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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, May 13, 2011.

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  1. JM_1977

    JM_1977 Jedi Master star 6

    May 23, 2011
    IC: Khalifa Sunrider
    Temple of Light

    She had just finished her statement to Lenea when the Door to the hangar came open. "Great this place is full as it is," she muttered to herself. She immediately took that back when she saw who it was.

    The man who had just walked in looked absolutely gorgeous. She really had to struggle to keep her jaw from hitting the floor, and with what little force powers she had she could sense that he was thinking the same thing about her. She immediately did what she always did when around guys like this. She immediately took a strand of her dark brown hair and started twirling it with her fingers, acting all girly. She started mumbling incoherently, "ummmmmm.....uh............." She even let out a small girly giggle that made her wonder if it even came from her.

    It turned out he was no better. His responses ranged from, "uhhhh..." and "Uhh...Hi. You're Ian and I'm?" to "Want to cut my hair?"

    That last comment finally snapped her out of her trance and also put a confused look on her face. He sure had an interesting way of making a first impression. But Khalifa never made a judgement on a person just from one comprehendable sentence, no matter how cute he was.

    She reached out her hand to shake his and said, "Hey yourself. The names Khalifa Sunrider. I'm one of the newbies that just arrived here. I'm the captain of this huge hunk of junk." She jabbed her thumb behind her pointing out the Heartseeker right behind her. "I was just telling Lenea here about how clumsy my accomplice is over there. Anyway you sure know how to impress a girl. You ask every girl to cut your hair at first glance?" She let the subtle twinge of sarcasm sit there for a while hoping she hadn't come off as snarky to him. Then all of a sudden she heard a soft trill of an alarm inside the cockpit of her ship. "Kriff", she thought to herself, "can't I get one chance to have a civil conversation with a cute guy."

    "Please excuse me", she said to him, as she rushed up the ramp. She opened the cockpit door to see a red light flashing on the dashboard by the pilot's chair. Turns out the sweep of her ship was done and her computer picked a small anomaly on the underside of her ship. The anomally, to Khalifa's dismay, was a tracking device with a Hutt encyption code on it. She silently cursed to herself wondering how she could be so stupid. Her old enemy from her days on the run had been this slimy Hutt named Zeeba the Hutt, a long lost relative to Jabba the Hutt. They had had many encounters over the few short years Khalifa finned for herself. There had been this one incident where where she had become a dancer for Zeeba to get some cash, but in the process ended up blowing up half of her palace. She barely escaped (which by the way was how she ended up the the ship she renamed Heartseeker). Turns out when she had docked on Tatooine some of Zeeba's agents had snuck a tracking beacon onto her ship. Now she had probably tracked her here to Saridona Prime, obviously wanting to get revenge. She couldn't let her mistake effect this new home of hers, no matter how little of it she had seen of it so far. But right now that wasn't her worry. Her concern was this gorgeous guy outside of her ship.

    She strode down the ramp, and found Ian right where she'd left him. "So how about you give me a tour of this Temple while we talk and get to know one another," she said in her most flirtatious voice she could muster up as she flipped her hair in his face.

    As they passed Sitan on their way Khalifa whispered at Sitan, "We need to talk later."

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  2. Lenea_Sandstrider

    Lenea_Sandstrider Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 2, 2012
    IC: Lenea Sandstrider

    Temple of Light Hanger

    Lenea heard the door open once more behind her. Tuning out the girl in front of her, the younger Sandstrider turned to see the Padawan from earlier enter. What surprised her somewhat was how he froze in the entrance. Then, Lenea turned her head and let out a small sigh.

    Great...lovestruck Jedi. Just what I needed...its like Danny and Arrica all over again, Lenea thought with another sigh.

    Sadly, the girl wasn't much better, as she muttered while pushing some hair behind her ear.Lenea half-expected one of them to just pass out at this point. Thrace was the first one to regain his voice.

    Uhh...Hi. You're Ian and I'm?" Thrace started, before stopping, and starting again, "I m...m...mean...I'm Ian."

    Lenea was honestly surprised he managed to get that much out. But it seemed he wasn't finished.

    "Want to cut my hair?"

    At that, Lenea put a hand in her face. This was like some sappy holo-drama. But at least she wasn't speechless like the Caamasi. The girl from the antique freighter finally managed to get a sentence out too, and at least it wasn't filled with stuttering.

    "Hey yourself. The names Khalifa Sunrider. I'm one of the newbies that just arrived here. I'm the captain of this huge hunk of junk." She jabbed her thumb behind her pointing out the Heartseeker right behind her. "I was just telling Lenea here about how clumsy my accomplice is over there. Anyway you sure know how to impress a girl. You ask every girl to cut your hair at first glance?"

    After saying that, the girl heard something from her ship and ran back into the thing, leaving Lenea alone with the starstruck Padawan, and the possibly still hibernation sick Caamasi. Needless to say, she wasn't quite happy about that. In any case, it didn't take long for the girl to get back down from her ship.

    "So how about you give me a tour of this Temple while we talk and get to know one another," she said in her most flirtatious voice as she flipped her hair in his face.

    Lenea didn't bother covering the sigh this time. It was like two teenagers at some school.

    "Okay, come on love-birds. Lets get out of the hanger, if our Mando friend allows it of course," Lenea said, pointing out that they had been ignoring him.

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  3. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    TCC, Temple of Light

    Taab let out a fully belly laugh as Twitchy retreated from the TCC. One of these days that kid was going to have to grow a set of gett'se, though what could prompt such a thing he didn't know. Taab then watched the monitors as the landing craft made their approach to the Temple. It would be a good thing to have so many real soldiers to provide security for the Jedi here. He could also see that Dopelganger's ship was incoming. That reminded him, he would have to tell Spoonbender about the bounty on her head when he got back. Voj for his part had also seen the approaching G1-A transport.

    “Taab, call up for the other transports to start their approach, but make sure that they keep limit their movements to the hanger bays for now. Navi, send a message to Josch updating him on our present status.”

    Taab nodded. "Roger that." He turned to the comm gear and so informed the approaching landing craft. He also disseminated orders to the incoming company commanders to prepare patrol schedules and rotations for manning the TCC, as well as guarding critical sections of the Temple, including hanger bays and the armory. These would be implemented after things had settled down and everyone knew who they were and why they were here.

    That done he looked back at Voj. Before he had seen him with Cyar'ika he would have sworn there was something going on between the Colonel and Dopelganger. He shrugged. Perhaps not. Taab had never been one to delve into or take note of other's personal lives. It's not that he didn't care, it's just that he really didn't care. Still he supposed that Voj should know, and now was as good a time to tell him as any.

    Indicating Dopelganger's incoming transport Taab spoke up. "She is a marked woman you know, has quite the bounty on her head."

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  4. Tim Battershell

    Tim Battershell Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2012

    Character's Name: Tim Battershell
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Languages: Basic, Computer Programming Languages, Droidspeak (understands only).
    Residence: Space Yacht "Life’s Illusion" / Temple of Light, Saridona Prime
    Home Planet: Agamar
    Age: 50
    Approved Special Features: Sleight-of-hand, lock-picking, ventriloquism and other Illusionist skills (formerly Stage Illusionist’s assistant/props/effects manager).

    Character Traits:
    Personality: Easygoing (but can become Stern when roused), somewhat Bookish.
    Habits/Mannerisms: Loves tinkering with, building and/or repairing machinery and electronics.
    Likes; Younglings (especially nice ones), Law and Order, Information, Puzzles.
    Dislikes; Bullies, Anyone being nasty to Younglings, Criminals, Sith.
    Racial Traits: Standard Human.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: Team player or can work on his own. Prefers to remain low-key.
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Prior highly sedentary lifestyle has left him out of condition, but he is working on that using both the Force and physical exercise.

    Appearance: 5ft 10in. Bulky build. 250lb (current).
    Eye Color: Blue-grey
    Hair: Dark Brown, thinning on top. Kept trimmed to collar-length or less.
    Skin Color: White.
    Clothing: Various, prefers to blend in unless formal wear is required.

