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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GrandAdmiralJello , Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Senator_Varanii

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    Aug 13, 2008
    IC: Sythan, VSDII Audacious
    Prakith System

    The Audacious slowly neared the Prakess, the outermost planet, a frozen ball of rock, he ordered his probe droids, 5 of the 12 previously launched to take up orbit of each of the 5 planets and also to maintain scans of the moons, 5 planets Rake,Mekith,Prakith,Delanoth, and Prakess.

    Rake was a moonless hellhole, melted barren rock, Mekith was a toxic world, perhaps a domed or shielded base, and she had one airless moon, Prakith was inhabited, geologically unstable, and nasty, 2 moons, rather unremarkable, but Prakith was in the heart of Sith territory as it was and definately had a base, Delanoth was a gas giant, Sythan ordered 2 other probe droids to survey the moons since there were 8 of them, then the world before him, Prakess. the remaining 5 droids remained in the perifary of the system, scanning the interior.

    " Launch a small team in an XG-1 Starwing"

    The 2 XG-1s aboard had been modified as scouts, better comms, scanners and a DER as well as faster engines, Scout 1 would tour the interior, if there was a Sith base, it would be a senseless waste to send the ship that wasnt allowed to engage into the center of it.

    The XG streamed away into the dark, scanning like every other resource Sythan had, drinking in information, the Scout would skim Prakith itself, see about defensive emplacements and such send back recordings and such.

    The Audacious stood by recieving the information from her resources as they began their work, the 12 droids which he had launched on entering the system were starting to transmit their findings, they were small but well equipped, as well as hard as hell to find, this would go well, and he couldnt wait to see what he would find that would be of use.

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  2. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sith Admiral Tethys, Imperator, Prakith, Deep Core

    [blockquote]"My lord?"

    "They're splitting. The commander is very careful, clearly. I've detected energy centre's, vaguely, departing the main vessel." Tremayne strained, beads of sweat dribbling down the metal attached to his face. Tethys didn't understand the mechanics of the Force, but he did understand that the Sith were weaker than the Jedi: he'd been at Mindor, and there a Sith had fallen to a Jedi. It was an event repeated elsewhere in the galaxy - that of a Sith meeting a Jedi and dying. Luckily there were very few 'Jedi' to combat the incredibly numerous Sith.

    "Energy centres?" said Tethys, a slight confusion marring his focus.

    "Droids, Admiral."

    Ah, though the Admiral, turning away from the Sith Lord. "The enemy has probe droids. Anything else I need worry about, sir?" Tethys strode over to communications, ready to prepare a message, mentally sorting through things. He'd made sure that Warlord Brill had removed every single possible weapon and piece of technology he had from the moons and surrounding planets, concentrating them on the main planet, or in the flotilla.

    "A small concentration of life is heading straight to Pakrith. A scout of some kind, most likely, Admiral."

    There were very few things Tethys relished, and combat with a sound tactical mind was one of them. The Admiral gazed over the display one more time, before speaking to Ensign Arn, a fair haired man with a pleasant intellect. "Inform the fleet we're moving to Code Eight. Inform Pakrith Command."

    "Yes, sir."


    Foga Brill, the warlord in charge of the fortess world of Prakith, looked to his commanders and spoke, carefully. "Code Eight, CommMaster?"

    "Yes, sir. The blink code is repeating itself even now. '8', definitely, sir."

    Foga Brill would have preferred to dispatch the information what his potent ground-based sensors could have discovered by this 'blink code', but Admiral Tethys had assured him in advance that much information, no matter how slim the characters, would be detected if it went much beyond numbers. And so the entirety of the defence of Prakith was held in the numbers zero to nine, as two digits by blink code would ruin everything - even one was dangerous.

    Brill assumed that Lord Tremayne had informed the Admiral about the location of the Starwing, somehow, though not the class. His staff were using high powered Droid telescopes and other Sith to keep upto speed, and for all the technology he'd gathered, the majority of it had been made dormant by Tethys' demand.

    "Alright," said Foga, sighing. "Open communications, Ensign. Captain Wells, you're on."

    The only other commissioned officer in the command bunker strode to the holoprojector, activating the short range channel. "Imperial warship, this is acting-Governor Captain Wells, calling Imperial vessel. Thank the Emperor you're here, Captain. We're in dire need of assistance; we overthrew the Sith when they withdrew forces to Byss - but we've been devastated by the fighting. No ships left, no long range communication. I have three billion humans on the edge of tearing themselves apart with famine and disease. We desparately need protection from Sith-based pirates and medical aid. Please provide assistance to our Imperial citizens."

    Even as Captain Wells did an incredibly good performance - Brill had taken the Captain's family in-case he failed to do as he'd been instructed - the powerful Droid telescopes showed Tethys' flotilla fulfilling the lies that Brill was propagating.

    This had better work, Tethys.


