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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

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  1. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Darth Mystique
    Aboard the Defector

    Mystique waited to listen to Haretisch to began talking. "General," Haretisch began, "If the shield protecting the hangar were to be disabled, an orbital bombardment could cripple air reinforcement are able to launch."

    "With opposing fighter support reduced to solely the squadrons on board the star destroyers, the process of dealing with them will be far simpler. Our aim is to engage the star destroyers with our fighters alone, keeping our cruisers safely away from the battle to be used as a secure command post and staging area. If our timing is perfect, the squadrons will arrive as the shield falls, and bombardment is beginning. The element of surprise is key, as we must overwhelm the star destroyers before they are able to adequately mobilize on board fighter support," Haretisch continued.

    When he was all done he asked for thoughts. Before Mystique could speak General Kya interjected. "The two Star Destroyers we are facing will each deploy 48 fighters, most likely Predators or Sith Clawcraft. It is our understanding that seventy two Sith Annhilators - anti-capital ship fighters - are held within the fortress itself." he explained

    "This assumes that the One Sith have a fully stocked armory, which it is possible they do not." "The two Ardent-class frigates complementing the Defector, an Imperious-class battlecruiser, carry one squadron of fighters a piece, and the Defector itself carries four squadrons of fighters and one squadron of bombers." Seven icons were abruptly attached to the fleet. "However, the frigates are heavily armed with anti-starfighter weapons and have upscaled shields and armour beyond their size; they may serve well if assigned to batter the Star Destroyers in tandem with the fighters."

    This strategy was different from what Haretisch had drawn up. Mystique remained quiet and waited to see what the former Dark Lord would say. Mystique’s eyes narrowed as if she was smiling within, in which case she was.

    "If his Lordship agrees."

    "We will be in easy jumping distance for a cloaked shuttle in a few hours, my Lords. It may be prudent that we move you all swiftly to the relevant ship."[/ul]

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    Darth Lilith
    Aboard the Dark Renewal

    Lilith was talking to Darth Aiser on the war room of The Dark Renewal where displays of maps containing info on the Morbus System. She was discussing her vision of something pulling at her, when Darth Ardeur walked in and came closer toward them. "I too have felt a strong pull from the dark side. I know from research that Sonoma Zekot had a despot of dark side energy on it, but I'm not sure that is what this is,"

    Lilith listened closely as Ardeur continued to speak. "Whatever they are, we will find and use them to our advantage. If they are as old as they feel perhaps we can gain some hidden knowledge that will allow us to become more powerful." Lilith nodded in agreement. It would have been the exact words that Darth Mystique would have said. Always look for the advantage for the ones who don’t are too weak.

    As they were talking a tall and thin Muun named Captain Damask came up to them. "If may intrude," Lilith tilted her head giving him the ok to go ahead and speak. "but Lord Aiser seems to have the best grasp of the situation. If we can take advantage of your Force skills to decant above the target, this so-called 'void' in the Force where Zonoma Sekot used to orbit, then we should. But I would recommend a minor adjustment."

    He gestured toward Darth Lilith who had a feeling what he was going to say. "One of the Sith we have, and half of the fighters, and only the hyperdrive equipped ones, should be deposited at the fringes of the system as a distraction."

    Damask then passed his hand to gesture to Darth Aiser. "We can then deploy the fleet onwards towards the target, and then deploy the soldiers in the traditional fashion, at Lord Aiser and Lady Ardeur's behest. If we cannot conceal the vessel in the Force, we can at least distract our opponents sufficiently."

    So I am to be that distraction, while they strike. I can do that. “She gave a wily smile. [/ul]

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  2. Darth_wanderguard

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    Apr 26, 2005
    IC: Darth Haretisch
    On board the Defector

    Haretisch crossed his arms as he listened to the general, a calm but attentive expression on his face.

    "However, the frigates are heavily armed with anti-starfighter weapons and have upscaled shields and armour beyond their size; they may serve well if assigned to batter the Star Destroyers in tandem with the fighters," the general stopped suddenly as the former dark lord's face turned to stone. Kya quickly backtracked. "If his Lordship agrees."

    He stared silently for a moment as he thought. This wasn't outright defiance from the general, it was merely a slip up. Unfortunately, he found straightforward disagreements more tolerable than a simple lack of regard. Unintentional disrespect represented something disgusting to Haretisch; negligence.

    "Very well," he nodded. "One of the frigates will accompany the fighters while the other will remain with the Defector. And while we're changing up the plan," one side of his mouth curled into a crooked smile, "My task force could use an additional person. General Kya, you will assist us in disabling the generator."

    "Gather what you need and prepare for departure,"
    Haretisch instructed his team as he turned to leave. "And general," he stopped, neglecting to face Kya as he addressed him. "If the frigate prematurely alerts the enemy to our presence, I'll kill you."

    Sensing that his point had been made, Haretisch continued through the door to gather what he needed and head to the hangar.

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  3. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Darth Ardeur
    Aboard the Dark Renewal

    Sometimes when traveling in hyperspace Ardeur could forget she was on a ship. She'd forget she was a Sith. She'd lose herself in the solitude of space. This trip was not about solitude though. Ardeur hated people who weren't Sith. They were beneath her. She had to forceably restrain herself when the Muun spoke interrupting their conversation. This was not the first time any of them had been to battle. She felt like electricity was running across her skin and she dug her fingernails into her hand to try to diffuse it before she accidentally fried the Captain. The human troops would not react kindly to that. The 'feeding' Ardeur had done before embarking on this journey was boiling inside of her and needed an outlet.

    "...We can then deploy the fleet onwards towards the target, and then deploy the soldiers in the traditional fashion, at Lord Aiser and Lady Ardeur's behest. If we cannot conceal the vessel in the Force, we can at least distract our opponents sufficiently." The ship captain's proposal interrupted her thoughts.

    "I can conceal the vessel. In fact, it would be a good outlet for me right now since there is nothing around here I'm allowed to kill." Ardeur knew she sounded crass but she was frustrated. There was a good reason most of the other Sith left her alone and no longer sent her on missions. One could not do what she did with the dark side and still stay sane, especially not after all she'd been through. The Sith Master was slowly losing her mind and there didn't seem to be anything she could do to stop it. Not that she really wanted to. Her life had been prolonged enough already, perhaps it was time to finally move on. If only she could find someone to take the knowledge that she had of being able to survive as long as she had with the power she possessed to feed off of others.

    “So I am to be that distraction, while they strike. I can do that." Darth Lilith looked eager to provide a distraction so the others could get close enough to the planet.

    As leader of this mission Ardeur knew she needed to be the one to make the final decisions so she nodded in agreement at Darth Lilith. A small smile broke across her lips as she looked at the younger Sith. "I believe your master has trained you for this exact mission, somehow she must've known."

    "Darth Aiser, do you feel that you can help me conceal the vessel and plot us a course directly above our target? Can our troops do this?" She addressed her final question at both Darth Aiser and the Muun captain whose name she didn't bother remembering.

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  4. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Darth Halucion
    Aboard the Defector

    In a semi-relaxed state he observed the goings on between the Sith leaders of this mission, and he kept his own counsil upon such matters. He was sent to lend his 'strength', which by no means meant he was going to dictate where it was to be used unless one the Sith here voiced objections to the plan that was being drawn up. After all the mission still served his goals, sith would die.

    Indeed even the planning with the sith and ex-Imperial Knight present seemed to bubble just beneath the surface with the simmer that promised death. Whether those deaths would include their own numbers was too soon to tell. Albeit the deaths of comrads in a war was not unheard of, in fact it even had a name, 'friendly fire'. A most enjoyeable oxymoron.

