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    IC Commander Adalia Tehanis
    Location: Main Flight Deck - Hangar 'The Redemption'

    She'd been adjusting the flares on the leg of her flight suit when she saw the Captains boots approaching, so she stood, the pilots who'd gathered so far turning in the same direction. "Sir?"

    “Commander Tehanis, I need you to lead the Raptor’s down to the Temple and provide security. I don’t know what is going on, but Master Decinichi requested our support. As soon as I get the Spirit out of the hanger, follow me down to the surface,”

    "As ordered Sir."

    Captain Sandtrider then turned toward his ship and departed leaving her to give orders, turning she faced the pilots as they gathered from the earlier call up.

    "You heard the Captain! Saddle up Raptors we've moving out!" she called over the group before moving toward her own Twin Tail and climbing in. "She coming up Squirt?" she asked her droid as she put her helmet on and strapped in, and was rewarded with a quick positive chirp, without responding she opened a channel to all the pilots who she could now see were in their ships. "Ok, heads up Raptors, Captains launching first, Once he's out we're on his six, wait for my call. Stay in formation till I give the order to break off into wings. Clear?" She was rewarded with various responses letting her know they were all set. Turning she waited for the Spirit to lift off.

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    IC: Miria Lahana
    Temple Med Center
    Miria frowned as she eyed Josch’s scars. “In a way I’m grateful that I wasn’t alone on Goreh, but this makes the puzzle more confusing. I have no point of reference for anything like this.” Miria’s mind began to turn towards her knowledge of the universe, all she’d seen, experienced, read about.

    Miria was about to speak but was cut off when the comm system issued the voice of Knight Trevalus. Miria’s mind turned to the team at the ruins. What had happened there? Was everyone okay? She looked quizzically over to Josch for a moment before listening again to the conversation between the two men.
    When Josch addressed her, she listened intently and, agreeing with Josch replied, “How long do you think it will take us to get to the ruins?”

    Saying this, she moved towards Alisha and placing a hand over her inert form, used telekinesis to levitate her, moving her down the hall and to the med center. As they arrived, Miria gently placed Alisha down on a med table where a droid began monitoring her.
    Miria patted her belt, “I’m going to have Ian and Cytei meet us.” So saying, Miria put her words into action and called Ian and Cytei on her comm.
    “Master Cytei and Padawan Ian, Grand Master Decinchi and I would like you both to join us in the med center. Please hurry.”
    So saying, Miria once again turned to Josch.
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    OOC: Well, I was planning to get on Friday.... The hurricane kept me from being able to do that, though. Sorry for holding up the storyline.

    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Ancient Haven - Saridona Prime

    "I'll be right there," Alec said over his shoulder. Gaan nodded, watching him as he helped one of the others - Dovey? - to a seat. Her mind began drifting after that, and he startled her when he said, "I'm here Gaan." She glanced up at him as he knelt beside her and pulled a canteen from his belt. As he placed his hand on her back, she arched away from his touch slightly, uncomfortable with physical contact, as always. Handing her the canteen, he said, "Here. Drink slow." Nodding again, Gaan lifted it to her lips, tempted to drink much faster than he had instructed. He was still watching her, though, so she made herself slow down.

    "We're back on the Ancient Haven." Gaan glanced at him as she drank. "After we found Hochner's Master we brought him aboard the ship and...everyone passed out. Master Decinchi contacted us and said that the other Guardians at the Temple had experienced the same thing; some kind of Force event. Many are unconscious but me, you, Dovey, Hochner, and Michael are all up so it can be assumed it'll only be a matter of time before the others do."

    Gaan had stopped drinking entirely when he mentioned that the event was somehow related to the Force. Rather than voicing her thoughts, which, at the moment, where nothing beyond I can't remember anything before I passed out, and Why did it happen? she simply returned to drinking as he fell silent. Finally turning from her, Alec spoke to one of the others, then turned back to her after a moment's thought.

    "How are you feeling? Can you see okay? Want to sit down somewhere more comfortable?"

    Gaan tilted her head to the side, studying him and deciding which question to answer first. "I feel alright, and I can see just fine. But I..." She debated whether or not to continue for a moment, then decided it couldn't hurt. "...I can't remember anything that happened before I lost consciousness. I remember some names and faces here, but that's it for now. My mind's just a blank beyond that." Then she realized he asked if she wanted to sit on something besides the ship's floor panels. "I'm fine here, unless you'd rather move somewhere else."

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    OOC: Eh, hurricane did a real number on NJ here so I understand :p

    Alec Vandel
    Saridona Prime, Ancient Haven

    "...I can't remember anything that happened before I lost consciousness. I remember some names and faces here, but that's it for now. My mind's just a blank beyond that."

    Alec, who had allowed himself to be at ease as Gaan seemed fine, felt his shoulders suddenly tense at that. Had they not experienced a Force event just a moment ago - and had one of their members not just lost their eyesight -, the young Jedi would've figured that Gaan meant she just forgot why they were out here in the ruins. But...had her memory been erased?

    No, she knew my name, Alec tried to reassure himself. Don't jump the gun so fast.

    "We came to examine the ruins that were discovered by Masters Decinchi and Lahana," Alec started, looking closely for recognition on Gaan's face. He kept his hands at his sides though and gave her, her space. "Master Cytei was going to meet up with us with her own group of Guardians while we scouted ahead. Do you remember any of this?"

    Though Alec was trying to remain calm, he felt a bit of apprehension nonetheless. Considering that they were only a small group of five people, this was hardly much of a sample to study the effects of the Force event. At first it seemed that only Dovey had experienced any major side effects but if two out of five of their members came out of this Force event worse for wear, then who knew how many cases they were going to get with the rest of the Guardians back at the Temple.

