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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GrandAdmiralJello , Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Approved by Jello.

    Name: Drox Vrieska
    Gender: Hermaphroditic (Male personality)
    Age: 67
    Species: Verpine
    Homeworld: Nickel One
    Known Languages: Verpine, Basic, Dosh, Mon Calamarian, Quarrenese, Bothese, Shyriiwook

    ---Height: 5?11?
    ---Eye Color: Black
    ---Hair/Fur Color: None
    ---Skin Color: Green
    ---Clothing: Wears a thick and hardened chest plate made from his own exoskeleton.
    ---Other: N/A

    Personality: Drox is a disgruntled Verpine, who was once a Jedi. He is very interested in Galactic affairs, but chose a long time ago to sit out. He is still very curious at his age. And, despite his advanced years, he is lithe and springy as he ever was.
    Habits: Drox sometimes touches the spot where his lightsaber used to lie on his belt and he often examines his lightsaber and ponders his choices.
    Likes: Technology, Starships.
    Dislikes: Jedi, Bounty Hunters and the Sith.
    Talents: Drox is virtually immune to mind control and manipulation despite having given up the Force. He is an expert shot with a blaster. Drox is a very experienced and talented pilot and possesses a genius level intellect, which coupled with his species natural talent with electronics, makes him an impressive mechanic.
    Weakness: His old apprentice fell to the Dark Side and he was forced to kill her. This affected him very deeply in his earlier years, lead to him forsaking the Jedi and created the callous old Verpine he is. He loses control around Jedi.
    Limitations: No Force
    Racial Attributes: Radio wave senses, technological aptitude, hardened carapace capable of deflecting a blade and absorbing a blaster bolt

    Affiliation: Loosely the Galactic Empire
    ---Profession: Mechanic
    ---Primary Weapons: DH-17 blaster pistol

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Nickel One
    ---Model: Modified YT-1930
    ---Accessories: Three cabins, two cargo bays with freezers, one holo table, weapon storage, one laser cannon turret, 4 storage lockers, two secret compartments and two escape pods.

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No?: It?s possible, but he gave it up and maintains that he lost his connection.
    ---Affiliation: N/A
    ---Lightsaber Type: Single
    ---Blade Color: Green
    ---# of Lightsabers: 1
    ---Other: It had a very thin blade that produced greater cutting ability.

    Background: Drox was born Force Sensitive and given to the Jedi for training. He served up to the fall of the Galactic Republic. During that time, he had two apprentices. His first, successfully became a Knight and was subsequently killed in the Battle of Geonosis. His second succumbed to her anger and became an Acolyte of the Sith, under Dooku. Drox sought her out and tried to bring her back to Coruscant, to save her from herself. She however had been given orders to kill her Master, to prove her loyalty to the Sith.

    Drox fought his apprentice in lightsaber combat and then with the Force, eventually succeeding in pushing her from a balcony on Coruscant. Drox grew disillusioned with the Jedi Order. When Order 66 was initiated, Drox killed his Clone Troopers, but no longer felt willing to defend his kinsman. In the confusion, he escaped the Jedi Purge and went into hiding.

    Eventually, Drox became a wandering mechanic and occasionally offered transport for others. He often docked in the Roche asteroids in secret, visiting his old hive. Drox did much work with droids, having owned several for his ship. Among them were, a reprogrammed FA-5 valet droid for secondary piloting, a pristine, shining R3-series astromech droid for internal maintenance and repair, a BLX General labor droid for external maintenance and repair, a GV/3 Guardian Droid to guard the ship and a LE-series repair droid, outfitted as a protocol droid and carrying a blaster rifle, as a translator and overall companion. Drox was known to be very wealthy.
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    Nov 12, 2004
    Jello Approved

    Class: Pilot, Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire

    Name: Gaph Tetsu
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Species: Rodian
    Homeworld: Rodia
    Known Languages: Rodian, Huttese, Basic, as well as certain key phrases in other languages

    ---Height: 5'8"
    ---Eye Color: Black
    ---Hair/Fur Color: None
    ---Skin Color: Light Green
    ---Clothing: Black Bantha hide boots, Black cargo pants, Tight black t-shirt, Black Fitted Rancor leather Jacket.
    ---Other: Tattoo 'TETSU' across his chest, and the word 'PAWA' (Huttese for power) on his right hand knuckles.

    Personality: Joking and fun loving, but serious when there is a job to be done, slightly arrogant.
    Habits: Smoking, Drinking, and forgetting to "take them alive"
    Likes: The Chase, the hunt, and the kill.
    Dislikes: Being shot, loosing his prey, and being shorted credits
    Talents: Quickdraw, piloting
    Weakness: Gaph feels that a real warrior wears no armor, leaving him less protected. Also, Rodians in general are more suceptable to mind tricks.
    Limitations: No Force, as well as emitting a slightly pungent odor which many find repulsive.
    Racial Attributes: Thermal Vision, Acute Smelling, Suction Cup Fingers, heightened speed and reflexes.

    Affiliation: Empire/Smaller Faction
    ---Profession: Bounty Hunter, Gun for Hire
    ---Primary Weapons: [link=]Custom Blaster Pistol[/link], [link=]Scatter Blaster[/link], [link=]Laser Knife[/link]
    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Tetsu Legacy
    ---Model: [link=]Theta-Class T-2c Shuttle[/link]
    ---Modifications: Auto-response Quad Cannons, Upgraded Shielding
    ---Accessories: Electrified Prisoner Holding Cell, Small Armory, two Bunks, Sani-steam and a small Kitchenette

