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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, May 13, 2011.

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    Jun 24, 2006
    OOC: Apologies for this post being late. It has been a long time coming and there are some personal reasons for that as well as I just flat out could not decide on which direction I wanted to go from here. I hope I made the right choice.

    IC: Darth Ardeur

    She could feel him drinking her rage and emotions. Darth Dreadwar could not have hoped to say something else that would make her respond in this manner. As she dropped her shields she felt him, his spirit, his essence engulf her own inside of her body. Ardeur fell to the floor, her knee crashing into the deck of the bridge where she’d been standing with faceless officers, servants of the dark side.

    The Holocron mirrored her and fell to the floor as well. It shattered into many pieces that flew around the room. Bright light pierced the darkness on the bridge. Ardeur lifted her head to find a swirl of dust that became a man. A dead man. Her face filled with shock and more rage coursed through her. Of course! She thought to herself. This was just another trick of Insipid. Her anger helped her get a grip on her life that Dreadwar was trying to steal away from her. She struggled to her feet, wobbling slightly as she rose up off her knees.

    “I am dead.” The being that was Insipid spoke. If he thought that was going to give her relief, he was wrong. Ardeur had learned the hard way that Insipid had many tricks up his sleeves. However, as she looked closer she noticed there were several layers on Insipid in this image before her. She saw the many faces he wore, but the original Insipid, the one that belonged to the man she fell in love with all those years ago was the brightest, the clearest of the images.

    “I am also alive, here.” He chuckled that deep throaty chuckle he knew she liked as he pointed to his heart. “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. That’s fairy tale nonsense and is simply not true.”

    You’re damn right it isn’t true, Ardeur wanted to spit at him. Instead she waited, her eyes staring blankly at a space between the two deadly creatures before her.

    He reached out a hand to her and spoke, “This is a Rakatan Mind Trap. I found one, in the depths of Lehon, nearly eight decades ago when we joined the Dominion of Darkness to spy on them for Krayt. I knew there would be, one day, a use for it.”

    “I heard what he said,” Insipid said, lightly. “Dreadwar. About Micah, and him being alive – which may be true. Or, it may not.”

    “You can choose to die here, right here, right now, and Dreadwar, consuming you, will be trapped in here with us via the bond we have. We’ll die, together.” Insipid shrugged. “Or you can choose life, and choose Micah, but know that you will be releasing a hell upon the galaxy that you cannot control and cannot guarantee will even give you Micah.”

    More tricks. Ardeur was tired. She’d lived in this galaxy longer than any other Sith had ever been able to before. Most of the time she couldn’t even tell which time period she was in anymore. Now that Insipid caused her to step back and think more clearly Ardeur wondered if it were even possible for Micah to still be alive.

    “Your choice. I know you want to die. I can tell. I’d love to say I am the same, but I went mad years ago, and I finally passed through it.” He snorted. “You should have seen me a decade or two ago. Having delightful tea parties with Corran Horn’s head on Cade Skywalker’s body, I was. And yes, I blame you for that year of my life."

    A wry smile flitted briefly across Ardeur’s lips. This sounded more like the man she’d fallen for. His humor. His darkness. His drive.

    "Everything I have just told you, could be a lie, incidentally... but can you trust me, or him? Last question, and then you are free from this."

    His smile went through her defenses and into her inner being. He was already trying to help her entrap Darth Dreadwar as if he knew what her answer would be. Of course he knew what her answer would be. There was no way Ardeur could let this supposed Sith loose on the galaxy with her secret. The order would never survive and neither would her apprentice, Ariat, who she had come to care for. Only he could have the secret and he already did have it. His weakness was that he didn’t want to use it yet.

    She realized it didn’t matter if he was lying about Micah being alive or not. It only mattered that together they could trap Dreadwar and she knew enough about the mind trap to know that it was possible to accomplish what he told her. There was also no reason for this to be another trick from Darth Dreadwar. She’d already given herself up to him when the dust appeared.

    Ardeur slowly reached out her hand. “Be with me, Insipid, as it has always been with us and is always meant to be. Our own twisted fairy tale could never end in any other way besides our deaths.”

    Her last thought was of her apprentice. She breathed out the words, “Forgive me, Ariat” as she gave herself over to Insipid’s trap.

    IC: Ariat

    Across the galaxy on a remote planet lived a teenager. This brown haired boy was playing idly with a carved stone pendant that always hung around his neck. His master had been away for awhile now, as she said she would be and Ariat was getting restless. He didn’t understand why his master was still attempting to hide him from the rest of the Sith. The time jump that they’d experienced hadn’t been a dream. The new dark lord of the Sith knew he was out there somewhere.

    Ariat was mulling over what to do when he felt a sharp pain in his head. He fell to the ground, dust flying as his body crashed into the dirt.

    “Master…” he croaked. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he realized he would never see her again.

    Ariat was now a lost apprentice and he was angry.

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    Oct 25, 2012
    IC: Allynic Sitan
    GOL Temple, Hanger Bay

    "I'm kinda busy. I'm thinking maybe Bogden can wait a while. I like it here." He felt the thoughts come back from Khalifa. She seemed distracted, almost like he was bothering her. Allynic sighed. It was Khalifa who had been insitent on going to Bogden in the first place and now she had tossed it to the side to go chase after a boy. No conviction. No commitment. How very.....human, he thought to himself. Always bouncing from one thing to another, never finishing the job at hand.

    Allynic wished he had transport; he would just go to Bogden alone to investigate what was going on. Not that this ship would probably make it anyway. It was beyond ancient and in need of great repair., he would leave it. If the Force wanted him on Bogden then it would provide a way for him. He turned back to the computer and powered it down. Then he exited the ship and went back into the hanger. He looked around, not quite sure what to do next, hoping someone would notice him...

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Josch Decinchi
    The Ruins, Saridona Prime

    Unfortunately the stairway was only wide enough to allow the group to move down it in a single file line. The group was lead down by Gaan and Alec, followed by Josch and Kasha, and backed up by Adalia, Hochner, and Daniel. In that moment to Josch realized that the presence he felt was one he had not felt in over a century. It was the warm sensation of one of the more important woman in his long life. But as the last of their group stepped onto the stairs, his thoughts were quickly interrupted. Suddenly the stairs disappeared beneath them and sent everyone tumbling down three different chutes.

    Once Gaan and Alec came to a stop they found themselves in a room with one exit. That door led to a spiral staircase that ascended into a corridor that was similar to what they had been in prior to the first stairs.

    Josch and Kasha found themselves landing in a long room filled with deterioration and decay. A double row of relief-carved marble columns march the length of the hall. The worn carvings depict entwining dragons. At the end of the hall there is a faint blue glowing figure. As they approach it both of them realize that they recognize the female. Simultaniously they cried out “Fress?” and “Grandma?”

    Meanwhile the last three landed in a ruined chamber that stood empty of all but a litter of rocky debris. Hochner instantly recognized this room as his former residence in the Ruins.

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    IC: Miria and Dovey Lahana
    Temple Hangar Bay 1

    Miria stood silently next to her sister. She watched first Dovey and then slowly turned her head to Voj. Miria wanted badly to say something but knew that it had to be Dovey's decision on whether or not Voj was informed of what was going on. The Firrerrean, therefore, simply folded her hands in front of her and shrugged with one shoulder.

    Dovey was fighting with her anger. She didn't want to look weak, again, in front of the same person. Her life, day in and day out had been about hiding weakness, ignoring it until she no longer could at which point it was beaten out of her. She sighed, started to cross her arms in front of her, realized it would make her look bad and let them hang limply to her sides. Finally she let out a hiss of breath and said, "I can't see. I'm blind."

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    Alec Vandel
    Saridona Prime, Ruins

    Even if Alec had been expecting the trap, there was really nothing he could've done about it. For once his usual stoic face was broken completely, his eyes widening and an actual "Woah!" of surprise being forced from his lips when the stairs suddenly disappeared beneath his very feet. The tumble downwards didn't exactly help his pride as he found himself rolling and bouncing down, trying to orient himself and failing miserably. His hands and feet lashed out, trying to find purchase and stop his descent while he managed to catch brief glances of the others in the same least for a few seconds before a particularly hard deflection off the stone wall - which will probably be leaving a bruise on his left arm - told him that his direction of descent had taken a sudden shift and he could only keep track of one other in front of him who he knew was Gaan.

