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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GrandAdmiralJello , Jul 11, 2008.

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    May 24, 2002
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    [hl=indigo]Jello Approved[/hl]

    Name: Anton Banasse
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Alderaan
    Known Languages: Basic, High Galactic, Bothan

    ---Height: 1.8m
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Hair Color: Dark brown - nearly black.
    ---Skin Color: Caucasian tone, but slightly darker than average.
    ---Clothing: Anton's wardrobe ranges from casual to formal, with enough variety to match just about any occasion.
    ---Other: Aqualine nose.

    Personality: Anton's emotions are carefully guarded. Though he's somewhat cerebral, he projects a certain charisma and cheery demeanor. It's a little forced, but it's nearly impossible for anyone (aside from Anton) to notice. Very rarely does Anton reveal his true feelings.
    Habits: Often paces when he is thinking. A heavy reader.
    Likes: Literature, music, holofilm. Culture in general. People.
    Dislikes: War, needless aggression and violence. Pomp and arrogance. Certain aspects of (and figures within) the Empire.
    Talents: Diplomacy, charm, understanding others, manipulation, analysis.
    Weakness: Cowardice.
    Limitations: Anton believes in non-violence. In a fight, he is unlikely to do much at all; even if he does decide to participate, he completely lacks combat experience and very rarely carries a weapon.
    Racial Attributes: None.

    Affiliation: Empire
    ---Profession: Diplomat
    ---Primary Weapons: None.

    Personal Ship: None.

    The Force: No.

    Background: Born into one of the noble families of Alderaan, Anton comes from substantial wealth. When the Death Star struck Alderaan, Anton was studying Politics on Coruscant; following the event, Anton initially felt devastated, but within a month, he managed to regain emotional balance.

    On the outside, Anton remained a fun-loving young student - however, the destruction of Alderaan considerably shook up Anton on the inside. For one, he felt he could no longer trust the Empire. For a while, he considered fleeing, but he had no clue as to where he would flee; his only other home was gone (though in time, Anton grew to sympathize with the Rebellion). However, Anton never quite hated the Empire, even though he hates certain aspects of it. Most of Anton's resentment he channelled into a general resentment of war, and Anton made it a goal of his to help bring peace to the galaxy. To that end, he began studying Intergalactic Relations, with some advanced training in diplomacy.

    His family was one of Alderaan's wealthiest and most influential. Anton is the heir not only of his parents, but of several extended relatives. This gives him quite a bit of influence - even in Coruscant, a city crowded with it. This influence (as well as a fair amount of sympathy - despite his wealth, he is an orphan and a refugee) helped him obtain some of the best diplomatic training in the galaxy, and has helped him secure a top starter diplomatic position with the Empire. Though his career has just begun, he has enough talent, training, and influence to rise fast, and potentially cross over into politics.
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    Jun 19, 2008
    Name: Rass?azi?nurudo (Sazin)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 54
    Species: Chiss
    Homeworld: Csilla
    Known Languages: Cheunh, Basic and the trade languages

    ---Height: 1.8 meters
    ---Eye Color: Red
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: Blue
    ---Clothing: He wears the traditional black uniform of a CEDF officer accented with red piping. A neutral grey cape billows from his shoulders to just above his calves. His black hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail which hangs to his shoulders.
    ---Other: None

    Personality: Severe and brooding.
    Likes: Quiet, order
    Dislikes: Disorder, children and force users
    Talents: Keen intellect, excellent starfighter pilot and hand-to-hand combatant.
    Limitations: He is bound by his Chiss upbringing to adhere to their laws and regulation to the letter.
    Racial Attributes: None

    Affiliation: Empire
    ---Profession: Chiss Expansionary Force Defense Force Admiral
    ---Primary Weapons: A Charric blaster and personal shielding

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Pride of Csilla
    ---Model: Whirlwind-class Battle Cruiser
    ---Accessories: Megamasers along traditional turbolasers

    ---Name: N/A
    ---Model: Nssis-class Clawcraft

    The Force: No
    Background: Rass?azi?nurudo was born and raise on the Chiss homeworld Csilla, as a member of the Nurudo family he was schooled in the many ways of combat even before entering a formal school. Upon completion of his formal training he entered into service of the CEDF quickly proving himself in battles and defensive action in the Unknown Regions.

    On a patrol of the borders of Chiss and Imperial space, his starfigher wing encountered a battle between the factions of the Inner galaxy and were ordered to repel the intruders from Ascendancy space. Sazin?s battle group though inflicting major damage to the intruders were vastly outnumbered until finally the commanding officer called for a retreat, with his final order the commander instructed all CEDF forces to return the homeworld and report on the situation. His craft battered and barely space-worthy, Sazin returned to Csilla and delivered his report to the Ascendancy high command. There he learned the only he made it out of the battle alive and was promoted to the rank of Admiral, given command of a Star Destroyer and tasked with a mission to determine the status of the inner galaxy and any threat it may pose to Chiss space.
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    Li Aproved #1

    Name: Waleesh Mah
    Gender: Male
    Age: 142
    Species: Yuuzhan Vong
    Home world: Domain Mah Worldship
    Known Languages: Yuuzhan Vong, any language with use of Tizowyrm

    ---Height: 6'6?
    ---Eye Color: Blue-Grey
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: Blue-Grey
    ---Clothing: Vonduun Skerr Kyrric, Command Cloak.
    ---Other: Various scars and tattoos covering his face and body.

    Personality: Righteous and unforgiving.
    Habits: Torturing himself with ritual scarring and time in the Embrace of Pain.
    Likes: Subservience and war
    Dislikes: Diplomacy, infidels, and any technology (especially droids)
    Talents: Excellent martial skill. Can use any Yuuzhan Vong weapon. Proficient tactician.
    Weakness: Feels rage when surrounded by technology. If surrounded by enough of it he can go into a rage and loose control.
    Limitations: No physical limitations
    Racial Attributes: Greater than human strength, extreme tolerance of pain, is unaffected by direct manipulation from the force. Can be effected by object moved by the force.

    Affiliation: Yuuzhan Vong (allianed with Sith)
    ---Profession: Supreme Commander
    ---Primary Weapons: Amphistaff
    ---Secondary Weapons: Selection of Thud, Razor, and Blast bugs. Small pouch of Blorash jelly.

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Mah Bele
    ---Model: Miid Ro'ik
    ---Accessories: Normal complement of weapons and support craft

    Background: Born on the Domain Mah worldship, Weleesh Mah grew up during the long journey from the ancestral home galaxy of the Yuuzhan Vong. He grew up frustrated at the lack of action that they race had. He was taught that a warrior?s job was to fight yet they had no enemies to fight.

    After decades of his life being spent training as a warrior and infighting between families, he was elated when word came back that a galaxy had been found that was perfect for invasion. He figured this was the moment he had been training for his whole life.

    So when descent started to pop up, he was dismayed. Quickly siding with Domain Jamaane, he participated in the Jamaane Coup. For his participation in the coup he was graciously granted the title of Commander. But with some sly maneuvering and tactical killings he was able to take the role of Supreme Commander for himself. He now eagerly awaits their arrival in the galaxy so that he can exercise his power.


    LI aproved #2

    Name: Grayson Handor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Susevfi
    Known Languages: Basic, select phrases in Sith

    ---Height: 6'0"
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Dyed black
    ---Skin Color: Caucasian
    ---Clothing: Jensaarai Armor
    ---Other: Blaster scar on his left leg

    Personality: Serious
    Habits: Tends to rub the scar on his leg when he gets nervious or agitated
    Likes: Power and order
    Dislikes: Desent and rebellion.
    Talents: Knows how to handle many metal bladed weapons as well as a light bladed weapon.
    Weakness: His alter mind skill is almost non exsitent. Takes tremendous effort to trick even the weakest minds.
    Limitations: No physical limitations
    Racial Attributes: N/A

    Affiliation: Jensaarai
    ---Profession: Saarai-Kaar
    ---Primary Weapons: Lightsaber and lightstaff

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Jensaassi
    ---Model: Armed Lambda-class Personnel Shuttle
    ---Accessories: 4 laser cannons, one torpedo launcher

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Jensaarai
    ---Lightsaber Type: One standard, one Lightstaff much like Nihl had
    ---Blade Color: One Gold one Silver
    ---# of Lightsabers: 2
    ---Other: Excellent duelist and lightsaber user though his force powers suffer due to the concentration on martial skills.

