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Star Wars The Shadow War - Times End - Two new factions opened up! - Legacy: War spoilers!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, May 13, 2011.

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  1. Padawan4687

    Padawan4687 Jedi Master star 5

    Jul 10, 2010
    IC: Alisha Tano

    Alisha shivered in the frigid air despite her thermal coat on. She stood just outside the Temple exit with Master Jey'su ahead of her. She turned to ask him to explain the concept of the Force as a river more, when she sensed a dark presence nearby. The man in question, with a red lightsaber ignited, looked down at them across the frozen river.

    Thanks to her past on Shili, she was a bit more hostile than she could have, and readily whipped her own lightsaber, and ignited the bright blue blade.

    You, identify yourselves.

    She froze at the telepathic voice, and lowered the blade for a moment, then rose it again. "We are Jedi!" she said sharply.

    Tag: Treysk, and Silence
  2. T-rex-Jedi

    T-rex-Jedi Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 24, 2011
    IC: Silence

    The Togrutan padawan activated her blue-bladed lightsaber and answered him. Silence sighed as continued to point his red-bladed weapon at them. He slowly lowered the weapon till it pointed at the ground. A snap hiss was heard as the blade retracted into the hilt, leaving him to appear vulnerable. The cold air blew and while the Togrutan displayed some signs of being cold, Silence didn't care how cold it was. Sure he hated it, but he was too focused to care about it. As the wind blew, his cloak blew in the same direction, revealing part of his silver armor. Finally, he replied with telepathy to both the Togrutan and the Bothon, Apologies than. I mean no harm to you.

    TAG: Treysk & Alisha
  3. JediMaster1511

    JediMaster1511 Jedi Grand Master star 10

    Jul 15, 2010
    NJT Co-GM

    IC: Rid Malt - Chu'unthor II

    Shaula stepped to the side to allow a freer passage for Rid. "Alright. Don't worry about before, though. May I still accompany you to the dining room?"

    Rid looked straight forward and inhaled deeply before answering. "Yes, of course. It won;t hurt so long as I can remain focused." He started walking back towards the mess hall. "The entire galaxy is in chaos and it seems to be relfected upon it's residece.." He said, thinking aloud of sorts.

    TAG: Gaan
  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    OOC: Galactic Federation of Free Allainces update for today...

    IC: Admiral Stazi
    Metellos Orbit

    [blockquote]Therod Illos was right. There wasn't a queue for this operation. Stazi nodded. "So be it, Admiral. You can have it, and the flagship. Name it, as you see fit. Captain Antilles will meet you. I understand that the Jedi and Bastion will be sending assets to meet you."

    And with that Stazi signed off. Therod was being a stubborn mule.

    The old Duros approved.

    Aboard the flag, Captain Antilles had a full Stormtrooper and blue-armoured GA regiment to hand to greet the Admiral. The glimmering lights, the shining armour and hull, they were dazzling, but it would be the smell of the new ship that would assault Therod the most. The smell of anticipation. "Welcome aboard, Admiral." Captain Antilles turned to lead him to the ready-room. "I have a lot of data for you to peruse, Admiral. But, one supposes..." The Captain stopped at the end of the aisle of troopers, taking a bottle of some kind of exotic alcohol from a GA soldier. "That we should stand on ceremony. Care to stand to ceremony, sir, and name this brand-new vessel?"[/blockquote]

    TAG: Unknown Rogue
    IC: Master Dan
    Veragi, Space Station

    [blockquote]The Sith Troopers stumble was all but a flinch as it powered through it, but the moment was sufficient for Alec to whip out his weapon. The Troopers were not designed to be on the defensive, however, and it adapted poorly, taking steps back. And then, it shifted, cutting a blow at side height, between the two blades, a cut which could remove fingers and may even chop the hilt in half if not sufficiently reacted to, its speed such as it was.

    Master Dan and Wyyrlok were a mess of blows, but Dan was aware of his apprentice. Blocking a blow and then kneeing Wyyrlok in the stomach, he rolled over Wyyrlok's bowed back and threw his lightsaber at the Sith Trooper, before turning back and hammering Wyyrlok with a Force blow as the Sith pointed his free hand at Naxy's ship, which was finally lifting off. The Sith Trooper was mid-blow and hesitated, flicking up a gauntlet precisely to knock the hilt away and avoid the blade. Wyyrlok was back up, but Dan had his blade back in his hand already, just about catching the burst of Force lightning. A flare creased his shoulder, causing him to stumble.

    I can't focus on Wyyrlok fully with Alec around... perhaps it is time not only for Alec to graduate from being a Padwan... but I need to graduate from being his Master?