    With one last tumble, Alec took note that their descent seemed to be evening out, the fall becoming less steeper which would probably mean that they should hopefully be stopping relatively soo-


    He wasn't sure which part of Gaan he hit when she stopped and he came right behind her. Probably a stretched out foot or elbow but Alec was finally brought to a stop with the assistance of a sudden, painful hit to his chest. With an audible exhalation of air that was forcefully driven from his lungs, Alec rolled off to the side to relieve the pressure at his chest and then, and only then, was he finally able to just drop to his back and just...lay there for a moment. He coughed once, then twice, and then was finally able to bring air back into his lungs without any difficulties.

    After his first breath and he was capable of speech again, Alec muttered a simple, "...Ow."

    Finally getting around to regaining his bearings, the young Jedi examined his surroundings from his current position. Gaan was with him, that much was obvious, but he couldn't spot any of the others. Separated? Probably. No one else had come down to collide into him which, when looking at that way, was a plus. But it was completely possible that their group had been divided. Instinctively he reached out to try and sense them but found himself unable to do so at this moment; no doubt because of the barrier still. They were truly separated then.

    On purpose? he mused and dared to sit up. If that trap meant to kill us it-ow. He flinched during mid-sit-up and a hand went instinctively to his chest, tentatively examining where he got hit. Minor, temporary pain, would go away in a second, bruising was doubtful. All that resulted was the wind getting knocked out of him.

    My arm on the other hand... His hand moved from his chest to his left arm and felt for the ache that still radiated from the upper portion, just beneath the shoulder. That's gonna leave a bruise. But it wouldn't bother him if he needed to defend himself so that could be written off as well.

    Right so the trap probably wasn't meant to kill us. Separate us then? Possibly to divide and conquer.

    "Are you all right?" Alec finally remembered to ask Gaan though he doubted that she would've suffered any serious injury. With that he mind, he just took note of the rest of their surroundings and didn't even spare Gaan a look. They landed in a room with only one exit. Going back was, obviously, impossible so they really had no choice in the matter it seemed. Getting back on his feet, Alec stepped over to the door - which was open - and looked up at the spiral staircase which seemed to lead to....another corridor if he had to guess. Probably like the one they were just in.

    And probably one that would lead them to something more then just a uncontrollable tumble. But it wasn't like they had much of a choice.

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    IC: Fress Colias
    Ruins Saridona Prime

    Fress watched as both cried out to her as she stepped towards Josch. The man who helped her gets past all of her fears of recommitting herself into a long-term relationship despite her pain filled past. It didn’t end well for her, or their daughter Keria. She still loved him despite everything, but she had to do what was best for their daughter. “Hello Kasha and Josch, it’s been a long time since we talked, Josch. The last time we spoke did not end well for either of us or for Keira. I know when I disappeared with Keira it hurt you. I hope you can forgive me. Keira was growing fearful of you and your activities. She wanted to go into hiding. It was almost like you weren’t there for us anymore. You became a stranger and no longer listened to reason. Brice lied to you protecting us. He knew where we went. I didn’t care about looking older even though you didn’t. All I wanted was someone by my side.”

    Fress let the last sentence hang before continuing to speak. Knowing this is where Josch failed and learned a hard lesson. “Josch, leading Kasha and her family here is my way of forgiving you. And I think you know what I mean.”

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    IC: Allynic Sitan
    GOL Hanger Bay

    Allynic paced in front of Khalifa’s ship awaiting her return. Suddenly he heard a nearby conversation.

    "Well baar'ur, I hope you're a better medic than a navigator. Our lives may depend on it someday." He spun around and motioned for the Corporal to follow him. "This way, there are already some in the infirmery that could use your assistance." He took note of the man's companion and made a decision. "First things first, let's get your animal to the sanctuary. It will be quite safe there, and the medical ward is no place for such a...creature."

    That sounds interesting, he thought to himself. I love animals and could use a distraction until Khalifa comes back. He pulled out his comlink and dialed in the desired frequency. “Khalifa, I am going to head to the animal sanctuary while I await you. Taab is heading over there soon. I will await your return, but if they decide to leave before you return I will go with them. If you get back and I’m not here, just give me a call and I will meet you back at the hanger.” He ended the transmission and looked up.

    Allynic straightened his robes and then walked over to Taab. “Do you mind if I accompany you to the animal sanctuary? I am awaiting my partner and if she doesn't arrive soon I could use a distraction. I hope that is acceptable, good Sir.

    As he awaited and answer, he remembered the pet he had owned on Caamasi; a Red-Tailed Ringer…


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    IC: Daniel Sandstrider

    Ancient Ruins

    As Daniel walked with the group down the stairs, he couldn't quite shake the feeling that something was off. There was something wrong, and he couldn't quite put his finger on it. And the Force gave no answers, as whatever was blocking it certainly wasn't helping his already weak skills with precognition. But it didn't matter in the long run, as he suddenly felt the staircase disappear beneath his feet.

    "What the!!"

    Daniel felt himself falling down a chute, and instinctively tucked into a ball. He felt his body hit chunks of protruding rock, and he knew those were going to leave bruises. One particularly savage impact to his shoulder managed to dislocate it, eliciting a sharp gasp of pain from the Abydonian. Finally though, the fall came to an end. Somehow Daniel had managed to avoid falling on top of Commander Tehanis or Knight Trevalus.

    Despite the throbbing pain in his shoulder, Daniel quickly got to his feet, and had his lightsaber in his uninjured arm's hand. The ancient green blade illuminated a room full of rocky debris, and nothing else. Obviously the Abydonian didn't recognize the room, as he had never been in these ruins. But he still scanned it in the emerald light of his saber, before turning to look at his comrades.

    "Are you two injur..." Daniel began, before wincing again as his shoulder protested the movement, "injured?"

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    IC: Gaan Be'orar - The Ruins - Saridona Prime

    Gaan watched as Alec stepped forward, and, seeing no one else volunteering to be next, she followed him down the staircase. Suddenly, the stairs disappeared, and she held her breath until she hit the chute, somehow ending up in front of Alec as she began a barely-controlled tumble toward.... Well, she wasn't entirely sure where. She was, though, getting a better grasp on the pattern of her fall, just as the angle changed, and she moved a tiny bit slower. Getting a distinct feeling they were about to be ejected from the chute, she prepared to land, and managed to hit the floor with only her feet. The movement of her upper body to balance herself, though, resulted in her landing an elbow forcibly in Alec's chest, which in turn hurled her to the floor. She groaned in frustration and pain as she pulled herself back up into a sitting position next to Alec, who still lay on the floor.

    After sitting there for a moment, listening to him cough, she finally looked around the room. Apparently none of the others had ended up coming with them, and she wondered whether they had managed to avoid the trap, or had simply ended up going elsewhere. Gaan smirked slightly when she heard Alec's muttered word, though she almost felt like duplicating it as she rose to her feet. Wiping her hand across her mouth, she was surprised to find that she was actually bleeding. She didn't recall having hit anything hard enough for that. Shrugging her shoulders, she spit out whatever blood was in her mouth, then looked back at Alec, who asked, "Are you all right?"

    She nodded, but he was already looking around the room, and doubtless missed it. Not particularly worried about where his attentions were at the moment, she looked around again, noting that there was a door opposite them. Alec, himself, finally got up, and walked over to it, Gaan following. Looking up, she saw that, unlike the last staircase, this one spiraled upwards, which at least meant there should be no surprise tunnels hiding anywhere under it.

    Glancing over at Alec, feeling somewhat awkward now with no one else around, especially since they both barely knew each other, Gaan stepped through the door, and took the first step on the new stairs. She figured he would be more hesitant this time around, seeing what had happened last time, and chose to take the decision out of his hands.

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel
    Saridona Prime, Ruins

    Though Gaan didn't respond verbally and Alec did indeed miss her nod, the fact that she was on her feet and looking up at the staircase just as he was told him that she was indeed fine and wasn't suffering - at the very least - from any crippling injuries. It meant they were ready to move on as that was really the only thing they could do. Of course, even though he knew that they really had no choice but to do so, Gaan still managed to get ahead of him, being the first one to take a step on the stairs to ascend upwards.

    For a split second, the corner of Alec's lip quirked up which he found odd considering their current troubles. As much as her eagerness worried him before, he had to admit that there was a bit of admiration for this situation. Dropped down through a trap door, separated from the group, still having a problem with her missing memories, but she was taking the first step forward nonetheless. That eagerness could still get her into trouble in an unknown situation and Alec did wonder if his admiration was misplaced but he shook it off. There was hardly any time to dwell on it.

    That just gives more incentive to back her up, he thought before heading up the stairs after Gaan.