    "I want everything deactivated, Private. Everything. Even life support. We have enough air to last a good hour in the ship. Release out escape pods, and the debris the Warlord dispatched us." This part of the plan had been suggested by Lord Tremayne himself, who had directed Warlord Brill to not disentegrate his political enemies' bodies but to hand them to the flotilla, and even now the fleet was decompr
  3. Senator_Varanii

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    Aug 13, 2008
    NPC: LT. Dylan, XG 1 Scout Gunboat, Heading for Prakith

    The Starwing moved quickly through the system scanning as it went, dropping sensor bouys as it went and sending regular communications back as per the Captains orders.

    Then he detected the transmission.

    "Audacious this is Scout 1, if circumstances have changed what are your instructions?"

    IC: Sythan
    VSD II Audacious, Prakith System, Prakess.

    "Scout 1, proceed immediately to Prakith, continue with your assigned objectives. Do not deviate unless attacked."

    Sythan, pursed his lips as he thought, he was an Imperial Captain, not an idiot, the Captain seemed genuine,but if there had been an overthrow word would have reached Imperial Command. He was not going to risk his crew on the chance, he continued the scans as he proceeded, he didnt trust the situation, he didnt trust the message, especially from the follower who so easily cast aside his loyalty to the Empire for his own greed, then joined the Sith.

    No to listen, was full of folly. He mused.

    "Commander, sound General Quarters, get damage control at the ready, I have a feeling we are in for a bumpy ride. That message is too convienent."

    "Agreed Sir"

    "Communications, send a message to Imperial Command, Priority-High send them a copy of the message, but also report our findings as far and our belief that this communication is false."

    "Aye Sir"

    "Captain, we have dozens of Viper Droids aboard, perhaps a more thorough search, Id suggest we drop say half a dozen more and send them towards Prakith itself, there would be some evidence if there was a revolt."

    "Very good Commander, proceed"

    Six more probe droids then were launched, towards Prakith.

    "The safe way is the methodical way in this situation, Commander, make no mistake."

    "Aye Sir"

    The Audacious plowed ahead, her antennae sending their signals to Imperial Command, perhaps they could make something of it, the ship braced for whatever would come as she intensified her search.


  4. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sith Admiral Tethys, Imperator, Prakith, Deep Core

    [blockquote]"Anything, Lord Tremayne?"

    Admiral Tethys was growing more tense by the moment. They'd been sure to check everything. All he had to do was reach passed the fourth planet, and the flotilla could move. The fleet was nimbused with debris, ships and bodies. The landing forces, and the half a dozen Sith assigned to the troops were ready. Tethys forced himself to relax, and then, after a minute or two passed, gave up.

    "My Lord?"

    "Shut up, Admiral," hissed Tremayne, holding his head in his hands and straining even moreso. "The smaller concentration of life is advancing towards Prakith. The larger one is too, but slower. There is... a trail from the smaller life. Energy. Not sure what they're scattering around."

    Mines, perhaps, thought Tethys, but dismissed it. No single scout could lay enough to concern him.

    "So they're buying the lie, but only so much." The Admiral ignored the rudeness, as ever, and nodded to himself. "They'll find a lot more evidence than they'll like." Tethys grimaced. Half a billion citizens had died for this. It had been another of Lord Tremayne's ideas.

    He only hoped it would work.


    Foga Brill nodded to himself. They were coming in, clearly. The Starwing Gunboat was advancing towards the planet, and he surveyed the views of Prakith. The Sith had suggested slaying half a billion citizens almost on a whim, and when Tremayne had shown Brill that killing that many individuals wouldn't significantly impact upon the workforce, he'd approved it.

    There had been genuine fighting, when word had gone out, so there was battle damage across Prakith - some real, some prepared by construction droids. The shipyards in orbit had been abandoned for some time, when Sith convoys carrying raw materials had stopped, not long before the Battle of Byss.

    But what would really sell it was the bodies. Most, if not all of the citizens that the Unnecessary Purge had wiped out had been left in the streets. And so, with the damage, there was the millions of abandoned bodies, and a few mass graves left half-opened. Technology had been shut down, and hid behind sensor-camo nets, and the population had been gathered into workhouses a long time ago.

    The planet was none too far from the lie that Captain Wells had suggested - dead and nearly dying. Impoverished by being abandoned by Harrsk and Delvardus, crippled by the war.

    Brill nodded to himself, pleased, and gestured Captain Wells to continue.

    "Imperial vessel, our sensors detect another vessel coming our way. If you could land it towards the beacon that I'm requesting to be activated, we'll start offloading medical supplies. I can't thank you enough, sir. Sir?"[/blockquote]

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  5. Senator_Varanii

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    Aug 13, 2008
    IC: Sythan, VSD II Audacious
    Between Prakess and Denaloth, Prakith System

    "Comm, send images and message to fleet command immediately, request instructions, note our belief that there has been no revolt, have noted stellar debris but no life signs, high content of inert organic mass but no present space forces that could have caused said destruction of Sith craft, also order Scout 1 to return to base at once"

    The orders and messages were quickly sent off, something was very off here, it presented every hint of a revolt, but there were too many missing peices.

