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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, May 13, 2011.

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  1. Skywalker_T-65

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    Nov 19, 2009
    IC: Daniel Sandstrider, Lenea Sandstrider

    Daniel watched as Colonel Tehanis walked in front of him, following the missing Guardians. Daniel moved to follow, though something felt him. There was a warm feeling, but the desert native hardly noticed that. But for some reason, he felt distinctly relieved to be falling the other group. Colonel Tehanis appeared the same (though she wasn't handling the warm feeling as well)...Knight Trevalus though...he seemed distinctly more...eager? That was what it looked like to Daniel.

    As they followed the group, Daniel felt more and more relieved. Like he was approaching his home after a long day working in Temple City. The feeling was odd to say the least, but it didn't feel bad at the same. For some reason, he was happy about this movement. As they continued walking, Daniel saw the passageway begin to expand somewhat. If he had to guess, they were nearing a chamber of some sort. This was confirmed as they walked into a truly massive room. The missing Guardians continued on, but Daniel stopped where he was. Despite the feeling of wanting to move forward, Daniel knew that logically wasn't a good idea.

    So he stood still in the doorway, scanning the crowd in front of him. Aside from the missing Guardian's he didn't recognize any faces. But if everyone here was Force Sensitive...just how long had the 'owners' of the ruins been drawing people into here? Not all of them could be just wouldn't be possible. Granted, Daniel couldn't pick out any Sith either, but the...absolutely suffocating feeling of the Dark Side meant he wouldn't have been able to tell aside from physical features anyway.

    But Daniel's attention was torn away from the crowd, as he heard a female voice echo over the crowd.

    “The time has come!”

    Daniel turned his head up to a raised dias, and saw a Twi'lek Jedi. He recognized her as Cambria Secura from his short time among the Guardians before taking up shop at Ashla Station. Behind her was...a crystal, though it appeared to take the shape of a twisted tree. The crystal was black as night, and the Force energy radiating off it fit the coloration. It was cloying, penetrating...horrifying. Nothing the Jedi had ever felt was like the energy this 'tree' was releasing. But Daniel tore his eyes away from the tree...and saw something he had never in his darkest nightmares expected.

    Two identical aliens were flanking Cambria...and the sight of them brought Daniel's emerald lightsaber into his hand. He tightened his grip on the hilt, eyes widening at the sight of these creatures. He would recognize them anywhere...and one single word escaped his lips, barely a whisper.


    Daniel had seen the murals of the 'god' inside his home on Abydos. He had heard the legends, seen the drawings in story books. His parents had spoken in hushed whispers whenever they had spoken of the 'god', fearful that with his ancestor dead the creature would come back from the grave. Even several thousands years free of the aliens reign had done nothing to dull the almost instinctive fear any Abydonian felt when it came to Ra. The only comfort they had was the legend that he was the last of his kind. But Daniel saw two of them, healthy and most likely the ones controlling all these Force sensitives.

    Daniel's hands shook slightly as fear and anger rose to the surface. Fear that was primal, and telling him to run far away. Anger...anger that these pretenders to god-hood still lived. The Dark Side enveloping the room fed on these feelings, urging the Abydonian to draw on its power to strike down the aliens. And Daniel was close to giving in...

    Meanwhile, in the Temple of Light, Lenea's head shot up. She had been calmly leaning against the wall waiting on Thrace to get his girlfriend. But she felt the roiling emotions coming off her brother, and they did not bode well. Holding her head slightly, and pushing the roiling emotions away from herself, Lenea tried to get in contact with her brother.

    "Danny...Danny...DANNY!! Get a hold of yourself! What is going on over there?!"

    Instead of an answer, Lenea doubled over in pain as a barrage of images flew through her mind. She saw the Temple of the Savior back home, and 'walked' inside of it. She realized she was seeing one of Danny's memories, if only because she saw a younger version of herself running past him. The young-Lenea turned and grinned at what her older self assumed was Danny.

    "Come on Danny...Mom and Dad have a story to tell us!!" young-Lenea shouted, her grin widening somewhat.

    "Calm down Lenea, I'm coming," 'Daniel' said with a long-suffering sigh. Though Lenea could remember him wearing a small smile at the time.

    Lenea watched through his eyes as Daniel followed the younger version of his sister. The pair wandered through the Temple, before reaching the center chamber. The ruined Gree Hypergate still sat silent in the background, but the Sandstrider family was gathered around a mural on the wall. As 'Daniel' walked up the mural, Lenea saw that it was of Ra...the ancient overlord who had enslaved the Abydonian people for so long.

    Part of Lenea expected to hear the story her parents had told that day. But instead, black and red crawled into the vision, obscuring everything until all she could see was the mural of Ra. A whisper in Danny's voice began to echo in her ears too, though it was distorted with anger.

    "Ra is gone...but these...imposters are the same race. I have to finish what the Savior started. I will destroy them...wipe all memory from the Galaxy...

    Even though it hurt her to do so, Lenea tore herself from the memory, nearly shredding her link with Daniel. The pain caused her to fall to her knees, clutching her head. But Lenea managed to contain it, and get to shaky feet. While she was going to wait on Thrace...this...couldn't wait. Danny was blocking her from the link now, either from some still logical desire to protect her, or from the corruption of the Dark Side keeping her out. Shakily at first, Lenea began to run in the direction of the hanger. Her limited Force Senses told her that was where Grand Master Lahana was...and Lenea needed to tell her that something was going very wrong with the Ruins group. She could only hope she arrived in time...

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  2. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Ruins - Saridona Prime

    When they left the room Cambria had been imprisoned in, Gaan went the opposite direction from Alec, checking the doors one by one, finally slamming her fist into one when, like all the others, it revealed an empty room. She turned back to see how Alec was doing, only to be met with the sight of his disappearing back as he moved down the staircase they had arrived by. Glancing around quickly, Gaan realized that Cambria was missing, and assumed that was where he had gone. For a moment, she hesitated, looking at all the doors still left, then turned, and sprinted down the hallway. Taking the stairs two at a time, feeling an unreasonable urge to hurry, she caught up with them just in time to hear Cambria say, “Come my friends. The Great Gulias Tree is calling.”