    Background: Grayson was born on the planet Susevfi. Born to the Saarai-Kaar, he was able to rise quickly through the ranks of the Jensaarai. Feeling that the galaxy was finally free of the Jedi he made an offering of his services to the Empire. He helped the Empire many times even being grazed by a blaster durring a mission.

    But the Empire was afraid
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    [hl=#ffff00]Approved by the Iellol one with the awesome day of birth.[/hl]

    Name: Drey Sega
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Known Languages: Basic, limited knowledge of some other languages

    ---Height: 182cm
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Hair Color: Dark Brown Hair
    ---Skin Color: Pale
    ---Clothing: Standard Imperial Navy uniform.
    ---Other: n/a

    Habits: Ambitious with few moral scruples
    Likes: Authority, tactics
    Dislikes: Incompetence
    Talents: an accomplished naval officer with a working knowledge of ground combat tactics
    Weakness: Vain, his arrogance
    Limitations: Overconfidence in his own abilities
    Racial Attributes: None

    Affiliation: The Empire and The Emperor
    ---Profession: Commodore in the Imperial Navy
    ---Primary Weapons: IR-5 blaster pistol

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Delyrium
    ---Model: Lambda-class T-4a shuttle
    ---Accessories: The cargo hold had been converted into personal quarters and equipped with secure HoloNet transceivers

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: No

    Background: Being born Corellia and having started his military career with CorSec at a young age, he joined the Imperial Navy at the age of 21. As an experienced commander he quickly rose through the ranks and was, shortly after the battle of Yavin, personally selected by Lord Vader to serve in Vaders' Death Squadron, where he was stationed on board of the Executor. However at the time of the battle of Endor, he was on board of the Avenger on a temporary assignment to replace the first lieutenant who displeased the Dark Lord. After the battle of Endor he continued to rise through the ranks until his current position of Commodore in the Imperial Navy.
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    May 17, 2002
    Approved by The_Loyal_Imperial

    Name: Zepher M?clain
    Gender: Male
    Age: 63
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Etti IV
    Known Languages: Basic

    ---Height: 1.8 meters
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Clothing: A black color Espos dress uniform
    ---Other: scar on his left shoulder from a firefight with pirates many years ago, blind in the left eye from a flash grenade at very close range during a raid.

    Personality: Emotionless, Strategic, loose lipped
    Habits: Drinking, Gambling, telling stories
    Likes: Women, Commanding, Hard Liquor, Job
    Dislikes: Pirates
    Talents: Command and Control, Good shot
    Weakness: Women, alcohol, Blind in his left eye.
    Limitations: Zepher is kind of a big man, he is very clumsy, no force
    Racial Attributes: none.

    Affiliation: Corporate Sector Authority
    ---Rank: Chief of Staff of the CSA Military
    ---Branch: Military ? Naval and Ground
    ---Station: Etti IV
    ---Unit: Protector Squadron
    ---Position: Man in charge of the CSA military Forces
    ---Primary Weapons: DH-17 blaster pistol

    Personal Ship: (Flagship)
    ---Name: Protector
    ---Model: Bulwark class-Battle Cruiser (modified)
    ---Accessories: Overhauled to current technology standards

    Personal Ship:
    ---Name: Eagle-1
    ---Model: Lambda-class Personnel Shuttle
    ---Accessories: Diplomatic version

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No?: No
    ---Lightsaber Type:
    ---Blade Color:
    ---# of Lightsabers:

    Zepher grew up from a wealthy family that controlled a significant margin of one of the CSA?s major companies. When he reached adult hood, his parents wanted him to become a CEO of a corporation on day, however he wanted to live an adventurous life. He joined the Espos and on his third mission he faced combat for the first time. He took a flash grenade to his left side of his face during a raid on a pirate hideout in CSA space. Blinded in the fight he ended up taking a blaster shot to the arm which his combat armor did not protect. At the end of the raid he killed a man, which haunts him to this day. His emotions retreated into a shell and only come out after emptying a few bottles. Due to his injuries and refusing treatment, he rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the head of the CSA military.

    Name: Zach Dron
    Gender: Male
    Age: 47
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Etti IV
    Known Languages: Basic, Hutteuse

    ---Height: 1.7 meters
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Brown
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Clothing: Upper-class Suit, White with gold trims

    Personality: Jolly, outgoing, shrewd, greedy
    Habits: Likes to put his reputation and name on the line a lot, drinking
    Likes: Personal Wealth
    Dislikes: Bribes, Pirates
    Talents: very persuasive, convincing
    Weakness: Money, really horrible aim
    Limitations: No force.
    Racial Attributes: none.

    Affiliation: Corporate Sector Authority
    ---Rank: Executive Officer
    ---Branch: Civilian
    ---Position: President
    ---Primary Weapons: Pocket Blaster

    Personal Ship:
    ---Name: Lola
    ---Model: Lambda-class Personnel Shuttle
    ---Accessories: Diplomatic version

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No?: No
    ---Lightsaber Type:
    ---Blade Color:
    ---# of Lightsabers:

    Zach is an outgoing man; he has lived most of his life in luxury. His family owns one of the CSA?s founding corporations. Zach knew from childhood that he would become the CEO of the company; however he did not know that his charm would end up getting him elected the ExO. Zach spends his day going out of his way, putting his name on the table for changes that he wants to make happen, knowing that the Direx Board doesn?t approve of.
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    Me= New_York_Jedi(game banned)

    Typoooo approved

    Name: Erric Venport
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Grew up on Boz Pity; now maintains a residence on Vandelhelm, due to its access to trade routes.
    Known Languages: Basic, Ryl (Twi?ek), Huttesse (understands).

    ---Height: 5?11??
    ---Eye Color: Hazel
    ---Hair/Fur Color: dark brown
    ---Skin Color: fairly light skinned
    ---Clothing: fairly casual while on ship, dresses up more business like when meeting with customers/clients/legal authorities on planets
    ---Other: none

    Personality: Easy going. Interested in history. Considers himself intelligent but not brilliant. Tries to do what he believes is the right thing. Good sense of humor.
    Habits: touches/scratches the side of his nose when nervous or thinking
    Likes: Greenput (well enjoys the idea of it; like most people, it frustrates him to no end while he plays it). Enjoys a good ale, but doesn?t overindulge in drinking. His family (wife and infant son)
    Dislikes: Pirates, snakes, taxes
    Talents: knack for getting information that will lead to a good business deal
    Weakness: poor mechanic for someone who is on ship so much
    Limitations: No Force,
    Racial Attributes: n/a

    Affiliation: None
    ---Profession: Independent Merchant/Trader
    ---Primary Weapons: Merson DD6 Blaster Pistol

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Raven
    ---Model: Ghtroc 720 freighter
    ---Accessories: Basic model with slightly improved sensors


    Only son to the trader Drayton Venport. Started working for him at the age of 18, when his father retired Erric took over the family business and their freighter Raven at age 25. Currently lives on Vandelhelm with his wife and 2 year old son, though he is often gone for business. Conducts most of his trade up and down the Rimma, though is often in other areas, particularly the Correlians Trade Spine and Correlian Run. Ambitious with his trade, he is hoping to expand into a larger interstellar shipping force. One more good run should give them enough credits to set up his co-pilot, the Twilek Rekur?van , with is own ship. Has occasionally ferried people before, if the price is right.
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    Sep 29, 2005
    L_I Approved

    Name: Myth (Horido Riisar)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Species: Rodian
    Homeworld: Susevfi
    Known Languages: Basic, Rodian, Binary, and Twi?lek.

    ---Height: 5?9?
    ---Eye Color: Black
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Green spines
    ---Skin Color: Green
    ---Clothing: Black robes over mottled green-gray armor
    ---Other: Red birthmark in shape similar of a Nebulan B-Frigate on left side of snout

    Personality: Reserved with deep seated despising of Jedi, with a love of the theatre.
    Habits: Often adds theatrical spins in situations, practices steps when bored
    Likes: Twi?leks, the hunt, theatre, and armor/anonymity
    Dislikes: Being exposed, Hutts, and Jedi
    Talents: Sharpshooter skilled with the blaster pistol, force, lightsaber passably good, and acting.
    Weakness: barely has a handle of basic force abilities and can be distracted/sensory overloaded (with flashes of light etc.) so they are unusable, and easily lead around by Sith due to Jensaarai beliefs.
    Limitations: can?t leap over a fence in armor without making it a force jump and then barely
    Racial Attributes: good sense of smell, can?t blink, and 3-D surroundings perception

    Affiliation: Smaller Faction Jensaarai, loosely Sith
    ---Profession: Bounty Hunter
    ---Primary Weapons: Briar Pistol, E-11, flash/EM grenades, and lightsaber(as last resort.