    The ship was revving up, and it would be going up soon enough. Dan glanced at Alec, momentarily having lost his focus due to the need to concentrate on the Sith lightning. A portion leaked past again, and Dan winced.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sarge221
  5. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel
    Veragi, Space Station

    Though the Trooper was on the defensive and fairing rather poorly in such a position, Alec did not give overconfidence a chance to seep into his concentration. That was all that would be needed to break his concentration, blur his connection to the Force, and then just as quickly it would be Alec that would be on the defensive with the Sith raining down blows upon him that could very well overwhelm him. He had to remain steadfast not only physically but mentally. Just one slip could allow the tables to be turned on him in an instant. And since this was a duel to the death, he could not allow himself to be overconfident on such a thing.

    But sometimes even the right mental state and command of the Force wasn't enough. Which was proven when the Trooper suddenly stopped defending and, instead, lashed out with his red-bladed lightsaber. A warning through the Force, however, allowed Alec to take a step back while he tried to turn his saber to better block the blow. He was half successful. He managed to save his fingers and perhaps a slice to his torso, but he couldn't save his own weapon when the Sith's lightsaber carved through the elongated hilt of Alec's double-bladed lightsaber.

    This would've been a good opportunity for the Sith to turn those tables that Alec kept thinking of, if it weren't for a lightsaber that flew through the air and caused the Trooper to shift his attention to it and bat it aside.

    For a brief second, when the color registered in his mind and allowed him to understand it was his Master's lightsaber, Alec felt a flicker of...he couldn't think of a word for it. Not right now. Disappointment? Offense, even? That his Master had to break away in order to assist him? It was not a matter of pride but, rather, concern that his Master would have to distract himself so in order to help his Padawan.

    He didn't dwell on it. He was in the middle of a battle after all and he couldn't afford to be distracted.

    Though the Trooper had cut through his lightsaber, Alec's blades did not extinguish as they continued to blaze with green power. Though a normal double-bladed lightsaber would've ceased to function with such a devastating cut, Alec's had been purposely configured for the express purpose of being able to separate them and use them as dual blades. The Trooper's cut only served to separate them for Alec. And the Padawan took advantage of it. With the Trooper distracted by Dan's intervention, Alec lashed out with both blades, his one lightsaber coming up to knock his opponent's blade up and away while he practically spun into the Trooper, getting in close to make it difficult for him to reorient himself and stabbing right into the Sith's cybernetic heart with his second blade to finish him.

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  6. JediDingo

    JediDingo Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 27, 2005
    Tresyk Jay'su
    Outside the Temple of Light

    Treysk's fur rippled with pleasure once he stepped outside into the frigid air. Slowly closing his eyes, he sniffed the cool, crisp air with delight. He preferred this kind of climate. This was his element. His eyes scanned the area, watching the wind push the snow flakes in all kinds of beautiful patterns. He stood, waiting. He knew that she'd follow. He liked the young girl. She showed so much promise, so much potential. He heard her footsteps behind him, and saw that she had put on a thermal coat. He was still in his normal Jedi robes and when she stepped in front of him, his cloak blew out with the wind. They began to make their way towards the frozen river and as soon as his feet touched the snowy ground, he felt something. Someone. A dark man. He ignited a red lightsaber, and Treysk sensed that Alisha wasn't even alarmed. Treysk allowed a small smile. She was already learning.

    He heard the snap-hiss of Alisha's blue blade. His small smile became a full one. She wasn't afraid. She was ready to fight. Good, Treysk thought.

    This dark man projected thoughts towards both of them.

    You, identify yourselves.

    "We are Jedi!" Alisha said, a bit sharply.

    Ten years ago, before the Force truly started to speak to Treysk - to show and teach him it's true nature - he would have approved of Alisha's response. But now since the Force had taught him so much, it had showed him how it was to truly be used, he frowned at her quickness to run, to shy away from the challenge. This dark man pointed his red saber at them before lowering and retracting it. As he approached Treysk caught a glimpse of his sliver armor. The Bothan sesnsed the darkness, hidden, tucked away in this man. This dark man had some issues, that was for sure.

    Apologies than. I mean no harm to you.

    Test them, Treysk.. The Force had told the Bothan. No one could hear the Force speak to Treysk. It was intensly personal, a special relationship that he had with the Force. With time, he hoped he could teach the Guardians. But being a being that was always obeying the Force, test them he would.

    Treysk projected his own thoughts, making sure that only this dark man could hear him.

    She lies. She is going to kill you now. Treysk told the dark man.

    Treysk was lying, but the dark man didn't know that. It was a chance for the Bothan to see Alisha's skills, as well as this dark man. Treysk would be ready to fight if need be, but first he wanted to see them both. Treysk took a slight step back, his hand near his saber.

    TAG: Alisha, Silence [face_skull]
  7. Risca_Skywalker

    Risca_Skywalker Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 18, 2011
    IC: Risca Kor'le
    Animal Sanctuary, Temple of Light

    Risca stood in the middle of the Animal Sanctuary, initially shocked, confused, and frustrated at what had just occured.

    Dar'manda, how could he call us that? We're more Mandalorian then Master Be'orar is!