    Gaan's head tilted, then she nodded, and simply followed the Twi'lek and Alec. She saw no reason to object, and if she saw no reason, why should she think about it beyond that? In fact, she was quite happy just walking along, with no need to think about anything at all. She could sense the direction of Alec's thoughts, though, and it bothered her. Why was he so worried? It wasn't like there was anything beyond to be concerned about. Why couldn't he just take things easy, for once?

    What next met her eyes should have woken her from whatever trance she was in, but the presence of so many others seemed only to reassure her. The black tree in the center was... Wait, the black tree? Gaan did a double take. How did Cambria get over there so fast? She had been right in front of them a second ago. No, the black tree, there was something about it.... “The time has come!” Cambria, again? Gaan's eyes finally seemed to focus, and she realized the creature from the hologram was standing beside the Twi'lek... Actually, there were two of them. And then there was... "Alec?"

    Gaan shook her head. She could feel the cobwebs now, but she couldn't clear them, no matter how hard she tried. Alec was charging Cambria, the creatures, the tree. As if in slow motion, she watched him leap over Cambria's head, felt doubt, then saw his hand touch the tree. And suddenly, everything was in sharp focus again. Had there been time, she would have questioned what had just happened, but that was not her nature. Instead, she followed in the path Alec had taken, having to evade other Force-sensitives as they closed the path he and Cambria had taken.

    She could hear Alec screaming, she could feel his pain, she watched him convulse in agony.... and then she felt it, as well. An evil, but also somehow soothing presence within the crystal, it seemed amused with Alec. She stopped running, still moving toward it, but only at a walk. Did it hold her memories of Saridona Prime? It said yes, in its own way, tossing Alec aside as though no longer interested in him. The action brought Gaan to her senses again, as she barely managed to avoid being struck by his flying body. She turned to look where he fell, staring at him for a long moment before looking back at the crystal tree.

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  3. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Hochner Trevalus
    Ruins, all is ruins

    He hadn't had much to say, he still didn't. Not really. It was so familiar, but yet so strange like walking in a dream. If not for the two fellows that traveled with him he would dismiss it as nothing more, and so had gone with them, a last tangible link to the reality of the situation no matter how strange it became or felt.

    Then it happened the call came, where he had left at the call of a light he followed this was the call of the night, a sweet promise and lure that asked so nicely, so politely that he found himself frozen, knees slowly bending as they stood at the edge of this group gathering. It was so strange, to hear that call, to feel something stirring, some recolection that almost seemed to say 'You are home.' With equal part of hopelessness, need, and comforting assurity, it was the same voice that had called him across the stars to come here in the first place. It was a voice not to be denied.

    The Jedi that had helped him when he had been stranded in the snow reacted badly and tried to damage the crystal that seemed to be the epicenter of the voice and the gathering, and with the crackling of energy as the Jedi's body went inert Trevalus finally dropped to his knees. Why resist such as this? For a moment he simply stared, hearing Danny did nothing as the amusement and soothing voice echoed within him, still calling him to join the others. He was already kneeling, just join. Let go of his pesky mentality and join with the majority. Join with the hive. BE Home. Join. Join. Join.

    Falling forward he dropped to his hands, and began to crawl forward. Into the group, and closer to the crystal. The aliens meant nothing to him, recalled nothing from his training done mostly outside the confines of a temple nor with access to their archives. His body dropped and dragged until merely his will kept his arms working, grasping stuby fingers one infront of the next. Moving forward, centimeter by meter. Hand over fist, "Why?" he simply stated as he crawled forward. "Why?" A little further and it was little more than a whisper, "Why?"

    He had to know, he to go with eyes seeing and yet they had been clouded and uncovered, he would not be clouded again without seeing first, "Why?" It was not much for a will and a reason to cling to, but it was all he had.


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  4. BultarSwan

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    Jul 5, 2003
    IC: Miria Lahana
    Temple of Light

    Miria answered Tim, “I am one of the two Grand Masters here. The other is Josch Decinchi. The woman cleared her throat getting the attention of everyone in the vicinity. Her face was filled with animation, drawing those who saw it in. “Any verbal or physical attack against a member of the Guardians of Light or their friends will find you off this planet faster than you can count to ten.” She paused for a moment to let that sink in. First Tim. Miria sighed inwardly. She didn’t want anyone else doing anything stupid.

    The Grand Master watched from the corner of her eye as Dovey and Voj left the group, moving past towards the hallway. She didn't stop them as she knew her sister didn't like being in groups and still felt uncomfortable here in the temple. Her sister would know how to handle herself and so she wasn't worried.

    Miria saw the young woman walking towards the group. She wasn’t entirely sure what species she was but the jedi master was certain it was baseline human. She also knew that the woman was a force user. She paused until the woman with white hair was close enough to hear.
    The Firrerreo turned to face the newcomer directly. “My apologies for not greeting you properly but other things call for my attention. Please join the others in gathering your things and making your way to the cafeteria while I handle this matter. Then we shall all talk further. Please excuse me.”
    Miria signaled to Taab to watch the area and alert her if anyone else showed up before the mysterious Grand Master made her way to another part of the temple, away from the crowd.

    As she walked she noticed that Lenea was running towards the hangar and was filled with anxiety. Miria sighed softly to herself, in a way that no one would notice. She wanted to alleviate the young woman's fears but she had to take care of things so she sent her a message using telepathy. "Lenea, I know what is happening. Your observation has been noted. Please know that this will be taken care of. If you wish to, join myself and the rest of us in the Cafeteria. We can take things from there. I'm going to send a message to Master Decinchi."

    Now that there was no one to see, she frowned and peered around her. She knew that something was off with the group by the ruins. It was as if there was a physical presence making its way towards the temple. She cleared her mind of useless thoughts and cluttered uncertainties. She focused on what she sensed and felt. She knew that if she was sensing this dark presence, then the ruins group was being assaulted by it. She grimaced. She wanted to be there, to help. But Miria knew that if she were she would be in the same dire straits as the rest of them. She was aware of that reason but she couldn’t hide from herself the relief she felt at not being inside that creepy structure.

    Miria’s hand went to her comm link and she sent a text only message to Josch asking what was happening and if he was okay. She kept it short and to the point as she did not know how much attention Josch could give a message at this time.