    As the others set to leaving for the shuttle he rose and nodded, his gloved hands straightening out his blood red robes, and gently caressing his ridges beneath before he followed with near halting motions the delegation of death.

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  5. darthhelinith

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    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Darth Helinith
    Dark Child, ready room, systems edge, poised to jump

    "I am Insipid's clone. I possess his memories, and his way of thinking. For all intents and purposes, now he is gone, I am Darth Insipid. I could regale you with tales about his grandmother, Lomi Plo, or his liaisons with Ardeur, or the schemes he hatched with Sith who have fled our Order - Darth Avarice, Kev-Mas-Colcha, and more besides. But I am not a maniac. I am not genetically predisposed to become one, either."
    This was a relief and Helinith couldn’t help but relax a bit. She could figure out exactly where she stood with him later, but now she felt she knew pretty much exactly what was on the table and her countenance lightened considerably. She stifled a flicker of interest at the history of her former Master. Although his history before her was no-doubt fascinating, now was neither the time nor the place. Malkuth turned his speech to her own sanity, and she couldn’t help but chuckle.
    “Oh I know I’m not mad. And although I can’t really prove that, I could say that I don’t hear voices in my head, although again that doesn’t really prove anything. But I think the fact that I’ve taken possession, a sith life-prolonging instrument and torture all in my stride without any prolonged noticeable change in behaviour or character helps my case. Maybe I’m a droid. Although I wasn’t last time I checked.” At this, she pinched herself to make sure, uncomfortable with the thought of electronics inside her skull.
    Helinith hadn’t really noticed it before, but now that Malkuth mentioned it, it was interesting that she hadn’t somehow been driven insane through what she’d been through. Perhaps it was just something that she possessed, strength of sorts in the mind. She’d have to think it through later. Helinith filed it to the back of her brain as further meditation material and left it there for now. What was important was that she had no gripes with this clone. Clones were indeed individual, and one was never particular similar to another other than in looks; she’d learned as much a very long time ago. She was satisfied.
    “Okay, I’m good. Darth Helinith, Sith Assassin and extraordinaire at your service.” She saluted neatly.
    Mal seemed satisfied too at this revelation and now aware that Malkuth was not particularly interested in killing Helinith, he relaxed somewhat. He moved from in front of the object of his affections, taking up a position at her side, although unwilling to be the first to sheath his blade, mostly out of pride. He was partially satisfied with Malkuth’s response to Helinith, although he would have still liked to have leapt at the Sith clone’s throat and ended it. But he now felt mostly just the natural animosity that most Sith felt for each other. Content that both he and Helinith would live another day, satisfied with what he’d heard, and unable to convey as such in words, he merely gave a short nod. His silent nature had caught up with him now there was nothing he felt that really needed to be said.

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  6. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Josch Decinchi
    Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Josch watched the sensor array waiting for the arrival of the old Nebula-class stardestroyer. He then switched the comms over to the Ancient Haven so that he could check in with them. He had seen Hochner on Goreh, so he was certain he had experienced the Force event.

    Dovey? Hochner? anyone still there? This is Josch, over?”

    He waited for a response before continuing on, “We have had an incident here at the Temple, a mass Force event that has caused some of our members to fall into a deep slumber. I have called in some reinforcements to watch over the Temple. Once everything is secure here I am going to be coming out to join you. Until I get there, stand by and assess the situation. Josch out.”

    The Grand Master then reached, through the Force, to get a ‘sense’ of where Ian was at. It seemed that he was near the rear of the Temple almost to where Fey-Li and Silence should have been. He pulled his personal comlink off of his utility belt. “Ian, Master Decinchi. Once you have made contact with Master Cytei, give me a push on this channel so that we can coordinate efforts. Decinchi out.” He did not wait for the padawan’s response before continuing with the task at hand.

    After replacing his comlink onto his belt, he noticed that a vessel matching the transponder code of the Redemption had just dropped out of hyperspace in system. Once more he cued up the comm unit. “Sandstrider, Decinichi. Set the Redemption for geosynchronous orbit over the Temple, deploy the Raptors to provide security around the Temple, and come on down with the Spirit, we might need to use your unique gifts. Decinchi out.”

    Now all he had to do was figure out what to do with Miria, Alisha, and the others who were ‘sleeping’. No matter what he did he could not stay in the TCC forever, but he needed someone to monitor the systems. With that he pulled his comlink out and made one more call.

    “Navi, I need you to report to the TCC to keep an eye on everything.” His little astrodroid just twittered back in response. “I know you don’t have any eyes. It’s just an expression. Will you just get up here an d monitor all of the systems please.”

    Now he just needed to wait on his companion to get there so he could move Miria and Alisha to somewhere more comfortable.
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    IC: Voj Velkin and Jaxon Renn
    Cabur Base, Concordia

    If there was one thing that Voj hated more than lightwhips it was having to fight with two sabers against a lightwhip. He had never really gotten the full hang of the Jar’Kai style of combat. Lucky for him, he had his beskar’gam on, which offered him some protection from Zermar’s attacks that somehow made it past his defenses.

    Finally he felt Taab stirring behind him. The old Mandalorian seemed to be gathering his wits about him. Unfortunately, splitting his attention caused Voj to lose focus enough that the sith’s lightwhip wrapped around his left wrist. The maniacal assailant yanked hard and sent the borrowed lightsaber skittering across the deck. If Voj had not been wearing his armored gauntlets his hand would have accompanied the Jetti’kad.

    Suddenly, from over his shoulder, Taab unloaded his blaster carbine into the ceiling causing debris to come showering down. Voj shut down his saber, crouched down beside Taab, and focused on raising a Force Bubble to protect them from any errant debris, but not a stone fell. Matter of fact, the only noise that he did hear was the crazed laughter of Zermar.

    “Fools! Did you really think that you could foil me using such a feeble tactic?” The sith stood there, arms raised over his head, holding back the collapsing ceiling through the Force. He had a grin of sinister satisfaction painted across his tattooed face, but then his eyes went wide with shock. He looked down to find the tip of a lightsaber protruding out of his armored chestplate.

    “We’re not as weak as you first thought, now are we Jetti’rya?” Jaxon had retrieved the lightsaber that Voj had lost and snuck up on the boasting sith. The cabur’ika retracted the saber and the darkness withdrew from Zermar’s eyes.

    The stones started to fall on the deceased sith and Voj, realizing that he and Taab were safe, Force Pushed Jaxon out of the way after dropping his Force Bubble. Once the trio got to their feet, they all could hear the explosive rumbles growing closer.

    “I suggest we get out of here.”
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  7. Darth_Lexis

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    Jan 27, 2009
    IC: Darth Lexis, Sith
    Ready room, the Dark Child
    Darth Lexis had been diligently studying ancient Sith texts while trying to keep his emotions in check. He could feel the disgusting passion that the Armored-Minion shared with the Vader-heir. There was no malice between him and Helinith, but there was no love either. She was a leading member of the Acolytes and since Lexis knew his place in the order of things he stilled his tongue about the other two’s connection.

    Without warning the Insipid-copy dismissed everyone from the room, save the three former Acolytes of Darkness, and violently chucked the table into the now dented bulkhead. Lexis leapt to his feet, not yet pulling his new lightsaber from his sleeve, where he now took to keeping it.

    Malkuth pointed an accusatory finger at all of them in turn, naming why each of them would hold contempt towards him. But then he said something that caught Lexis’s attention.

    “I’ll elevate you to Dark Lord right now if you so wish.”