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: No


    Gaph of the Tetsu Clan was born and raised on Rodia, where like all other children he learned to enjoy the hunt and other forms of violence. Gaph was just a bit different however, besides the fact that his smell was not as prominent, he seemed to excel in blaster use and in education far past his school mates. When Gaph finally left home, wearing ragged clothes and armed with a small blaster, he set out into a galaxy plagued with a civil war, and while many left to enter service of the Hutt's or the other Crime Cartels, Gaph used his self-proclaimed 'superior intellect' to realize crime paid well, but not as well a politicians who didn't want to be involved...for an extra fee. He started in the service of small time planetary leaders, working his way up to Imperial Senators, and eventually he began free-lancing for the Empire itself. Money began flowing in faster than he could spend it, as he assassinated head's of state, Rebel leaders, and other key targets of the Empire. As long as the money was good, he would have killed baby Jedi. As the war drug on, Gaph branched out to work for Hutt's and the Black Sun, but with a now established reputation, he was making far more than those he had left planet with. His life as a bounty hunter, and occasional hired muscle, kept his accounts in the black, and Nubian bank account padded. However, since the end of the war, things have been slowing down for Gaph, as some are starting to shy away from anyone with Imperial connections. Regardless, Gaph will still take any work he can get, and retains many living contacts still with in the Empire.
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    Mar 5, 2006
    [hl=black]Jello Approved... well he said 'looks good' :p[/hl]

    Class: Pilot, Bounty Hunter/Gun for Hire.

    Name: Morva Glorino
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Species: Zabrak
    Homeworld: Nar Shadda
    Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Zabraki
    Other Languages: Droidspeak

    ---Height: 5'10
    ---Eye Color: Yellow
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: Deep Tan
    ---Clothing: Black shirt and Matching cargo style pants. Black combat vest with various pockets for small equipment. Nerf Leather belt with two holsters for blaster pistols and a combat knife. Long black leather coat. [link=]Similar to this[/link]
    ---Other: Traditional tattoos. Two lines running down face over eyes with a horizontal line between the eyes. The line 'continues' on the other side of the eyes to his ears.

    Personality: Morva's a cold and calculated individual. He rarely raises his voice, he almost never lets his anger get the best of him but he's not perfect. His voice is very deep and monochromatic laking most if not all emotion in it.
    Habits: Cleaning his blasters, running system checks on his small fighter. Checking the holonet for new bounties or jobs.
    Likes: Weapons, bigger weapons, tricky targets, a good challenge, lots of credits.
    Dislikes: low paying jobs, jobs that are too easy, backstabbing Employers.
    Talents: Blaster/Ranged Combat, Piloting, unarmed combat
    Weakness: Close Ranged combat
    Limitations: He's anti-social, he won't be making allies or friends easily. He's in it for the payoff, not for the enjoyment of making 'pals'.
    Racial Attributes: Two hearts, facial tattoos, 5 predominant horns similar to the above linked image.

    Affiliation: Neutral
    ---Profession: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary (he's a gun for hire get him while you can factions :p)
    ---Primary Weapons: Dual Westar-34 blasters, Vibrodagger.
    ---Secondary Weapons: As a Merc he has access to some 'non standard' weapons. A few grenades mostly.

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Firestar
    ---Model: Modified (Decommissioned or Civilian) Skipray Blastboat (Painted black with white outlines)
    ---Accessories: ?wings? are locked in the landing configuration. Weapons were removed so he modified it with after market weapons, Two Laser Cannons on the wing tips, Nose mounted Ion cannon, Civilian version of the Tractor beam. Hyperdrive is modified to a class 1.2 and the Nav system can handle more than just 4 jumps. Autopilot for FLT and sublight flight. Interior has been modified to be more suitable for his job. It has a small bunk for him, kitchenette, refresher, and a Cell for holding prisoners.

    Background: As a kid, Morva was not a happy camper. His father was a deadbeat, in fact Morva only remembers seeing his father once around the age of 5. And fortunately the bruises have healed from that encounter or Morva wouldn't be to good to look at. And his mother, his mother was to interested in deathsticks and luring other men to her bed to even consider taking good care of her son.

    In essence Morva raised himself. As such he got very good at sneaking credits from his mother and getting food and clothes. By age ten he was pretty able to care for himself, able to fight if need be. He had a job for one of the local Hutt Crime lords as a runner. No one ever expected a small kid to be in the employ of a criminal organization. And so he would run money, goods, illicit or otherwise for the Hutt, it wasn't a glorious job, but Morva didn't care about glory, he cared about survival, and credits equaled survival.

    Over time his job description expanded. As Morva got older his job became more dangerous, he moved from runner at age 10 to guard at age 15 and finally a hired gun at age 20. The money from hits payed very well. Morva was able to buy things that he once never dreamed of. Better clothes, better weapons. Even a ship by the age of 23, though it was an unarmed one. Over the next two years he continued to work for the Hutt as a personal bounty hunter, if only to save the money to customize h
  4. Whill_I_Am

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    Jul 1, 2008
    [hl=purple]GrandAdmiralJello[/hl] has approved this sheet.

    Name: Gjorgji of Norgk clan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Species: Gamorrean
    Homeworld: Gamorr
    Known Languages: (Spoken) Gamorrese (Understands) Basic, Huttese, Rodese

    ---Height: 1.92 meters
    ---Eye Color: Bloodshot red-orange
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Scraggly black
    ---Skin Color: Deep forest green
    ---Clothing: M'uhk'gfa (gathered armor from various hunters and stormtroopers to weld in a makeshift attempt, also adding some aspects of Vonduun armor)
    ---Other: Various scars showing the success of many hunts and wars, most prominently an ?F? shaped scar in the center of his chin. He also bears a thick durasteel ring in his snout from nostril to nostril

    Personality: While sticking to the brutish, violent and proud nature of his people, he takes advantage of the fact that his intelligence is greatly underestimated. He respects physical prowess and is willing to face death against a worthy foe. He is not above showing fear to superior opponents, but perhaps he uses it as a ruse to compliment his intelligence.
    Habits: Tends to speak in the third person much like many Gamorreans who even bother to speak, resorts to violence should a plan not follow through
    Likes: Fighting, war, credits in any combination.
    Dislikes: Being given the short end of the thogk, those who would insult him by calling him ?piggy? or ?hog?.
    Talents: Quite intelligent for a Gamorrean and is capable of piloting a starship
    Weakness: Rather slow and cumbersome due to his size
    Limitations: No Force, underestimated frequently because of his species
    Racial Attributes: Resilient due to the environment in which he grew up in