    When Miria finished sending the message she realized that her breathing was shallow and her hands were trembling. Of its own accord her heart beat had quickened. The grand master leaned against the wall for a few moments, closing her eyes so she could focus on the pure energy of the force, drawing on it for strength. She let her hands lay flat against the walls, grounding herself. The darkness coming off the ruins had not lessened but Miria found she was able to contain it. She used not the force, but her own physical control to steady her heart beat, and force her hands to stop trembling.

    Wanting to make sure everything was right, when she had slowed her heartbeat and stopped the trembling, she stood up straight, drawing up to her full, if diminutive height and raising her chin slightly to take on whatever may come. Taking one deep breath and then letting it out quickly, Miria made her way to the cafeteria using hallways that would be empty of other beings. When she reached the cafeteria, she went to stand near the far wall, waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, which would happen any second. Miria was just glad she’d gotten there first.

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  5. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Hanger Bay 2, Temple of Light

    Babysitter called out after Taab as the Mandalorian headed off to perform his duties. “I am the father to both of these children. I found the strill wondering around the kitchen and he posses a health risk. I know it’s not dangerous to the children, if there is a pen to keep him in then my daughter would love to spend all day playing with him. My son on the other hand because of the stench, doesn’t have much interest. We haven’t been here long, so where is the pen located?”

    Taab rolled his eyes at that. Health risk? Maybe Babysitter didn't realize that relocating two children to this Temple could be a far bigger health risk than a loose striil. He stopped and slowly turned around, watching edee tugging at Kid 1's clothes. "You don't know where the animal pens are." Now he pointed to the striil. "So ask it"

    He went to turn back around, to accomplish the task he had set out here for and caught a glimpse of Scrapes emerging from her ship with a couple of bags in her arms, bows tied around their necks. He shook his head she she watched her hand these to the hanger rats. She was giving them presents, unbelievable.

    He listened to her introduction. So like all the other sob stories going around the Temple. The purge, lost masters, looking for a safe haven and finding a new home here. Taab grunted. He knew he had taken part in those purges and for the first time the thought crossed Taab's mind as to whether or not he had either directly or indirectly affected the lives of any of those Jedi now in his care.

    Taab was alerted on his HUD that another ship was incoming, Patches was keeping him up to date. Taab turned and watched as the vessel arrived a moment later. Shab it really was getting crowded in here, better get the Unnecessary Force moved to hanger One ASAP he thought to himself.

    The boarding ramp lowered and the ship's single occupant bounced down it. Taab could tell looking at her that she was a fighter, it was the way she carried herself. Casual and confident, but ready to spring into action. The scars she wore also denoted a hard life. She was greeted by Goldy, who also gave quite the speech to the other Jedi. Good about time she took charge of things. He acknowledged her signal with a simple nod. He would see the others off to the DFAC and then move his ship before joining them there. He yelled out to them all.

    "All right, you all heard the Grandmaster, move your shebs!"

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  6. Padawan4687

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    Jul 10, 2010
    IC: Alisha Tano
    Location: Medical Bay, Temple of Light

    The...Journeymen Knights?

    The only Force sensitive Mandalorian she had known was Risca, so she was lead to believe that people like her were rare. Now, knowing there was a whole faction for them had shocked her into a brief silence. Her thoughts went to Taab and Ryi, and it occurred to her that her Master must have very strong business connections, if he could contact so many Mando groups to provide security!

    Alisha quickly realized her face betrayed her surprise, so she gave Jaxon an interested smile. "A tour, huh?" she asked, pulling to the side of the bed and attempting to stand. Her knees were a bit weak and stiff, but she began to stretch

    Feeling more refreshed, she turned to Jaxon again. "Sure! I'd be happy to show you around, if you'd tell me more about the Journeymen knights!"

    She stood more strongly, and walked out of the Medical Bay. She had reached outside the entrance when a thought just occurred to her. There were so many different people around. So many strangers... Jaxon wasn't quite a stranger anymore, but she still was nervous slightly.

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  7. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Josch Decinchi, Keira Colias-Decinchi, Adalia Amber Tehanis, Cambria Secura
    The Ruins, Saridona Prime

    Things happened so fast that by the time Josch, Keira, and Adalia reacted it was all over. Keira didn’t wait for permission from her father, nor did she wait for a game plan, she simply reacted the one way she knew how – attack. She sprung across the chamber and landed beside Alec’s unconscious body. She stood there, in a defensive stance with her lightsaber ignited, waiting for someone else to tend to him. “You there,” she called out to Gaan, “come and see if you can rouse the supertrooper here.

    Meanwhile Adalia found herself in a tricky situation. She could feel the anger rising in the Captain and she knew a thing or two about Daniel’s anger. It would have been easy for her to take care of it if she did not have Hochner on his hands and knees crawling towards the ‘Tree’. So she did the only thing she could think of, she drew her DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, switched it to stun, and pointed it right at Daniel. “Listen Danny boy, if you don’t get a hold of yourself, and I mean right now, I will knock you out. Do I make myself clear?

    Josch just looked back at Kasha to answer her, “We put a stop to this.” Unlike his daughter though, he did not just go jumping into the fire. Instead he walked through the masses of kneeling force users, taking note that a fair amount of them were not Guardians after all. He looked up at his ‘hosts’ and called out to them, “What are you doing?

    One of the Rakata stepped forward, “B’lak, called the Elder. The Infinite Empire expelled us, the fools. And why? Because I dared to expand, what you call the Force’s, reach in ways their puny minds couldn’t grasp. I don’t care. I have found what I long sought, embodied in the Gulias Tree.

    The Grand Master continued moving closer while trying to get a better understanding of what they were up against. “What is this GuliasTree?

    It’s beautiful, no? It lives, thought it looks dead. In an age long past, someone impaled a Sith upon a crystal outcropping on this very spot. The crystal was still in the process of nucleation. And so grew the Gulias Tree, reverberating with dark primal power to those who can tap it.

    What are you doing to Cambria?

    She has been chosen to be the ‘supplicant’. The Gulias Tree will ‘accept’ her and will become mine to control. Once that happens you have no hope to save her.

    Josch was nearly to the steps of the dais when he stopped. He was confused by what B’lak was revealing to him. For someone who was greatly outnumbered he had no issue with revealing his plans. “Why are you talking to us?