    He would lie....

    "To the Imperial Captain on Prakith, do not worry we have already called in heavy reinforcements to help secure the system including medical, relief and supply craft, delieverance is near"

    The Probe Droids continued to scan, the ones he sent to Prakith had began to scan as well, they were in low orbit, 2 hung near the surface, using all known scanning techniques, infa-red, DER, Gravitic, Thermal, the works.

    Also he had ordered 2 of the other vipers to scan the Denaloth (4th planet)debris field, doing all the sames as the Prakith Droids, all manner of scans....disected lovingly by the techs on the Audacious....

    Now to see if the lie worked.

    He awaited the return signal from Fleet HQ

    TAg:Sinebirth, Jello

  6. Thok

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    May 24, 2002
    Byss | Surface
    Imperial Regimental Command

    [blockquote]It had been days since the captured prisoner had been allowed to see the light of day. The tactic of complete isolation was preferred by those of the Imperial Army for the worst of those they captured. It was a simple tactic to break the will of those who would hold out on vital information, allowing their will to break slowly as their mind began to break down. However, the time for this technique to properly work was not to be had. A more drastic set of interrogation techniques were thus needed.

    In the middle of the night, the door burst open to the captured Sith insurgent?s room. With large spotlight aimed into his face, the Imperial troopers rebound and cuffed the assailant, and quickly ushered him toward the landing bay. From here, the shuttle made its way back up into orbit, and docked in the Ascension.

    As soon as they arrived in the hangar, they disembarked from the shuttle and brought the prisoner to one of the holding cells within the ship. Undoing his cuffs, they kicked the prisoner into the dark room, still blindfolded. Here he would remain until they reached Coruscant.

    [b]IC as Randal Duflin | [i]Onboard the Ascension[/b][/i]

    ?Sir, all essential cargo has been transported from the surface to the [i]Ascension[/i]. Shall I inform our guest that we are ready to proceed to Coruscant?? Captain Leeds handed a data pad containing the records of the last of the cargo

    The admiral looked at the list of transferred material on the datapad in front of him. [i]Rations, Field Reports, Wounded, 1 Sith Transport, captured battle plans, 1 Sith Insurgent[/i] Randal stopped and scrolled back up to the note on the captured Insurgent. Bringing up the details on the prisoner, he looked into the known details that they had gathered on the prisoner. From the looks of it, he was an ex-imperial citizen with some ties to the upper class. [i]Interesting[/i]

    ?Have the fleet jump to hyperspace as soon as the Emperor?s Hand is ready to depart.? Replied the Grand Admiral.

    ?Yes sir!?

    As soon as Captain Leeds left, the Admiral began opening a message to Imperial Intelligence on Coruscant. The message was short and to the point, regarding the permission to bring the prisoner directly to ImpIntel for debriefing. He would receive their reply by the time they reappeared in Coruscant Orbit. He pondered the significance of the prisoner he held onboard, but thought of it no further as the fleet made its jump into Hyperspace.[/blockquote]

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  7. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    OOC: Sorry for the delay.

    IC: Han Solo
    Millennium Falcon, Kessel

    The Falcon made a smooth transition back into realspace only to be greeted by a waiting defense fleet. Proximity alarms began blaring around the cockpit as Han frantically switched all manual controls over to his side of console. The fireworks seemed to be flying a little early this time around. He was almost certain something would be waiting for them on Kessel, what he didn't anticipate was a fully operational Star Destroyer and her own compliment of fighters. So far, their target appeared to be smarter than his deceased brother. Still, it could've been a whole lot worse. Instead of facing a ragtag group of space pirates, they could've been staring back at an Imperial fleet.

    Han narrowed his eyes and clenched the control yoke tightly in his grip as he surveyed the vessels before him. "Here I am, Blood," he muttered quietly under his breath, oblivious to the fact that they were looking at the wrong fleet. "Come and get me."

    It was a silent warning and it brought an uneasy woof from Chewie, who was seated at his side at the co-pilot's station, but Han was ready. As soon as he spotted the ion trails from the fighters approaching their position, he would give them a ride they'll never forget. If Captain Blood wanted him that badly, he would have to really work for it. Nobody brought Han Solo in that easily.

    But for now, they would wait and make themselves appear as vulnerable as possible.

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  8. Zandoran_Celix

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    Feb 16, 2005
    Nakir Tal'Orar
    Aboard the Doneeta

    [blockquote][hl=yellow]Half upfront is the way business is played Captain.[/hl]

    He listened as the Captain and the Jedi spoke, then others began to arrive.

    Nakir didn't sit, he stood staring at those gathered. He listened to them talk as if he wasn't there, and he chose to ignore what they said to keep himself from doing something he may regret.

    He had learned it was better to remain stoic and make everyone wonder what the Mando was thinking than to vocalize it.