    Turning in the direction of where Ryi and Taab had gone off to, Risca shook her head.

    This is too confusing.... She thought as she walked out of the sanctuary and down the hallways in the direction of her Master's room. I need consul about this, or at least myself...maybe Taab's right...maybe I am Dar'manda.

    Risca quickly smashed that thought to pieces and continued on towards where she felt her Master was. No. I'm not Dar'manda, if anything... I'm just confused. Besides, I've been meaning to talk with my master for a while now. I best apologize for ignoring her for so long.

    As she reached the door to her Master's room, she sensed that her master was inside but that she didn't seem to be doing much. She's probably alseep... I hope I don't wake her....

    Staring at the door a minute more, Risca raised her hand to knock but before she did she let her hand fall back to her side. What am I doing? If she's alseep I should let her be... but.... Taab's words kept playing again and again in her mind, bitting her lip and clenching her fist, Risca took a deep breath before raising her hand again to knock on the door.

    I'll just apologize for disturbing her sleep, but I need to talk to her... need to talk to someone....

    Knocking on the door, Risca waited a few moments before she knocked once more and called out to her master.

    "Master? May I come in?"

    TAG: Zel
  8. Nadia-Oomia

    Nadia-Oomia Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 4, 2009
    IC: Blair Iss'ak
    Aboard the Chu'unthor, Unknown Regions

    She spun to the other side of his thrust just as he spun back out of reach. She couldn?t keep up like this for long, the game would have to stop soon. This was just to get her muscles used to the way her lightsaber moved and to be one with it again. In a real battle she wouldn?t be able to use such techniques, that?s what sparring was for, practice on such battles that a person may have in the future.

    She watched as he stood still and then paced ?What is he doing?? She wondered. She didn?t have much time to guess, she should make a move quickly but not knowing her opponent well and the constant nagging of her wanting to do this gracefully and wonderfully hindered her from making a move.

    Suddenly Kip moved, Blair held onto her weapon a bit harder, ready for whatever he was going to give to her. He leaped and flipped over her head, she deactivated her lightsabre, ducked, rolled a few feet away then with a practiced move, righted herself and reactivated the lightsabre. She smirked as he said

    ?Sorry? she could see his smile spread ?You know I had to try that at least once.?
    ?I must say, it?s not something I see every day? She replied ?My turn?

    She wasn?t good at the offensive play, but she was going to try anyway, she wasn?t and couldn?t just defend forever and never attack, one of the cons of being a Soresu user in this case.

    She slashed at his head, then crouched and sliced at his feet before spinning to his other side
    ?Remember, it?s like a dance, like you used to dance Blair, when you were a gypsy? She reminded herself.

    She closed her eyes and gave herself over to the force, letting it guide her moves. She twirled, facing his back, she extended her left arm, lightsabre with it, pulled back and with a fluid motion made an arc forward putting quite a bit, but not too much, power into it before pushing herself off of the steel flooring and into the air where she deactivated her lightsabre in mid air while making a backflip and landing in a crouch position

    TAG: Corin
  9. dewback_rancher

    dewback_rancher Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 23, 2009
    IC: Fey-Li Cytei

    "Well, you certainly are a friendly guy," Fey-Li laughed as the monkey-lizard climbed all over her, ending up perched on one shoulder. The excitable creature cackled as she headed back for the boat, apparently intent on staying with her, which kept an amused smile on the Jedi Master's face. "Very well, you can come with me," she allowed, and the monkey-lizard, being semisentient, seemed to understand well enough to know that she meant it could stay, and seemed rather pleased with itself.

    "I wonder if you'd be interested in helping me with my Padawan?" she asked as she got back into the hover-boat, knowing the concept was probably beyond the creature's understanding even as she asked, but reached up and scratched under its chin. "I imagine your unique talents would be quite useful in teaching him responsibility and patience. Nothing like a monkey-lizard to teach you the value of a sense of humor, to boot."

    The thing jabbered excitedly and bobbbed its head, and Fey-Li again tried to fight off a laugh. It was just so childishly absurd- the little thing was perfect as a teaching aid for Jak. She'd take it with her and have Jakran take care of it. It worked out marvelously.

    As she started up the hoverboat and began to head back, the monkey-lizard on her shoulder raised one arm and shook it, whooping and cackling and hollering in excited glee at the speed at which they were going, like a little kid on a roller coaster. Oh, he'll do NICELY, Fey-Li thought, smiling again as she piloted the hoverboat over the artificial lake.

    TAG: Nobody... yet
  10. T-rex-Jedi

    T-rex-Jedi Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 24, 2011
    IC: Silence
    It appeared to Silence that he wasn't the only one in telepathy. The Bothan told him that the Togruta was lying and that she would kill him. Silence stopped for a moment and turned to the Togruta. He stared at her for a while till he turned his attention to the Bothan and replied back through telepathy, I've spent many years with those who lie and are deceitful. They ruined my life, so I know when someone really lies and this Togruta doesn't appear to be the kind who can lie. Usually Jedi can't lie to save their own skins and I know, because I am not as dark as you think I am. Silence noticed the Bothan held his hand on his lightsaber, just in case if things turn ugly and to show his honesty, Silence placed the lightsaber on his utility belt...