    Of course Lexis wanted to be elevated to the rank of Dark Lord, he had held off Dominion dogs from over running this very vessel by using simple Sith magic. Since then his powers had grown and he even faced a Jedi Knight on Goreh. Battling him until the Jedi-welp fled in defeat. But he was not given a chance to answer.

    Malkuth ignited his lightsaber swiftly, a burning crimson blade. “Or I can use this blade to not knight you, but to slay all three of you – or at the very least die trying. But that will be better than dying by tension!”

    Mal stepped in front of the Helinith and the two started bickering back and forth like an old married couple. Helinith then went on in a diatribe about how Insipid was dead and that there was no way that Malkuth was the fallen Dark Lord.

    But then Malkuth invalidated all of that by saying he was Darth Insipid. That he possessed all of Lexis’s former Master’s memories, that despite that he was not predisposed to go crazy like his genetic template, and even questioned Helinith’s own sanity.

    She then went into an explanation as to how she was not insane. But that made Lexis question some things himself.

    How was it that he was able to fight off Insipid’s influence on the plains of Goreh? How was he not slowly going mad looking into the fears that scratched and clawed at the Dark Lords tattered soul?
    Did he truly need a Master anymore after what he had been through and survived?

    Helinith and Mal accepted Malkuth’s explanations and pledged themselves to his service.

    Lexis reached up, threw back hood, and allowed the shadow that masked his face to fall. He revealed his true face to all of them, the look of a young adult male in his late twenties, with rakish, long black hair and slightly pointed ears. He crossed his arms, one hand on his concealed saber, and looked between the Lovers and the Clone.

    “I care little for who you say you are or are not, my loyalty is to the New Sith Order and the Dark Lady Mystique. I have no Master but she. If you feel so compelled to elevate me, then so be. If not then stand out of my way so that I might bring Mystique’s vengeance upon all those that stand opposed to her and the New Sith Order.”

    Lexis waited for them to respond, but he did not let his guard fall until he knew it was safe to do so.
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  8. BlueHeron

    BlueHeron Jedi Master star 2

    Oct 28, 2003
    IC: Dovey Lahana
    Ancient Haven

    Dovey shifted her position from lying on her side to lying on her back, wincing as she felt a small pain at the top of her lower back. She lifted her torso so she could rub it a little. The tense, frightening time on Goreh had brought back memories, mostly of her sister and Corran, her sister's husband. It wasn't after she had given herself a few moments to just breathe that she opened her eyes. She gasped and brought her left hand up to her temple, cringing inwards. She couldn't see anything. Her immediate response was to feel her surroundings, the surrounding lifeforms, with her sensitivity to the midichlorians in all living things. It seemed that everyone who had been there still was but there was something wrong. It didn't sound like there were that many people around.

    The gold-skinned Firrerrean shivered once and then called out in a small voice, "Who's there?" She looked around trying to force her eyes to focus but had no success, the world remained inky black to her. She had enough time to consider the possibility that this was permanent before she strained her remaining senses to 'see' around her.

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    NOTE: Of immediate importance is that this is BultarSwan. This being said, I may return with her eventually but we'll see. Darn move!
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  9. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel

    Saridona Prime, Ancient Haven

    Though he had half-expected some resistance from Hochner, the Kubaz offered none which, if Alec had to admit, brought up some relief not only due to the other Jedi understanding that answers were needed but that what attachments he had to Michael did not stop him from questioning him for the safety of the group. Again, this was probably a stretch but Alec wasn't one to leave any stone unturned if the subject was deemed important enough to warrant the effort.

    While they waited for the other Jedi to remember what he could, a voice suddenly came into existence. Not one of their members reawakening, however, but rather the vessel's comm systems. The voice identified itself as belonging to Grandmaster Decinchi and even with the static-laced transmission Alec was able to recognize it. As the Grandmaster was calling for either Hochner or Dovey - and it was probably best that Hochner received the transmission, being another Guardian -, Alec waited for the Kubaz to answer the transmission. The young Jedi still listened in on Deinchi's report and, with a start, Alec was given an answer to some of his questions.

    It wasn't just contained here, he thought. But the Temple as well. I wonder...

    Again Alec tried to remember as to what, exactly, he had seen but again his memory-searching failed him. Darkness with brief glimpses of multi-colored bars of light but otherwise mostly shadows. Maybe one of the others had a better look then he did?

    There was a sudden gasp which caused Alec to immediately whirl around, alert to any danger and berating himself for being surprised even if it proved that the one who issued it wasn't an enemy. Seemingly to have finally woken up, Dovey was awake and currently had a hand to her temple. As quickly as Alec felt some relief at the idea that everyone else would hopefully reawaken with little to no problem, it died when he noticed something. Specifically the fact that Dovey seemed to be having a very difficult time seeing.

    Of course, he had only figured out her plight when she was practically staring at him and yet she questioned, "Who's there?"

    She was turning her head side-to-side as if to examine her surroundings but the young Jedi noticed how she seemed unfocused.

    A side effect? He pondered it for only a moment before telling himself that Dovey needed some help either way.

    "It's Alec," he spoke aloud, not only to identify himself but to let Dovey know where he was as he took several audible steps towards her - again, to let her know where he was coming from - before kneeling down. "We're inside the Ancient Haven, just outside the ruins we were supposed to investigate. Hochner's up as well."

    He reached out and took hold of her free hand that wasn't at her temple while his other hand gripped her shoulder not only to steady her but to keep her in place until she was able to regain her bearings. Searching her face, Alec made sure to look for any sign of recognition that would pass across her face if she recognized any of the names that he had just mentioned. Even this close he noted how Dovey seemed so unfocused and wasn't looking straight at him.

    "Are you alright?" Alec questioned gently, hoping that whatever effected Dovey was similarly temporary.

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  10. -Remi-

    -Remi- Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 8, 2007
    IC: Michael
    Location: Aboard the Ancient Haven
    Music for the scene: The Witcher 2 Soundtrack - A Nearly Peaceful Place

    "Ok....I understand Alec."

    MIchael glanced at Alec Vandel.....Then closed his eyes once more.

    He entered a trance, remembering the time he left the Guardians Of Light a year ago. The jedi opened and stretched out his mind to send these memories telepathically to Alec and Hochner, thinking it would best explain the situation and satisfy Alec's questions. Michael didn't know the jedi named Alec Vandel. But by opening his mind, Michael laid bare everything to be sure there was no deception to what he divulged to Alec Vandel, and especially to his dear friend and former padawan Hochner Trevalus, whose trust was precious to him. Since Alec was busy helping the unconscious, speaking would prove too much of a verbal distraction. Michael left the Guardians Of Light upon learning that a contact and childhood friend from Naboo, said he saw his two sisters and brother, Daniel, Jennifer, and Angela on Nar Shaddaa. Before Michael received this information, He thought that his Uncle and siblings had been killed by an orbital bombardment set upon Naboo by the sith. This attack had shaken Naboo's neutrality and had shaken the secure world and future that Michael hoped and lived for.

    Grandmaster Decinchi and Master Dovey understood his reasons, feeling that this quest of his filled the entirety of his being and needed resolving. This was a time one year ago of temporary peace and hiding for the Guardians. That fact made it easier for him to go on his journey, not knowing whether he would come back, and if he did, whether the jedi would be a changed man.

    He eventually found them on Nar Shaddaa safe and sound. After talking with them, Michael made arrangements to transfer them to the Temple of Light on Saridona Prime, a request he was waiting to hear from the Grandmaster Decinchi and Master Dovey. His brother and sisters were both force sensitive....By bringing family closer, Michael would fulfil his promise to his parents and his god father uncle Spion of taking care of them. As he was landing near the ruins.....Everything went black. The only thing that Michael remembered was an extremely hot planet with a surface made from cooled volcanic rock.