    He was becoming bored with the conversation. He was more an action kind of guy, and this was the part he disliked most.

    TAG: Those in the room.

  9. Protege-of-Thrawn

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    Mar 14, 2001
    IC as Wil Shard, aboard the Savior, Captain's Quarters, Mon Calamari Orbit

    He looked down briefly to the datapad and bit back another of his more usual glib remarks. He'd been doing little else but scouring the specs for this ship since he began to shuttle over, but nothing to be gained by saying as much.

    He nodded soberly and shook the man's hand firmly, taking up the datapad with the other. "I'll do just that Captain, and thank you: I'll analyse this as I do a brief shakedown of engineering, the medbay, and so forth. I want to at least look into the eyes of the section chiefs before we need depart. If you'd go to the bridge, give them a reassuring presence, I'll join the crew and assume the flag prior to our jump to Kessel."

    He waved the datapad for emphasis as he grasped the other captain by the shoulder and began to walk to the doorway. "It might be my command but she's still your ship Captain. I suspect you know her in ways I couldn't read from this datapad if I had hundreds of hours to spare. We both have a role to play here.

    By the time we reach Kessel, we'll be ready."

    TAG: Sarge, Sinre, anyone else who is about to go play 'poke the Rybet'

    [b]IC as Kane Lavos, Emperor Palpatine Children's Center and Theme Park, outskirts of Imperial City[/b]

    The grand opening hadn't occurred yet, but all the staff were going through a "trial day": where they simulated usual business by having a raft of bureaucrats and their families going through and experiencing the park, ensuring everything was in working order.

    Kane Lavos of course, felt duty bound to invite himself along, just to ensure it wasn't some universal joke being conspired to fill him with revulsion and make him question his Imperial loyalty.

    And he'd just seen something that could only be confirmation of the cosmic comedy unfolding around him.

    He pushed past the attendant manning the ride (in keeping with the child-friendly theme, the balloon inflating attendant was given the mis-spelt moniker of 'Klown') and gasped in dismay.

    [i]The Palpatine Cuddle-o-tron?!![/i]

    The hypoxia was definitely causing some chronic sensory issues, there could be no doubting it. He reached out with his left hand to touch the display before him, just to assure himself it was real, before letting his hand fall back to his side.

    [i]So, it is real. Someone in the Court actually authorised such a monstrosity.[/i]

    He reached out again and this time grasped the mechanised ride, and gave it a good shake all about. He Offered the Klown Enough credits for a Youth ticket - Pheremones Often confounded Klowns, Engineering the image of Youth - and then climbed aboard.

    He wondered just which crackpot engineer had decided that His late Imperial Majesty would be the 'cuddly' type.

    He sighed as the ride started up.

    "Time to see what this is all about."

    [b]OOC: Jello I iz in ur theme park ridin all ur amusements[/b]>
  10. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Lorelei Kya, Doneeta, Mon Calamari

    [blockquote]"Anyway we got off subject. I think I remember something about the Hapes Consortium being mentioned in the message I got for the meeting, are they coming, are they joining the Alliance. I must say that would be both surprising and remarkable, from what rumors I've heard about Hapan tech, the addition of their forces could easily hamper any Imperial manifestations."

    A comment from the Jedi party, Lorelei was not surprised to see. They always were technical. Lorelei, who considered herself a Jedi last and an officer first and foremost, nearly frowned, but managed not to The Nimbanel 'Supreme Commander' took point on this one.

    "The Hapans are being lobbied as we speak, Roan, but they're being equally pressed by the Empire and the Sith. The officer whom was approaching us was speaking for his own faction, but the Queen Mother has not yet authorised the deployment of vessels from her domain. I have redirected the Hapan envoy to the Triumvirate, rather than to us, as we are clearly going to war."

    No immense objections seemed to have been raised, so Sark Tokins nodded, to himself. As she watched, he depressed a button on his datapad, and Lorelei blinked, unaware of what he had done, with that. What Sark had done was inform the other member of the task force, the Savior, and instructed it to launch into hyperspace when ready. The medical frigate was supposed to arrive a moment later so the Doneeta could take the opening wave of fire, Lorelei would recall later on.

    "Excellent. Well, if that's all, I would like those who are commanding starfighters to join their squadron, or to join Page's Commando's. Those of us with personal ships," - and at this Tokins nodded at the Mandalorian - "please report to them for launch in two hours - Mon Calamari isn't too far from Kessel, so we'll be launching hot."

    As if on cue, the ship rumbled, a clear indication of a launch for hyperspace.

    "Please report to your ships."

    TAG: PoT, Sarge221, chanbill, Zandoran_Celix
    IC: Dark Lady Lumiya, Behemoth, Byss

    [blockquote]It was a relatively boring operation. The battering of overwhelmed Sith forces, by superior Imperial forces. It almost made her feel nostalgia for the old days of chasing the Alliance from system to system. As it was, she had little else to humour herself with. Byss had fallen, and the dark side energies gathered around it were a loss. So be it. Someone else would undoubtedly pick it up at a later date, and put together some ragtag unification of the Empire which would probably fail eventually. Lumiya dismissed it's loss - there were hundreds of worlds bathed in darkness she could and would rely upon.

