darth Malkuth. He was too similar to Darth Insipid and that creeped her out. For all she knew he was another incarnation of her former master, just waiting to leap out and take control, and that had been getting annoying, even for her long patience.

    She managed to resist the urge to pull a face at Malkuth as he exited the podium and Darth Mystique aka the newest Dark Lord walked forward to do something. She quickly shook the fog clear of her head when she realised tasks we being assigned and listened closely.
    “…Darth Helinith will lead a team of Yevethan guards to eliminate the Obscurum Darth Mal and Darth Lexis will accompany you.”
    Well that wasn’t too bad, she could handle Lexis fine and Mal would be happy with getting in her way and generally preventing her from accidently maiming herself in any way. Although she had been half hoping she wouldn’t be with him, just so she could actually do interesting stuff without him insisting he do it for her. Stupid Ex-mando turned sith.
    “…Darth Malkuth will join Darth Helinith’s crew."
    She groaned audibly before quickly covering her mouth as Darth Mal shifted slightly next to her. Woops.

    As the meeting broke up, Darth Mal relaxed from his military-like pose and finally spoke- a rarity for him, particularly in public.
    “You got some warm stuff packed?”

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  6. Darth_Lexis

    Darth_Lexis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 27, 2009
    IC: Darth Lexis, Sith
    The Hell of Goreh

    Power! Unlimited power! It was all around the word. It was in the word. It bound the word. It was the Darth title. It was more than a mere title, it was a declaration to all who heard it uttered.

    And now Lexis possessed it.

    So much had changed in such a short time, relatively speaking. Not that long ago Zeraac Kellero was just an orphan, living in the forgotten alleyways of Onderon. In the darkness he read the legends of the Dark Lords of the Sith: Revan, Malgus, and Bane. He had been taught the legacies of Freedon Nadd, King Ommin, and Aleema Keto. Now he was making his own mark in the Book of the Sith by being a part of the reformation of the New Sith Order.

    It was interesting to him that he already had had a hand in killing one of his Masters. The only problem was that it felt like Lord Insipid was still there because Darth Malkuth was an exact copy of him. They had been told that this version of the Dark Lord had been ‘fixed’, but Lexis still did not fully trust him.

    But then the Insipid copy rendered the platform over to the new Dark Lady of the Sith, a woman Lexis had known as his Queen back on Onderon, Darth Mystique. She laid out the plan that they would follow in the mission to wipeout the remaining false Sith groups.

    He was assigned to Darth Helinith, who did not seem to be taking things too seriously, and her companion Darth Mal, the overly stoic Mandalorian. They would also be joined by none other than Darth Malkuth. Lexis would have to restrain his urges to slice the Insipid clone’s throat while they journeyed to Chiss space.

    He walked up the Darth Helinith. “So, my lady,” he said with a slight bow, “what vessel are we taking to bring our vengeance upon the Obscurum?”
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  7. Darth_wanderguard

    Darth_wanderguard Game Host star 6 VIP - Game Host

    Apr 26, 2005
    Sinre approved. Post will be coming as soon as Jag has her CS posted.

    Character sheet - Dominion of Darkness

    Basic Profile
    Name: Plo Wanderguard (Darth Haretisch)
    Age: Chronologically 104 (physically closer to early 40s)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Rank/Faction: Sith Lord/New Sith Order.
    Haretisch in his younger years as an apprentice.
    Haretisch as the Dark Lord of the Sith, circa 99 ABY.

    Skills & Equipment
    Combat skills: Specialist in light saber combat, master of Djem-So and Makashi. Advanced practitioner of all other forms. Skilled in the use of various force abilities including telekinesis, and force lightning.
    Non-combat skills: Adept military tactician, skilled speaker, businessman, and diplomat. Proficient pilot.
    Equipment: Single red-bladed light saber.
    Transportation: Sith battle cruiser outfitted with various weaponry and large crew. Light freighter named Ragnarok for personal use.


    43-65 ABY - Born on an unknown system to wealthy family. Studies fencing, diplomacy, and military strategy in his youth. Develops an interest in the dark side of the force, and begins to quietly study the dark arts. Becomes a valuable member of the family business at a young age and assumes control of a large portion of the estate upon his father's death.

    66 ABY - Is scapegoated by his siblings for the explosion of a mining facility which would kill tens of thousands of the family's employed workers. His reputation is ruined and he is exiled.

    67-95 ABY - Becomes a member of the Dominion, building on his previous knowledge of the dark side to progress and gain influence within the order. Eventually he is appointed to the Sith triumvirate.

    96 ABY - Meets Lyra Arlos on Nar Shadaa. He senses her potential, and brings her to the Sith temple where he begins training her, giving her the title "Darth Rivielle". Later, she becomes his mistress.

    97 ABY - Deposes Mystique with the help of Darth Insipid and Darth Rivielle, takes control of the Dominion.

    100 ABY - Resigns his post as Dark Lord of the Sith as the Force Cold War turns sour. Leaves the order with Rivielle.

    101-110 ABY - Returns to his home world with his apprentice, and quietly positions himself to avenge his betrayal at the hands of his siblings. His subversive plot culminates in the ambush and slaughter of his brother and former business associates. In the process, he installs an ally to publicly control the corporation, while keeping actual authority for himself.

    111-120 ABY - Completes Rivielle's training.

    121-145 ABY - Continues to travel with Rivielle, investigating various Sith ruins and artifacts to expand his knowledge.

    146 ABY - Returns to the Sith with his former apprentice and offers his power and resources to the unified New Sith Order.
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  8. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    OOC: D_w and JAG are going to be joining the game!!!! :eek:
  9. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Hochner Trevalus
    Saridona, Near Ruins, Ancient Haven

    As his old Jedi Master asked about where they were he crawled over to his side and buzzed softly, his version of a sh'ing noise. "It is alright Master Michael, you are on Anchient Haven near the Ruins. We seem to be, fine." there was a tinge of wonder in his own voice on that last remark. To be honest it did not make sense. Yet again what had happened to him before his return to the order didn't make any sense either.

    Letting such mysteries tend to themselved he gathered himself up into a crouch now that the doorway had been closed by another waking member, their temporary associate from the reformed Jedi Order. Holding out a hand he offered to help his old Master stand. "If we are all fine, should we continue?"