    Personal History:
    Immediate Family: Grown-up nephew and niece (plus their children), living in hiding under assumed identities on an undisclosed minor world (wanted by the Sith for alleged resistance activities).
    Spouse/Children: None.

    Tim was born and raised on Agamar; and attended University there to study Computer Systems Design and Computer Programming. Graduated with distinction in both subjects. During Tim’s life he has been a Systems Analyst for a Security Systems firm (firm failed after a corrupt clerk bought a large batch of "Doubletaker" rigged ROM chips instead of the genuine article and, despite Tim solving the rash of ‘inexplicable’ burglaries and exposing the culprit, litigation costs forced the company out of business) then assistant to a travelling Stage Illusionist, during which time he was trained in sleight-of-hand, lock-picking and ventriloquism while in transit to and from planetary appearances (employment ended when a Bounty Hunter shot the Illusionist, on-stage, thinking that he was a Jedi-in-hiding). Tim returned home aboard the ship he had inherited from his previous employer and acted as consultant to the Agamar Security Force. His final operation in this capacity saw him mastermind a trap that ensnared a criminal (a Falleen) who was preying on attractive and wealthy young women, leaving them destitute and virtually insane. A Jedi, invited to provide protection for the decoy ‘victim’ told Tim that he was Force Sensitive (which he had been unaware of until then) and advised that he should seek out the Guardians of Light to receive training in the ways of the Force. Tim deliberately took longer than needed for the journey; deciding that it would be wise not to leave too traceable a route and also to allow him to pre-train as far as posible using the Jedi instructional materials he had inherited from his paternal grandmother.

    Lightsaber: Duelling x1 (Lightfoil hilt design); Lightdirk (20cm blade) x1.
    --Blade Type: Single.
    --Blade Color: Golden/yellow
    --Saber Amount: 2.
    Combat Forms: trained in Form 1 & Form II - learning Form III / Form V (Shien).
    Strong Area of the Force: Sensory Enhancement.
    Weak Area of the Force: Affect Mind.
    Pets: None.
    Weapons: Blaster/Disruptor/Laser Sniping Rifle according to perceived tactical need.
    Starship: Space Yacht "Life’s Illusion" (rebuilt and updated - Class 1 hyperdrive/Class 10 backup - Mon Calamari DeepWater-class Light Freighter with enhanced weapons and shield packages).
    Faction: GoL.
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  5. Tim Battershell

    Tim Battershell Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC Tim Battershell

    Starship "Life's Illusion" (in Hyperspace) nearing calculated co-ordinates of Saridona System.

    Tim took his nose out of the authentic, old-fashioned, 'paper and covers' book when the navicomputer's timer pinged, marked his place and slipped the book into the pocket beside his Pilot's chair.

    "Well this should be it; let's see what we shall see" he mused as he disengaged the hyperdrive and let what had once been a stock DeepWater-class Light Freighter coast forward on momentum. "Ah so there is a Star System here, after all, on the charts or not! You've done well, old girl, above the ecliptic and far enough out from the Well for a quick getaway if needed! Almost perfect positioning!". Keying on the ship's passive sensors (some of which he had built himself and probably shouldn't have had), Tim was relieved when the short-range scan came up empty of potential threats and the long-range scan commenced. "Interesting, and distinctly odd! I was told that this Jedi outpost was supposed to be low profile, if not altogether secret; but just look at all these Ion trails in-system; fairly recent too, or they'd have dispersed!"

    As the scan progressed, a warning alarm sounded and a targeting box appeared around the third planet. Tim slaved the optical sensors to the tactical system and keyed for enhanced zoom. "Hah! Ships in geostationary orbit, a pair of big ones too, to show at this range; we need to think this one through, old girl; but after two years spent finding this place and getting here, I'm not that inclined to simply turn and run. Questions are; are those two bruisers friendly, are the Jedi still here and how do I tell Jedi from Sith and/or other nasties at this distance? Good thing you're much tougher than your type, age and junkheap appearance would suggest; and if we do have to run, I'll bet nobody over there will expect your speed!".

    Thinking for a few minutes, Tim adjusts the Comm System for wide-spectrum tight-beam but with just sufficient power to be heard clearly on the planet; and starts transmitting:-
    "Good day to you Gentlebeings! Have I found the Guardians of Light? If so, I'm here to join up, if they'll have me! Just one problem though, what I'm seeing is rather different from the information I was given, so how can you convince me that I won't be flying into a trap if I head on in?"

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  6. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Hochner Trevalus

    He had been about to speak up about taking point when another did so, then another for the rear, and then they were underway once more to the Ruins. Hopefully this time they would actually reach them and not leave anybody behind. Taking a steadying breath as two lit lightsabers tried to illuminate the way he carefully reached up and reset his safety values for his goggles to automatically filter and enhance with slightly dimmer values then normal, a frequently used setting by Kubaz if combat was expected so that any muzzle flashes, or in this case lightsaber strikes, would cause permenant harm nor temporary blindness to one's eyes.

    Following in the middle of the pack with the others he tried to keep loose and not tense up, and ate the occassional snack from his belt. For some reason the deprivation of his prior escape still knawed at his stomach, even if the pull was now weaker the memories as fragmented and few between were still fresh upon his mind and stomach. Popping in a very delishous root worm he quietly chewed as he awaited something, anything to trigger his mind with a memory or familiarity of what they were passing now as they entered the ruins. After all even if he had escaped along a different route, perhaps his first time coming here he had used the main doors? Possibly?

    Time would tell, he only hoped by the Force that it would not tell too late.

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  7. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Darth Helinith and Darth Mal
    Location: A planet on which it is cold enough to stick your hand outside and watch your fingers turn blue and fall off.