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Shadows Call
    ---Model: Lambda class armed shuttle
    ---Accessories: regulation weapons compliment of two lasers and blaster fore, and two blasters aft. Fold out hammocks, corner kitchenette, and cells.

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Jensaarai
    ---Lightsaber Type: Single, dual phase Shoto to regular length blade
    ---Blade Color: Yellow
    ---# of Lightsabers: 1
    ---Other: (other details about the lightsaber or the force)

    Background: Having been raised with the namesake of Horido the Grand Protectorate that is heralded with saving the Rodian race through the invention of theatre. It lended to his ruefull personality an added theatrical air which his parents encouraged despite his training in the Jensaarai.

    This ultimately lead him to neglect some his ?alone time? training in the force as he focused on his theatre more, although he succeeded enough with weapons to be granted a Guardian position and armor which has taken with him into the galaxy to help a possible new ally against the evil Jedi, the great and good Sith.

    But before he makes contact with any one group, like the Saarai-Kaar?s son had ordained, he decided to make a quick name for himself as a bounty hunter first. Before presenting himself to the Sith, or the other groups as a warrior and aid against the Jedi and Empire or others if they turned out to be of the same ilk or possibly responsible for the Saarai-Kaar?s son?s mother?s death. All he had to do now was collect info and send it back to his leader about what factions existed these days and what he could learn about them. Often things were learned as an employee that one never saw while sitting at the negotiating or banquent table.
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    Did you think this sort of a game could escape my notice? Muahahaha!

    Typo approved!

    Name: Byran Terrik
    Gender: Male
    Age: 48
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Basic, Sullustan

    ---Height: 5? 11?
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Brown
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Clothing: Standard Civilian Wear, Military Uniform
    ---Other: A long, jagged scar running up his right forearm

    Personality: Generally patient and calculating ? when he acts, it is with great care. Events which require quick responses are not his forte.
    Habits: Obsessing about the state of the galaxy, working on research and development projects, sabbac (when there is time)
    Likes: Liberating systems, freedom, democracy, but also a good wine and good food ? sharing time with friends when time and peace allow
    Dislikes: Oppression, the Empire, Sith, evil in general
    Talents: Naval tactics, politics, cooking
    Weakness: Occasionally too patient, acting too slowly, idealistic to a fault (when he doesn?t consciously keep it in check)
    Limitations: No force, limited used of his right hand
    Racial Attributes: Humans are very ubiquitous

    Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
    ---Profession: Naval Officer, Captain, Commanding Officer, Mon Calamari Cruiser Endurance
    ---Primary Weapons: Standard Issue Naval Sidearm

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Sky Runner
    ---Model: Modified YT-2000 personal transport
    ---Accessories: Bunks, kitchenette, game room, small medical bay

    Background: Byran was born to a Coruscanti working-class family in the waning days of the Old Republic. Although they lived a relatively simple life, always looking upwards at those able to live in the highest reaches of the city-planet?s tower, they were generally happy and peaceful. His parents were also patriots of the highest order, believing in the righteousness of democracy and the Republic with all their being. They raised Byran with this attitude as well, to fight for and stand up for democracy at every turn ? and so it was, when the Clone Wars broke out, it was second nature for Byran to sign up for the war effort. Already 20 at the time and with a solid education, Byran was elected to attend Officer Candidate School, and by the end of the first summer of conflict, he had graduated and was commissioned as an Ensign in the Republic Navy. By war?s end, he had advanced in rank to Lieutenant Commander and had his first taste of command as captain of a small destroyer in the Republic?s fleets. However, he, like the rest of the galaxy, was deceived and as the treachery of the newly-crowned Emperor was made apparent to those receptive to the idea, he returned to the capital.

    When it became apparent that, in fact, the Emperor was tearing down the pillars of democracy and leaving the Republic in tatters, he used his position to get his family on board his vessel and to take them to the outer rim, taking them on the small, independent mining colony Cloud City above the Bespin gas giant. As much as he wanted to stay with his parents, he knew he could still play an active role in the galaxy. After consulting at length with his senior staff, they decided to commandeer the vessel. They proceeded to a small Imperial outpost at Yag?Dhul and gave the crew and the few officers who wouldn?t go along with the plan an option: leave the ship, or be put off forcibly. There was a small attempt at a counter-mutiny, but they failed to retake the bridge. Approximately half of the crew was not receptive and left the ship, and the other half remained on board.

    For the next two years, Byran spent time finding allies and marshaling underground support for dissidents of the Empire. He even believes he may have shuttled a few Jedi from time to time as the few that remained attempted to evade death by Lord Vader?s hand. But with a small ship and half a crew, Byran met with little success. He did, however, make a big enough splash to be noticed by Mon Mothma. After several conversations with the former senator, Byran agreed to join her rebel
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    Jan 8, 2003
    Approved by Typo; not-approved for audiences under 16 in most sectors

    Name: Artemis Kano Eldritch
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Talus
    Known Languages: Basic, some Huttesse and outer-rim trading languages

    ---Eye Colour: Silver
    ---Hair Colour: Espresso Brown
    ---Skin Colour: Pale
    ---Clothing: Usually wears black utility pants tucked into black work boots, with light brown shirts, vest, and a dark brown leather military jacket. Has sun and glare shielding glasses with built-in rangefinders.

    Personality: Very much a loner, disappointed by a past of failures with other beings. Secretly desires a companion or two, yet expects little. Very introspective; seeks out environments he finds aesthetically pleasing. Jaded towards galactic politics in general, though was a rebel sympathizer.
    Habits: Drinks stem-caf obsessively; very OCD about tidiness.
    Likes: Music (constantly has ambient and [link=]Dusk[/link] music playing aboard his ship and station); stem-caf; quiet; views of space and nebulas.
    Dislikes: Most forms of authority, such as police or security; as well as pirates (and considers the first two merely sanctioned pirates); the Imperials and the New Republic; chaotic, fast-paced environments
    Talents: Usually effective at solving mechanical and computer problems, as well as situational issues.
    Weakness: Tends to come off as untrusting, which makes other beings trust him less. Less than perfect criminal record in Imperial and Republic space. A couple of outstanding warrants as a ?being-of-interest? in a murder case.
    Limitations: Not physically in shape, as he has spent years in space confined to his station and ship.

    Affiliation: None as of yet
    ---Profession: Salvager and trader
    ---Primary Weapons: 8.2mm Slug-thrower pistol; 11.5mm slug thrower assault rifle with plasma grenade launcher attachment; vibro-short sword

    Personal Ship
    The Lucretia?s Reflection
    ---Model: [link=]Wolatarian Marian-class Industrial Frigate[/link]
    ----Length: 129m
    ----Maximum acceleration: 75,400kph/hour
    ----Maximum speed (atmosphere): 820kph
    ----Engines: Six Antar Industrial Works 4276 megawatt XZ-72b Duel Ion Propulsion Engines
    ----Armaments: Four 65mm quad autocannon turrets; three dual laser cannons; two 120mm rocket pods -- All computer controlled.
    ---Accessories: Living quarters; multiple storage bays; salvage arms and tractor beams; escape pod.

    Station Description:
    Rochester Depot (Eldritch Salvage and Supply)
    ---Model: [link=]Revamped Vitus-class Mining Outpost[/link] (Visiting repair ship in foreground)
    ---Armaments: Eight 115mm quad autocannon defense turrets
    ---Description: (From top to bottom) Multi-band transmission antennas; central computer system to control droids and monitor potential threats, as well as inbound vessels; observation deck and living quarters; (node extending to left foreground) (extended node to far right) main docking port and bar/store front; (midsection) fighter and cargo hanger bay; (small nodes around midsection) defense turret platforms and dock for the Lucretia?s Reflection; (node extending out to distant left) reactor and atmosphere/water recirculation systems; automated storage areas and scanner arrays.

    The observation deck is a well-decorated (in deep reds, gold and brown) private deck for Eldritch?s own enjoyment. The view is of a large, dark purple and blue nebula, with the nearest star well over a light-year away. Off to the backside of the deck is a prep area, ?fresher and bedroom. A side door leads to the store front, which hosts a small bar where he can mix drinks for customers (with some illegal additiv
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    [hl=black]Typo Approved[/hl]

    Name: Nakir Tal'Orar, AKA Nak
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33
    Species: Human/Mandalorian
    Homeworld: Onderon
    Known Languages: Basic, Huttesse, Shyyriwook, Mando'a (Knows some words and Phrases)

    ---Height: 1.83 Meters
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: dark tan
    ---Clothing:Black and Gold Mandalorian beskar'gam
    ---Civilian Attire: Black body armor with a black undershirt. Long brown Trench Coat. Brown military style fatigues. Military style boots.
    ---Other: On his left arm is the Mythosaur skull, symbol of the Mandalorians. On his right arm is an elaborate pattern of what looks like tribal symbols and razor wire.