    TAG: Ruins Group
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  10. Darth_wanderguard

    Darth_wanderguard Game Host star 6 VIP - Game Host

    Apr 26, 2005
    OOC: Yes, I use some unique metaphors. Bite me.

    IC: Darth Haretisch
    Goreh - Sith Temple

    Darth Haretisch listened intently to Malkuth, as he addressed the attentive crowd. Haretisch stood in what could be described as a sparsely occupied flank of the temple hall, towards the front of the mob. Around him were a number of his loyalists, chief among them was Rivielle, his former apprentice, who stood behind and to his right.

    “You all know why you are here," Malkuth said, "Why the Order is here. We have triumphed over treachery, over deceit – over all of our enemies, real or imagined,” he held a fist to them. “For we are Sith!”

    Haretisch smiled crookedly, somewhat amused by the facsimile of his former apprentice, Insipid. He made little effort to hide his irreverence, but he was smart enough to know when and where to express it in anything other than a subtle way.

    "What a rousing speech," the former Dark Lord said to Rivielle with a chuckle, his voice smooth like dark chocolate being bench pressed by majestic white stallions. His eyes remained fixed on Malkuth.

    “Indeed we are Sith. But we are not alone here. The location of the Jedi in this region is unknown to us, and it is essential that they do not reveal our existence to the greater galaxy. Communications belong to us, through Esfandia, and gravity mines have been sown across the hyperspace anomaly that separates the known from the Unknown, sealing our enemies in, and keeping the rest out," Malkuth went on.

    It was a lucky break, then, that Haretisch had relocated a sizable portion of his resources to the unknown regions prior to the isolation measures. The very resources afforded by his covert control of Guardcorp Mining. The resources in question were likely the only motivation Darth Mystique had to tolerate his presence. She had trusted him once. She had underestimated both his power, and the remorseless penchant for chaos and thievery he made obvious with his sudden betrayal so many years earlier. That was her perspective, he suspected. She wouldn't be taking her eyes off of him for a moment, this time, and he knew it.

    His own view was, unsurprisingly, a markedly different affair. He had always felt as though the lack of an external enemy has a tendency to result in conflicts of a more internal variety, and this viewpoint was perfectly manifest in his own actions, in his betrayal of Mystique. Now, however, there was an external enemy. And he intended to set aside any past squabbles to deal with the matter at hand. At the very least, until there were no more enemies to fight. Only then, he surmised, would they turn on each other like the rabid dogs they truly were. Mystique needed his help to secure the foundations of her new order, and so he knew that for the moment he need not look over his shoulder. He also anticipated that Mystique wouldn't be so sure. She was familiar enough with his unpredictability.

    Haretisch continued to listen as Mystique took the podium, detailing the assignments of each division. He would lead a contingent of storm troopers to Niruan, in pursuit of the One Sith.

    Whenever you are ready, I am to lend fear for our usage, Darth Halucion communicated silently from nearby. Haretisch gave a subtle nod in his direction, indicating his readiness.

    "Come," he said to Darth Rivielle and the others, and turned briskly to head towards the hangar where his shuttle was at rest. Those under his command knew to follow him.

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  11. -Remi-

    -Remi- Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 8, 2007
    OOC: Can't find my old CS from here. So I"ll use the one I pm'd to CPL.
    IC: MIchael
    Saridona, Near Ruins, on board the Ancient Haven

    "Thank you, Hochner" ..MIchael was a little shaky, but after swallowing down rations and enough water, he stood up with Hochners help. Closing his eyes, he centered himself and reopened them. He still didn't see clearly. Despite his moderately learned talents for healing, Michael was not surprised that his body did not recover immediately. It would take time to regain his focus, let alone meditate on what had happened to him.

    MIchael, by habit, focused to see if everyone else were in sufficient health, despite what Hochner had said. This seemed to b a long learned reflex...Almost like a nervous tick.

    "I see" ...He looked in to the direction that Vandel was at. Good, I'm regaining some of my focus! And we have one that wasn't knocked unconscious.

    Instead of standing, he sat down again. There was nothing he could do for the moment, and it seemed that this other jedi had taken charge of the situation. "I will be meditating for a little while to regain some focus and vitality, otherwise I am too weak to assist at the moment. Thank you for your assistance" He nodded his head in the direction of Vandel. "Hochner and Vandel, if you wish, you can update me on the current situation. Any information will help". He smiled at his companion.

    TAG: Da Ancient Haven Posse.... :p
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  12. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Darth Mal (& Darth Helinith)

    “You got some warm stuff packed?”
    Soon as he said it, it sounded stupid and he just wanted to take it back and say something far more clever. But Helinith, bless her, seemed completely obtuse to any sort of comment that normal people might have given weird looks to.
    “Ohh yes its real cold there, isn’t it? I wonder if it’s colder or warmer than Hoth? I’ve been to Hoth but not to Csilla. Have you been to Hoth?”
    Darth Mal had been to Hoth, although not at all recently. He smiled a little, not that anyone could see it under his helmet. “A very long time ago, before I was with the Sith.”
    His companion chuckled cheerily. “Does that make us like Hoth buddies or something?”
    Mal wasn’t sure what that meant, and was a little relieved when he saw Lexis heading towards them so he could change topic. “Well Darth Lexis seems to be here. We’re just awaiting Lord Malkuth.”
    Lexis ignored Mal, something Mal was used to and was actually quite glad of, as keeping a low profile kept him out of the petty power struggles of the sith faction.
    Lexis bowed to Helinith slightly and Helinith looked pleased, even flattered.
    “So, my lady,” he said, “what vessel are we taking to bring our vengeance upon the Obscurum?”
    “Ohh hey Lexis. I’m not really sure.” Helinith bounced a little on her toes, appearing to think to herself out loud as she continued. “The Dark Child is in orbit if we want to make a really showy appearance above Csilla, but showing up on the doorstep with that might lead into a war against an entire planet of angry Chiss.”

    Mal said nothing. He had both a large freighter and a beautiful Nabooan yacht under his possession which could potentially be suitable, but the large amount of money he’d spent both buying them and then modifying them to his needs was more than enough to ensure that nobody else would ever get to ride in them. Except maybe Helinith.

    Tag: Sinrebirth Darth_Lexis
  13. Lady Belligerent

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    Jan 29, 2008
    Please pardon any mistakes, still trying to get use to the new format here. :) Thanks for the patience.