    Even as she fought back the Chiss infantry, Helinith was getting a sense of urgency. If she’d had more time, she’d be able to work out where it was coming from- she was studious enough in the force to know it was not her own. She glanced back towards Mal and saw, to her horror, him stumble slightly even as he pressed forward, trying to get closer to the tank. She cursed her mistake- he had no one to watch his back but still he pressed forward, almost recklessly.
    The tank was moving, aiming all systems on Mal. She wouldn’t be able to force run there safely, there was too much crossfire. Perhaps force lightening would short circuit the tank’s defences, but she didn’t have the time to find out, especially as getting a good burst out would require both hands and leave her defenceless.
    The tank reversed, trying to get Mal within range again- he’d gotten too close and Helinith grinned suddenly, a really stupid and wicked idea coming into her mind. The stupid metal bauble was carried high enough off the ground by the tracks that someone could crawl underneath it. And with its own troops around, the tank hadn’t had much room to move around in. She could crawl underneath it and cut it open. No, no that was way too stupid. She thought again.
    Force leaping became the more obvious solution- the tank’s guns were heavy and took a relatively long time to move. She could easily leap over the thing to join Mal and help him out by shielding him or something. Making her choice, she crouched down, talking to no one in particular.
    “Not that this hasn’t been fun or anything but I need to go make sure Mal doesn’t lose any more limbs.”
    She shot up into the sky like a tubo jet before her decent brought her down with the force of a small meteorite. One expert break later and she was landing beside Mal as daintily as a twi’lek muja flier. Weapons away, she set up a pretty powerful force-field to deflect incoming fire.
    “Nice of you to drop in.” Mal’s poor wit was intact, it was nice to see.
    “Shut up and let me concentrate on this shield.” A lapse in concentration almost let a stray shot through and Helinith gave Mal an accusing glare. He took the hint and shut up for a bit, although not for long.
    “Well we can’t stay like this forever. I hope you didn’t just decide to pop in and visit because you wanted to see if it was any warmer over here. I’m pretty sure everywhere on this planet is the same kind of freezing ass off.” Mal teased, now almost right in front of the tank.
    “Ha. Ha. Ha. You just gonna spend the rest of your energy moving that tongue or have you actually got some brilliant scheme to take down this oversized snow globe?” Helinith grumbled. Mal nodded. “Working on it right now. Just keep that shield up a bit longer.”
    “Can’t promise much, there’s a ton of fire coming in. I may be good when it comes to force shields but even I can’t keep this off forever.” A flicker of light like a crack glanced over her invisible barrier but she quickly knitted the crack back together.
    “Just give me another half a minute.” Mal decided he was near enough. He pulled the tag off the grenade he’d been carrying and threw it towards the tank, using the force to roll it underneath the round belly when it fell a little short. Nodding at his handy work, he had little time to relax, or watch to see if the grenade did its job.
    “Mal DUCK!” He did so and an anti-tank missile shot over his head and into the waiting hands of Helinith. She didn’t even really know what she was doing but she caught it, kinda. She was holding it with the force. Somehow. It was suspended in mid-air right in front of her, the rocket still desperately trying to propel the payload forward, engines wining a little with the strain. Mal looked up and swore. “Holy kriff, Helinith what the hell are you doing?”
    “Um Mal, I don’t know what to do with it.”
    “Throw it! NO WAIT DON’T THROW IT! Just turn it around or something! Anything! Just get it out of here!” he cried and gestured wildly, slightly panicked.
    “Can I just wait until it runs out of fuel?” she asked, looking a little shocked.
    “NO no it’ll just detonate anyway! See if you can aim it somewhere! Hurry!”
    Helinith swallowed and closed her eyes, trying to grasp control over the rocket which was still trying to kill her, pulling the nose up, away from herself. Perhaps she could get it to go towards one of the turret defences on the outer walls. She let it go hurriedly, clumsily and the thing slammed into the wall several tens of meters away from what she’d actually been aiming for. She stared after it for a moment, a little bit in shock, more surprised she hadn’t managed to kill herself more than anything. A shot flew past her ear from a defender which pulled her out of her dream and back into reality. She turned to the defender who’d fired it, reached out a hand and blew up his gun in his face. She nodded in satisfaction as the fusion battery powering the laser spat boiling plasma straight into his face.
    Turning to Mal, she beamed. “You gotta admit, that whole missle thing was freakin’ awesome!”
    He shrugged and turned away, deflecting some blaster bolts with a little flurry that might have been showing off a little. “Eh, seen better. Now is that fraking tank dead yet?” He grinned when he felt Helinith fuming behind him.

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  8. Journeyman1

    Journeyman1 Jedi Padawan star 1

    Oct 31, 2012
    IC: Col. Voj Velkin
    TCC, Temple of Light

    "She is a marked woman you know, has quite the bounty on her head."

    As fast as the Force would carry him, Voj pulled his blaster and pointed it right at Taab’s buy’ce. “I already knew, what you plan to do with that information is what concerns me.” Voj had no clue why he reacted that way, but there was no taking it back now.

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    IC: Capt. Jaxon Renn
    Hanger bay, Temple of Light

    “Okay, come on love-birds. Lets get out of the hanger, if our Mando friend allows it of course.”

    “Frankly sweetheart, I can care less what you rag-a-muffins do, but you’re going to be ” he shot back, “ Now, if you’ll excuse me I have other things to take care of that do not involve being groomed by someone else.”

    Jaxon walked out, not sure where he was going, but he was sure he would get orders soon.

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    IC: Capt. Seanna Vel
    MedBay, Temple of Light

    When Allynic got up and left the MedBay suddenly, Seanna considered following after him. She decided instead to stay back and look over the Jedi Master and Padawan who seemed to have taken up a semi-permanent residence there. She sat on the bed that the Caamasi had vacated with her legs crossed and meditated on how best to serve those in need of medical attention.

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  9. BultarSwan

    BultarSwan Founder: Grand Rapids, MI FF star 10

    Jul 5, 2003
    IC: Miria and Dovey Lahana
    Ancient Haven

    Miria went to check on Michael. She frowned over his injuries but knew that the priority was to get them all back to the temple. So after making sure he was secure she moved to the cockpit where Dovey had all ready gone to sit in the pilot's seat. Miria raised an eyebrow, not taking the co-pilot's seat. She instead stood there and asked Dovey, "How do you plan on flying the ship without being able to see?"

    Dovey looked up to approximately where her sister stood. "I don't need my sight to tell me where things are. I've been flying this ship for a while and I know where everything is. What I can't see the droid brain can do for me." Dovey faced forward, put in the destination and then let out a long sigh. It was an odd feeling, relying on both her memory and the force to pilot her ship. She was just grateful that she had upgraded and added on to her ship over the years.

    Miria slid into the other seat wordlessly and before either sister knew it they were nearing the temple. Both sisters heard Voj's comm and Dovey responded with, "I noticed. We'll be right down." She couldn't keep a hint of annoyance out of her voice. It was frustrating to her that she wasn't at her best with her vision gone so she was in a bit of a bad mood.

    Finally the ship reached the temple and they set down in the hangar bay. Miria and Dovey talked a little as they made their way towards the hatch and exited the ship after they made sure Michael was in no worse condition than he had been. Miria commed Voj to tell him that Michael would need help, and as they exited the ship, Miria started to walk towards the med bay, ignoring what was going on around her for the most part in order to get her sister there.

    Dovey grabbed her sister's sleeve. "Wait! I am not going to the med bay. I'm not sick and there's nothing they can do for me. I'd rather face this than sit around on a bed anyways. If it really was an injury we both know I would have healed by now. But it's not."

    Miria stopped and listened to her sister. She wasn't surprised that Dovey had said this, but she was kind of hoping her sister would go there because Miria didn't want her sister to get hurt or lost. Watching her sister's face for a few moments, Miria sighed. "All right. Just stick close to me."

    Both women turned around and walked slowly back into the hangar bay.

    TAG: CPL_Macja; -Remi-
  10. Tim Battershell

    Tim Battershell Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC Tim Battershell

    Starship "Life's Illusion", Saridona System.

    Keying the Comm System back to Listening Mode, Tim's next action is to enable his patented "Auto Evade" protocol and link it to the Autopilot. If engaged, this would spin the ship about and send it back along its previous course, automatically jumping to Lightspeed when sufficient velocity had been built up. However, the protocol would also automatically decant the ship back into realspace (on a randomised five minute timer) once a sixth of the distance had been travelled. Tim then uses the manual piloting controls to bring "Life's Illusion" to a relative dead-stop; centres the third planet in the display, zooms back for an overview and keys in Surveillance Mode.

    "Don't want to coast clear through the System, old girl, now do we? Or get to where those bruisers can take too much of a look at us with their sensors, either! Master Luke's holo-vids keep saying not to trust one's eyes; but those bruisers certainly look to be in the classic 'Orbital Bombardment in support of Ground Attack' deployment configuration from Father's old Naval holomanuals! Now, let's see; ID transponder disabled, Check! Don't want to sacrifice yet another alternate ID, or even worse, compromise your original one; on the other hand, I don't want to give any friendlies cause for suspicion if they happen to be that! Unfriendly Visitors' Greeting Package on Level Four and set for remote activation, Check! Unless one of them's a Houk or a Wookie, that should be enough to give them something to think about, but without inflicting any real damage to other species! Moral Suasion (or a good dose of that Verpine-scored Mon Cal Opera) should get any unfriendlies very willing to tell us what's actually going on here! Good! I'll just get myself dressed, then we should be as ready as we'll ever be!".

    Opening a small locker, Tim extracts and dons a shoulder holster, filling it (after checking the level of charge) with a customised DL-44 Blaster Pistol (with a slightly shortened barrel) then takes out his Lightblades and clips them horizontally, emitters forward, to his Utility belt; his Lightsaber at his right-hand side, Lightdirk at the left. Taking a signet ring from a small box he slips it onto the ring finger of his left hand and rotates it so that it appears to be a normal circular ring from the front; then he extracts a small bean-filled-bag, telekinetically levitating it over to the area nearest the airlocks at chest height. A quick thumb-press on the signet portion of the ring, and the bean-bag is yanked from his mental grasp by the under-floor gravity projectors that he and the Great Prestorius had installed after a failed boarding by Weequay Pirates eleven years before.

