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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, May 13, 2011.

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  1. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: General Hector Zey
    Grand Hall, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Zey waited for a few moments, the silence between he and Dryn stretching just long enough to become awkward. He reached up and stroked his beard pensively. "I will give you a moment or two alone with your thoughts," he finally said. He was confident that she would make the right decision, but he had the feeling that if she felt pressured she would react negatively to whatever else he proposed. "When you feel ready, you may inform me of your intentions." He then wandered off slightly, making his way towards where Alec and Hochner stood conversing.

    A furred flash caught his eye, at the edge of his peripheral vision, serving as a reminder to the situation they had in the stockade. He caught the eye of the Shistavanen Jedi, one who like himself had been trapped in the ruins for so long, and gave him a simple gesture with his hand, pointing to the corridors. The furred Jedi responded with a single exaggerated nod before calmly leaving the Grand Hall on his way to the prisoner cells located in the depths of the Temple. He had been one of the first guards put on duty down there for their prisoner Sitan, and now he would resume his duty.

    That done he found himself before the Jedi padawan that he had already come to respect. "Padawan Vandel, I know you have...obligations elsewhere." Zey did his best to ignore the fact that he too had those same obligations, perhaps deeper ones given his rank in the NJO. But he had made his choice, and now his obligations, his true path, was here. "Have you made a decision on whether to stay and help us?"

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    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    TCC, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Alone in the TCC, Taab made the rounds of the various stations and monitors. Eventually they would be able to get a full rotation of Jedi to staff the command center. Padawans to handle the individual stations and a Knight or two to handle decision making and act as a command presence. Most of the Jedi though were still at their shin dig down in the Grand Hall, so for now the Mandalorian handled things on his own.

    At least things were quiet, that made it far easier. The Journeyman exodus was complete, the last of their shuttles having made their way to the Guardian. That left just the Redemption out in orbit. Taab scowled behind his T-Visor. Shabla thing was next to useless in his mind. Not strong enough on it's own to deter a major assault, yet just powerful enough to serve as a beacon if any curious scouts came looking for the Jedi here. It was a security risk, and one that would bite them all in the shebs eventually he was sure.

    The situation inside the Temple was far better. The prisoner was secure within the stockade. Heading over to the internal security station Taab could now see the Shistavanen guard heading back down to the detention area, his double bladed jetii'kad swinging at his hip. Taab hadn't yet bothered to give the being a nickname, a sign of just how far down totem pole he regarded him, but at least he should give Twitchy (Ian), Verbal (Tim) and Momma (Kasha) some extra muscle if things devolved down there.

    A slight motion from behind him caught his attention. He spun around quickly, but not quickly enough before the unidentified intruder spoke.

    “So, Major what’s your take on this General Zey?”

    Colonel Voj. Only he could have gotten so close to Taab without the Mandalorian knowing about it. The man certainly knew his craft (though Taab was certain that he was better), and he was the one other being here who had earned enough of Taab's respect to call him by his name and rank. "Colonel," Taab replied simply, not letting on that he had been almost surprised by the unannounced visit. He cocked his head to the side now, thinking on the question. The blowhard (Zey)? Taab had gone back and looked at his old files for Jedi bounties once it had been brought to his attention that the man would be staying on in a leadership role. Looking over those files he almost regretted having never come up against him during the days of the war. He would have made a formidable adversary.

    Still he hand't gotten to know the man yet, and the Blowhard didn't know (or trust he was sure) him. Taab recalled his arrival to the temple here and how Spoonbender (Josch) hand't quite trusted him either, but he had let him do his job and eventually an understanding developed between the two. He wondered if that understanding would be, could be, repeated here.

    Straightening up he finally answered the question. "Military man despite being a jetii." He glanced back at the security monitor to see the Jedi interrogating the prisoner. "Had quite the bounty on him during the war. The One Sith wanted him badly, so he has that going for him." He also seemed sure of himself and far more combative than Spoonbender had been. Despite any misgivingings they may have had towards each other, Taab felt that the departed Jedi Grandmaster had always placed the safety and security of the Guardians as one of his top priorities. That had dovetailed nicely with Taab's own contract. With the Blowhard he wasn't so sure. His background suggested something far more militaristic, and a more proactive approach to dealing with potential danger. He was a seeker at heart, and seekers could be dangerous to a group trying to lay low.

    But he didn't relay that to the Colonel, instead he just shrugged, a gesture that spoke to all that without having to say it. It was something he was sure Voj would understand, whether he agreed or not. "And you Colonel, what are you still doing here? I thought you would have left with your vode."

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    IC: Lycar (NPC)
    Stockade, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Upon receiving "the nod" from Master Zey, Lycar had left the proceedings in the Grand Hall and made his way down to the detention level. Truth be told he was all too happy to leave the throng of Jedi behind and be headed to somewhere more secluded. It's not that he didn't enjoy the company of his fellow Jedi, he rather enjoyed it, but after their experiences in the ruins he welcomed alone time. It was why he had initially volunteered to watch over the Caamasi that occupied one of the prison cells, and why he was glad to be on his way back there. Alone.

    His double bladed lightsaber bounced at his side as he came upon three Jedi who were currently with Sitan. One of them, the younger padawan, was supposed to be watching over him, while the other two had been tasked with discovering what had caused him to go rogue. Lycar arrived just in time to hear the female (he thought he had heard her referred to as Sherland earlier) ask.

    "Do you remember anyone trying to manipulate you with the Force?"

    Lycar paused for a moment. He didn't want his arrival to interrupt their questioning, but there was no response from Sitan. So Lycar continued on arriving for them all to see a few moments later. Looking to padawan Thrace he said simply to him. "I relieve you."

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  2. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light, Grand Hall

    "Have you made a decision on whether to stay and help us?"

    "I will stay and help," Alec replied, having already made up his mind just before the Jedi Mast-no, Grandmaster decided to approach him. He nodded his head. "I do have obligations, and I am not going to..." he paused for a beat, thinking quickly, and decided on a polite, "discontinue them but I cannot argue with your course as not only do I know you to be more experienced but I know you are doing what you believe is right; there is more than one way to battle the dark."

    Meeting the ragged but no-less weakened visage of Zey, Alec continued, "However, I also believe that it behooves me to keep my link to the Order. These Guardians may be noble but many of them are untried or carry their own loads that may make their transition to unity arduous." His emerald greens briefly flicked over to Eira Dryn for emphasis. "I will offer what wisdom my own experiences and trials have granted me but I shall do so as a member of the New Jedi Order if only so that they may better commit to the cause that we all share."