    Affiliation: Smaller Factions
    ---Profession: Mercenary
    ---Primary Weapons: A unique style of dual-wielding both an arg'garok and a thogk

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Blarth
    ---Model: Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps/Otoh Gunga Bongowerks Mantaris Amphibious Medium Transport
    ---Accessories: The Mantaris-class medium transport was developed for use in colonizing Naboo's primary moon while fostering further union between the Naboo and the Gungans. As such, its design not only reflects the artistic sensibilities of both species, but it is equally capable of functioning under water, in planetary atmospheres, and the frigid depths of space.
    The basic design is Gungan, based upon their well-tested submersible cargo vessel. Naboo engineers made the design spaceworthy and improved upon the modularity of the Bongo-class submersible to outfit the Mantaris-class transport with bubble-shaped, modular sections. These sections could either increase the vessel's cargo capacity by 100 metric tons, add 30 people to its passenger capacity, or carry wildlife ranging from colo claw fish to nuna birds in appropriately outfitted zoological modules. The Mantaris can carry up to four pods at a time.

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: No

    Background: A proud member of clan Norgk, Gjorgji (or Jorg among offworlders) became a mercenary to get his name known throughout the galaxy. Not wanting much fame or infamy, he wanted what most mercenaries look for: a steady paycheck. Jorg found work on Naboo, guarding a transport vessel that was sending many animal specimens to zoos across the galaxy. Not sure why he was needed as a bodyguard, the ship came under fire by many Yuuzhan Vong warrior vessels. The ship was boarded and the Naboo soldiers fought valiantly alongside Jorg and the six other mercenaries they had hired prior to adding Jorg to the roster. The Naboo crew lost many of their own, and the Vong threat had been repelled for the time being. However, the animals being carted offworld were all slain or near death, and to save face, the Naboo shipowners and the remaining 3 mercenaries left alive (Jorg included) were told to split the ship and the cargo among themselves. In no mood to fight, despite having a ship of their own, Jorg was given the Mantaris vessel as payment, and he gladly ac
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    Name: Remmis Advis
    Gender: Male
    Age: Mid-40's
    Species: Male
    Homeworld: Hapes Prime
    Known Languages: basic, Hapan dialects, Huttese.

    ---Height: About 2 meters.
    ---Eye Color: Gray
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black, with graying temples.
    ---Skin Color: Caucasian, but weathered.
    ---Clothing: Usually an outfit of the Hapan nobility, but whatever's most appropriate. Has been seen in overalls.

    Personality: Even-tempered, but will blow his stack when cornered. Ironclad honor.
    Habits: Grunting when thinking. Staring too long.
    Likes: A good ale, soft music, getting his hands dirty.
    Dislikes: The Empire, dictatorships, Ryshcate.
    Talents: Is a competent mechanic and shot. Knows the inner workings of the Hapan nobility well through observation and keeping his head low. Above-average physique.
    Weakness: When angry, can miss the obvious. Stubborn to a fault. Right hand shakes a bit.
    Limitations: No Force, low on the Hapan totem pole and male.
    Racial Attributes: Weak night-vision.

    Affiliation: Hapan, with pro-Alliance leanings.
    ---Profession: Hapan noble, minor Rebel officer.
    ---Primary Weapons: Blaster pistol, blaster rifle.

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: HMS Redoubt
    ---Model: (Hapes-Nova battle cruiser.
    ---Accessories: (bunks, kitchenette, game room etc)

    Background: Remmis Advis was a minor noble in the Hapan nobility. When in his teens, he left the COnsortium, wanting to find adventure and fun-and ran straight into the Clone Wars. They tempered him in the forge of war, opening his eyes to the galaxy beyond. He saw the growing corruption and was shamed to see it mirroring his own home, so he joined the Alliance as a minor officer, a file clerk and gunner.

    Returning home after Endor, he wishes to bring Hapes out of the 'dark ages' as he calls it, and have them fully join the New Republic.
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    Approved by LI

    Name: Nissa Wentret, known to the Galaxy and herself as 'Poison'
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Basic, Huttese, a few phrases in other common languages

    ---Height: 1.63 metres
    ---Eye Color: greenish yellow
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Red, worn in a short spiky style.
    ---Skin Color: pale
    ---Clothing: Ragged black robes, held to her body with many bindings that keep them from falling off when damaged.
    ---Other: Artificially replaced canine teeth, top and bottom, to resemble fangs. Platinum cuticle implants- sharp. A great many thin white scars all over her body from the cuticle implants. Area around her eyes tattooed darker, to seem more sunken. Spiky, jagged black tattoos across much of her body. She has a lean, muscular build.

    Personality: Poison is exceedingly unstable. She appears eerily emotionless for much of the time, unless provoked or upset, at which point her inner turmoil presents itself and she becomes furious, at times to the point of irrationality or berserkness. She requires orders to function, as clear directions give her something to focus on apart from her own whims.

    Habits: She tends to refer to herself in the third person a lot of the time. If left to her own devices, she begins looking for signs of Jedi to hunt down. She fidgets, her movements becoming more and more restless as something affects her emotionally.

    Likes: She likes to hunt down targets assigned to her, and to win in battles. Scaring people is probably as close as you're going to get to 'funny' in her eyes. She likes hurting things. Also, she likes pasta and loud music.

    Dislikes: Jedi, to an obsessive degree. People getting in her way, making fun of her, or questioning her leader. She also dislikes getting rained on.

    Talents: Her talents lie with tracking people, and with channelling the Dark Side during fights. She can enter a berserk fury that makes her very dangerous. If she projects her mental chaos through the Force, the target is liable to suffer.

    Weakness: Her weaknesses include her fixated grudge regarding Jedi, her mental instability, and her need to be given orders.

    Limitations: She tends to stick out in crowds.

    Racial Attributes: Augmented Human attributes(via Dark Side experimentation that gives her slightly more stamina/strength and improves her senses)

    Affiliation: Sith
    ---Profession: Sith Hand
    ---Primary Weapons: Lightsaber, a number of knives, a selection of the substances for which she is named.

