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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

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  1. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Anakin Sherland
    Mess hall Temple of light Saridona Prime

    Anakin could feel Kasha’s distress through the Force. Ever since they bonded their souls through the Force he could sense Kasha from half way across the planet. He entered the mess hall where he noticed everyone was gathered. Something big was going on and he had a feeling it was taking place at the ruins.

    Anakin saw the other Grand Master standing in the mess hall. He held onto Brice’s hand as he walked towards her with a frown. He had no clue what was going on but if the signals he was receiving from Kasha was any indication. Something wrong was going on at the ruins. “I can sense Kasha’s distress through the Force. What’s going on?”

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  2. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Hanger Bay 2/Hanger Bay 1, Temple of Light

    Taab watched silently as the jetiise began to shuffle out of the hanger bay. Most hadn't retrieved anything from their ships implying that they either trusted the situation here, or had nothing worth retrieving. He shook his head as the last of them left. He still found it so odd to be working with them but figured he could continue to do so for the time being. He shrugged his shoulders, the pay made it worth while anyway, and he didn't have to subscribe to their beliefs, he just had to protect them.

    He ambled up the Unnecessary Force's boarding ramp. He had to admit that part of the job was made much easier by the addition of the Journeyman. He still wasn't sure he approved of their lifestyle either, but they had proven their worth if Voj and kyramud were indicitve of the rest of them.

    Powering up the ship's engines he contacted Major Patches in the TCC and let him know he was under way. He also asked him to ensure that the Journeyman Knights set up standing posts in the hanger bays. The Grandmaster may trust the new Jedi, but Taab didn't. Not yet.

    Satisfied by Patches ever profesional "Roger that", Taab moved his shuttle out from the hanger bay. It was getting crowded in there, and he nearly scraped up against the wall as he maneuvered around the ships cluttering the bay. Fortunatly he was a better pilot than some and managed to get the J-1 out of the bay without incident, he knew he would have never heard the end of it if he had bumped something.

    Using just the UF's repulsorlifts Taab was able to quickly move the vessel from hanger bay 2 to what was quickly becoming the hanger bay for "command staff", hanger bay 1. Taab wasn't sure what he felt about that either. His career with the Protectors had seen him as an enlisted man, and eventually an NCO. His bounty hunting career after that had seen him mostly on his own. He was used to doing things, himself, not leading large numbers of people. It was new to him, and while he wasn't nervous at the prosepct, he was set in his ways. It made him wonder if there was any truth to the saying that you could teach an old striil new tricks.

    He set the ship down, nose out towards the hanger doors, and disembarked. Even with the other ships in the bay this one was far less crowded than bay 2, and would allow for quick departures if need be. He set the ship's anti-intruder system and closed the entryway, preparing to head down to the DFAC and meet with the Jedi there but he caught a glimpse of someone else in the bay.

    It was Cyar'ika, and she didn't look happy. Taab cautiously approached her, loudly enough that she wouldn't think he was trying to sneak up on her, but slowly enough to allow to her regain her composure. Looking at her Taab knew this wasn't the time for nicknames, what had Voj called her earlier? Fury? Yeah she looked like she was doing her part to live up to that nickname as well.

    He sighed inwardly. This was none of his business, and to be honest he didn't want to hear it, but it probably had to be done. He removed his buy'ce and clipped it to his belt. "Something on your mind Major?"

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  3. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Battershell
    Hangar Bay #2.

    A few minutes earlier....

    Tim heard the kind and gentle voice first; although the words were being spoken loudly enough for any nearby beings to hear: "I am Jedi Knight Allynic Sitan. You may call me Ally if you wish. I am new here as well, but just completed a small exploration of the area. I can take you there if you wish.": then he came into line of sight with the voice's owner and stopped in his tracks from sheer surprise! A Caamasi! A trained Force User too, from his Sense in the Force!

    Instantly, Tim's residual concerns about this being an elaborate One-Sith trap evaporated: Caamasi were noted for their trustworthiness (indeed, the very word meant 'Friend from afar' or 'Stranger to be trusted' in a fairly large number of Galactic languages), their perceptiveness; and also for their scarcity after the Palpatine-ordered, Bothan-facilitated, firestorming of their homeworld, the destruction of their refugee community on Alderaan (along with the rest of the planetary population and the planet itself) and the depredations and displacements of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Tim had previously only ever seen one of them; on Cloud City; not long after starting his travels with Prestorious, and it had been the elderly entertainer who had pointed that one out, identified him as a Caamasi and then told Tim what he remembered of the species' tragic history.

    Corran Horn's appearances in Nana Evlyn's Legacy had added further details; Corran's remembrances of his friendship with Elegos A'kla and the 'coincidence' of Elegos' uncle, Ylenic It'kla, having formed an equally strong friendship with Nejaa Halcyon, (Corran's grandfather) during the Clone Wars.

    "Honoured to meet you, Sir!": Tim said, holding to a degree of formality; despite the invitation to use Allynic's familiar name; out of respect and (more than a little) awe; "I'm Tim Battershell, everyone calls me Tim. Thank you for your kind offer to guide us all to the Cafeteria - I've got a suspicion that something important has either just happened, is happening as we speak or is just about to happen; and we shouldn't keep Grand Master Lahana waiting in any case; but could you tell me on the way if you visited Cloud City, Bespin, in one-three-five? A Caamasi was pointed out to me when I was there that year, and sightings of your people are very rare these days.".

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  4. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Ruins - Saridona Prime

    Gaan was relieved when Alec opened his eyes. He seemed a little slow, and it took him a moment to get up on a knee, but, when he did, he tilted his cheek to her. She could see the deep red marks on his cheek where she'd struck him, and managed to look a little apologetic. However, he seemed in a decent mood, as he humorously said, "Thanks for that."

    Gaan smirked, nodding her head offhandedly, "Anytime." He seemed to grow preoccupied, so Gaan glanced around the chamber again. Nothing had happened, as yet, and for that she was grateful. Alec seemed in need of a few moments of recovery time. When she looked back to him, he was looking around as she had done.

    "It seems things have...escalated. What did I miss?"