    If it wasn't obvious enough there was something going on, on Saridona Prime. Already since Alec had gotten here he had experienced a Force vision and now this "event".

    They may not be the direct cause but something's going on within those ruins, Alec thought suspiciously.

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    IC: Daniel Sandstrider
    Spirit, Saridona Prime

    As soon as the engines had warmed up, Daniel took his old YT-2400 freighter out of the Redemptions hanger. Setting a course for the planet below, the Captain watched as the Raptor’s came out of the hanger behind him.

    Turning back to the controls, he started to guide the old freighter down into the atmosphere of Saridona, watching as the shields glowed a dull-red from reentry. Soon enough, the freighter had cleared the upper atmosphere, and started to glide down towards the large Temple of Light in the distance. Passing over a lake, Daniel flew his ship into the hanger.

    Floating down on repulsorlifts, he extended the landing gear, before setting the Spirit down with a hardly noticeable bounce. Shutting down the engines, he left the cockpit, with his droid, R4-C6 trundling along behind him.

    “I don’t know either R4. This is an odd situation for sure,”
    Daniel said in reply to series of beeps from his droid.

    Opening the freighters hatch, Daniel walked down the landing ramp to an empty hanger. After R4 had moved in past him, Daniel leaned against one of the landing struts, waiting for Master Decinchi to reach the hanger, along with the Raptors.

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    OOC: Oh, you're in NJ? Now I feel bad for complaining. :p You're alright, I take it?

    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Ancient Haven - Saridona Prime

    Alec seemed to grow tense as Gaan spoke, then, after a moment, he said, "We came to examine the ruins that were discovered by Masters Decinchi and Lahana." Gaan tilted her head, recognizing the first name. "Master Cytei was going to meet up with us with her own group of Guardians while we scouted ahead. Do you remember any of this?"

    Gaan nodded slowly. "I remember Grand Master Decinchi. The other names sound familiar, but I can't put faces to them. As for what we were doing... I don't remember any of it. In fact, I don't remember anything that happened since I came here initially. Names and some faces stick, but I can't remember when and where I met them, except Master Decinchi. I know you, but I don't know how I know you." Gaan had felt calm enough initially, her memory loss not bothering her one way or another, but as she realized just how much she had lost, she began to lose her indifference. "How long have I known you?"

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    IC: Voj Velkin and Jaxon Renn
    Cabur Base, Concordia

    Kryamud, assassin, Voj knew that the old mercenary meant it as a badge of honor, but Voj did not want the young cabur’ika being labeled as such around the Journeymen. He especially did not want Josch to hear about it when they got back to the Temple. Of course they needed to get out of Cabur Base alive first.

    Jaxon looked down at the outstretched hand of Taab offering him the exotic lightwhip, “That’s alright Gramps, you can keep that silly thing,” The young warrior bent over, picked up the Jetti’rya’s dropped jetti’kad and ignited the crimson blade, “I’ll take this instead.”

    Haar’chak! Will you come on, tat’ika?” Voj admonished them as explosions rocked the facility one after another. The trio rushed back to the open shaft, where the four gett’ika were set up in a defensive position, and found all of them anxiously awaiting their arrival. The fires that had been ravaging the lower levels were now easily visible from their vantage point. If the three of them lingered any longer their one remaining exit would be cut off.

    Taab and Jaxon each carried one of the youngsters, while Voj was loaded down with the other two. They quickly flew back down one level and rushed through the Hanger blast doors as the passageway they had just come out of caved in. Cramming into the remaining BTL-S8 K-wing, Voj piloted them out of the disintegrating base.

    As they broke free from the gravitational pull of Concordia, the K-wing sped towards the open hanger bay of a waiting Gladiator-class Star Destroyer. Voj set the assault starfighter down between the Murauder and the Unnecessary Force. As the group disembarked, Voj was greeted by Leianna with a long, passionate kiss and by a simple salute from Seanna. When Leianna broke away from him he asked, “Did everyone make it back?”

    Leianna shook her head slowly, “Ryi took off. When she got back here with the Sergeant’s shuttle she stole one of the Skipray’s and bugged out. But other than that we are all here.”

    Voj just sighed, “Alright. Let the Captain know to head out of system, I’ll be coming up with jump coordinates to our destination in few minutes.” He then turned back to Taab, “Hey Sergeant, you want to meet the Captain of this tub or what? We’re going to be heading back to the Temple of Light.”

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    Sent from a Galaxy far away via R2-N6
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    OOC: As perfect as one can be :p No damage to house or family, lost power for only a day, and was at work the next day (though flashlights were needed). Can't say the same for many others though.

    Alec Vandel
    Saridona Prime,
    Ancient Haven

    Alec felt a jolt as, slowly but surely, his fear was confirmed: Gaan had lost her memory. Not all of it mind you - it seemed pretty selective - but it was going to be a bother nonetheless. Especially if it was permanent and not temporary as he hoped to the Force that it was. Focusing on her question, Alec supplied what he could which...wasn't much. All he had to go on was what he had found about her on the terminal in the library and the brief conversation they had before this mission.

    "Not even a day," Alec replied. "We introduced ourselves to one another before we left to investigate the ruins. You're Gaan Be'orar. You were born on Mandalore and was once a member of the Jedi Order but are now a member of the Guardians of Light and Master to Risca Kor'le. Dovey," he motioned back to Miria's sister, "I believe you only met briefly as well. She's the sister of Miria Lahana." He pointed to the other two members of their party. "That's Hochner and his former Master Michael. Both of them were Guardians and...can probably offer you more information then I can."

    It was the best that he could do. He thought he remembered that Gaan mentioned that she only recently rejoined the Guardians but if Hochner or Michael knew of her before then, then maybe they could help.