    Smiling in satisfaction (and chuckling a little at the memory of how Prestorious' mastery of ventriloquism and mimicry had turned the tables on the Pirates and got them fighting each other before he, on the verge of giving in to an uncontrollable laughing fit, emerged from his hiding place in a vanishing cabinet and sprayed the quartet with Stun bolts); Tim deactivates the four-Standard-gravity intruder-trap with another thumb-press, calls the bean-bag back to his right hand with the Force and returns it to the locker.

    Closing that and opening another, larger, locker; he takes out and dons a waist-length cape (normally worn when doing Conjuring Tricks and small-scale Illusions at friends' younglings' Life-Day celebrations) and regretfully says to the three trained Chitliks, curled up and dozing in their nests; "Not this time, little ones, but maybe you'll not be waiting much longer before appearing from thin air again! You've still got plenty of food and water, I see; good!".

    Preparations complete, Tim closes the second locker and returns to his Pilot's chair, letting himself sink into a light Meditation, confident that the Surveillance Mode would alert him to any incoming vessels from the planet, and sweeping nearby space in other directions with the Force.

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  11. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    TCC, Temple of Light

    “I already knew, what you plan to do with that information is what concerns me.”

    Taab stared at Voj through his T-Visor. It wasn't the first time he had to look down the barrel of a blaster, and he was sure it wasn't going to be the last. "You in the habit of pulling your blaster on your co-workers?" He was non-plussed by the incident thus far. If Voj had wanted to kill him he would have shot him by now. "Because if so, I think I should have been informed of that before I accepted my commission."

    He started walking towards Voj now. His arms down to his sides, but moving in a non-threatening manner. Well as non-threatening as a 6 foot 4 inch walking tank could be anyhow. "Or did I touch a nerve there somewhere? Some unresolved feelings between you and Dopelganger?" He shrugged. "I am not here to turn her over to some two bit criminal organization." He cleared around the communications console now, there was nothing between he and Voj but air. "I told you about it so you would know that there is a further threat to her and this Temple."

    He inched closer, assessing his options. There was no way Taab could draw and fire before Voj put a blaster bolt to his bucket. He kept talking. "Personally I couldn't care less about the lives of the jettise, but my job is to protect them from any threat." He was now just a meter from Voj who still held the blaster at his head. Even at this range Taab didn't think a bolt would penetrate his buy'ce, but it would wreak havoc with its onboard systems. Taab didn't want to spend most of the day repairing and re-booting them. Besides, he doubted Voj would stop with just one shot. "Once my contract is fulfilled, I am leaving. Maybe to settle down with some twi'lek dancing girl as an old friend once suggested. Maybe to find work somewhere else." He tilted his head to one side, from the monitor it looked like the Ancient Haven had just arrived. "Either way I doubt I will ever see you or these jettise ever again."

    It was time to end this, one way or another. "You know a thing or two about Mandalorian honor. You know that even if I don't care about these Jedi, I wouldn't do anything to put them in harms way. That I would give my own life to protect them. They are worth alot to me, monetarily." Now he leaned forward and pressed his buy'ce against the muzzle of Voj's blaster. "Now, after what we went through together on Concordia you still think think I am a threat to Jedi that I am sworn to protect, then you go right ahead Bucko," he reverted back to his nickname for the man, "and press that trigger."

    TAG: Journeyman1

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  12. Journeyman1

    Journeyman1 Jedi Padawan star 1

    Oct 31, 2012
    IC: Col. Voj Velkin
    TCC, Temple of Light

    Voj dropped his arm, lowering his blaster. “Now why would I cut my own left arm off? I’m just a little on edge and slightly over protective, sue me.” Before he could continue on, the comm unit crackled to life and Dovey’s voice came over the system. It was her but there was something wrong, something she didn’t want him to know, but he still could feel it, through the Force.

    “Come on Major, let’s be the first friendly faces the sisters see. Navi, keep an eye on things.” As they reached the exit Navi squawked at him. “I know you don’t have eyes, it’s a figure of speech. Man Josch needs to upgrade your idiom modulator.” In the corridor they came across Leianna and Seneca who were returning from the Med Center. “Perfect timing. Snake,” Voj used the old man’s former callsign, “can you cover the Tac. Tell the droid that I’m lending her your eye. Fury you’re with us.”

    Halfway down to the hanger Voj’s comlink chimed and this time it was Miria saying that they had an injured individual so Voj ordered Jaxon to meet and escort him down to Med Center. As they walked in to the hanger bay they found Miria and Dovey sitting down at the bottom of the Ancient Haven’s landing ramp. When he spotted Dovey his insight was proven correct, there was something different in the Force about her, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

    He wanted to rush over to her side, but couldn’t because of Leianna. There was something there as well but wasn’t sure if it was the same thing. It was all too confusing for him to deal with right away. So instead he took a formal approach to everything. “Grand Master Lahana, Knight Lahana,” he said with a slight bow, “welcome back. Allow me to introduce Major Shysa and Captain Renn. The Captain will see to the wounded, and we are here to assist you in any other way.”

    TAG: Taab, Miria, Dovey, Michael

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik, BultarSwan, -Remi-
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  13. Nick of Time

    Nick of Time Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 15, 2013
    Jumping back in, with Sinre's approval.

    Name: Rath Vos
    Age: 46
    Gender: Male
    Species: Kiffar/Human
    Planet of Birth: Unknown
    Appearance: The spitting image of Quinlan Vos, Rath is tall and muscular. He has a large brow, which gives his hazel eyes a dark intensity. His thick black hair is shaved on the sides to create a mohawk of dreadlocks. Rath’s yellow Vos tattoo, which he applied himself, starts on his neck and stretches up the bottom of his face in spikes stopping at mouth-level.
    Rank / Class: Jedi Knight
    Weapon Description: Sabercane disguised as a walking stick, which emits a green blade.
    Biography: Rath is the son of Tantric Vos. This makes him the grandson of Isis Stele, a Jedi turned Sith, and an ancestor of Quinlan Vos. Rath’s mother was a Jedi captive that Tantric held during the Force Cold War. Rath’s birth, unknown to his father, occurred in secret, to protect his mother. Rath was given to the Jedi Order and lead a normal existence as a Padawan. However, as he grew older, Rath began to wonder. Always an intelligent child, Rath was able to trace his mother back to the Order. Though he never confronted her, he did learn about her kidnapping at the hands of young and handsome Kiffar Sith Lord. In his heart, Rath knew that he had discovered his father’s identity. When he finally graduated and became a Jedi Knight, Rath decided to attempt to seek out his father in the depths of Chiss space.
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  14. MandoBones

    MandoBones Jedi Knight star 4

    Dec 2, 2012
    CPL Approved

    Name: Baatiryc Kryrc
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Height: 5'9"
    Species: Human Mandalorian
    Homeworld: Spacer by birth, Manda'yaim by Heritage
    Languages: Basic, Mando'a

    Personality: He's stubborn. That's probably the best way to describe it. Some kinder folk might call him determined, or tenacious, but in reality he's just stubborn. He refuses to give up until the very end, no matter what, even when he's wrong. Maybe especially when he's wrong. Sometimes this is an asset, sometimes not so much. He has the ability to think outside the box, especially when working on a patient.

    He also makes a point to be honest in all his dealings. That is to say, he almost never lies. He omits truths occasionally, but when pressed, he will most often tell the truth, if he's in a talkative mood.

    Part of what makes him so good at his job is that he does not have the ability to distance himself from his patients. He has no clinical detachment. He takes every injury dealt, every illness that his people contract, as a personal attack.

