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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GrandAdmiralJello , Jul 11, 2008.

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    Typo approved. :D

    [b]Name:[/b] Wil Shard
    [b]Gender:[/b] M
    [b]Age:[/b] 24
    [b]Species:[/b] Human, Belderonian
    [b]Homeworld:[/b] Belderone
    [b]Known Languages:[/b] Basic, Bocce, Sy Bisti, Taarja, and Meese Caulf.

    ---[b]Height:[/b] 6'0"
    ---[b]Eye Color:[/b] Hazel-Green
    ---[b]Hair/Fur Color:[/b] Dark Brown
    ---[b]Skin Color:[/b] Olive Complexion
    ---[b]Clothing:[/b] Jumpsuit, Vest, solid boots and a blaster at all times: practicality imposing only so much on comfort.
    ---[b]Other:[/b] None.


    [b]Habits:[/b] Always the joker and carefree to the point of distraction (at least, for those around him), Wil Shard can often turn quite serious and introspective without warning. Will often try and keep conversation light, but beware the sentient who brings up politics at Wil Shard's messhall table.

    [b]Likes:[/b] Juma Juice, Swoop-bikes, naval tactics, galactic politics, Keyorin 'Hunterverse' Poetry.
    [b]Dislikes:[/b] Cynics, Hutts, Ubese, bigots, Police-State Authoritarianism, anything with the Imperial Sigil affixed.
    [b]Talents:[/b] A natural mechanic, easy to get along with, assured in a crisis, and quick to sieze the initiative.
    [b]Weakness:[/b] Younger Women (humanoid preferred but not required), Juma Juice (see above), is carrying a lot of secrets buried oh so deep...
    [b]Limitations:[/b] Unaware of any force sensitivity, hopeless at sabacc, compulsive.
    [b]Racial Attributes:[/b] Gets a lot of Outer Rim jokes...

    [b]Affiliation:[/b] Rebellion
    ---[b]Profession:[/b] Naval Officer
    ---[b]Primary Weapons:[/b] modified Mandalorian Heavy Blaster.

    [b][u]Personal Ship (optional)[/u][/b]
    [b]---Name:[/b] Noble Cause
    [b]---Model:[/b] TBA (Assigned in-game)
    [b]---Accessories:[/b] TBA

    [b][u]The Force: (optional)[/u][/b]
    [b]---Yes or No?:[/b] Yes
    [b]---Affiliation:[/b] unassigned
    [b]---Lightsaber Type:[/b] none
    [b]---Other:[/b] Unaware of Force Sensitivity, May manifest itself as uncanny luck, intuition etc.

    [b]Background:[/b] Wil Shard was born and raised on Belderone, his father a local militamen and his mother a leading botanist on their homeworld.

    In his youth, it was more the rough and tumble of swoops and underage vice dens that caught young Wil's eye, and the legacy of such scoundrel days still echoes in his personality. But Wil was forced into a more sober lifestyle when things began to breakdown on the homefront.
    His father - increasingly finding work out of Keyorin with Mercenary groups instead of his usual work with the Local Magistratium - became distant and angry, before finally disappearing, forcing Wil to work to help support his family, which his mother's modest academic wage could not cover.

    This period of maturity was something of a saving grace, forcing Wil to take some responsibility, and eventually he enrolled in a night school program and managed to distinguish himself at the local university, much to the growing pride of his mother.

    However, more than simple good graces had fallen upon Wil Shard during his education. He came to know the works of some of the greatest thinkers, the great political theorists, and finally, came to know the works of a (Former) Senator Palpatine, who had declared himself Emperor: of an Empire Wil had known all his life as "normal".

    But with such knowledge and education comes the realisation that such was not normal, and with growing moral horror came a cold conviction that something had to be done about it.

    At 21, Wil enrolled in a naval academy run out of the corporate sector, usually exclusive to those who would one day man the helms of private fleets throughout the region. As such, Wil has an unconventional grasp of tactics that has distinguished him from others in the Rebellion, many of whom gained their training at the Imperial Academy. Before he threw his lot in with the Rebellion, he arranged for his mother and the family to move, to ensure Imperial Intelligence couldn't track them down should he ever achieve something to warrant their displeasure.

    Now 24, a>
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    Name: Lilium "Lily" Cyric
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Species: Predominantly Nagai. The rest is somewhat unknown. Is unaware of both.
    Homeworld: Alderaan
    First Language: Basic
    Other Known Languages: [Ancient] Sith and High Galactic (both self-taught, with extremely dubious effectiveness)

    ---Height: 1.56 meters (5'1) [Extremely likely to rise very soon due to maturation]
    ---Eye Color: Grey
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Jet Black
    ---Skin Color: Extremely Pale White
    ---Clothing: Anything she can get her hands on. Mostly standard Coruscanti clothing, and her work uniform.
    ---Other: Almost always mistaken for a younger age because of a complete lack of...'development'.

    Personality: Cheerfully sarcastic, boisterously pleasant, and charmingly likable on the outside. Plain bizarre on the inside, but not malevolent in any way. Abandonment issues. Gives a misleading first impression of general dimness.
    Habits: Often gets an urge to move around and do something if idle.
    Likes: Cooking, Reading, Socializing, Cleaning, Money, Children
    Dislikes: 'Warrior mentality' Guys, Seductive Women, Messes, Waste, Inefficiency, Nobility, Aristocracy, Anyone higher in social standing than her (most people)
    Talents: Almost encyclopedic. Despite being considered 'lower-class', she can easily imitate the mannerisms of nobles. Great at disguising voices. Extremely sharp senses. Amazingly quick reflexes. And can somehow sense dishonesty and malevolence.
    Weakness: Afraid of the dark, sharp objects, blood, flying in space, and various alien species.
    Limitations: Almost no muscles. Somewhat clumsy. Unable to carry heavy objects. This includes most weapons, most armor, most objects, and etc. Also limits door-opening ability.
    Racial Attributes: Half-speed maturation, double life-span. Being chronologically twenty-eight makes her the equivalent of a fourteen year old human. She identifies herself by physical, not chronological age.

    Affiliation: Empire, by virtue of being an Imperial Citizen, but feels no loyalty toward the Empire.
    ---Profession: Maid
    ---Primary Weapons: None

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: None
    ---Lightsaber Type: N/A
    ---Blade Color: N/A
    ---# of Lightsabers: N/A
    ---Other: Unproven, untested, and known by none, including Lily. Only manifests itself in Lily's uncanny ability to sense a liar. (Obviously not perfect, just above average)

    Background: Lily Cyric was born to a lower-middle class Nagai immigrant family in Alderaan as a second child. Due to her...delayed aging, she was perceived as suffering from some kind of horrible mental deficiency by her family, and was not liked by her parents or sibling. She can't remember her early years, and in all honesty, this makes them mostly irrelevant. In 1 BBY, she was shipped off to Coruscant by her distrustful parents. Excluding a few random fuzzy images in her Lily doesn't remember Alderaan. Partially because of this, although Lily doesn't possess any sort of loyalty toward the Empire, she doesn't possess any antipathy toward the Empire despite the fact that they orphaned her.

    After the Battle of Yavin, the only surviving member of her family that she knew was her older brother. Her older brother, who never actually liked her, quickly abandoned her after a month, taking with him most of the modest sum credits left by Lily's parents. Lily, however, showed a surprising precociousness in her ability to deal with the situation. Although one would have quickly assumed her to become a street urchin, Lily quickly was able to find a legitimate service job and provide for herself. Somewhat.

    Excluding her work at a small but very expensive (gives off the exclusive motif) Alien-themed hotel/spa (think Ryokans), reading, and just getting by, Lily has done absolutely nothing of note in the last few years. She has strong affection for her workplace, which actually also functions as her home. Due to its small size, she thinks of it as a rather intimate place, and because of its expensive prices and popularity, her conditio
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    [hl=white]Typo_de_Celchu Approved[/hl]

    [hl=white]Name: Token Kel Rar[/hl]
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Species: Cathar
    Homeworld: Cathar
    Known Languages: Basic, High Galactic, Huttese, Catharese

    ---Height: 6'4
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Milky brown
    ---Skin Color: White-pink
    ---Clothing: Suits, regularly, and Cathar ceremonial robes when the occasion calls for it.
    ---Other: His entire body is marked with tribal tattoos and scars of the Cathar, including his face.

    Personality: Intelligent, sadistic, fierce temper.
    Habits: Shooting, trading weapons, fighting.
    Likes: Guns, power, chaos
    Dislikes: Plans, diplomatic solutions, command positions
    Talents: Interrogation and machines
    Weakness: Women, technology, an injured leg, his anger.
    Limitations: Doesn't know how to negotiate and can't fly anything other than an X-wing. His leg slows him down from what a Cathar of his training should be able to move like.
    Racial Attributes: Incredible strength and endurance

    Affiliation: Alliance
    ---Profession: Alliance Intelligence Officer
    ---Primary Weapons: Pistol and any weapon he can get his hands on.