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    IC: Josch Decinchi
    Med Bay, Temple of Light

    “The trip out to the ruins will not take us long at all. I have some old friends coming to pick us up.”

    He watched as his former Master moved his ‘sleeping’ Padawan down to the Med bay. The tender care that she showed to the young Togruta was genuine and real. It was also one of the many reasons why Josch loved Miria so much.

    He listened as she called for her new Padawan, Ian Thrace, to escort Master Cytei to their location. Not long after she cut her transmission, Ian came trudging in with the Kuati Master draped over his shoulder. He explained that when he arrived at the back door, Master Cyteai was standing, but was completely passed out. Silance and Jak were nowhere to be found.

    Once the Jedi Master was situated in her own bed, Josch looked down at this datapad. Navi had just messaged him that two old Corellian freighters along with a newer Incom X-83. This combination confused Josch. He knew that the Spirit was a corellian YT-2400 and that the Shadow Raptors flew X-83s, but why would Daniel bring a second freighter when the one was more than enough. Either way they needed to make their way to the hanger bay.

    “Master Lahana, Padawan Thrace, how about we head over to the hanger bay, it looks like our ride has arrived.”

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    IC Adalia Tehanis
    Location: Cockpit, Twin Tail

    Opening a channel she addressed the 12 Raptors she'd brought with her, "1 to 6 around the perimeter evenly spaced, take it down. 7 to 12, Gamma pattern buzzing, go now ." She ordered as she banked hard to starboard, keeping her eyes on the Captains ship, The Spirit as she did so. Glancing over her shoulders she was able to see the Raptors peeling off to follow her orders and that was exactly what she'd come to expect from them. The Spirit had entered the hangar and slowing her speed she moved to replicate his moves, angling into the hangar and gently touching down her craft beside the Spirit. "Make it look like she's shut down Squirt, but have her ready to jump." She told her droid as she undid her belts and removed her helmet. "And stay put" she added as she popped the canopy and jumped up to stand on her seat. She noted Captain Sandstrider leaning on one of the struts of his ship and the other freighter as she vaulted over the side of the ship. Making her way over to him, she reported as she got there "Perimeter Secure, as is overhead, we got a story yet Sir?"

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    IC: Kasha Sherland
    Hangar bay Temple of Light

    Kasha double checked her landing coordinates as Anakin sat down in the co-pilots seat after strapping the children in. She smiled at Anakin and was grateful for his understanding. They decided they would follow the pull of the Force as a family. She had the children tested and they both tested positive for Force sensitivity. She didn't plan to force them to train. That would be left up to them when they were older and ready to make that decision on their own.

    Kasha put the freighter down softly as Anakin went about shutting down the engines. She heard Mekaila inquire about if they were there yet causing her to smile. Children were innocent and could push her buttons anyway they could. She knew when they hit their teen, that’s when the real trials would begin.

    “You sure about this, Kasha?” Anakin questioned as he reached for her hand. “These missions will pull you away from the children and I don’t want to see them grow up without you.”

    “I’m sure, Anakin,” Kasha answered with a smile. “I can’t ignore the calling anymore. The Force is not giving me a choice. I’m grateful you plan to stick by me.”

    “If my ascendants can do this, so can I,” Anakin agreed as he raised a hand and gently cupped her chin. He leaned forward and kissed Kasha gently. He pulled back looking into her eyes. “Be careful.”

    “I will,” Kasha agreed as she stood up and hugged Anakin.

    “Ewwwwwwwww, get a room,” Mekaila shouted out causing both to break apart. “Mom, you and dad promised not in public.”

    Kasha smiled gently as she turned her attention to her lively daughter and knelt down to her height. “What did we talk about? And this isn't public.”

    “But mom, there’s no door to knock on this time, and it is to me,” Mekaila pointed out with a triumph grin. “Not my fault you didn’t lock the door.”

    Kasha prevented herself from rolling her eyes reminding herself that Mekaila was only five, but seemed to think like a nine year old. “Mekaila, go un strap your brother. And please be on your best behavior,” she handed her daughter five credits.

    “Make it double,” Mekaila said with a grin.

    “Don’t push your luck,” Kasha said as she pointed to the living area. “Do as I ask, please.”

    “Fine,” Mekaila trudged off unhappily as she pocketed the credits.

    “Bribing her?” Anakin questioned with a raised brow. “That’s not setting a very good example.”

    “We’re in a Jedi temple, it’s time for her allowance anyways,” Kasha answered as she walked to the living area where Spirit beeped in greetings to her. “I’m not bribing her and if she misbehaves, she knows I will take the credits back as punishment.”

    Anakin shook his head sadly as Kasha felt some Force users enter the hangar bay. There was no mistaking their presences in the Force. It was time to go talk with the one in charge of this temple. She paused for a second wondering if bringing her family was a good idea. They decided to do this as a family but she did have her doubts.

    Anakin placed his arms around her and gently hugged her as if sensing her doubts about this. “Don’t worry, we’ll work through it. We always do.”

    Kasha nodded in agreement as Mekaila walked back over holding onto Brice’s hand. Brice was thankfully the opposite of his sister, he was much quieter. But she wasn't sure if that would be the case later on as he got older. She had some hope. She hooked the lightsaber to her belt.

    Brice let go of Mekaila’s hand and walked over to Kasha as she bent down and picked up Brice. He rested his head on her shoulder as Anakin lowered the ramp. “Ready?”

    “Ready,” Anakin answered as they walked down the ramp. She walked over to where she sensed the presences as Anakin followed.