    "Everything," Gaan replied with a touch of sarcasm, which she quickly reined in. "She," she gestured to the other woman, "decided to cover you, and called me over. The Grand Master tried being reasonable. It didn't work so well. Result? Current situation."

    If she had still been talking, her voice would have drifted off, because, once again, Alec seemed concerned with something that had nothing to do with her, them, or the situation in general. After a moment, he pulled out a small stone, and Gaan almost rolled her eyes before looking back around. Once again, when she looked back, she was surprised to see that whatever he was doing seemed to have helped. He was on his feet, and his pain had disappeared. The only seemingly logical conjecture was that the stone and/or the Force had been called into play. Right now, it didn't matter.

    "Their armor and weapons are probably lightsaber resistant," Alec said calmly. "But there may be more to them then that. Supposedly the Rakata had lost their ability to use the Force but, at the same time, they were a race that knew best how to blend it with their technology. Expect anything from them."

    "Uh-huh." Rakata... not ringing any bells. Alec was staring at the crystal. Gaan looked at it, too, and again felt the pull.

    "Be careful of the crystal." She turned back to look at him. She wanted to say I know, but knowing didn't help. "Its manipulating the minds of those people and even if we're handling it well, our proximity may allow it to affect us to some extent in the coming fight."

    "Yeah, I think we got it, Alec. Now just to wait for their move..."

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  5. Runjedirun

    Runjedirun Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Kambie Loother:

    As Kambie made her way to the cafeteria she became aware of two things. First of all the Grand Master was moving quickly and most likely not taking the most direct route to their destination. Second she noticed that the others had not followed the Grand Master out of the hanger. She wondered how they were going to find the cafeteria, but did not worry too much, they claimed to be Jedi and Kambie had sensed they were force users. As Kambie followed the presence of the Jedi Grand Master she could tell that she wanted to be alone, so Kambie kept her distance and continued on until she came to a door that was obviously the cafeteria. Kambie continued to sense the desire of the Grand Master to be alone so she waited outside for the others to arrive.

    Soon another human woman arrived and went to speak to the Grand Master. Kambie could tell the conversation was private and continued to keep her distance and respect that privacy. When a female in armor entered the Cafeteria and began making food for herself, Kambie felt it was safe to enter. She did so and found a seat at one of the many empty tables, near an exit with her back to the wall where she felt most comfortable.

    Next to enter was a father and son, most interesting. The father was very worried about a woman named Kasha. Perhaps she was the boy’s mother. No one had yet acknowledged her presence so Kambie sat silently and patiently waiting to see what would happen next.
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  6. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Josch Decinchi, Keira Colias-Decinchi, Adalia Amber Tehanis, Cambria Secura
    The Ruins, Saridona Prime

    As the twelve Rakata started to close in around the group, there was something that shifted in the Force, something so subtle that if one had not opened themselves to the flow of the ‘Music’ that they would have missed it. It was as if one instrument in the entire orchestra had slipped slightly out of tune. Josch felt it and spared a glance towards his old friend Cambria who gave him a slight wink once their eyes met.

    Meanwhile Keira continued to keep a close eye on the silent Rakata that accompanied the ‘Elder’ on the dais. Knowing that Alec was back on his feet, she no longer felt compelled to protect him. Ever so slightly she inched towards her target. She hoped that once the action started, she would be able to take out at least the one who appeared to be second in command.

    Adalia switched her blaster from right hand into her left, calling her lightsaber to her free hand. No longer was she aiming at Danny, but standing next to him, waiting for the order to defend those around her. Even as she stood there she could tell there was something different in the air. It was as if the foolish Jedi, who had just picked himself up off the ground, had knocked the crystal ‘tree’ out of resonance.

    Josch decided to try and negotiate, hoping to buy everyone some time. “Listen B’lak, if you need someone to control, take me. I’m more powerful then Cambria is and I will participate willingly, no need for the mind games. My only condition is that you let the rest of these people go free.” As he talked he noticed a rugged looking young man with brown hair and an older man with blond hair that had started to gray, both a slight distance ahead of him, seemed to raise their heads a little.

    No deal Je’daii. Even though you are more powerful, just as you said, the Gulias Tree seems to respond better to feminine influences. We tried to use one of your males and he seemed to insight the others of his gender to, shall we say, exhibit your more aggressive tendencies. We have learned that it only takes one true supplicant to control the rest of you ‘Force-users’. Once she has been fully embraced by the Tree we shall be able to entice the rest of your kind to the Gathering. As the numbers grow, so will the Tree’s powers to summon even more here, and once all the Servants of the Force have gathered then we shall unleash the full potential of the Gulias upon the galaxy. Mwwaahhhh.

    As the Elder started to laugh maniacally, Cambria brought up one of her lightsabers and pointed it directly at Josch. Unexpectedly, she turned her head and looked directly at the cackling Rakata and declared, “I can’t let that happen B’lak.” In one swift stroke she decapitated her captor.

    All of those gathered on their knees sprung to their feet. As most of them were still children, they gathered to the nearest adult. “Get the children out of here! We’ll cover you!” Josch ordered. He could feel that Cambria and Keira wanted to take out the stunted underling of B’lak, but he evaded their attack by leaping up onto one of the branches of the Gulias Tree. The two he had noted before, were both standing and wielding their own sabers, the younger with one in each hand and the older with one. “Welcome to the fight brothers,” Josch called to them, “Now let’s clear a path for the children!

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  7. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009

    General Information:
    Character's Name: Hector Zey
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Languages: Basic
    Residence: Temple of Light
    Home Planet: Bespin
    Age: 86
    Approved Special Features: None
    Character Traits:
    Personality: Challenging and bombastic at times. Thoughtful and contemplative at others.
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes being proactive/dislikes being reactive
    Racial Traits: Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Physically strong despite his age.
    Picture: [​IMG]

    Eye Color: Piercing blue eyes
    Hair/Fur: Long blond hair, going grey
    Skin Color: Tanned
    Clothing: Phrik armored vest, he keeps his arms uncovered.
    Personal History:
    Immediate Family: None
    Spouse/Children: NoneBiography: Born on Bespin in 60 ABY, Hector's family history was one of known force users. Thus his ability was detected early on and when he was still a baby he was given over to the Jedi so that he might learn the ways of the Force in a structured and positive environment. His life at the Jedi Temple was as most other initiates. Training to control his abilities, learning of the pitfalls of the dark side and obeying his elders. It was an excellent life, and young Hector loved every minute of it, though his competitive nature often found him in trouble with the council. Extra assignments were given him so that he might learn patience and a sense of "fair play" with others.