    Name: Lyra Arlos (Darth Rivielle)
    Age: Chronologically 70 (physically early 30s)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Height: 120 lbs
    Weight: 5'8"
    Rank/Faction: Sith Assassin/New Sith Order.

    Skills & Equipment
    Combat skills: Skilled with a light saber. Master of form IV, proficient in all forms. Powerful force user with well-rounded array of abilities.
    Non-combat skills: Stealth and espionage, including technical skills such as hacking.
    Equipment: Single violet-bladed light saber. Compact blaster rifle with collapsible stock, and telescoping barrel.
    Transportation: Sith infiltrator.
    76 ABY - Born on Nar Shadaa. Becomes an able hacker and thief, and uses her keen instincts as a means to survive on the crime-ridden world. She is unaware that her instincts are due to force sensitivity.
    96 ABY - Meets Darth Haretisch. Leaves Nar Shadaa to train as a Sith in the Dominion of Darkness.
    97 ABY - Participates in the overthrow of Darth Mystique.
    100 ABY - Leaves the Dominion with her master.
    120 ABY - Completes her training and becomes a full fledged Sith Assassin.
    121-145 ABY - Travels with Haretisch in their search for lost artifacts of the Sith.
    146 ABY - Returns to the Sith, and joins the New Sith Order.
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  14. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel
    Saridona Prime, Near Ruins, Ancient Haven

    Awake, Alec tried again with a bit more command in the Force. Still nothing. Concerned, he allowed his senses to spread further into the other members of the party, looking for any clues that may hint to any danger that they may be undergoing.

    "If we are all fine, should we continue?"

    "The others aren't waking," Alec responded after a moment, turning his head to look at Hochner. "I cannot sense anything wrong with them. They are unharmed, minds are at peace, nothing out of the ordinary. They're just..." he paused, trying to word it correctly but finally giving up with, "...not here right now. It may just take them a bit longer to rejoin us."

    While they waited for Michael to regain his bearings, Alec looked back down at the others, his eyes narrowing in thought. Was it something about the ruins that had caused this? he thought hard on the matter he was able to remember details that he had missed before. Minor ones but they would nonetheless help to give him a better understanding of what was going on. They had been making their way towards the ruins, found Michael nearly passed out, brought him back here and.......darkness. His jaw tightening a fraction, Alec tried to pierce through the veil that hung over his mind further, trying to look and if anything could be revealed between the coming of darkness and their reawakening.

    There were images...sensations that briefly sprung up in his mind but they were there and gone before he could try to make sense of any of it. After a while Alec gave up.

    So whatever happened to them may not have been due to the ruins. Well, it was still a possibility but one that was less likely now. Course, as Alec tried to think of any other possible reasonings as a substitute, he failed to think of anything else. An attack maybe...if ineffective. Some other kind of vision from the Force like the one back at the Temple? Though Alec was still a bit new when it came to Force visions, he doubted that as well. So other then those less-than-likely possibilities...he had nothing. The young Jedi blew out a breath, not exactly happy with this but reassuring himself that it could not be helped; this was as much a mystery to him as it probably was to the others.

    "Hochner and Vandel, if you wish, you can update me on the current situation. Any information will help."

    "I apologize," Alec started as he stood back on his own two feet and turned towards Michael. "But I would ask you to share any information that you may have first."

    The young Jedi did inwardly wince at himself, hoping that his words didn't sound as rude to the others as they were to him. He had hoped to sound more polite but...

    As Alec reviewed the events in his mind, there was only one new element that had been given to their group before they went unconscious: Michael. They had been making their way to the ruins but it was Michael that had found them first. His state had forced them to retreat to the Ancient Haven so that they could perhaps treat him and then soon after they were waking up from the vessel's floor. The young Jedi went over it again and again before daring to approach Michael but right now the only thing that they should be questioning right now was indeed Michael.

    Admittedly, a stretch, Alec thought to himself. And I perhaps do not have the right to bring this up to them, what with me not being part of the Guardians. But that's something else isn't it? That Hochner and Michael know each other so may as well be me.

    "Do you remember anything?" Alec went on ahead. "Anything before you found us? Anything that would explain as to where and how we found you as you were?"

    He kept any accusative tone from his voice. It was easy really. Like he thought earlier, this was perhaps a stretch and Alec's tone was more thoughtful then accusative. But right now it was really the only avenue that he could travel in order to gain information.

    TAG: Ancient Haven Group
  15. Lady Belligerent

    Lady Belligerent • WNU Adoptions Coordinator• star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Jan 29, 2008
    IC: Darth Rivielle
    Goreh - Sith Temple
    Rivielle's attention drifted between Malkuth's speech and her own thoughts as she waited somewhat impatiently for the affair to be through. She stood slightly behind Haretisch amongst other members of his entourage, and was undoubtedly chief among them.
    "Rousing speech," Haretisch commented over his shoulder, she rolled her eyes at his tone but would wait to tease him about it.
    "He looks very much like Insipid, only without, you know, the charisma," she remarked.
    She watched as a familiar face in the form of Darth Mystique took the podium. Her last encounter with this current Dark Lady of the Sith had been many years prior, and hadn't by any means been a friendly exchange.
    “Darth Haretisch will lead a team of stormtroopers to eliminate the One Sith. Lord Halucion will lend his strength," Mystique cut to the chase fairly quickly, much to Rivielle's liking.
    "Nirauan?", she whispered softly to Haretisch. "You may find far more interesting business on Nirauan than just the One Sith... I'm tagging along."

    "Come," her former master instructed as he turned to walk away. She followed him towards the shuttle in the hangar, with the rest of the group close behind.

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  16. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Malkuth
    Goreh system, New Ziost, in orbit, aboard the Dark Child, ready room, en route to edge of system

    With the end of Darth Mystique’s speech, the New Sith Order rushed forward, towards battle. With a healthy amount of vessels defending their realm – two Chiss-class Star Destroyers, a Lucrehulk Trade Federation battleship that was old before it’s time, and eleven Yevethan T-Types - the three task forces rushed forward. Intelligence from the Sith Imperium flowed into them in the form of Chiss traitors, former Empire of Hand resources and the efforts of the meditations of the Rhandites, and a swift picture of the three targets was built.