    Besides, a possibility he hadn't thought of before entered his mind as soon as he took that first step up. Just because he and Gaan hadn't been thrust into immediate danger, it didn't mean that it would be the same for the others. Best to get moving as quick as they could and find a way to either reunite with the others or stop whoever was behind all this. However, he stayed wary of the possibility that the two of them may be walking into dangers that were laid out for them as well.

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    Oct 31, 2012
    IC: Bvt. Cpt. Kara Glynnis
    Bridge, GSD Defender

    Shortly after the brief rant from the supposed Force-user and his little stunt with the music, the Journeymen’s Comm Officer immediately shut it down. “Amateur.” Kara mused outloud. “Does he think he invented that little tactic? Nice job, by the way, with keeping the encryption low,” she said with all sincerity to the Comm Officer, “That part worked out perfectly. Keep monitoring the Redemption

    The Captain moved up the Command Walkway towards Flight Control, “I see that the TwinTails out behind the moons have finally decided to come out of hiding. Send an encoded message to Defender 3 recalling her back home. Send one to Defender 2 ordering her to stay on course and to prepare for a relay.”

    Kara continued to walk all the way up to the forward viewscreen of the bridge and looked out into the vast emptiness of space. She took a deep breath as she closed her eyes. She opened herself up to the Force and found the presence of her fellow Spectre turned Line Officer, Eva Vheh, floating out in the vastness. Kara knew that Eva wasn’t just floating out there. She actually was sitting in the bombardier seat of Defender 2 opening herself up to the Force as well. The two squadmates had developed a specific Force ability – Telepathy.

    Were most Force-users were not telepathic enough to truly read the thoughts of others, but only the emotions and images of them, Kara and Eva could do a full spectrum of things. They even developed a special technique were one could act as a telepathic relay for the other. Basically they could not only receive but also project further on the thoughts of the other to even greater range. This time Kara would be the sender, Eva would be the relay, and Tim was the intended target.

    Ready Eva?

    Whenever you are Kara. I’ve got a bead on him and man is he a piece of work.

    She took a deep breath and began sending her mental communication. Tim just listen. Yes I know your name, but that is not important right now. What is important is that you don’t leave the system. Not only will you be endangering your life but that of every person on our ships and down on the planet. And let me assure you that there are families, young children, down there and with us. We might appear to be a military force, but we are solely here for the protection of yourself and those like you. Now if you will just turn back around I will call back my bomber and the fighters. What say you, Jedi?

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    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    IC: Col. Voj Velkin
    Hanger Bay #1, Temple of Light

    “I can’t see. I’m blind.”

    Voj’s heart and jaw fell straight to the floor. Without a thought he crossed to Dovey and gently placed his hands around the back of her head. He closed his eyes and slowly brought her head towards his. Their foreheads lightly touched one another and he opened himself to the Force. He slowly focused all of his energies on her, making it smaller and more localized around her eyes. In that instant he felt it, the dark chill as if a bucket of ice water had been dumped down the back of his armor.

    Voj did not open his eyes nor did he move a muscle other than those that controlled his mouth and voice. “You are not blind Dovey. There is nothing wrong with your eyes, physically they are fine. I am sure you both know this being what your species abilities are. She has been poisoned by the dark side of the Force. It has concentrated itself in her eyes. Miria I need you to detoxicify the capillaries that lead to her optical nerves. I will do everything in my powers to hold the poison in place, but we must hurry before it spreads.”

    He then sent Dovey a quick mental message, Trust me, you’ll be fine

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    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    IC: Cpt. Jaxon Renn
    Medical Bay, Temple of Light

    “I’m heading down to the Meditation Gardens if anyone comes looking for me,” Seanna informed him as she got up from her gurney, “Your vibe is throwing me off.”

    Jaxon looked down as he felt the Togruta stirring on the bed next to him. As she looked up at him with her dark blue eyes they met his pale blue ones and all he could muster was slight grin.


    “Hi, I’m Jaxon.”

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    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    IC: Maj. Leianna Shysa
    F-LER, Saridona Prime

    “My name is Kambie Loother I am a Jedi Knight. My ship is called Broken Angel. I have come in search of fellow Jedi, a family, a place to call home. I hope I have reached the right place.”

    Great, another stray. she thought to herself. “Broken Angel, I have you in my tractor beam. Shut down your systems and prepare to be towed.” Leianna waited for the newcomer to comply and once she did she towed her back to the Temple’s Hanger bay #2.

    TAG: Kambie

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    IC: ???
    Ashla Base

    He had the luxurious job of sitting in an old Mu-class Model 2 Shuttle within the sensor mask of the old space station. As he sat there he was alone in his thoughts, mostly he thought of his time in the fighting ring back on Abrgado-rae. There was one fighter he thought of, on occasion, an Arkanian female, but he couldn’t put his finger on her name.

    It was then that an ancient JumpMaster 5000 appeared out of hyperspace and it’s pilot heard her own name in her head.

    Eira Dryn!

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    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Battershell
    Life's Illusion

    The mental touch came as a surprise, but only a slight one; after all, there were Sith still running around loose, instead of having been put where he considered that they belonged (a Prisoner of War Camp on Myrkr); and he had read Luke's and Mara's comments about the Force Bond and the Jedi Battle Meld with a great deal of interest; but travelling alone, had never had the opportunity to experiment with either technique. Strengthening the guards around his deeper thoughts, Tim formed a reply along the link as clearly and as carefully as he could; cancelling the extemporised jammer as he did so:

    "Well this proves that you have at least one highly talented Force User within your ranks. Congratulations, it's a neat technique! As to what variety of Force User you may be, though; Light, Grey, Dark or Sith; it says absolutely nothing. It is on record that a Dark-sider decoyed Luke Skywalker to Jomark using just such a communication method as this! You may know my name, but you obviously did not get too clear a read on me, otherwise you would know both my immediate intentions and also that I am no threat whatever! I've run the numbers, and know as well as you do that if Twin Tails have almost zero chance of catching up with me, then K-Wings and lumbering Mastodons certainly don't! You see, it's all a matter of relative velocities, comparative accelerations and interception angles!

    So, I'm calling your bluff! This communication method is as secure as any of them get; so brief me in fully! Don't bother with any Nuna and Gornt tales of the entire System being infected with a deadly plague though (the recent Ion trails heading outwards give the lie to that one); and forget about hiding behind the need-to-know principle! If you want my active and willing co-operation, I have a need-to-know!

    One more thing, my Father was a Staff Officer in the Regular Imperial Navy for his twenty-year hitch, so I know what how a Military Force appears and how it should behave towards civilians!"

    Settling back in the Pilot's seat, Tim waited for any further telepathic communication and let "Life's Illusion continue on her trajectory. Still well out of range of the X-83s targeting systems, he had shut down the jammer so not as to gift a constant signal to any torpedo fitted with a home-on-jam guidance package, if they should ever close to within maximum torpedo range.

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Kambie Loother
    Cockpit Broken Angel

    “Broken Angel, I have you in my tractor beam. Shut down your systems and prepare to be towed.”

    Despite the fact that she wasn’t a very accomplished pilot, Kambie still didn’t like the idea of shutting down her systems and having someone unknown tow her. Several questions ran through her head, Jai’galaar was that Mandalorian? Who were the Journeymen Knights? Where would they be towing her?

    She reminded herself to be calm, reached out with the Force and searched for danger, mal-intent or distrust. Annoyance she felt some annoyance, she wasn’t unwelcome, but it didn’t seem like she had picked the best of times to drop in. Perhaps that was why she wasn’t being able to fly in on her own. There seemed to be a lot going on in this system and perhaps even on the planet below. Trusting her instincts Kambie shut down her engines and leaned back in the pilot’s chair.

    “Ready when you are Jai’galaar. While your towing me in would you mind explaining who you are and where you are taking me?”

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    Dec 2, 2012
    IC: Baatir'yc Kyryc
    Hangar Bay Two

    As the older Mando approached, he raised a hand, killing any sort of salute that Baatir'yc might have offered before it even began. He spoke, and in his voice was the force of a sergeant, even though he might have been accorded an officer's rank. Baatir'yc suspected that he'd earned his rank the hard way.

    Which was to say, the Mando way. The best way.

    "I'm pretty good at handing out bacta bandages, Major. I should be able to make myself a little useful." he said, trying to keep the humor out of his voice. "Get much call for medics around these parts, do you? Don't too much like the sound of that. I mean, I'm all for job security, but a day when none of our people need me to do my job is a good day."