    He took to these lessons well and at age eight he became the padawan to a Verpine Jedi Knight named Krax. Krax was analytical to a fault and his pairing with the more impulsive Zey had a profound effect on them both. Krax found himself becoming more flexible in his responses and doctrine, while Zey learned more and more of the power of observation and allowing events come to him. It was a long and oft times hard apprenticeship, but it finally ended at age 27 when Zey passed the trials and became a full Jedi Knight.

    Despite the teachings of his old master, Zey was still a warrior ast heart and thus his path took him down the road of a Guardian. He soon gained a reputation as a Knight who could get the job done and he was sent into many simmering hot spots throughout the Alliance. However he never forgot his old teachings and the moderating effect they had on him was pronounced. He never started a fight, but he always ended one.

    It was during these years that he took on his first padawan, a Mon Calimari male by the name of Sepiida. Zey saw much of himself in his padawan, he was rash and quick to action but lacked discipline and focus. Zey took it upon himself to ensure that the lessons his own master had taught him were passed on to Sepiida. There were times where Zey questioned his ability to properly teach those lessons. In so many ways they were too much alike, but in the end he was successful and after years of training Sepiida too learned the virtues of being a Jedi and passed his own trials becoming a powerful Jedi Guardian in his own right.

    Zey was proud of his former padawan and of himself. He had overcome his own weakness and his connection to the Force became even stronger. With each successful mission completed either by himself or by his former padawan his pride grew. He became arrogant at times, and started to grumble about some of the Council's decisions. He saw injustice throughout the galaxy, and felt the Jedi must right those wrongs wherever encountered, by force if necessary. The council knew of this, but didn't chastise him. There was no hint of the Dark Side in Zey, so they trusted that the Force would provide.

    And provide it did. In 113 ABY Zey met an older Initiate. She was strong in the force, any Jedi could sense that, but her lack of confidence betrayed her. Zey took her on as his padawan, determined to build the young woman up. It soon became a situation where the teacher learned as much from the studnet as the stident did from her master. Zey was constantly surprised by the humbleness of the woman, who was stronger in the force than her master. For her part, Cassandra learned more and more to trust in the Force and her own abilities, especially when they concerned her amazing ability for foresight. Zey's attitude was again altered by the Master/padawan relationship, his questioning of the Council came to a halt, his faith that the Force would provide was restored and his arrogance gradually disappeared. He owed much to his padawan and even he could see it, yet during the time that she needed him most he failed her.

    In 120 ABY, Cassandra had a brief vision. Most of what she saw was cloudy and uncertain, but what she could see she told her Master. "The Ossus Project will end in fire." Zey was concerned for his padawan and about what this vision could mean, but the project, which had not yet started was of great importance to the Council, surely they would have felt or seen these same things if it would lead to ruin. He did not report her vision to the Council.

    Two years, after the project's apparent success on Ossus, Zey was glad for his silence, though he knew his padawan still had grave concerns for the future. She was knighted a few years later, just as the sabotage of the project and it's horrendous effects began to become known as other worlds went through the process. Zey was taken aback by the failures on Wayland and elsewhere while Cassandra grew withdrawn, she knew where this was all heading. Feeling that Zey had finally learned to master himself as well as the Force, the Council granted Zey the rank of master six months later, on the eve of the Sith-Imperial war.

    Zey fought throughout the war against the forces of the Imperials and later the Sith. He was mostly successful in his efforts, again amassing a reputation as a warrior from Jedi and GA forces alike. However, the loss of so many friends began to take its toll on him. His old master, Krax was killed in the first year of the war and his first padawan, Sepiida, was killed by a Sith a year later. Still he fought on, though by now he could see what Cassandra's vision had foretold.

    He went back to her, on Ossus, and asked her what else she could remember of her vision. Surprised by his presence she told him of others, Guardians who could form the basis for a new Army of Light. She then told him to go, that there wasn't much time left.

    He left Ossus determined to find those who could replace his fallen comrades. But his search started far too late. Within weeks the war was over, and many of the Jedi on Ossus had been massacred. Following the defeat and the consolidation of GA remnant forces Zey joined them, continuing the fight against the Sith, though by this time he had taken on the moniker of General as opposed to Master. Still he searched out the Guardians Cassandra had told him about.

    In 133 ABY, he felt a pull towards the Unknown Regions. Fearing a Sith trap, he went alone in a small shuttle. If he found anything he would alert the fleet. But they never heard from him. Now 13 years later he awakens, deep with the Ruins of Saridona Prime.
    --Blade Type: Single blade
    --Blade Color: Blue
    --Saber Amount: One
    Combat Forms: Djem So
    Strong Area of the Force: Telekinesis, enhance strength
    Weak Area of the Force: healing, enhance speed, foresight
    Pets: None
    Weapons: None
    Starship: None
    Faction: New Jedi Order
    Rank: Jedi Master/ prefers to be called General.

  8. Rebecca_Daniels

    Rebecca_Daniels Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Eira Dryn
    Temple Hanger #2

    The unfamiliar humanoid offered to take them to the cafeteria, and the older human male spoke before she could accept that offer. Allynic and Tim, she filed away their names for future reference as the latter continued to speak. Eira was more amused by his long-windedness than impatient, luckily, but she was surprised as he called their newfound companion a Caamasi. Suddenly, she inspected Allynic more closely. She'd heard of them, the destruction of Caamas was part of her lessons in history as a child, but she'd never seen a Caamasi, not even a holo of one, before.

    But this sort of conversation could wait, they had been directed to the cafeteria and Eira had a feeling that the Grand Master would only be so patient.