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Poison's Fang (She has no great talent for naming ships)
    ---Model: [link=]TIE Avenger[/link].
    ---Accessories: none

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Sith
    ---Lightsaber Type: Single
    ---Blade Color: Red
    ---# of Lightsabers: One
    ---Other: The lightsaber is very plain, of quite ordinary construction. Poison?s Force skills have been trained to make her a more effective tool, in hunting and in battle.

    Background: Poison was born as Nissa, a Coruscant downlevels kid, daughter of a glitterstim addict. She vanished one day, her mother left dead in their little rented room. What her fellow denizens of the lower levels did not know, however, was why she vanished. In truth, servants of the Emperor had detected her Force potential and had chosen her to be remade as one of his followers. What followed was a nightmarish whirl of indoctrination and experimentation, as Nissa?s mind and body were shaped for her new path. Her original name and past were wiped from her memory, leaving her believing that she was the daughter of a pair of fugitive Jedi who abandoned her when the Empire got too close to catching them. She has been given false memories of her fictional Jedi parents cursing her for being a burden to them. These figures in her mind termed her ?poison to her family, poison to all around her?. Dazed and with no identity to speak of, she latched onto the term, naming herself Poison.

    She was
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    [hl=indigo]Jello Approved[/hl]

    Name: Jaden Kevlin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Galactic Standard, Durese, and Huttese

    ---Height: 6?0?
    ---Eye Color: Gray
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: Pale from his immense time in armor.
    ---Clothing: When not in armor or wearing his uniform, Jaden usually wears loose-fitting clothing like tunics and pants beneath a nerfhide jacket.
    ---Other: Jaden has accumulated several marks for his long years of service. His whole left arm, for example, is a prosthetic, his original lost to a strafing run. A scar runs down from the right side of his chest, signaling a successful lung transplant and another scar cuts diagonally across his right cheek, from chin to cheekbone with additional, smaller scars dotting around it from a blaster that shattered the right side of his helmet during battle.

    Personality: Jaden has the personality of a ?true soldier?. Always seeming to have a stone-faced expression whether in combat or off-duty, Jaden has the patience and calm to match. The obedience that was to be drilled into stormtroopers had also been successfully drilled into Jaden, who obediently follows orders when they are given to him. However, despite his seemingly tough exterior, he does know how to show compassion and his long years of battle have, at least he would like to think, some bit of wisdom that he will willingly share to those he speaks with. Such as how he?s one who doesn?t find aliens to be inferior species.
    Habits: When angered, thinking deeply, or other such things, Jaden?s prosthetic hand tends to make movements whether something as barely noticeable as a twitch of the digits or, at most, a half-made fist. While able to prevent such signs from showing on his organic face and body language, he still has slight difficulties with doing so with his prosthetic.
    Likes: Clear orders, a good blaster, reliable comrades and commanding officers, good food, his soldier life, the Empire.
    Dislikes: Contradicting orders, faulty equipment, the Rebels, the Sith, the Jedi.
    Talents: As a stormtrooper, Jaden is trained to be an excellent marksman with a blaster, proficiency at hand-to-hand combat, some explosives training, and the ability to follow and give out orders.
    Weakness: Other than a social life, his strict attitude with following orders can lead him into indecision or something more troublesome if situations become too?complicated.
    Limitations: No Force potential and is only offered what his rank allows.
    Racial Attributes: Just a normal, well-trained human.

    Affiliation: Empire
    ---Profession: Stormtrooper
    ---Primary Weapons: A DLT-20A blaster rifle with a SE-14R light repeating blaster for a backup and, when a bit more firepower is called for, a thermal detonator attached to the small of his back that, following Imperial standards, has the labels on the buttons and detonator casing removed so that an enemy would not be able to arm the detonator if taken so only Jaden knows the detonator code.

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: No

    Background: Jaden?s childhood isn?t really in any way special. It was, as best described, quite normal; born and raised to two parents, going to school, average grades. When he managed to reach the age of eighteen though, his life took a little turn when he entered the armed forces of the Imperials. Being raised at the very center of the Galactic Empire, it was the ideals and what the very Empire stood for that gave Jaden, not only the strength, but the determination that allowed him to achieve the high scores that allowed him to try his luck at the Academy of Carida to become one of the elite Stormtroopers. The high gravity, the multitude of terrains that the planet possessed, it made the planet the perfect training grounds for Stormtroopers and th
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    [hl=black]Typo approved! [/hl]

    Name: Leia Organa
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Alderaan
    Known Languages: Basic, Bothan, High Galactic, Mon Calamarian, Shyriiwook, Ubese

    ---Height: 1.5 meters
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Dark Brown
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Clothing: White flowing robes, a light bodysuit
    ---Other: None

    Personality: Diplomatic, passionate, Spitfire, leader. Very loyal and determined for the cause of the Alliance.
    Habits: meditation, likes to duel when there is a problem because it helps her think
    Likes: Alderaanian Dry Red
    Dislikes: Coruscant Brandy, tyrants, people who compare her to her brother
    Talents: Diplomacy, Force, dueling,
    Weakness: animal cruelty, passion, alcohol
    Limitations: talking to force ghosts, can hear but not see
    Racial Attributes: N/A

    Affiliation: GA
    ---Profession: Member of the Triumvirate, Leader of the Jedi Order
    ---Primary Weapons: Lightsaber, words

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Manka Cat
    ---Model: Baudo-class star yacht
    ---Accessories: Modified to have hidden extra firepower for protection and a few false transponders

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Jedi Master
    ---Lightsaber Type: Single
    ---Blade Color: Blue
    ---# of Lightsabers: 1
    ---Other: Strong in the force as she is a Skywalker.