    Weapons/Armor: Light beskar armor in varying shades of gray. DE 10 blaster pistol and a vibroblade gauntlet, though that gets used as a medic's tool as often as a combat tool. Gauntlets have varying medical scanners built in, along with a small medication mixing apparatus/delivery system. Carries a single blade lightsaber on his belt as well as various medical supplies/bacta packs.

    Pet: White greysor named Racin

    Ship: YT-1760 Transport called "Shukla"

    Bio: Baatiryc had an average Mandalorian childhood. He was trained in combat at the age of 13, though he chose to work as a medic instead of a soldier. He had the skills for it, just not the desire. With his connection to the Force, he was more interested in healing than in hurting. He joined the Journeyman Knights, and served with whatever units needed a medic for several years. He did stints as a shipboard doctor, a battlefield medic, and even as a security specialist in a psych ward. Eventually he was assigned to the "Defender", and his journeys brought him to Saridona Prime.
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  15. MandoBones

    MandoBones Jedi Knight star 4

    Dec 2, 2012
    IC: Baatiryc Kryrc
    Cockpit of "Shukla", Hangar Bay, Saridona Prime

    "Oh, hush, you." Baatiryc muttered, as Racin, his pure white hunting greysor landed on his control panel, chittering at him.

    The landing had been a little noisier than the greysor preferred, what with landing in a hangar as opposed to an open air pad, and she wasn't going to let it slide. He'd interrupted her nap and that was a clear violation of "The Way Things Should Be". Sometimes he regretted taking on the spoiled animal. She'd been raised on Naboo, a hunting primate for a wealthy family who only used her as a showpiece. A job early in his career had brought him to the world, and she'd managed to stow away on his ship after the family's house was in ruins. He'd trained her to become an excellent hunting partner, though she still retained her spoiled manner sometimes.

    Especially when he interrupted her nap.

    He reached down and picked up his bucket, which had been resting upturned next to the pilot's seat. He slid it onto his head, and blinked several times, setting his HUD to maximum recorded input, so that everything he saw would be recorded on multiple spectrums and bandwidths for later analysis.

    "Vor'e, Racin. Vor'e for telling me that I'm a chakaar." he said, his voice a little deeper for being sent through the vocabulator in his helmet. "I know, I know. I suck at life."

    He set about shrugging into his armor vest, buckling it tightly, and patting himself down to make sure everything was in place. Armor, check. Belt pouches, check. Lightsaber, check. Gauntlets, check. Stims and bacta injectors, check. DE 10 in a holster on his right thigh, check. He flexed his right hand, and his gauntlet vibroblade ejected, glowing softly blue. He let it slide back into place, check.

    He strode for the loading ramp, where his large rucksack sat, full of all his essential medical supplies. Racin sat atop the pack, scowling and chattering away, shaking a fist at him.

    "K'uur, Rac'ika. K'uur." he said, using his "buir voice", which made her quiet down, purring softly, making big "innocent eyes" at him.

    He didn't buy it, but he sighed. He couldn't stay serious with her. The shabla creature had wormed her way into his heart, and he had a soft spot for her.

    "Come on. Shift it." he said, swinging the pack up onto his shoulders, and tightening the straps so that it clicked into place against his armor.

    Racin perched herself regally atop the pack, ready to travel, looking out over his right shoulder. He strode down the lowering ramp, and into the hangar bay, heading for the first group of people he saw. TwoMando'ade in full armor, only one of whom put off a Force Sensitive signature in the Force. The other one, the taller one, was a pure bred Mandalorian. It wasn't something he was expecting, but he certainly wasn't going to complain. Not at all. In fact, he was going to do everything he could to keep the man happy. Even if he didn't feel like a slab of granite in the Force, just the battle damage to his armor and the way he stood told Baatiryc that he was no one to be trifled with.

    He found two female Jedi twins with the armored men, and decided that this whole group was probably a group to keep happy. Their signatures in the Force were strong, in different ways. But they were all strong, certainly stronger than Battiryc himself. Yep. He'd tread on eggshells for a bit with them, until he found his place in this new mission.

    "Baatiryc Kyryc, two four seventh Journeyman Knights Corps, reporting for duty." he said, tipping his bucket to the other Mando'ade, and then the Jedi twins. "I'm a medic, but I'm not worthless in combat. Point me where I can be useful."

    Racin let out a friendly chirp from atop his rucksack, batting her eyes at the armored men. She wrapped her tail around herself, and stroked it coyly.

    "Yeah. She says hi too."
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  16. Journeyman1

    Journeyman1 Jedi Padawan star 1

    Oct 31, 2012
    IC: Col. Voj Velkin
    Hanger Bay #1, Temple of Light


    Had Voj been wearing his bucket, as he had been earlier, the not-so-subtle curses that slipped passed his lips would have been stifled and unheard. But since he was not they were easily made out by all around him. The cause for his ire was the abrupt arrival of a second transport, this one an old CEC YT-1760 named Shukla, looked to Voj like the stunted, red-headed step-child of his heavily modified YT-1930X, just not as cool.

    He stood there, hands on his hips, next to Taab. The armored duo blocked Leianna and Jaxon from view. They watched as the owner of the vessel debarked and introduced himself.

    "Baatiryc Kyryc, two four seventh Journeyman Knights Corps, reporting for duty." he said, tipping his bucket to the other Mando'ade, and then the Jedi twins. "I'm a medic, but I'm not worthless in combat. Point me where I can be useful."

    Kaysh mirsh solus. Voj did not hesitate to show his displeasure with the young Journeyman. Corporal Kyryc, you really are ori’buyce, kih’kovid aren’t you? Have you been into the ne’tra gal already?Are you haryc b’aalyc? Are you suffering from a mir’shupur? Or are you just a mir’osik? There has never been a 247th Corps in the entire history of the Journeymen Knights! Have you gone barvy? This hanger bay is only for the use of the Knights and Masters of the Guardians of Light, and the last time I checked you aren’t either of them! Now get that festering hunk of junk over to Hanger Bay T’ad, immediately! Once you have accomplished that I want you to report to Major Taab for your next assignment! Do I make myself clear?” Voj didn’t wait for him to answer, “Good, now get out of here immediately! DISMISSED!”

    Voj turned back toward Miria and Dovey. “Sorry about that Master Lahana, Dovey,” he apologized to each in turn after taking a small breath, “But sometimes my Journeymen don’t have their buckets screwed on right.”

    TAG: Taab, Miria, Dovey, Kryrc

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik, BultarSwan, MandoBones
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  17. Gotab

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    May 18, 2011
    IC: Ian Thrace
    Hanger Bay 2, Temple of Light

    "Want to cut my hair?" had he really just said that? His eyes went wide as even he realized how stupid that had sounded. He just hadn't known what else to say. Luckily it seemed that the young woman hadn't been put off by it as she introduced herself.

    "Hey yourself. The names Khalifa Sunrider...." Ian didn't hear anything after that. Khalifa. So that was her name. Now that he knew that he just stood there, staring into her eyes as she kept talking. She reached out to shake his hand and even though he had initated that contact he recoiled, bringing his hand quickly back to his own side. He was afraid to even touch her right now, and honestly never expected that she would get that far with her. If he didn't know better he would even say that she was flirting with him!

    That was new for him, most women he tried to flirt with never gave him the time of day. They would always see him as too weak, or too scrawny, or too afraid of them (and everything) to be suitable dating material. And they were all right. He was weak, and scrawny and he was afraid of those women. Not women in general of course. He had female friends, like Padawan Tano, but there was no romantic interest there. However, whenever he thought of any kind of romantic entanglement his knees went weak and he started to sweat. He just wasn't very good at this at all.

    Ms. Sandstrider seemed annoyed at him. Great so now she could tell what he was going through. He hoped she wasn't a blabber mouth, he didn't want his feelings to be common knowledge throughout the Temple. Then Khalifa retreated back into her ship. Ian didn't know why she had, he hadn't been listening to her, just staring. Did she expect him to follow her, or was she just trying to get away from him?