    TAG: Treysk and Alisha
  11. Padawan4687

    Padawan4687 Jedi Master star 5

    Jul 10, 2010
    IC: Alisha Tano

    Alisha caught herself glaring at the Dark man, even as he placed his lightsaber back at his belt. As far as she could tell, he didn't wish to attack them, and, showing her reluctance, she deactivated her own, but still held the hilt. I've seen what some Sith can do at Shili....if he's anything like them, he'll stab us through the back first chance he gets.

    She was innocent to Treysk's telepathic conversation, but refused to put her lightsaber down.

    TAG: Treysk and Silence
  12. JediDingo

    JediDingo Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 27, 2005
    Treysk Jay'su
    Outside of the Temple

    The Bothan listened to this dark man's telepathic reply, and inwardly sighed. In the last ten years, the Force had taught him that this was no longer the way of things. That no longer should those who are with the light idly let the darkness grow. But instead, the light should attack the dark. Should take the fight, always, to the enemy. He was disappointed in Alisha for not doing so. But he needed to see how she would do when suddenly forced to fight, he still had to test them. Surely she felt the lingering effects left on this dark man, despite his sympthany to the light.

    With the Force, he projected a terryfing image of this dark man into Alisha's brain. The image was not real, but to the Padawan it would appear as if the dark man had reactivated his lightsaber and was about to attack the Bothan. He used this vision of lies shamelessly on the Padawan, infusing it with her deepest and darkest fears, to see if she'd attack, but in her mind, defend Treysk.

    TAG: Alisha, Silence
  13. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Malkuth
    Battle of Sposia, a street away from the tactical centre

    [blockquote]Darth Malkuth grinned as he pointed, blowing the Chiss sentry off the roof of the tall building that overlooked the tactical centre. He made sure to send the Chiss flying away from the centre, snapping his neck along the way to silence him. He paid no heed to the battle droid ? an elderly YVH model, he absently noted ? as it swung its innumerable weapons and mini-rocket system at Darth Lledrith and opened fire with everything it had in a veritable storm of fire.

    The Chiss were quick, there was no doubt of that. The tower guns ? four of them ? twisted, and opened fire, and Malkuth leaped clear of the roof, gathering his cloak around him to give the appearance of a swooping crow. The building he ? and hopefully Lledrith ? had been standing upon exploded, throwing out debris into the sky, as Malkuth landed on the other side of the security fence. Chiss rushed out of the room, opening fire with charrics and anti-personnel-masers. The Dark Lord of the Dominion of Darkness ignited his blade, battering aside a swarm of shots while he raised his hand to the sky, and then threw it down.

    A chunk of masonry, launched into the air by the maser bolts that had burst through the building it had been attached to, slammed down atop the heaviest concentration of Chiss, throwing up a wave of dust as it settled. Malkuth pointed, shoving the debris forward ? and through the wall of the tactical centre. He threw himself into the deflection barrage as the Chiss inside joined the battle ? even as a massive hulking AT-AHT rounded the side of the building and opened fire upon Malkuth and ? hopefully ? Lledrith. Malkuth flipped forward, away from the burst of maser fire and through the hole he?d created ? as the turrets tracked the debris and brought down a chunk of the overhanging element of the roof to plug the gap.

    Malkuth looked about behind him, realised Lledrith was still outside, and cursed, as he rushed down the corridor, deflecting ceiling-mounted-auto-turret fire with his blade and free hand, blocking bolts and yanking soldiers into each others path or simply cutting his way through them all. A one man wrecking machine, he silenced an offending turret and then threw his blade forward, piercing a Chiss through the throat, and then he turned, hurling his hands out and releasing a blaze of Force lightning into a YVH droid and a squad of four soldiers attempting a flanking move, who promptly died. Turning back, he grabbed his ?saber and drove it through the triple-durasteel-plated door, absently wondering where Lledrith was.

    For the rest of his concentration, Darth Malkuth had sent his mind into the centre of the chamber, and had for some time, ensuring that control was not passed to a different building by the Chiss controllers inside, maintaining a sense of premature calm in them from the moment he had reached the top of the tower.

    His attention was split, and his arms busy, as a troop of soldiers rushed down the corridor around the complex ? an anti-Force user squad of six Chiss wielding flechette launchers, stokhi stun sticks and complimented by a trio of YVH droids. He could sense them approaching, but could not separate his actions ? and he hoped Lledrith had caught up.