    "Perhaps," she interjected, not unkindly, "we could continue this conversation while we walk?" She was curious to hear more from the Caamasi, but they did need to be on their way.

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  9. General Valerian

    General Valerian Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 6, 2013
    GM Approved

    Robbie Valerian
    Lean, athletic muscular build, brown hair, bright brown eyes, light skin, handsome rugged features.
    Robert Valerian alias "Val" is out-going, extroverted, prideful, and a little egocentric and arrogant, but also kind, understanding, intelligent, noble, and good-hearted. He always has the desire to help those in need, and provides assistance to whoever needs it. He's easy-going, and energetic, characteristics that make him an intense individual. He's always looking for adventures and new things to do every day. He's highly Force-sensitive. He's very loyal to his friends and family, and very protective of them.
    Main weapon(s):
    Dual lightsabers. A blue blade on the right hand, a green one on the left.
    Additional weapons:
    A regular blaster.
    Powers and abilities:
    Robbie was always known to be extremely sensitive to the Force, even as a youngling. He tossed around cups of water and plates of food at the mere age of two years old. This strong connection to the Force grew with the years and obviously grew even faster once he joined the Jedi Order and his training began. He's very athletic and agile, due to the aggressive nature of his home planet, which is full of dense jungles. This setting also developed his senses deeper than those of other humans, because he had to remain alert and vigilant of danger at all times. Robbie loves to test himself to the limits in terms of lightsaber skill and hand-to-hand combat, something that makes him extremely efficient in the handling of this elegant weapon. In Cadannia, he crafted his own "jungle-sword", as he called it, for the purpose of entertainment for himself; to keep himself busy and of course, for hunting purposes. He trained by himself with this so-called sword against animals and trees in the dense jungles.
    Rank / Class:
    Jedi Knight /Jedi Guardian
    Weapon Description:
    Medium-length hilts for both lightsabers, partly crafted with materials found only in the jungles of Cadannia.
    Lightsaber form he specializes in:
    Djem So
    When en route to Coruscant, in search of a new life and a new beginning for them and their newborn baby, the shuttle Valerian's parents (Dalaara and Vosher) were travelling in was ambushed by pirates. The pirates took everything of value inside the shuttle, even its fuel, damaged the hyper-drive and they left, leaving every person (about twenty passangers including his parents and himself) on board to die, as the shuttle moved through the empty, dark void of space hoping to find a planet to land on. After days of flying around in the darkness, the travellers eventually found a planet, Cadannia. Their fuel was practically gone, they only barely reached the planet on time before it ran out. Once on the surface, they realized they landed on a jungle-covered planet the moment they stepped outside of the shuttle. Animal noises could be heard around them, and it was getting dark, so they set up camp nearby.
    Sixteen long years passed, and the dangers of the jungle had killed fourteen people... Including his father, who died thirteen years after the crash, at the hands of a Ralltiir Tiger, and left his mother, Dalaara, alone to continue raising him until, three years later, a Republic ship landed on the planet; its crew was looking for an extremely rare plant called Senflax, only found in the jungles of Cadannia. This planet contained a powerful neurotoxin that caused extreme muscle pain, and more importantly, temporarily disrupts one's connection to the Force. This explained why sometimes Rob wasn't able to use his Force abilities for minor tasks, and the sudden pain he felt throughout his whole body. Although unique to the planet, these plants are extremely abundant in Cadannia, and just the touch of it causes these symptoms. This also explained why it was very difficult for the Jedi Order to ever track Rob down on this planet.
    The Republic soldiers aboard this ship took the stranded, remaining people with them to Coruscant, and at the moment of their arrival, Rob and his mother were contacted by the Jedi Council.
    He was studying with the New Jedi Order under the tutelage of Kel'Dor Jedi Master Zez-Kor'el, but with his age and experience with using the Force already, the Council has fast traced Valerian out into the field as a Knight in just his fourth year. While patrolling just inside of Unknown Space, he feels a calling though the Force. He followed the calling and comes upon a strange planet not on any star charts. As he approached the planet, Valerian determined the calling is coming from a strange set of ruins. The last thing he remembers before experiencing total darkness is walking into the ruins.

    Now he finds himself among a large gathering kneeling before a dark crystal "tree".


    IC: Robbie

    Robbie didn't expect the decapitation, but it set him on his feet, igniting his two lightsaber simultaneously.

    He turned to look at the rest of the group with a confused expression on his face.

    "What is going on here??" He barked, at anyone who could answer. "Who are you people?"

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  10. Chewbacca89

    Chewbacca89 Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 25, 2012
    IC: Allynic Sitan
    Temple of Light

    "Honoured to meet you, Sir!
    I'm Tim Battershell, everyone calls me Tim. Thank you for your kind offer to guide us all to the Cafeteria - I've got a suspicion that something important has either just happened, is happening as we speak or is just about to happen; and we shouldn't keep Grand Master Lahana waiting in any case; but could you tell me on the way if you visited Cloud City, Bespin, in one-three-five? A Caamasi was pointed out to me when I was there that year, and sightings of your people are very rare these days.".

    Allynic gave a short bow of greetings to the human. He was intrigued to hear about this fellow Caamasi of which Tim had spoken of. He felt hope rise inside of himself, but quashed it instantly. He struggled briefly and then resume his levelheadedness. It was vital he not get too excited about the possibility of another Caamasi. After all, the human could very well be mistaken. Allynic itched his snout casually and started to respond to Tim when he was interrupted.

    "Perhaps, we could continue this conversation while we walk?" It was the Arkanian.

    Allynic nodded his head, his gold fur rippling slightly. "The Arkanian speaks wisely. Let us go." Allynic began to head down the hall in the direction of the Cafeteria. As the trio set off, Allynic waited a moment before speaking again. "It is nice to meet you TIm Battershell. I do believe Grand Master Lahana might indeed be waiting there. I have not been to Cloud City in some 150 years. Are you sure it was a Caamasi you saw? I do not question your story, I am simply unaware of any other Caamasi presently alive." As he spoke he smiled at the two with a warm grin. As he did so, he spread the warmth out in the Force to meet the two others. "So. How did you two come to be with us here in the Temple of Light?"