    Though you would be suitable as food for our dark lizards, you’ll better serve my needs as supplicants. Plus, you retain your lives, after a fashion. Surrender your weapons and submit peacefully, or it will go the worse for you

    Josch ignited his two blades, “I don’t think so.” But as he did he heard the sound of marching. At the four entrances paraded in three heavily armed and armored Rakata each. All Josch could say was, “Oh boy.

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  8. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Kasha Sherland
    Ruins Saridona Prime

    “We put a stop to this.”

    Kasha nodded in agreement as she made her way through the kneeling masses. This scene was getting more and more strange by the minute. She stopped in front of Hochner who was crawling towards the tree. She put her foot down in front of his path and stared at him. “Did you not just see what happened to Alec a few seconds ago?” She questioned as she pointed to where Keira was now standing with her lightsaber ignited guarding Alec's unconscious body. “That will be you if touch that tree. You have to fight the calling, Hochner.”

    Kasha caught sight of Josch igniting his lightsaber as she heard marching heading towards them. She ignited her lightsaber and looked towards the entrance. “Grandfather, you just had to challenge them didn’t you?” she muttered under her breath.

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  9. Skywalker_T-65

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    Nov 19, 2009
    IC: Daniel Sandstrider
    Ancient Ruins

    Daniel could 'hear' Lenea practically banging on his bond with her. But, he pushed it aside. All his attention was focused on the...abominations...on the dais. He pressed the activation stud on his ancient lightsaber, expecting the emerald blade to shoot out. But nothing happened, and that jarred Daniel somewhat. Why wasn't the saber workin...

    Listen Danny boy, if you don’t get a hold of yourself, and I mean right now, I will knock you out. Do I make myself clear?

    Colonel Tehanis' voice knocked the Abydonian out of his trance. He saw his second in command pointing her blaster pistol at his face. Shaking his head to clear it of his anger, Daniel tried to center himself in the Light Side. It was incredibly difficult in the darkness that engulfed everyone in the room however. Remembering Lenea, Daniel used his bond with her to help calm himself down. Letting out a ragged sigh, he turned to the Colonel.

    "Thanks for that...all the Dark Side energy in this room...and those...things resembling Ra..." Daniel started, before one of the abominations started talking again.

    B’lak, called the Elder. The Infinite Empire expelled us, the fools. And why? Because I dared to expand, what you call the Force’s, reach in ways their puny minds couldn’t grasp. I don’t care. I have found what I long sought, embodied in the Gulias Tree.

    Daniel felt the anger rising again, but pushed it down. The 'Infinite Empire' surprised him, as none of the writings in the Temple of the Savior made mention of it. But if these abominations were exiled, it was possible Ra was too. Daniel listened to the back-and-forth between Master Decinchi and the abomination, trying to activate his lightsaber again. This time, the emerald blade sang to life, and Daniel smiled slightly. It seemed the old weapon could 'sense' his anger and refused to activate. It was likely the crystals he had inside the saber.

    But before he could ponder that mystery further, the abomination drew the young man's attention again.

    Though you would be suitable as food for our dark lizards, you’ll better serve my needs as supplicants. Plus, you retain your lives, after a fashion. Surrender your weapons and submit peacefully, or it will go the worse for you

    Now the abomination was sounding like the legends of Ra. That was extremely difficult for Daniel to push his anger down after hearing. If he hadn't had Lenea keeping him from giving in...he didn't want to think of what would happen. After the Grand Master ignited his twin sabers, marching echoed through the chamber. Turning around, Daniel saw three of the abominations, heavily armed/armored, standing in the doorway.

    Turning fully, Daniel stepped in front of his small group. Colonel Tehanis could handle herself, but Knight Trevalus was in no condition to fight. Glaring at the abominations, Daniel muttered under his breath, "If the Savior could kill Ra, I can kill them..."

    IC: Lenea Sandstrider
    Temple of Light

    After she had finally managed to calm Danny down, Lenea headed for the cafeteria. The Grand Master was the first to arrive, but Lenea was the first of the others. She hesitantly (which was odd for her) walked forward.

    "I know I was...a bit anxious. But Danny...he never gets that angry. I'm sorry if I distracted you," Lenea said, swallowing her pride, and waiting for the others to arrive.

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  10. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Anakin Sherland
    Hangar Bay 2 Temple, Saridona Prime

    "You don't know where the animal pens are." Now he pointed to the striil. "So ask it"

    Anakin stared in disbelief at the Mandalorian, “typical response,” he muttered under his breath as he glanced at Mekaila who was playing with the Strill. “Mekaila, ask the strill where it sleeps.”

    Mekaila whispered in the strills ears and his ears perked up and headed back towards the entrance of the hangar bay. The smell shifted again almost causing him to gag on the odour. When they got back to their room, he would not allow Mekaila to touch anything until she had a shower.

    They came to a stop where was a small patio and balcony overlooking the forest. Anakin groaned, leave it to an animal to lead them astray. “Mekaila, why don’t you play with him for a while. Don’t touch anything when you get back to the room. Into the shower right away,” he said as Mekaila grinned and laid down beside the strill. The Strill curled up beside her causing him to shake his head. He sent a message off to Taab about where he could find the animal when he was ready. For now, his daughter seemed content.

  11. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Hochner Trevalus
    Ancient Ruins

    Having his path bared and seeing what happened to the Jedi that had found his way with them was a touch jarring. Still he had soldiered on until a fellow Guardian had barred his path, around them armed aliens were entering the room, and the previous drone of verbage slowly was being processed by his distracted mind. Still only a single path waited for him, it was his duty and his honor to do so, but it was also his pain and likely death as well.

    "I am sorry Knight Sherland." his voice was strained, more so then he had thought it would be. "I must be closer, do not worry about my safety. I can contend with myself." With that made a gesture for her to let him pass and then dutifully continued his crawl around her as he continued on his course to come to the base of the 'tree'. He had to, he had to, there was no other way. No other way.

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  12. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Kasha Sherland
    Ruins Saridona Prime

    "I am sorry Knight Sherland." his voice was strained, more so then he had thought it would be. "I must be closer, do not worry about my safety. I can contend with myself."

    Kasha watched as he gestured for her to move. She refused to move as he started crawling around her. She straightened her arm and twisted her hand to a certain degree angle causing a hold out blaster to drop neatly into her hand. She switched it to stun and pointed it at Hochner. “In case you missed it, that crystal is pulsating with dark side energy. Don’t give into what it wants. If you continue on your path I will not hesitate to stun you.”