    Admiral Bethrogg drearily signaled they were being instructed to depart, and Lumiya frowned, to herself. She simply stretched herself in the dark side to respond, and the crew moved to follow the immense Ascension. Lumiya watched as the vessel began to ease out of the gravity well, and realised that the two elements - Bethrogg and the Star Dreadnaught - had elicited the frown.

    The Star Dreadnaught was a monolith, a weapon created over three decades ago by Kuat for it's own defences, back in the days when the Old Republic allowed rich worlds such as Kuat, Loronar, Humbarine, Rendilli, Corellia and Grizmalt their own fleets. It was still remarkably dangerous to her smaller Imperial Star Destroyer, but less so as the years went on. It was however, a wonderful metaphor for the Empire - an aging but immense beast. She would need more assets to be able to influence it.

    And so she put herself into focusing her powers on reshaping Bethrogg's mind. The parts of him which were filled with the stuffy Imperial pride she left untouched, but she did start working on his other faculties - she needed a rook, not a pawn, indeed, but a piece which could think for itself? Appalling. She needed someone who could represent her vessel while she was gone, i
  11. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Roan Do/Fedar Sen

    "Yes, ma'am." Doan said, he then turned over to the Draethos next to him. "Fedar it's time for us to get to our fighters, we'll be engaging an enemy fleet soon, prep your fighter." Doan said. He looked over at Lorelei and bowed slightly and then left the room.

    "Master Jedi." Fedar said bowing in turn and then following his new Kaminoan friend. "So we're heading toward Kessel huh? Prison break?" he added as he followed along side Doan.

    "More than likely, but we'll still have to blast our way in. I will be needing your help to hold off any fighter squadrons they have at their disposal." Doan Ro said looking down at his companion. "Your fighter skills are quite impressive from what I've heard, and your unique skills will help hold off any waves they send at us." he added placing a hand on Fedar's shoulder.

    "I don't know what kind of stories you've been hearing but I'm not that great. I mean sure I'm not your average pilot but there are plenty of people out there ten times better than me." Fedar said, his face flushed a little in embarrassment, he couldn't believe the praise he'd just recieved. "But regardless let's hurry up." he added and with that e sprinted down the hall and to the hanger, jumping into the cockpit of his fighter and beginning the ignition process. Doan Ro did the very same in the fighter next to him.

    TAG: All on the Doneeta
  12. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Commander Bilt

    Bilt had heard the plan, and was to report to his fighter in the main hangar bay. Getting out of his chair, he and Thryta made their way down the hallway to the turbolift. Reaching the turbolift, they boarded along with a couple others. As the door shut and the car started to descend, a buzzing sound was audible, the static sound of it really annoying. Bilt rolled his eyes, annoyed by the sound of a car that probably would need maintenance sooner or later to fix the shaft cables.

    As the car reached the hangar, Bilt and Thryta got off and walked over to their fighters, which were being refueled by a hangar crew. Reaching into his pocket, Bilt grabbed his personal comlink and dialed up the private frequency for Snapper Squadron, hoping that someone would be able to return his call. Finally, a click was heard as someone came on the line. "Who is this?" asked Bilt, wanting to know who had picked up the call.

    "Hey Commander! Nice to hear from you," said a familair voice. It was Barny Elck.

    "Hey Barny, I have to say something to you. Get the squadron ready; I'll brief you on the mission after you get going."

    "Where are you?" asked Barny. "You'll have to give me some time; I have to find everyone and tel them to get ready."

    "I'm in the hangar bay of the Doneeta," Bilt replied. "Just about ready to get in our fighters and head out into space."

    "Agh . . . you just won't give me time, will you?" asked Barny asked. "I'll go round everyone up, but it could take a little while."

    "It doesn't mean that we'll have been out there for a while by the time you show up," Bilt responded."

    "All right. See you later," Barny said, shutting off the comlink. Bilt turned his off and placed it back in his flightsuit. "Barny'll get the group together," he said to Thryta, who was curious about the conversation. When the Iridonian nodded, Bilt said "This is going to be a very dangerous mission. Being a fighter screen isn't something we're used to; usually, we're the main attack line. However, we have a job to do, and the Alliance needs to retrieve our people on the planet." As they made their way over to the fighters, the hangar crew unhooked the gas nozzles, and the crew leader saluted. Bilt returned the salute, and the crew started over towards another fighter. "See you out there," Bilt said to Thryta before opening the cockpit of his E-Wing and fastening the chin strap of his flight helmet. Settling into his seat, he took a deep breath; he would need to concentrate on the upcoming battle.