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    IC: Darth Ardeur
    Aboard Dark Renewal

    The mission was going well so far, but Ardeur had been on enough missions to know that this wasn’t going to last; especially considering that the Sith they were going after. Once again Ardeur wondered if Darth Mystique had sent her on a mission to once and for all rid the galaxy of Darth Ardeur.

    She roused from her meditation on the bridge to find the reports were favorable so far. Darth Lilith had deployed with her fighters and was on the way to harass and distract from their real mission.

    However, all was not as planned. The view out the bridge port was something unknown. This was not Zonoma Sekot. The being pretending to be Captain of the ship was updating her with useless life reports and she quickly tuned him out. Ardeur had the force, she had no need for machine sensors. Ardeur could feel the lure from the planet and the nothingness was delicious. She yearned to be closer to it, to let go…

    Suddenly a shadow appeared on the bridge a few meters from her. The shadow started to become more real until it was finally flesh and blood and no longer energy. Ardeur’s curiosity burned bright within her lifeforce. This was something she hadn’t encountered before, a sort of teleportation? She did not know but she wanted to live long enough to find out.

    The energy felt male to her as she reached out with the force to taste him…


    Ardeur could not believe what she was tasting…a hint of Insipid? Here? How? Her eyes narrowed with contempt at the figure before her. This had to be a trick, Insipid was well and truly dead, yet…how did she taste him on this being in front of her?

    The being spoke, jolting her from her nightmare, "I am Darth Dreadwar, little Ardeur, the lover to a traitor, the hater of all, the force which strives to become nothing more than a void..."

    Before she could respond the deck beneath her jerked suddenly. Many beings on the deck fell to the ground, but Ardeur held her ground, silly parlor tricks were not going to distract her from the real threat.

    "Do you care for my handiwork?" He gestured his blade to include the Star Destroyer, and then to point at the planet. "You approve of my technique, no? You will learn, and you will become mine, no?"

    Ardeur’s eyes never left the tattooed Sith in front of her as he gestured to the Star Destroyer and the planet. She could feel what he was referring to, but there was a greater prize to be had here and she was not going to let it out of her grasp.

    “Your handiwork?” She said with a sneer, her voice dripping with disdain. “ I taste Insipid in you, are you sure you’re the one in control, Darth Dreadwar?”

    She sauntered a bit closer to the Sith in front of her, “Tell me, do you taste other beings in me? I, Darth Ardeur, have perfected what you wish to be able to do.”

    Ardeur licked her lips as if trying to taste Darth Dreadwar again before continuing, “You… you seem to have the technique wrong. There are others in there as well. So let us dispense with the ridiculous Sith tendencies, you give me what I want and I will give you more than you could ever desire.”

    She stopped before Darth Dreadwar, her hand reaching to her lightsaber and igniting it.

    “Shall we duel or shall we go somewhere a little more private?”

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    IC Ian Thrace
    Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    "Master Cytei, are you all right?" Ian let his question hang there for a moment, but she didn't respond. Maybe she hadn't heard him? "Master Cytei?" he moved closer wondering why she still hadn't answered. "Master?" He nearly shouted, as he reached out to tug gently on her robes. "Mas..." Too late he realized that she too had fallen unconscious as the others had, only she had managed to do so while standing up.

    Well she had been standing until Ian had pulled on her robe. When that happened she had fallen face first to the hard floor, landing with a terrible thud. Ian jumped back. He hadn't meant for that to happen! He knew he shouldn't have tugged on her robe, that it was disrespectful, but he had just meant to try to get her attention. Now it was his fault that she had hit the deck like that. "By the force, I can't do anything right!" he cried out, though there was no one there to hear him of course.

    He knelt down beside her, looking her over. Luckily her fall hadn't caused too much damage. She wasn't bleeding and her nose wasn't broken as far as Ian could tell. Given his own recent run in with the Mandalorian girl, Kor'le, he could at least say that with confidence. Still it looked as though Master Ceyti would wake up with a pretty good size bruise on her forehead after this. That is if she ever woke up.

    Satisfied that he hadn't killed the Jedi Master through his own stupidity, he looked again at what he thought had been the inert forms of Knight Silence and Padawan Jakran. "Oh great." It hadn't been them at all, just tricks of light and shadow and probably a bit of Ian's own wishful thinking as well. He called out for them, looking out beyond the Temple gates, but saw nothing. Wherever they were now, he had no clue.

    He thought about calling in to Grandmaster Decinchi, but felt it more prudent to get Master Cytei to the med bay first. He hoped he wasn't making yet another mistake by not checking in first, but he knew that Grandmaster was very busy at the moment. However, as soon as he had picked up the woman he regretted it. She was a small person, smaller then him even, but he wasn't sure he would have the strength to carry her all the way to the med-center by himself. He dare not put her down though for fear of dropping her in the process and causing even more damage. He would just have to soldier on.

    Midway through his journey, his comm chirped at him again. It was Grandmaster Lahana ordering him to come with Master Cytei to the med center. He couldn't even reach his comm unit to tell him he was already on his way. His breathing heavy and his muscles aching, he almost gave in to his weakness and tried to put down the Kuati Jedi master. If he did that he could call for help and tell everyone about Silence and Jak being missing. But something inside him told him no. Something told him that he could do this, if he only called on the Force to help.

    Frustrated with his own weakness he concentrated on the Force and, much to his surprise, he could feel it respond. Slowly at first, his aching muscles were relieved and his labored breathing became more regular. It was working. Buoyed with a new found confidence, he made it the rest of the way to the med-center where he found Grandmasters Decinchi and Lahana waiting for him. He deposited Master Cytei on one of the beds, to allow the medical droids he knew so well to begin their diagnostics of her. He found that as soon as he did so the strength the Force had granted left him and he started breathing heavily again.