    Say what you could for the megalomania that was Darth Insipid personified, he had effectively caused the Dominion and the Acolytes to absorb the majority of the grunt work in establishing his pocket-Sith Empire, and as such had a well stocked armory, drawn from resources found on un-tapped Lehon and created from the shipyards at Relus, the regime’s vessels and troops with the technical genius of Yevetha from N’Zoth, who had accepted Darth Mystique as their new darama of the Yevethan Protectorate.

    Those self-same Yevetha had supplied a brigade of shock troopers and a flotilla of nine T-Type thrustships to support the Star Destroyer Dark Child. Theirs was the second-largest of the three task forces, due to the immense amount of defences the Obscurumcould bring to bear. The latest Intel had suggested that the shadowy leader of this group had, with the aid of the confusion caused by the Shadow War, seized control of Csilla and imprisoned the Nine Families – he thus, effectively, controlled the Chiss Ascendancy. Known only as the Shadow, the objectives of the Sith were mostly unknown, though they had all concluded he had been responsible for unleashing the Technobeast plague upon them on Goreh, which had (temporarily) taken control of Darth Malkuth.

    Darth Malkuth, for his part, was not glum-faced because of the orders that he confront the same faction which had liquefied him, but because of the three Sith he had been assigned. Darth Mal, Darth Helinith and Darth Lexis. Helinith was a former apprentice of Insipid, and Lexis was the current one, still an acolyte. The unease between them, and amplified by Mal, who was perfectly in tune with his partner, Helinith, was intense. Even the Yevetha commanders present by hologram in the ready room of the Dark Child, ordinarily renowned for their ferocity, were mute.

    After a few moments of this, Malkuth grew irritable and waved his hand to the non-humans. “Leave us.”

    In a few moments, they departed, bowing, and Malkuth slammed his hands on the table, upending it and throwing datapads, mini-holoprojectors and a dozen pieces of flimsi into the air. Grabbing it, he flung it to the side, causing it to dent the bulkhead. The former Dark Lord of the Sith stood there, as the pieces of flimsi paper fluttered about. The doors whispered open as the Royal Guards glanced in, but Malkuth gestured a hand and their heads clapped together, causing them to collapse. The doors whispered shut, and he glared at them in turn.

    “There. The table is out of the way. You can attack me now, if you so wish.”

    He jabbed his finger at Helinith, cutting off a response. “The former apprentice, once the appointed heir of Darth Vader.”

    At Mal. “The lover of the former apprentice, and as such pre-disposed to dislike me.”

    At Lexis. “The current apprentice.” He rasped. “Who had been an apprentice for long past his time, having killed Sith of a far greater standing within the Dominion in the defence of the Dark Child at the Battle of New Korriban – I’ll elevate you to Dark Lord right now if you so wish.”

    He ignited his lightsaber swiftly, a burning crimson blade. “Or I can use this blade to not knight you, but to slay all three of you – or at very least die trying. But that will be better than dying by tension!” Malkuth spat out the last word.

    “Say your piece, before we get out of this system, and before we have to face down a sect of Sith assassins, if you would.”

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    IC: General Aden Kya
    Aboard the Defector, en route to Nirauan, hyperspace

    The force which approached Nirauan, the former capital of the Empire of the Hand, and currently the hovel of the One Sith, was smaller numerically than that of one aimed at Csilla, consisting of two Ardent-class frigates and the Defector, the flagship of Darth Harestich, but when the latter vessel was a massive battlecruiser, it was a well-equipped task force.

    Equipped with a legion of Stormtroopers, many veterans of the Dragons battalion which had laid siege to Lehon for ten long years, the force would be well suited to siege and capture the fortress. General Aden Kya – a former Imperial Knight, and a former member of the One Sith, now a former Dragon – had command of the briefing, which included the Dark Lord and a former Dark Lord. Aden realised he was perspiring, as he remembered being in the presence of another Dark Lord – Darth Krayt. Knowing that his fear was essentially food for these beings, he composed himself and indicated with a laser pointer.

    “Nirauan is a world which naturally is formidable. With civilisation focused around the fortress the Hand of Thrawn, which itself was constructed millennia ago by what is posited to be Rakata, and an inhospitable environ of poisonous jungle, jagged rocks and sheer cliff edges, a ground approach is difficult, and an orbital assault impossible. It is estimated that the hangar, shielded from bombardment, can field as many as twelve squadrons of fighters, which of course does not include other fighters which could be hosted in the jungles – though that is unlikely.”

    “Only Force users can mount an approach from the ground, or more durable species than humans or - even most nonhumans.” Aden included that statement to account for Lord Halucion, his Imperial leanings causing him to discount nonhumans as one discounts cattle. “Similarly, only a Force user could penetrate the turret defences of the Hand of Thrawn to launch an assault on the control room – though the latter will be considerably more costly for us, considering the two full equipped Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers present in orbit, having recently struck at former Remnant worlds throughout Wild Space – including, we understand, a punishing attack on Yaga Minor.”

    “The overall thrust of strategy will be down to you, my Lords and Ladies.”

    Not all of the attending were here in person – some had preferred to be positioned in their cockpits, ready to launch, or in their chambers, where they could be alone to muse on their thoughts.

    Finished, he bowed to Darth Mystique, and then to Darth Harestich¸ before feeling awkward and bowing to Darth’s Rivelle andHalucion as well. He was pleased there were only four Sith in the room – either in person or otherwise. “Nirauan is close, in galactic distances, so we will arrive momentarily. A decision should not be stalled upon, or overly disagreed about.”

    He was of course making reference to the talk of the Imperium; about how Harestich had rejoined the Sith when the New Sith Order was reunified, and how he had, as Dark Lord of the Dominion, overthrown Mystique. Aden had not made it back to Coruscant to see the conflict between Darth Krayt and Darth Wyyyrlok III – the grandfather of the Chagrian they now hunted – but he had been involved in the engagements between other Sith beforehand.

    It hadn’t been pretty, and he didn’t want to be caught up in it again.