    He tried not to sound prideful but he did admit that it was difficult to speak without making it seem so. The Guardians were a ragtag group, all coming from different backgrounds and origins. This was not to say the NJO was draconian as the Masters were also open and accepting of variety but they and those who follow him did possess a uniformity that the Guardians were currently lacking. By retaining it by retaining his link to the Order, Alec hoped to impart it to the young disciples of the Guardians.

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  3. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Hochner Trevalis
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light, Grand Hall

    Having the new Grand Master come to them he bowed his head ever so slightly and put three fingers over his lower trunk as a sign of respect. The man out of time like himself now spoke. Only the time was different he wondered, how this man would lead them and the wanderings of two great pillars of their order. He only hoped it would not be another long slumber of the mind before they returned to him and the Guardians once more.

    The fact that the man who had saved him agreed to stay was a buoy to his spirits. Perhaps his words had struck a cord, although such thoughts were banished as the words continued to flow from his newest ally. So the man was not ready to be apart of more than one as more than one, it was understandable. It was a hard thing to do, and in the light of seeing the probable cause of his own coming here so many ages of his life ago he did not bear any hard feelings to the man's caution.

    "You are wise to pause, and it would be nice to have an ambassador." He simply spoke as he gave another small inclination of his head now to both of them. Interjecting as he was might seem rude in a normal setting but as Grand Master Zey was new, some help was to be expected from those of Knight or higher rank if they were presently able to render that shepherding aid in an unobtrusive manner. Although he was slightly more leading than he cared for he felt it could not be helped to perhaps sooth the ferocity of their newest Grand Masters temperments that had been witnessed in the speech.

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  4. Padawan4687

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    Jul 10, 2010
    IC: Alisha Tano
    Location: Temple of Light, Hangar Bay

    Alisha silently glowered as Ms. Loother sat down in the Co-Pilot’s chair. It was clear she had no intention of leaving the former Padawan, probably not for a while anyway. With a resigned sigh, she dropped down heavily onto her chair. She knew she wasn't going to be alone anytime soon, at least, until she could learn about mental defenses and stop sending out her thoughts and feelings like a beacon!

    “….Alisha.” she finally said. “My name is Alisha Tano, Ms. Loother."

    Her brain was still in the mud, and still she had no intention of having another Master so soon. In fact, a part of her was fairly convinced that Loother herself would be gone in a matter of days, no matter the intention. Resting her head back in the chair, she suddenly spotted a faint sparkle on the floor.

    My lightsaber crystal…it must have dropped from my hands before Ms. Loother arrived...not that it matters much.

    A tiny part of her itched to pick up the small gem, the rest of her wanted to kick it, off the ramp out of her ship. That stupid thing...! Alisha sat like a stone, glaring down at the crystal trying to will it to just disappear.

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  5. Jawasinhats27

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    Jan 2, 2014
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  6. Jawasinhats27

    Jawasinhats27 Jedi Youngling

    Jan 2, 2014
    IC: Skirata Atin
    Location- Unknown Regions, The Jaws of Darkness, Bridge

    Skirata stood in the bridge of his battlecrusier staring out into the oblivion of space thinking that he had been scouting for far too long, and he needed some action. He strolled back to a console and began to study a holomap of areas that he had already mapped out In the unknown regions. His head was swimming with jealousy and longing at his fellow acolytes for making him scout while they fought. Under his helmet, he broke into a glare In frustration,but he was interrupted by his admiral reporting," General, we are approaching another planet!" He quickly added this planet's coordinates to the holomap and strolled over to the windows to look at this new planet. Through his T- visor, he could see the barren wasteland surface of this pitiful planetary mass. He ordered his admiral to scan for life forms, and after the scan came in negative, he was about to change course when he felt a nudge in the force coming from the planet. He immediately realized that there was some force sensitive being down there, and he ordered his crew to put the ship in orbit as he rushed out of the bridge and to the hanger, and disregarded the confused "Sir?" Coming from his admiral, and he relished the possibility of some action in this long and tedious voyage.

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  7. Runjedirun

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Kambie Loother

    Something on the floor of the cockpit had captured Alisha’s attention. Kambie looked down to see what it was. A crystal lay there just out of reach, the type of crystal that would be used in the construction of a lightsaber. It obviously meant a lot to Alisha, Kambie could hear the girl trying to deny it in her own mind.

    They weren’t going to make any headway sitting in this cockpit talking though. Kambie had already figured that out. Besides she hated ships and wanted to get out of this cockpit. “You can call me Kambie. No need to be so formal. What’s your favorite part of the Temple Alisha? Is there somewhere here you have good memories that you would care to share with me? I am still new here and barely even know my way around. Perhaps we could go for a walk together and visit such a place?”

    Hopefully Alisha would agree and when she got up Kambie would look to see if she could resist picking up the crystal.
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  8. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: General Hector Zey
    Grand Hall, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    "I will stay and help." the words, quiet and unassuming from the padawan, spoke volumes to Zey. He nodded his head at the rest of Alec's explanation. It was nothing less than he had expected of the padawan who was wise beyond his years. He was a young man who could be, should be, a knight, especially given his recent experiences. But such was not in the offing now. The boy would stay and help, and that would be enough. When the time came, and he was sure that it would, Vandel would return to the Jedi Order and their council would decide his fate. For now Zey was pleased to have him as a contributor, for he knew there was much work that needed to be done.

    The Kubaz Knight, Hochner, had been respectful upon Zey's approach but spoke up now. "You are wise to pause, and it would be nice to have an ambassador." Zey nodded again sagely at the comment. He was at his core now more a soldier than a Jedi he knew, but he admired those who were willing to speak their minds regardless of rank and protocol. Perhaps if he had spoken up more before the war things would have turned out...differently. He gave a small, almost imperceptable shake of his head. This was not the time to dwell on the past, but to think forward to the future. He had managed to secure the loyalties of the few Jedi who he feared he may lose.

    "Excellent," he almost shouted to the Knight and padawan before him. He clasped a hand onto each of their shoulders. "I know I'll be relying on you both heavily in the days to come. Alec, as you aren't going to be joining with us formally I won't be assigning you a master here. It wouldn't be...proper." There was a glint in his eye now as he nodded towards the Kubaz, "But I can say that you should stick close to Hochner here. He is wise, and you can still learn much from him."

    The party in the Grand Hall was starting to break up now as Knights and padawans alike began to filter out, to explore the Temple or get on with their duties. For Zey that meant time to take stock of just what they had at their disposal here. "Would the two of you like to accompany me to the archives? I have some catching up to do and could use the company."