    He opened his eyes to see that Dovey was awakened. The jedi noted that Dovey had trouble seeing. So its not just me, this must be a side effect of this force event that happened to all of us..

    Now that his vision and mental acuity was now restored, he looked up at Alec and Hochner. "I hope these memories I've sent you might explain what I have been up to this last year. As I landed near the ruins, I blacked out. I woke up weakened and on the brink of insanity. The trade freighter I used to carry my siblings were gone, as were my siblings. Its as if the ship disappeared out of thin air. Then I was found and carried to the Ancient Haven.

    He creased his face and buried his hands in it. I had them and lost them! I will find my family...That force event everyone has experienced....Dam it all!!!

    Michael sighed, clearing his mind of his stress....."Is Master Dovey ok?....And hello Grandmaster Decinchi"

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  11. BlueHeron

    BlueHeron Jedi Master star 2

    Oct 28, 2003
    IC: Miria Lahana
    Temple of Light, TCC

    Miria's mind wandered through the catacombs of Goreh. She was still there with Deak, Angel and the others. Booster's location was unknown. The had just started and all ready things had changed drastically. They were hiding in the dry, dusty catacombs underneath the temple of Life, waiting out the sith. With a little luck the sith would be doing the same thing, being just as weakened in numbers and strength as the Defenders had been. Miria breathed in the oxygen available to her and her friends. It wasn't long ago that they had been at peace. Waiting in the shadows, hoping to know without being known. The New Sith Order had seen to the end of those days. Miria considered herself lucky that the force had chosen this temple for her home. It was almost as secretive as her old one had been, with Master Davna Salk. Although she sought privacy, the mission she had accepted when she was called here did not allow that. Her training in meditation and healing had been put to work.

    With those thoughts in mind, Miria blinked twice. The first thought in her head was that she was on the ground of the TCC and not on Goreh. She almost pinched herself to make sure that what she was seeing was real. It wasn't unusual to find herself, well, her mind, in surreal settings, whether they were unknown or common sights to her. The ground certainly felt real and it was odd to be lying on it when she should be up, alert and helping to run the Def... no, the Guardians, now. Miria sat up and glanced over to where Josch was standing. He wasn't looking so she decided to greet him simply by saying, "Josch." To her relief she was able to maintain her calm demeanor in the golden hue of her skin.

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  12. BlueHeron

    BlueHeron Jedi Master star 2

    Oct 28, 2003
    IC: Dovey Lahana
    Ancient Haven

    Dovey had never felt so vulnerable in her life. No one was holding her prisoner, blindfolding her and keeping her from removing the fabric and yet she couldn't see. One of the most basic tools she used and now it was gone. As Alec walked towards her and then placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, she had to put forth some effort not to flinch. Dovey breathed deeply and then started to get up only to find that Alec's hand wasn't there just to reassure. She wasn't sure how she felt about that but let it be, glancing down in the direction of his hand before she could stop herself. Her first concern was functioning without her sight. She answered Alec's question with, "My back hurts but it's already a bit less. I'll be back to normal in no time. I'm not sure if it will work for my sight though."

    Dovey thought of her ship. Sure it had a navigation device but it didn't have a droid. She could almost kick herself for not obtaining one much earlier. She'd just never wanted one. Any conversation it could have provided would have deterred her from her main purpose of hiding. The more that she obtained through normal chanels the likelier it would be that she'd be found. Dovey registered that a few of the others were up and talking but she found her ability to multitask mentally was mostly absorbed in the different things she could not do without her sight. The woman knew that everyone else who was alert in the ship would know of her predicament so she felt there was no sense in trying to hide it. When Alec mentioned the names of others, she did not recognize any save for Hochner, although she gathered that Michael must be the one they had rescued from the ruins.

    TAG: Ancient Have group
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  13. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Josch Decinchi
    TCC, The Temple of Light


    One simple word, that’s all it took, hearing her say his name caused him to stop what he was doing and turn towards her. In the blink of an eye he was kneeling besides her looking over every inch of her body.

    “Miria! Thank the Verlin!” His hand went to her face and pulled her gently in for a soft kiss. As their lips parted after their brief connection, Josch looked into her eyes with concern written all over his face. He knew she had been there, on Goreh, when it all happened the first time. She was there the first time when the battling Sith and Defenders devastated the entire planet. Then they had somehow found themselves back there, while it was on the edge of either resurrection or total annihilation, to bear witness, as it seemed, to the rebirth of the New Sith Order.

    Everything had changed. They were no longer as hidden as they once thought. Josch had actually fought one of them while they were there and had three parallel scars on his right cheek as proof. Just thinking back to that encounter caused as slight burning sensation under the scars. Miria had healed him, but for some reason the scars remained.

    But all of that was secondary now. Miria was awake. “Are you ok?”
    TAG: BultarSwan

    Sent from a Galaxy far away via R2-N6
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    Sep 29, 2010
    OOC: Sorry for my long absence. I've been without internet for a while, and didn't realize we had more than just the temp boards again. So, if I may, I'd like to reenter the game now with this post.

    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Ancient Haven - Saridona Prime

    Gaan suddenly woke to the realization that she was cold... and that, apparently, she had fallen asleep. She could not remember anything that had happened before she fell asleep, at least for the moment, but she did hear voices. Lying motionless, she finally recognized one of the voices, and opened her eyes. "Alec," she rasped, unable to speak above a whisper, at first. Her throat was bone dry, and she swallowed a couple times. "" The Jedi's form was blurry at first, but quickly came into focus. Gaan coughed, then managed to ask, "What happened? Where are we?" Glancing around, she recognized some of the other Jedi, as well, and sat up. "Ow..." she complained under her breath as her stiff limbs protested.

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  15. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Hochner Trevalus
    Aboard the Ancient Haven

    He paused with his head tilted as he listened to the thoughts his old Master and friend was projecting. He could sympathize deeply with those desires, but once more he felt the durasteel curtain close within his mind, he had no family, only the Jedi. It was a mantra that echoed into the space of dull ache that seeing his Masters thoughts and family brought to his mind. It was one he could not afford to entertain, with a soft curl of his trunk he smiled gently as he patted Michael on the shoulder. "Thank you. That suffices." he said with soft tones as he glanced back at the interloper Jedi, one from his first Masters kind.

    Moving he went for the comm, "Grand Master. This is Knight Trevalus reporting. We seem to have experience the event, but some are feeling after effects to their senses. What are you recommendation for proceeding with the mission? Grand Master?"

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  16. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel
    Saridona Prime, Ancient Haven

    Alec took note of Dovey's look to the hand on her shoulder and the Jedi tried to give her an apologetic look. Immediately he realized that she wouldn't be able to see it so he just hoped that she would be able to sense it. Right now he just wanted to make sure that she was okay. Or rather, there weren't any other problems to go with her lack of vision.

    Impaired vision can be a sign of more serious concerns, he told himself.

    Fortunately that didn't seem to be the case. When he listed his name and Hochner's, he saw the recognition on Dovey's face. And then, when she told him how she was feeling, her words were clear and steady. No sign of any brain injury, whether due to concussion or otherwise, and it seemed that the only pain she was experiencing was at her back but she assured that it was nothing.

    Could've fallen on something when we all went unconscious. Hurt her back. Should be fine if she thinks she's able to move.

    "Let's get you up off the floor then," he spoke to her, still with that gentle tone as his hand moved from her shoulder and to her back to help her up. But that was when a new voice spoke up.