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  11. Tim Battershell

    Tim Battershell Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Battershell
    Hallway leading to Temple of Light Cafeteria

    Tim would never have been able to identify the young woman as an Arkanian, lacking the cue of the characteristic white eyes, and also now seeing that her tattoos had been applied over what appeared to be additional combat-related scars; an Arkanian Offshoot, then, most likely.

    Nor did he miss the slight ripple of Allynic's fur as the young woman spoke up to hurry them both along; although he did not know if it indicated surprise or mild annoyance in a Caamasi, as it would have done in a Bothan. Knowing that Caamasi were the most placid of beings, and Caamasi Jedi likely to be even more so, Tim opted for the former as the most probable explanation, one given additional weight by the friendly smile and Force-projected feeling of good-cheer emanating from Allynic as he spoke again.

    "It is nice to meet you Tim Battershell. I do believe Grand Master Lahana might indeed be waiting there. I have not been to Cloud City in some 150 years. Are you sure it was a Caamasi you saw? I do not question your story, I am simply unaware of any other Caamasi presently alive.... So. How did you two come to be with us here in the Temple of Light?".

    At the words 'some 150 years' Tim couldn't prevent his surprise from leaking into the Force. Allynic looked to be in his prime, and yet nothing to Tim's knowledge indicated that an average Caamasi had a lifespan much greater than that of an average Human!

    "The short version, Sir, is that I'm here to deliver a Legacy of Jedi instructional materials, hopefully complete the training I've started from perusing them and then maybe have a hand in turning the One-Sith into as near Zero-Sith as possible! My then Employer, mentor and friend made the identification; and I never knew him mis-identify a being's species. He was an elderly and well-travelled Stage Illusionist who seemed to have met most of the peoples of the known Galaxy at one time or another! Perhaps he was even older than he appeared, it turned out that he was easily wealthy enough to have had rejuvenation treatments! But I've seen holos of known Caamasi since, and they match that particular gentlebeing almost exactly.".

    There, Tim paused to let the young woman speak, if she would; although she had yet even to give her name! He was aware that the 'patter' needed for a Magic act (most especially one aimed at the short attention spans of younglings) had made him a little verbose, but as that was an additional step away from his previous persona's speech patterns, he had made no attempt at correction and it had now become habitual.

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  12. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Kasha Sherland
    Ruins Saridona Prime

    “Now let’s clear a path for the children!”

    Kasha nodded in agreement as she ignited her lightsaber. She looked around looking for the closest enemy, before she could act she heard someone speak sounding confused to her. She hoped the hold on Hochner was broken like the others that were gathered.

    "What is going on here??" He barked, at anyone who could answer. "Who are you people?"

    “We’re Jedi, Guardians of Light,” Kasha answered with a frown. “If you’re with us, you’ll help us get the children out of here.”

    General Valerian
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  13. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Hochner Trevalus
    Ruins, Saridona Prime

    The world moved, and the song shifted. It was a subtle thing, but a harmony that works from perfection is ruined in the souring of a single instrument. He could feel his mind clearing, his will being more easily maintained and he sighed with a still trunk resting on his neck to know that even if just for the moment, he was free. Hearing the end of the B'lak he felt his trunk curl, the snap hiss of lightsabers letting him know that now, his skills could truly come to the front of the matter at hand. Despite the working of his first master, and perhaps because of it the Miraluka had a greater effect on his developing and puberty into teenage years before he had come to the Guardians of Light. Those, much like the first teachings of an initiate and Padawan still showed greatly in his discipline of his body, and although his mindless slumber had let his body change without his mind keeping pace it was still his body. The medical droid had addressed his wounds and malnutrition, and now it was time for him to address these for doing it to him and many others.

    With a spasmic wave he jerked himself up and onto his feet in a crouch. Turning he saw the fleeing alien that took shelter in the Tree, activating a single blade and locking it on he hurled it end over end toward the branch, the Force guiding his aim and form in the throw. Without watching for results he drew his second saber and stun pistol and fired a shot at the closest group of aliens, aiming for their center member. "I believe I am feeling better Master Sherland!"

    With that he bounded forward to engage the aliens in a more up close fight of blade to weapon. It was time to come in slow and close before trying to use the force to speed up his assault.

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  14. Rebecca_Daniels

    Rebecca_Daniels Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Eira Dryn
    En route to Cafeteria

    Eira listened to her companions, but with only a small part of her attention; most of her mind was caught up in examining the building they walked in, noting architecture and design, and most importantly, making sure to remember the route back to the hangar. It wouldn't do to get lost on her way back to her ship, after all.

    The Caamasi's warmth in the Force merely caused her to shrink her presence in the Force even further. It wasn't that she didn't trust them; she simply didn't know them yet. A life of distrust wasn't easily unlearned, even as open and welcoming as these Jedi were trying to be, and there was no harm in caution.

    She realised, after a moment, that there was a pause in the conversation, and she quickly recalled the question asked of both her and Tim. Unsure of how much she was willing to tell these two strangers, she quickly edited down the situation in her mind, before speaking.

    "I was directed here by a Mandalorian friend," she said. No need to bring Ciryc into things just yet. "I'm looking for help to find my sister." She continued to neglect sharing her name. Perhaps this time she was being overcautious, especially given the openness her companions were showing. But if they were to meet with the Grand Master, she'd have to introduce herself eventually, and she might as well try and take stock of the situation before that happened.

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  15. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel

    "Everything. She decided to cover you, and called me over. The Grand Master tried being reasonable. It didn't work so well. Result? Current situation"

    Alec nodded slowly at Gaan's explanation. "Sounds about right."

    He looked back at the woman that she claimed to have covered him and gave a similar slow nod, although this one conveyed a sense of appreciation. He had no idea who she was - although he was currently forming a couple guesses as it was not only her ears he found familiar - but this pretty much confirmed that she was on their side.