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  9. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    CO-GM Update

    IC: ??? (NPC)
    Mountains of Saridona Prime

    She was tired, that much she knew. She hadn't slept in several days, not since the others had joined them.

    She was cold, that much she knew as well. She had been here through much of winter, watching, waiting and reporting in to her "superiors", all while staying hidden from those she watched. Of course now the thawing snow indicated that spring was coming. Though how much of that season she would have to endure she did not yet know.

    She was...confused. Having watched these Jedi for some time now she had become accustomed to seeing newer members added to their ranks in dribs and drabs, but never an influx as she had seen the previous day. Even The Prophet had seemed surprised at her latest report, though it had done nothing to dissuade the emergency council. They would be here soon, and she would be ready to do her part. Eager to leave her current assignment behind and take on a more active role, especially after almost being discovered by the Jedi who had chased their "brother" into the forests surrounding their Temple. She had so wanted to reveal herself to them then, but the time was not yet right and so she did what she did best, she disappeared. Soon enough she would make her presence known among them.

    She was hungry, a gurgling in her stomach reminded her now. Sitting as still as she was, intently watching the Temple, a small furred animal scurried in front of her, just out of her reach unafraid of who...of what she was. In a flash her hand reached for her lightsaber and slashed through the rodent, cleaving it two. She brought one half to her hand with the force and began to gnaw on it. She looked again to the Temple before whispering a single word to herself, "Soon," as she extinguished her crimson blade.

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  10. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light, Grand Hall

    "You are wise to pause, and it would be nice to have an ambassador."

    Alec tilted his head towards Hochner in a way that conveyed gratitude for the interjection. That had been another angle that Alec had thought about that would keep his ties strictly to the Jedi Order. As it was, he was a Padawan in a new and unusual environment and the Jedi Order was all he had right now. He believed his other reasonings to be sound but he didn't want to make any decisions he could potentially regret which included joining a rogue order. He'll wait until he rejoined his own Order and listen to their own judgement about this whole situation with the Guardians, the One Sith, and any other parties that may be involved out here in the Unknown Region.

    "I know I'll be relying on you both heavily in the days to come. Alec, as you aren't going to be joining with us formally I won't be assigning you a master here. It wouldn't be...proper. But I can say that you should stick close to Hochner here. He is wise, and you can still learn much from him."

    "...I do not find anything disagreeable about the arrangement," Alec admitted after a thoughtful pause. At the very least, Hochner held previous ties to the NJO so it would make sense that out of everyone here other than Hector Zey, the Kubaz was someone who he could rely on. At the suggestion of going to the archives to research information, he was quick to agree with, "I have previously viewed the archives beforehand so I believe I could be of assistance."

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  11. Padawan4687

    Padawan4687 Jedi Master star 5

    Jul 10, 2010
    IC: Alisha Tano
    Location: Temple of Light, Hangar Bay

    “…” A favorite place?

    “Actually…yes, I do have a favorite spot to visit in the Temple, the Promenade. I could show you, Ms. Looth…I mean, Ms. Kambie.” Alisha felt her face begin to slightly heat up, so she stood up to hide it.

    The Promenade...In her first few months in the Temple she discovered the place, with it’s pocket of wildlife and little island in the center of a shimmering blue pond. The Togruta, a true youngling at the time, fell in love with the land, and visited it nightly to meditate. Unfortunately, her nightly excursions cut into sleep, and it didn't take long for the Masters to wonder why the girl was yawning during the Morning lessons...she was caught often in those days, and it wasn't until one particular Master spotted her in the Promenade, where she learned how to curb her habit.

    The fond memories managed to coax a tiny smile out of Alisha’s formally flustered face as she stood, ready to walk out of the Twilight, but of course, her eyes fell on the tiny gem as she did so. Using the Force, she pulled the blue crystal to her hand, and roughly shoved it into her pocket. She knew exactly what she wanted to do with it now.

    Knowing Kambie had seen her, she managed another smile, calmly walking off of the ramp to her ship.

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  12. Tim Battershell

    Tim Battershell Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Battershell
    Detention Area - Temple of Light

    With Allynic sitting silently, and his Master probably occupied with giving him a detailed scan via the Force, Tim now had the opportunity to compose a possibly important, but probably not too urgent message to the Acting-Grandmaster on his Datapad.

    "To: Jedi Master Hector Zey, Acting-Grandmaster, Guardians of Light
    From: Padawan Tim Battershell

    Master Zey; may I respectfully bring to your attention some suggestions that were put to Grandmaster Lahana in MedBay earlier yesterday; ones which may have been forgotten about due to later events?

    Padawan Vandel suggested a further investigation of the site of the Ruins to ensure that all traces of the Crystal, together with any data relating to it, have been completely obliterated. I concur with Padawan Vandel's thinking on this point.

    I suggested that a full planetary sensor survey be carried out to look for evidence of other installations (whether of Rakatan origin or not) so we reduce the possibility of being blindsided by any further hidden threats that may be out there.

    Also in the vein of the Military's Rule #1 (First: Secure your Base), the apparent age of the Temple seems to predate the arrival of the Guardians of Light on Saridona Prime. Much of the fabric looks and feels like ancient construction; the sort that might include Secret Passageways and/or hidden chambers, incorporation of which seems to have come into (and gone out of) fashion according to the paranoia level of the times. The 'Fortress of the Hand' (on Nirauan - base of 'The Empire of the Hand') had at least one. Anecdotally, the Coruscant Jedi Temple featured several.

    Methods of concealment include overly-thick walls and/or walls that appear properly aligned to the eye, but have been deliberately built slightly out-of-true. Detection methods include sensors that can show void spaces in apparently solid masonry and/or detailed measurements of a structure, inside and out, to centimetric accuracy. If detected, my knowledge and experience as an Illusionist might allow me to locate the doorways and opening mechanisms. However, investigation would require a team as we would not know if there was something nasty waiting inside.

    Other than their uses as short-cuts and enabling a group of defenders to unexpectedly take an attacking force in the rear, I am not too concerned about the type (if any such passages do exist) installed specifically for monitoring possible intrigues among the occupants since they would probably not extend beyond the Temple walls.

    However, any passages and/or tunnels intended for the admission/exit of Intelligence gatherers, or as escape/supply/reinforcement routes in the event of the Temple coming under siege are, in my view, potential blades pointed at its heart if we remain unaware and enemies stumble across their outer exits. This type of passage/tunnel is usually driven deep into planetary bedrock (meaning any examples quite possibly still survive intact for most or all of their lengths) and often run for considerable distances out into 'The Country' - to use a fortification term. While they might well be trapped against casual intruders, deep tunnels (if they exist) would completely bypass the Temple defences.