    The older man turned and strode away, headed for the infirmary, taking long, ground covering steps. They were tabbing strides, used for covering lots of ground while loaded with heavy equipment. Most military and mercenary types walked that way, and found it difficult to turn it off when not loaded down. They tended to walk away from civilian folk.

    Baatir'yc found it comforting. He matched the Major's step, headed for the animal sanctuary.

    "Rac'ika won't be a problem. She's pretty self sufficient, and doesn't bother other uliik much, just as long as they aren't twirrls." he said, reaching up to his pack to stroke the greysor's spine.

    She chittered as the strill approached, and made a curious greeting wave to the beast. Baatir'yc was grateful for his helmet's filtering systems as the strill approached. He'd encountered one before, when he was a young Mando in training, and had wound up just replacing his flight suit, rather than try to wash the stink out.

    "Su'cuy, Edee. Nice to meet you." he said, speaking to the animal. "Please don't eat my greysor. She'll just give you heartburn."

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    IC: Darth Insipid, one last time
    Bridge of Sith Star Destroyer, Engagement in Mobus System

    Darth Ardeur chose death over life, truth over lie, and found that, among the living and the dead, a little bit of love went a long way. Oh, she wasn't redeemed, not completely, but any sane Sith Lord, with various defeats, reversals and betrayals under their belt, would eventually realise that the dark side didn't win.

    It just fought.

    And although, sometimes, fighting was good enough, more often than not it was just tiring.

    For a Sith, as simple an act as giving up on your rage was redemption.

    And so Darth Insipid, trapped in this little bauble, came to terms with being trapped forever, insofar as much as he was trapped with the love of his life. The man had passed through madness into his own world, and fate had given him an opportunity to be with her.

    Of course, they took with them an evil unparalleled to the known galaxy; a Force entity that had consumed a world, became that world, and by dint of recent developments in technology, made itself mobile. In theory, it was the greatest threat to ever emerge from the teachings of the Sith.

    And now it was being drawn into the blank space that was filled by a shattering mind-trap.

    Dreadwar was far into greedily sinking his claws into the soul of Darth Ardeur when she submitted to the mind trap, and so he was drew along with her. An ethereal scream filled the Force, of a man who had dedicated millennia to evil being defeated once again. He plunged the Force power of a deity into defying the relentless mechanics of the Rakatan technology, but it was Force powered, and so he just sped up his demise, betraying the central flaw to the Sith teachings once again. The mind-trap, however, was a trap in more than one way, and the little pyramid reformed around its prisoners, three now. In a few moments, the body of Darth Ardeur slumped to the floor, and beside it lay the smoking Holocron-come-mind-trap.

    Inside the mind-trap, Dreadwar, a simulacrum of himself, all tattooed and Sith glory, spun to face the mental versions of Ardeur and Insipid, to burn their souls from the etching of his infinite prison. But they were not there, within the white expanse. As far as he looked, as far as he stretched out with his immense senses, he could not find them.

    It was because they had became the white, their souls joining in a way their bodies never had in life, a merging which was nothing more than a series of half-remembered memories; a chuckle, the crease of a lopsided smile, the twirl of a dark lock of long hair, threaded through soft fingers, the press of lips... and many more emotions besides.

    Theirs was not redemption; theirs was acceptance.

    And so in their own private purgatory, they found their way.



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    IC: Aden Kya II
    Hand of Thrawn, Nirauan, Battle of

    The engagement modulated, but not before Halucion's breathtaking advance, causing his opponents to simply collapse, as if they were droids who had lost power in a moment, and had not their bodies twitched and their eyes stared into the abyss, it would be as mundane as that.

    Good. Good!

    Came the voice.

    And as Halucion crossed the threshold, the door slammed shut behind him, and before him, and it became apparent it was a turbolift. No danger was apparent in the Force, but acceleration rapidly deposited Halucion at the lowest level - below the recorded levels of the Hand... a secret chamber...

    And when that chamber opened, it revealed a man. A man surrounded by computer consoles and blinking screens, showing HoloNet transmissions - HoloNet, out here! - and even displays showing the battle above, showing the New Sith Order's flotilla fending off ships that should not have been there; Sith Dragon capital ships, more than a match for their deployment.

    Back to the man.

    He was a looming Chagrian, that much was certain, even though he clearly had undertook cybernetic enhancement by the presence of machinery embracing his right eye and side of his head, even though his skin seemed to be deformed in some odd shape, as if he had recovered from an illness. That skin was red, but not completely tattooed, and Intelligence would furnish Halucion with a name as quickly as he pronounced it. "I am Darth Wyyrlok V, the grandson of the great Traitor, III, and the descendant of the last true apprentice of Darth Sidious, Mas Amedda, the father of my line." Two lightsabers burned in his hands.

    It was all posturing, because Darth Wyyrlok V was no more than two standard decades old.

    But it didn't stop him thrusting his blade forward, brandishing it as one might a laser-pointer, indicating Halucion.

    "And you are no Sith."


    The Force scream issued by Mystique left Aden Kya's ears ringing, even if it was not directed at him. What it was directed was shattered or creased with dents; the two Annhilator advance fighters were suddenly no longer vacuum-tight, but they could be recovered, he noted.

    The Sith Troopers shielded themselves from the scream and it's aftereffects, but that meant nothing when Mystique tore asunder such defenses and sought to drain them dry. Between the two of them, the one furthest back seemed to possess more innate power, and managed to fend off her drain, but the one in front simply burst into flames and vanished.

    What the effort did achieve was to weaken the looming and physically formidable Trooper, and so his follow-up leap and strike was slow. Aden Kya stepped forward and decapitated the man with one swift stroke, allowing his armour to absorb whatever blaster fire was thrown his way, and then, with his finish, reflected it back and finished off what was left of the techs and soldiers.

    Kya turned back to his Dark Lady and smiled as he walked towards the lift entrance that Halucion had taken. "I couldn't let you have all of the fun, my Lord, after -"

    A wave of the Force suddenly upended the two Annhilators, tossing them from the hangar into the forestry along with the gaggle of debris and bodies. Kya pinned himself to the deck, and used the Force to tug down the Dark Lady as well. Had he not, the two fighters would have crushed them and swept them away. Just as suddenly, Kya felt his throat and body seized with the Force, and he was slammed to the wall. No Force defense had had could survive the blow, and none Mystique could raise in that short instant would have been sufficient. Kya was down, and potentially dead.

    In the absolute clear of the hangar there stood one lone man.

    No, not a man, a black tattooed Nagai, with a saber-staff, ignited, to hand.

    It was the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Nihl.

    And he did not look amused by their presence.

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    IC: Darth Nemesis
    Wrath of Vader, Skirmish in the Mobus System

    For Darth Nemesis, the ethereal being attached to his body-armour and robes in a none-too-dissimilar way to that which Darth Nihilus would learn to do, millennia after his reign had begun, everything was going relatively well.

    The objective had been to lure the 'New Sith Order' into a fatal confrontation with the True Sith movement, the movement which Malachor V had been the sign-post for, tens of millennia ago, It had been a shame that Revan had confronted and sealed them away in carbonite, using the vestiges of redeemed Imperials, allied Republic forces and remnant Mandalorians, all secretly from Korriban, Coruscant and Manda'lor so as to ensure their fate remained secret. To think their actions had been delayed by four millennia by one man.

    What a man.

    Oh, if only he had joined them, rather than created his own brand of Sith. Not ancient, not old, not true, but the first iteration of the new, and even then the first evolution towards the Two and One Sith movements.


    And so, after the death of Darth Sidious stirred their movement, and after the Nightsister freed them, the True Sith had an army poised to dominate again. Opting out of the chaos of the post-Endor aftermath, Nemesis had consolidated their forces around Dreadwar's planet, but in doing so had been required to act with terrible sloth, to avoid detection by the Empire of the Hand and later the Remsi Republic.

    All tiresome.

    All simply delaying the inevitable.

    Much like these New Sith were, now.

    The three Sith in-system had divided to engage them, and so the Triumvirs had divided accordingly. Nemesis re-focused on his opponent, one Darth Aiser, and cut his communications. A simple enough effort with the Wrath of Vader's technological prowess, even though, currently, it was 'playing dead'. Aiser nonetheless resisted, and reached out, which Nemesis left him, gauging his opponents strength. As such he didn't stop Aiser from communicating with his fellows and thus establishing a half-decent foothold on the Wrath.

    And then he struck, swaddling Aiser, and the man was out cold. Pleased, Nemesis turned his mind to the 'defense' of his vessel, galvanising troopers, nudging along his zombies, and releasing whatever monsters he fancied as and when necessary. His vessel had never been stricken, and any damage caused by the puny Dark Renewal would be absorbed with ease.