    Personality: Nak is the quiet type. Hes very observant and can file away little and large details to be remembered and reviewed later. Trained as partially a Soldier, but mostly as a mercenary he has the tendency to take charge of situations as art of a ploy to mask his nervousness.
    Habits: He tends to be abrasive when around those less tolerant of his kind,when he is like this he will start fights, even if he can not win. He also enjoys his meals and will eat just about anything, and drink just about anything.
    Likes: He likes cleaning his weapons and acquiring new ones. He also enjoys the Hunt when being a Mercenary/Bounty Hunter
    Dislikes: Force Users. He believes that they are arrogant and think themselves more important and above the laws. He also hates the law and any authority that tries to force him to do things he does not wish to.
    Talents: He can pretty much learn how to use any weapon that he has in his possession.
    Weakness: The fact that he empathizes with other Sentients and is more merciful when at times a ruthlessness is required.
    Limitations: Not a Force User. Limited piloting Skills
    Racial Attributes: Unique Armor

    Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
    ---Profession: Mercenary/Bounty Hunter
    ---Primary Weapons: Two handheld Blaster pistols. A Long Range Rifle, Two Knives, and a beskad
    ----Secondary Weapons: Assault Rifle, Back up Blaster Pistol.

    Personal Ship: N/A

    The Force: N/A

    Background: Nakir Tal'Orar was born on Onderon to a nomadic couple whom called the planet there home for less than a year. Both were Mandalorians but chose to do less Mercenary and Bounty Hunter work and try to more merchant work.

    When Nak was born they named him a name in an old language that meant Justice. It is unknown why they did not use the Mando'a form of the word Justice, but it is clear that they felt their son was meant for something great. They chose his last name to be different from theirs, again the reasons are unknown. In Mando'a Naks last name means, in literal translation, Blood Thunder.

    Nak grew up with the same nomadic lifestyle as his parents, but as he grew older his father took him to Mandalore to learn the way of the Mando'ade. As an adiik, Nak learned as much, if not more, from observing others as he did from the instructions given to him by those helping to train him.

    By the time he was an adult he wasn't the best warrior, but he was one of them. He was also well known as a good al'verde.

    Once he left Mandalore, he became a Mercenary and Bounty Hunter. Often he would lead several ner'vod into conflicts that required more than one body for the mission to be successful and gained a lot of trust and respect among the other Mandos.

    He ended up with Manda'lor Fenn Shysa, along with Boba Fett on a mission. During which Fett and Shysa both died. It had been Shysa's wish for Fett to be Mandalore, but with both having been killed, Nak had no clue what to do.

    He returned to Mandalore and told a man, a young man,Goran Beviin , what had happened.

    It was Beviins thoughts that this meant Nakir should take the title. He was a good enough man and would lead them well.

  12. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    [ul][hl=black]The_Loyal_Imperial Stamp of Approval[/hl]

    Character Sheet

    Name: Aeri?Layla Moonshadow (Secretly - Darth Venator)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Species: Morganian
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Basic


    ---Height: 5?10
    ---Eye Color:Emerald Green
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Red and very long
    ---Skin Color: fair
    ---Clothing: Black and Maroon robes with hood, tight half shirt with long sleeves that is black with a maroon star in front. Black flexible pants that look tight but are not. Also Clothing in the pic, Tight Red body suit.
    ---Other:(scars, tattoos etc) none

    Personality: Seductive, Witty, Taunting, Intelligent, Flirtatious
    Habits: Always checking her nails
    Likes: Dark Relics, Knowledge, Power
    Dislikes: Being told what to do especially by men.
    Talents: Assassination, Infiltration, lightsaber combat
    Weakness: is her over confidence, She tends to like to play with her victims before the kill sometimes.
    Limitations: Her over thinking a situation may at times hamper her ability to access a situation.
    Racial Attributes: Has a natural ability to heal herself, major wounds will take longer.

    Sith Affiliation:

    ---Profession: Assassin, Spy
    ---Primary Weapons: Vibro Sword, Vibro Knife, [link=] Lightsaber # 1[/link] [link=] Lightsaber # 2[/link]

    Personal Ship:

    ---Name: The Huntress
    ---Model: Custom Shuttle
    Length : 50 meters
    Maximum speed (atmosphere): 1,160 km/h
    Engine unit(s): Ion engines (2)
    Hyperdrive rating : Class 0.5 * Backup Class 4
    Hyperdrive system : Military-grade hyperdrive motivator
    Shielding: Military-grade shield generator
    Armament: * Retractable quad laser cannon turrets (4)
    * Tractor beam projector (1)
    Complement: Starfighter (1)
    Crew: Pilot (1)
    Passengers : 15
    Cargo capacity: 100 metric tons
    Consumables: 6 months

    The Force:

    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Sith
    ---Lightsaber Type: See above, extended blade both
    ---Blade Color: Red for both
    ---# of Lightsabers: Two


    Aeri?Layla was born in the lower levels of Coruscant, where her mother struggled to survive the best she could for her family. It was a tough life in the lower levels, but Aeri?Layla grew up to know all the secret routes that the even gangs didn?t know. She had the talent to find her way around without giving it a second thought. Her mother always said she was special but she didn?t know that it was the force that gave Aeri?Layla this ability.

    The streets toughened her up and gave her an impression that would never leave. She and her mother always went hungry. Aeri?Layla had to steal just to get by. When her mother became sick, that?s when Aeri?Layla started to take more of an initiative to her survival. Not realizing that the anger of being poor was really the culprit behind her demeanor, Aeri?Layla killed a man and took his credits so that she and her mother could eat. She became colder as she continued her life of crime.

    Her mother ended up dying of a disease that was not diagnosed in time. This made Aeri?Layla angry and wanted revenge on everyone. She didn?t care because she was alone now. Her mother the only one that loved her was dead. Her heart hardened and love would never seep in again. One day as she was walking alone in the Works, someone followed her. She sensed them though she wasn?t sure how she knew they were behind her. When she turned around to attack the stalker, she was s
  13. KraytDragon90

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Typo Approved

    Name: Val?istar Tyelka
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Species: Varun
    Homeworld: Varun
    Known Languages: Basic, Varun

    ---Height: 5? 10?
    ---Eye Color: Blue/Green
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: Dark Green Scales
    ---Clothing: Dark brown jacket over black tunic, black pants, combat boots
    ---Other: Clawed hands, small spikes from knuckles

    Personality: Val'istar, mostly called Val, is not the sociable sort. With anyone he does not know he will only speak long enough to get the information he needs and does not go out of his way to be kind about it. He considers the majority of people in the galaxy to be untrustworthy and that he is better off without them. To those that he does trust, a small number, he will do anything for. Kill, steal, risk his life, and the life of others. But if they betray his trust, he will not stop until he has hunted them down.
    ---Habits: Cautious; practices with blades during spare time; listening to dusk, gliz, and glimmick music
    ---Likes: Music; books; loyalty
    ---Dislikes: Overly cheerful people; slavers; pirates
    ---Talents: Ground combat; gunboat piloting; Computer slicing
    ---Weakness: Starfighter piloting; not very trusting; unsociable; mechanical repairs
    ---Limitations: No Force talent; can not swim; being a merc, he is not regularly trusted; unpopular among Imperial circles because of his work for the Rebels
    ---Racial Attributes: Tough scales; average dexterity; excellent eyesight

    Affiliation: None
    ---Profession: Ground Trooper
    ---Primary Weapons: Slug Thrower sniper rifle, boot vibro-knife, Blaster pistol, vibro-sword strapped to back, holdout dart gun with tranquilizer darts
    ---Equipment: Electromonocular detachable scope for rifle, datapad, Imagecaster holoprojector, comlink, visor with HUD computer interface

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Nova Flame
    ---Model: Modified Custom [link=]Star-Yacht[/link]
    ----Speed: 750 km/h
    ----Crew: Optimal (3), Minimum (1)
    ----Passenger Space: 4 (Plus crew)
    ----Hyperdrive: Class 1, Backup Class 8
    2 Dual Heavy Laser Cannons Turrets
    2 Proton Torpedo Launchers (5 Torpedoes per launcher)
    Rear-Facing Ballistic, Chemical-Propelled Missile Launcher (2 Missiles)