    Sposia, Government District

    The hulking monster of a Sith that was Darth Malefic was knocked back by the actions of Ash, using its immense strength to carve a shield around it and hurl debris up to defend itself from most of the blast, but nonetheless it smashed back into its escape pod. But it quickly regained its footing and issued a roar which became a massive Force scream ? aimed not at Ash but through him, so even if successfully survived it would bring down the residential building behind him atop his clawcraft, with some direction.

    As it was, hundreds of Chiss inside the building screamed.

    The Sith snorted at his foe as Darth Strages arrived, with his retinue. Eve
  14. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel
    Battle of Veragi, Space Station

    Alec was able to figure out where the falling body was hoping to land and, more importantly, what the Sith Trooper planned to do in his last moments; hoping to use Alec's decision to get in close for the kill against him. Without even batting an eye, Alec twisted the lightsaber that was still embedded in the Trooper's heart to fix it as he moved the blade left and then right. By the time the Trooper fell, all Alec had to worry about was the severed, upper body of the Trooper and he was able to shoulder it off to the side easily. Twirling his blades, Alec immediately turned towards his Master-

    And froze, his eyes widening as he saw the display before him: Dan, on the floor and a hole in his gut, while Wyyrlok stood over him with not only his lightsaber...but Dan's as well.

    ?You won?t escape, little Alec. You can surrender, and I?ll make your death quick.?

    Oddly, Alec was more focused on the question of "How did he know my name?" then the current situation. He kept his grip on his lightsabers, both green blades pointing towards Wyyrlok. They remained frozen there, the tips pointed as if to meet the Dark Lord's blades, but his green eyes did not stay still as they switched from Wyyrlok to Dan and then back again. Really, the situation was plainly obvious to Alec. Wyyrlok had said it himself that he planned to kill Alec if he surrendered and, though he was holding Dan's life, it was hardly a bargaining chip as Alec had no doubt in his mind that his Master would die whether he resisted or surrendered. The obvious choice would be to leave. The space battle was no doubt going poorly and if Alec didn't get on their only escape vessel soon, there would be no hope for him even if he somehow managed to kill Wyyrlok.

    And yet...

    For once Alec's stoic face was broken. His eyes closing, Alec breathed out an uneasy sigh as something ugly brewed within not only his body but his soul. Something that was cruel, dark, and it was something that every human being both treasured and dreaded.

    And it was something that a Jedi had been trained to separate themselves from.

    And his Masters had done a good job of that.

    With dual clicks, Alec shut off his lightsabers, the green blades disappearing within the hilts. Dropping his hands so that he was holding them at his sides, Alec looked to Dan.

    I'm sorry.

    He hoped his Master had been able to pick up on it. Alec had no doubt that Dan would understand but the Padawan wanted to try anyway. Without another thought, without another look, Alec turned his back and ran towards Naxy's ship.

    TAG: Sinrebirth
  15. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Master Dan

    [blockquote]Darth Wyyrlok scowled as Alec fled. He had known the names of every Jedi deployed to this system, thanks to his contacts, and he had known Alec was weak. Was, it seemed, being the operative word. Wyyrlok took a step forward, calling out. "Do you not care for your Master?"

    Dan smiled, softly, and reached over, ignoring his pain. He placed a hand on Wyyrlok's ankle, and looked up at the Chagrian as the Sith peered down. The Jedi Master's words were pleasant. "I'm not his Master anymore." And with that, he poured Malacia into Wyyrlok, causing him to flop to the floor, nausea momentarily overwhelming him, more potent due to Dan making skin contact. Wyyrlok focused his defenses around holding onto the blades, but Dan just shrugged, and rolled onto his back, as Naxy flew his ship out.

    Dan smiled.

    Alec was a Knight, true and true.

    Aboard their vessel, Naxy was nattering, as ever, as Alec made it to the bridge. "Hey, did we jus' leave your Mas'er behind, or something? Didn't 'hink Jedi did that?" It was a banal comment to make, as he wove the ship through a storm of fighters and fire, diving into the closest debris field - that of a frigate - and then into the main debris field of the system itself.

    The One Sith had the planet, that much was evident, but they had held off destroying the station, seemingly choosing to conquer it instead. Naxy looked at Alec, again. "Well? Whatya think? We gonna make it?" Three Predators and a Trooper Annhilator suggested otherwise, especially if Naxy continued to fly like a drunk mynock...[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sarge221
  16. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Alec Vandel
    Battle of Veragi, Naxy's Ship

    "Do you not care for your Master?"

    Alec did. He cared very much for Dan and all that the Master had taught him. And that was why he had to leave him. A Jedi had to be detached from their emotions so that they could not be burdened by them.

    If Alec followed his emotions, he would die. He would fight, he would fight hard and with bravery in the defense of his Master, but he would die all the same. He would not only be fighting Wyyrlok but he would also be fighting the inevitable. And what would that accomplish? Nothing. It would be useless and pointless and would mean that two Jedi would die instead of one.