    He hadn't heard her when she said his name the first time, her voice no more then a whisper, but this time Alec heard it and despite how raspy it sounded, he was able to recognize it as Gaan's. He turned his head, wanting to visually confirm, and yes it was her that he now saw coughing and asking questions.

    "I'll be right there," he spoke in her direction and turned his attention back to Dovey. Glancing to his left, he saw one of the chairs that he himself had been seated on before and, his other hand holding hers, he placed it on the seat so that she could feel where it was while his green eyes locked onto her sightless ones. "I need to check on Gaan. Master Decinchi just commed us and said that he would be on his way. So just stay here, relax, and if you feel up to it take a seat on this chair. Call if you need anything."

    It would probably be easier and quicker if Alec had simply picked up Dovey and simply placed her on the chair. But he was concerned about her back and didn't want to accidentally aggravate it. Best to wait and see if she was as sure about her injury and let her do it on her own. Besides, even a small task such as sitting on a chair may help her if only to show that her lack of sight didn't make her completely helpless. Alec had sensed her uncertainty, her vulnerability when he had been examining her, and hoped that her blindness was indeed temporary. He gave her a comforting pat on the shoulder and then made his way to Gaan.

    "Watch Dovey." Alec said this to Michael while passing who had just removed his face from his hands. "Help her if she needs anything."

    In the back of his mind the young Jedi took note of how he seemed to have suddenly taken the role of the caretaker of the group. He thought about asking Michael to check on Gaan for him but, upon seeing and sensing the stress that now enveloped the man, Alec decided to do it himself and let Michael recover. Physically he may be fine but mentally...

    Though Michael had laid bare everything to him, Alec had refrained from doing the same in return when the Guardian had sent his telepathic explanation. Despite it being Michael that had willingly done it, Alec had felt bad about looking at the memories he had showed him. It did explain everything to Alec, even gave him a little insight on the activities of the Guardians, but nonetheless he felt if he had trespassed into something private. If he was to be honest with himself, Alec didn't think he would bare himself as much as Michael did to anyone. Michael's trust to doing this with someone he just made was....Alec was torn as to whether to say it as "unwise" or "touching".

    Either way that didn't mean that Alec could forget what he saw. The man could very well be emotionally compromised. Brother and sisters who had been searching for gone, no idea where they was obvious that it affected Michael deeply.

    "I'm here Gaan." Kneeling down next to the other woman, Alec checked his equipment belt. Her coughing and raspy voice made it obvious as to what plagued her and the Jedi pulled out a small canteen before unscrewing the cap. Like with Dovey, Alec placed a hand on Gaan's back to better support her as her limbs seemed particularly stiff while he brought the canteen to her lips. "Here. Drink slow."

    Despite the stiff limbs and dry throat, however, Gaan seemed fine. Her searching, but focused, eyes told him that she did not suffer the same fate as Dovey and lose her eyesight.

    While she drank the water, Alec took the time to answer her questions. "We're back on the Ancient Haven. After we found Hochner's Master we brought him aboard the ship and...everyone passed out. Master Decinchi contacted us and said that the other Guardians at the Temple had experienced the same thing; some kind of Force event. Many are unconscious but me, you, Dovey, Hochner, and Michael are all up so it can be assumed it'll only be a matter of time before the others do."

    But will they all be alright?

    Alec's mind was working on overdrive as he pondered the situation. Between him taking care of the other Guardians, seeing what happened, and how this could impact them all in the future, he was surprised that he could keep a calm face so easily while his thoughts whirled.

    I was fine, Hochner was fine, and while Michael seemed a bit disoriented he was fine. Dovey's lost her eyesight and Gaan needs a drink but fine. Other Guardians are still unconscious. Maybe its more serious to the Guardians? No, Dovey isn't officially a part of the Guardians but her sister-

    "Everyone is back up," Alec voiced, this time to Hochner as the Kubaz was currently in contact with the leader of the Guardians. Master Decinchi could probably overhear him. "Currently side effects seem to range from mild disorientation and dry throat at best to blindness at worst. Should only be temporary."

    While he hoped for that, his thoughts continued nonstop despite his verbal discussion with Hochner.

    Firrerreons have above-average healing capabilities. Dovey's back should be fine but what about her sight? There is the Force and other techniques that she could use if it proves to last longer then we think. It would be a simple matter to teach her until she could get to bacta or the healers.

    Michael had lost his siblings when he came near the ruins. Remarkably similar to Miria's situation. Being twin sisters and the fact that twins can form their own bonds, maybe something happened during the event that caused Dovey to be blinded? Maybe Michael's siblings are lost in the ruins, trapped in stasis like Miria had been?

    Hochner was from the Jedi Order then joined the Guardians. Maybe that's why he has suffered little like me. What did the others see? How long were we out? I didn't think to check...but Dovey and Gaan were both up within a few minutes...

    The thoughts kept rolling on and on and Alec needed to take a break from them. Focusing on his current patient, Alec asked Gaan, "How are you feeling? Can you see okay? Want to sit down somewhere more comfortable?"

    It was during moments like these that Alec wished that he was a healer and possessed abilities that would be more suited for this situation. He wasn't of course so the best he could do was some minor first aid and make the affected members comfortable. It would have to do for now.

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  17. Gotab

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    May 18, 2011
    IC: Ian Thrace
    Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Ian ran through the halls of the Temple of Light. Anyone that could sense the force could feel the fear rolling off of him, and he knew it. By the nine hells, anyone looking at me could probably see I am terrified. Whatever ailment had struck everyone else in the TCC had not affected him, and for that he was thankful. But it also raised more questions in his mind, and right now there were no answers. He only hoped that whatever it was wasn't the same thing that had struck Master Jay'su. His Master had ultimatly died after falling into his coma. Ian hoped fervently that the same fate would not befall Grandmaster Lahana, or Padawan Tano.

    “Ian, Master Decinchi. Once you have made contact with Master Cytei, give me a push on this channel so that we can coordinate efforts. Decinchi out.”

    Ian was so out of breath from running he couldn't even reply on his comm link, but as he neared the rear entrance he slowed down to catch his breath. He spotted Master Cytei standing over the inert forms of Knight Silence and Padawan Ulda. Whatever had hit them in the TCC had obviously affected the Jedi here as well. He keyed his com-link to let Grandmaster Decinchi know he had arrived and then hurried over to the Jedi master and bowed. "Master Cytei, are you alright?"

    TAG: CPL_Macja, dewback_rancher
  18. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    Posted on behalf of Adalia-Durron:


    Character's Name: Adalia Amber Tehanis
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Languages: Basic and some Shyriiwook
    Residence: Anywhere I toss my gear.
    Home Planet: Akrian
    Age: 42 standard Years
    Approved Special Features: Is able to sense things before they happen, but only in the moment.

    Character Traits:
    Personality: She's friendly, likes to appear a bit dangerous and distant but has a very very soft and passionate side hardly ever seen. Determined, strong willed, temper, distant from all males on a personal level due to past.
    Habits/Mannerisms: Likes to lean in doorways, on tables and often sits on chairs backwards.
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes flying, its what she lives for, dislikes traitors, loyalty is vital to her.
    Racial Traits: She has a accent, speaks basic but different to most around her, some of her words have a 'twang' to their sound.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: She’s alone in the galaxy, no family at all, makes her feel weak when shes alone. She’s not a bad shot with a blaster either, makes good ground assault team member. Can work in team situation but prefers to work alone.
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: She is aware of the fact she's not bad to look at and at times in undercover situations has used that but hates doing it. She was badly hurt by a man in her past and won’t allow any man to get that close again.

    Appearance: Not skinny, she has hips and a distinctively female form
    Hair/Fur: Long wavy Auburn hair usually worn in a braid or ponytail.
    Skin Color: Fair
    Clothing: Uniform mostly.