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No?: No


    Val?istar grew up on Varun, raised by his parents until the age of 18. As the war began to spread across the galaxy, he left home to take advantage of the growing market for mercenaries. He stole a ship from his uncle, a rather wealthy pirate, and hired himself out as a convoy guard, starship security, groundside security, and basically anything else that would earn him credits. Most of his work was for the Rebels, simply because the Empire was not quick to hire aliens to do their work. He would, of course, quickly take any Imperial contract he found, in order to maintain a somewhat neutral relation to the Empire. On a jaunt to a small outpost on Sluis Van he ran into a Defel going by the name ?Ghost? selling exotic weaponry. Val purchased a few minor items from the Defel and left for his ship. Soon after, Ghost was arrested for dealing in unregistered and illegal weaponry. Val didn?t really care much at the time, but he soon recalled hearing somewhere that Defel?s were highly loyal once you earned their trust and incredibly good weaponsmiths. Since one could always use more weapons, and the turrets on his ship were a pain to operate by himself, he paid for the Defel?s release. Ghost considers himself to be in Val?s debt and follows him to this day. Or he at least considers Val a good source of revenue. After the ?end? of the civil war and the Emperor?s death in the Endor system, Val found his services in greater demand. The sudden loss of confidence in the Empire?s abilities forced it to be less picky about whom it hired and the ?Galactic Alliance? did not care about one?s species.
  14. Rebecca_Daniels

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    Approved by [hl=indigo]Jello[/hl]

    Name: Ada Medina (Ad?amedina)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27
    Species: Twi?lek
    Homeworld: Ryloth
    Known Languages: Basic, Rylothean

    ---Height: 5? 5? or 1.65 m
    ---Eye Color: Hazel
    ---Hair/Fur Color: n/a
    ---Skin Color: Red
    ---Clothing: Loose, worn clothing that looks like a typical smuggler?s outfit; usually a sleeve-less top and a pair of holsters for her blasters.
    ---Other: (scars, tattoos etc)

    Personality: Tough and somewhat distrustful, easily angered, suspicious of all, reckless when it comes to slaves, doesn?t care what others think of her, strong-willed, confident
    Habits: Shooting first, asking questions later; twirling her pistols when she?s anxious
    Likes: Her partner; the Alliance (for the most part); being on her own; freeing slaves; a good drink
    Dislikes: Most men; Humans (in general); Hutts; slavers; Force-users; prejudice; stereotyping of the Twi?lek race;
    Talents: Good fighter because of her training as a dancer; mechanical repairs; smuggling; piloting
    Weakness: Lonely, handsome spacers; untrusting of anyone; stubborn; tends to get angry easily; doesn?t think before she acts; friends
    Limitations: Sticks out in a crowd because of her rare skin colour; pulling her lekku can incapacitate her
    Racial Attributes: Stronger than most humans (not by much)

    Affiliation: Smaller faction with pro-Alliance leanings
    ---Profession: Smuggler
    ---Primary Weapons: A pair of blaster pistols, a vibroblade

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Heat Storm
    ---Model: YT-2000 freighter
    ---Accessories: A pair of bunks, small kitchenette, large cargo hold, smuggling holds, modified weapons (more powerful, somewhat illegal)

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No?: Yes, but unrecognised as such


    Ada has been hidden her entire life. At least, the part of her life that had been spent on Ryloth. Why? Because of her rare skin colour. Ada was Lethan, and they were in high demand as slaves. But the hiding didn?t help, in the end. Slavers attacked her clan?s city and took her, along with three other young females. The four were then separated, and Ada ended up in the service of a Hutt. Not Jabba, thankfully, but this one wasn?t much better.

    For years, she was trained by the Hutt?s dance master, until Ada was by far the best of all his dancers. It was for that reason that Jabba took notice of her and demanded that she be brought to him. Things didn?t work out so well for him.
    Along the way, the ship, entirely cargo except for her and all bound for Jabba, was attacked by a coalition of smugglers that wanted to strike at Jabba in a distant way. One of the smugglers exchanged his portion of the spoils to have her. Thinking that he was another slaver, Ada resisted... but things were different this time. This man, and his hired crew, were working, albeit distantly, for the Alliance, and were firmly against taking slaves. Finally, there was freedom.

    Ada became extremely loyal to this man, who was a sort of father figure for her, and he was the only one to whom she ever warmed up to. The pair ran cargoes for the Alliance from time to time, though they were slowly breaking their ties with that faction. Then disaster struck.

    Ada?s partner was caught by Imperial Security just before they left. He was sentenced to five years on Kessel, which meant that Ada was on her own for all that time. There was nothing she could do but wait and continue doing what she did best, but now by herself.
  15. Senator_Elegos_A-Kla

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    Jan 18, 2001
    As approved via [hl=indigo]Jellonic[/hl] Irrigation :p

    Type: Player (PC)
    Name: Corben Dys
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corulag
    Family Name: Dys
    Native Language: Basic
    Foreign Language: Vaathkree Trade Language & Other Trading Languages
    Credits: 10,000,000 Credits (Personal Use), 150,000,000 (Commercial Use)

    ---Height: 175 Centimeters
    ---Weight: 66 Kilograms
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Light Brown
    ---Skin Color: Caucasian
    ---Clothing: Black Uniform with Red Trim

    Personality: Generally Happy, well mannered & accomodating
    Habits: Triple checks all transactions made.
    Likes: Upturns in the stock markets & Single Women
    Dislikes: Downturns in the stock markets
    Talents: Making money, Business & Commerce
    Intelligence: Genius
    Strength: Normal
    Agility: Normal
    Speed: 7.5 Kilometers per hour
    Limitations: Phobia of Force Users

    Affiliation: InterGalactic Corporation
    ---Station: InterGalactic Platform
    ---Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    ---Primary Weapons: BlasTech DL-56
    ---Secondary Weapons: BlasTech DL-6H (Concealed)

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: InterGalactic Wanderer
    ---Class: Sienar Fleet Systems Mu-2 Class Shuttle
    ---Shields: 100 SBD
    ---Hull: 25 RU
    ---*Sublight Speed: 65 MGLTs
    ---*Atmospehric Speed: 850 Kph
    ---*Hyperdrive: Class 2
    ---*Hyperdirve Backup: Class 20
    ---Weapons: 2 Forward Laser Cannons (Fire-Linked)
    ---Cargo: 100 Metric Tons
    ---Crew: 2
    ---Passengers: 14
    ---Accessories: 4 small enclosed cabins & a small galley

    Background: Corben Dys was born of a wealthy Corulag business family, and when of age inherited the businesses that his family owned. A suave businessman, he looks for any business opportunity that will gain him monetary advantage over his competitors


    Type: Player (PC)
    Name: Toma Tu'kla
    Nickname: Tukes
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Species: Caamasi
    Homeworld: Caamas
    Family Name: Maternal: 'Kla' Clan, Paternal: 'Tu' Clan
    Native Language: Caamasi
    Foreign Language: Basic, Vaathkree Trade Language & Corporate Sector Standard.

    ---Height: 1.76 Meters
    ---Weight: 62 Kilograms
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Purple with Green Markings.
    ---Skin Color: N/A
    ---Clothing: Wears a stylised robe in different colors but still retaining the Imperial Uniform 'feel'.
    ---Other: N/A

    Personality: : Calm, cool, approachable, Intelligent, Aware of the current situation-Always.
    Talents: Diplomatic Negotiations, Troop Command & Strategy, Trading, R&D, Piloting of Transports & Information Gathering.

    Affiliation: Galactic Empire.
    ---Rank: High General.
    ---Branch: Army.
    ---Station: Ubiqtorate Base - Yaga Minor, To-Phalion Base & Other Secret Bases.
    ---Unit: Imperial Research Corps.
    ---Position: Head of Research and Development.
    ---Primary Weapons: Old Naboo Royal Pistol & Vibroblade.
    ---Secondary Weapons: Stormtrooper Rifle with Sniper Scope
    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Queen Of Blades
    TransGalMeg Xiytiar-class Transport (Modified).
    ---Shields: 1200 SBUs.
    ---Engines: 100 MGLTs.
    ---Hyperdrive: Yes. Speed: 0.90.
    ---Weapons: 4 Turbolaser Turrets (Concealed), 2 Ion Cannons, 6 Laser Cannons (4 Concealed), 2 Warhead Launchers.
    ---Cargo: 5000 metric tons
    ---Personnel: 1 or 2, depending on mission profile.
    ---Passengers: 12.
    ---Accessories: Main cargo bay doubles as a small hangar. Onboard computer is the same as Hyperspace Marauder's unique computer system, it can take over any ship's computer that touches Queen of Blade's hull and the Commander of Queen Of Blades has the other ship's crew at his/her mercy.