    Personal Ship: None

    The Force: No

    Background: Token Kel Rar was born and raised on the planet Cathar, home of the warrior Cathars. He and his brother, 4 years his junior, both were bred hunters, killing big game at early ages. Their father was part of the Catharean military and taught his boys well. But despite this when the Empire rose up, their entire family was captured for revolting back when the Empire attempted to liberate Cathar, starting with their invasion for suspected Jedi and leading to massacre planetwide.

    His father, him, and his brother, Luck, were all sold into slavery after the liberation of Cathar, though his mother was fortunate enough to be killed before being sold, as his father told them. Token's will was one of the strongest of the males in slavery and never broke while captive. He took the torture that was meant for his brother, him and his father did, but when they escaped, Luck was left behind.

    Token has used his Catharean training and rebellious attitude as building blocks for his new outlook on life. Torture changed him, some for the better and some for the worse. He realized early that the Empire had to fall and since Luck is still captive, he joined the Rebellion to see that his will be done and his thirst for revenge be quenched.
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    Name: Colonel Artemis Thane
    Gender: Male
    Age: 53
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Basic, Coruscanti, High Galactic, and Huttese

    ---Height: 6'
    ---Eye Color: Ice Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Light Brown
    ---Skin Color: Caucasian
    ---Clothing: He wears the olive-gray uniform of an officer of the Imperial Army or the armor of a Stormtrooper officer when he is in service of the Empire. Otherwise, he wears a simple Coruscanti fashion of the common populace.
    ---Other: He was once considered a handsome man, but an exploding bomb that was meant for Emperor Palpatine, had maimed his left side and face. Plastic surgery and skin grafts have repaired most of the damage so he doesn't look hideous, but the scars are still noticable and have left him a little less than handsome.

    Personality: He is arrogant, xenophobic, Jediphobic and loyal to the Empire.
    Habits: He is politically incorrect when it comes to aliens and his xenophobia, in other words he is a bigot. He drinks a glass of brandy-wine every night before bed, it helps him sleep better and cope with the horrors of war in his dreams. He also drinks stronger liquors at least twice a week.
    Likes: He likes fast things such as speederbikes and swoops as well as loose women.
    Dislikes: He despises non-humans and Force-users, and the only reason he tolerates the Imperial Family and their guardians is his loyalty to the Empire.
    Talents: He can drink any human under the table. He also has a talent for racing swoops though he doesn?t always come in the top three places.
    Weakness: He has a slight drinking problem that is growing worse and which he?s trying to overcome with little success. Offer him a stronger drink and he won't turn it down. Get him drunk and he'll speak his heart out.
    Limitations: Due to the bombing incident, he cannot run as fast or as far as he use to. He has a pronounced limp in his gait and his left hip hurts in cold weather. He also cannot lift heavy things with his left arm nor raise it above his shoulder for long periods without it tiring.
    Racial Attributes: Average.

    Affiliation: Galactic Empire
    ---Profession: Imperial Army Officer, R&D Developer, and Military Advisor
    ---Primary Weapons: BlasTech DL-44 Pistol

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Rogue Star
    ---Model: Luxury Yacht
    ---Accessories: Usual civilian permitted armament and accessories.

    The Force
    ---Yes or No?: No


    Artemis Thane comes from one of the prominent Coruscanti families that can trace their lineage as far back as half a millennia on Coruscant. Because of his family?s monetary and political connections, Artemis had a privileged life as a young man. He did not always enjoy this life, even though he had everything a young man desired. His parents sent him away to boarding schools for young men and then later enrolled him to the university on Coruscant where his degree was in business and politics so he could one day take over the family company.

    He hated it and rebelled against his parents by joining a fraternity that was into fast swoops and loose women, strong drinks and death sticks. When the Coruscant Security Force raided and busted the fraternity for illegal substances, his parents sent him away to the Republic Academy on Carida to become responsible and take the life they had set for him more seriously.

    However, his parents? plans for him went awry when the clone wars broke out between the Republic and the growing Separatists. In need of officers, the republic commissioned their best recruits at the academies and Artemis soon found himself in command of clones as a Lieutenant. He soon discovered he had an aptitude for command and battle. The young man who despised his parents? plans for him, soon found him self rising in the ranks as a clonetrooper commander and later with the ris
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    Name: Shira Elan Colla Brie/Lumiya
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27 (somewhat younger physically as biologically enhanced by Sith techniques)
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Basic.

    ---Height: 1.6 meters
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Red
    ---Skin Color: Pale
    ---Clothing: Signature triangular headwrap
    ---Other: Terrible scaring upon her face

    Personality: A manipulative streak tainted by a thirst for vengeance
    Habits: To preen at herself with numerous mirrors
    Likes: Order, Justice, Lord Vader
    Dislikes: The Alliance in it's entirety
    Talents: Ace pilot, Intelligence trained
    Weakness: Short-sightedness, over-confidence
    Limitations: Incredibly limited to the physical world, and doesn't think beyond those limitations; a base individual
    Racial Attributes: None

    Affiliation: Sith/Independent
    ---Profession: Sith Lady
    ---Primary Weapons: Lightwhip

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Behemoth
    ---Model: Imperial I-class Star Destroyer
    ---Accessories: Standard model, crew fanatically loyal to her due to her use of the dark side to weaken their will over two years

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Sith
    ---Lightsaber Type: Lightwhip
    ---Blade Color: Six strands, equal parts Mandalorian Iron, leather with Kaiburr crystal shards, dark energy
    ---# of Lightsabers: Lightwhip
    ---Other: Relatively weak due to Vader's stripping - standard fare to other 'Sith' in the galaxy

    Background: The woman who would become Shira Brie was born on Coruscant two years before Order 66. Her parents became rebels against the Empire, and Lord Vader, leading the strike to wipe them out from the pristine Jewel of the Empire, came across the child, too young to even speak.

    Viewing her as a useful pawn, he became her father - albeit a distant one - to the girl. Vader took great lengths to assign a female handler to her as an adoptive mother, one Sasha Brie. She named the child 'Shira', and cared for her until 5 BBY, when she disappeared while out grocery shopping. Vader had murdered her 'mother', moulding the sixteen year old Shira into a weapon for his own use.

    Shira Brie grew in hiding, Lord Vader's secret weapon against the Emperor and the Rebellion. Unknowingly trained by the Imperial Naval Academy and Imperial Intelligence under numerous pseudonym's, she became an adept pilot and manipulator.

    For himself, Vader found the irony of training her from a small age - similar to the Jedi indoctrinations - dazzling, but upon the discovery of the death of his son at Yavin, and that Leia was his daughter, he neglected Shira, and she directed her hatred at the Rebellion more than ever, a growing disquiet at her 'father' being nurtured into a flame of fury.

    This hatred became a full blown malice when she encountered Flint - another of Vader's 'children', who unveiled that he had been ordered to kill her mother years beforehand. Infuriated, she tracked down and attacked Vader, who easily swatted her aside and named her Lumiya - a Sith at last. Her actions had revealed her, however, and Vader presented her to the Emperor, who accepted her as a Hand. Shira quickly developed a hatred for the Emperor and for his other Hands, but grew in stature with the Emperor for her zeal.

    Fearful he was to be replaced, Vader stripped her of more than half of her power and sent her to Ziost until he was sure she could be trusted again. The Battle of Endor followed, and Lumiya vowed vengeance against those who had killed her hated 'father' and beloved Emperor. Engaging the Rebellion many times, she eventually ended up declared dead by the Alliance and Empire - thanks to Leia Organa and Mara Jade - and sank into hiding, meditating on her failures. She remains psychologically bare, caught between her love of the Emperor and the Empire, but hate of Vader and lightsiders, making her very vulnerable.

    Realising that her actions had endangered the Sith's very existence - as the last direct heir to Lord Sidious - she now seeks an apprentice. However, with the rise of the 'new Sith Order', a co
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    Jello Approved!

    Name: Tolin Corbec
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Alderaan
    Known Languages: Basic, Binary, Durese

    ---Height: 5?7?
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Dark brown
    ---Skin Color: Slight tan
    ---Clothing: Other than an officer?s uniform, Tolin may decide to slip on a uniform matching the ones worn by his medical staff to participate in the healing that would be given to his patients.
    ---Other: Tolin has a scar across the top of his right hand that came from an accident when, not having been given enough anesthesia during surgery on Alderaan, a patient awoke, struggled, and had caused Tolin to be cut with a laser scalpel before the patient was brought back under.