    And then Dreadwar vanished.

    It was as if someone had tore a limb from him, and Nemesis floundered, and lost his grip on Aiser, who swiftly awoke. Dropping to one knee, a servant rushed to assist him, and Nemesis removed the man's head for his impunity. Gathering his armour together, which had begun to slacken, he stormed towards the hangers. Without Dreadwar's power beside him, his forces were not so adept, and even his massive vessel, held together by his will, groaned. Had he a brow, sweat would have puckered it, and instead he became slothful, hissing as he did so.

    What in the Nine Corellian Hells had happened?

    How did Darth Ardeur defeat a Sith with the power of a planet!

    These New Sith were to be feared indeed.

    And so Nemesis strode to the hangar that Darth Aiser had just arrived in, to support his forces. Plucking a lightsaber from his belt, Nemesis stopped in-front of the support ship. Gesturing, Nemesis bent out of shape the weapon ports of Aiser's vessel, and swept aside all of the soldiers in the hangar also; crushing their skulls and bodies against the walls to the hangar.

    It would not be sufficient to slow the mounting damage to his vessel as Aiser's commando's drove into the Wrath of Vader, but it was a start. Nemesis spoke, his words echoing with the voices of countless victims he had consumed.

    "Come out and die, Aiser."

    He was still a powerful Sith.

    He would not fall to Aiser.

    Systems Edge

    Lilith had the match of Venomis, who found that all the strength in the Force didn't mean for a great deal when confronted with a soul as hard as this ones. He strained against her, trying to gain purchase in her mind, and then she did something as mundane as kicking him.

    But said kick came simultaneously to one third of the Triumvirate vanishing; and Venomis flew back in shock, feedback and pain causing him to slam into the spherical hull of the Sphere. His head clanged to the metal, and Venomis dropped to one knee. "Impossible!"

    Lilith could not detect Darth Ardeur anymore, but the overwhelming void in the Mobus System had vanished, and with it had much of Venomis' strength. He was still a powerful Force user, so she would have to finish this quickly, before he figured a way to escape.

    In her minds eye, however, the Sphere appeared, morphing into the form of a quite pleasant-looking human. He bowed to her. My name is Namu. I am the human whose spirit has been sealed within this Sphere, and used to serve the Dark Lords of the True Sith. I have resisted for thirty millennia, but now I am free - free to pledge myself to you. He looked up at her, eyes golden and a grin crossing them. Take my power, and destroy Venomis.

    Venomis had enough of his mind left to realise that he had to crush her, now, and began gathering all the power he had left to wipe her aside.

    TAG: Darth Aiser , Teegirloo

    IC: Obscuring Light
    Battle of Csilla, Capitol

    The tank's gunners rotated it's main weapon, thinking that Helinith was too busy and Mal was finished, perfectly bracketed by their secondary weapons. The main weapon didn't do a great deal of good, however, when it fired, as Helinith arrived in time, and between their lightsabers and a bubble within the Force, jointly deflected the energy. The tank's bulk shielded Lexis and his battle, but the rest reflected across the battlefield, dropping soldiers and requiring Malkuth to duck - and enjoy a charric bolt creasing his cheek. Cursing, Malkuth reminded himself that he knew just how destructive these two were and he shouldn't have been surprised.

    Infuriated, especially as the reflect had damaged the main gun, the tank commander increased the volume of fire on Helinith and Mal, but to no avail, especially when Malkuth was able to keep busy the other Chiss in the Citadel. As such the Sith couple were able to focus their defense and reflect a firestorm back at the tank. When Mal dumped the grenade, the commander grew so desperate that he broke the one rule of fighting Force users; projectile weapons that explode should not be used.

    Helinith seized it, and sent it flying elsewhere in a moment of drama, but by then the tank was wheeling away from the hole in its underside, and the explosion at the wall hurled a piece of masonry into and through the tank, the chunk emerging considerably more bloody than it had been on the way in, and the tank fell silent. The detonation distracted Malkuth that an opportunistic Chiss managed a shot on Helinith, but she had it well in hand.

    Malkuth turned his gaze to the battle between Lexis and the Obscurum Sith, and found that, too, was over.


    The Chiss who had taken the title of 'Obscuring Light' remembered a time when he was a member of the Families, before the Second Civil War. That was the specific term for this era of Chiss history, though it had generally been labelled as the Darkness. A people which refused to surrender, to the point of genocide, simply could not fight a true Civil War where the lines between victor and defeated had been blurred by the Force and it's servants. Light had been a victim of that darkness, but rather than collapse into the void of despair, this Chiss had made the decision to join the Darkness - and secure his future.

    To the Nine Corellian Hells with the Ascendancy.

    And so he was one of the three who Obscured on behalf of the Obscurum, those who provided more murk to the Darkness.

    And, even though the Obscurum had gained power in the Civil War, he had simply found that there others to Obscure - the greater Unknown Regions... the galaxy itself, in the service of the Shadow. Those others included the other so-called Sith, who obscured for their own ends. Two such factions, both thoroughly infiltrated by the Obscurum until recently, had unified, and now the New Sith Order was pressing upon the very heart of the Darkness. Forces had struck the capital of the Dark Ascendancy, and Light had been sent from the shadowy depths of the caverns beneath Csilla to blunt the first wave. Emerging into the Citadel into a roiling engagement, Light scanned the field and saw the Citadels defences occupying two Sith... and a Mitth-class tank dealing with another. Directing his forces to finish off one of the taxed Sith - the one Intel told him was called Malkuth - Light picked out a lesser Sith, one recently elevated known as Darth Lexis.

    He drew himself up, cataloguing his enhancements. The Shadow had moulded his flesh with that of vonduun crab, making his very skin resistant to lightsaber blades, replacing one of his eyes with that of a droid to enable him to see through numerous spectrums, and had bestowed upon him technology none-too-dissimilar to that upon a Sith ship of ancient times - he raised his arm, which reformed and tugged a small lightsaber hilt from a cavity within his upper arm, beside the projectile and laser based launchers. Flexing his fingers around the lightsaber, the tall Chiss brute smiled, igniting his white lightsaber blade and then, flexing his left hand equally, and an under-claw, none too dissimilar to that of a Yevetha, emerged from his wrist. Flexing his fingers again, the bone retracted, and Light knew that he need only bunch his fist to make the sharp implement emerge, ready for him to jam in the man's throat.

    Striding with purpose through the battle, he reached out with the Force, tugging Lexis' face towards him - making it clear he was walking towards him. Light detected an errant charric bolt would cross his path if he continued forward, but he paid it no heed, and deflected it with ease, a show that his might was such that the kinetic power of the bolt - far beyond that of Imperial or Alliance blasters - was little to him, as an obvious comparison to Darth Malkuth, who was struggling with the strength of the bolts.

    Light grinned, if only to show off his razor sharp metal teeth, and took yet another step forward.

    Half obscuring was impression, and he intended to give Lexis quite an impression.

    Lexis watched as the blue skinned behemoth he was ordered to take down lumbered towards him. Lexis noted that the creature seemed to have been more manufactured rather than birthed. There were numerous augmentations that he could see with his naked eye, and he was more than confident that there were others that he could not easily detect. The two that stood directly out to him was the fact that his right arm looked like it should have belonged to something akin of a battle droid and that he was able to protrude spikes from his left. In his right hand he clutched a white bladed lightsaber.

    As he made his way towards his assignment, Lexis pulled from his belt his own weapon and ignited its crimson blade. He noticed that his opponent was not fazed by the blue beams that seemed to just bounce off of his skin. Lexis felt a disturbance just outside of his field of vision, but when he turned his head to get a better view he found that it was fixed upon his opponent.

    That karking sleemo is holding my face in the Force! That doompa, dopa-maskey kung! I will have his gaggalak head for this!

    He started a guttural growl, “Sutta!” Lexis took the hatred that he was feeling and focused it into a radiant sphere in the palm of his upturned left hand. He continued to growl and it continued to grow in size and intensity. Lexis knew that if he did not release it soon it was liable to blow apart, taking his hand with it as well. When it had reached the limit that Lexis knew he could still control it he turned the palm of his hand towards the chiss with a snap and screamed, “CHWITUSKAK!” Sending the bolt of hatred at Light.