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    IC: The Three
    Aboard the Dark Renewal, en route to the Mobus system, hyperspace

    The task force deployed to engage the so-called True Sith in the Mobus system was the smallest – a single refitted Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer named the Dark Renewal, the former flagship of the Dominion of Darkness – but it was the most well equipped, with its refit having added enough miniature hangar bays to allow it to field nearly twenty-four squadrons of fighters – hangar bays which were full of said fighters, and even two squadrons of supercharged blastboats. Complete also with a perfected cloaking device and gravity well generators concealed in the hull, it was a superior vessel in all ways, bar the physical numbers of vessels to hand.

    This was because it’s enemy was not one renowned for its military strength, and instead for its ability to escape detection, and to pervert its opponents senses right before jamming a blade in their spine, like a Keshiri assassin. They were the so-called True Sith, and they had chosen a system which matched their mentality – a system with several planets but also a gas giant ringed with seventeen moons, the eighteenth of which had once been Zonama Sekot, before it’s retreat via a secret hyperlane into the depths of a local power known as the Remsi Republic – the government which had held the original claim to the world christened New Korriban by the Dominion of Darkness.

    It also now was host to several Yuuzhan Vong colonies, who would undoubtedly have something to say about the arrival of a Star Destroyer, and the fringes of the gas giant had been taken by a gem mining station which, if Intelligence was correct, had been taken over by the more martial minded of the True Sith, complete with their formerly carbonite-bound Sith troopers and Revan-era Sith Interceptors and an Interdictor-class cruiser known as the Leviathan.

    That was before they reached the location of the True Sith themselves, who had taken up orbit in the location that had formerly been taken by Sekot, filling the void in the Force that Sekot had left by a century of being present with some object which couldn’t be identified by scanners, and no spy had been able to identify.

    The physical forces of the Yuuzhan Vong and their True Sith ‘guardians’ – claiming to be holding the authority of the Galactic Alliance, apparently – were no match, in and of themselves, for a modern warship like the Dark Renewal, but together, with whatever could emerge from the Void, was unknown.

    What information that they held about the True Sith had been filed by the late Darth Insipid himself, in his encounter with Darth Nemesis, Darth Venomis and Darth Dreadwar, a triumvirate of Sith who had commanded an all-but-derelict ten kilometre long Wrath of Vader, the crew of which had been reduced to mindless husks in the same manner that, four millennia previously, Darth Nihilus had done with the crew of his flagship, the Ravager. Narrowly escaping, Insipid had nonetheless left behind an ersatz Holocron of an ancient Sith called Gorog, complete with a tracer, leading the NSO to the True Sith stronghold.

    Darth Ardeur, Darth Aiser, Darth Lilith, and enough Stormtroopers to more than adequately crew and pilot the Dark Renewal and its additional fighter craft and blastboats, were en route. That they had the Yuuzhan Vong, a thawed out Sith army and a suspect SSD to deal with all alone was not a testament to the Dark Lord of the Sith’s trickery, but to the confidence that she and her stooge Darth Malkuth had in them.

    Darth Nemesis, for his part, was simply interested in meeting a Sith who had mastered Force Drain, the first in history since the said Darth Nihilus – and Ardeur had not been consumed by her hunger. For he was the eternal Dark Lord of the True Sith, and sought to understand such a powerful being who was not Dark Lord - the only power which could threaten one as old as he.

    Darth Venomis, for his part, was interested in meeting the Sith known as Lilith, who had been the lever in which Darth Mystique had managed to influence the Acolytes, yet had gained so little for herself; he wanted Darth Lilith. For he was the eternal apprentice to Nemesis, and sought to understand such a small being.

    Darth Dreadwar, for his part, was interested in the Mandalorian who had been taught by the apprentice of Darth Insipid, who had been betrayed by the Jedi, and yet had grown past the betrayals that being a Sith meant; he wanted Darth Aiser. For he sought to learn betrayal, so he may visit it upon his foes.

    And so, they waited, peering into the Force, knowing that this encounter was inevitable, they waited for the New Sith Order to make its plan of attack. Because this was a war amongst the shadows, the Shadow War – and only one Sith Order could stand stronger than all, before launching for war-torn Coruscant.

    For victory.

    And so, within their Void, they waited.

    Because they had all the Time in the galaxy.

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    May 26, 2005
    Darth Mystique
    Aboard the Defector, en route to Nirauan, hyperspace

    [ul]Aboard the Defector, Mystique eyed Darth Haretisch cautiously. She didn’t trust him and nor did he trust her. She was sure of it. The last time she saw him was when he and his then apprentice Darth Rivelle deposed her of being the Dark Lord of the then Dominion of Darkness, with the help of Darth Inspid. Anger rose inside of her just thinking about it. Though she didn’t show it she loathed man in front of her. Instead of giving into the hatred and killing him, Mystique used him like any tool. They must be used until they are worthless. Then just then she shall have her revenge but now was not the time.

    She assigned herself to Haretisch on purpose to keep an eye on him and Darth Rivelle. Just in case they had other ideas than to be amongst the New Sith Order now that it is reunified. There was also Lord Halucion whom she had no quarrel with but still didn’t trust him either. In fact trust was not something a Sith would do. If one did it would be their down fall.

    Just then General Aden Kyawho used to be apart of the sect the One Sith came up to her and the others and started briefing them on their mission. She sensed a bit fear in him as he approached. She smiled inwardly at the prospect that the power of the was great that to withstand with not only one but many were probably too much to take. He endured it for he was a force user too.

    “Only Force users can mount an approach from the ground, or more durable species than humans or - even most nonhumans.”

    She inclined her head to Lord Halucion as Kya continued to brief them in.

    “Similarly, only a Force user could penetrate the turret defences of the Hand of Thrawn to launch an assault on the control room – though the latter will be considerably more costly for us, considering the two full equipped Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers present in orbit, having recently struck at former Remnant worlds throughout Wild Space – including, we understand, a punishing attack on Yaga Minor.”

    “The overall thrust of strategy will be down to you, my Lords and Ladies.” he finished then bowed to all of them.

    “Your in charge here Darth Haretisch, what do you say we do.”

    She gritted her teeth as she talked still feeling the anger inside her from the presence of Haretisch, but she didn't let it show. [/ul]

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    May 26, 2006
    Darth Aiser
    Location : The Dark Renewal, The Bridge.