    TAG: Anyone on the Doneeta
  13. Zandoran_Celix

    Zandoran_Celix Jedi Knight star 5

    Feb 16, 2005
    Nakir Tal'Orar
    Aboard the Doneeta

    [blockquote]As they were dismissed, Nakir decided it was time to bring somethin to the Captain's attention

    [hl=black]Captain, if you may, I wish to speak with you for a moment concerning a few things that have been brought to my attention.[/hl]

    Nakir had heard the Hapes Consortium mentioned in the meeting. This reminded him that Contruum had asked him to spy on the Alliance Navy's movements, and since they had failed to pay him the agreed upon amount, he felt no guilt in telling the Captain about it.

    He also needed to explain his not having a ship.

    TAG: Sinre
  14. Mister_Master

    Mister_Master Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 17, 2007
    IC: Thryta Melagan

    Thryta slowly strode over to his X-wing, giving the hanger crew enough time to finish filling her up. "Shes all ready, Sir. The crew man said, while removing the gas nozzle.

    Thryta nodded to the man, and walked up the ladder to the cockpit. He strapped himself in, and put on his helmet. Thryta activated his engines, and began preparing for take off. "Don't die Sir." He called over to Bilt. "I like you to much." Thryta said chuckling.

    Thryta closed the hatch, and activated his comlink. "whenever your ready sir." He said over the com.

    Tag: Gunny.
  15. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    GM OOC: Just to highlight, mister_master, we're discussing the game and hoping revive it [link=]here[/link], in the Roleplaying Resource.
  16. Protege-of-Thrawn

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    Mar 14, 2001
    OOC: ...and we're back!

    [b]Combine post, Protege of Thrawn IC as Kane Lavos & Grand Admiral Jello IC as Princess Ayra Jello, at the Grand Opening of Palpy Land, outside the Palace District, Imperial Center[/b]

    "...and we must remember, our beloved emperor was father to us all, but even more importantly, he did it all for the children. The children were the future of the Empire, and after a decade of violence and war, after a century of immorality and corruption, he wanted the youth of tomorrow to experience the flowering of their innocence without the turpitudes of yesterday! This facility is but one step forward in following his vision of a brighter, better future. Remember: THE EMPIRE IS VICTORIOUS ON ALL FRONTS!!"

    Deafening applause followed the peroration of the speech, and Princess Arya stood on the speaker's rostrum to receive the adulation of the people. This was her first major public address, and the spectacle of it was such that she easily lost track of the scale of the crowd and it seemed that even her protectors would have difficulty in spotting the glint of an assassin's rifle.

    The dusty hue of molted pinks and purples grazed the last gasps of natural sunlight during the planet?s cycle as the Princess? speech concluded. The crowd were mostly appreciative citizenry and the curious onlookers finally gaining a glimpse of their Imperial Royalty. Admiring and condescending males and the usual mix of envious and gushing females, almost exclusively human, and almost exclusively elite.

    Yet the crowd swelled beyond the front rows of the citizenry behind the security palisade, cracking with low-spectrum crowd control plasma to keep the throng at bay. The middle and rear crowd fanned out further, the working classes stopping on their way home, or the young families bringing out the children for a glimpse of their Princess prior to the end of the day.
    And one other type was in the crowd, although this one was alone. Down at eye level the crowd had a uniform pulse, a movement all of its own, like an ocean with the barest lulling of a swell. The people in this crowd moved as one, held together shoulder to shoulder by the sheer masses at their backs. Despite this, the one stood slightly apart from the crowd. Sentients of adult age had learnt of the galaxy on levels they only sometimes recognised, and it was on these levels that they knew to stay a bit back or to keep a bit away of this one.

    Unusually, this one was not in the usual non-descript garb he preferred in public, nor had he bothered assuming one of the archetypes he bothered with to blend in on assignment. No, at the moment, this one was purely himself. Dressed in crisp black tunic, vest and trousers, an expression that seemed limited to a range of cold through to icy, and his regard fixed firmly on the podium some hundred or so arms in front, slightly out from the centre.

    He was Kane Lavos, and he?d come to see the Princess for himself. Despite his initial hesitation ? why mince words: [i]revulsion[/i] ? at the effrontery, he?d gradually been won over to the idea of a ?Palpy-Land?, at least in the abstract. One only had to glance around at the families to see the inherit genius of the idea, and so he?d deemed it necessary to view the mouthpiece of the Emperor for himself, and see what more he could discern from the regal frippery that may constitute a shrewder schema than he?d initially afforded.

    [i]She plays the part well. But how much of that is her, and how much her father?s doing? For they are a twain not unlike His Imperial Majesty and his pet Vader.[/i] He paused for a moment to roll that thought over, before deciding he didn?t fancy the flavour. [i]No, that comparison is only half the truth. These roles are different.[/i] He looked once more at the Princess on the podium, who was now raising her hands to accept the adulation of the more fervent citizenry to the front.

    He?d have continued his muse if not for an exception to the rule that kept him somewhat more free of the pressing masses and afforded him at>
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    Nov 15, 2004
    Joint post from Sinrebirth and GrandAdmiralJello, and it?s a good and long one!