    I feel that I should also mention that the "Jade's Fire" (a somewhat uprated SoroSuub PLY-3000) survived four towers worth of sustained fire from reasonably up-to-date Imperial and Chiss Energy Weapons long enough to complete a suicide-dive into the Fortress of the Hand's Hangar Bay, after which the entire contents (ships and infrastructure) were fit only for the scrap-pile. My step-great-grandfather had this information direct from Admiral Voss Parck and Baron Soontir Fel during his tenure as New Republic Diplomatic Representative to the Empire of the Hand, and recorded it in his private journals. I would therefore respectfully suggest that we disperse the ships throughout the Temple's Hangar Bays and/or consider positioning Missile Launchers at their entrances."

    Once the message had been completed and sent, Tim returned his attention to his Master and Allynic. He'd have to get a lesson or two in that Light-side bombardment technique, and review what the Archives had to say about Rakatan technology; perhaps see if Anakin Sherland had any ideas. All he could think of was a group 'Light-side Bombardment' by the most powerful Jedi in the Guardians' ranks.

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  13. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Hochner Trevalus
    Saridona Prime, Guardians Temple of Light, Grand Hall

    At Padawan Alec's reply and then that of the new Grand Master Hochner had to admit he felt satisfied. Albeit surprised by the new Grand Masters mention of Alec staying near him, the man was new in every sense of the word, and he himself had fallen imprisoned where Grand Master had been so, surely one of those here that had never been imprisoned in the first place so as not to have a gap would be better guides. Only it was not his place to object, so with puckered trunk curled slightly under he bowed slightly at the compliment that was nice if not misplaced.

    When the archives were brought up he visibly slouched as he exhaled a long stream of air at his toes. Of all the places, why did it have to be the archives? Of course an offer like that from the Grand Master could not be ignored, the social fall out of such a thing was staggering. Once more refilling his lungs he gave another short bow, "It would be a pleasure." Now that he was back he really did need to see about possibly getting a treadmill or elliptical set up in the library. Learning in stillness was never his fortey and if this became a regular thing he did not want a padawan to find a double homicide with a suicide in the archives.

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  14. Rebecca_Daniels

    Rebecca_Daniels Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Eira Dryn
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light, Grand Hall

    "You say you are looking for help in finding your sister, and I am sure we can provide just that. The Force is strong in you Eira Dryn. Stay with us, we can complete your training. With the Force as your ally there is no place she could be that you won't be able to find her."

    Eira bit her lower lip, unsure. It was a big offer, more than she'd expected when she'd been sent this way. There was so much she still didn't know... but that was what Master Zey was offering, wasn't it? Training, so she wasn't floundering around the galaxy on a search that never seemed any closer to finishing. But that would mean putting aside the one thing that had driven her forward for literally years, it would mean accepting that maybe it was okay to do that, that her sister would still be out there when she finished her training. It would mean putting herself before her search.

    Master Zey spoke up again, and Eira realized he'd been waiting for some sort of response. "I will give you a moment or two alone with your thoughts. When you feel ready, you may inform me of your intentions." She nodded as he stepped away and she weighed her options again.

    When it came down to it, she had two choices: stay here and train with these Guardians, learn how to use the Force and continue on her search later; or leave now and continue as she had been, hopping from place to place and never getting any closer to her goal. The first seemed like the right choice - and it was more than just her mind telling her that, something was telling her that she should stay - but Eira still had misgivings. The secrecy, the fighting; she might be safer if she left now. Or she might be seeing danger where there was none - not all of them seemed like trouble.

    Eira turned to look for Master Zey. She wasn't yet ready to give an answer, but she needed space to think it through and she didn't know where she could go. He was still in the Grand Hall, over by Alec and a Kubaz she didn't know. Not wanting to interrupt, she approached and waited for a break in the conversation.

    "Would any of you know how I can get outside?" she asked. "I need some fresh air." Judging from her initial flyby and what she'd seen over the past day, the planet was in a colder season - or just simply cold - which suited her just fine; the cold air would be refreshing, and she could handle it better than most species. Mostly, Eira just needed to step away from the temple and its people for a bit and settle her mind before she made her decision.

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  15. Runjedirun

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Kambie Loother

    Finally Kambie had found a way to get Alisha to open up, even if just a little. She wasn’t expecting a major breakthrough, but hopefully if they went to this Promenade Alisha would feel more at ease. They could get to know each other. Kambie hadn’t helped anyone in a very long time. When she lived with her Aunt and Uncle growing up she had been one of the older children. She had taught skills to her younger cousins and stuck up for them when they were in trouble. Kambie missed being able to help her younger cousins learn and watching them become independent.

    It was obvious that Alisha was hurting. Her master had left without warning, without finishing her training. It was not a good feeling to be abandoned. Abandoned probably wasn’t the right term to use here, certainly a Jedi master would not abandon their Padawan learner. Nonetheless that was how Alisha was feeling. She felt like the person who cared for her the most in life had just walked out and they no longer cared about her. Hopefully one day Alisha would learn the true reason her Master had to leave on such short notice. That way she would be able to forgive him and truly be able to move forward with her training as a Jedi. Perhaps Kambie could help her investigate.

    Kambie watched as Alisha used the force to retrieve the lightsaber crystal from the floorboard of the ship before she left the ship to lead the pair to the Promenade. Another thing Kambie made note, was that she needed to teach this young Jedi to be more discreet. Even if they were not officially Master and Apprentice Kambie could still give helpful advice after all. “How did you come to study at the temple?” Kambie asked curiously as they exited the ship. Perhaps learning a little about the Togruta’s past would also help with this journey.

    Tag: Padawan4687
  16. Padawan4687

    Padawan4687 Jedi Master star 5

    Jul 10, 2010
    IC: Alisha Tano
    Location: Hallways leading to the Promenade

    Alisha walked out of her ship and down the hallways with that same poised tread that she always had, but on the inside she was anything but. Trying to relax, she easily pictured the pristine blue waters of the Promenade, despite the frigid winter season just outside the Temple's walls...

    Should I say something? she began to wonder as the silence between the repeat-Initiate and Knight began to drag on. Perhaps Ms. Kambie felt the same way, because she broke the quiet first.

    "How did you come to study at the Temple?" she asked curiously.

    "..." Great, what a way to start a conversation! To any other member of the Temple of Light, it'd have seemed like a perfectly innocent question. But to Alisha, it was highly personal...something she hadn't even told her....her former Master about. Of course, she figured she'd have told him someday, but fate decided to be cruel and take over. She supposed she didn't have to answer in complete detail, and Kambie was only a stranger. She still had that certainty that the Knight wouldn't stick around for long anyway, so there was hardly any risk.