    Personal History:
    Immediate Family: None
    Spouse/Children: None
    Biography: Born on Akrian to common parents who owned a farm outside the main city, she was named after her grandmother. Her father was a retired pilot but that was a part of his life she never saw. The Empire invaded Akrian and suddenly her family became part of the resistance, she was mostly left at home during the first years.

    At the age of 14 she joined the resistance after her parents were killed in two different operations several months apart. She became a courier and fought with the underground Southern Resistance Cell on Akrian against the Empire's rule. During one of her many 'missions' she met Saxon Cambrian, a 17 year old orphaned son of a fighter pilot, he knew how to fly and was looking to join the resistance as well. After a two year romance, on the eve of a massive assault on the Imperial Stronghold, she and Saxon were married as he was going into air battle the next day. Her wedding night was a more like a nightmare when Saxon turned out to be violent and he beat and raped her. The next day he was killed when he crashed his ship into the Imperial control tower and became a hero in the eyes of her home world. She hid due to bruising and those around blamed her grief for her turning recluse. It took a few months but by the time she re emerged her late husband was a hero and nothing she ever said would change that.

    She joined the Akrian Air Corps and after only a year’s training became a gifted pilot, her superiors all said it was her late husband influence and that only aggravated her no end. Staying on Akrian for a few more years and rising slowly through the ranks, but she realized wanted more. She left her home and headed to Coruscant to join the GA defense forces.

    In 136 Adalia was assigned as the squadron leader of a ragtag group on a mission for Galactic Alliance Command. The Shadow Raptors were attached to a special operations group sent to find and destroy an Imperial secret weapon. While with the group, which was lead by Daniel Sandstrider, she served with distinction and promoted from Lieutenant all the way up to Commander by the conclusion of the mission.

    When the special operation had concluded she, along with the rest of her squadron, decided to stay on with Captain Sandstrider and the new Redemption. Adalia continued to lead the Shadow Raptors, which had expanded from a Fighter Squadron to a Fighter Wing of X-83 Twin-Tails and Eta-5 Interceptors. For the past six months the Redemption and her crew have been protecting a group of refugees on a space station orbiting a blue gas giant named Ashla. Josch is the one who lead them there, and it actually is an outpost for the Guardians of Light.

    Adalia remembers the Guardians from their encounter during the special operation. Now the Redemption and the Raptors have been called to Saridona Prime by Josch because he needs their help.

    Lightsaber: Grandmothers, stored inside Squirt, my R2 unit.
    --Blade Type: Standard
    --Blade Color: Green, looked at it once.
    --Saber Amount: 1
    Combat Forms: Form I:Shii-Cho
    Strong Area of the Force: Just knowing whats gonna happen before it does
    Weak Area of the Force: Just about everything else I guess.
    Pets: Three Equines, on her farm.
    Weapons: Blaster
    Starship: Modified X-83 TwinTail, allows for Squirt to be docked in it.
    Faction: Guardians of Light
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  19. BlueHeron

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    Oct 28, 2003
    IC: Dovey Lahana
    Ancient Haven

    Dovey focused intently on Alec's voice. Anything beyond that seemed surreal to her. She allowed Alec to move her hand and place it on a seat. it was comfortable to her to the point where even the feel of it was pleasant and reassuring. When he told someone to take care of her it was odd. She wasn't used to being taken care of. Her back healing nicely she shifted into a kneeling position and then made it on to the seat.

    When she sat down, both hands on the edges of her seat, her thoughts turned to other things. Like her sister and the other Grand Master, Josch. Dovery tilted her head, wondering if she could reach her sister from so far away.

    TAG: Ancient Have group
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  20. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Cabur Base, Concordia.

    Taab watched as his lightsaber bounced across the floor. Shab, he was hoping to use that in the fight against the man blocking he and Bucko's path. He went ahead and fired his carbine anyway, it was still the best way to distract Zermar until Taab could get himself into the fight. He extended the blades from his gauntlets with a solid *thunk, thunk*. They were extremely short range weapons so he would have to be aggressive and move inside Zermar's defenses. But as Taab watched the black clad man's reaction to the falling rocks he realized that would be easier said then done.

    “Fools! Did you really think that you could foil me using such a feeble tactic?” To be honest Taab hadn't thought his attack would defeat his enemy, but he had hoped the collapsing ceiling would distract Zermar whilest also causing some damage. That hope was dashed with the rocks held above him by the force. Now he could hurl them at the two Mandalorians who had no way to dodge them in the narrow corridor. Taab hoped Bucko's own spoonbending powers were up to the task of deflecting them.

    But again Taab was wrong, he smiled as the green tip of a lightsaber blade stabbed through Zermar's chestplate. His eyes began to glaze over as Junior pronounced. “We’re not as weak as you first thought, now are we Jetti’roya?” Smart kid, he had outflanked their enemy, while he had been focused on the older pair of warriors. After the rocks fell, Taab approached Zermar and could see he was most certainly dead. "Good thing he wasn't wearing beskar." Taab took the lightwhip and flagged down Junior. Taking his own lightsaber back in the process, he handed the young man the more exotic weapon. "I wanted this, but by all rights it's yours Kyramud." It looked like the newly dubbed Kyramud might respond, but Bucko interupted as explosions could be heard behind them.

    “I suggest we get out of here.”

    "Good idea." Taab clipped his lightsaber back to his belt and replaced the spent magazine in his carbine. He gestured to Bucko and Kyramud "Lead on."

    TAG: CPL_Macja

  21. BultarSwan

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    Jul 5, 2003
    IC: Miria Lahana

    Miria's golden skin was pale but she wasted no time in reassuring Josch, "I'm fine. All here." The Firrerrean knew that if she hesitated, Josch would become concerned and clearly there were other things to focus on. She stood up gracefully and straightened her green robes, taking a moment to organize herself. "I had a look into my past when we were on Goreh. It remined me of some choices I'd made." She turned to face Josch, a thought coming into her head about her vision or whatever it was, which changed her facial expression, her eyes growing serious and somber. "Were you really there, or was that just a first class simulation of you? It occurs to me I may have been having a vision that included you, versus you actually being there."

    TAG: CPL
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  22. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Aden Kya
    Aboard the Defector, hyperspace

    Everything seemed to go fairly well, as his indiscretion was bypassed, and Mystique did not criticise either. She instead looked at Haretisch, and alien Halucion was as silent as ever. Lord Haretisch agreed, and Kya released a breath. Of course, the man smiled that oh so wicked smile, and Aden found himself on the mission too, which was hardly ideal. A quaver ran through his stomach, and then dropped when, as they went to move, Haretisch outright threatened him.

    Swallowing, Kya simply glanced to Mystique, his true superior, and then replied without consulting her, his words in a rush. "Of course, my Lord."

    And with that, he marched to his chambers, retrieving his Imperial Knight armour, retrained for the purposes of urban warfare - they were completely black as opposed to bright crimson as an ordinary Knight would be, although his blade was still silver. It had been a year since he had donned these personal effects, and they were slightly tight around his waist from good living as a deck officer. With a scowl, he loosened the belt slightly with an exertion with the Force, flexing his fingers into the memory of using it for such a menial task. As an Imperial Knight foremost - despite not having been an active Knight for nearly a decade following being disgraced - he did not use the Force for tasks that he could achieve with his hands or by bending his knees, unlike a Sith. Such novelty had made him an outsider, but even then he had risen to be the leader of the Dragons before they fully merged with the NSO.