    IC: The Dark Lady and the Emperor

    It wasn't long after the Ascension and Behemoth decanted from hyperspace above Imperial Center, and Lumiya took no time to take a shuttle down - her Admiral had been sufficiently molded back into an Imperial officer, a tool that could be subsumed back into the Imperial navy. Her crew would remain loyal to the Admiral, as personified by her, and would remain something to keep in her pocket.

    The Emperor's Hand took a shuttle down, and went through the boringly complicated security procedures that surrounded the Imperial Palace. She handed her lightwhip over, of course, and allowed the security scanners to make sure we wasn't liable to produce a blaster from her elbow joint, or something equally unlikely.

    Several hours after landing, Lumiya hesitantly walked into the presence of the Emperor. She had never actually addressed the first Emperor in public, so she was still as uncomfortable as any citizen in his presence - that quality that was donated to the man by the grandeur and attention that made a mortal seem... a god.

    Lumiya shivered, and followed the procession on.

    A cadre of Imperial Guards escorted the woman to the inlayed marble doors of the Imperial Sanctum and formed a phalanx around her. As the doors swung ponderously open, two Sovereign Protectors took up the escort.

    Their light footsteps upon the patterned marble would not have ordinarily generated much sound, but they reverberated throughout the vast temple-like edifice. The eyes of mythological figures gazed upon them from the porticoed recesses, and the legendary figures of the Republic stood judging them from atop lofty colonades. Occasionally, the slightly swaying shape of a Sovereign Protector punctuated the never ending rows of purple veined marble, although they appeared almost otherworthly in the light of the blue torches scattered about.

    At the end of the hall, a grand temple staircase led up to a throne decorated with spectacular sculptural reliefs and backed by a colossal golden eagle, but its single occupant--dressed in a purple cloak and sculpted armor (also with reliefs) like some ancient deity--seemed to dominate the room.

    A herald had announced her presence as they entered, "Shira Elan Colla Brie, a Major in service of His Imperial Majesty's Eyes and Ears, seeks an audience with Your Majesty!"

    The ruler of the known galaxy had waved them in with a regal gesture, and had evaluated her as she walked in. There was a certain confidence in her walk, and assurance of her position--and yet there was a bit of diffidence hiding underneath it all. He would have to seek this vulnerability, and tease it out--but only after he determined whether it was due to his awesome presence, or something in her past.

    Indeed, the Emperor had full access to her files. He knew her official history, and her unofficial history. The former told all about her Intelligence mishap, but the latter was more scanty. She had held Onyx security clearance under the previous ruler, something restricted to high level inquisitors and personal representatives of the Emperor. Indeed, even the Grand Admirals were restricted to the Platinum clearance: suggesting that Major Brie was an intimate of the old emperor.

    The term was not used lightly. HIM Palpatine had a penchant for gathering attractive young women around him to serve as his Hands--in the literal and figurative sense. They would go where he could not, and accomplish missions with a sort of delicacy that allowed for complete deniability. They were very difficult to uncover, because Palpatine was not stupid enough to leave a simple list anywhere and there was no way for Intelligence to compile a database of Onyx security holders--they were, by definition, invisible.

    Iaius knew of two already: Sarcev Quest and Roganda Ismaren. The former was a force at Court and had been uncovered due to the diplomatic finesse of
  18. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    IC: Lt. Jad Grohen
    VSD Vindicator

    Jad adjusted his rank insignia one final time before the lift reached the bridge. It had been a particularly relaxing break, true, but the time for sleep was over. He needed to get back on deck. The lift doors slid open as another crew member boarded.

    "First Mate Grohen, nice to see you sir," the man, who Jad recognized as Ensign Rutherford from Communications, greeted him with a salute. Ensign Rutherford was an affable chap, if a bit prone to minor lapses in behavior. Nonetheless, he got his job done, and anymore that was what [i]really[/i] counted.

    "Ensign Rutherford, nice to see you as well. At ease." The lift doors slid shut again as they continued their ascent towards the bridge.

    "I trust you found your rest period satisfactory, Lieutenant?"

    "Indeed, Ensign, I did. It's been awhile since I got that kind of sleep. Feel as fit as the proverbial fiddle. I presume you also found your rest period adequate?"

    "Quite, sir. Caught a meal at the mess hall with some of my petty officer friends."

    "Glad to hear it, Ensign." Jad smiled. It was moments like these, the friendly chit chats going to and from duty, that rally made the Imperial Navy Jad's surrogate family. "Out of curiosity, do you know where the [i]Vindicator[/i] is bound for? Captain Stavus has not yet informed me."

    "No, sir, we're as much in the dark as you are. Must be important, though." Jad agreed. The lift finally reached its destination, and both men headed for their stations. Back to business.

    "Captain," Jad began, as he approached his superior officer's chair, "Might I ask to where we are headed?"