    "The Temple was a ...kind of refuge for me." she hesitantly began. "My homeworld wasn't safe for me anymore, so...I had to flee on my ship about two years ago. I was led here by this set of coordinates that appeared on the console, I can only imagine who or what sent them to me..."

    " about you, Ms. Kambie?" Force, why am I so awkward all of a sudden?! This must have been how Ian felt when he first arrived at the Temple! Now, what in the world happened to that confidence he admired in her so much?

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Kambie Loother

    Even though Kambie could sense that Alisha was still nervous she was pleased to learn a little bit about the young girl. After hearing a little about how Alisha had made her way to the temple Kambie shared with Alisha her own journey.

    “I left my home world many years ago to study with a Jedi Knight who discovered my talents while taking refuge near the farm where I was raised. I was eager to go at the time. I was young and craved adventure,” Kambie remembered.

    “I got more than I bargained for,” Kambie continued. “We were on the run a lot and I missed my family back home. Becoming a Jedi meant letting go of my fears and my attachments. It was much more work than I ever imagined. I was fortunate to have a dedicated master with lots of patience,” the memory of her former Master made Kambie smile.

    “Shortly after knighting me, my master met his end. After that I roamed the Galaxy trying to find a place where I was needed. People I could help. Sometimes I was occupied; helping others is all I know how to do. Mostly I was lost then I found these coordinates, much in the same way you describe finding them.”

    “You mentioned your home world wasn’t safe. May I ask where you are from? And have you felt safe since arriving at the temple?”

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    Dec 14, 2009
    OOC: After a long hiatus and back by popular demand! Actual names of characters are given in parenthesis following their Taab given nicknames to avoid OOG confusion. Most of you will also recieve PMs from me regarding your character's particular situation. You can use these conversations to clarify anything that I might have missed before posting.

    Co-GM Update

    IC: Hector Zey/Beskaryc Taab
    TCC, Temple of Light. A few days later.

    Several days had passed since the announcement of the Grand Master's departure and things were now starting to settle into a nice routine in the Temple of Light. After what they had all been through the sense of normalcy was most welcome, at least by most of the Guardians. Zey awoke early and rather than meditate right away decided to head to the TCC to get caught up on what was going on. He would meditate later. Entering the roughly circular room he was not surprised to see that Taab, their Mandalorian "protector" already there. "When does the man sleep?" he wondered softly to himself. He knew better than to ask and expect a serious answer from the tactiturn mercenary, though he was sure that Taab had to sleep sometime. Zey still didn't trust the former bounty hunter, but had found that if he thought of him as a soldier instead of a bounty hunter that it helped. A little. After all Zey was used to being around soldiers.

    "Morning Major, report."

    As unsurprised as Zey was to see Taab here, the Mandalorian seemed as equally unconcerned at Zey's arrival. Of course discerning what the man thought by his facial expressions was impossible, he wore that damn bucket all the time. But Zey could feel what could only be described as "aggravated boredom" from the man. His body language too bespoke a man that while not eager to see him, certainly wasn't bothered by the new grand master's appearance either.

    "Dirteater (Daniel Sandstrider) and his sister are back on their ship, watching us over us." Zey didn't like the nicknames that Taab had assigned to the various Jedi, but he had yet to say anything about it. He doubted that even if he did that the Mandalorian would stop. If anything it would add to his enjoyment, so Zey stayed silent on the matter. "Several Jedi have accompanied them and are beginning to run starfighter patrols in the outer portions of the system."

    Zey glanced at the orbital display. The Redemption hung there over Saridona Prime like a guardian angel, protecting them from above. He could see as two fighters, X-83 TwinTails , departed from the modified Nebula Class Star Destroyer. He closed his eyes and stretched out with the force. There were Jedi aboard those fighters now.

    "Who?" he opened his eyes and pointed to the display. Taab cocked his head to the side for a moment, looking over the duty roster in his HUD. "Momma (Kasha Sherland) and Verbal (Tim Battershell)," he paused reading something else over. "Combination patrol and check flight for him." Zey nodded, again ignoring the nicknames. It seemed Knight Sherland and her padawan were getting along nicely. Good. "They'll be on comms blackout unless they see something out there." Again Zey nodded, "And closer to home?"

    Taab could be visibly seen to mentally switch gears. "We've started a series of foot and speeder bike patrols as well. Both within the Temple and without. Bike patrol left about a half an hour ago to patrol our outer perimeter. They should be checking in shortly."

    Zey didn't envy them that assignment. The spring thaw had arrived, but it was still snowy and cold out there in the forests and mountains that surrounded the Valley of Light.

    "And who has earned that ignominious duty?"

    Again Taab paused as he consulted his duty roster. "Knight's Lycar and Loother along with Padawan Tano and Dryn." No nicknames this time, Zey was somewhat surprised at Taab's sudden formality. He started to smile when it hit him, Eira was out there on patrol. His eyebrow raised slightly, as he started to question Taab, but he stopped. He really didn't want to bring the Mandalorian in on Jedi business. The man was here to protect them and the Temple, but the less he knew about the Guardian's inner workings the better.

    Still it bothered Zey somewhat that Eira had been assigned to such a mission. She had stated a desire to stay at the Temple, for now, but she had given no indication that she was ready to join the Guardians of Light as a padawan learner. Taab spoke up again. "Scars (Eira Dryn) is a good fighter. Assigning her to a security patrol makes good sense, General." Ah, so the Mandalorian wasn't as slow as Zey had been led to believe. Obviosuly Taab had noticed the Jedi Master's concern upon hearing her name. "Farmgirl (Kambie Loother) and Sith-bait (Alisha Tano) could both learn something from her if you want my opinion."

    Zey's eyes flashed at the nickname Taab had given the Togrutan padawan. "I don't," was all he answered though he noted that Taab had given no appraisal of the Shistavanen Knight, Lycar, who had accompanied them. "And where is my padawan?"

    "Twitchy? (Ian Thrace)" Taab laughed as Zey was obviously irritated now. "I don't bother keeping up with where that boy is at."

    It was time to put a stop to this Zey thought. "Major," he said sternly. "You will..." he was interupted by a low alarm from one of the consoles. "Standby General," Taab cut him off as he suddenly became all business. The pair of them moved to the display clearly marked as the early warning display. "We have company." The Mandalorian stated the obvious as Zey just stared at the new blip that had just appeared in system.