    That question was soon answered as she came back out after a few moments. "So how about you give me a tour of this Temple while we talk and get to know one another." Ian just continued standing there, his jaw dropped down again as she flipped her hair. Ms. Sandstrider snapped him out of it.

    “Okay, come on love-birds. Lets get out of the hanger, if our Mando friend allows it of course.”

    Oh poo-doo, she had seen what was going on. Ian would never be able to live this down. Wait did she say Mando? Ian looked around for a few seconds and then saw who she was talking about. A shorter Mandalorian, with a slight force presence if Ian wasn't mistaken. Great another of Voj's henchmen. Looking closer at him, Ian realized that this Mandalorian was actually shorter than he was, and probably much younger. Still he looked no less lethal than the others he had met, and there was a lightsaber swinging from his belt.

    Ian suppressed a shudder, he really hated these guys. "Frankly sweetheart, I can care less what you rag-a-muffins do, but you’re going to be ” the Mando snapped at them “Now, if you’ll excuse me I have other things to take care of that do not involve being groomed by someone else.”

    He stormed out of the hanger bay after that. From the looks of it he had also overheard Ian's stupidity. Now he was sure it would get back to the other Mandos, who would no doubt tease him mercilessly about it. But there was something else there, something Ian thought he felt from him just as he left the bay. Was it jealousy? Ian couldn't tell, but he was sure he had nothing to be jealous of. Ian was sure to screw this up just as he had everything else in his life.

    Seeing that it would be ok for them to leave the hanger bay now he motioned for them to follow him. "Ummm...ok" he started to gain a bit of confidence now. "Yeah follow me, I will show you to your quarters...padawan level?

    TAG: Lenea_Sandstrider, JediMaster_1977
  18. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Ruins - Saridona Prime

    Everything was happening too fast for Gaan at the moment. After they landed, two of the others had offered to take up point and rearguard, while Kasha lit her lightsaber to give the rest of them a rally point. Or at least that was what Gaan assumed. Her hand curled around the black hilt of her own lightsaber, but she didn't draw the weapon, sensing no need for it at the moment.

    There was something strange about the behavior of some of the others, and she sensed tension running through the entire group. Having been one of the few to suffer so far permanent damage from the Force event supposedly caused by the Ruins, she almost felt a connection to the place, and the strange energy didn't feel quite so strange to her. Rather, it relaxed her, eased her mind, and even hinted that her missing memories might be found within. Instead of the apparent hesitation that the rest of the Jedi here seemed to feel, her mind was flooded with eagerness, and her steps quickened as they got closer, until she was almost pressing against the woman who had taken point, wanting to pass her. Rationally, she knew that would hardly be wise, but her rational mind wasn't quite functioning as well as usual, so she tapped the woman's arm. "You want to trade positions?"

    TAG: Adalia_Durron, Ruins group
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  19. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Temple of Light

    Taab breathed a slight sign of releif as Voj dropped his blaster. Taab didn't fear death, it came to claim everyone eventually. But that didn't mean he welcomed it either. He had been fairly certain that his actions would break Voj out of whatever had gotten into the Colonel at the mention of Dopelganger's predicament, but not 100%. So his next words came as a welcome relief to Taab.

    “Now why would I cut my own left arm off? I’m just a little on edge and slightly over protective, sue me.”

    They were the words of a man with alot on his shoulders, and someone who was slightly embarassed by what had just transpired. Taab decided that it was best kept between them. Hopefully Spoonbender's droid wouldn't report it to him.

    “Come on Major, let’s be the first friendly faces the sisters see. Navi, keep an eye on things.”

    Taab nodded in agreement and followed the Colonel out. Along the way they met up with Patches and Cyar'ika. Taab was surprised that he sent only Patches to watch over the TCC while the female Mandalorian accompanied them to greet the Ancient Haven. Kyramud would also meet them there, to help tend to the wounded.

    Upon arrival, Taab noted Goldy and her dopelganger sitting alone on the ship's boarding ramp. Any injured must still have been aboard ship. There was an immediate difference in Voj's demeanor that even Taab could see. He suddenly became much more formal, he even bowed to them as he spoke.

    “Grand Master, Lahana, Knight Lahana, welcome back. Allow me to introduce Major Shysa and Captain Renn. The Captain will see to the wounded, and we are here to assist you in any other way.”

    Without moving his head, Taab slewed the view of his HUD over to watch Cyar'ika's reaction. If Taab had caught on to Voj's behavior then the woman with whom he had worked for years, and who Taab believed was force sensative herself, would surely see it. Taab had to know if there was going to be a problem here, his bonus could depend on it.

    But there was no time for a reaction as another ship swiftly approached the hanger bay. Its lines clearly showed its Corellian heritage, but Taab had to use his buy'ce's onboard database to identify it as a YT-1760. "What a piece of junk", he murmured loudly enough for everyone to hear.

    The occupants, a lone Mandalorian and some sort of animal disembarked and introduced themselves. It was clear that Voj already knew him, and wasn't too pleased to be interupted. He laid into him in a way Taab hadn't heard since his time with the Protectors. It actually made him smile under his buy'ce. Those were good times. After the man was dismissed, Taab took stock of what had just happened, a medic could be useful here. All the Temple had was its assortment of medical droids and any Jedi here that may have been adept healers. It would be good to have someone with more concrete, tangable skills. At least so long as this Journeyman wasn't a complete shu'shuk. Taab quietly commed Patches in the TCC and directed him to have the newcomer report to the med bay after he had relocated his ship to the other hanger.

    At least the incident seemed to loosen Voj up a bit though. "Sorry about that Master Lahana, Dovey. But sometimes my Journeymen don’t have their buckets screwed on right.”

    He had called Dopelganger by her first name, Dovey, instead of the more formal Knight Lahana as he had earlier. If Cyar'ika hadn't seen it before she was sure to see it now. He again slewed the view on his HUD over to her, hoping she wasn't the jealous type.

    TAG: Journeyman1, BultarSwan, BlueHeron, -Remi-

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  20. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Vakeer
    Roxuli, Sith Imperium, Streets

    It had been a very busy day for Vakeer, the Sith in charge of the security of the capital world. Not sufficiently skilled to be annointed a Lord, and given a 'Darth' name, he was nonetheless skilled enough to be appointed a Saber within the ranks of the Sith Imperium.

    There were only a few dozen Sith in total within the Imperium, but on a case-by-case basis they were more powerful than many of the lower echelons within the One Sith and Lost Tribe movements. As such, Vakeer could give any modern Jedi Knight a run for his credits.

    Today, however, the galaxy was giving the wisened Falleen a run for his money. As a former member of the Dominion of Darkness, now a New Sith, he was prowling the streets for a Firrerreo and Human couple, the former mildly Force sensitive but unpleasantly lucky. Carving havoc through the undercity of Roxuli's packed cityscape - a pocket Coruscant to the Unknown Regions - Vakeer was prowling yet another busy concourse, a few levels down but still visible to the sunlight of the systems primary. Illicit drugs were standard fare here - Sith supplied, of course - and all manner of fornication and entertainment was bountiful.

    Vakeer preferred to prowl alone, but he had two squads of Stormtroopers - eighteen men in total - positioned at either end of the market place, so Vakeer could drive the two hoodlums towards them and ensnare them. Hopefully.

    Unfortunately, his travels had taken him closer to the Sith Academy than he would have liked, and the actions of Kev-Maas Colcha were a slight disruption upon his focus. Equally, however, the dark ripples being put into play showed up Force users like rocks in a pond, and so, when Kev-Mas Colcha II entered the atmosphere completely undetected by all traditional forms of technology, and even those of the Watcher - the only other Saber on Roxuli - Vakeer felt the presence like a plop of one of those self-same rocks, throwing up but a bead of water into the air before settling.

    Whatever it was, it was gone, and Vakeer could not discern it through the miasma of Roxuli, a world shrouded in the dark side for nearly fifty years. Whatever it was, it had gone deep beneath the ocean of the Sith...