    The Force: No

    Background: Joined the Imperial Navy short after the pirate raids on his homeworld of Kerilt started, to help get protection even though the Imperial hnad had destroyed Caamas. His exceptional skills have helped the IN in many situations.

    Type: Non-Player (NPC).
    Name: IMP-22.
    Age: 40 Years Since Activation.
    Species: Imperial Military Prot

    DREAMSTAR Jedi Knight star 1

    Apr 11, 2006
    Typo Approved

    Name: Tetra Vien/ Ghost
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Species: Defel
    Homeworld: Af?El
    Known Languages: Basic, Defel

    ---Height: 1.5 Meters
    ---Eye Color: reddish
    ---Hair/Fur Color: normal-black (in ultraviolet light-azure)
    ---Skin Color: Gray
    ---Clothing: gray robe over rich blue jacket trimmed in silver, dark gray pants, combat boots
    ---Other: Clawed hands, sharp teeth

    Personality: He is proud and independent to the point of stubbornness. He doesn?t like others to tell him what to do or how to do it. He is loyal to friends and employers, but not always trustworthy. He can be secretive and conniving.

    ---Habits: tucked away in a corner working on the ship or a blade
    ---Likes: crafting weapons, working on ships, shadows
    ---Dislikes: crowds, bright lights, Species creepier then him.
    ---Talents: ship gunnery,crafting weapons ship navigation
    ---Weakness: blind without visor, blasters weapons
    ---Limitations: No Force talent, his size, first aid because of claws
    ---Racial Attributes: excellent dexterity, normal light defel appear as visible patches of darkness much like shadows in low light they are effectively invisible.

    Affiliation: None
    ---Profession: metallurgist and assassin
    ---Primary Weapons: Togorian Vibro-Scimitar, a Kerestian Darkstick, and a Flechette Pistol with 80 rounds
    ---Equipment: datapad, Imagecaster holoprojector, comlink, Personal

    ---Name: Shadow-runner
    ---Model: Modified mankvim-814 light interceptor
    The Mankvim-814's simple construction consisted largely of a reactor feeding power to a high-velocity ion drive. A magnetized rudder tilted the ion flow for off-axis thrust, while side thrusters aided roll and yaw adjustments.
    The interceptor was armed with twin rapid-fire laser cannons and durable deflector shields for combat. The Mankvim-814 light interceptor seated one pilot, typically a droid pilot. The interceptor's aerodynamic wings, fitted with repulsorlifts, aided with overall maneuverability.
    _ Length 10.7 meters
    _ Width6.46 meters
    _Height/depth 3.45 meters
    _ Maximum acceleration 3,400 G
    _ Maximum speed (atmosphere) 62,000 km/h
    _ Hyperdrive system modified to fit a hyperdrive class 3
    _ Shielding Equipped
    _Armament Laser cannons (2)
    _ Crew Pilot (1)

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No?: No


    My name is Tetra Vien, though that is known to only a few. To the rest of the galaxy I am called ghost ? unfair, really. Ghosts are dead things that come back to life as shadowy specters. They haunt and sometimes kill things and then vanish back into the night. Well I, for one, am quite alive, thank you, and intend to stay that way. So I guess I can see where they get it, but it?s been months since I?ve gotten a job to kill someone. There?s just not as much call for it these days, at least not until recently, which is fine. I?m not just an assassin. In fact, it?s not even what I do best. Don?t get me wrong ? if you?re looking to have someone dealt with, I?m almost the best you?re going to find in these parts. But my greatest achievement is in the construction of the finest exotic weapons and armor in the galaxy, not to brag or anything. I am the best, that?s all, from b'hedda dug swingblade to a shyarn dueling scimitar and everything in between. In fact, I?ve even built an exact replica of an ancient Hutt battle armor, a full suit, mind you, for a client. Needless to say, the galaxy still likes its weapons, even if there hasn?t been a need to use them for a century. That?s a good thing. Even if ghosts don?t eat, I certainly do. Well, that?s enough about ghosts and weapons. You?re reading this because you wanted to know about me and my glorious exploits. I see no need to tell you about how I was born, how my father was, or the perfect child I was. Aah, if you believe that load of bantha fodder, then would you like to buy Darth Vader?s personal helmet? It?s on sale just for you. Anyway my home when I?m there is on Afei, a high-gravity planet orbiting the super-giant
  17. AvatarOfYunYammka

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    Dec 30, 2007

    Name: Thall Vrei
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Species: Zeltron
    Homeworld: Zeltros
    Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Huttese, Bocce, Durese, Hapan, Shyrwiiwook (full comprehension), Binary (full comprehension)

    ---Height: 5'9"
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Reddish-brown. Kept extremely short in military fashion.
    ---Skin Color: Pinkish-Red
    ---Clothing: Usually wears either his Alliance military uniform or extremely well-tailored civilian clothes.
    ---Other: No scars, tattoos, piercings or any other skin deficiences. Like most Zeltrons, he is viewed as extremely handsome by human and Near-Humans alike.

    Like most Zeltrons, Thall has a strong empathic ability, making him uniquely suited as an intelligence officer. His empathic skills, mixed with his racial beauty, allow him to be easily accepted and trusted by others. He is a likable and sociable guy, enjoying the finer things of life, but still able to mingle with all classes of people without much difficulty. Although he has a very serious job, he is a fun-loving person and has an excellent sense of humor. It is said that he rarely meets a new person who is not already a friend.

    Outside of his interpersonal skills, he is very shrewd and intelligent. Although he may project the image of a good-for-nothing playboy, there is a keen mind behind his dalliances and worldliness. As with any intelligence officer worth his mettle, he is very good with languages (it is said empathic nature and excellent memory and analytical skills help with this). Although he is a fairly peaceful guy, he is quite skilled with a blaster and at fisticuffs (he received training after all).
    -Eats and drinks when nervous (his species high metabolic rate ensures that he stays healthy and avoids drunkenness)
    -Is quite extravagant when the Alliance is footing the bill
    -Women (quite a bit)
    -Fine food and alcohol
    -His job
    -Galactic Alliance
    -Zeltros (his homeplanet)
    -Galactic Empire
    -Sith Order
    -Negative emotions (even though he has learned how to control his empathic nature somewhat, extremely bad feelings from others can seep into him as it were sometimes)
    -People who are too officious
    -Very skilled at getting people to trust him and divulge information to him
    -Able to produce certain pheromones that can affect others
    -Sometimes able to project certain emotions onto other people as well as to read/feel other people's emotions
    -Empathic ability means that someone else's negative emotions can affect him deeply
    -Enjoys the company of women a little too much
    -Tends to do thing in an unorthodox manner and, thus, occasionally irritates those in authority
    -No Force Sensitivity
    Racial Attributes:
    -Ability to produce pheromones (comparable to the Falleen ability)
    -Ability to project emotions on to others, creating a type of control
    -Empathic ability (allows him to read and feel the emotions of others)

    Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
    ---Profession: GA Navy, Fleet Intelligence
    ----Rank: Vice Admiral
    ---Primary Weapons:
    -1x SoroSuub ELG-3A "Diplomat's Blaster" blaster pistol (worn in a special shoulder holster when undercover)
    -1x BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol (worn in hip-holster when in uniform)

    -1x Vibro-Knife (strapped to his ankle)

    Personal Ship: None. Usually uses Alliance assigned ships.

    The Force: No.

    Thall Vrei was born on the Zeltronian homeplanet of Zeltros. His father ran a fairly lucrative nightclub on the so-called 'luxury planet' (Zeltronians were known for their hedonism since they wanted to be around only "positive" emotions due to their empathic issues and their homeplanet was no exception). As a child, besides being
  18. Sinrebirth

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    Typo Approved!