    Naxy's ship was already several feet in the air when Alec reached it. The boarding ramp was still open and with some help from the Force, Alec leaped up and landed upon it before it closed. Standing straight, Alec clipped his lightsabers to his belt.

    I'm going to need to fix that, Alec thought dispassionately at his severed weapons before heading towards the bridge.

    Because he lived, because he left Dan to die, Alec could do so much more. He could head back to the Galactic Alliance, report to the Jedi Order and tell them what happened, and possibly participate in a counter attack on Veragi. If the Council decided not to send him back to Veragi, Alec would just take on another assignment that may put him against some other Sith. Or maybe he would be assigned to another sector of space to guard against pirates and smugglers. Even if it was something like that, Alec would take it gladly because it was something that he would not have been able to do if he had stayed and died on that space station.

    At least by living, he could make sure that Dan's sacrifice wasn't meaningless.

    "Hey, did we jus' leave your Mas'er behind, or something? Didn't 'hink Jedi did that?"

    Alec just stared at Naxy when he entered the bridge and was met by those words.

    That was what separated him from other humans, Alec realized as he ignored the pirate and took an empty seat. What made Jedi so valuable, what made them so important against the dark side, was that they could do what other beings couldn't. Not just with the Force or their lightsabers but with their minds. Battling the dark side required a detachment of all things where the dark side could corrupt if not destroy. Strong, passionate emotions that would lead people into futile actions against the inevitable were the most vulnerable. So a Jedi had to detach themselves from it.

    Did that mean that Alec had given up his humanity? He didn't think so.

    Otherwise it wouldn't hurt so much as it did right now.

    The Padwan looked through one of the nearby viewports. Veragi was a loss. Having dispensed with the fighters and the frigates, the ships of the One Sith were now forming a perimeter to secure their holdings. The space station still remained which made Alec wonder if they had a use for it. Just what were they planning? Why did so many Galactic Alliance ships have to be destroyed and why did Dan have to die? Was there something on Veragi that they wanted? Alec didn't know.

    That was when he felt his Master die.

    Alec felt himself sink deeper into his seat as he felt the passing of his Master, as Dan became one with the Force. And through the pain and the loss, Alec could feel something else with the passing of his Master. It was pride. That just made it hurt more. That would make two Masters that had trained him and then died; Dan and Yima. Which begged the question: why did they die and not him? The answer came to him when Dan had thrown his lightsaber to deflect what could've been a killing blow from the Sith Trooper. It was because the Force demanded it. Dan was connected to the Force just like Alec and the Force demanded that the Master save the Padawan.

    "Well? Whatya think? We gonna make it?"

    Alec faced forward again to see the opposition that was laid out to stop them from escaping. Three Predator starfighters were closing in, followed by an Annihila
  17. Ryi_Korle-Fett

    Ryi_Korle-Fett Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 18, 2011
    IC: Ryi Kor'le
    Temple of Light, Sardonia Prime.

    Ryi stood there as defiant as ever in front of Taab, waiting to hear what he had to say and figuring about what to do with not only him but her sister now that he threw this at them.

    "Guess there is a mandalorian heart beating in your chest after all."

    Gritting her teeth, Ryi clenched her fist and bore her eyes into Taab's, "Of course there's a Mandalorian heart beating in my chest, and anyone that thinks otherwise can meet me in a battle circle."

    Being completely serious, Ryi continued to stare Taab down until he spoke again.

    "Why carry the weight if it is non-functional?"

    Ryi blinked in confusion as Taab continued to speak, "Come on, I may have some spare parts back in my ship that can help fix that relic."

    Relic? Thinking for a moment, Ryi turned her head and looked at her busted Jetpack that she had put on for the ceremony that morning but didn't take off because she didn't feel the extra weight. Wait a minute! He's offering to fix my jetpack?

    Ryi looked back up at Taab, one eyebrow raised slightly, Is he serious? But.... I don't have any credits, unless buir left some on the ship....

    Realizing that he was indeed serious, Ryi nodded slightly. Well I guess we can figure all that out later.

    "So your ship is damaged too, huh?

    At this Ryi nodded, "Yes it is, as you probably know, we crashed...." Ryi trailed off, wanting to spend less time talking and more time getting things fixed so she could make sure she was 100% again with all her armor and gear. Just in case.

    So tell me Ace who was piloting that when it crashed?"

    Ryi was about to say something to Taab along the extent of "Let me show you where the ship crashed" when she stopped before she could even say the first syllable.

    What did he just call me?!

    Playing it over again in her head, Ryi couldn't believe that he'd actually called her Ace.

    "Ace.... You like giving out nicknames don't you." Ryi smiled slightly before shaking her head and looking back up at Taab.

    "I was piloting The Rogue when we were shot down. Now, would you like to take a look at my Jetpack or my ship first?"