    His red-yellow eyes widened as the sphere of energy burst towards him, Light frantically swinging his blade in a knee-jerk response. The ball of light encompassed his blade, and then the lightsaber itself, shorting it out, and even though a fair amount of energy was scattered away from him, more slammed into his chest. The armour-weave was burned away, but his modified skin survived - leaving a massive black skorch mark as he was bowled to the snow-covered ground.

    Shock at the pain filled him for a moment, and then Light screamed at Lexis. Channelling his rage through the Force, the noise became a wave of crippling energy, and Light leaped forward, squeezing his fist and causing the bone-knife to be evident. He had every intention of taking advantage of what he hoped would be his opponents distraction to jam his blade through the Sith pup's eye socket.

    As the Force wave produced by the scream Light unleashed streaked across the battlefield, it threw snow high into the air creating a localized blizzard. Lexis knew there was no escaping the wave of rage, his only hope was to ride through it. He raised his hands out in front of himself and leaned into the wave, pushing against it with the Force. The wave slide him back, piling snow up behind his feet. Once on the other side of the wave the was no time to celebrate his small victory because the genetically altered Chiss was descending upon him with his bone-knife extended. Lexis reached up with his left hand, sacrificing it to spare his own life.

    The pain of the bone-knife skewering straight through his hand gave him the strength he needed to hold back Light's attack from reaching its intended target. Lexis gather the Darkside to himself once more. He focused it to charge up the straight arm jab he threw into the chest of the Obscuring force that filled his field of view. He planned that the blow would force Light back enough to create a sufficient reactionary gap.

    The peon Lexis resisted the scream, but that was fine; it was all distraction.

    But he did react quick enough that his hand intercepted his bone-knife as it impaled his palm. Light grunted as he was mildly entangled in the limb, and then felt rather than saw Lexis' arm slam into his chest - into his bruised and burned chest. Yelping in pain, he staggered back, yanking his knife hard, and drawing his other hand into a fist; hopefully, he'd pull Lexis along and be able to bury his fist in the man's stomach, folding him over and allowing for Light to use muscle-strength against the smaller-framed man.


    As the monster recoiled from Lexis's strike, he pulled on the knife that was skewered through Sith's hand. Fierfek! Lexis had been so focused on channeling his anger and pain, that he forgot that he was attached to his enemy. As the knife dislodged itself from his hand, it severed the tendons and ligaments rending his hand useless. The yanking action caused Lexis to temporarily lose his footing and he staggered forward into a strike from Light. His Jal Shey Advisor armor absorbed some of the force of the blow, but what it did not stop knocked Lexis back.

    The Sith skidded to a stop and ignited his crimson blade. "Is that the best you can do, ugly?" Lexis spat at him.

    Light took stock of his situation; the repeated pressure on his chest had compressed it; he could barely breath, and he was sure he had cracked most if not all of his ribs. As adrenaline wore off the pain became intolerable, and he gasped despite himself. It was then he realised one of the ribs had punctured his lungs, and he was dying. It had been a fine bout, and a short one at that, but Obscuring Light suddenly found he simply couldn't stand, and went into shock, collapsing.

    It cast a sudden silence over the arena, as the battle itself ended as well; the tank was disabled, the soldiers were dead, the Obscurum member was gone - the accessway below was still free, and they'd done it.

    Sweating profusely, Darth Malkuth went to congratulate his team.

    And that was when the floor of the citadel collapsed inward.

    The entire base to the castle was the opening to an underground hangar, and it dumped the four of them, unceremoniously, messily, several meters below. It was not a fall without peril; the tank, the debris, the bodies, the pieces of masonry, all came with them. Malkuth managed to re-orient himself in free-fall and leaped from debris to body to debris, avoiding damage and pushing up before they slammed into the ground to soften the blow, the Force dropping him painlessly.

    The roof sealed shut, and the lights came on, blazing bright - so blazing that Malkuth could barely see. With a knee-jerk flutter of his hand, he blinded several bulbs, and allowed his eyes to simply adjust enough to see the circle of Chiss soldiers around them. The depths of the Citadel were immense, there had to be at least a hundred soldiers surrounding them.

    But they were not just any soldiers.

    Their bodies were grey, and metal seemed to be flowing from their skins; they had been reformed bymechu-deru, and it meant they were more dangerous than ever. Mechu-deru had consumed Malkuth's last body, before he had realised he could transmute to Insipid's Resurrection Ship and steal another clone... before he had destroyed the said clone collection and ended the man's mad reign.

    But then, just as suddenly, they all seemed to liquefy, and die. The liquid consumed the tank debris, the bodies, the weapons, swirling around their feet, but not touching them, surrounding them in a web that would force them to step back, towards each other. And then it melted away.

    Leaving them alone.

    No, not alone. On one flank stood another monstrosity none-to-dissimilar to Obscuring Light, bar that the coloration of his tattoos was darker than that of Light, and in his hands was, unmistakably, a lightclub. Where he had fallen was Undoubtedly his skin was just as lightsaber-resistant as his comrades. On another stood a considerably taller brute, but he was pure Chiss in simple Sith robes. His eyes burned golden, but his skin was unblemished. In one hand there was a gleaming blue lightsaber, with a curved hilt.

    The Chiss touched his chest.

    "I am Obscuring Twilight. But you may know me as the Shadow. The architect of all of this. The seed of nearly seventeen hundred years of distilled Sith training. The latest of the true Sith, descended from the great Dark Lord, Belia Darzu, the Sith who was poised to recreate the galaxy in her ever-changing visage."

    He gestured to his ally. "Obscuring Dark. My apprentice, and heir. A far more powerful version of my colleague." And then his hand drew up, and he snapped his fingers. The mechu-deru creation rose up from the ground, looking so much like some kind of metal serpent that it was terrifying. "And my masters legacy, the form of mechu-deru." A mad glint became apparent in the expression of the Chiss. "By merging the concept of the Battlelords from Darth Rivan, I have made it not only a semi-sentient organism that grows and consumes, but also completely loyal to me." He gestured, again, to Obscuring Dark. "My legions of assassins are loyal to me, and cannot harm me without killing themselves. A technique which assures that the Sith will never ever die, not by their own hand, ever again. My apprentice will inherit the technique when I die, and so the Obscurum continue, forever obscuring more and more, until all is ours."

    Shadow was probably revealing himself as a B-rate sitcom villain, but they were completely outclassed, and he did not care to reveal that.

    Malkuth was unimpressed, and got straight to business. "Mal, Helinith, take on Dark. Lexis, you're with me."

    And so he launched forward, lightsaber ignited. From his fingers a bolt was hurled at the mechu-deruform which instantly separated, avoiding the strands of electricity. It then dove to the ground, merging with the metal and re-emerging behind Malkuth and Lexis, snarling and diving down at the backs of Mal and Helinith. Simultaneously, Dark gestured, shoving Mal back, towards the creature, while drawing his club close and the Force around him as a shield from whatever Helinith had planned.

    Shadow, for his part, backpedaled from Malkuth and Lexis, using the Force nimbly to first push Malkuth slightly back, and then to yank at Lexis into Malkuth's path - pulling on the latter's wounded hand just to add insult to injury. He then thrust his blade, point-first, at Lexis - a swift jab which, with the distraction, he obviously aimed to skewer and then withdraw and finish off Malkuth.

    They were faced with a true Makashi master.

    TAG: Lexis, Darth Helinith
    IC: Vakeer
    The Concourse, Roxuli, Sith Imperium

    As Vakeer approached, he saw the saber-staff, and the blade emerge, he could tell that, despite his first impression, it was not Darth Ventris, but the man had Kiffar written all over him; there was a resemblance. A relative? A son?

    The Falleen saw the Jedi catch the bolt on his blade, and he scowled. A simple strike by Vakeer, but he had not expected it to to be so simply deflected. After almost a year out of the war, he was rusty.

    The Vos boy was not. He leaped forward, all Ataru, and Vakeer backpedaled. The heavyset man brought all of his weight down on the down-swing, and Vakeer didn't have time or space to get out of the way. Instead he knelt down, braced himself for the blow physically, and mentally seized and threw a pedestrian at the Jedi. Having applied sufficient force to make the motion inevitable, Vakeer followed through with a Force push, coupled with him pushing off his wound knees, hard, with the intention of propelling his opponent back and launching after him.

    So far he'd seen brute force from Vos, but he had no doubt that he'd see more than just that soon enough.

    Tag: Nick of Time
    IC: Elsewhere

    Ariat was indeed alone, but only in the Force. Her Master had left him on a world in the Unknown Regions, but close enough to the borders of the old Imperial Remnant that she could stay in touch with galactic affairs as and when was necessary.