    TAG: Skywalker_T-65, Falcon, Tim Battershell

    IC: Knight Lycar (NPC)
    On speeder bike patrol. Valley of Light, Saridnona Prime.

    The cold air blasted at his face as the quartet of swoops sped through the blustery morning air surrounding the Temple. It was not yet dawn, nor would it be for several hours. Sunrise came late to the Temple nestled as it was in the Valley of Light. How ironic he thought to himself baring his teeth in an amused, but terrifying looking, smile, that the Temple and Valley of Light would be one of the last places in the area to actually be bathed in the local light. He supposed that a Master, or even a more philosophical Knight would point out that the Force would provide them their own "Light" but he didn't dwell on that. He was more warrior than philosopher, probably why he had been given the assignment of leading this patrol.

    There was a sudden flashing light on the center console of his swoop. It was almost time to check in. Slowing the bike somewhat he held up a furred right fist, showing the others that it was time to stop as well. Satisfied that they had all seen him he stopped the bike and they all followed suit. Stopping gave them all the chance to stretch out a bit before contacting the Temple. Not that there was much to see anyway. The group hadn't seen much beyond snow and their own breath out here in the cold predawn morning. They hadn't even run across much of the local wildlife. Of course it was dark still, so they couldn't see much of anything anyway. But they had the force as their guide, it would alert them to anything amiss out here. He dismounted his bike, the cold wind blowing at his grey white fur.

    "Take five while I check in," They were barely 5 kilometers from the Temple, but the Mandalorian security officer had been quite clear with his instructions regarding comm checks. "Water, stretch, relieve yourselfs as necessary. We are back on patrol in five minutes."

    TAG: Runjedirun, Padawan4687, Rebecca_Daniels

    IC: Larod (NPC)
    Temple Gardens

    It felt so odd to the human to be here, inside the Temple after being...elsewhere for so long. There was warmth here, a sense of belonging for the Jedi who had been...elsewhere for so long, and though there was still some confusion, things were working out nicely thus far. Larod was certainly making the best of it. He was an amiable sort, likable and able to make friends with almost anyone. His time in the Temple had been mostly spent exploring (yes even to places he knew he shouldn't have gone) and getting to know the other Jedi. Both he knew were vital but so was time to himself, time think and meditate.

    So it was that he had made his way to the Temple Gardens, to get away from the hustle and bustle of Temple security, though he certainly wasn't alone There were other Jedi here as well, availing themselves of the serenity of the gardens in the predawn hours. Most seemed deep within their own meditations already as he arrived, but a pair of Jedi caught his eye, arriving as he did. He could sense, questions within them both, and so he spoke.

    "Greetings Knight Lahana. Greetings Padawan Thrace." He inclined his head towards them, a smile appearing on his rather bland looking face. "I've come here to meditate but you both seem troubled." His smile grew wider. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

    TAG: Gotab, BultarSwan

    IC: edee (Taab's pet strill)
    Corridors of the Temple of Light, near the Temple Gardens.

    There was scent here. The scent of prey. Edee raised its ugly head into the air and sniffed once before putting its nose back to the floor. Yes, some prey was most certainly in the area. The creature slinked though the corridors, keeping close to the walls as it continued its hunt. It had done this every morning since the others had arrived. What had once been so empty a lace was now full of people. It's pet, the one the others called Taab, seemed busy most of the time now. So every morning edee used the confusion to escape the animal sanctuary and conduct its own hunts. Often times it ran into the others on their own hunts, something edee had heard called a "security patrol". The others weren't very good hunters though, edee paused and sniffed at the air again. They never came back with anything, while edee had always found some small rodent trying to hide out in the lower levels. Poor creatures, they were all just so badly adapted to the hunt.

    Edee continued following the trail. This rodent had gone far afield in order to find its own meal, to an area called Gardens. Soon edee would find it and it would pay for that mistake, but suddenly a new scent crossed with that of the prey. Edee paused, confused for a moment before he recognized the scent. It was some of the others, the ones on the hunt called "Security patrol". Their scent was familiar to him, he knew these creatures well.

    The first was the one Taab called Saberjockey (Gaan Be'orar). Edee liked her, she smelled of home and reminded it of the hunts it had in the snowy forrests there. There was snow and forrests here too, but they smelled different. It just wasn't the same.

    The other was the one Taab called Future (Hochner Trevalus). It was a strange one, and it ate strange prey. Edee wanted to try its prey sometime but had been thus far unable to. Edee licked its lips, slobbering on the floor. Poor creatures, they looked so lost in their hunt. They really had no idea. Edee was a fine hunter, Taab had told edee so. So as the pair came around a corner and into view edee rushed to them, silently, but joyfully. Edee would help them with their hunt, and maybe afterwards Future would share its strange prey with it.

    TAG: Mitth_Fisto, The_Zeltron

  19. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Battershell
    X-83 TwinTail Starfighter - On Patrol, Saridona Prime Space.

    It was nice to be flying again, Tim thought, especially after long hours spent in the Temple of Light's Detention Centre, guarding/studying an unresponsive Allynic. The only downside was he was flying one of Redemption's X-83s instead of his own Illusion. That said, it was nice of Captain Sandstrider (Jedi Knight Sandstrider) to have loaned his Master and himself these two fighters (or, in his case, even let him aboard Redemption considering the events just after his arrival in-system!).

    As expected, the TwinTail was far more responsive and more manoeuvrable then the Illusion and had an impressive array of weapons, including a total of sixteen Proton Torpedoes; but it didn't feel that much faster. The only way to tell for sure would be a direct, in-flight, comparison. Definitely not on the agenda for today, though.

    Most definitely not on today's agenda; as a stream of Droid-speak reported Cronau radiation emissions detected in the outer system. As far as Tim knew, that could only mean one thing - something had reverted from Lightspeed.

    In the Illusion identifying whatever it was would have been easy; in the TwinTail it was more difficult, but he soon got a bright, moving, object centred in the Electrobinoculars (brought along for just this sort of passive identification work). Time to make sure that his Master knew it was there, and (from what he could see) incoming, in as covert a manner as possible.

    "Master!"; he sent over their Force-bond; "Probable spacecraft sighted in outer system, just reverted; bearing...." here he gave the target's bearing. "No transponder ID. Ship appears to be on direct approach to Saridona Prime. Size appears large, and proportions of 'blob' suggest Capital Warship, possibly Pelleaon Class, though I can't make out details as yet."

    TAG: Falcon, (indirectly Bardan_Jusik).
  20. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Kasha Sherland
    X-83 TwinTail Starfighter - On Patrol, Saridona Prime Space.