    "Grandmasters..." He stopped for a moment to catch his breath. "...Master Cytei was unc..." He paused again, his breathing delaying his report. "...was unc..." he erupted into a coughing fit his breathing still not entirely under his control. "...was unc..." More coughing. "She was asleep!" he got out quickly before he could start coughing again. "Knight Silence and Padawan Jak..." He raised his hand as a smaller cough erupted before he managed to gain control once again. "...are both missing. I saw no trace of them."

    The Grandmasters had no reaction to that, at least as far as Ian could see. Instead Grandmaster Decinchi looked to his datapad. What it told him Ian didn't know, but when he looked up he looked pensive. “Master Lahana, Padawan Thrace, how about we head over to the hanger bay, it looks like our ride has arrived.” Not willing to risk another coughing fit, Ian just nodded. All he could think to himself was, "Here we go again."

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    IC: Miria Lahana
    Med Bay, Temple of Light

    Miria hid her surprise at padawan Ian's sudden and loud appearance in the med bay. After he got Master Cytei to a bed, he doubled over and started breathing hard. She knew that he had reached his limits in his physical use of the force but was silently glad that he had pushed himself and gotten done what he needed to do. In her opinion it took strength of character to do so. She would speak with him in a more private setting about it, she decided.

    The news about Jakran and Silence was sombering news. It seemed they had lost more than she initially knew when they all were struck by the... whatever it was. A strong vision, perhapas? Miria brushed her hair behind her shoulder and then folded her hands in front of her.

    Miria looked over at Josch as he began speaking. "Our friends. Who are they?" She tilted her head to the side slightly as she waited for Josch's response while they all started walking towards the hangar bay.

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    IC: Darth Helinith and Darth Mal

    Helinith was getting lost in what Malkuth was saying already, although to her credit she was trying to listen this time. Malkuth mentioning that the Obscurum had somehow influenced the Dominion and Acolytes fighting in the first place, and the jelousy in his voice at having not thought of it himself, was evident and Helinith couldn’t help but be slightly amused.
    “Although this is where they have gone wrong, they didn’t forsee the Dominion and Acolytes joining sides.” She interrupted. “That gives us some sort of advantage… I think.”
    She remained quiet the rest of the time. She couldn’t see anything wrong with the plan, but she was not a strategist. Mal, however, was.
    He studied the holotape carefully, even replaying it back a couple of times to himself, as if to memorize it.
    “Speed is not the essence of a large ground attack, especially against a well armored capital; no matter how unprepared we catch them. The best way give it is to drop in our troops at specific points, break through their lines using armored divisions and continue to push and push and push, troops following the armor, exploiting the break to the fullest1. The armored divisions can then pull back and guard the flanks, to make sure the break remains open while our troops continue to push forward. We must hold air superiority for it to work, as bombing strategic areas will become necessary to clear some areas of enemy forces.”
    He continued to study the plans intently, a sort of silent leadership quality now almost radiating off him, the very picture of a experienced senior military man.
    "It is risky with troops alone, but one sith counts for 100 men. And Lord Helinith does have those slight battle mediation abilities which also shifts things further in our favor."

    TAG- Sinre, Lexis

    1- Mal is unknowingly suggesting a modified version of the German strategy called Blitzkrieg, although more based on military stratagy employed by the British during the Battles of Sharon and Nablus (WWII).
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    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Cabus base, Concordia

    “That’s alright Gramps, you can keep that silly thing." Kyramud picked up the lightsaber. "I’ll take this instead.” Taab smiled under his buy'ce. The jetti'kad was certainly the more useful trophy for the boy to take, Taab approved of his resourcefulness and practicality. For his part, Taab took the lightwhip and clipped it to his belt beside his own jetti'kad trophy. The lightwhip of course wouldn't be added to the trophy case, Zermar hadn't been killed by Taab after all. But it would make a fine addition to his armory once they got back to his ship.

    Haar’chak! Will you come on, tat’ika?”

    Taab nodded in approval as the trio began to make their way back towards the children. Carrying them out, Taab didn't object to Bucko's insistance that he carry two of them to Taab and Kyramud's one each. These were Bucko's people, and naturally he expected more of himself to protect them. Taab would have done the same for his own aliit. Finally they made it to the hanger deck, as explosions rang out around them. The only flyable craft left was an old K-wing. Though it was cramped, they managed to get aboard and make orbit before the base disassembled itself.

    Their arrival on board the "small" Star Destroyer was met by Cyar'ika and Curves. Curves' greeting of the rescue team being was far more understated than Cyar'ika's, but it was the latter that answered Bucko's question. “Ryi took off. When she got back here with the Sergeant’s shuttle she stole one of the Skipray’s and bugged out. But other than that we are all here.”

    So Ace had left them...again. Just as he was starting to trust her more. She had her reasons he supposed, at least she hadn't taken his ship. Taab started walking over to the Unnecessary Force but Bucko called out after him. “Hey Sergeant, you want to meet the Captain of this tub or what? We’re going to be heading back to the Temple of Light.”

    "You go ahead, I have some things to take care of first." He left the other behind as he boarded his ship, intent on seeing that things were as they should be aboard. He would catch up to the others on the bridge later. His first step was to check the cargo hold. The adenn, his besuliik class fighter was still there, unmolested. Around it was secured the crates of weapons and support equipment that Ace and Curves had loaded aboard on manda'yaim to restock the Temple's armory. It was mostly older weaponry, DC-15 variants along with DC-17 hand blasters. They all appeared to be in good order. Next he made his way up to his own armory, where he placed the lightwhip into an arms locker there while grabbing extra magazines for his own blaster to replace the ones he had used on Concordia. He also replaced the fuel cell for his flame projector bringing his own weaponry back up to full status.