    Now was Guiteca a pleasant world. The species of this world, the Bitthaevrians, hated Force users (and Bothans), and had a long running feud with the Jedi Order from before the Battle of Naboo, and their army, seven hundred thousand strong, had the manpower to hunt any Force user discovered, even if it was poorly equipped and overly proud of the A-wings and B-wings it had under its command. Either way, as a relatively hostile environment it was ideal for Ariat to learn, and train. He had been isolated from the mainstream Sith for reasons unknown, and left with a Holocron of Darth Ardeur's design to continue his lessons.

    And now she was dead.

    It was unmistakable; the Force had sung with it.

    And that ripple had also caused Ariat to notice something else, in his cave retreat, in the mountains of the northern most continent.

    He was not alone; another darksider had detected the bond between the Master and Apprentice fraying, and was even now on his way. Ariat would be able to detect life approaching, and the rudimentary scanners he had to hand, and his Force senses, would tell him that a flight of four Y-wings - including the Sith - was en route, and he had a chase on his hands.

    He had to decide what resources to bring with him, of what he had to hand, and quickly.

    Quick note:ævrian

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    IC: Alisha Tano
    Location: Hanger Bay #1, Temple of Light

    Alisha's eyes were locked with the pale eyes of this stranger for long and stretched-out instant. Her head still felt fuzzy and her Force senses seemed to be a bit weaker, but she could feel this young man's aura... He looked surprised that she had awoken, and smiled.

    "Hi, I'm Jaxon."

    Alisha found herself smiling slightly despite herself. "Hi..."
    Her voice sounded a bit better then she felt. That was good, at least. Ignoring her aching shoulder, she pulled herself into a sitting position on the bed. Now her eyes were level with Jaxon's.

    Clearing her throat, she finished, "My name is Alisha."

    TAG: Journeyman1
  18. Chewbacca89

    Chewbacca89 Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 25, 2012
    IC: Allynic Sitan
    GOL Hangar Bay

    Allynic fell into step behind the two. He turned and introduced himself quickly. "Hello, I am Jedi Sitan. I will be accompanying you to the animal sanctuary while I wait on my....associate." He then followed their lead as they made their way to the destination. He only half listened as the two conversed. He had a lot on his mind and was struggling to push it all down and stop worrying. He was sure, well almost sure, his sanctuary on Bogden was still secure.

    Orbited by over 20 moons, Bogden suffered from the immense pressures of gravitations tides, and the plant's surface was literally pulled apart. The few who called Bogden home were forced to adapt to the shifting, seismic terrain, though most of Bogden's visitors were outlaws on the run. This usually included smugglers, bounty hunters, and other dregs of society. What no one knew was that deep under the surface he had constructed an elaborate library before the Empire had risen.

    The nature of the planets surface was a perfect defense for the facility as few were brave enough to even land on the planet. He considered what shape the planet might be in now...some 150 years later. Smugglers, bounty hunters, and dregs, he thought to himself with a shudder. Not the sort of people he wanted to be dealing with. Especially in his weakened state of carbonite sickness. A thought struck him has he stared at the backs of the Mandos in front on him. Perhaps I need to fight fire with fire.

    As they entered the sanctuary a strong smell his Allynic like a wall. It was so pungent that, combined with his state of nausea, it immediatly began to make him sick. He ran to the corner and found his target: a trash bin. He started retching, cold shivers running down through his body. He collapsed to all fours and stayed there for a moment before he was sure he was done. Slowly, he struggled to stand back up. When he got back up he turned back towards the two Mandos. "I appologize. I am still recovering from Carbonite Sickness. Please excuse me."

    Allynic realized he would definitely need some hired help. "Would either of you two know where I might acquire some hired help for a job on Bogden. I am looking for someone reliable and capable. Someone of your caliber." He patiently awaited an answer and straightened his robes.

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  19. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Animal Sanctuary, Temple of Light

    Taab simply nodded along with the Corporal's statements. He may hold the rank of Major here temporarily, but he wasn't going to be joining with these Journeyman once his job was complete. No point in getting too familiar with them. So long as baar'ur could do his job to Taab's satisfaction that would do. He looked over the medic's amror, seeing the places where weapons had been offloaded for what Taab assumed to be medical equipment. A Mandalorian combat medic. The man would make one shabla good torturer. Something to keep in mind for the future.

    They continued on their way as Frosty joined them. "Hello, I am Jedi Sitan. I will be accompanying you to the animal sanctuary while I wait on my....associate." Taab nodded to the Jedi as well, allowing him to join them. The trip went quickly and mostly silently. At least on Taab's part.

    Upon their arrival at the sanctuary edee ran through the open hatchway darting between the animal pens looking for dar'manda and Ace's aniamls. It ended up on the balcony overlooking the trees below before it understood and shambled back over to Taab and the others who waited in the doorway. Taab reached down and stroked the animal's head between the ears. "Yeah edee, they aren't coming back."

    He watched and smiled as edee sniffed first in Frosty's direction, where he was busy throwing up, and then at baar'ur's hand, before finally sniffing at his animal. Giving the striil equivilent of a shrug edee yawned and seemed to accept their presence. That was good enough for Taab, he didn't want any problems to exist between the two animals. It would have been a shame if he had to shoot baar'ur's pet if it proved that the two predators saw each other as competition instead of grudging companions. "The lower levels of the temple have a vermin issue," he began remembering Braid-boy's misadventure earlier. "edee has been combating it and I am sure your animal can help."

    He was about to lead them on to the infirmery when Frosty spoke up again. "Would either of you two know where I might acquire some hired help for a job on Bogden. I am looking for someone reliable and capable. Someone of your caliber."

    Taab look increduously at the Caamasi, though the jedi couldn't see that through his T-visor. "Bit busy at the moment Frosty. Besides..." Now he made a point of visably looking him up and down. "...I doubt you could afford me, or any of my friends."

    With that they left the animals behind and started making their way to the infirmery.

    edee waited until the Alpha and the two new Betas were out of eatshot before running around the nesting area again. It sniffed at the ground and in the air trying to catch the scent of the others who had been, and were there no longer. No joy, edee stopped and whimpered for a moment before running back to the doorway and peaking around the corner. Alpha was gone and Alpha had not told edee to stay. That meant edee could go hunt. Edee ran out the doorway and headed in the opposite direction from where Alpha and the Betas had gone. It sniffed at the air hoping to catch the scent of one of the small furry mammals that tasted so good. Instead it caught a new scent, something more akin to when Alpha's mate (who edee still missed) would prepare food. It scurried off in the direction the new smell was coming from, sticking as close to the walls as possible. It glanced back for a moment wondering if the new funny smelling hunter would follow as it made its way towards something it had heard referred to once as "kitchen."

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  20. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Mekaila Sherland
    Personal quarters/ kitchen

    Mekaila walked up to her daddy who was asleep in the chair and tugged on his pant leg. The headache was gone but she was hungry again. “Daddy, I’m hungry,” she whispered as she waited for a response from him. He must be really tired she thought as he didn’t stir. “Daddy wake up,” she repeated again as she reached up and plugged his nose.

    Daddy’s eyes flew open as he stared at her as she removed her hand with a grin. “Mekaila, how many times have I told you not to wake me up this way?”

    “But you weren’t waking up when I called your name,” Mekaila pointed out with a frown. “And I’m hungry.”

    “How are you feeling?” Her daddy questioned in concern as he placed a hand against her forehead. “I must’ve been in a really deep sleep. I’m sorry.”

    “Better,” Mekaila anakin with a cheeky grin as Brice wandered in from the other bedroom.

    “Let’s go to the kitchen and see what we can make,” Daddy said as he stood up and picked up Brice into his arms.

    Mekaila nodded as she followed her daddy out of the room and down the hall.
    IC: Anakin Sherland

    “What is that smell?” Anakin questioned as he looked around the kitchen as Mekaila looked confused. Brice plugged his nose and started breathing out of his mouth. He did the same otherwise he would be choking up his dinner.

    “What smell, Daddy?” Mekaila questioned as she ran over with a squeal. Anakin raised an eyebrow wondering what was making her so happy as she saw her handling an animal.

    Strill just great. Anakin thought sarcastically to himself as the animal played with Mekaila. Must be domestic he thought as the smell shifted and grew worse as he closed in on the animal. And now my daughter reeks. Will have to get her in the shower after and a clean set of clothes. He reached for his comlink. “Sherland to control center. There is a Strill in the kitchen, any chance you know who the owner is and if so, can the owner come get him?”