    Background: Leia, daughter of an Alderaanian Senator, grew up in politics. She studied the ways of the force when situations arose that revealed her relation to Luke Skywalker. Upon the death of her brother, Leia took up the reins of their destiny and became leader of the Jedi. She is well respected for her talents with and without the force, and because of this has been elected to govern as part of a Triumvirate. Leia worked tirelessly for the last several years to help free the galaxy. Her known skill with diplomacy makes her the perfect candidate to chair the Triumvirate and lead the galaxy forward. Leia is turning more to the Jedi side of her life every day, and as such is becoming a more absentee leader, however, as duties push her into new roles. She has been known to put her own life on the line for what she believes is right and now especially with the force at her side.
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    Jello Approved

    Character Profile Sheet

    Name: Surena
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Turkana
    Known Languages: (i.e. Basic) Basic

    ---Height: 5?10?
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: Very light brown to deep olive
    ---Clothing: Standard Imperial uniform of a Moff, or a bleached white, unfringed linen kilt going below the knees, with a heart-shaped leather sporran. With the latter, he wears an afnet.
    ---Other: N/A

    Personality: Ambitious, confident, and extremely principled, sometimes to the point of rigidity. Keeps a kind if somewhat formal air about himself with strangers, and has a strong sense of noblesse oblige. A mild introvert, he eschews controversy when possible, and lets others lead conversation.
    Likes: Classical music, botany/gardening, literature
    Talents: Administration, Strategy (small unit), Diplomacy
    Weakness: Tends to take a polarized view of people, being by turns either to trusting or paranoid. While he can puzzle out motives well, he also has generally poorer than usual insight into the psychology of the others. All of the above makes him pliable to those he trusts. His pensiveness can sometimes drive him to indecision.
    Limitations: Despite practicing fencing as a hobby, he is not much of one for hand-to-hand armed combat. He, for the most part, lacks both the skills and disposition to do so effectively. Can be politically tone-deaf or insensitive.
    Racial Attributes: N/A

    Affiliation: Empire
    ---Profession: Moff
    ---Primary Weapons: Ceremonial saber.

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: N/A
    ---Model: (i.e. Lambda-class Personnel Shuttle)
    ---Accessories: (bunks, kitchenette, game room etc)

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: No Sensitivity

    Background: Surena was born to minor nobility struck by hard times. The fault lay mostly with Surena?s father, who made a risky power play by making a heavy joint investment in a business venture on Kamino. The betrayal of his partners only ensured the family absorbed heavy losses when the Clone Wars broke out and the deal exploded in their face. Both socially ostracized and economically depleted, young Surena became disaffected and determined to restore his family name. In particular, he began to develop a somewhat obsessive focus on trustworthiness and reliability, determined to avoid what he saw as his father?s hamartia.

    His own career launched serving in the regional government, where he was lauded by the populace and administration alike for his even-handed application of the law. Reputedly incorruptible, he gained a name for himself by never hesitating to pursue even members of the Imperial hierarchy. Most infamously, he once had the son of a Vice Admiral and his escort caned for violating prostitution laws. This incident quickly earned him a ?promotion? to serve in the senior leadership of a far flung deep space supply depot in the Outer Rim.

    His career apparently over, he once encountered a promising young Vice Admiral Iaius Jello passing through the area. The men were mutually impressed when he uncovered the involvement of some of the enlisted officers in a smuggling ring. Some years later, looking to fill the depleted ranks of the Imperial government with those he knew to be personally reliable, the newly crowned Emperor had Surena elevated to the position of Moff.
  10. PulsarSkate

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    Nov 4, 2003
    [hl=purple] Approved By Teh Iellol[/hl]

    Name: Eiko Marrick
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Basic, various bits and pieces in common languages

    ---Height: 167cm
    ---Eye Color: Hazel
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Dark Brown and hideously curly, though she keeps it pulled back and braided.
    ---Skin Color: Fair
    ---Clothing: Standard Imperial Knight uniform.
    ---Other: Three scratch like scars across her left cheek that look like cat whiskers, two tattoos on in the inside of both wrists - a birthdate on her left wrist and a deathdate on her right wrist.

    Habits: Snide, unpredictable and coldhearted.
    Likes: Order amongst subordinates, chaos amongst her enemies
    Dislikes: The smug, the unruly and the flirtatious men
    Talents: Picking out true aristocrats from the pretenders
    Weakness: Alcohol.She has absolutely no tolerance for it and will become almost the complete opposite of herself after even one drink
    Limitations: Refuses to believe she is ever wrong, not particularily strong in the Force
    Racial Attributes: None

    Affiliation: The Empire and The Emperor
    ---Profession: Imperial Knight
    ---Primary Weapons: Lightsabre

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Imperial Knight
    ---Lightsaber Type: Single
    ---Blade Color: Pale yellow
    ---# of Lightsabers: 1
    ---Other: Basic hilt, free from adornment

    Background: Born the eldest of twins to a well-off and fiercely Imperial family on Coruscant/Imperial Centre, Eiko was raised to believe she was a noble daughter of the Empire. It was to her great disgust that, on their 24th birthday, two days after the mysterious death of her parents, she and her twin sister Anye were informed by the family lawyer that they were 'new money' and that there wasn't much of this new money to speak of in the coffers. The sisters were, for a moment, worried that they would have to give up their life as ladies of leisure, but this decision was thankfully whisked from their immature hands when they were accepted for testing into the Imperial Knights, something both had been trying to attain for a while.
    Two years later, Anye was dead at the hands of a reckless pilot and Eiko had become skilled at her manipulations of the Force. While not the greatest of Force-users, she is dedicated to the Empire what she sees as her calling and is willing to die to prove it.
  11. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    [hl=indigo]Jello Approved[/hl]

    Class: Pilot/Gun for hire

    Name: Salla Vivek
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Chandrila
    Known Languages: Basic, Huttese, Ubese

    ---Height: 5'5"
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Dirty blond
    ---Skin Color: Fair
    ---Clothing: Gray jumpsuit with gun rig and holster, black spacer's boots, a gray cap to match the jumpsuit and a brown spacer's jacket
    ---Other: N/A

    Personality: Feisty, can be bossy but otherwise fun to be around, knows how to get a job done
    Habits: Taps fingers on tables/chairs when nervous, sighs a lot, gambling
    Likes: Men, having a good time, flying
    Dislikes: People who don't keep their word, not getting paid, being boarded
    Talents: Piloting, fixing her ship
    Weakness: Men, doesn't like to fire her blaster
    Limitations: Not a Force-sensitive, can't run very fast
    Racial Attributes: N/A

    Affiliation: Smaller factions
    ---Profession: Smuggler/Charter Pilot
    ---Primary Weapons: DT-57 blaster pistol, vibroblade

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Red Spirit
    ---Model: YT-2000 Freighter
    ---Accessories: Enlarged cargo hold, small kitchenette, extra bunks in case any prospects decide to spend the night with her

    The Force: No

    Background: Salla was orphaned at a young age and never knew her parents. Stranded on her home planet of Chandrila, she was quickly taken in by a foster family but found the home life to less than satisfying. She was constantly being scolded and abused until finally, at the age of 18, she ran away to seek a new life.