    While there he noticed a new addition to his armory, an old Z6 Rotary blaster cannon.


    Attached to it was a note from Ace. "Payment in full for the jetpack parts. Besides, it's definitely you." He grunted softly, wondering if he would ever see his old friend's daughter again.

    He set it back down and moved on to the ship's barracks, which of course served as his personal quarters as he worked alone. He removed his buy'ce and began to detach the armor plates from his body suit and placed them down on the bunk next to him. Then he stripped off the bodysuit revealing large bruises along his arms and back. Souveniers from Cabur base. His body ached as he threw the bodysuit into a sterilizer and donned a fresh one. "I am getting too old for this osik."

    Normally he would have cleaned his armor plates at this point. Not a "spit shine polish", just enough to clean away the grime and soot from his time on Concordia. But he knew he was wasting time here and was expected on the bridge. Instead he started placing the plates back over his new bodysuit. As he did so his buy'ce chirped at him, he paused to replace it over his head. Ah, the ship's computer had interfaced with the Mandalorian Central net while they were home, and had downloaded new information to his buy'ce.

    It was an updated list of bounties. Continuing to get his armor in order, Taab began to scroll through them. Mostly it was petty stuff. Crime bosses looking for smugglers that had dropped their cargoes, Some planetary government contracts. Taab of course already had this job that was taking up all of his time, but it amused him to look through the lists. Sometimes the bounties were on people he knew, other times he could tell that some of his vode would soon be on the trail of other bounties. It was nice to be able to keep track of both.

    He finished with the shoulder plate and started getting his grieves squared away. He took the time to switch the display to jedi/force users only. There was just one new listing, for a young Togruta female from Shilli. Taab called up additional information on the posting. It was for Alisha Tano, Sith-bait. She was to be brought in alive, a comm frequency was given to be used once she was captured to arrange for pick-up and payment. Taab put it in the back of his mind. The listing stated that her whereabouts were unknown, there was little threat to the Temple with that.

    He went back to looking at the old listings. Most of these were bounties put out by the One Sith. Taab, and every other bounty hunter, knew that there was no chance those would ever be paid out now. But one of these old listings had caught his attention. It had been put out by a criminal organization, not the One Sith, and it showed "updated information". Intrigued, Taab selected the entry, calling up more information on it.

    He was stunned by what he saw, he had seen this woman right before the group had left for Concordia. In the image shown she was wearing considerably less clothing than when he had met her, but this was certainly the woman who was now living at the Temple. At least now he knew her name. Dovey Lahana.

    Evidently she was Goldies sister, and judging by their looks, they were twins. "So she has a twin sister..." Taab mumbled to himself. Dovey was being pursued by an organization called "Black Swan", a breakaway organization from Black Sun. Taab had never done any work for them before, but he had heard their leader was an egomaniacal control freak. The contract was to bring her in alive, a special emphasis on "no disintegrations", and the reward was considerable. Someone wanted her back very badly. This would need to be brought to Spoonbender's attention. Especially as he noticed what the update consisted of. It was a general location, she had been traced as far as the Unknown Regions, specifically near Chiss space.

    His armor was back in place now. He shut down the display disembarked his shuttle, making his way towards the starships bridge. He had taken longer than he would have wished to make sure everything was in order, but given the new information he had, he felt it was worth it.

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    Darth Lilith
    Aboard Fighter Craft

              Darth Lilith was now in the fighter craft ready to do a micro jump across a dozen moons. It was nothing unusual for Lilith had done this a hundred times before. This time though she was facing a fully equipped small space station.

              Unfortunately it was defended by a Interdictor-class cruiser that from the looks of it was Republic design. She wasn’t alone though, she had an army of Sith Troopers in twelve squadrons at the ready. She had to figure a way to get the troops pass the anti starfighter defences that the Sith Star Destroyer had.

              Lilith knew she had to win here before the True Sith brought their reinforcements. She called for two squadrons of Sith troopers to surround the the Sith Destroyer and aim for the shields and hyperdrive.

              While Lilith and the other squadrons take on the True Sith. She did a one eighty spin then a full three sixty to make sure the True Sith did not catch her on radar. She hoped she could give the Dark Renewal time before they made their jump with in the open space where Zonama Sekot use to orbit.

            TAG: @Sinrebirth, @s65horsey, Darth Aiser

            Darth Mystique
            Aboard the Defector

                        Mystique just watched without saying anything not because she wasn’t interested. No her silence and watchful eye was enough to see and know the true extent of the situation at hand. Even when Haretisch threatened Kya she refused to speak. She allowed things to take place letting them unfold where they are.

                        As the shuttle appeared at the flag hangar Mystique was thinking what were the ways to get rid of Haretisch. She only gave him the lead to keep an eye on him and from the looks of it he is relishing every moment. Of course she hasn’t forgotten about the past. No she was just biding her time before she made any move.

                        Just then someone spoke to her in the force. It was obviously that the person had mediocre skills in the force. She listened to the words that were spoken to her in her ear.

                        "Do you require my presence to ensure that Lord Haretisch does not return, my Lady?"

                        “You may try, If you are up to the challenge .”

                        She did not think he would succeed , in fact she expected failure from him. His force skills were lacking and would mean the end of his life if he tries. If by some miracle he actually succeeds then all the better.

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                      IC: Josch Decinchi
                      Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

                      “Do you remember Daniel Sandstrider and Adalia Tehanis, from our last mission together? They were with me in the final days of the war. I brought them to our old space station orbiting Ashla, they have stayed there until I called them.”

                      He explained all of this as they continued through the Temple corridors towards the hanger bays. It still bothered him that Navi said that two Corellian freighters had landed. But he knew that he would have his answer soon enough.