    Darth Aiser couldn't help pacing along the deck between crew pits, his black robes flowing around him everytime he stopped to reverse his path. He didn't like the idea of not having a larger force, but he also undertsood that covert missions also weren't very covert if you appeared with an Armada. He had read some of the Intel briefs of the target location, and the fact there was a possabilty that there could be a SSD waiting for them. This was just 1 Star Destoryer but it did have a cloaking device that would be protection from non force users but for sith, the stormtroopers would be beacons.

    He then walked up to a terminal and pulled up the display of the Mobus system. "Plenty of locations to hide and set traps" he thought to himself. He could sense Darth Ardeur and Darth Lilith nearby, so he walked into the adjoining wardroom and preceeded to setup charts of the system highlighting Facts that intel had provided reguarding mine station and various Vong colonies and a chart presenting estimated military forces with SSD and acient relics Interdictor-class cruiser and the Fighters from the Revan era. The Soldier in him kept him trained to not to underestimate out-dated tech, A big flying bulk of outdated metal, was still a Big flying bulk of metal which can be used in of itself a weapon. After he had it all setup he sat in a chair starring at the info floating before him waiting for his compatriots.

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    May 26, 2005
    Darth Lilith
    Aboard the Dark Renewal, en route to the Mobus system, hyperspace

    Darth Lilith had been meditating reaching out to the force. The darkside was strong where they were going. Lilith felt something pulling her as if something had a grip on her. Still in a meditative state Lilith delve deeper to find more about this mysterious feeling that is drawing her in. Hoping she could find who or what was behind it, she searched within the force deeper and deeper not allowing anything to distract her from this personal mission.

    When she came out of meditation she knew that whatever was grasping at her through the force had something to do with where they were going. Wondering if it was just her feeling this disturbance in the force she went to where Darth Aiser and Darth Ardeur was.

    “Hey do you feel something unusual in the force....I was in the meditation room and felt something pulling me in as if it wanted me. It was definitely darkside but it was so strange.”

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    Apr 26, 2005
    IC: Darth Haretisch
    On board the Defector - En route to Nirauan

    Haretisch gazed through the viewport of the Defector, watching the stars pass in streaks of white as General Aden Kya began his briefing. He could feel the hatred emanating from Mystique as she stood nearby.

    “Nirauan is a world which naturally is formidable. With civilisation focused around the fortress the Hand of Thrawn, which itself was constructed millennia ago by what is posited to be Rakata, and an inhospitable environ of poisonous jungle, jagged rocks and sheer cliff edges, a ground approach is difficult, and an orbital assault impossible," the general explained. It seemed as though this would be no simple affair. "It is estimated that the hangar, shielded from bombardment, can field as many as twelve squadrons of fighters, which of course does not include other fighters which could be hosted in the jungles – though that is unlikely.”

    The gears in Haretisch's head began turning as he pondered the possibilities, the options. A conventional attack was unlikely to succeed, and so the architect of this assault would need to be inventive.

    “Only Force users can mount an approach from the ground, or more durable species than humans or - even most nonhumans. Similarly, only a Force user could penetrate the turret defences of the Hand of Thrawn to launch an assault on the control room – though the latter will be considerably more costly for us, considering the two full equipped Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers present in orbit, having recently struck at former Remnant worlds throughout Wild Space – including, we understand, a punishing attack on Yaga Minor. The overall thrust of strategy will be down to you, my Lords and Ladies.”

    Haretisch continued to think. This would need to be a multi-phase assault, timed and executed perfectly.

    “You're in charge here Darth Haretisch, what do you say we do?" Mystique asked, her eyes burning into him. He returned her gaze with a wily smirk. It must have pained her to defer to him.

    "General," Haretisch began, "What is the size, in terms of numbers, of our available ground and air force?" he asked, pulling out a small electronic tablet and drawing up some rough diagrams as he planned.

    "If the shield protecting the hangar were to be disabled, an orbital bombardment could cripple air reinforcements before they are able to launch." he stated confidently. "With opposing fighter support reduced to solely the squadrons on board the star destroyers, the process of dealing with them will be far simpler. Our aim is to engage the star destroyers with our fighters alone, keeping our cruisers safely away from the battle to be used as a secure command post and staging area. If our timing is perfect, the squadrons will arrive as the shield falls, and bombardment is beginning. The element of surprise is key, as we must overwhelm the star destroyers before they are able to adequately mobilize on board fighter support," he explained.

    "The elimination of the Pellaeon-class star destroyers is the first phase of our assault. With the star destroyers gone, and the hangar bombarded, the ground stage of the operation can begin. It is preferable that we only disable, not destroy, the shield generator. If we are to make proper use of the fortress, we must do minimal damage to its infrastructure. Once the plan is in motion, we must be decisive, and we must be timely. The plan hinges on the bombardment taking place exactly as our squadrons are coming into range. Too late, and opposing fighters mobilize from the ground. Too early, and they have time to adequately mobilize from the star destroyers themselves. Clearly, deactivation of the shield is the foundation of the entire assault, and must be carried out with perfect timing and execution." Haretisch cleared his throat as he continued to sketch. "The task force assigned to disabling the shield generator will consist of Rivielle, Mystique, Halucion, and myself. Rivielle will be armed with a long range blaster rifle, and explosive charges as well, in the unfortunate event that we must simply destroy the generator."

    He looked up from his tablet. "Thoughts?"

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Hochner Trevalus
    Saridona Prime, Near the ruins aboard Ancient Haven

    Hochner looked from the Jedi back to his old Master, and the thoughts went through his mind a few times. What if this is no longer that man?

    Such thoughts were hard to accept though, and he ran it through his mind a few times by brute thinking power. There was a danger, and no matter how much he didn't like the tone or the insenuation of the Jedi that was with them, he had to ask it. "I am sorry friend. He does have a point, and he we all need to know before we plan our next move." Softly rubbing his trunk as it drooped in the sadness of this necesity he waited to hear what his old master would say.

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    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Darth Helinith and Darth Mal

    “Say your piece, before we get out of this system, and before we have to face down a sect of Sith assassins, if you would.”