    After being hired as a waitress at a seedy night club on the wrong side of Coruscant, Salla got into the habit of gambling and talking to the spacers and pilots that came through the joint on a regular basis. She soon discovered that she wanted to be a pilot and paid a pretty penny to hire a rather rugged old man that frequented the night club to teach her the ropes.

    The two quickly formed a type of father-daughter bond and after Salla quit her job at the club, became smuggling partners as the two sailed the galaxy. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and the old man soon died, leaving Salla with a hollow heart as she tries to keep up her mercenary persona alone.
  12. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Kid tested, [hl=indigo]Jello Approved[/hl]

    Name: Jad Grohen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Basic, Huttese

    ---Height: 6'
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Brown
    ---Skin Color: Pale white
    ---Clothing: Imperial officer's uniform
    ---Other: Has a hint of what we would think to be a British Accent

    Personality: Punctual, idealistic, enthusiastic if a bit condescending, brown-nosing
    Habits: Tends to look down while walking, as if making sure his shoes were performing properly
    Likes: The Galactic Empire, a good drink (But only when off duty, of course), being correct
    Dislikes: Being wrong, the Rebels (He refuses to dignify them with "Galactic Alliance"), gunfights
    Talents: Keen intellect, pilot of some ability
    Weakness: Can not engage in direct combat to save his life, nervous around authority figures.
    Limitations: Cannot disregard a direct order from a superior officer (Not merely a weakness, as he literally is incapable of disobeying, lacking any real backbone)
    Racial Attributes: All the special abilities humans are privy to... which is none whatsoever.

    Affiliation: Empire
    ---Profession: Mid-ranking officer aboard a Star Destroyer
    ---Primary Weapons: Officer's blaster, quick thinking

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: The Steel Blaze
    ---Model: TIE Interceptor
    ---Accessories: Kill indications on middle of the left wing: 5 Rebellion symbols

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No?: Not more than the average human

    Background: The firstborn child of a relatively unimportant Imperial politician, Jad Grohen grew up in the middle-class areas of the sweeping towers of Coruscant, immersed in pro-Empire propaganda and sentiment. His childhood was relatively uneventful, and as soon as he was old enough, he enrolled in the Imperial Training Academy, where instructors noted his aptitude for learning. Upon graduating, he was stationed aboard a Star Destroyer as a low-level officer almost immediately, and has since risen to his current position. He holds the Empire as the pinnacle of justice and order in the Galaxy, and took the news of the Emperor's death quite hard. He has since made it his objective to preserve the proper, Imperial way of life, but is content to climb the ranks at a regular pace. His good content and slight knack for piloting earned him his own private TIE Interceptor, which he has flown into combat on a few occasions.
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    Kid Tested, The_Loyal_Imperial approved

    Class: Assassin/Special Operative
    Name: Marcus Venturi
    Gender: male
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Basic, Droidspeak

    ---Height: 5'9?
    ---Eye Color: Crystal Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: Pale (from armor)
    ---Clothing: Almost always wears his [link=]Specilized Stealth Armor[/link]. Underneath this he wears black shorts and a black sleeveless shirt. When he's required to not wear the armor, he wears black trousers and a black shirt.
    ---Other: There is a barcode on the back of his neck, and on his lower back in black second alphabet print, there is a tattoo that reads M632-ASO. This stands for Marcus, Unit 632, Assassin Special Ops.
    Across his arms are various black lines, each one representing a successful mission in which he killed an individual.

    Personality: Marcus has two personalities really. One is Marcus the man, a cold, and calculated individual. He finds enjoyment in alcohol and the occasional woman. Then theres Marcus the Operative, Obsidian. Obsidian is a bitter and ruthless individual who will go through anything or anyone to complete his mission. He revels in death, and marks himself for each mission he completes that includes a sentient death. The shift between Marcus and Obsidian occurs most commonly when he puts on his helmet. Though in times of anger, stress, or dire situations obsidian takes hold. They are however the same person, Marcus doesn't really have any disorder, the separation of the two is so he can have a 'semi-normal' existence when not working.
    Habits: Drinking light to heavy alcohol, normally light, heavy comes after a mission of importance. Field cleaning his weapons, all of them. Flirting with women whenever he gets the chance, but he's not an idiot, if the woman looks crazy, he won't even consider it.
    Likes: Alcohol, women (particularly twi'leks), a good gun, a sharp knife, Orders for new missions, particularly those that involve death. He also enjoys loud music.
    Dislikes: 'recon missions', crazy women, stale alcohol, crappy weapons.
    Talents: Marcus is an all round combatant, he's good with rifles, pistols, knives and with his bare hands.
    Weakness: Alcohol, women, anger issues, despite being a good combatant he's not extremely strong.
    Limitations: No Force, and aside from being a ladies man he utterly sucks at social interaction.
    Racial Attributes: Your Average Human