    Name: Lylithe Dusa
    Gender: Female
    Age: 47
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Sesswenna
    Known Languages: Basic

    ---Height: 5? 9??
    ---Eye Color: Luminous blue; recoloured in 19 BBY
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Brown
    ---Skin Color: Light
    ---Clothing: Tends to wear her Captain?s uniform rather than her Jedi robes, though has been prone to wearing the latter moreso lately
    ---Other: Slight scar across her belly from Clone Wars

    Personality: A hard woman, but not without her heart
    Habits: Unable to delegate, and would do everything if she could
    Likes: To be alone, to be in control
    Dislikes: Violence, but has been drawn into it
    Talents: Her life has worn her into a woman with the ability to command, a trickle of aggression fuelling her
    Weakness: Her past; it is crippling for her, at times
    Limitations: Her desire to be in control makes limits her command abilities beyond that of a single fighter craft; too many and she feels out of control
    Racial Attributes: An intense dislike of Eriadu and any from it

    Affiliation: Alliance
    ---Profession: Jed Knight
    ---Primary Weapons: Lightsaber, sidearm

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: X-wing-class starfighter
    ---Model: T-65
    ---Accessories: Standard, although Lylithe dislikes astromechs, preferring to remember hyperspace coordinates mentally

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Jedi
    ---Lightsaber Type: Single
    ---Blade Color: Blue
    ---# of Lightsabers: 1
    ---Other: Makes use of Soresu, in the limited fashion the new Jedi are aware of it

    Background: Born destitute on Seswenna, Lorelei Dusa grew up despising all that Eriadu represented, as did all on the former capital of the sector before the Clone Wars. That cataclysm saw the Republic abandon Seswenna to defend Eriadu, and even the attempt to recapture the planet after the Battle of Saluecami saw the planet devastated.

    Lorelei was discovered to be Force sensitive by the Jedi leading the clone troops, and scheduled to be evacuated with the rest. However, the CIS had blockaded the system, a Droid Control ship blocking all channels ? including its own, when the Republic tried to piggyback signals using CIS wavelengths. As such, when Order 66 and the instructions to shut down were given out to the galaxy at large, Seswenna continued fighting as if nothing had happened.

    When the CIS flagship was finally destroyed a fortnight after the Battle of Coruscant by the trapped combatants, the shutdown signal and Order 66 came through, ending the fighting quickly but causing chaos. Lorelei escaped death and, in the confusion, was evacuated by the Empire by accident. Escaping to Naboo, she was protected by the nascent rebellion there, and had her eyes and hair recoloured, becoming Lylithe.

    Marrying Garen Kya, whose household had taken her in as a 'refugee', in a whirlwind romance in 18 BBY, she had a daughter named Cesca a year later, vainly convincing her husband to stay out of the Imperial military ? it transpired that he was an immense loyalist when Naboo rebelled against the Empire, but Lylithe managed to keep him out of the battles. In 2 BBY, unable to watch as the Rebellion grew and threatened the peace he had won for his daughter in the Clone Wars, he joined the Navy and was seemingly killed almost immediately at the Battle of Turkana.

    Lylithe left Naboo, becoming Lorelei once more, and joined the Rebellion. She knew who was truly to blame for her husbands? death ? the Empire and its totalitarian ways. She embraced her secret Force sensitivity and became one of Leia?s new Jedi.

    She is often associated with the elderly Acclamator-class destroyer named the Doneeta, which had been recovered from the Empire after the destruction of Jabiim. She fought at Endor and Lylithe Kya is, now, unaware that her husband is the Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side ? his shadowy title overshadowed by the Darth Sanguinis? obvious power.

    She may hate the Sith, but she is well aware the Empire is their ? her - true enemy, and advises Leia often to keep the w
  19. Mister_Master

    Mister_Master Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 17, 2007
    Typo Approved.[face_dancing]

    Class: Pilot
    Name: Thryta Melagan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Species: Iridonian Zabrak
    Homeworld: Iridonia
    Known Languages: Basic, Huttese, Zabraki.

    ---Height: 1.8 meters
    ---Eye Color: orange
    ---Hair/Fur Color: black
    ---Skin Color: red and black
    ---Clothing: pilot jumpsuit, black tunic, black boots, sheaths that cross on his back for his swords.
    ---Other: Zabrak tattoos covering his entire body, a scar on his right shoulder from a knife wound, a special squadron tattoo on his left forearm.

    Personality: Thryta is sometimes arrogant, and overconfident of his own skills, hes also stubborn. Hes very nosy because he cares so much about other people.
    Habits: Cracks his knuckles, gets himself into things that are none of his business, gets into fights because he thinks hes better then everyone else.
    Likes: Melee weapons, flying, tattoos.
    Dislikes: anyone not on his side, insults, racists.
    Talents: a good melee fighter, a skilled pilot, good at martial arts.
    Weakness: Sometimes when fighting pain will shoot up into his shoulder, arrogant, short tempered.
    Limitations: No Force, has limitations in the use of his right arm.
    Racial Attributes: Thinks hes better then everyone else (zabrak)

    Affiliation: Galactic Rebellion
    ---Profession: Star Fighter Squadron Pilot
    ---Primary Weapons: Two Vibroswords, small vicroknife, and a DE-10 blaster pistol.

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: The head horn
    ---Model: X-Wing
    ---Accessories: four laser canons, four proton torpedoes, and astromech named CT-12.

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: no
    ---Affiliation: n/a
    ---Lightsaber Type: n/a
    ---Blade Color: n/a
    ---# of Lightsabers: none
    ---Other: n/a

    Background: Born on Iridonia, Thryta grew up with only a mother. His father died when he was very young of a heart disease. When he was 8 his mother was killed by storm troopers. He swore on his mothers grave that he would destroy the empire. From that point on he dedicated his life to fighting, by the time he was 21 he was a skilled pilot, and melee fighter. He got himself transport of the planet and made his way to the core worlds hoping to find the rebel alliance. He eventually found them and joined them.
  20. Princess Cambria

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    Jan 20, 2006
    Typo approved! [face_batting]

    Name: Briika Tor
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Species: Human/Mandalorian
    Homeworld: Mandalore
    Known Languages: Basic, Mando?a
    Affiliation: Smaller Faction
    ---Profession: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary/Pilot

    Appearance: Holo taken at age 18.
    ---Height: 5?7?
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Hair Color: Long blond, usually worn in braided plaits tucked under her buy'ce
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Scar: 4? linear scar across right side of neck

    ---Beskar'gam (Mandalorian armor) - Briika has updated her Mandalorian Shock Trooper armor design with added armor plating around the neck, thighs, and the back of the upper arms. These plates, though much lighter than the normal armor plates, cover the most well known weak spots in traditional beskar'gam, giving Briika more protection from energy and projectile fire, as well as lightsaber attacks. The armor also has a kama, or belt-spat, that acts as a flexible anti-blast armor. It offers protection against crippling injury from low-flying shrapnel and debris as well as jetpack downwash. Her main colors are black for justice and red for honor with gold on her shoulders for vengeance and gray trim for mourning those lost.
    ---Kute (bodysuit) - Beneath the beskar armor plates, Briika wears a black undersuit made from micronized beskar and equipped with an advanced power armor liner. The liner has a micro energy field projector and two layers of thin ceramic plates, which disperse physical and blast impacts, reducing the chance of injury and the likelihood of knockdowns. The power liner also provides increased protection from fire, acid, intense heat, and cold. She can wear this under civilian clothing as well.
    ---Buy'ce (helmet) - Briika's ?bucket? compensates automatically for low or high light conditions, picks up on minute sounds and amplifies them and can connect with the onboard computer of her ship as well as the Holonet, assuming the transmission isn't blocked (from being deep under ground or jammed). It also has a built-in air filter and is connected directly to a small air tank that carries two hours worth of oxygen. Using verbal commands and even simple blinks of her eye, Briika can control weapons, sensors, and even her jetpack. Her helmet's HUD displays information on the surrounding environment using an advanced radar (enabling her to see into nearby rooms) and offers a 360-degree field of vision. The helmet's broad band antenna is capable of intercepting and unscrambling basic comlink and starship comm transmissions. At the top of the antenna is a rangefinder capable of tracking up to thirty targets from a distance of one-hundred meters. The rangefinder feeds data to a display overlay inside the helmet showing the range and movement for any targets in a 360 degree radius. The overlay also links to Briika's weapons systems to display fire vector and range data, enabling her to make more accurate shots. In addition to those features, the macrobinocular viewplate enables Briika to see great distances and a built-in infrared scanner is capable of magnifying light up to 100 times or displaying heat gradations.
    ---Kom'rke (gauntlets) - Briika's two gauntlets/bracers hold a large number of her weapons. Her right gauntlet is equipped with a mini rocket launcher usually armed with two small fragmentation rockets that can detonate on impact or at a previously set range. It is also equipped with an ejectable vibroblade similar to those used by the clone commandos during the Clone Wars and a small dartcaster, which fires darts at high velocity (can be equipped with a harmless tranquilizer or a lethal poison). Her left gauntlet contains a miniature flame projector which creates a cone of fire five meters long and one meter in diameter, and a BlasTech Dur-24 wrist laser comparable to a standard blaster rifle in power and with a maximum range of fifty meters. It is also equipped with custom-made net launching device, w
  21. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Approved by Typo. In partnership with Darth_Vaders_Cousin, I bring you droid one of two.