    Personality: Tolin?s personality is much like his choice of ship to command. When battle is not currently in progress, the captain?s doctor persona is in play; a kind man, gentle, and doing what he can for the men and women under his command. But once the turbolasers start firing, his demand for his crew to follow the orders that he would be giving takes over. However, both personas wish to accomplish the same thing: to keep people alive.
    Habits: Tolin tends to fiddle with his laser scalpel, whether spinning it between his fingers or just holding onto it, though never turning it on.
    Likes: His job as a doctor and captain, the ideals of the Galactic Alliance, peace and quiet, a good read.
    Dislikes: Alcohol, smoking, killing, having to actually use his blaster.
    Talents: Command and his medical skills.
    Weakness: A bad shot with a blaster.
    Limitations: No Force, only what his rank allows.
    Racial Attributes: He?s only human.

    Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
    ---Profession: Doctor, Starship Captain
    ---Primary Weapons: Other than the standard-issue DH-17 blaster pistol, Tolin carries around a laser scalpel in his pocket, the same one that had scarred his hand.

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Savior
    ---Model: A modified Nebulon-B Medical Frigate
    ---Accessories: While still a mobile hospital with treatment facilities, bacta, tanks, and hospital suites, the Savior has its own small hangar that usually holds six X-Wings and a Lambda-class shuttle for recovery efforts. Also, its weaponry had been upgraded with two more turbolasers and laser cannons to bring the armaments of the frigate to eight turbolasers and ten laser cannons.

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: No

    Background: Saving lives was something that Tolin had believed that he was destined for like his father, a doctor who had participated in the Clone Wars and worked within the medical facilities supplied by the Republic during Tolin?s teen years, whether they were on a planet or within a medical ship. With the high demand of medical personnel to keep its army of clone troopers on their feet, Tolin?s communication with his father was restricted to holo recordings and credits that were used to pay for Tolin?s education; the silent encouragement and pride of a father to find that his son is following in his footsteps.

    And of course, as the story goes for the many individuals that make up the galaxy, things turned to a darker turn when the Clone Wars ended and the Old Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire. Having been willing to support a government that had fought to defend it?s citizens, Tolin?s father had retired when said government transformed into one that enforced loyalty and obedience with violence and force.

    He and the rest of the population of Alderaan would experience the fullest extent of the force that the Empire was capable of using. On the fateful day that would mark the Death Star reaching its full operational capacity by obliterating the entire planet, Tolin had gone to Coruscant to gain more experience at working on members of several di
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    Approved by [hl=indigo]GrandAdmiralJello[/hl]

    Name: Reub Ititia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 32
    Species: Near-human
    Homeworld: Talus
    Known Languages: Basic, Huttesse

    : 174cm
    ---Eye Colour: Hazel
    ---Hair Colour: Brown
    ---Skin Colour: Tan (mostly from burns being forced onto the surface after long periods underground), with a hint of blue. Scars and burns over most of her body from the years on Kessel and acts by guards to contain her
    ---Clothing: Prisoner Jump/Work-suit

    Personality: Extremely bitter and violent; will often snap and strike-out verbally and physically at others for no apparent reason. Also very organized, even in the desolate environment she has spent years in.
    ---Habits: Keeping track of time and dates, and mumbling incoherently to herself monologues.
    ---Likes: Not very much, with the exception of planning her ultimate fantasies of vengeance.
    ---Dislikes: Everything in short, though her Imperial captors would be on the top of the list
    ---Talents: Survival. Even after multiple violent attacks on the prison world, and years of living in the near-fatal environment, she has "refused to die" as several guardsmen have noted.
    ---Weakness: Blinded by rage most of the time and tends to act way before even considering the consequences.
    ---Limitations: Has no piloting ability, and hasn't lived in the 'normal galaxy' for nearly a decade. No real blaster skills.

    Affiliation: None
    ---Profession: Former-terrorist', prisoner
    ---Primary Weapons: None; whatever is in reach, from tea cups to rocks

    The Force: No

    Background: If Reub had known most of the last ten years would have been spent on a planet hell, she would have driven a bomb into the local Imperial garrison years ago, rather than take part in the protest that ended with her and a dozen others being dragged blindfolded into Imperial custody. She also never would have had anything to do with a businessman from one of the shipyards.

    She was from the working-classes of Talus, and very involved in the worker's collective by age 17. Seeing what she felt was the oppression of the capitalist owners and the Empire, she began to get involved in an anti-authoritarian group, and there she met and become involved with a young individualist who worked as a manager. She was chided for becoming involved with what could be considered a member of the ruling class by the leaders of the group, though she believed that he would come through in the end. After the arrest, the man she was involved with gave a verbal confession to all the groups activities and effectively sealed the other sentences either to death or the mining planet of Kessel. The pain of his betrayal quickly turned to rage, and thus began her long decent into bitterness.

    For the last decade, the already angry young woman has become a cauldron of hatred towards everything that moved it seemed. In three fights with other prisoners, she had shattered their skulls with whatever she got her hand on. Normally that would have resulted in immediate termination, but it provided amusement to the guards and seemed to weed out more annoying characters. For the last two weeks, however, she had been locked in solitary confinement in pitch blackness for attacking a guard with a rock.

    Her vow and goal if she ever gets off the planet is killing as many Imperials as possible in a single suicidal attack.
  8. Zandoran_Celix

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    Nakir Tal'Orar 2.0. With links to Weapons and other related personal things.

    Name: Nakir Tal'Orar, AKA Nak
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33
    Species: Human/Mandalorian
    Homeworld: Onderon
    Known Languages: Basic, Huttesse, Shyyriwook, Mando'a (Knows some words and Phrases)

    ---Height: 1.83 Meters
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: dark tan
    ---Clothing:Black and Gold Mandalorian beskar'gam
    ---Civilian Attire: [link=]Mandalorian Combat Suit[/link], Long brown Trench coat.
    ---Other: On his left arm is the [link=]Mythosaur skull[/link], symbol of the Mandalorians. On his right arm is the [link=]Mandalorian Serpent[/link].

    Personality: Nak is the quiet type. Hes very observant and can file away little and large details to be remembered and reviewed later. Trained as partially a Soldier, but mostly as a mercenary he has the tendency to take charge of situations as art of a ploy to mask his nervousness.
    Habits: He tends to be abrasive when around those less tolerant of his kind,when he is like this he will start fights, even if he can not win. He also enjoys his meals and will eat just about anything, and drink just about anything.
    Likes: He likes cleaning his weapons and acquiring new ones. He also enjoys the Hunt when being a Mercenary/Bounty Hunter
    Dislikes: Force Users. He believes that they are arrogant and think themselves more important and above the laws. He also hates the law and any authority that tries to force him to do things he does not wish to.
    Talents: He can pretty much learn how to use any weapon that he has in his possession.
    Weakness: The fact that he empathizes with other sentients and is more merciful when at times a ruthlessness is required.
    Limitations: Not a Force User. Limited piloting Skills
    Racial Attributes: Unique Armor

    Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
    ---Profession: Mercenary/Bounty Hunter
    ---Primary Weapons: [link=] Dual DE-10 Blaster pistols[/link], [link=]DX-R6 Carbine[/link], [link=]Combat Knife[/link],[link=] Vibro Knuckler[/link], and [link=] a beskad[/link]
    ----Secondary Weapons: [link=]Laser Carbine[/link], [link=]BlueBolt Blaster[/link], [link=]Elite Carbine[/link].

    Personal Ship: N/A

    The Force: N/A

    Background: Nakir Tal'Orar was born on Onderon to a nomadic couple whom called the planet there home for less than a year. Both were Mandalorians but chose to do less Mercenary and Bounty Hunter work and try to more merchant work.

    When Nak was born they named him a name in an old language that meant Justice. It is unknown why they did not use the Mando'a form of the word Justice, but it is clear that they felt their son was meant for something great. They chose his last name to be different from theirs, again the reasons are unknown. In Mando'a Naks last name means, in literal translation, Blood Thunder.

    Nak grew up with the same nomadic lifestyle as his parents, but as he grew older his father took him to Mandalore to learn the way of the [
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    Name: Faron Anor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Species: Yuuzhan Vong
    Homeworld: Domain Anor Worldship
    Known Languages: Yuuzhan Vong, learning Basic

    ---Height: 1.92 meters
    ---Eye Color: Gray
    ---Hair Color: Graying black
    ---Skin Color: Pale gray
    ---Clothing: Vonduun Skerr Kyrric, command cloak
    ---Other: Left eye replaced by a mqaaq'it implant.

    Personality: Calculating & ambitious
    Dislikes: Zealotry.
    Talents: One of the best duelists in the warrior caste.
    Weakness: Borderline atheism has made him many enemies within the YV hierarchy.
    Limitations: Outside of the Force.
    Racial Attributes: Immunity to pain.