    Taking Gaan's advice to heart, Alec did wait for the Rakata which didn't have to take much for him to do. Even with this apparent second wind, Alec felt the exhaustion and the pain that he was hiding well. It was beneath this surface of strength that he was projecting, waiting patiently to bring him back down if he displayed a moment of weakness. The wait allowed him to take a couple refreshing breaths of air, to straighten out his body, to give his limbs extra seconds of recuperation before they would have to be pushed to work again, possibly to more then what they were currently capable of.

    Master Decinchi was trying to negotiate with who seemed to be the leader of the Rakata, B'lak, but, predictably, the apparent mastermind just scoffed at the suggestion. However, Alec did tilt his head in interest upon learning a bit more about this "Gulias Tree". The differing influences of male and female hosts was odd but, more importantly, was the apparent plan involving the Tree: that of summoning and controlling all Servants of the Force that would be drawn to the planet and using them to perform galactic conquest. Possibly a vision that the mad B'lak wishes to see come to fruition in order to revive the old glory days of the Infinite Empire.

    If the Gulia Tree's influence can be empowered by a gathering of Force-sensitives, Alec thought, one can only wonder how far this nightmare can really go. All living things are connected to the Force. If enough beings are in synch, could it be possible that it'll be able to manipulate all life?

    It was a frightening prospect and Alec wondered if the Rakata even knew what they were unleashing. As the creators, they may've created safety measures to protect themselves but...could any kind of fail-safe really survive against that kind of power? Remembering the brief, and painful, contact that he had with the Tree's intelligence, Alec could easily conclude that, that was not something that would allow anyone to have any kind of control over it. Only it could manipulate others.

    And yet its manipulations did not seem perfect as Cambria suddenly decapitated B'lak.

    Alec was startled at that, having not expected it at all. But it seemed that with Cambria free, the entire network that had been built up around the Tree suddenly shattered as the gathered crowd suddenly turned into a panicked mob. Well, not all of them were panicking as he could both hear and see the activation of more lightsabers in the midst.

    Get the children out of here! We’ll cover you!

    Josch's orders convinced Alec to move into action. Turning back to the three Rakata that had stood before them - who were no doubt distracted and wondering what to do about all this chaos -, Alec attempted to strike first. Bolting forward, Alec tapped into the Force as he knew that it was going to be his most important ally in this fight. With the influence of the Tree disrupted and the kasha crystal providing him clarity of mind, the Force came as easily as he was used to. Leaping forward, Alec summoned the Force energies to his left hand, gathering them together. His landing spot was right in front of the trio of Rakata and, upon coming down, Alec slammed his hand - which still held the crystal - into the ground, unleashing the gathered Force energies and having them rush towards the Rakata like a wave to send them up off their feet and into the air before they would then slam back down.

    The weight of their armor would mean nothing to the Force. Once they were down and stunned, Alec would move in and capitulate on their vulnerability by driving his lightsaber into where the spots on their armor were weakest.

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  16. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Hector Zey
    Hanger Deck, GA Frigate Surprise, Deep space, somewhere in the Outer Rim. 13 years ago.

    "But Master we could use you here. I don't understand why you have to go," came from the padawan as the elder Jedi watched the deck crew preparing his shuttle for departure. "At times our understanding of the Force is not required young one, just our obedience to its will." He turned around now, looking at the human woman through his hard blue eyes, they softened a bit at the sight of her. By all rights he supposed she should be considered a Knight by now, she had certainly been through enough since the official end of the war. Now she was more fighter pilot than Jedi though, and while her skills had kept her alive, they had done little to attune her to the will of the Force.

    "You don't hear its call do you?" She could only shake her head in response, her short brown hair waving across the shoulders of her flight suit. If only she had been assigned to this vessel sooner he could have trained her, but as it was he had his own path, and she hers. "Then its call is not for you."

    He could have explained more to her, explained how he had been searching for three years for some hint of the Guardians his own former padawan had foretold. He could have explained how they would form the basis for a new Army of Light that would scour the darkness from the galaxy and rid it of the Sith. He could have explained how a few weeks ago he had heard a call through the Force, a call that had led him to order the Surprise out this far.

    But he didn't. She hadn't heard the call, and so it was not for her. Nor was it for anyone else aboard the Surprise. He would continue on, alone. The deck crew was finished now, and gave him the word. He strode confidently up the battered old J-1's boarding ramp, turning around one last time before entering the ship. "Don't worry, I shall return!" and with that he closed the hatch and was gone.

    Two weeks later

    It had been a long two weeks since he had left the Surprise, and in his solitude the call had only grown stronger. That isn't to say he was always led in the right direction, sometimes after a micro-jump he could feel it losing intensity. But he always made up for it, and had now discerned a general direction of it's pull, The Unknown Regions. But the exact location still eluded him. The call seemed to be coming from an area on the charts which showed no worlds, no star system, yet he knew it was where he must go.

    He set up for one last micro-jump and upon the shuttle's exit from hyperspace was greeted by a blue green world, seemingly untainted by civilization. The call became stronger, a chorus in his head singing to him to fly low through the valleys until he reached an area of ancient ruins. He set the ship down in a clearing near them, ready to greet the Guardians when dropped the boarding ramp. But there was no one there to greet him, and as soon he stepped out onto the planet's surface the call seemed to stop. Zey was confused for a moment, but he soon felt a large force presence, coming from elsewhere on the planet. He calmed himself in an attempt to locate it and stood out in the summer sun, allowing its warmth to wash over him. He drew in a deep breath of the conifer scented air and closed his eyes....

    Present times, inside the Ruins, Saridona Prime

    ...and was surprised by what he found when he "awoke". He was in the midst of a throng of others. he could no longer feel the warm sun on his skin, but was instead bathed in a sickly light inside some large stone cavern. But everything was still surrounded by a haze, even his grasp of the force itself. It seemed as if he was in the midst of a slowly moving stream, just floating along where ever it took him. he could hear voices, but they were faint, and he couldn't make out what they were saying until. “Listen B’lak, if you need someone to control, take me. I’m more powerful then Cambria is and I will participate willingly, no need for the mind games. My only condition is that you let the rest of these people go free.”