    A full fifteen minutes later, he rendezvoused with the others, meeting them at the flag hanger. The shuttle was there, equipped and stocked, and the battle plan had been passed to all of the captains and squadron commanders by his and Haretisch' loyal subordinates. With that thought in mind, he wondered if the Dark Lady had given her former rival such leeway in this mission as a means of giving him the necessary rope.

    Despite knowing from his chrono that the Defector was due to decant from hyperspace a full light minute from the Nirauan system in a handful of minutes, he angled towards Lady Mystique. Haretisch was positioned nearer the shuttle with Rivielle, perhaps exchanging last moment pleasantries, and Halucion was not yet on the hangar deck. Ensuring, with a liberal use of rusty Force skills, that his words reached the Dark Lady's ears only, he whispered. "Do you require my presence to ensure that Lord Haretisch does not return, my Lady?"

    TAG: Wanderguard, Mitth, Teegirloo (if you want, there may be leakage!)
    IC: Captain Damask
    Dark Renewal, decanting... now

    The meditations ran swimmingly, and the flagship decanted from hyperspace for but a moment to issue its fighter craft, led by Darth Lilith, and then leap into a microjump, hurling in-system, between more than a dozen moons, for where Zonama Sekot had once held orbit.

    Darth Lilith, for her part, had to face a small space station, complete with turrets and shields, defended by an ancient but well-armed Interdictor-class cruiser. The ancient ship was a Republic design, which had been stolen by the great Darth Revan and mass-produced by the Rakatan Star Forge, becoming a Sith ship in all but origins. It spewed forth a full wing of Sith Interceptors, slim and screeching vessels that were as fragile as they were numerous. She had local superiority in numbers, having fielded twelve squadrons as opposed to six, but they had the position, in the form of the cruiser and the former gem-mining station - and a venerable army of Sith Troopers to staff it all.

    Her fighters were superior, one-on-one, being TIE Predators, and her squadron of supercharged blastboats represented a powerful grouping... though getting them through the fighter swarm may be an issue - and the Sith Destroyer had powerful anti-starfighter defences to boot.

    A sensor chime would warn Lilith that the Interdictor had raised it's gravity well generators, but not in time to stop the Dark Renewal from jumping towards Sekot's former orbit - but they were all effectively trapped in-system unless Lilith won here, before the True Sith called on reinforcements.

    From aboard the station, flanked by Sith Troopers in crimson armour, Darth Venomis, a veritable whirlwind within the Force, was unfazed by his foes numbers or tactical advantage. He simply raised his hand to his mentally-enslaved bridge crew, as the forces of True and New Sith intermingled. "Hold. Let us see what our foes bring." And, through the Force, as a human would peer on an insect with a magnifying lens, he watched little Lilith.


    The Dark Renewal arrived moments after the Interdictor sealed the exit to the system, and was faced with the Void. And it was not just a void in sensors, but a void in the Force itself. Nothing could be sensed within it, and even non-Force users aboard the flagship would detect that they had been cut-off from the rest of the galaxy. Within that Void was something inexplicable; a planet, smaller in size than Sekot, with the ten kilometer black slab of a warship, the Wrath of Vader, hanging above the planet. Scanners and crew-members frantically identified the monolith as a scaled down Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer, though they could not identify it having any weapons and most certainly not the superlaser to hand. From rips and rents in the hull poured forth fighters, black craft that were Shadow Droids, toys of the late Darth Sidious which carried the brains of fallen aces merged directly into the droids innards and imbued with the dark side. Their numbers were above hundred in moments, and still rising, even as the twelve squadrons of TIE Predators and single squadron of blastboats lurched from the hangars of the Dark Renewal.

    Darth Aiser and his forces, a deployment of over twenty troop and walker transports, burst forth form the hangars of the Dark Child, too, with two of those TIE squadrons and four supercharged blastboats assigned to them. But they launched into a jamming storm, and were completely unable to communicate with each other. This was unexpected, and the Dark Child would have similar issues coordinating it's fighter craft. Worse, Darth Aiser had standing orders to attack the Wrath of Vader and so, without the ability to command his craft otherwise, his forces were launching for the ten kilometer behemoth. He was enslaved to their prior course of action. The Wrath of Vader had no shields of a noticeable short, but Aiser would have to rely upon his piloting and leadership skillswithout modern technology to hand. His forces could only follow by his example - where to go? The momentum of the battle had already launched them towards the Wrath, but where on the True Sith flagship? The bridge? The engines? The mammoth hangar, from which not a single fighter had burst forth?

    Darth Venomis, safe within his meditation chamber aboard the great vessel, obscured Aiser's presence in the Force as one would place your hands around a newborn chick. Aiser suddenly found himself without the Force to aid him, too!


    The dark and mottled planet above which they hung was not Zonama Sekot - no, that planet was deep in the Remsi Republic, having fled deeper into the Unknown Regions to avoid the Bothans and One Sith. This planet was something new. Captain Damask had what sensors could operate through the jamming screen rapidly ascertain that the world was devoid of any kind of humanoid or human life, and was completely lacking in any nature. Abandoned buildings littered the world, but they, and the ground on which they stood, were completely lacking in even colour, as if some kind of Force technique had ripped even that quality from it. The world sung within the echo that was the void, a presence that was as cold as it was malevolent - it was as if the planet was alive in its other-ness. And, after a fashion, it was - for it was the tether to which Darth Dreadwar was attached.

    And so, aboard the bridge, he become corporeal, a swirl of energy. Damask suddenly screamed, hurling himself to the ground, and his shadow stretched to become a solid form, a crimson lightsaber burning in his hands as an extension of himself. The shadow was human in shape, but all that was visible were Sith tattoos, red and swirling, and the man's eyes and oh-so white teeth. With a flash, those eyes blazed golden, and his teeth turned into a merciless grin. His voice had a quality of sounding like two or three voices speaking at once, and he introduced himself. "I am Darth Dreadwar, little Ardeur, the lover to a traitor, the hater of all, the force which strives to become nothing more than a void..."

    As he spoke, sensors screamed an alert as a massive gravitational stress grabbed at the Dark Renewal, almost as if the ship was caught in someone's hands and was being squeezed. Even the Shadow Droid swarm had yet to have an appreciable affect on the warship, it's shields were suddenly taxed and overburdened. "Do you care for my handiwork?" He gestured his blade to include the Star Destroyer, and then to point at the planet. "You approve of my technique, no? You will learn, and you will become mine, no?"

    He swung the blade back towards her.

    "Or you will die, no?"

    TAG: Teegirloo, Aiser, Ardeur
    IC: Darth Malkuth
    Fringe of the Csilla system, Dark Child, ready room

    Darth Malkuth lowered and extinguished his blade, and nodded to the three of them, content that they understood his nature, or, in Lexis' case, that he would not allow it to interfere with their mission.


    He gestured, the lights dimmed, and the holoprojector showed a blue and icy world - Csilla, which filled the room between them and him. "I shall be taking a more direct approach with my Sith. I already have the intel. Here is Csilla." Obviously. He gestured again, as he walked around the planet, pacing. As he spoke, details became evident. City names, the names of the various stations circling the planet, a series of needle-shaped Star Destroyers and block-shaped Dreadnaughts - four of the former and eight of the former. "The Obscurum fleet, and defences. When the then-Dominion invaded the world, and when the then-Acolytes followed them, we distracted the combatants of the Chiss Civil War sufficiently that the Obscurum were able to tip the balance. We also encountered the Jedi, scaring them away from intervening at the last moment. The Obscurum, led by the Daritha,who we believe is a human, stormed Csilla and decapitated the leadership that was present. Simultaneously, assassins silenced many of the Syndic's of the CEDF. And so in one fell stroke they all but won the war.