    Affiliation: Yuuzhan Vong Imperium
    ---Profession: Supreme Commander
    ---Primary Weapons: Amphistaff
    ---Secondary Weapons: Steng?s talons, Tsaisi, projectile biots, blorash jelly

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Yun-Yammka?s Grasp
    ---Model: Kor Chokk
    ---Accessories: Madcrazy rims

    Background: A prodigal commander within the warrior caste and rumored atheist, Anor bounded through the ranks due to his pragmatism and large amounts of luck. Anointed as the head of the vanguard into the new galaxy, Anor currently stands on fragile ground. Having halted the invasion upon meeting the Sith and forming an Alliance, he has garnered the hatred and disrespect of many within the Yuuzhan Vong rank and file. Despite a lack of territory and a shaky alliance with the Sith, Anor has no intentions of abandoning his plans for eventual domination of the galaxy, though his greatest challenge may be restraining his own forces.

  10. MaruKyuu

    MaruKyuu Jedi Youngling

    Jul 31, 2008
    Jello Approved

    Name: Selene Altiele
    Gender: Female
    Year of Birth: 16 BBY
    Age: 22
    Species: Umbaran (desperately hides this)
    Homeworld: Umbaras/Coruscant
    Known Languages: Galactic Basic Standard, High Galactic, Umbarese (has mostly forgotten it)

    ---Height: 1.7 Meters
    ---Eye Color: Umbaran White
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Artificial
    ---Skin Color: Umbaran Pale
    ---Clothing: CompForce Observation Officer's Uniform
    ---Other: Selene desperately hides the fact that she is Umbaran. She has had her blue facial markings, the markings that are common to Umbarans, hidden with medical technology. In addition, she also has a cybernetic hair implant.

    Habits: Selene plays with her hair, and often changes her hairstyle and hair color on a regular basis. Her implant allows her to do this with ease.
    Likes: The Empire, COMPNOR, The Emperor, Rallies, Speeches, The New Order, Human High Culture, Uniforms
    Dislikes: Aliens, Women, Social Stratification, Force Users, Umbarans, Umbarans, Umbarans, and Umbarans.
    Talents: Eloquence, Fierce Loyalty, Strong Devotion, Meticulous
    Weakness: COMPNOR, Bad Temper, Disorder, Easily Offends Others
    Limitations: Physically Weak because of Umbaran origin.
    Racial Attributes: Umbaran Eyes

    Affiliation: Empire
    ---Profession: CompForce Observation Officer
    ---Primary Weapons: KYD-21 Blaster Pistol

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: Extremely likely

    Background: Selene Altiele was unsurprisingly born to an Umbaran family on Umbara. Selene was an unusual Umbara as she saw something extremely wrong with the caste-dominated society of Umbara. As a child, she was angry about how other people could consider themselves superior to her, and she was strongly saddened by the fact that many of those in lower castes feared her. Selene was perceived to grow up into an unsuccessful Umbaran, because she showed little aptitude in deception and betrayal. She actually had great aptitude, she merely despised it.

    Her parents were extremely ambitious and had climbed up the caste ladder day after day. When she was four years old, her family tried to take power away from the wrong family. Selene's family was quickly marked for death. Her parents, realizing that their individual chances of survival (at least their own), would rise if the family split up, decided to do so. Her family ran away, leaving Selene alone. Despite the fact that Selene was the youngest, and the one least likely to survive, she ended up being the only one to escape Umbara. She was able to escape partially because of the chaos following the end of the Clone Wars.

    Arriving on Coruscant, she quickly realized she was alone. Terrified, she stumbled upon an event that would change her life. A COMPNOR rally. She immediately fell in love with the organization. Without food, shelter, or anything to sustain her, she continually begged to every COMPNOR member she found in order to let her join. Most were suspicious because she was both female and an alien. But some were surprised by her determination to join COMPNOR. An officer finally relented, and paved the way for her to join.

    She quickly learned to love COMPNOR and the Empire. Her brilliance and devotion allowed her to quickly become one of the star pupils of her local unit of the SAGroup. Her Umbaran heritage gave her an ability to triumph over any student who attempted to seek an advantage over her, and she applied the lessons she learned on Umbara to succeed in COMPNOR. She quickly lapped up COMPNOR doctrine with an ability that shocked even SAGroup Imperial Officers. She became frighteningly good at debating the merits of Human High Culture, the New Order, and the Galactic Empire. Although every new member of COMPNOR is given a "personal" letter from Emperor Palpatine when they join COMPNOR, and although she knew that, she still greatly treasured that letter. Although it was one of out of trillions, she still treasured it simply because it was hers. She also keeps a collection of every single issue of Iron Will ever published.

    Selene became extrem
  11. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    Approved by [hl=indigo]GrandAdmiralJello[/hl]

    Name: Doan Ro
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Species: Kaminoan
    Homeworld: Kamino
    Known Languages: Kaminoan, Basic (Spoken)
    He also understands most other languages through his exposure during his service to the Senate and the Jedi Order, he managed to pick up on a lot.

    ---Height: 6' 3"
    ---Eye Color: Cloudy White
    ---Hair/Fur Color: White with bright blue tips.
    ---Skin Color: Pale grey
    ---Clothing: Loose fitting traditional garbs, white with silver trim.
    ---Other: A few scars from his Jedi years dodging Imperial Inquisition Squads.

    Personality: Calm, relaxed, but not above taking his lightsaber and slicing off a few heads if the situation calls for it.
    Habits: Usually spends his time pouring over ancient tomes and holocrons. When he isn't studying the ancient ways he practices with his lightsabers.
    Likes: Training, studying, fighting for the revival of the Jedi Order.
    Dislikes: The Sith, the Empire, and all other oppressive organizations.
    Talents: Very good at negotiations and mediation. He is also a very skilled combatant.
    Weakness: Tends to get a little hot headed when he sees an Imperial or Sith.
    Limitations: He doesn't have the best endurance sometimes. When ever he feels a serious loss in the Force (like the Jedi Purge) he passes out.
    Racial Attributes: Can see things in the U.V. spectrum, (Kaminoan).

    Affiliation: Jedi Order
    ---Profession: Jedi Knight
    ---Primary Weapons: Lightsabers(2)
    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Psi-Fighter
    ---Model: Interceptor Class Fighter
    ---Accessories: The wings on this pitchfork shaped fighter have a disruptor emitting razor edge to them. If this fighter gets close enough to engage an enemy fighter the wings will be used to slice the enemy fighter apart.

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Jedi
    ---Lightsaber Type: Dual
    ---Blade Color: One Ice Blue, the other Jungle Green
    ---# of Lightsabers: 2
    ---Other: He's modified his lightsabers, giving them a hand guard, protecting him from the main goals of the Makashi Fighting Style. It also has an etched pattern around it of waves and waterfalls, to remind him of his water dominated homeworld.

    Background: Born on Kamino to two respected scientists he was a gifted child, perhaps a bit too gifted as he was sent away from Kamino at an early age, he being a genetic variant that was not welcome in Kamino's heavily structured society. He eventually made his way into the core of the Galaxy, making his way to Coruscant in his desire for survival. He soon then began serving a young Senator as a housekeeper, cleaning up after her guests. It was soon after that that a Jedi came by and sensed in him a great potential. He was brought before the Council and was brought into the custody of the Temple and trained in the ways of the Force and the ways of the saber. He excelled in all of his training, learning well the use of Force illusions and mind tricks, telepathy and telekinesis, as well as far-sight, though the last few were to a diminished capacity as it was with his master, yet he was still able to implement them when needed. His lightsaber skills were good as well, he even managed to create his own fighting style, a variant of Jar'Kai which utilized the offensive properties of Vapaad, and the defensive properties of Soresu. He later named this style Shell-Shock, shell for it's defense, shock for it's offense.