    TAG: Bardan
  18. Padawan4687

    Padawan4687 Jedi Master star 5

    Jul 10, 2010
    IC: Alisha Tano

    Alisha continued to glare at the dark man, but for a moment blinked twice as her vision suddenly clouded. When it cleared again, the Sith had activated his lightsaber again, and was poised to attack Master Jay'su. Alisha's eyes went wide for a split second, as she ended up thinking of the invasion of Shili. Her home...

    A flick of her wrist activated her own lightsaber again, and she rushed for the Sith. Don't even think of it, Sith slime! I've already lost my home...not about to lose anything else!

    TAG: Silence
  19. UnknownRogue

    UnknownRogue Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 17, 2008
    IC: Therod Illos III
    Location: Metellos Orbit

    Admiral Illos slowly walked down the shuttle's boarding ramp. His uniform was pristine, flawless and his hands were clasped behind his back. He was extremely excited but had to conduct himself like an officer of the GFFA Fleet.

    He nodded at the commanding Trooper, an impressive regiment. He moved on and stepped up to Captain Antilles. After a formal salute the Admiral shook his hand, the Captain had a strong hand shake. That was good, Therod always believed you could tell a lot from a man by his handshake.

    The Captain handed Therod a bottle of exotic liquor and asked about the name of the ship.

    The Therod Illos. Illos smiled to himself.

    "I think the Adjudicator is an appropriate name, given the situation Captain Antilles." Therod said as they made their way to the ready room.

    They got to the blast doors and Therod waved Captain Antilles through first, who thanked him. Therod took a moment, taking a deep breath. This ship was brand new. He could smell it in the air. The sweet fragrance of power, very few things could compare to the smell of a new ship.

    "I trust you have a briefing ready for me, Captain?" Therod asked as he fell into step behind the Captain.

    TAG: Sinre
  20. T-rex-Jedi

    T-rex-Jedi Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 24, 2011
    IC: Silence

    In a strange swift turn of events, the Togrutan activated her lightsaber and charged at him. Sensing that they didn't trust him anyway, Silence raised his hand and allowed the Force to channel its energy through him and out of his hand, pushing the Togrutan back. As the Jedi padawan was pushed backwards, Silence pulled his other lightsaber out into his hand, but he did not activate it. He kept his composure, but now he was wondering if the two did not trust him or even had any idea who he was. He had his chance with the Bothan, but now he used telepathy on the younger Jedi to see why she attacked him, The Sith have taken everything from me and turned me into a slave. Do me a Sith for I am a Jedi. Concluding that the Togrutan and/or Bothan might attack him next, his lightsaber soon activated with a blue blade extending out of the hilt and a snapping hiss soon followed...

    Tag: Alisha and Treysk
  21. Padawan4687

    Padawan4687 Jedi Master star 5

    Jul 10, 2010
    IC: Alisha Tano

    Alisha was a foot away from the Dark man before he raised a hand and Force-pushed her away. Planting her boots in the ground, she managed to avoid the worst of it. She was quickly poised to attack again, but then heard his telepathic voice again.

    She listened, but could hardly believe it. Alisha was a brand new apprentice, and didn't know how to project thoughts, but gave an attempt. call yourself a Jedi. I can sense the Dark Side in you! It may not be very wide-spread, but it is there! Not to mention you were about to attack Treysk!

    Watching the man slowly activate his other lightsaber, apparently a blue one, and she held her own up to challenge. She had gone through similar things on Shili, but hadn't gone to Darkness...

    TAG: Silence and Treysk
  22. Jedi_Corin_Daan

    Jedi_Corin_Daan Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 6, 2010
    IC: Kip Kimenov
    Aboard the Chu'unthor, Unknown Regions

    Blair's speed was surprising. Kip barely blocked the first slash, then allowed the second to glide under him as he jumped out of the way. But then she was behind him.

    "Never let an enemy behind you!" he mentally reprimanded himself.

    He turned just in time to block the attack, but her lightsaber blade passed dangerously close to his face, burning a tear into a fold of his Jedi robe. He looked at her and shook her head.

    "You trying to take an ear off or something?" he said. He moved closer. "Enough foreplay..."

    Without another word he leaped forward at her. Their lightsabers met and the fight was on in earnest. Kip's Djem So was returning, and his attacks came fast and hard. He could feel the Force guiding his movements, his thoughts, his reflexes.
  23. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC Beskaryc Taab
    Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    "Ace.... You like giving out nicknames don't you. I was piloting The Rogue when we were shot down. Now, would you like to take a look at my Jetpack or my ship first?"

    Taab ignored her quip about the nicknames. Nicknames were his way of distancing himself from those around him. If they were nothing but a nickname, than to him they were not a sentient being, but simply a callsign and he didn't care about who they were or what they did beyond their place in a contract. Once that contract was up, he couldn't care less what a spoonbender or an ankle biter did. But if they had a real name to him, he might start to care. Taab didn't want to care.