  21. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    OOC: For the time being I will be taking over control of Col. Adalia Amber Tehanis until @Adalia-Durron’s RL calms down a little.
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    IC: Josch Decinchi
    The Ruins, Saridona Prime

    When Kasha showed him the old holos of him and Fress, his old feelings started to well up but he quickly pushed them back down when he felt Miria through the Force. But now there was no containing them what-so-ever. Listening to Fress’s words brought back all the old memories, both good and bad. How his step-son, Brice Colias, had been kidnapped, again, prior to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. How the search for him caused Josch to walk dangerously close to the dark side and caused him to stop listening to Fress’s reasoning. How the change to him caused his own daughter and wife to fear him, ultimately leading to Fress running away from him.

    Once Josch found Brice, his step-son had no leads for him to find the rest of his family. Josch went into a self-imposed exhile, only taking on a variety of odd jobs to sustain himself. For nearly a decade he wandered the Outer Rim, Wild Space, and the Unknown Regions acting as a guide, a scout, a beinghunter, search and rescuer, and called himself the Huntsman. Finally he came upon a squadron of fighter pilots lead by a woman named Adalia Tehanis-Durron, wife of Jedi Master Kyp Durron and grandmother of Adalia Amber Tehanis.

    After staying with them for a short time he finally gave into the fact that it was unlikely that he would ever find his wife and daughter to beg them for their forgiveness. The first woman he had ever dedicated himself to, the only woman to provide him with a child. Now Fress was here and without him asking for it she freely gave him that which he desired.

    Overcome with the emotion of it all, he fell down, at her feet, and wept uncontrollably. “I am so sorry. All I have ever wanted was your forgiveness and Keira’s trust again. Now I get to see my great great granddaughter and her children, Force-willing I won’t let any harm come to them.” He brought his emotions under control, but still remained on his knees. Wiping the tears away from his eyes, he looked up at Fress, “Just answer this one question for me. Is Keira alright?”

    TAG: Kasha
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    IC: Colonel Adalia Amber Tehanis
    The Ruins, Saridona Prime

    Addie was the first to reach the former holding cell of the Kubaz. Out of shear instinct she performed a perfectly executed combat roll, tucking her chin to her chest and leading with her right shoulder. By the time she had gotten to her feet, both Hochner and Daniel had landed. She started dusting herself off when Daniel inquired whether either of them was injured.

    Addie noticed Daniel wincing as he attempted to move his shoulder. “I’m not, but it looks like you are.” She crossed the small space and placed her left hand on his injured shoulder. Then, without warning, she grabbed his arm and yanked on it hard, popping his shoulder back into its socket. “Once we get out of here, you ought to have a medic look at that Capt.”

    She let go of his arm and finally noticed that her thumb on her left hand was sporting a pretty nasty looking cut. She pulled the medpac out of her flightsuit, cleaned the deep cut, and applied a bacta-patch. She looked around the small chamber they were now occupying and asked the obvious question, “So where in the Ruins are we?”

    TAG: Daniel & Hochner
    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    GM Update
    The Ruins, Saridona Prime

    The ascent up the spiraling stairs was uneventful for the two Jedi. Once they reached the top they were presented with a long corridor, lined with multiple doors. As if across a great distance they heard, through the Force, a female voice crying out.

    “Help me please. I am begging you. Help me please!”

    TAG: Gaan & Alec
    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    TAG: The_Zeltron, Sarge221, JediFalcon, Mitth_Fisto, Skywalker_T-65,
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  22. Skywalker_T-65

    Skywalker_T-65 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 19, 2009
    IC: Daniel Sandstrider

    The Ruins, Saridona Prime

    Daniel watched as Colonel Tehanis got back to her feet, and walked up to him. After he had asked her the question, she had shook her head.

    “I’m not, but it looks like you are.”

    After saying that, she crossed the small space between the two of them, and set a hand on his shoulder. Daniel knew what was coming, and prepared himself. Even so, the sharp spike of pain when she pulled his shoulder back into its socket HURT.

    “Once we get out of here, you ought to have a medic look at that Capt.”

    Daniel nodded, experimentally rotating his arm somewhat. It was still stiff, and he doubted he would get much use out of it, if things got bad. So he held the arm to his side, and continued to hold his lightsaber with the other arm. After hearing the Colonel ask were they were, Daniel sighed slightly.

    "No idea. What about you Knight Trevalus?" Daniel asked the other member of their group.

    TAG: CPL_Macja , Mitth_Fisto
  23. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Saridona Prime Ruins

    “Just answer this one question for me. Is Keira alright?”

    Fress watched as Josch wept at her feet. She knew this was important to him and it would please her more if Keira and Josch started over and made a fresh start. She smiled gently and nodded. “Keira and her son Flyin has inherited your gene to live a long life. She’s all right and wants to start a new with you and would like for you to meet her son. She misses you but fears of how you will react after she turned her back to you when you dabbled in the dark side. She will come to the academy on one condition. That you are not angry with her.”

    IC: Kasha Sherland
    Ruins, Saridona Prime

    Kasha stared at Josch as if suddenly things made sense. Why she could sense an echo of Josch in her children. She stood there quietly taking in the news. Josch did something to make things fall apart on them. Why part of her history was never discussed and why her side of the family lived to be a hundred or more. She couldn't take her eyes off of Josch. Her great great grandfather.

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  24. Rebecca_Daniels

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Eira Dryn
    Dreamer's Catch, en route to Ashla

    The trip was going to be an enormous waste of fuel, Eira knew, like every other hyperspace jump she'd made thus far. Still, her heart and the Force pulled her onward, even when the reality of owning a decrepit ship tried to settle her in one spot. In her naivete she hadn't thought of the cost of parts for repair work or of fuel or even of a place to land.

    But these travels around the galaxy weren't fruitless; in every system the Force guided her safely through hyperspace (she double-checked the numbers before jumping, though, she didn't trust the Force that much) to another system, and then another, and then another. In most she could find odd jobs to keep her ship flying and her stomach fed, and she always felt as if she circled her target, drawing slowly closer to her sister, though with no evidence Reth had ever been to any of these systems.

    An alarm woke her 10 standard minutes before her ship, the Dreamer's Catch, was due to drop out of hyperspace. Eira shook the sleep out of her head as she headed forward to the cockpit. The system she was heading to was on star charts, but little beyond that; she wasn't sure whether it was the cheap charts she'd bought before heading out or simply missing. Either way, it was unlikely she'd be able to find work there, and the Dreamer's fuel would last only one more jump, as long as it was a short one.

    She eyed the countdown timer and fuel gauge, and triple-checked her earlier calculations. This should be fine, but if she was off by even a bit, things could go very badly.

    The alarm rang again, signifying 10 seconds to realspace, and Eira pulled the lever right on time.

    The system was nothing spectacular, a gas giant and what appeared to be a space station orbiting it, a few other planets further away, but Eira barely had a chance to note all this when she heard her own name in her head.

    Eira Dryn!

    She jumped, nearly hitting buttons on the console in her surprise. Possibilities and confusion swirled through her mind as she checked to make sure she hadn't hit anything dangerous: was that a Force user? A comm transmission she mistook for something else in her sleep-addled state? Who knew she was coming here? Were they a threat?

    That last thought focused her mind, had her bringing up her active sensors, searching for a contact. At the same time, she tried to reach out with the Force, looking for a different sort of contact, though she knew it was unlikely.

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  25. BlueHeron

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    Oct 28, 2003
    IC: Dovey Lahana
    Temple Hangar Bay 1

    Dovey didn't see how Voj reacted but she sure felt it. It startled her and made her feel very uncomfortable. She couldn't imagine feeling that way about someone who was not a blood relative unless it was some sort of pheromone-induced false emotion. She gasped softly and then put up her hand as if to ward off the sensation of emotion she felt through the force, but Voj had come up next to her and was already placing his hands on her head. She stood still in shock. This was something that a man named Dryl had paid dearly for, fifty or so years ago, when he had tried to get her attention physically.

    Before Dovey could decide how to react to a man that she barely knew but had saved her life, Voj made a further motion of placing his forehead against hers. And then, somehow, he was reading her injury. His explanation as to why she was blind made perfect sense. And it sent a shiver down her spine. She had been so used to being around the dark side that it had not been something she'd even thought of. Unfortunately this lack of insight had caused her physical damage.

    While she listened to Voj's explanation and reassurance, Dovey berated herself silently, upset that she had not figured it out on her own as soon as it had happened.

    Although her feelings towards this were fairly blunt, she was able to keep her internal thoughts and emotions to herself. At least, that's what she hoped.

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