    Was it connected to his hunt?

    Was it coincidence?

    The cold-blooded reptillian didn't believe in the latter, and decided that secrecy was no longer to his gain; he had bigger prey to hunt. Tossing his grey robe away, he stood in the centre of the market place, Chiss, Ssi-ruuvi, Vagaari, Yuuzhan Vong, humans, Bothans and Yevetha all pausing in their daily routines for a long moment as they regarded the green-skinned Sith, his face mottled with a single black tattoo.

    He reached out, screaming into the Force.


    The Sith Academy, Roxuli

    Kev-Maas Colcha, the only apprentice on Roxuli, watched as his lightning peeled off the hides of the creatures, not harming them in the slightest... but that didn't account for open mouths... or eyes... or any other point uncovered by the crab-skin. The pack dropped, in one, in pain, but not dead. Supplicating... but still not defeated.

    The Holocron rasped. "Good. But can you build upon it? An obstacle is, with a little ingenuity, a lever from which you can propel yourself forward... or a potential ally in your quest." Darth Gorog seemed pleased, clicking his teeth like an insect despite his tentacle-chinned appearance, being a Sith pureblood.

    The Force suddenly sung with danger, the two other Sith on-world communicating - Vakeer and the aptly self-titled Watcher - Gorog rustled, offended. "My training sessions are not to be disturbed."

    A moment seemed to pass, and Gorog stared into space. "The boy... a return... connections!"

    Gorog snarled, hissing. "Take me with you. Right now."

    At his orders, the pack seemed to recoil, and then straighten, obeying, with incredible and alien uniformity, the Holocron's words. Or not just a Holocron...

    The other Holocrons began to activate, shouting for Colcha to ignore the pretender, and to not break his bond with the Order, and Gorog waved a hand, silencing them entirely. But, that was not enough, alarms began to ring, and before long the Caretakers - tall and brutal Gamorreon thugs renowned for their immunity to Force suggestion (by their stupidity) and their numbers - would be en route to him now.

    Unless the alarms had something to do with that threat that had burned through the Force... and then there was an external issue on its way. Another obstacle, perhaps?

    In Orbit, and in the Watch Tower

    So far, so good.

    The Crimson Dagger had indeed passed throw the narrow lanes that were marked by the planetary shields completely and utterly undetected. But, as had been demonstrated, only by those who were looking.

    Atop the Sith Academy of Roxuli, itself a black obsidian pyramid of metal, was a single tower, reaching high into the air. Traffic formed around it and the jagged turbolasers that jutted from its crown, a collection of sophisticated sensors atop the transparisteel dome; a Sith could see with technology and his eyes if he so wished.

    The Bothan who called herself the Watcher was such a Sith, and though just a Saber was a considerably well-trained one. With a gift for detection, the Bothan had rooted out Dominion pawns in the Sith Imperium for years in the service of, initially, Darth Avarice, the Regent of the Imperium, and then, upon his return, Darth Insipid. Like many other Sith, she had grown disillusioned with the madness of Insipid, and gladly accepted the events in which Mystique and other Sith had killed him on Goreh, despite herself not being present at the skirmish.

    Three groups of Sith - Acolytes, Dominionite and Insipid's own Vapid remnants - had reformed the New Sith Order, and now Watcher was proud to be a Sith again. And so, she watched for threats to this world, the former capital of the Imperium, a world which was still important enough to warrant two Sith despite it's Academy being relatively empty at the moment... while the Lords were at war.

    But in looking, the Watcher had not found anything, and so when the wake of the Firrerreo, the wake of Colcha, and, it would be concluded, the wake of Vos, came together, allowed for the miasma to be pierced...

    ... at which point Colcha II was within the planetary atmosphere.

    The Watcher was trained well enough to seal the planet shut, to deploy her limited numbers of D-Types through the corridors into the shields before shutting them, to order her battalion of Stormtroopers onto the streets, to impose martial law on the whole world.

    Such was her power.

    Materially, anyway.

    The Watcher cast her net out, with the Force, and found nothing, but she trusted Vakeer, a former foe, and relatively, now, close lover, and simply opened a channel to the whole world.

    "Whoever you are, you have breached a Sith world." She smiled, pulling her hood over her features. "And found that there are only traps here."

    "I will give you one chance to surrender; to dock with the Watchtower, and explain yourself... before I kill you. Or, I can turn this whole world against you. And potentially conceal, destroy or discover whatever you are here to find."

    She didn't know why her intruder was here, but whatever it was, she could threaten it.

    Nobody snuck into a Sith world for fun.

    Back at the Concourse

    Vakeer, despite being the Sith to sound the alarm, was not rushing back to the Sith Academy, to join the Watcher in his Watch Tower.

    Rath Vos would be a man, as ever, on his mission... and, despite crossing the fabled border of the Sith Imperium many parsecs ago, would not have yet encountered a Sith, despite being a few hundred metres from the fabled Sith Academy of Roxuli... Searching, seeking, wandering...

    Plagued by memories that were dreams to him...

    Thoughts that did not belong to him...

    On the self-same concourse as Vakeer, perhaps caught up in the wake of the Firrerreo who was, with his blasted luck, foiling Sith scheme after Sith scheme? Merged with the crowd, a crowd which, as alarms filled the air, was even now panicking and seeking to rush home, parting for a moment to reveal him?

    Vakeer would, as such, catch a glimpse, in the Force, and through his eyes, of someone he had thought dead. A telling similarity between this vagabond at the edge of his sight, and someone from memory... the Dark Lord... the one who had led the House of Lords during the Siege of Lehon... Ventris remembered it well, as someone who had been with the Dominion since the Force Cold War...

    Incredulous, he spoke an utterance. "Darth Ventris?"

    Igniting his lightsaber - a curved hilt marking it as something beyond the non-descript blade of another Sith, Vakeer gestured, slamming aside dozens of the crowd to his left as he parted them.

    He pointed his blade down the concourse. "Darth Ventris!"

    The man who had gone missing in the final hours of the Battle of Lehon... when Darth Insipid and Darth Avarice made their final move, and attempted to kill both the Dominion of Darkness and the Dragons they had fought long and hard for a decade... the whispers Harestisch and Mystique had made about how Ventris had been apart of the conspiracy...

    And then the sickly stench of Jedi training to the man...

    Vengeance would be his.

    "I challenge you!" He roared, and thrust his hand forward, lightning bursting free. "I challenge you to die!"

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  21. Nick of Time

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    Jan 15, 2013
    Enter Rath Vos
    The Concourse, Roxuli

    With muddled thoughts straining to break into his consciousness, Rath was miles away from the crowd before him. He had memories; of a mother that he had never met, of a father who still eluded his search. These were false. They were not his memories. They were snippets from holovids and articles and reports that invaded his mind and perpetrated as fact.

    The vague sense of threat drew Rath from his own musings. The immediate sense of danger forced his attention towards the claxon of alarms. Could those be directed towards him? Had he been discovered after so long on this planet? “Darth Ventris?”

    The name came as a whisper. It was not one he had ever heard out loud, but something with which he was exceedingly familiar. So surprising was its utterance now, that Rath wasn’t sure he had heard it. He searched for the source, and was immediately directed to a mouth that had now issued the name again. This second occurrence had the unmistakable twinge of a challenge. Rath drew up to his full height. His reverie was completely broken at this moment, by the appearance of an unwelcome sort.

    A Falleen, of average description, but for his apparent Sith training, was pointing a blood red lightsaber at Rath’s chest. It was evident that this Sith thought Rath to be his father. Rath was able to conclude that this was either a new Sith, or a stupid one. While their physical resemblance was uncanny, the Force had a way of distinguishing one being from another. It was likely that this man had never met Ventris.

    The Falleen yelled something, while Rath ignited his lightsaber staff. These words were drowned out almost immediately by the accompanying burst of Force lightning. Rath almost smirked. In the years that he had spent researching and planning for this trip, he had studied the training of Sith acolytes very heavily. This was not an issue.