                      As they walked into the hanger bay he found standing at the bottom of the YT-1300 a strange sight.

                      “Miria, do you know this young family?”

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                      GM Approved!!

                      General Information:
                      Character's Name: Lenea Sandstrider
                      Species: Human
                      Gender: Female
                      Languages: Basic, Abydonian, Binary, Shyriiwook
                      Residence: Golan Space Colony (orbit of Ashla)
                      Home Planet: Abydos
                      Age: 25

                      Appearance: Average height, tan skin

                      Eye Color: Blue

                      Hair: Brown
                      Skin Color: White
                      Clothing: Mechanic Jumpsuit, Abydos Robes

                      Personal History:
                      Immediate Family: Mother (Kara Sandstrider), Father (Sunri Sandstrider), Brother (Daniel Sandstrider).
                      Spouse/Children: None
                      Biography: Born and raised on Abydos, Lenea was always growing up in the shadow of her older brother, Daniel. It didn’t help that he was the namesake of the Savior, whom the Temple that her family called home was named for.

                      Because of this, she developed something of a tomboyish attitude, trying to be a counter to her brothers (in Lenea’s view) irritating calmness. That of course, constantly messed with her parents, and just lead to more trouble. And when Lenea got into trouble, Daniel (or ‘Danny’) was always there to help her out. This both annoyed, and comforted the younger Sandstrider, and lead to a closer bond between the two.

                      Thus, when Daniel found the crashed freighter, Lenea immediately jumped in with her much better mechanical skills to help rebuild the ship. While she was doing that, her brother used drawings on the temple walls to train himself to fly. Once Lenea and their small group of friends had finished repairing the ship (and the droid found inside), they took off to explore the Galaxy.

                      But luck didn’t follow the crew of the newly coined Spirit. Despite a successful career as merchants, Daniel was (along with the rest of the older men and women) conscripted into the Imperial Navy, leaving Lenea and the other younger crew stranded with the freighter.

                      They continued to work, while Daniel was flying TIE Predator’s against the enemies of the Krayt Empire. Eventually though, he escaped and reunited with the crew of the Spirit. That was a tearful reunion between the siblings, along with Lenea wringing a promise to never let that happen again out of her brother.

                      Reunited, the crew of the freighter eventually procured an old Corellian Corvette, renamed the Redemption. This vessel would have a storied career with the Galactic Alliance Remnant forces, before the war eventually ended. When that happened, Daniel was given an old Nebula- class Star Destroyer, and Lenea continued her role as chief engineer, along with being the third in command behind Daniel and his wife, Arrica.

                      Now…she was called along with her brother and the rest of the crew to Saridona Prime. To help the Guardians of Light reestablish themselves. And maybe more…

                      --Blade Type: Standard
                      --Blade Color: Orange
                      --Saber Amount: One

                      Combat Forms: Form I: Shii-Cho (mastered)
                      Strong Area of the Force: Push, speed
                      Weak Area of the Force: Precognition
                      : none
                      : Blaster, Abydos Stun-Pistol, vibroblade

                      Class Star Destroyer Redemption (chief mechanic, and third in command)

                      : Guardians of Light

                      (This is Skywalker_T-65 before anyone asks :p )

                      And since I don't have a pic of Lenea herself, I posted a 3D model of her saber :D
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                      IC: Kasha Sherland
                      Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

                      Kasha watched as a small group entered the hangar bay and stopped and looked at her and the family. He glanced at the girl but she couldn’t hear what he asked of her. She glanced at Anakin as she handed Brice over to him. “Mekaila, stay with your father.”

                      “But mom, there’s a cool fighter sitting over there I want to check out,” Mekaila said as she eyed the X-83.

                      “Maybe later,” Kasha answered carefully not wanting to make a promise to her daughter. “I don’t know anything about the pilot and I don’t want to see you get hurt. Please stay with your father, Mekaila. I need to go talk with those people over there.”

                      “Promise?” Mekaila questioned in a hopeful tone.

                      “I can’t promise anything, Mekaila,” Kasha answered with a sigh. She had to give her daughter credit for trying. “It’s up to the pilot, not me.”

                      “Okay,” Mekaila looked disappointed as Anakin held out his hand to her.

                      Mekaila took Anakin’s hand as Kasha walked towards the small group that just entered. She could sense through the Force they would be the ones to talk with. She bowed to both in respect. “I’m Jedi Knight Kasha Sherland, I trained at the Ossus Jedi Academy under Jedi Master Ailya Rhalin. The Force is calling me back into service. I’m sure I don’t need to explain as to why I left,” she gestured to her family with a smile.

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                      IC: Ian Thrace
                      Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

                      Ian stayed quiet as he followed along with the Grandmasters to the hanger bay. As a mere padawan, he knew well enough not to interupt what they were talking about. He had no idea who Mr. Sandstrider or Ms. Tehanis were. More Jedi? Didn't sound like it. If they were Jedi they would have been at the Temple with the rest of the Guardians. Mercenaries perhaps? Or maybe smugglers? Ian didn't know, he just hoped it wasn't more Mandalorians.

                      Staying quiet also allowed for Ian to catch his breath a little more. Grandmaster Decinchi had them moving through the corridors at a dignified pace. Ian wasn't sure if that was done specifically to allow Ian to recuperate from carrying Master Cytei half way across the Temple, or if it was just a happy coincidence. Either way it worked, and by the time the group reached the hanger he was feeling back to normal.

                      When they arrived, he still kept quiet, he had no idea what was going on. He saw a fighter sitting of to one side, though he didn't know the type. He should have stayed more current on miltary affairs and equipment. Just something more to study he supposed. It's pilot looked like she was talking to one of the newcomers at the base of one of the freighters. These he could at least recognize as Corellian in design, even if the exact designation eluded him.