    Kasha pointed the blaster at Hochner with her finger on the trigger. “You know the worst part about this is I will have to drag your sorry unconscious carcass back to the ship. Fight it Hochner, this isn’t your normal get together with friends and family. This thing wants your life force.”

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  13. Runjedirun

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Kambie Loother
    Kambie listened politely as the other newcomer, Tim, introduced himself. When he finally finished with a question about all the defenses set up around the planet the male companion of the shy Firrerreo spoke up in reply stating that there was no known threat. However, Kambie sensed a great bit of concern from the man himself. He was concerned the number of new arrivals to this planet. She realized she and Tim must not be the only recent arrivals and wondered to herself why all at once several people, even Jedi, would discover an uncharted planet at the same time. She thought the Force must be bringing them together for a reason, but she did not have time to bring that up. As soon as the male speaker finished his answer to Tim’s question his comlink chirped and he made a quick excuse to leave. The shy Firrerreo she noted went with him.

    As soon as the pair left what appeared to be a Caamasi entered the hanger. Kambie could not be sure, she had never actually seen a Caamasi before, but she had seen them in holos and this looked like a Caamasi. She began to remind herself not to stare, when another ship began to land in the hanger. A fit mostly human woman got off the ship and made her way to the group where Kambie herself was gathered.

    Finally the outgoing Firrerreo introduced herself as one of two Grand Masters. She asked everyone present to make their way to the Cafeteria for further instruction just before Kambie felt a tremor in the Force. At first she thought it was a distant disturbance, then she realized it was actually on planet. It must seem distant because I don’t know those being affected yet Kambie realized. She was able to look up just in time to see the Grand Master was also being affected by whatever may be happening. Once the Grand Master recovered she motioned to the Mando whose reply was to roughly herd her and the others gathered off to the Cafeteria.

    Clutching her satchel of essentials close to her Kambie followed the others. She stayed alert and made careful note of each turn they made along the way. Hoping to notice anything unusual and most importantly making sure she would know her way back if necessary.

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  14. Tim Battershell

    Tim Battershell Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Battershell
    Hangar Bay #2.

    To Tim's slight surprise, it was the previously silent male that responded to his question first;

    "The only threat that I believe that we need to defend against is the likes of you? As you see Saridona Prime is uncharted and the Temple of Light is not only a place of learning, but a sanctuary from the Darkness that plagues this sector of the galaxy. But as far as a threat to the Guardians, there is nothing that is imminent, unless you know something that we don’t know?....As much as I would like to continue this discussion, I have other pressing business to attend too, so if you have any further questions I am sure Grand Master Lahana and Major Taab can assist you."

    Tim couldn't place the accent, but the attitude seemed to be the proverbial 'hundred-and-ten-percent' Mandalorian! Yet he was definitely a Force User! An unusual combination, to say the least, if Tim was right! "No, I don't know of any imminent threat, if I did, wouldn't have needed to ask what I might need to be prepared for, now would I?"; Tim thought; "Well, it was Grand Master Lahana (I was right about her rank, it seems, definitely must remember her name!) that mentioned the Guardians preparing to defend themselves. So let's hear what she has to say about it. 'Though something's certainly not right hereabouts, one doesn't advertise a supposedly hidden location's importance by parking a couple of battlewagons (elderly-looking ones or not) on the doorstep unless there's some definite need. Not when fighters and shuttles can hyperjump in-system from elsewhere and make planetfall on momentum, attitude jets and repulsors - and those X-83s are said to be highly capable in atmosphere, probably more than a match for anything else in this bay. On flimsi at least, they even have my old girl outclassed, in speed and manoeuvrability there!".

    The way the male addressed the Grand Master's obvious twin didn't go unnoticed either; in fact, he couldn't have done more to highlight an attempted denial of family relationship between the two women if he'd hung up a blaze-paint sign and shone a landing light onto it!

    As 'Knight Dovey' and the (as yet) anonymous male left, Tim noticed another ship coming in to land, this one seemingly even more decrepit than "Life's Illusion" had been tricked out to look like!

    Grand Master Lahana first confirmed her identity (and named the other Grand Master as one Josch Dechinchi) then issued a warning about verbally or physically attacking Guardians of their friends, pausing to let the newcomer disembark and draw closer. "You and I had better have a private heart to heart about the realities of males disrespecting females in the not too distant future, Grand Master"; Tim thought; "I've heard about the results loads of times from Joph when he was working Patrol and seen some of them for myself when we were diverted to a 'Domestic' when riding a Cruiser back from a Crime Scene. Plus there was that no-good brute that got involved with my sister.... and it all starts with rough words and a certain attitude on the part of the male! Not that I want to start trouble (and I never initiate a physical attack), but bullies are best warned off before they start trying to Rancor-roll their way over people!".

    As the latest arrival came into sight down the boarding ramp, Tim saw she had the build and carriage of a highly trained athlete and was displaying marks of old combats (all now healed) - a professional Gladiator of some kind, perhaps? There had been rumours of at least one underground fight-club circulating around Calna Muun before Tim had left Agamar; but he knew that it wouldn't have been long before the ASF infiltrated it/them and put it/them out of business; certainly if Joph had any say in the matter!

    After briefly greeting her, Grand Master Lahana called for the group to grab their things and adjourn to the Cafeteria for further discussion, pleading an urgent matter to attend to first.

    Tim didn't mind this, nor the bark of (was it Major Taab?, more like Sergeant-Major or Drill Sergeant to Tim's way of thinking!) the obvious Mandolorian to "move your shebs!" as someone had seemingly just propped a door open, with an entertainment system playing weird, alien, music inside the room, imposing an annoyingly ghostly-faint sound on the very fringes of his awareness.

    Tim didn't bother grabbing any gear ("Life's Illusion" had been his home for over two years, was adjusted to his preferences and, besides, he would have to make regular return visits to see to his Chitliks); instead he just started drifting in the direction of the exit, where the father, the children and the strill had headed a few seconds earlier and waited for someone who knew the way to the Cafeteria to guide him there.