    Mal’s reaction was almost automatic. He stepped in front of Helinith and his own lightsaber blade leapt from its sheath with a satisfying hum.
    Nobody would touch her. Not even a mad Sith Lord. Not without killing him first.
    Helinith, however, seemed less than impressed. “Force damn it Mal,” she hissed to him, embarrassed by recent revelations as to how he truly felt about her, “I can look after myself; put your damn saber away.”
    The Mandalorian turned Sith ignored her, his attention on Malkuth alone. There was a pregnant pause, as the tension in the room seemed to rise exponentially. Finally he spoke, his tone respectful but dangerous.
    “My Lord, if you know anything of me, you will know I have no desire for power. I take orders from my superiors. When a higher Sith tells me to go, I go. When they tell me to come, I come. I lead my troops into battle on the order of whoever is leading the campaign. My entire force could be slaughtered on the battlefield and I would not bat an eyelid, for such is the nature of war. But lay one hand on her and I will kill you.”
    Helinith, who had given Mal time to say his piece, spoke up now, irritated now more by Mal than Malkuth. Had she been of a species that possessed a tail, it would have been flicking from side to side in agitation. She considered stepping around Mal but he’d just move in front of her again and that would anoy her further. She remained calm as she spoke, trying to ignore Mal, who she’d be having words later. A lot of words.
    She opened her mouth, closed it and considered a little longer before deciding she couldn’t beat around the bush any longer.
    “Are you Insipid?”
    Mal actually dropped his guard for a second to give Helinith a strange look.
    “Don’t be stupid, you know he died. That guy’s about as much Insipid as I am a wampa.”
    Helinith grimaced, with an ugly look that was rather unbecoming, not really directed any of those present. “All I know is that one moment he’s gone, the next moment he’ll probably crop up again and pull us down and under with that intoxicating way he has of taking control. And we’ll all be kriffing bantha fodder, screaming from the prisons of our minds as our bodies are turned into his perverted little playthings.” She shuddered involuntarily, wrapping her arms a little around herself as she continued, “Every time I saw his eyes, it was like looking into the darkest, coldest cave, like it looked empty but you knew it wasn’t, you knew there was something living in there and for the love of force you never wanted to find out what it was. Sometimes you’d even see it move slightly in the darkness and you wanted to look away but you couldn’t.”
    She paused a moment, considering what she’d just said. “I’m not saying your eyes aren’t terrifying Lord Malkuth, but those ones were just a bit more terrifying.” She gave him a little bow, respectfully. “I mean you do look very similar and I can only speak for myself but I am more than a little spooked out at the thought of you suddenly throwing of your cloak and revealing that you are in fact my former master incarnate and I’m probably about to be killed for high treason towards him. Cause no matter how much I may have entertained him with my slightly unorthodox ways in the past, I’m now screwed by how much I’ve just said. So I’m gonna shut up now.”

    Mal was still completely focused on Malkuth while Helinith glanced at Lexis, hoping he wouldn’t be an idiot. She didn’t feel much in any sort of friendship towards him, but still it was nice having someone other than Mal from the Acolytes here, and while she’d rather it had been Darth Lilith, she’d have to work with what she had been given.

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Darth Ardeur
    Dark Renewal

    The quiet of hyperspace was the perfect time for meditation. Ardeur sat cross legged on the floor of her adequately sized room. She was the highest ranking Sith on this journey and thus received some benefits of her status. She commanded the force to flow through her, using her anger at being put into this situation and having to leave her apprentice behind.

    She found herself on a barren patch of dirt. The surrounding area had been flattened presumably by a bombardment from a ship. The smell of burnt trees reached her nose as she slowly spun around trying to figure out what the vision was trying to show her. A voice spoke to her, "Your hunger...your hunger..."

    Ardeur ripped herself out of her force vision. She'd heard that voice before but did not know to whom it belonged. This journey appeared to be bringing her closer to the voice as it was getting stronger each time she looked into the force. With a shiver she gracefully rose to her feet. Her tight black jumpsuit clung to her muscles as she did some stretches to get the blood flowing to her legs again. Grabbing her datapad, Ardeur exited her room and stepped softly down the hallway to where she was supposed to meet with the other two Sith on this mission with her, Darth Lilith and Darth Aiser.

    She entered the room to find Darth Aiser already there with information flowing across several holo screens. She stepped over to one screen and studied the layout of the galaxy they were heading to. The dark lady waited, hoping the force would show some sort of insight as to where the strange voice was coming from, but none came. Sighing inwardly she turned and found a seat at the table when a voice interrupted the silence.

    "Hey do you feel something unusual in the force...I was in the meditation room and felt something pulling me in as if it wanted me. It was definitely darkside but it was so strange."

    The voice belonged to Darth Lilith who had just entered the room. "I too have felt a strong pull from the dark side. I know from research that Sonoma Zekot had a despot of dark side energy on it, but I'm not sure that is what this is," She answered the younger Sith. "Whatever they are, we will find and use them to our advantage. If they are as old as they feel perhaps we can gain some hidden knowledge that will allow us to become more powerful."

    Ardeur doubted her words though. She didn't actually need to become more powerful. She just wanted to be left alone.

    "How are the troops?" She addressed her question to Darth Aiser. "I no longer care to interact with storm troopers so I am hoping you will be in charge of them."

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    May 26, 2006
    IC: Darth Aiser
    Location: Dark Renewal

    He looked up from his data pad that he had been making notes and strategies with their limited intel and forces to see Darth Ardeur and Darth Lilith walk into the Wardroom. “Hey do you feel something unusual in the force....I was in the meditation room and felt something pulling me in as if it wanted me. It was definitely darkside but it was so strange.” "I must say that I haven't felt anything personally, but then I been gathering and sorting all this information in preperation of our attack." He said while he got up and adjusted the display of the Mobus system so it would show the last reported gravity wells.

    "How are the troops?", "I no longer care to interact with storm troopers so I am hoping you will be in charge of them." He glanced at the datapad with Troop statuses and look back up, " The troops are ready as they are going to be and I would be honored to lead the stormtroopers, I do have experiance leading troops before." He said as he rembered his time as Commander Tur-Mukan. Oh how he relished the idea of leading the Stormtroopers. He then started to write down more notes on his datapad when he spoke up again, "As I been planning this attack, I have figured we can either A. drop out of hyperspace in the outer system and cloak then travel in system cloaked the yuuzhan vong in system won't know where here but the Sith in system wouldn't help but feel the presence of our stormtroopers even if we hid ourselves in the force or B. if one of you is good that sensing mass objects as planets we could use our gravity well generators and do a risky pricision jump into orbit, or a inner system jump then cloak as we come out of hyperspace much closer than plan A but less risky of plan B. or D. just drop out of hyperspace and do a regular assualt on enemy forces, and everyone would know we are there." he suggested as he strolled around the confrence table.