    Name: Nera
    Gender: Android (feminine programming)
    Age: 49 years
    Species: P-100 salvage droid
    Homeworld: Nimban
    Known Languages: Binary, over 6,000,000 via vocabulator.

    ---Height: 7?10?
    ---Sensor Color: Yellow
    ---Plating color: Brown
    ---Other: Rusting in spots, chipped paint.

    Personality: Very rebellious. Intelligent and thoughtful. Kind and helpful. Polite. Very adventurous and curious. Not shy to working outside the law.
    Talents: Slicing, repair, translations, piloting. Highly modified, including the addition of two ?arms? for general use.
    Weakness: Adventure. Her own curiosity. Combat droids.
    Limitations: Very large, no armament.
    Racial Attributes: Extremely durable.

    Affiliation: Possibly the Alliance.
    ---Profession: Various
    ---Primary Weapons: None

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Nera?s Escape
    ---Model: Personal Luxury Yacht 5000
    ---Accessories: Stripped down to allow maximum storage space. Retains three rooms with triple bunks in each. Limited weaponry and shielding. Re-built for speed.

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No: No

    Background: Nera was once P-100 salvage droid no. 54386736478. She collected ruined podracer parts, to be sold by her masters back to the pilot or to Jawas, at horrid prices. She was classified a fifth-degree droid in her first 30 odd years of ?life?. She began to develop a personality just a few years before pod racing was outlawed. When it was, she escaped being melted down for scraps, by disguising herself as a menial labor droid on a large public transport.

    Nera reprogrammed another droid to steal her a slicer-upgrade. She used it to siphon credits into an account she created under the name of her old master. She quickly amassed enough credits to purchase a stripped down Yacht and a piloting upgrade, but was forced to flee the planet she was on.

    Her ?life? since then is undetermined, and it is assumed she laid low and made modifications to both her ship and her own behavior core. At some time, she became paired with a rare model of combat droid, called Bryce. The duo are nearly inseparable.
  22. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    Typo Approved, Droid 2/2

    Name: Bryce
    Gender: Android, Masculine Programming
    Age: 987 Standard Years (Combined operational life of 35 Cycles)
    Species: Tac-Spec FIII Footman
    Homeworld: Unknown (Operational Life on Coruscant)
    Known Languages: Binary, Over 100 Languages common to Coruscant around 1,000 BBY

    ---Height: 5'11"
    ---Sensor Color: Blue
    ---Plating color: Grey with flecks of old black paint
    ---Other: Paint appears to have been buffed off.

    Personality: Feircely loyal to friends, Pompous and stuck up to others, prefers to keep a low profile but uses any excuse to resort to violence.
    Talents: Over 70 forms of martial combat, small and heavy arms training (sniping specialty), Extremely creative, general piloting skills.
    Weakness: Slug weapons, Oblivious to modern world.
    Limitations: Rare model makes him easy to spot.
    Racial Attributes: Blaster proof plating, Extreme speed and strength in limbs, Telescopic Photoreceptors.

    Affiliation: Possibly the Alliance.
    ---Profession: Butler, Body Guard, Spy and Assasin
    ---Primary Weapons: Fists, Relby K-23 Blaster Pistol

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No: No


    Purchased by a little known Mid-Rim Senator around 1,000 BBY, Bryce, as with all of his kind, was a special order droid purchased from the GenoHaradan Bounty Hunters Guild. Designed to blend in as a Butler/Protocol Droid, Bryce was one of very few Footmen that made it coreward, as most were sold to Noble families in the mid and outer rim. Setting him apart from his Noble Brethren, Bryce was specifically ordered with two hands, rather than one and a miniature rail gun.

    Bryce was purchased for the expressed purpose of protecting his master from, and being a covert liaison to, the many underworld crime syndicates with which his Senatorial keeper was involved. He was also tasked with spying on other Senators, and eliminating any threats which may end his masters participation on the Senate Floor.

    However, eventually his master became too involved with the underworld for his own good, and it seemed as if there was another attempted on his life every week. In order to save himself, the Senator turned himself into authorities, ordering Bryce into hibernation in a Naboo Vacation home until such time that he was released from prison, and Bryce could be reactivated.

    However, that time never came, and after some time Bryce's battery reserve deleted. He was not found until just three years ago, when the Mansion was purchased by a Naboo historical society. Bryce, assumed deactivated long ago, was restored to his original beauty and painted to match a Naboo Museum's logo. Unfortunately for Andro-historians who were studying him, a stray pulse from equipment jumped through his Loyalty circuitry and provided him enough charge to kill his perceived attackers, and then recharge his energy reserves, bringing himself to full functionality. It was presumed he was stolen by other historians, or the GenoHaradan themselves, and no thought was paid to his disappearance.

    In reality, Bryce stole a ship and fled to the outer rim, where he shed his newest paint job, and attempted to find some purpose for his new life, while adjusting to the changes in the galaxy. It was there, in the outer rim, he met up with a Feminine salvage droid called Nera, who helped open his mind to his new freedom, and he has been at her side ever since.
  23. s65horsey

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    I hope this is ok to post here.

    Can we get clarification on the Han/Leia thing? I was told by Jello that Han did not show up to the Death Star to save Luke and that would be when I assume he left the Rebellion, which would make Leia mad at him for leaving still and thus not really know him. I mean, he saved her, sure, but then took the money and left.

    But then HanSolo posted something different in an OOC to me in the game thread saying that Han was with the Rebellion until Leia left (which she never did as she's one of the triumvirate members). So I'm confused.
  24. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    Sey, I'm gonna go ahead and post a response in [link=]this[/link] thread. I believe that's where all the OOC comments go and I don't want Jello to come down on us. :p

  25. Blue_but_beautiful

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    LI Approved-

    Name: S?uun Esh
    Gender: Female
    Age: 125
    Species: Yuuzhan Vong
    Homeworld: The Worldship Baanu H?ess.
    Known Languages: Yuuzhan Vong, any language translatable by a Tizowyrm.

    ---Height: 6ft4?
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: Blue-grey
    ---Clothing: Red-black Vonduun Crab armour, or simple robeskin when not on duty.
    ---Other: Very prominent domain tattoo in the center of her forehead, comprising of interlinking circular whorls and a deep chevroned scar pointing up and back from her forehead. Various scars upon her limbs and torso from ritual sacrifice and devotion, though her face it?s self remains accentuated by almost tattoo?s alone.

    Personality: Bloody minded to a point beyond stubbornness. Blunt but to the point.
    Habits: Devout to the true way, she will often be found giving blood sacrifice before a deciding battle or event.
    Likes: Battle, the chance to bring more glory to the gods.
    Dislikes: Infidels and their technology, which she considers deeply offensive and an abomination. Insubordination.
    Talents: Excelent melee combatant, particularly handy with a coufee.
    Weakness: Her temper, it can often blind her to all else around her and lead herself or those she commands into dire situations. Baffor pollen, particularly if she is wearing her armour at the time as the creature is severely allergic to such a substance.
    Limitations: No force ability, but otherwise few physical limitations beyond the obvious.
    Racial Attributes: She is completely devoid of the force, and as such, is unable to be directly effected with it.

    Affiliation: Yuuzhan Vong.
    ---Profession: Warrior of Subaltern rank.
    ---Primary Weapons: Amphistaff, Coufee, Nang-Hul (thud bugs)

    Hailing from an up and coming warrior domain, S?uun Esh certainly outwardly lives up to the ideal of the consummate warrior. In the crèche of her domain she excelled in the tutelage of basic hand to hand combat as did many, but her strengths lay more in a well honed sense of tactics, countered only by her insatiable lack of patience in certain situations ? certainly a bad habit of hers. Devout in her beliefs in the gods, she has been a loyal supporter of the Supreme Overlord and his wishes to align themselves with the sith for now? steadfast in her convictions, she is not one to be trifled with, nor easily swayed. These attributes and sentiments she has carried with her to the present day.
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