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  15. The_Zeltron

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    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Ruins - Saridona Prime

    As Gaan looked between the tree and Alec, one of the others moved to cover him. She called out, “You there, come and see if you can rouse the supertrooper here.” Gaan smirked, looking back at the crystal tree one last time before heading toward where the woman stood. She couldn't recall having seen her before, but there was something familiar about her face.... Maybe another lost memory? She shook it off. No time for that now.

    When she reached them, she knelt beside Alec, and placed a hand on his forehead, while the other went first to his wrist, and then to his chest. After a moment, she realized she wasn't going to be able to summon enough untainted power to rouse him with it alone, so she reached back to her medkit. The only thing she really had was something intended to counter the effects of tranquilizers and sedatives, but it should help. She injected him with it, then used the Force to try to help wake him. After a moment, she heard marching from somewhere else in the chamber, and turned back to the rest of the group. There were fully armed creatures at all the entrances, and the Grand Master seemed less than confidant. Bending back down over Alec, she slapped him in a last ditch effort to get him up in time to help, then rose and drew her lightsaber. Igniting it, she waited for the Grand Master or the creatures to make a move.

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  16. Gotab

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    May 18, 2011
    IC: Ian Thrace
    Padawan level, Temple of Light

    Ian was slightly stunned as Mr. (he was almost sure he was a Mr.) Sitan ignored him and headed off into a different area of the Temple. He didn't know where he was headed, but he was pretty sure the Caamasi didn't want to join them in the TCC. He waited for Khalifa to answer him but was overcome by a familiar sensation.

    It was a slight pull, the same he had felt before on their expedition to the Ruins. He gulped, feeling slightly dizzy. Concentrating on his breathing he centered himself. The pull subsided somewhat, though he still felt its call. He knew he had been unable to resist the effects before and that only his distance from the Ruins was saving him now. Suddenly he collapsed to the ground as a wave of pain overwhelmed him.

    The the pain didn't originate with him, it was someone else, someone close. Looking at Khalifa he could tell it wasn't her, and Mr. Sitan was long gone. It must have been Ms. Sandstrider. He shakily regained his footing, the pain was subsiding but he could feel her surprise and sense of urgency now, she was making no attempt at hiding it. It was her, and he could feel her running off to... where?

    "C'mon Khalifa, I know you had to have felt that. We should go!"

    He started off running after Ms. Sandstrider wondering what if anything he could do to help her...

    TAG: JM_1977

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  17. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel
    Saridona Prime, Ruins


    Having been on so many ships beforehand, Alec recognized being on one when the voice slowly nudged him back to consciousness. It was that chill in the air; the one that tended to reign on vessels that traveled through the cold, emptiness of space. Though they mostly guarded their occupants from it, there was nonetheless that chill that Alec felt at his exposed face.

    The young, ten-year-old Alec shifted upon the bunk that he was resting on. As if looking for another clue, his small, bare feet stretched out from beneath the confines of the blanket and touched the solid, durasteel wall of the room. It thrummed gently against him and he knew the reason for it were the currently-running engines and hyperdrive that launched the vessel through space. If Alec enhanced his hearing with the Force like his Master had trained him to, he would be ale to hear them clearly.

    But what type the vessel was did not come to him. With a galaxy that had been overrun by the Sith and putting the lives of any surviving Jedi - from the youngest of Padawans to the wisest of Masters - in danger, Alec and his Master were always moving from planet to planet, the latter paying for travel and a bunk to go with it every time it was deemed too dangerous to stay at one place for any longer. The number of vessels and what type they had ridden on had long-since been blurred together.

    "Alec." It was the voice again. Feminine, but the vocal cords of tbe being issued what could best be described as a gurgling noise as she spoke. "Its time for your morning exercises."

    It was standard, morning procedure. Until such a time when the Jedi would be able to strike back and overthrow the Sith, all Alec could do was prepare for such a day and it was his Master's duty to train him for it. And yet, despite his Master's insistence and how he would usually, as a good Padawan, rise to her order, he found himself strangely unwilling to follow her this morning. The softness of the bunk was difficult to pull away from and the young Jedi even found it a chore to open his eyes.

    There came a touch at his shoulder. Despite the fabric of his tunic, Alec felt the smooth, yet moist, feel of his Master's webbed hand.and the suction cups there were at her palm. For a brief moment, Alec thought he could detect the smell of the sea.

    "Alec, you need to wake up."

    There was an unusual level of insistence in his Master's tone which did better to rouse Alec then the gentle shake at his shoulder. He stretched out his body on the bed and he struggled to open his eyes. It was then that Alec took note that the chill was becoming more intense, as if the blanket that he had been wrapped in had suddenly vanished. The feel of the mattress was also suddenly absent, its comfort replaced with the discomfort of a more solid, rougher surface.

    An ache started to spread throughout his body.


    At his Master's shout, Alec's eyes opened wide, "I'm..."

    The slap got him awake. Having been slowly being roused back to consciousness, the young Jedi was suddenly jarred awake by a hand - a normal, five-fingered hand of a human - that suddenly struck him across the face.

    His body jerked in response and the instinctive action caused pain to race up and down along Alec's body. That was not due to the slap he quickly realized as his memories came flooding back. No, that was due to the dark side energies that had taken the form of lightning that had brought immense pain to him. The pain, the soreness that he felt deep in his bones was due to the electrical current that had his muscles spasming and convulsing.

    As he was thrust back into consciousness, Alec started taking note of more details. The chilly, dark expanse of the cavern, the even colder and darker presence of the dark side, and the life forces of multiple beings.

    Such as Gaan. Standing over him, she was the first person he saw when his eyes finally opened with her lightsaber ignited, bathing him and the immediate area in its green light. Alec immediately noted something off though, such as there being a second point of illumination nearby. A glance off to the side told him the source immediately; another lightsaber, purple in color, that was held in the hand of another woman but this one he couldn't recognize.

    When she turned her head a fraction though, Alec was able to see ears that he had only seen on one other person since he got to this planet. He concluded that it was safe to say that she was an ally.
    With lightsabers being drawn and the dark side running rampant, it gave Alec incentive to get up despite the pain. Oddly enough, he didn't feel as tired or exhausted as he believe he should be. Rather, he felt strangely alert and refreshed. It was only when he rolled onto his front and struggled to a knee that he saw the medkit nearby and a discarded injector.