    He started again towards the hanger bay as she followed him. "Jetpack, it should be easier and quicker. We can get to fixing your ship after thats done. Tommorow you are helping me with the Tactical Command Center. Grandmaster's orders." They walked in silence to the hangar bay. He had caught her reference to a battle circle and once again her clenching fist. She was so eager to prove herself. It really wasn't needed. If she truly was a mandalorian, she would get the respect she deserved from her vode. Than he remembered that he had been that way once. All less talk and more action, she would learn with time that sometimes good intel would come your way through talking, or at least listening. For instance he had just learned that she had a tendency to break things.

    They finally made it to his ship and and after they walked up the gangway to the Unnecessary Force he settled her in at the armory workstation. Taking off his own helmet and cliping it to his belt, he watched as she looked around at her surroundings, wondering to himself if it reminded her of her father's ship. He saw as the Verp sniper rifle seemed to catch her eye. It really was in splendid shape. He had to baby it of course. Verps were notoriously tempremental, he was always getting more spare parts for it. He really should have just bought another one before he had left manda'yaim, but there hadn't been that much time. If she likes the Verp, she is going to love these, he thought to himself as he took down a small box from a shelf above the rack. Six lightsaber handles set in a greel wood display case. It was his trophy case and each blade could tell its own story. Indicating the one that still hung next to his bes'bev he stated.

    "I have seven of these in all. Three blue blades, Two green, a red and a silver." He watched her eyes for any emotion, either awe, or boredom even disgust, given her sister's recent activities. Finding none he continued. "The red came from a sith warrior that Krayt wanted...tested. She failed. The silver came from an Imperial Knight that went rogue. He was a kill too. Two of the blues and a green came from Jedi Knights. Those were also kill on sight contracts. The remaining blue and green came from padawans. Live captures. The One Sith wanted them alive for some reason, conversion is my guess, but I frankly didn't care enough to ask." Suddenly, Taab wasn't even sure why he had shown her the trophies and shared where they had come from. Bragging one Mando to another he supposed. Than again it may give her sister pause about the course she was on if Ryi (Ace he reminded himself) told her what happened to captured padawans. Somehow, Taab doubted it.

    He left her to stare at his trophies as he went through his spare parts containers trying to find anything that could be used to repair her old jetpack. Luckily for her there was alot of compatability between the jetpack she wore and the one Taab himself used. He deposited the parts she would need at the work station in front of her. "You have a way to pay for all this? If not I will have to take something in trade from you buir's ship." He stood there waiting for her to begin the
  24. JediDingo

    JediDingo Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 27, 2005
    Treysk Jay'su
    Outside the Temple

    The dark man used the Force to push Alisha back, but showing amazing awareness the young girl managed to slightly side-step the attack and hold her ground. Treysk's fur rippled with delight, seeing this. The Force was right about this one. She held her stance, refusing now to back down. The dark man ignited his own blue lightsaber. Treysk sensed the inner turmoil in Alisha, the pain this was all bringing back to the surface. She had a haunted past, that was all the Bothan could tell. Perhaps later he would inquire her about this. Treysk knew that a fight was about to break out any second, but he had seen enough confirmation. Alisha was now on his list. Swiftly and smoothly, Treysk pulled his lightsaber to his hand with the Force. In an instant, his green blade slide up and he raised it to the air.

    Using the Force to agument his voice, "Enough!" He roared, stepping in front of Alisha, first on the list.

    Treysk waited for a few moments before he lowered his lightsaber and he turned back slightly and smirked at Alisha.

    "Very good, Padawan." Treysk said. "I have to admit to both of you, I haven't been enterily truthful. I had to see how both of you would react in a combat situation, specifically you, Alisha. And I must, say, you did extremely well, young one. This man did not attack me, but instead I made it seem like he did. You showed amazing promise, young Jedi."

    Treysk turned towards this dark man with sliver armor, the wind blowing back Treysk's cloak a little more. "And you, I am sorry to decieve you. I had to be sure of things, you understand. I am Master Treysk Jay'su, who might you be?"

    TAG: Alisha, Silence

  25. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Saridona Prime

    A knock sounded on Gaan's door, jerking her from her sleep. Clutching what she held to her chest, she rose, and quickly slipped them into the pouches on her belt, just before another knock came. This time, though, it was followed by her Padawan's voice.

    "Master? May I come in?"

    Slowing her thundering heart, Gaan stepped to the door and opened it, then answered, "Yes, Padawan, come in."

    TAG: Risca

    IC: Shaula Raesha - Chu'unthor II

    The Knight looked straight ahead and breathed deeply before replying, "Yes, of course. It won't hurt so long as I can remain focused." Shaula nodded and dropped back into step with him. "The entire galaxy is in chaos and it seems to be reflected upon its residents..."

    Shaula had little doubt he was talking to himself, but shrugged slightly and replied, "Yes, Knight Malt, it does. But what is your point?"

    TAG: Rid
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