    Zey...General Zey, he could now remember raised his head a little at that. Things were beginning to take focus once again, and though he still didn't know where he was he could once again start to feel stirrings within the Force.

    “No deal Je’daii. Even though you are more powerful, just as you said, the Gulias Tree seems to respond better to feminine influences. We tried to use one of your males and he seemed to insight the others of his gender to, shall we say, exhibit your more aggressive tendencies. We have learned that it only takes one true supplicant to control the rest of you ‘Force-users’. Once she has been fully embraced by the Tree we shall be able to entice the rest of your kind to the Gathering. As the numbers grow, so will the Tree’s powers to summon even more here, and once all the Servants of the Force have gathered then we shall unleash the full potential of the Gulias upon the galaxy. Mwwaahhhh.”

    Zey wanted to spring into action at that. He didn't recognize these beings, nor did he know who they were talking to, but it was clear that there was evil to be stopped here. He cautiously reach down to his belt, feeling his lightsaber hung there in its normal, comfortable, place. He rolled his shoulders slightly, his phrik armor vest rolled with them. Whatever had happened to him, he still had his weapons, he was still able to fight. But he kept calm, this was not yet the opportune moment. But it would come soon.

    That moment came as the rutian twi'lek spun around and beheaded the laughing creature. Immediately Zey and others sprung into action. Feeling the force surge through him once more Zey called his lightsaber to his hand, its brilliant blue blade adding to the already strange shading in the chamber.

    “Welcome to the fight brothers,” Someone called out to him. “Now let’s clear a path for the children!” It was the leader who had been willing to sacrifice himself for the others, and Zey could feel the strong force presence from him. "I don't know who you are, or where I am, but I am with you." He looked out at the situation, wanting to throw their opponents across the room with a powerful Force push, but he felt weak from... from whatever it was he had just "awakened" from. Instead he raised his blade in the classic Djem So attack stance and slowly advanced towards his adversaries.

    "What is going on here? Who are you people?" His confusion was evident, he must be in much the same situation as me Zey thought to himself. Fortunately an answer came quickly. “We’re Jedi, Guardians of Light.” Guardians! these must be the Jedi he had been searching for all this time! Zey could barely contain his excitement, with these Jedi at his side they could rid the Galaxy of the Sith once and for all. If they could get out of here that is.

    One of the Guardians, a Kubaz threw his sbaer in a long arc towards their adversaries and then began firing a stun pistol at them. Another leapt forward slamming something into the ground that sent a shockwave racing out towards them. Zey yelled out to his new found allies. "Yes, punch a hole through them, we will guide the children through!"

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  17. General Valerian

    General Valerian Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 6, 2013
    IC: Robbie Valerian

    "You're Jedi??" He replied, confused. "How can you be Jedi?? I am a Jedi! I've never seen you before in my life!" He was saying this as he followed them out of the Ruins, but he expected some answers after this response. Who were these people? If they were Jedi, why hadn't he seen any of them before? This was all so strange to him, but one thing was clear: the Force had guided him here.

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  18. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Kasha Sherland, Keria Colias-Decinchi
    Ruins, Saridona Prime

    "Yes, punch a hole through them, we will guide the children through!"

    Kasha nodded in agreement as she ignited her lightsaber and was about to jump into action when the other person beside spoke up.

    "You're Jedi??" He replied, confused. "How can you be Jedi?? I am a Jedi! I've never seen you before in my life!"

    “Great, haven’t you noticed the 13 enemies still waiting to take a piece out of you,” Kasha muttered under her breath as she looked towards Keria who nodded for her to protect whats his name. She sprung into action and engaged the nearest enemy as Keira sprung to her other side engaging another crazy.

    Just another day in the path of a Jedi. “Lead the children out of here, now.”

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  19. dewback_rancher

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    Aug 23, 2009
    IC: Fey-Li Cytei
    Infirmary, Temple of Light

    It had been nothing but an all-consuming cold darkness for a while, when suddenly, Fey-Li was aware again. The Jedi Sentinel groaned as she tried to sit up, rubbing her head and trying to clear it.

    "Ugh... what... hit me?" she wondered aloud. Everything was hazy. They'd been returning from the mission, and then... nothing. She had no memory of what happened, at all.

    Without being sure what had happened, Fey-Li decided to focus on bringing herself back to full awareness. She tabled her questions for now, as the answers would be infinitely easier to discern once her head was clear.

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  20. Skywalker_T-65

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    Nov 19, 2009
    IC: Daniel Sandstrider
    Ancient Ruins

    Daniel was paying little attention to the talk behind him. He was too focused on the abominations blocking the entrance. Thus, he was surprised when he heard more lightsabers ignite, and the Grand Master telling them to clear a path for the children. Evidently they had decided to fight after all...and a feral grin grew on his face at that. While he had shaken most of the Dark Side influence in the room, some of it was still making Daniel really look forward to this fight.

    Raising his lightsaber free hand, Daniel concentrated Force energy in it. He then released it in the direction of one of the Abominations, using his signature move...Force Stasis. Not waiting to see if it worked, Daniel leaped forward, and stabbed his lightsaber at a weakpoint on of the abominations armor.

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  21. The_Zeltron

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    Sep 29, 2010
    OOC: And it's cleared up, so here's my post.

    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Ruins - Saridona Prime

    Gaan heard the Grand Master's attempt to get the creatures to release Cambria, and take him. She raised a brow as she watched the scene from her post beside Alec, wondering what good that would do. Despite the situation, she found it rather amusing that they found males too "aggressive" for their needs, and turned to smirk at Alec. When she turned back, Cambria had her blade pointed at Josch. Gaan tensed, ready for action, but Cambria turned, decapitating the one she called B'lak. As though a spell had suddenly broken, all of the Jedi on their knees before the tree rose to their feet, two joining the Guardians, while many of the others were revealed to be mere children. Gaan was a bit caught off guard when a group gathered around her.

    "Get the children out of here! We'll cover you!" Gaan looked around again to see Josch ready for battle, with several others near him. Alec, meanwhile, attacked the creatures in front of them. Gaan let out a small sigh. Apparently it had fallen to her to be the children's guide. Everyone else seemed engaged with one or more enemy.