    Stimulant, he guessed. Or at least something with similar effects. He also guessed that it was Gaan who had injected him with it. And then slapped him. There was still the heat along the side of his face where he had been struck and he knew if he traced it he would find himself tracing a red hand print.

    In an attempt at humor, he looked to Gaan and, tilting his head a bit so the cheek she slapped was pointed at her, he spoke, "Thanks for that." Of course, there was some sincerity there for waking him.

    The slap was hardly the worst of the pain he currently felt. Staying in his kneeling position, Alec took stock of his injuries. There were those muscle aches of course and, as Alec took deep breaths, his chest hurt at the movement, there was a stinging in his lungs, and his throat felt particularly raw.

    There was a different kind of pain along his face as well. Not where Gaan had slapped him and when he poked to investigate, Alec winced upon encountering some bruising along the right side of his face. Probably from his harsh landing. Fortunately, the bruising did not reach his right eye enough to swell it shut. The pain that radiated along his left arm was probably due to being slammed into the ground as well. He stretched and rolled it and pain was his only response. He could move it, but it hurt.

    Finally, Alec looked around and it was only then that he realized why the two women had their lightsabers drawn.

    "It seems things have...escalated," he murmured upon seeing a group of three heavily armored and armed Rakata nearby. On a hunch, he took a look around the rest of the chamber and saw a similar scene throughout; Guardians with lightsabers drawn and other groups of Rakata. "What did I miss?"

    He had hoped that he could've prevented this or, at the very least, given them a better advantage by taking out the crystal. Now it looked like they were just going to have to power on through here. Against the dark presence that spanned all throughout the cavern, against a thought long-dead species and whatever tricks they had up their sleeves.

    Alec went to draw his lightsaber and to stand fully but stopped. Despite his current pain and misery and the chilling presence of the dark side everywhere, there was a...warmth? At his side, pressing against him. A hand went there and, only encountering cloth, the young Jedi immediately realized his error and dipped a hand into his pocket. His fingers encountered something round, smooth, and the obvious source of the warmth.

    He knew what it was before he pulled it out so that he could see. Within the palm of his hand, the kasha glowed in the darkness of the cavern, giving off a crystal-like gleam. When his fingers closed around it, he could feel it hum against his fingertips.


    Holding the kasha against his chest, Alec briefly closed his eyes and breathed. His chest didn't hurt so much anymore and the stinging of his lungs seemed to have vanished as well. The warmth seemed to stretch out to both warm and soothe his pain. As he mentally reached out and tapped the crystal, Alec felt his mind clear from the distractions of his pain and the ache in his muscles seemed to lessen.Taking another deep breath, Alec forced himself to stand fully though he admitted that he was probably overenthusiastic as he felt his right leg buckle slightly.

    Right, he thought. Just because I can handle pain better doesn't mean I'm not in pain.

    It was a common, foolish mistake that fools like to make. Even if you could take pain, a shattered limb was a shattered limb and you wouldn't be able to use broken bones even if you felt nothing. Similarly, Alec knew that while he felt fine now, once the adrenaline, the stimulant, and the Force wore off he would probably come crashing down later. And if he exerted himself too much, that crash would come sooner rather then later.

    But not right now. He'll do that after the current crisis was resolved. The kasha crystal still held in his left hand, his right dipped down and unclipped the lightsaber from his belt so that the hilt could fill his palm. Turning, he looked to the nearest group of Rakata that were currently arrayed against him, Gaan, and the unknown woman.

    "Their armor and weapons are probably lightsaber resistant," he spoke calmly, getting back to business and not sounding at all like he was currently in pain. Considering that they were facing Rakata who had already captured and imprisoned a number of Guardians, they probably had the equipment to at least put up a fight against them. "But there may be more to them then that. Supposedly the Rakata had lost their ability to use the Force but, at the same time, they were a race that knew best how to blend it with their technology. Expect anything from them."

    After a pause, he glanced over to the dais that he had been flung from after his failed assault and, over the heads of the gathered crowd that seemed content to do nothing, he stared at the crystal.

    "Be careful of the crystal," he added. "Its manipulating the minds of those people and even if we're handling it well, our proximity may allow it to affect us to some extent in the coming fight."

    After all, he wondered if that was the reason why his assault failed before hand. Either way, whether he got a second shot in or someone else took care of it, that crystal needed to be destroyed.

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  18. Rebecca_Daniels

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Eira Dryn
    Hangar Bay 2

    “My apologies for not greeting you properly but other things call for my attention. Please join the others in gathering your things and making your way to the cafeteria while I handle this matter. Then we shall all talk further. Please excuse me.”

    The gold-skinned woman spoke in a manner that allowed no discussion; likely she was some sort of leader. Eira waited for someone to lead the way, as she had no knowledge of where a cafeteria might be in this sort of structure, and wandering around to look for one didn't seem like the best choice; more than likely she'd end up lost, wandering for days as she tried to orient herself within the huge building.

    Most of her attention was on the Mandalorian she'd spotted, trying to sort out why another would be here. His words caught her by surprise, with his helmet hiding any cues that he might be about to speak.

    "All right, you all heard the Grandmaster, move your shebs!"

    Grand Master? Her eyes darted to where the gold-skinned woman had left ahead of them. That changed things.

    For all that she had been told they were Jedi, she'd seen no sign of such until now. Her senses were limited; Eira wasn't sure that she could tell a Force user from a non-Force user, and even if she could they might not be Jedi. A lifetime of wariness made her reluctant to blindly follow the group, but it was unlikely such a large setup would be made to catch one mostly untrained Force user... or even to catch a few of them, as she suspected the two humans and the unfamiliar humanoid were also Force sensitives.

    Instinctively, Eira drew on one skill that she was familiar with and hid her presence in the Force, making it as small and unnoticeable as possible. Perhaps it had been a bad idea to give up all her weapons... no, she had a feeling she wouldn't come to harm here, at least not at the hands of the people in this temple. There was something on the edge of her mind that kept her tense and wary, however, and so she remained hidden in the Force as she stepped towards the hangar's exit. At the moment she felt not need to gather anything from the Catch, at least not until she was confident in her decision to stay here.

    No one else seemed to be prepared to lead them on, so Eira spoke up: "Do any of you know the way to the cafeteria?" She made sure not to direct the question to any one person in particular in the hopes that someone would step forward.