    He fought in the Clone Wars alongside his master, barely escaping when Order 66 was initiated, only surviving by hiding out on various worlds some of which in the Unknown Regions, taking the loss of so many Jedi hard, passing out soon after escaping his master's clone troops from the sheer shock. He never stopped his training, while hiding in the ruins of Ossus he came upon several tomes and holocrons that taught him all he needed, honing his skills. Another place he hid, Dagobah, brought him into contact with Master Yoda, who conferred on him his rank as a Jedi Knight. When
  12. TheManinBlack

    TheManinBlack Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 1, 2007

    Name: Thuyla Daala
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Species: Twilek
    Homeworld: Tattione
    Known Languages: Basic, Droid, huttense, Wookie, Twielk

    ---Height: Twilek
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Hair/Fur Color: none
    ---Skin Color: Blue and red
    ---Clothing: Combat amour
    ---Other: has a long, thin scar that starts from her forehead?and end by her left ear.
    Personality: A tough no nonsense woman. Overly trusting.
    Habits: sings under her breath when bored
    Likes: Spicy foods, Droids, fast ships
    Dislikes: Jawas
    Talents: Skilled pilot, and tactician
    Weakness: Overly trusting of others
    Limitations: weak in physical combat
    Racial Attributes: She?s Tweilk?she?s good in the charm department

    Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
    ---Profession: Pilot, Captain
    ---Primary Weapons: Blaster Rifle
    Personal Ship:
    ---Name: The Liberator
    ---Model: Frigate
    ---Accessories: Standard, communication tower, Extra assortment of turbolasers

    Background: Daala was born on Tattione to a Twellek Dancer to a Hutt crime lord. She was thrown into the slave pits, on a spice mine on her 5 birthday. She was mocked, ridiculed, beaten and starved on a regular basis. She would stay this way for 9 years?.much loner than the average slave stayed alive. She would be saved by a young Jedi Knight by the name of Simon Atrus?whom had gathered a group of security officers. When they released the slaves, and realized that none of them had anywhere to go to because nearly all of them where born into bondage, Simon decided to leave the Order and make Daala his ward.

    She was soon raised on Coursanct where she received the best education money could buy and the Galaxy could offer. Despite having no previous schooling?Daala soon caught up with and surpassed her schoolmates. Wanting to follow in her father path, at least some what. She decided to carry on his sense of Justice, and serve the Alliance. She graduated at the top of her class there, and soon lead a small team of soldiers to a mission near the inner core. She and her men where captured. But do to her quick thinking and the skill of her men, where able to break out from the prisoner in a Imperial frigate they where being held in, and lead a successfully hijacked the ship. After landing it in Alliance territory she was promoted to the Rank of Captain?and given The Liberator as her own vessel. She is determined to make her father proud and make the Galaxy a better place.
  13. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    The_Loyal_Imperial Battled and Approved!

    Class: Captain; Soldier
    Name: La'Saad "HellFire" Llymph
    Gender: M
    Age: 31
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Metellos
    Known Languages: Basic, High Galactic

    ---Height: 6'5
    ---Weight: 231 lbs
    ---Eye Color: Aqua
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Light brown
    ---Skin Color: Pale white
    ---Clothing: Red armor. Otherwise, dark body armor, robes and boots.
    ---Other: Sith tattoos across his shoulders, chest, and upper back. Spiral tattoos on his temples. Scars across his cheek and neck. In exceedingly physical shape and in his prime. Though he is a large man, from the time spent in his armor, his face is pale and almost gently handsome.

    Personality: On the battlefield, he has no mercy and is practically fearless. He doesn't ask anything of his men that he wont do himself. Despite his seemingly bloodlust, he's controlled and calculated, as with everything in his life. However, when he's out of the warzone, he's quiet, charming, respectful, insightful, and gives off a soothing charisma about himself. Highly intelligent. He's usually positive, but his anger can be titanic when awakened.

    ---Habits: Talking to himself, pacing, smiling too much, drifting off into space, and laughing thunderously loud.
    ---Likes: Politics, law, science fiction, reading, philosophy, animals, and holocomedies.
    ---Dislikes: Idealists, politicians, chaos, romance being popularized, false prophets/gods, and fish.
    ---Talents: Martial arts, strength, running, and debating.
    ---Weakness: Women, doesn't object to higher up orders, and doesn't dream or have any military ambition.
    ---Limitations: Photophobia, in which his vision response to bright lights is slowed down. Doesn't wield the lightsaber anywhere near a mid to highly trained Force user. Has anxiety attacks after certain battles, not because of trauma, but because he can't calm himself down.
    ---Racial Attributes: None

    Affiliation: Sith
    ---Profession: Captain; Soldier
    ---Primary Weapons: DE-10 blaster pistol, KX-80 blaster rifle, lightsaber, and vibroblade.

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Nightmare's Eye
    ---Model: [link=]YZ-775 Freighter[/link]
    ---Accessories: Bunks, kitchen, training room.

    Background: Llymph was born on the horribly overcrowded and geographically ugly world of Metellos. His family was middle class and barely above the rest of poverty and crime striken.

    During an outing, his mother and Llymph were assaulted at bladepoint. He tried to protect his mother, but was slashed twice, one on the face and the other, nearly fatal, on his neck. The would-be robber was scared off by the rising charges of the robbery gone wrong and Llymph began to coat himself in resentment to his industrialized world. The crime showed him that people in the galaxy were turning to mania with the rise of the Empire. They weren't being treated fairly, so they responded with chaos. In every sense of the word, these people needed help. Violence begets more violence, and Llymph decided that he wouldn't return the galaxy's pain with more pain, instead, he would help restore.

    With this new outlook, a teenage Llymph talked to his parents about shipping him to Coruscant so he would have a better opportunity to get a higher and fairer education, seeing as he couldn't help if he was directly exposed to it, the "When on Hapan" philosophy. Learning was his calling, and he had to pursue the lanes which would get him there. They agreed to it and he went to stay with his Twi'lek cousin, Karrs. Life with his cousin was good, Llymph learned most of his fighting from after he joi
  14. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Character 2 is TLI approved!

    Name: Bik Grohen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Basic, a smattering of Huttese and High Galactic

    ---Height: 6' 3"
    ---Eye Color: Dark Brown
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: Slightly tanned
    ---Clothing: Typical Sith officer's uniform
    ---Other: Has a thin scar that has it's lower tip just above his left eye. It's upper tip is covered by his hair.

    Personality: Violent, Brash, Overconfident, Impulsive
    Habits: Prone to exaggerated gestures (IE waving hands, pointing out into space), runs fingers along scar when thinking
    Likes: The satisfaction of crushing his opponents beneath his heels, promotions, combat in general
    Dislikes: Losing to those pieces of Bantha Fodda who just happened to get lucky, demotion, not being in combat
    Talents: Strategic warfare, blaster combat, quick thinking
    Weakness: Too overconfident and impulsive for his own good, slightly loose cannon
    Limitations: Left eye has reduced vision
    Racial Attributes: Human persistence. Which has no impact on the game.

    Affiliation: Sith
    ---Profession: Naval Lieutenant
    ---Primary Weapons: Customized hand blaster, standard issue Imperial blaster rifle.

    Personal Ship:
    ---Name: Krayt Dragon's Pearl
    ---Class: Small, unlicensed personal transport
    ---Accessories: Sleeping quarters and other absolute necessities for long flights, custom mounted blaster array for defense.

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: He's far too unstable to reliably call on the Force.

    Background: Lieutenant Bik Grohen (Not to be confused with his elder brother, Jad), grew up in a middle-income family of a minor Imperial official, the second child of three. Upon reaching the age of 17, he ran off to join the Imperial Navy, like his brother before him. He served with distinction, and advanced through the ranks at an accelerated pace, until his landing party was ambushed during an operation in the Deep Core five years ago. The attack left him with a brutal blow to the forehead, the remnants of which can still be seen in his distinctive scar. The sheer force of impact left Grohen permanently deranged, prone to violence and his moral compass skewed. He wandered around the galaxy for several years, until, one fateful day, he decided to enlist in the Sith Navy, his damaged mind sensing a kind of kinship with the Sith, for reasons even he may not understand. His ruthless efficiency and combat prowess allowed him to rise through the ranks, eventually earning him the rank of Lieutenant. However, he has been unable to receive a ship's officer position, and has instead taken to flying his missions in his personal transport, which is not an official Sith ship.
  15. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Character Profile Sheet: TLI Approved

    Name: Gor Veldran
    Gender: Male
    Age: 197
    Species: Anzat
    Homeworld: Anzat
    Known Languages: Anzat, Huttese, Galactic Basic Standard, Durese, Ubese

    ---Height: 6'1
    ---Eye Color: Hazel
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: Deep olive skin tone, this is not his natural skin color. He has attempted for years (with success) to darken his skin color from the usual greyish color of his species.
    ---Clothing: See pic above

    Personality: Gor is cold, methodical, ambitious, ruthless, and arrogant. One to hold grudges, and seek his vengence long after the offense.
    Likes: Increasing the profit margin of his "business", coming out on top.
    Dislikes: Losing control of a situation
    Talents: telepathy, skilled hunter, tracker, assassin. skilled user of knives, both thrown and hand held.
    Weakness: Gambling
    Limitations: Hunger for soup.
    Racial Attributes: Tentacle-like proboscises that curled out and extend from his cheeks, with which he is able to feed upon the brain of his prey. No body heat or natural biorhythm. Reflexes, strength and endurance above peak human preformance.
    Motivations: (3) A) Gain massive amounts of wealth. B) Soup, lots of it, has a specific interest in Xizor. C) Control of the Black Sun.