    "We can only conclude that the arrival of Sith at Sposia was not an accident - that somehow theDaritha had divined that the desperate jump the Dominion took into hyperspace from New Korriban would lead to Sposia. We have came to the conclusion that the Obscurum, via Lord Ky'el, the Chiss who was present at the founding of the original NSO, was a spy, who directed us -," he paused, "the Dominion, to colonise New Korriban, knowing the Remsi Republic and the chasing Acolytes would force the Dominion in this direction."

    Malkuth scowled. "As such, the Obscurum have used, and abused the Sith, and the New Sith Civil War may even have been begun by them. They are our sworn enemies, in that respect." He grated his teeth. "Worse of all, it is an excellent plan, and I admire it, somewhat."

    "So, my plan is simple, far simpler than there own." Malkuth paused. "It is likely that they have foreseen it, and that is why I require your input." He gestured, and their task force, one Star Destroyer and four spherical thrustships, appeared at the exit point. "Part task force will engage the orbital defences, luring the Obscurum task force into battle. Then, when it is engaged and pinned against the planet by the Obscurum, the rest of the task force will join in, trapping them between our forces." The red icons engaged our blue, and then, behind them, five more thrustships appeared. "This will give us local space superiority, from which our shocktroopers can be deployed from the Dark Child and attach the capital."

    "But before," he rolled back the footage. "A group of shocktroopers led by myself will already be on the surface. We will advance on the Citadel, and break it's defences. When the first task force emerges, it will be orbiting the very fringes of the capital above a major highway, so any forces positioned to interdict my squad will not interfere with our plan." He grimaced. "The word of the day will be speed. The Chiss Ascendancy will respond to an attack on its capital eventually. It is a matter of cultural pride that they do. How quickly will depend on their loyalty to the new regime."

    Malkuth looked to the three of them. "I give you each a choice. You can be apart of any one of the four components: the initial squad with myself which will likely go blade-to-blade with the Obscurum, the initial task force, the second task force, or the outright ground assault on the capital." He smiled, faintly. "I will even accept modifications of the plan."

    "Speak now, as this will be the last chance we shall have the chance."

    TAG: Helinith, Mal, Lexis

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  23. Skywalker_T-65

    Skywalker_T-65 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 19, 2009
    IC: Daniel Sandstrider
    Redemption, orbit of Saridona Prime

    With a flash of pseudo-motion, the Redemption dropped out of hyperspace over a verdant green world. Looking out the bridge viewport, Daniel saw Sairdona Prime slowly getting larger as his aging ship moved closer to the planet. Hearing the chime of his comlink, Daniel reached down to his belt and pulled it up to his ear.

    Sandstrider, Decinichi. Set the Redemption for geosynchronous orbit over the Temple, deploy the Raptors to provide security around the Temple, and come on down with the Spirit, we might need to use your unique gifts. Decinchi out.”

    The connection was cut before Daniel could reply, but he put the comlink back on his belt and moved for the bridge bulkhead, tossing an order to his Vice-Captain over his shoulder.

    “Arrica, you have command of the Redemption until I can return,” the young Captain said, before leaving the bridge.

    Moving past various members of his crew, Daniel walked towards the main hanger of the Star Destroyer. After walking for awhile, he reached the hanger, and saw a handful of his pilots already arrived. Evidently they were already prepared for their potential mission. Walking up to his Squadron Leader, Daniel started to give an order.

    “Commander Tehanis, I need you to lead the Raptor’s down to the Temple and provide security. I don’t know what is going on, but Master Decinichi requested our support. As soon as I get the Spirit out of the hanger, follow me down to the surface,” Daniel said, before walking up to his old freighter.

    Heading for the cockpit, the Abydonian strapped himself in, before taking off and heading down for the Temple of Light. He didn’t know what would be down there, but Daniel knew it couldn’t be good if the Grand Master had called in his support…

    TAG: CPL_Macja, Adalia-Durron
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  24. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Josch Decinchi
    Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Just having her awake was a good sign, but the fact that she thought that all that had transpired on Goreh was simply a dream. Josch wished it had been a dream, but he knew better. “Miria, it really happened. We were all there,” He turned his face to show her his right cheek, “and I have the scars to prove it.”

    As he was about to continue explaining, the comms crackled to life, “Grand Master. This is Knight Trevalus reporting. We seem to have experienced the event, but some are feeling after effects to their senses. What are your recommendations for proceeding with the mission? Grand Master?”

    He stood up and walked over to the comms, “I copy you Hochner. It’s good to hear your voice. I want you all to stand-by. Grand Master Lahana and I will be coming out to join you with some help. Has everyone recovered from the event?”

    Once he cut the transmission he heard his personal comlink chirp indicating that Ian had reached the back entrance to the Temple. Then Navi arrived to take over, “Perfect timing, Miria let’s get Alisha to the Med Center so the droids can monitor her. Then what do you say we gather up Ian and head for the hanger. I’ve got some old friends coming in that I think can help us out. Care to join me?”
    TAG: BultarSwan, Gotab, dewback_rancher, Skywalker_T-65, BlueHeron, Sarge221, Mitth_Fisto, The_Zeltron, -Remi-, Adalia-Durron
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  25. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    GM approved

    General Information:
    Character's Name: Kasha Sherland
    Species: human
    Gender: female
    Languages: basic, rodian, wookiee
    Home Planet: Tatooine
    Age: 32
    Approved Special Features:

    Character Traits:
    Personality: sweet and sarcasm, caring and loving but can be over protective to a fault, can be temperamental at times, loyal
    Habits/Mannerisms: Tells how it is and holds nothing back, leans against her fighter when deep in thought or upset about something. Leans against walls. Has trouble giving into her feelings.
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes the occasional glass of wine, dislikes fakers and corniness Loves to fly.
    Racial Traits: has a light accent
    Strengths and Weaknesses: strengths her children and husband. weaknesses not being around her family but prefers not to show it.
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: strength, running and lifting heavy things, weakness, a shoulder that occasional acts up causing her to lose strength momentarily

    Appearance: five foot eight, athletic build, scar on her right hip
    Eye Color: sea green
    Hair/Fur: blond
    Skin Color: tan
    Clothing: black top, tan pants, brown boots

    Personal History:
    Immediate Family: none
    Spouse/Children: Spouse, Anakin Sherland, two childen, Mekaila (5) and Brice (3)
    Biography: Kasha was a born natural flyer and took every chance she got and became one of the best bush pilots that side of the galaxy. Her parents were killed in the raid causing her to grow up quickly. Having nothing left, she left Tatooine seeking out the Jedi Temple. She trained with a Jedi Master by the name of Ailya Rhalin. She met Anakin Sheland during a class and they hit it off right away. Anakin showed her it’s okay to give into her feelings after everything happened. Shorlty after she was knighted, she married Anakin at age twenty-six and left the Jedi after becoming pregnant with her first child. They relocated to Corellia after leaving Ossus Jedi Academy.

    Six years later she began to feel the calls of the Force and she knew she could no longer ignore the call of the Jedi. It was time to return to the path of a Jedi. After discussing this with Anakin, they both decided to follow the pull of the Force and it would allow Kasha to be close to her children.

    --Blade Type: standard
    --Blade Color: silver/aqua
    --Saber Amount: 1
    Combat Forms: hand to hand combat, form seven in lightsaber combat
    Strong Area of the Force: telekinesis, speed, shielding,
    Weak Area of the Force: healing
    Pets: none
    Weapons: blaster, vibro blade
    Starship: restored YT-1300 name: Rogue
    Droid: spirit R2 unit
    Faction: Guardians of Light
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