    Affiliation: Sith
    ---Profession: Assassin, Special Operative, Spy
    ---Primary Weapons: [link=]Laser Knife[/link], [link=]DC-15s Side Arm Blaster[/link], [link=]Westar-M5 Blaster Rifle[/link]
    Additional Weapons: As an assassin and special operative, he has access to other weapons, but he doesn't use them all the time: [link=]DC-17m Modular Rifle[/link] with Blaster, Sniper, and anti armor components in a special case thats impervious to standard scans. He also has a specially made Slugthrower attachment that fires a 12.7x40mm M225 SAPHE (Semi Armor Piercing High Explosive) .50 Caliber Ammunition Magnum loads.
    Other Equipment: He has a Commlink Implant.
    His Armor mentioned above: it amplifes the users natural strength and speed marginally but it featured an internal cooling system that masked the user from all but the most sensitive heat & infrared scanners. The outer armor, comprised of an Agrinium composite aided it in dealing with Scanners, and Blasters. The unit can emit a static discharge pulse to deal with Metal Detectors. The H.U.D. is remote connected to either the Helmet. This keeps track of body temperature, and other functions, such as heartrate, and internal injuries, and if it is available, radar transitions from an external source. Aside from the Helmet the Armor was small and light enough to
  20. AvatarOfYunYammka

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    Name: Trins Oldin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Bocce, Huttese, Durese, Rodese, Gamorrese, Shyriiwook (fully compregends, but unable to speak)

    ---Height: 5'8"
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black, kept very short in the proverbial buzz-cut
    ---Skin Color: Caucasian
    ---Clothing: Usually wears the standard uniform of an officer in the Imperial Security Bureau
    ---Other: Small scar above his right eye from a knife fight and a couple of mild burns (from being shot by a blaster pistol while wearing body armor) on his front trunk area. No tattoos or piercings.

    Personality: Trins Oldin is extremely loyal the Empire (as would be expected of an ISB agent since they are required to be politically vetted and undergo 'training' in COMPNOR), although he does disagree with several tenets, especially xenophobia and sexism. He is extremely intelligent in 'book smarts' and has an excellent ear for language; however, he sometimes lacks common sense ('street smarts') and can be a tad naive sometimes, often forgetting that many people do not care for ISB (they are a secret police after all) and still tries to mingle and socialize like an 'average' citizen (even when in uniform). He is basically a decent person who views himself as doing a necessary and important duty for the Empire.
    -Is a social drinker of alcohol (it never interferes with his work though)
    -When he focuses on something (such as watching a holo or performing almost any task), he can occasionally suffer from the proverbial 'tunnel vision' (he ignores his surroundings if he gets too focused)
    -Chews fingernails and fidgets when nervous
    -The Empire
    -Solving things (whether it is a crime, a riddle, a puzzle, etc.)
    -A good drink
    -Feeling useful
    -Learning new things
    -Sabaac and Dejarik (both are good social games)
    -The Sith (who he views as major traitors)
    -Prejudice (his general view is that people should be judged on what they do and how they act, not what they look like or where they are from)
    -Sexism (he has worked with several females before and he believes they are just as capable as males)
    -Needless cruelty
    -Imperial Intelligence (they are a direct rival to the ISB)
    -Excellent analytical skills
    -Excellent with languages
    -Proficient as an ISB officer
    -Somewhat naive
    -Does not like being alone
    Limitations: No Force sensitivity
    Racial Attributes: Standard human attributes

    Affiliation: Imperial Security Bureau, Galactic Empire
    ---Profession: Colonel, Investigations Branch
    ---Primary Weapons: BlasTech L-23 blaster pistol, Merr-Sonn Q2 hold-out blaster (worn in an ankle holster), vibro-knife (hidden in his boot)

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Shaded Glory
    ---Model: Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2000 light freighter
    ---Accessories: Highly upgraded, including improved shielding, navigation system and engine reactors. In terms of the armaments, the YT-2000 is also upgraded with: two turreted quad laser turrets (one dorsal, one ventral), two cockpit mounted laser cannons, two retractable turreted ventral-mounted blaster cannons and one cockpit-mounted general warhead launcher.

    Bio: Trins Oldin was born on the planet of Coruscant, the son of a cantina owner. He was born in the last years of the Old Republic and, by the time he was in his hitting puberty, the Empire was cementing its control over the Galaxy. Since his father?s cantina was in one of the lower parts of Coruscant, Trins was exposed to Non-Humans from fairly early on. It could be said as he was learning Basic, he was picking up bits and pieces of other languages that were spoken. Whether it was this little factoid of his upbringing or his
  21. DarthXan318

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    Jellywobble approved!

    Name: Maia Savanche
    Gender: Female
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Lianna
    Known Languages: Basic, Tionese

    ---Height: 5'4"
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Brown
    ---Skin Color: Lightly tanned
    ---Clothing: Imperial Fleet Command uniform

    Personality: Idealistic, thorough, creative, observant, dedicated.
    Habits: Paces when nervous
    Likes: Ensuring everything on her ship runs smoothly. Also, caf.
    Dislikes: chaos, incomplete or incorrect intelligence, incompetence
    Talents: Tactics, a near-perfect memory
    Weakness: Does not tend to take the long view, sometimes lacks initiative out of a desire to be thorough
    Limitations: Tends to over-value the judgement of superior officers
    Racial Attributes: n/a

    Affiliation: Empire - Fleet Command
    ---Profession: Star Destroyer Captain
    ---Primary Weapons: Blaster

    Personal Ship (command)
    ---Name: Endless
    ---Model: Imperial-class Star Destroyer
    ---Accessories: Due to its previous Captain's quirks, the bulkheads were redecorated with faux-wood panelling. Maia hasn't bothered to have it replaced with the standard metal sheeting.