    Affiliation: Black Sun
    ---Profession: Vigo
    ---Primary Weapons: [link=]2 Vibro-knives[/link]. [link=]Relby-k23 blaster pistol[/link]

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Shadow Hawk
    ---Model: [link=]Sentinel Class Landing Craft[/link]
    ---Accessories: countermeasures: sensor jammer, false identification transponder, sensor decoys, forward tractor beam projector

    ~Cargo capacity has been shifted to allow the following. Luxury commons area, kitchenette and luxury rooms for up to 5 passengers as well as a bunkroom for up to 10 crew/guard. Holding cell for up to 2 prisoners. Fully stocked medical bay, with a 2-1B surgical droid and FX-10 medical assistant droid and a bacta tank. Cargo space for 74-Z speeder bikes (2), E-Web15 heavy repeating blasters (2), DRK-1 Dark Eye probe droids (2), Viper probe droids (2), IT-O Interrogator droid (1) and still has 75 metric tons of cargo space avaiable for consumables or special freight.

    (reduced cargo capacity of the ship by 105 metric tons to account for all the modifications)

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: Yes (but can only be used to sense the soup of others, and to telepathically control the weak minded)
    ---Affiliation: Black Sun

    Background: Gor Veldran has long been an operative in the Black Sun organization, and quickly rose through the ranks thanks to the training he received from the Anzati Master's upon Anzat.

    Even in his youth he was exceptionally skilled as an assassin and hunter, and upon joining the Black Sun these skills were recognized immediately. His worth to the Black Sun being recognized allowed him to climb the ranks quickly, until the day when the Vigo Green was killed in 3 ABY.

    At this time Gor was named as his replacement, and has since worked to build his holdings and increase the profit of his rackets under the supervision of Prince Xizor.
  16. Senator_Varanii

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    Aug 13, 2008
    Jello Approved

    Name: Admiral Arsten Sythan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 54
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Anaxes
    Known Languages: Basic, Huttese, Rodian, Duro, High Galactic
    ---Height: 6'1
    ---Eye Color: Grey
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Brown,Greying at temples
    ---Skin Color: White, slightly tanned
    ---Clothing: Imperial Officers Uniform, Nobles Clothes, or whatever the situation may demand, he is a clothes horse.
    ---Other: Scar on cheek from top of ear to chin, it is thin but noticible, tatoo on back of Imperial Oath (changed after ascension of new Emperor), tatoo on right shoulder of the Imperial Seal.

    Personality: Stern while on duty, generally friendly off duty, used to keep a Captains distance, but know he is has an Admirals experience and is glad to share them with the crew and officers under his command. He is lonely ((to be explained later)).
    Habits: Walks with a spring when in a good mood, likes to tell stories to younger officers and crew, drinks socially, has a reputation with the ladies.
    Likes: Punctuality, Complete reports, well drilled troops, good books, good food, women, and comraderie
    Dislikes: The Alliance, the whiny, the lazy, the recalcitrant, the stupid, suck-ups, bureaucrats
    Talents: Legendary Commander (Navy), Pilot, Tactician, Astrogator, Gunner, Pisotlier, avid dancer, expert speaker.
    Weakness: Loneliness, hearing about others happiness, short fuse for whiny, selfish, or cowardly behavior.
    Limitations: Short Temper when dealing with cowards, lazy rich, ineffective bureaucrats, the shortsighted, also. He is limited by his hope that eventually all will be the way it was.
    Racial Attributes: Human...are there any extraordinary things.

    Affiliation: Galactic Empire
    ---Profession: Imperial Admiral
    ---Primary Weapons: Star Destroyers, Dreadnoughts, Carracks, Strike Cruisers. Heavy Blaster Pistol, old Naval Cutlass(Vibroblade)
    Personal Ship
    ---Name: HIMS:Recusant
    ---Model:Imperial II Star Destroyer
    ---Accessories: Standard Imperial Star Destroyer Features, enhanced communications network for Flagship duty.

    Admiral Sythan was born on Anaxes, to noble parents, his father Corva Sythan was an Admiral in the Old Republic Navy and his mother Liana was a member of the Judicial Branch of the Republic as a Court Judge.

    Needless to say Arsten would be brought up a servant of the Galaxy, he was educated and groomed for military service, like his father and his before him and so on, the Clone Wars came and went, the Republic became the Empire and life continued, his became a Moff, his mother retired from the Judiciary, and he went to the Imperial Naval Academy, the original Imperial Naval Academy, were he graduated in the top 5% of his class. He excelled in Astrophysics, Astrogation, Command Sciences, XenoCultural Studies, and in applied mathematics.

    Socially he was also near the top, more or less the undisputed master, other than the Emperor and Lord Vader, none could bring a room to a halt quicker with a stirring speech, or to laughter with a cunning play on words. For all of these gifts and his families connections he was assigned to the Star Destroyer "Imperious" 17 years before the Battle of Yavin.

    He rose slowly, hampered by his own refusals to accept promotion once he reached the rank of Commander, he felt he needed to stay for a while in this place, first as Chief of Gunnery, then as First Officer on the "Imperious" then again as First Officer on the "Glorious", it was not until the Battle of Ton-Falk and the death of the "Glorious" Captain that he assumed command, a position he held up until Endor, after that battle and the susequent disasters afterwards he took command of a collection of ships and held on until the new Emperor arose, he was then awarded with promotion to the Admiral and given a Fleet of Vessels to fight the Alliance and safeguard the Empire.

    Personal Notes:

    Not mentioned is the Admirals wife, whom he married 10 BBY, Aria Tensetus, bore him 3 sons and a daughter: Devon, Arsten, Corvus, and Alia. Lady Syt
  17. The_Eighth_Cortex

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    Aug 29, 2001
    I am returned infidels. Pray that your end is quick.

    Where is the Jello?

    [b]Basic Info[/b]
    Name: Fhuver Vil
    Gender: M
    Age: 37 of your infidel time cycles
    Species: Yuuzhan Vong
    Homeworld: Bassa Runa worldship
    Known Languages: Yuuzhan Vong, passable basic via tizowyrm

    [b]Appearance [/b]
    ---Height: 6'2"
    ---Eye Color: yellow/grey
    ---Hair/Fur Color: jet black, minimal excepting a top knot at apex of skull
    ---Skin Color: viridian pale skin, approaching silver on face
    ---Clothing: Warriors loincloth and vonduun crab armour.
    ---Other: Whorl of Fealty to Yun Yammka up left side of neck, left check and around left orbital. Lower lip frayed from excessive cutting, nose blunted and partially collapsed. Gret Tul fighting claw implants on each hand.

    [b]Personality: [/b]
    Habits: Follows the Domain Shai dogma of pain worship, obsessively craves knowledge so he may become closer to the gods.
    Likes: Is a fervant believer. Whilst as a warrior he is beholden to Yun Yammka, it is common for those of domain Vil to also worship Yun Harla, who via her trickery elevated domain Vil to a position of influence during the Great Journey.
    Dislikes: Heresy, cowardice, infidels.
    Talents: Can be given to bouts of uncontrolled bloodlust in battle. Is as talented in small fleet skirmishes as in hand to hand combat. Is considered one of the more prominent up and coming warriors of his domain.
    Weakness: Is easily enraged and can be blinded to reason when given over to his passion. Will put himself and his fleet into reckless danger in pursuit of infidel forces.
    Limitations: As above. Obviously no connection to the blasphemous Force.
    Racial Attributes: Redundant nervous system allows for prodigious acts of stamina and strength, and an almost ignorance to any pain or injury suffered. Will continue to fight until literally stopped dead.

    [b]Loyalty [/b]
    Affiliation: Yuuzhan Vong Imperium
    ---Profession: Warrior Caste
    ---Primary Weapons: Warrior's Amphistaff, Coufee blade, blorash jelly, razor bugs, thud bugs, blast bugs, fighting claws.

    [b]Personal Ship [/b]
    ---Name: Gift of Pain
    ---Model: miid ro'ik battle cruiser
    ---Accessories: up to 64 yaret-kors, 200 dovin basals, 1 dread weapon, up to 3000 troops and ground based forces.

    [b]The Force: [/b]
    ---Yes or No?: No! Heresy!

    [b]Background: [/b]
    Fhuver Vil has enjoyed prodigious escalation since emerging from his creche to do battle in the training domiciles of the great Kor Chokk cruisers of the fleet. A true and loyal devotee to the Priest's dogma, it is little wonder that many have seen fit to help facilitate Fhuver Vil's quick escalation to the command of a ship: given his relative youth as a Yuuzhan Vong.

    Initially proving himself as an expert with the amphistaff, many of Fhuver Vil's initial escalations were to do with hand to hand combat: despite one day hoping to be seen as worthy of Steng Talon implants, for now Fhuver must be content with the dangerous fighting claws: grafted directly to the bone and devastating in close combat, rendering energy shields and other conventional infidel weaponary useless.
    But it is in small fleet tactics Fhuver Vil truly found his calling. With the fury, power and speed of his command directives he literally shocked and awed his opponents in the fleet training during the great journey.