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  19. Chewbacca89

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    Oct 25, 2012
    IC: Allynic Sitan
    GOL Temple, Hangar Bay #2

    Allynic was standing in the hangar bay watching all that went on around with an inquisitive look on his face. He was distracted as an Arkanian near him spoke up, to no one in particular. "Do any of you know the way to the cafeteria?" Allynic straitened his robes. "I am Jedi Knight Allynic Sitan. You may call me Ally if you wish. I am new here as well, but just completed a small exploration of the area. I can take you there if you wish." Allynic made sure to talk loud enough for those surrounding him to hear, in case anyone else cared to follow. "What are you names?"

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    Aug 10, 2007
    OCC: Its been a while since I wrote up a post. Didn't know who to tag. I hope its was okay.

    IC: Seanna Vel
    Temple of Light - Meditation Gardens

    In the only place that feel like true home, it was where there was must life at. It a good place to think to meditate. Reaching out to one of the many plants that was around her. Touching the view of the leave softly even now reaching out from with in to touch life that was pulsing life that all had with in. It had been many hours since she been in the same stand. It was time for her to do her soft moments of herself. In a way it was her way of reminding where she came from where she was going. Only in these did she give much though about the farm, her grand parents what their life would be now. Now it was the time that she knew that need to get back to cheek in with the others. Raising herself off the ground only to make sure her limbs still responded to her quick movements. Closing her eyes as she made her way over to where she had put her personal belongings. Reaching down to pick up a small black box that had what really the reason for coming here. Sitting on the ground once again laying out the instrument out.

    Bring her breathing down very slowly as what work that had to be done would take a lot of work, but also would challenger her with her pain tolerance. On her upper arm she begin the work slowly, it didn't take long before drips of blood started to run down to the ground to drink up. It was her lips that didn't part or a sound but her air letting out when the time came. Until after a few hours of very patient work did it seem she was nearing the end of her task given upon her.

    A lot had happen since coming here to train, but never forgetting her roots and those she still was recovering. Turning on her commlink to hook up to the rest and cheeking her own message. At the same time taking a soft cloth to apply it but also reaching for some other ointment.

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  21. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Hochner Trevalus
    Ruins, Saridona Prime

    Looking up at his fellow Guardian he sighed through his trembling trunk, "I am in control. I will stay here, but inaction...seems it's desire. Only in moving. . .am I able. . .to maintain. . .focus. . .will. Please. . .I must move to resist." It was getting harder, harder to focus his will to resist. Even in crawling he had been able to bring to bear moving meditation to his situation, to focus the Force within him, to push back the external calling. Staying still he could hear it growing stronger, the call returning.

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  22. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Kasha Sherland
    Ruins Saridona Prime

    "I am in control. I will stay here, but inaction...seems it's desire. Only in moving. . .am I able. . .to maintain. . .focus. . .will. Please. . .I must move to resist."

    Kasha kept the blaster pointed at Hochner with her finger on the trigger. With a frown she shook her head stubbornly. She didn’t want to stun him but if she felt it was the only way to win this battle. She wouldn’t hesitate either. She hoped he saw reason. “If you keep moving towards it, you’re giving into what it wants. Find a way to block it when you’re not moving. Fight it, resist it anyway you can. Or I will find a way to distract you and I promise it won’t be pretty. I would hate to explain to my great great grandfather why I had to stun you.”

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  23. BultarSwan

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    Jul 5, 2003
    IC: Miria Lahana

    Miria watched as first Lenea entered the cafeteria. Her somber expression would mean that something serious was happening and that it was time for patience, for helping. As Lenea began to speak, Miria looked her in the eye. A ghost of an understanding smile hovered near her lips for a moment before she replied, “You must be on your guard. While relationships strengthen they can also weaken. It is good that you have come to me. Be aware that I know what is going on, can sense it. But please, remain here and keep me informed of anything major.”

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  24. BlueHeron

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    Oct 28, 2003
    IC: Dovey Lahana

    Without saying a word, Dovey followed Voj. What in the galaxy would he have that he would want to show me? She wondered. It was unusual still to have people to talk to. She wasn’t sure she preferred it either, but, as she followed Voj, she realized that she didn’t mind it so much. She wouldn’t admit it to anyone, not even her sister, but she usually felt a bit more relaxed when Voj was around.

    When the tall Erphaen paused in the hallway, Dovey was ready to push him along if he wouldn’t go without some help. But then he turned and handed her a holo image of himself standing next to a woman. They both held lightsabers and had the same complexion, hair color and clothing style. As Voj started to speak, Dovey looked up at him, her face showing very little emotion. The picture was nice but it meant nothing to her, until he started to explain it to her.

    He identified the woman as his grandmother and at first it didn’t sink in, even as he explained that he had been twenty years old in 60ABY. She quickly calculated ages, realizing that he was much closer in age to her than she had ever expected.

    As she stared down at the holo her hand shook once before she could control it. “Why are you telling me this?” She looked up at Voj, a hint of suspicion in her voice. She couldn’t have said why it was there other than that the situation made her uncomfortable and it was much easier to be suspicious than anything else in those situations. It kept her alive, kept her moving, kept her sharp. As she looked up at Voj, examining his features for… anything, she waited for his response.

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  25. Whitelight

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    Aug 10, 2007
    Temple of Light

    IC: Seanna Vel

    It was her stomach that told her she went way to long without fuel in it. Gathering her stuff before her she would hit the mess hall first thing. Bring herself to the door to leave the place of what she called her sanctuary one that most here didn’t bother to go.

    Taking the most direct route to the mess all, stopping short to find herself feeling that there was serveral with at the moment. Finding this strange as it being off hour, for this many to gather with in. Only to find herself trying to gather herself up straight, knowing that for sure that those with in has seen her in her causal clothing before. Still showing that toughness about her as on her right arm still fresh ink could be smelled of her work. Now showing her now higher rank with in the journeymen.
    Taking herself the few step to make her presents known to the others with in knowing all by face, and name one thing about helping with security she had memorized all within. Giving a herself a reason to step with in hearing of them to see what the gathering was about just with the tone with in something was up just what only time would tell her in the mean time she gather a bit of food to start out with was a Nerf burger, with kale Kama fried.

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