    While surveying his surroundings for civilians, the large Kiffar Jedi gripped his staff at the top and swung the plasma blade to intercept the lightning. He directed it away from him towards the ground at his left. Noting that there was not a second burst coming his way; Rath pushed the air behind him and leapt into a full sprint towards his opponent. A practitioner of both the Makashi and Ataru styles of lightsaber combat, Rath was nearly always on the offensive. This was where his talents showed. He supplied strength to his legs and leapt high into the air. He brought his saber, held very widely on the staff, down in a huge arc on top of the Falleen.

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  22. MandoBones

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    Dec 2, 2012
    OOC: Minor GMing of Voj approved.

    IC: Baatiryc Kyryc
    Hangar Bay One, Temple of Light

    Baatiryc stood still as the Colonel, he surmised, laid into him. It wasn't anything he hadn't heard before. Training sergeants had called him every terrible thing that they could think of, and they were some imaginative shabuire, to put it politely. He wasn't going to get his feelings hurt by a few insults. The Colonel was blowing off steam, and apparently showing off for his companions.

    No self respecting Mando'ade of Clan Kyryc would take such a dressing down without a response, however. And certainly not Baatiryc Kyryc. He'd fought in multiple wars, had passed trials both Mandalorian and Jedi, had killed and healed, saved and sacrificed, loved and lost. He might not have been a legend in anybody's eyes, but he didn't deserve instant disdain.

    "Well, look who's all ori'buyce now. Excuse the osik outta me, "Colonel" but my squad was assigned away from the main battle group. That's why I didn't ride in on the "Defender". That festering hunk of junk is the only thing that kept me alive to get here! I don't know what crawled up your bev'ika but you maybe need to back the shab off before things get a little more serious than either of us would like." he said, taking a half step towards the Colonel.

    He would not be backed down by some officer with an overblown sense of self worth.

    He would, however, be punched right square in the T-Visor and knocked on his kama.

    The fist impacted with his helmet, moving so fast he barely saw it coming. His HUD screamed an alarm at him the instant before it hit, and he had a split second to roll his eyes at the damned thing before his head rocked back with the force of the blow. He landed hard on his backside, and it took a moment for the flashes of light in his field of view to resolve back into the familiar HUD he was used to. He stood back up, quickly, and then caught himself.

    While he was a Mando'ade, he wasn't a glutton for punishment. He could endure pain, but he didn't particularly enjoy it. He raised his hands to remove his helmet, and found that his lightsaber was in his right hand, not ignited. He hadn't even been conscious of drawing it. He slipped his bucket off his head, and placed the back of his gauntlet against his nose. It came away red.

    Racin was screeching at the Colonel, but Baatiryc raised a hand and soothed her. He looked the older Mando straight in the visor, and he smiled.

    "Well...that's just about serious enough for me. Right you are, Colonel. Hanger two it is." he said, raising his lightsaber hilt to his forehead in a light salute. "Colonel. Major. Jedi."

    He turned and strode back towards his ship, satisfied that order had been established. He now had a better measure of the officer than he'd had before, and the officer had the same of him. He stood at the controls, setting them to autopilot the ship to the next hangar bay. As the ship moved, Racin insisted on fetching him a bandage and blotting his face with it. She knew enough to know that bandages fixed injuries, but not how they worked. It was sweet, really.

    He took the opportunity to clean his nose, and feed her a little bit of fruit. As the ship set back down in the (hopefully) appropriate hangar bay, he clipped his helmet onto his belt so as not to have it smashed into his nose again, should someone here be in a punching mood. He exited the ship, again, and strode for the nearest comm panel, to send a quick message to Major Taab, who he assumed was the other Mando in the first hangar bay.

    "Su'cuy, Major. Corporal Kyryc reporting for duty in the right hangar this time. I await assignment." he typed, sending it normal priority, so that could be opened at the other man's leisure.

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  23. Skywalker_T-65

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    Nov 19, 2009
    IC: Arrica Sandstrider

    Redemption Bridge

    The crew on the bridge of the old Star Destroyer had finally began to relax again. Knowing that the other Destroyer was no threat to them, meant they could afford to go back to normal operations, and not have to man all the weapons. But the crew really should have realized that they would never have it that easy.

    "Good day to you Gentlebeings! Have I found the Guardians of Light? If so, I'm here to join up, if they'll have me! Just one problem though, what I'm seeing is rather different from the information I was given, so how can you convince me that I won't be flying into a trap if I head on in?"

    Standing in the center of the bridge, Arrica Sandstrider sighed, “Never a dull moment…sensors, who is contacting us?”

    The man at the station turned his head, “A Mon Cal light freighter. It’s hovering just out of our weapons range. The GSD can’t get a lock either.”

    Arrica nodded, “Nothing we can do about that then…open a channel.”

    After the channel was opened, Arrica started to talk again, “Unidentified freighter, this is the Abydonian Star Destroyer Redemption. You have found who you are looking for, but we can’t let you come any closer without authorization. Hold your position until we can contact the surface.”

    After saying that, Arrica sent a message down to the Spirit and the Temple, asking if they could let the freighter down to the surface.

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  24. BultarSwan

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    Jul 5, 2003
    IC: Miria Lahana
    Hangar Bay One

    Miria stood up upon the entrance of the others. Her eyes focused intensely on each of them before Voj spoke. When the new people were introduced Miria nodded her head towards them. "Welcome to you both. Thank-you for your help, it is much appreciated. Miria studied Voj once more discreetly. It wasn't unusual that he was here certainly, but her sister's reaction to him was something she was watching closely.

    When a ship landed not far from the group, Miria simply raised an eyebrow. She sensed no danger but the hangar was for Jedi knights and masters only; she kept her hands to her sides. When the man disembarked his ship and he and Voj got into it she could feel her sister tensing.
    Her sister would be unfamiliar with situations such as these and Miria didn’t blame her. Especially since she couldn’t see.

    When Voj punched the man, Miria kept her thoughts to herself but felt her skin turning silver. She had never liked violence no matter the reason and this was no exception. It was interesting though, to see the mechanics behind different groups, as she had never been in any other than the Jedi.

    Once the pilot had left with his ship, Voj spoke to Miria and her sister. “I understand first-timer mistakes very well. No need to apologize.” Miria wondered if there would be any more mistakes of this manner, but could not foresee any.

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    IC: Dovey Lahana
    Hangar Bay One

    Dovey looked up out of habit when she heard people approaching but of course couldn’t see them. So instead she tried to see them through the use of the force. All she got were hazy outlines of people but she could feel the one’s force energies and once he spoke, she realized it was Voj. Dovey stood up, brushing Miria’s sleeve with her hand so that she wouldn’t bump into her own sister. She nodded her head in his direction and said, “Hello,” quietly.

    When a ship landed to their side nearer what she guessed would be the middle of the hangar and a man debarked, her eyes widened a little when Voj started swearing at him. Her jaw set and she subtly moved so that she was standing just a little in front and to the side of her sister. ‘I may be blind,’ she thought, ‘but he doesn’t know that.’ She couldn’t tell which she meant, Voj or this new character, but in the end she decided it was a thought directed at both of them.

    Even though he was getting a dressing down, of the sort Dovey herself was very used to, he didn’t budge an inch from what she could tell. He verbally and physically held his own and yet he was respectful to a degree, even though he used a language she did not know. That gave her something to think about as she turned her body back to where Voj, Taab and the others were standing.

    When Voj addressed them again, Dovey had already moved once more to her place next to her sister with a single sliding step, her hand brushing Miria’s slightly for the simple reassurance that others were physically there even though she couldn’t see them. The gold-skinned Firrerrean listened as her sister dismissed the little incident and wondered why Voj had used her sister’s formal title and yet had used her first name. She thought of asking but didn’t want attention drawn to herself for now.

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