    Kasha settled into the X-83 Twin tail, it was similar to the old X-wing she used to fly that was now sitting in Storage. She couldn't bring Spirit, apparently the X-83 had the astromech droid built into the frame. If the astromech's mind wasn't wiped regularly, it would develop a personality of it's own. Not that was a bad thing, it made the droid all that more interesting to keep around and harder to get rid of at the same time. Maybe she should've brought her old X-wing with her, at least she would've had spirit (aka Saber) her grandmother's old astromech to talk with. If it wasn't for him and for Fress visiting her in her sleep. She would've never found the academy on Ossus.

    She found the TwinTail was far more responsive then the older model of X-wing, which would make dog fights far more interesting to be in. Even though she was on patrol, she had the urge to see what the fighter could do under her touch. She remembered the sims Mekaila would run and her daughter would do all sorts of tricks with the fighter. She smiled grimly to herself. She was on patrol. She glanced beside her where her Padawan was flying beside her as they combed space looking for anything unusual, playing barrel roll sounded like fun but she didn't want to accidentally spook her padawan. She continued to play it safe instead. She was itching to find out what this fighter was capable of doing.

    Kasha glanced at her radar and noticed something large coming out of hyperspace causing her to frown. It looked to be the size of a Pelleaon class destroyer. She wondered if the destroyer was friend or foe. After scanning the ship for an ID code, she discovered they weren't running one. That wasn't a good sign. She frowned noting no fighters had been launched yet, which was good. If this got ugly quick, it was just her and Tim to hold out until the rest of the Squadron could get to their location. She would rather not draw unwanted attention to her and her padawan yet.

    Kasha glanced beside her as Tim made contact with her over the Force bond.

    "Master!"; "Probable spacecraft sighted in outer system, just reverted; bearing..." There was a pause for a second and she had a feeling he was attempting to get details from his radar. "No transponder ID. Ship appears to be on direct approach to Saridona Prime. Size appears large, and proportions of 'blob' suggest Capital Warship, possibly Pelleaon Class, though I can't make out details as yet."

    "I see it, Padawan," Kasha sent back her thoughts over the Force bond she developed with Tim earlier in the day. She smiled to herself, she was training her first padawan learner. May the Force help him. "They're running com silence, which means they don't want anyone to know they are out here. I'll send a message to the Redemption. Hopefully they will make contact with the ship to see what they want." If that was the case, then what did they want? And what were they doing out here?

    She didn't know which name to use and shrugged. She didn't have a nickname to give and she was not about to identify her name over open airways either. Her great great grandmother had a nick name Firecracker. But her personality wasn't quit as explosive as Fress's was. Mekaila on the other hand, was beginning to show that fiery personality Fress was known for. Shadow didn't seem right and there wasn't any time to think of one either. She decided to stick with scout for now. "Scout to Redemption 11. Pelleaon class destroyer just dropped out of hyperspace. Running no ID codes. Has not launched any fighters. Awaiting further instructions."

    Tim Battershell, Skywalker_T-65, Bardan_Jusik, Lenea_Sandstrider
  21. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    GM Approved

    Name: Kai Dareagen

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Height: 6’1

    Homeworld: Coruscant

    Physical Appearance: Messy brown hair, grey eyes, athletically built

    Clothing: pants, running shoes, tunic worn loosely showing a t-shirt underneath.

    Personality: A little reckless, and stubborn, more of a warrior than a philosopher. Good but, tends to do things his own way.

    Lightsaber: standard construction with a blue blade

    Lightsaber Form: Prefers Ataru but, has training in Makashi

    Ship: X-83 Twin Tail:
    • Name: Avril
    • Hyperdrive rating: Class 1.0
    • Navigation system: Navigation computer/astromech droid with 10-jump memory
    • Armament:
      • Enhanced heavy laser cannons (4)
      • Proton torpedoes (16)
    • Crew:
      • Pilot (1)
      • Integrated astromech droid (1)
    • Cargo capacity: 70 kg
    • Consumables: 6 days

    Bio: Kai was brought to the Jedi temple as a young child and has very few memories of his birth parents. As he trained he showed a strong connection to the Living Force but, lacked the patience necessary to access the Cosmic or Unifying Force. He would often disagree with his teachers and master on how certain situations should be handled then try and solve it his own way, often without any prior planning, with mixed results. Although becoming a Knight has tempered him a little he still often rushes in when waiting is the better option.
  22. Rebecca_Daniels

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Eira Dryn
    On patrol near the Temple of Light

    By human standards, Eira was underdressed for this weather. Even by Arkanian standards, really, as she hadn't taken into account the biting wind that whipped her short hair into her face and blew right through her clothes when they sped along on their speeders. Another layer might have been a good idea, and right now she envied the Shistavanen's fur. However, she wasn't sure that any clothing could keep her nose from turning pink from cold; perhaps a helmet.

    She hadn't seen a lot of their resident helmet-head in the past days, only catching occasional glimpses while trying to make it seem like she wasn't looking. Taab didn't seem anything like her friend Ciryc, the only Mandalorian she had for comparison, though she couldn't pinpoint why; maybe it was his stance or the differing armour design. Maybe it was her Force powers at work. Or maybe she was just judgemental.

    Not that she'd spent all of her time playing spot the Mando. There'd been a good amount of exploring, on her own, and further reading in the library. The sheer amount of information available still astounded her; it seemed like it had everything anyone could want to know. When she'd bored of that, Eira armed herself with a blaster pistol, taken from the temple's armoury; considering everything that had happened, it seemed like a good idea. Not that it would help much against another rampaging Jedi.

    But it was an added feeling of security, tucked in a holster she'd attached to her belt, especially as they patrolled outside of the temple. While still unsure as to why she had been tapped to join this patrol, she couldn't deny she was enjoying it. Getting outside of the stone behemoth and breathing the fresh air was reinvigorating.

    But she wasn't a Jedi. Yet they trusted her with assisting in their security. It was all very confusing, but maybe it was someone's way of convincing her she should become a- what was it called? A Padawan. What a strange title.

    She couldn't deny she'd considered it. That was one of the reasons she'd been avoiding the Jedi these past days; she had a suspicion far too many of them had far too much advice and she wanted none of it. It was her decision.

    The thought of getting to use a lightsaber was tempting. It was quite the weapon and she wondered how hard it would be to adapt to it, compared to the sort of fighting she was used to. While the Jedi were undoubtedly skilled, she didn't think they'd approve of her more underhanded techniques. Maybe there was an unorthodox Jedi who'd like her, take her on to train.

    Stop talking like you've already said yes! a part of her scolded.