    Having been selected for an elite graduation presided over by the Warmaster, Fhuver Vil now takes control of his own vessel, and - despite personal misgivings about the supposed alliance with the infidel Sith - is comforted by the Priest's characterisation of these infidels as allies in the eyes of the Gods - he stands ready to aide in the destablisation and eventual domination of a galaxy still unaware of their presence.>
  18. YT-2400

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    Sep 3, 2008
    Sinre Approved!

    Name: Kendo Ji'an
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Basic, Bocce, Durese, Huttese

    ---Height: 5'11"
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Sand-brown
    ---Skin Color: Fair
    ---Clothing: Tan jumpsuit (similiar to Luke's Bespin outfit), occasionally wears a dark brown cape.
    ---Other: An off-center streak of white hair that runs jaggedly across his left temple

    Personality: Focused, hard-working, loyal, has a slight sense of humor but can be somber at times.
    Likes: Flying, training, a good holonovel, a good cup of caf, sunrises
    Dislikes: His father and the Empire
    Talents: Excellent pilot and swordsman
    Weakness: Fear of and love for his twin sister
    Limitations: Can sometimes let his blind hatred of his father cloud his common sense and logic, especially where it involves the Empire. He also exhibits a need or desire to prove himself better than his father at times.
    Racial Attributes: Normal human

    Affiliation: Jedi Order
    ---Profession: Jedi Knight/Ace
    ---Primary Weapons: Lightsaber

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Blue Streak
    ---Model: Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor,
    ---Accessories: Deep blue color scheme, twin laser cannons, twin ion cannons, R2 droid

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Jedi
    ---Lightsaber Type: Single blade
    ---Blade Color: Green
    ---# of Lightsabers: 1
    ---Other: Force abilities allows him perceptions that increase his piloting skills to the level of being a Jedi Ace.


    Kento and his fraternal twin sister Suba were the only children born to Imperial Moff Thadd Ji'an. As babies, they wanted for little except perhaps for more fatherly love and attention as their father was a highly respected and ruthless Moff intent on furthering his career. Thus, the babies' care was mostly left to their mother, Shandra Ji'an.

    All was well, till that fateful week when Imperial Intelligence gathered enough evidence to accuse Shandra of being a GA spy. It seems that Shandra's family was killed on Cestis III when it was subjected to an Imperial bombardment. Reasons why were classified but it was known that Moff Ji'an ordered the action. Whether he was aware that his wife's family were on-planet at the time are unknown but the Moff has thus far shown little to no remorse even after such information was discovered.

    Imperial Intelligence believed this action was the primary cause of Shandra's treason and an arrest warrant was issued.

    Fearing for her life and her children, Shandra had GA connections that would help her flee Coruscant. However, Imperial Intelligence acted sooner than was thought and Shandra had to leave quickly. She was forced to make a horrible decision in that she didn't have time to take both babies. Thus, to her everlasting regret, she only managed to take Kendo with her and left Suba behind on Coruscant.

    The pair travelled quite the bit, assuming a number of cover identities before eventually settling on Dantooine. Shandra was still a valued Intelligence asset but she wanted a normal life as she could for her son Kendo.

    Kendo grew to manhood resenting the father he never knew. While Shandra never spoke openly or hatefully about the man she loved, she told Kendo of the tough choices she had to make and how she felt her actions balanced out Thadd's ambitions and actions.

    But Kendo read up on the Empire, it's history, it's actions. He grew to hate the Empire which to him was symbolized by his cold, unfeeling father. He planned on joining the GA military until he began exhibiting Force abilities. Frightened, Shandra used her connections to send Kendo for training with Organa and the New Jedi Order. There, Kendo showed much promise and grew to be an outstanding pilot which earned him the right to fly one of the traditional Jedi starfighters.

    Later, Kendo was shocked to learn that his lost twin sister, Suba, had been promoted to Imperial Knighthood. Growing up, Kendo had missed his sister and often wondered what had b
  19. YT-2400

    YT-2400 Jedi Master star 1

    Sep 3, 2008
    Second character is [hl=indigo]Jello Approved![/hl]

    Name: Suba Ji'an
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Basic, High Galactic

    ---Height: 5'9"
    ---Eye Color: Emerald green
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Jet black
    ---Skin Color: Light
    ---Clothing: Traditional Imperial Knight armor with cape
    ---Other: A skunk white streak down the center of her hairline. Usually has hair long enough to wear as ponytail

    Personality: Intelligent, focused, hard-working, obsessive, driven, to those who really don't know her, she comes off as having a chilly exterior
    Likes: the singular focus of swordfighting, training, listening to classical Imperial music/opera, a good cup of caf, sunsets
    Dislikes: Foolishness, stupidity, wasting her time and experience
    Talents: Good tatician and outstanding swordsman
    Weakness: Feels driven to exceed her father's standards
    Limitations: In doing so, she can sometimes take on more than she can handle but will never openly admit it.
    Racial Attributes: Normal human

    Affiliation: Empire
    ---Profession: Imperial Knight
    ---Primary Weapons: Lightsabers

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Model: Predator-class starfighter
    ---Accessories: Hyperdrive, deflector shields, 4 laser cannons

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Imperial Knight
    ---Lightsaber Type: One regular single blade, one shoto
    ---Blade Color: Both silver
    ---# of Lightsabers: 2
    ---Other: Force abilities allow for slight precognitive sight that allows Suba to almost 'see' her opponent's next move. This increases her chance slightly to prepare better block/counterattack when fighting. She uses this ability in her quest to master the Jar'Kai/Niman form of lightsaber fighting.


    Suba and her fraternal twin brother Kendo were the only children born to Imperial Moff Thadd Ji'an. As babies, they wanted for little except perhaps for more fatherly love and attention as their father was a highly respected and ruthless Moff intent on furthering his career. Thus, the babies' care was mostly left to their mother, Shandra Ji'an.

    All was well, till that fateful week when Imperial Intelligence gathered enough evidence to accuse Shandra of being a GA spy. It seems that Shandra's family was killed on Cestis III when it was subjected to an Imperial bombardment. Reasons why were classified but it was known that Moff Ji'an ordered the action. Whether he was aware that his wife's family were on-planet at the time are unknown but the Moff has thus far shown little to no remorse even after such information was discovered.

    Imperial Intelligence believed this action was the primary cause of Shandra's treason and an arrest warrant was issued.

    Fearing for her life and her children, Shandra had GA connections that would help her flee Coruscant. However, Imperial Intelligence acted sooner than was thought and Shandra had to leave quickly. She was forced to make a horrible decision in that she didn't have time to take both babies. Thus, to her everlasting regret, she only managed to take Kendo with her and left Suba behind on Coruscant.

    Suba had a very disciplined upbringing. Thadd never spoke that much about her mother other than her being a traitor and he never spoke of Kendo at all. Thadd held high standards for his only daughter and failure to meet them was never an option. It was as if Suba had to make up for the loss of Kendo.

    She excelled at school and sports. But her father's high expectations fostered a cold unemotional exterior for the young Suba. She had already applied to the Imperial Academy when her Force abilities manifested.

    Afraid that her father would hate her for developing the dreaded 'Jedi powers', Suba tried to keep her talents hidden but Thadd eventually discovered her secret. To Suba's surprise, Thadd used his connections to get her an apprenticeship with the Imperial Knights. She quickly rose through the ranks, earning her Knighthood. She recognized the duty and obligation the title carried
  20. General_BlackLegion

    General_BlackLegion Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 14, 2004
    Sinre Approved Character! Woot!

    Basic Info:

    Name: Arruna Returyl
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Species: Twi?lek
    Homeworld: Ryloth
    Known Languages: Basic, Twi?leki, Understands Droidspeak, and Huttese


    ---Height: 1.78 Meters
    ---Eye Color: Light Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: No hair, but a black Twi?lek headgear covering the top of the head and several lekku, gold-plated bracelets on each lekku.
    ---Skin Color: Azure Blue Skin

    -Black, Female, Durable Cloth, Tank Top (with Captain Galactic Alliance Insignia), Miltiary-Specifications Combat Utility Belt, Commando Combat Gloves, Commando Combat Boots, Lowcut Commando Combat Pants (Durable Cloth) with some revealing portions of her underwear :p , and a pair of Repairing Goggles with Blue Lenses, often left on the temple when not in use.

    -Sometimes wears a ballistic meshed leather jacket (with Captain Galactic Alliance Insignia) and a black sports-like bra when around a populous place.