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: No

    Background: Maia was born on Lianna, a small world in the Tion Cluster. Lianna's main export was TIE fighters, but Maia had bigger dreams than the inside of a manufacturing plant. As soon as she qualified, she enrolled in the Imperial Academy and left to see the galaxy. Shortly after graduating from the Academy, she served as a bridge officer on an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, then its executive officer, then Captain.
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    [hl=indigo]Jello Approved[/hl]

    Name: Han Solo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Known Languages: Basic, Huttese, Shyriiwook, some phrases in Old Corellian

    ---Height: 6'1"
    ---Eye Color: Hazel
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Brown
    ---Skin Color: Fair
    ---Clothing: White shirt w/black vest, trousers adorning the Corellian Bloodstripe, black spacer boots, gun belt and holster
    ---Other: Scar running along chin

    Personality: Arrogant, looks after "number one", cocky, the mercenary with the heart of gold
    Habits: Shooting first instead of second, gambling(Sabacc), thrusting his index finger into people's faces upon getting angry
    Likes: Corellian Spiced Ale, Women
    Dislikes: Slavery, Bugs, being used as bait, criticism
    Talents: Piloting, mechanical skills, brandishing a blaster(quickdraw)
    Weakness: Goes into action before thinking, friends/family, overprotective of his ship
    Limitations: Force blind, not the best when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, would rather duke it out with a blaster
    Racial Attributes: None

    Affiliation: Smaller Faction
    ---Profession: Smuggler/Pilot
    ---Primary Weapons: Modified DL-44 blaster pistol, vibroblade

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Millennium Falcon
    ---Model: YT-1300 Light Freighter
    ---Accessories: Quad laser cannons, concussion missile tubes, "Ground Buzzer" blaster cannon, Sensor dish array, hidden smuggling compartments, bunks, game table

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: No

    Background: Han Solo was a smuggler and mercenary who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. After being swept up in the war with the Galactic Empire on the side of the Rebel Alliance, Han played a pivotal role in the destruction of the first Death Star. But it was a bittersweet ending after learning of the news of his friend, Luke Skywalker's death.

    Han stuck around with the Alliance in the proceeding years and along with his co-pilot Chewbacca, offered his assistance where needed and accepted small missions on behalf of the Alliance. This caught the interest of Princess Leia of Alderaan and the two began to form a bond amidst their constant bickering. But when the princess announced her desire to leave and pursue the calling of the Force like Skywalker, this tipped Han over the edge and the time came for him to leave.

    Giving the excuse that he had debts to pay, Han walked out on the princess and the rest of the Alliance and returned to his previous, carefree life among the stars. He didn't sever his connections with the Alliance completely, however, and in-between paying back Jabba the Hutt and running spice, Han continued to keep tabs on the growth of the Alliance and the princess herself. Although he claimed not to care one way or the other, he was secretly rooting for the Alliance to retain control.
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    OOC: Ah, at last.

    Hello, old friends.

    The following has been approved by Teh JellyWobble(TM)

    [i]Name: [/i]
    [b]Kane Lavos [/b]
    Species: Faleen/Human(unknown planetary stock)
    Homeworld: Roon
    Known Languages: Basic, Huttese, Bocce, High Galactic, Rodese.

    [i]Appearance [/i]
    ---Height: 6'1"
    ---Eye Color: Viridian
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black, slight greying on temples
    ---Skin Color: olive; not-quite-human shiny wax quality to his skin.
    ---Clothing: Mission-specific, or official imperial tunic with insignia for formal affairs.
    ---Other: a few blaster scars on torso, and one on back of left hand.

    [i]Personality: [/i]
    Habits: THe meticulous, ice-cold and merciless destruction of peoples, planets, institions, treaties etc.

    Likes: The New Order, snubfighter combat

    Dislikes: Chaos, selfishness, cowardice, melee combat

    Talents: Genius-level strategist with a penchant for predicting behaviour and adapting missions to cover for all contingencies. Latent force-sensitivity allows for instinctual mind-block defences: a Jedi cannot readily influence or read the thoughts of Kane Lavos. A grasp for politics, small fleet combat and fine eriadu wine appreciation are also notable talents.

    Weakness: His loyalty to the New Order is myopic, and arrogance in Imperial might is a sometime consequence. Is also vulnerable to massed blaster fire, lightsabers or noxious fumes.

    Limitations: Force-sensitivity is not at a trainable level.

    Racial Attributes: Pheremonal control can influence some humanoid species.

    Affiliation: Empire
    ---Profession: Imperial Intelligence Officer
    ---Primary Weapons: S-5 Heavy Blaster Pistol, antique.

    [i]Personal Ship [/i]
    ---Name: Obsidan Apollo
    ---Model: TIE Phantom
    ---Accessories: fuel pods for extra long-range insertions, can be gettisoned for dogfighting.

    [i]The Force: [/i]
    ---Yes or No?: Pfft, no.

    [i]Background: [/i]

    Kane Lavos was born during the chaos of a decaying Republic; his childhood shortlived, his memories of family cut short. His mother was the victim of local insurrectionist violence on Ord Mantell, his father was also killed during the same period, shot in the back by an unknown assailant.

    Orphaned, the young boy lived for much time as a street urchin, with only fleeting contact with others, he lived off the scrapes of others, whilst he nursed a bewildered anger at the universe that had stripped him of his loving family so soon, before he was grown enough to truly comprehend what had occurred.

    Fortutiously enough, a delegation of the Imperial Senate arrived to oversee post Clone War reconstruction of Ord Mantell - not long after the declaration of the New Order - including the magnaminous Senator Deçra Lavos of Roon, who discovered the boy on the streets and quickly set about taking him in as an adoptee (and, given the shrewd Senators mind, a potent symbol of the collective responsibility of all citizens to help heal the wounds of the Clone Wars).

    The young boy quickly caught up to his peers in education, and very soon surpassed them. Slated for a career in academia (or politics, if his father were to have his way) the Universe once again conspired to push Kane Lavos into another direction. The brewing civil war would not be denied, and soon his family began to come under scrutiny, with allegations of Jedi sympathy and rebel links particularly focused on Kane's adoptive mother, Juuris Lavos.

    Increasingly finding himself at odds with his father politically, Kane spurned the offers of university education and instead enrolled at the Academy as a pilot.

    Excelling at his training, prior to graduation he was approached by a member of Imperial Intelligence: the feared new agency arising out of the Bureau to assume control of preserving both the New Order and the stability of all the Emperor's worlds.

    It was as he went deep into communications blackout to complete his Intelligence training that his mother was found murdered, and his father not long after that assasin>
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