    Maybe not, she considered, but it did seem like a good idea. And if things went badly or she didn't like it, well, she had a ship. She could just leave.

    The Shistavanen Jedi, Lycar, raised a fist to signal their stop and Eira was grateful for the opportunity to stretch. And try and warm up her numb face.

    TAGS: Bardan_Jusik, Runjedirun, Padawan4687

    Sent from my X-wing via R2-J6
  23. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Hochner Trevalus
    On Patrol in the Temple of Light, Near the Gardens

    Reaching up he pulled his hood a little further over his face. It was one thing to have to wear his goggles all the time with the egregious amount of light the temple employed, even if aptly so, but his skin always felt like he was trying an alien double sun to walk uncovered. Nothing could really be done for his trunk, some Kubaz had tried trunk covers long ago, but the limit to ones senses not to mention the added awkwardness talking with others of any kind was just not worth the slight comfort it gave.

    Although his patrol companion seemed not to mind in the least the lights that glared oppressively upon them. He didn't have much to say, and so until the Strill appeared he had been keeping to himself. The added precautions felt a little paranoid, but when you discover Rakata tried to sacrifice you to a Dark side crystal while mind controlled tended to make such situations not seem as. . .odd. In a way it felt comforting. To walk with another, and so he had enjoyed that simple routine of walking, quietly.

    The Strill, while quiet seemed to be leaving a slippery trail of it's own. "Isn't it supposed to in the animal pens?" he commented as it raced toward them. He fell back into a wary stance. Ready to kick or flip out of the creatures way should it try to straddle him. The last thing he wanted was to have to try to get the creatures strong flavor out of his clothes. Something a look in the Temple Library had stated was a difficult thing to do, in fact some had commented on the record that burning of contaminated clothing or keeping for strict use when interacting with the creatures was recommended. Not a thought he liked, having to keep formal wear for whenever he might run into the thing.

    TAG: The_Zeltron, Bardan_Jusik
  24. Skywalker_T-65

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    Nov 19, 2009
    IC: Daniel Sandstrider and Lenea Sandstrider
    ACS-Redemption II Hangar

    "Hand me a hydrospanner!" a female voice shouted, as a grease-coated hand reached out from underneath a black-and-blue starfighter.

    Reaching into the toolbox next to his feet, Daniel Sandstrider pulled out the requisite tool and placed it in his sister's hand, "There you go."

    "Thanks," Lenea Sandstrider muttered, "Man, it's a mess down here. What did you do to your fighter Danny?"

    The elder sibling was tempted to bang his head into the side of the aforementioned fighter, as he felt his face heat up. It certainly wasn't one of his better moments, that was sure. And he knew his sister was going to hold it over his head for a long time. Then again, he did deserve it this time...

    "I may, or may not, have hit the hangar floor when I came in for a landing the last time I took her out."

    And there was the amusement over the bond. A sour look came over Daniel's face, as he removed a panel from the side of his personal AF-01 Starstreak.

    "In my defense, I was out of it at the time."

    The only answer to that was laughter, as Lenea continued to monkey around with the inner workings of the damaged fighter. The two had been working on it for well over an hour now, as the two who knew the design the best. It was also just a nice thing to do between siblings. Relaxing, and all to much easier than the sparring the younger Sandstrider insisted on doing. Daniel didn't exactly blame her for it, as the scar he could see on her arm whenever she asked for a tool reminded him. It was still odd to see Lenea so determined to know how to use that lightsaber of her's.

    Nothing fun lasted forever of course, especially not to a Jedi.

    "Daniel," Arrica, his wife, said over the comlink attached to the Knight's waist.

    "I'm here," Daniel replied, as Lenea extricated herself from the fighter, wiping her hands on her trousers before giving her brother a curious look.

    The older woman's voice came out of the comlink again, sounding a bit worried, "We've got a ship on approach. Relaying the message from Knight Sherland now."

    "Scout to Redemption 11. Pelleaon class destroyer just dropped out of hyperspace. Running no ID codes. Has not launched any fighters. Awaiting further instructions."

    The siblings shared a look at the words from Kasha Sherland. It wasn't every day that another Star Destroyer showed up. Leave alone a Pelleaon. No one, that Daniel knew, had one. Certainly no one affiliated with the Guardians...unless he had missed something. If they weren't sending any messages, then that just made things all the odder. Anyone who was here on Guardian business would have sent a message, either to him or the Temple.

    Unless they didn't know who he was...but...

    "Relay this message Arrica," Daniel finally said, "Observe the destroyer, but don't contact it or make any moves towards it. I am contacting the Temple for further instructions. End message."

    Turning to his sister, Daniel saw Lenea frowning at him.

    "More mysteries eh Danny?" the brunette asked, "I'll spool my 'streak up. If you need us out there, we'll be ready."

    "Got it sis. I'm going to contact the temple now," the elder sibling replied, "At least I didn't mess up the comm systems..."

    Ignoring his sister's laughter, Daniel hopped into the cockpit of his fighter, and keyed in the Temple of Light's frequency, "This is Knight Sandstrider. We have an unidentified Pelleaon-class Star Destroyer on the edge of the system. They have not sent any messages, nor launched any fighters or made any aggressive moves. I am prepared to make contact, and attempt to identify who they are. Unless this is a scheduled visit I was not informed of."

    Now, now it was up to the Temple. If this ship was a Guardians flagged vessel, there was nothing to worry about. If it wasn't...well, it was time to get creative.

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Voj Velkin
    Meditation Gardens, Temple of Light





    Perched on one of the highest branches of the tallest tree sat the warrior who was searching for his solace. He sought to be the eye of the raging hurricane of emotions that swirled around him. Gone was his aliit, Ori’Jo, Leia’ika. His mirjahaal seemed to evaporate the moment their vessels jumped out of the system.

    Voj had yet to sleep since he ordered the Journeymen Knights to depart. Whenever he was not covering the TCC he was up a tree, like now. The trees reminded him of Vernet, of home. It was here that he could find some escape… Suum ca’nara.

    From his vantage point he could have seen nearly the entire gardens. Of course, with his eyes closed he could only “see” those nearest him. As he stretched out with his feel he touched an aura with which he had become quite familiar. Dovey sat with the Padawan that Taab liked to call Twitchy.

    The former Journeyman brushed the edge of her consciousness through the Force. But just as he did, another being appeared to his senses, someone with which he was not known. Slowly he opened his eyes and watched as the newcomer made his introduction. Part of him wanted to just drop out of the tree behind the Jedi, but instead he waited for Dovey and Thrace to respond.

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