    (Link below provides a good image of the jacket, bra, gloves, boots, underwear :p and pants for my character. However the pants are not that skimpy has a belt and looks a bit more commando/military style: [link=]Clothes[/link]).

    ---Other: Has a black, slave-marked tattoo on the right side of the abdomen (#42 in Huttese), just above the navel and several whipping scars on the back of the body. She also has a slightly muscular build with feminine curves. Occasionally, she carries a black combat backpack.

    (Face of my character except imagine the skin as Azure Blue, no tattoo on the face, regular Twi?lek Headgear and several lekku bracelets on the face. Also eyes are light blue, lips are dark blue and slightly younger. Don?t forget the goggles! [link=]Face[/link]).


    ---Personality: A great leader who is extremely respected from her peers. Also she?s very loyal to her causes, yet also modest and compassionate while being witty and clever at the same time.
    Habits: Likes to eat exotic food and tinkers with mechanics. Otherwise, she will spend leisure time playing lots of strategy games with fellow peers or surf the holoweb :p .

    ---Likes: Skimpy clothing :p , holocomedies and holodrama, holoweb, anything mechanics, piloting, sleeping, acting bored, socializing, being witty, strategy games, Sabacc, Dejarik, and the Galactic Alliance.

    ---Dislikes: Encountering idiotic, non-chivalrous males, remembering her bad years in the past, being in uncontrollable situations that could pressure her, ugly beings, smelly places, dirty places, rude people, people with bad habits, peer pressure, illegal substances and the Hutts.

    ---Talents: Taking leadership of a team, Proficient at piloting, team-player, master whipper :p , melee combat, advanced persuasion :p .

    --Weakness: Taking multiple orders, being stressed, occasionally being too emotional, her gender and race :p .

    ---Limitations: No physical limitations, but her race and appearance could be a limiting factor in certain situations to her (maybe).

    ---Racial Attributes: Could use her lekkus to communicate secretly to others who understand silent Twi?leki.


    Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
    ---Profession: Captain and Pilot (Rank: Captain)
    ---Primary Weapons: SSK-7 Heavy Blaster Pistol, 3? Vibrodagger, Neuronic Whip and anything else she can pick up and use properly.

    Personal Ship:

    ---Name: The Swift Escapist
    ---Model: CR-90 Corellian Corvette (Tantive IV Design w/ minor modifications)
    ---Accessories: 4 H9 Dual Turbolasers on ship chassis (1 Dorsal, 1 Ventral, 1 Port near the engines, 1 Aft near the engines), 4 H9 Turbolasers on the 4 Escape Pods (1 Turbolaser on each), Class 2 CEC Subspace Hyperdrive. Maximum Capacity: 50 People, 50 Crew Members (if needed). Captain?s Quarters, Full Kitchen, Spacious Bunks for crew and soldiers, Several suites for those VIPS, Huge Lounge and All
  21. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Sinre Approved

    Name: JaKKS Tranida
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Species: Selkath
    Homeworld: Manaan
    Known Languages: Basic, Huttese

    ---Height: 6'1
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Hair/Fur Color: None
    ---Skin Color: Green
    ---Clothing: Black bodysuit and blue vest.
    ---Other: None`

    Personality: JaKKS likes to live wild and on the edge. Ruthless and brutal, he has never shown a soft or scared side, always looking to advance himself. Does not want to be categorized so never falls into one line of business, but wanders about the galaxy doing the oddest things. Will attack you or give you money. Predictably unpredictable, if there is an obvious logical choice or action, he will purposely deny it and choose the dangerous or less travelled route.
    Habits: Loves music and sings to himself, bobbing his head, the wole nine. Is prone to screaming and standing out in a crowd.
    Likes: Life and chaos. Not always destructive chaos, just likes to prove that things can never be controlled. Also likes ships, philosophy, fights, blaster fights, playing intruments, and "collecting" the arts.
    Dislikes: Plans, authority, and being in one place too long.
    Talents: Fighter, a tracuer, and a great pilot.
    Weakness: Loyalty to chaos and underestimation.
    Limitations: Not a planner, no force, terrible gunner, and doesn't do well in closed spaces.
    Racial Attributes: Venom tipped claws and good swimmer.

    Affiliation: Smaller Faction
    ---Profession: Pirate
    ---Primary Weapons: Dual vibroswords and blaster pistol.

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Grand Daddy
    ---Model: Starlight-class light freighter
    ---Accessories: Kitchen, prison, game room

    Background: JaKKS was born on Manaan, but was quickly moved off planet by his father in an attempt to save him from a sure to come disaster. His dad could have been paranoid, which was very possible, but they established a good life as Real estate salesmen who found a calm life on Muunilinst, learning from and doing business with the economical centered Muuns. Taking what money he had, JaKKS left his father's business to find his own calling. He trained in martial arts around the galaxy, making multiple trips with his money and also attended Pilot School and studied spacecrafts of all kinds, their weak points and learning about the most dangerous places to fly in the galaxy because of pirates and other threats. Later he bought the Grand Daddy and started his career, much to his father's disapproval, as a Pirate.
  22. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    Revision is [hl=gray]Sinrebirth[/hl] approved.

    Name: Kev-Mas Colcha
    Gender: Male
    Age: 51
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Known Languages: Galactic Basic

    ---Height: 1.89 meters
    ---Eye Color: Red (Cybernetic)
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black Imperial Cut
    ---Skin Color: Pale White (Darkside Corruption)
    ---Clothing: Emperor's Shadow Guard Armor, with a black cape clasped to the armor.
    ---Other: His eyes are cybernetic implants, [link=]has a tattoo signifying his involvement with the Emperor's Secret Order[/link].

    Personality: Kev-Mas is Control Freak of sorts that is rash at times, and tends to let his temper get the best of him.
    Habits: Tends to pace when excited or nervous, and can't sit still either when that's the case.
    Likes: Working on his starship, piloting, the thrill of battle.
    Dislikes: Excessive silence, ass kissing, pretention, lack of respect.
    Talents: Kev-Mas is a skillful practitioner in Lightsaber Combat and the Force, as well as being adept at Piloting and Tactics, although doesn't have as much skill in piloting to match a Professional. He is capable of wielding a Lightsaber Lance, and he is also one of few Humans to manage to wield a Lightclub successfully in everyday combat, and uses it with Form V: Shien/Djem So. Kev-Mas, also is highly skilled in the use of offensive/telekinetic Force Powers, such as Force Lightning and Bolt of Hatred.
    Weakness: Tends to let his temper get the best of things, and tends to do things without thinking. He also has a fear of failure, to the point that he won't take extreme risks.
    Limitations: Doesn't blindly follow anyone. If the task is irrational to him, he doesn't do it. In that same vein, he doesn't ask his followers to do things he wouldn't do himself, even if it will help him accomplish a task.
    Racial Attributes: He's a Human. N/A.

    Affiliation: Sith
    ---Profession: Dark Jedi/ex-Emperor's Shadow Guard
    ---Primary Weapons: Lightclub, Lightsaber Lance, SE-14r light repeating blaster, the Force

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Deathbringer
    ---Model: Kuat Drive Yards Gladiator-class Star Destroyer
    ---Accessories: Standard fare for the class

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Messenger of Damnation
    ---Model: Republic Sienar Systems Star Courier
    ---Accessories: Cockpit, Passenger Seating, Lift, Cargo Hold, Maintenance Crawlspace, Engineering Access Chamber, Ready Room, Sleeping Compartment, Holding Cells, Storage Bays, Aft Airlock

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Blindrage
    ---Model: Kuat Systems Engineering Imperial ETA-2 Actis Interceptor
    ---Accessories: Standard fare for the class

    The Force: (optional)
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Sith
    ---Lightsaber Type: 1 Lightclub (Dual Phase) and 1 Lightsaber Lance
    ---Blade Color: Red
    ---# of Lightsabers: 2
    ---Other: None other than what's been covered already.


    Kev-Mas, found easily by the Jedi on Coruscant, as it was the same planet where the Jedi Temple resided, began his training as a Jedi at an early age. He, however, was not the best Jedi, and struggled with many things, including Attachment, Anger, and Frustration, which were labeled as Dark Side feelings. He had a tense relationship with his master, Seth Donara as well as with the Jedi Council, which eventually led to his fall to the darkside, even though it happened after he was knighted.

    After he was Knighted, at the age of 21, the Clone Wars began, in which he developed many skills on the battlefield, including tactical knowledge, lightsaber and starfighter combat skills.

    However, Kev-Mas? career as a Jedi ended when he was 26 years old, and turned rogue. He fell a victim to the lure of the Dark Side, after a post-purge confrontation with his old master that pushed him over the edge. He also lost his sight in this incident, when a genetic defect was triggered by his former master using Force Blinding on him, causing him to go permanently blind.

    He was eventually found by Em
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