    "Children, come here," she called as gently as she could while still being heard over the sounds of battle. "Stay near me, and we will all make it out." She reached out to the young minds, especially the ones most terrified, and drew them toward her with a peaceful calmness she could never feel, only project. "Now follow me." She led them toward the hallway Alec was clearing. If she could just get the children out of this room, they should hopefully be safe from the creatures, at least. They might have more traps set up, but that was a risk they would have to take anyway.

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  22. Chewbacca89

    Chewbacca89 Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 25, 2012
    IC: Allynic Sitan
    The Cafeteria, GOL Temple

    As Allynic finished talkings he felt the other one shrink away in the Force. He tilted his head to study her. He glanced at her frequently as Tim talked, silently trying to read her. There was distrust there.

    Allynic smiled as Tim went on, they were just about to the cafeteria now. He was excited at the possibility of other Caamasi being out there somewhere. The archives in the Library were somewhat lacking as far as the existence of Caamasi. Allynic knew they would be extremely rare if existent at all. The chances that Tim had seen one and then crossed paths with must be the Force. What else could have guided Allynic to the hangar? "Interesting, Tim. I will have to converse with you about this later."

    Allynic noted that she hadn't given up her name. "Well I hope you are able to accomplish you goals while here. I will assist in any way, should you require." This time he flooded the Force with a strong, reassuring presence. "Do you know what 'Caamasi' means, my dear?" As he asked her, they finally arrived at the cafeteria. Allynic reached out and opened the door and held it open for the two of them to enter. As Allynic glanced into the cafeteria he saw a pretty woman sitting by herself at a table. The Force gave him a nudge. "Lets sit there," he said, pointing at the near-empty table.

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  23. Tim Battershell

    Tim Battershell Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Battershell
    Outside Temple of Light Cafeteria

    Tim saw Allynic smile again. Having been flying solo during his two-year journey he hadn't had much opportunity to practice interpreting emotions detected via the Force, but he did believe that Allynic had, just for an instant, let slip a feeling of excitement - or perhaps it was hope.

    "Interesting, Tim. I will have to converse with you about this later."; he said. Tim gave a respectful dip of his head in agreement (he was also hoping for a long future conversation, there was that 'some 150 years' reference to be demystified for a start - implying quite a tale to be told - and he was beginning to understand why Corran had talked with such feeling about his friend Elegos), but did not speak in reply.

    The young Arkanian woman still did not give her name, but did say that she was searching for her sister and, somewhat surprisingly, as Mandos weren't known for going out of their way to be friendly or helpful to strangers (not unless there were Credits involved), revealed that she had been directed to the Temple by a Mandalorian friend. Her Force-presence was muted too, even more so than back in the Hangar. Remembering how Leylia and Jorad had reacted and behaved after their father (Cade Lott, and a bad Lott if ever there was one) had abandoned them and their mother, Tim guessed at there perhaps being some trauma in her history. Characteristically (for both a Jedi and a Caamasi), Allynic immediately offered to assist in any way possible and broadcast a strong wave of reassurance as he asked; "Do you know what 'Caamasi' means, my dear?".

    Just then Allynic reached out and opened a door, revealing what was obviously a Cafeteria of some kind (although, given the quasi-religious terminology used by the Jedi, he would have expected - and preferred - it to have been called a 'Refectory'). Motioning them inside (and kindly holding the door for them), Allynic suggested that they join Ms Loother at her table. She had evidently been very quick to follow in the Grand Master's wake.

    Looking around as the others seated themselves, Tim noted the father (with the young son, but unaccompanied by the daughter) standing by the Grand Master and another young woman. Once again, Tim couldn't identify the emotional cues swirling in the Force, but while the Grand Master's face was totally composed and unreadable, the father and the young woman were both showing traces of what Tim was sure was a certain amount of anxiety. The slight clatter of a plate brought Tim's eyes around to find yet another woman, this one in what looked to be Mandalorian armour who was either making up or eating a meal off to the side, in what looked to be a kitchen area.

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  24. Rebecca_Daniels

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Eira Dryn

    "Well I hope you are able to accomplish you goals while here. I will assist in any way, should you require."

    She eyed the Caamasi and considered his offer with a non-committal nod. He was a Jedi, and perhaps could sense what she could not. But, Eira decided, it would be best to make her request to the Grand Master, if possible. These two, at least, seemed not to be from a background that encouraged keeping themselves to themselves, and she wouldn't want loose lips to ruin her search - though what she feared, she didn't know. Too many unknowns in her current situation led her to keep her past to herself, though, a sudden thought occurred to her, perhaps these Jedi had known her adoptive mother. That would be a way to gauge their trustworthiness.

    "Do you know what 'Caamasi' means, my dear?"

    Allynic was addressing her again, and startled her out of her thoughts. "Sorry, no," she said, attempting politeness. Eira was feeling slightly more at ease, though she couldn't identify why. Luckily they had arrived at the cafeteria and she could delay any continuing of their conversation. She'd rather the two males return to chatting; listening suited her more than participating, and especially more than being the focus of attention, even in such a small way.

    The gold-skinned woman - the Grand Master - had arrived ahead of them, along with one of their fellow new arrivals. Two other women, a man, and a child - all human - were also there, and Eira noted their appearances for possible future need. Interestingly, one of the women was in what appeared to be Mandalorian armour; while her experience with Mandalorians was small, the only two she'd ever seen were male, so she noted the truth in what Ciryc had said about equality in their culture.

    The Caamasi was leading them towards where the new arrival already waited, and Eira couldn't think of a decent excuse to sit apart from them. Still, she kept some space between her and those around her, quickly noting the room's exits - though what use they'd be, considering her complete lack of knowledge of the building's layout, she didn't know - before taking a seat.

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  25. General Valerian

    General Valerian Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 6, 2013
    IC: Ruins - Saridonia Prime

    Robbie simply followed the rest of the Jedi and copied their actions. He knew questions and answers would com later, but he had to help first and act rather than do anything else.

    TAG: anyone in the ruins.
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