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  25. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Malkuth
    Dark Child, ready room, systems edge, poised to jump

    Darth Malkuth locked eyes with Darth Mal, who had leapt to the defence of Helinith. They fell into an atypical scuffle, all heart and no malice between them, as they presented a unified front. Malkuth smiled with borrowed memories, and pushed a hand to his face. Lexis had decided to allow the pause from Helinith's self-commentary stretch, and his reticence was appreciated.

    Through his gloved fingers, Malkuth released a breath, easing his tension but nonetheless keeping his blade ignited. "I am Insipid's clone. I possess his memories, and his way of thinking. For all intents and purposes, now he is gone, I am Darth Insipid. I could regale you with tales about his grandmother, Lomi Plo, or his liaisons with Ardeur, or the schemes he hatched with Sith who have fled our Order - Darth Avarice, Kev-Mas-Colcha, and more besides."

    Malkuth lowered his hand. "But I am not a maniac. I am not genetically predisposed to become one, either." The former Dark Lord - in more ways than one - scowled. "It is a miracle that you have retained your sanity, after all. To be trapped within one of Dreypa's oubliettes is to court madness. The Tribe of Sith from Kesh have records how Dreypa himself went mad from being placed within his own oubliette, and Lord Vader made no secret of noting just how mad Celeste Morne was when she emerged from an oubliette. That she smashed her one to highlight that point, and that Vader's treacherous Dark Jedi scum would rebuild it just to entice you, is testament to their worth."

    He shrugged. "Who is more mad, the mad, or the mad who follow him?" Darth Malkuth grinned, a hint of hysteria to his lips but not enough to concern, as he ripped off Obi-Wan Kenobi's legendary words... or so the Telos Holocron had repeated, from the words of Tionna Solusar herself. He had allowed a sliver of madness into his expression to keep his peers on edge; the more unpredictable a Sith, the longer he lived, after all.

    "What have you, Helinith? Should I be more concerned about you?" He pivoted, stabbing his blade to point at Lexis. "What of you, oh-so silent one?"

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    IC: Captain Damask
    Dark Renewal, bridge

    The three Sith were discussing strategy in the conference room, and Captain Damask, a thin Muun, simply leaned into the wall, arms folded and a hand propping his chin, as they mused, aloud. Often non-Force users were ignored in the presence of the Sith, and Damask, though the owner of a noble Sith name, as he understood, was no difference.

    They were discussing strategy, in how best to approach a system that was more than a match for the assets at their disposal. As such they had to diversify.

    "I if may intrude," he said slowly, stepping towards the three darksiders - all of which he was considerably taller than - "but Lord Aiser seems to have the best grasp of the situation. If we can take advantage of your Force skills to decant above the target, this so-called 'void' in the Force where Zonoma Sekot used to orbit, then we should. But I would recommend a minor adjustment."

    He gestured to Darth Lilith. "One of the Sith we have, and half of the fighters, and only the hyperdrive equipped ones, should be deposited at the fringes of the system as a distraction."

    Damask then passed his hand to gesture to Darth Aiser. "We can then deploy the fleet onwards towards the target, and then deploy the soldiers in the traditional fashion, at Lord Aiser and Lady Ardeur's behest. If we cannot conceal the vessel in the Force, we can at least distract our opponents sufficiently."

    The Captain bowed, deeply. "I hope that my contribution is satisfactory, my Lords."

    "If you can put aside your Sith instincts and pool your senses," Damash smiled through purple teeth. "I have no doubt that we can make it through the gravity wells of the other moons and gas giants to the target."

    Damask was, of course, picking at the scab over the wound that had been the New Sith Civil War. If the Sith were at each others throats, they were not looking to snap his. Having spent most of his life managing the Sith either within the One Sith, the Dragons or the Dominion of Darkness, he knew the benefit in keeping them looking inward and not at him.

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    IC: General Aden Kya
    On board the Defector - en route to Nirauan

    General Kya was loath to interact in the jab from Mystique to Haretisch, knowing Sith as he did. Thankfully, Haretisch seemed to have his head screwed on, something which he silently thanked the Ones for, even if the Sith could not resist a smirk.

    The Sith Lord's question was pointed, and Kya approved, with a curt nod. He summoned up figures in his mind as the man continued. Kya absently paid attention, making note of the strategy; a lightning fast assault by the capital ships, while the fighters kept the Star Destroyers at bay, allowing them to cripple the squadrons on the ground before they could intervene. Minimum exposure from the fleet to the ground batteries, and the maximum amount of damage to their opponents.

    Simple, which was good, because anything more complicated had many more ways in which it could go awry. That all four of the Sith would focus their efforts on the sabotage simply made the chances of success more likely - Harestich would keep his colleagues in line, be it the fabulously attractive Rivelle, the reticent Halucion, or the wily Mystique. Kya mentally amended his thoughts towards the latter; she was the Dark Lady of the Sith - she knew the value of keeping ones attention on the goal.

    Kya spoke, clearly.

    "The two Star Destroyers we are facing will each deploy 48 fighters, most likely Predators or Sith Clawcraft. It is our understanding that seventy two Sith Annhilators - anti-capital ship fighters - are held within the fortress itself." A single icon per 12 fighters was apparent on the display as the General provided detail, and so fourteen icons were evident, six of which were with the fortress.

    "This assumes that the One Sith have a fully stocked armory, which it is possible they do not." The former Imperial Knight gestured to their task force. "The two Ardent-class frigates complementing the Defector, an Imperious-class battlecruiser, carry one squadron of fighters a piece, and theDefector itself carries four squadrons of fighters and one squadron of bombers." Seven icons were abruptly attached to the fleet. "However, the frigates are heavily armed with anti-starfighter weapons and have upscaled shields and armour beyond their size; they may serve well if assigned to batter the Star Destroyers in tandem with the fighters." Kya felt blood rise to his cheeks as he realised he had spoken against Lord Haretisch. "If his Lordship agrees."

    The General, in part to diffuse any sleight and in part with good reason, checked his chrono. "We will be in easy jumping distance for a cloaked shuttle in a few hours, my Lords. It may be prudent that we move you all swiftly to the relevant ship."

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