                      There was a group by the ramp of the other freighter, all human it looked like. A man, a woman and what appeared to be two small children. Who would want to bring younglings all the way out here? ian shook his head. None of this made any sense. But it still wasn't his place to speak so he continued to be silent.

                      "Miria, do you know this young family?"

                      It seemed that even Grandmaster Decinchi was surprised by at least some of this. He looked to Grandmaster Lahana, maybe she would have some answers to what was going on.

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                      IC: Daniel Sandstrider

                      Temple of Light Hanger

                      Looking over his shoulder, Daniel saw one of the X-83’s landing next to the Spirit. Patting R4 on its domed head, the young Captain stood up from the landing strut, and watched as Commander Tehanis walked over to the pair.

                      "Perimeter Secure, as is overhead, we got a story yet Sir?" The Commander asked.

                      Daniel shook his head in reply, “I don’t know Commander. The Hanger is still empty of anyone from the Guardians…and the Force isn’t giving me any insight either. All we can do is wait for Master Decinchi to arrive.”

                      Tehanis nodded, but in the direction of the other freighter. Looking, Daniel saw a family standing in front of it. A woman, a man, and two young children. Daniel smiled slightly when he noticed the wide-eyed look that the young girl was giving the Twin-Tail. Said smile grew larger when Daniel thought about how his Commander would react if the girl tried to look inside the fighter.

                      Maybe he could get Lenea outside the freighter to distract the kid if that proved to be needed. His sister was standing guard inside, but it would be funny to see how she reacted to a pair of little kids. Laughing slightly at the thought, Daniel heard a beep from R4. Turning his head, he saw Master Decinchi, Master Lahana, and a young Padawan. Daniel moved to step forward, but the woman from the YT-1300 beat him too it.

                      “I’m Jedi Knight Kasha Sherland, I trained at the Ossus Jedi Academy under Jedi Master Ailya Rhalin. The Force is calling me back into service. I’m sure I don’t need to explain as to why I left,” the woman said, gesturing at her family with a small smile on her face.

                      Daniel couldn’t help but smile himself. He and Arrica hadn’t had any children yet, but they were planning on starting a family eventually. Force knew Lenea was pushing them hard enough.

                      For now though, the young Abydonian stepped forward, straightening his robes, “I’m ready to help where you need me Masters. Just let me know what you need, and the Redemption and crew will help.”

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                      Adalia Tehanis
                      Location - Temple Hangar

                      “I don’t know Commander. The Hanger is still empty of anyone from the Guardians…and the Force isn’t giving me any insight either. All we can do is wait for Master Decinchi to arrive.”

                      She gave a nod in the direction of the nearby freighter and the family now approaching them. The small girls eyes were scanning her ship and she could see the child was excited about the prospect of getting close to the fighter, but that wasn't going to happen. Adalia was not a patient woman with most things, but kids least of all. The excitement on the child's face was almost uncomfortable to her and she began to figure out how she'd be handling this one. Her attention was taken back to the adults as the woman stepped forward and spoke to Master Decinchi.

                      “I’m Jedi Knight Kasha Sherland, I trained at the Ossus Jedi Academy under Jedi Master Ailya Rhalin. The Force is calling me back into service. I’m sure I don’t need to explain as to why I left,”

                      'I would have left that lot behind' Adalia thought absently, a battleground of any kind was no place for a child, she knew that better than anyone. She watched at Captain Sandstrider stepped forward.

                      “I’m ready to help where you need me Masters. Just let me know what you need, and the Redemption and crew will help.”

                      'Great' she thought, 'he's just opened the door and I just know she's gonna want that brat to look at my fighter...' Despite her thoughts, she gave a cool smile and spoke evenly.

                      "Commander Tehanis, at your service."

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                      IC: Kasha Sherlande
                      Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

                      “I’m ready to help where you need me Masters. Just let me know what you need, and the Redemption and crew will help.”

                      "Commander Tehanis, at your service."

                      Kasha glanced beside her at Tehanis and sensed something she could not quite place. She glanced behind her at Mekaila who was still eyeing the fighter but thankfully was keeping herself under control for now. She had a feeling it had to do with Mekaila and she sensed irritation. She frowned shaking her head. She had a feeling that Tehanis wouldn’t allow Mekaila near the fighter. “Commander, I’m wondering if Mekaila may inspect your fighter? She wants to be a fighter pilot when she gets older and I have trouble keeping her out of the sims. Seems she inherited that trait from my ancestor. The Jedi Masters had trouble keeping her out of the sims and had to perform nightly checks. I told her it was completely up to you.”

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                      OOC: Well, I'm glad you and your family were alright.:)

                      Gaan Be'orar - Ancient Haven - Saridona Prime

                      "Not even a day," Alec replied. "We introduced ourselves to one another before we left to investigate the ruins. You're Gaan Be'orar. You were born on Mandalore and was once a member of the Jedi Order but are now a member of the Guardians of Light and Master to Risca Kor'le. Dovey," he motioned back to Miria's sister, "I believe you only met briefly as well. She's the sister of Miria Lahana." He pointed to the other two members of their party. "That's Hochner and his former Master Michael. Both of them were Guardians and...can probably offer you more information then I can."

                      Gaan nodded, then shrugged. "I remember who I am, and everything before I set foot on this planet. It's only after that point that I have no recollection of anything that happened." Looking over at the others, she added, "Might as well try getting back to..." she paused, realizing she didn't know where they needed to go, " wherever the Grand Master is, I guess." She looked back at Alec, hoping he knew where to go.

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