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    IC: Commander Bilt
    Doneeta Hangar Bay

    Don't die, Sir Thryta said over the com.

    "Well, we should try not to then, shall we?" Bilt said with a smirk. "Let's get out there and meet up with the rest of the crew." As the engines fired up, Bilt's mind wandered a little. The mission made sense; however, the fact that it had to do with Kessel disturbed him a little, given its history and what it was still used for. Space mining and the slave labor that harvested it disgusted Bilt, as it was a way for the owners of the mines to get ahead by ripping off the workers of their hard-earned pay. But, then again, when had the galaxy ever been fair? It never has ben fair he conceeded to himself, knowing that it was a true statement; there was always some unfairness going on somewhere in the galaxy.

    As his ship lifted off the ground and the landing gear was tucked back into its compartment, Bilt soared out of the hangar bay and came out into open space. The Guardian sat across from the Doneeta, the ship where the rest of his squadron was. It felt odd to be serving a different ship for this mission; he had gotten used to the Guardian; he couly easily remember the floorplan, the corridors, even the food that was on the menu every week. It felt so strange to have been on another ship. As he pondered about this, he could see Thryta pulling up next to his fighter, both of them sitting out in the space between the two large ships. I wonder where the others could be Bilt mused as he waited for the rest of Snapper Squadron to materialize from the Guardian's hangar.

    The wait was longer than expected. Bilt found himself almost staring at the hangar bay, waiting for the nine other fighters to emerge from there and join his and Thryta's out near the Doneeta. Other fighters had left both hangars, but they had all formed up a distance away, the commanders obviously giving instructions to their squadrons about the mission and their role in completing the objectives. "I wonder what's taking them so long," Bilt said into his comlink. Thryta did not respond, but Bilt guessed that his second was also wondering where everyone was. "They're never this late," Bilt mused again. The Snappers were always on time, and never left their commander waiting for them to come out.

    Finally, the first of the Snappers emerged from the hangar, and the nine fighters came over to join Bilt and Thryta. "What took you guys so long?" Bilt asked.

    "Sorry, commander," Barny responded. "We needed to fill up our fighters. The crews didn't fully gas 'em up after our last mission."

    "Well, it appears that we're all here, then," Bilt said. "I'll contact the ships, and then we can go." He dialed up the com channel for the Guardian, and said "This is Commander Bilt. Snapper Squadron is ready for departure." Now he had to wait for a response from the Admiral.

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    Oct 17, 2007
    IC: Thryta Melagan

    "Let's get out there and meet up with the rest of the crew."

    Thryta fired up his engines, and started the take off procedures. In his head he counted off the seconds before the engine warmed up, and he could take off. It took 30 seconds for it to be warm enough to take off.

    Thryta waited for Bilt to be off the ground before he following. Thryta pulled on the control stick lifting him off the ground. Next he pushed on the controls taking his ship out of the hanger, and into the black void of space, where Snapper Squadron would wait for order.

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Millennium Falcon, Kessel

    The first sign of trouble didn't come in the form of turbolaser blasts and swarming starfighters, but rather, it was the lack thereof that caused reason for concern. Sure, the wedged-shaped Destroyer was still out there above the planet along with its compliment of Headhunters and other assorted junk, but they had failed to advance towards the Falcon's position. Either they hadn't spotted her, had something else in mind, or worse yet, weren't a pirate group at all.

    "I don't know, pal," Han began as he pushed himself more erect in the pilot's chair. His brow was furrowed as he continued to look back and forth between the console display and the real-time image of the Star Destroyer outside the cockpit window, trying to make sense of the whole situation. "Either this is some elaborate trap or that ain't our target at all and we've been setup."

    The Wookiee dipped his shaggy head to study the controls at his station before issuing a series of soft moans, basically repeating everything Han had just said expect putting a little more emphasis on the possibility of it being someone else. That bit of information made Han's stomach knot with worry as he continued to stare out at the small fleet. The last thing they needed was to be intercepted by the Empire...or worse.

    "I think it's time we dump this mission and make a run for it," he suggested idly as his hands began to work over the console, now prepping the freighter for the hyperspace jump out of the system. If that bug had anything to do with sending them into this trap, he'd personally hunt him down and squash him underfoot himself. After all, it had been his network that had pointed the way to Kessel. It just all seemed a little too convenient.

    "Alright, stand by, Chewie," Han continued in a hurried voice, now mentally counting down the seconds till they had their clearance from the navicomputer. "Jump coming up in four, three, two--Kriff!"

    The Wookiee tilted his head comically towards the smuggler and woofed a question at the bizarre order, but there was no time to explain before the comm unit crackled to life. So much for slipping through the cracks undetected.

    "Corellian freighter, we have you on our scopes," a male voice filtered over the speaker, gruff and nasally. It sounded as if the man had been struck head-on by a speeder, or the more likely story was he was high on spice, which wasn't too surprising considering it was mined on the planet below. At any rate, he knew now he wasn't dealing with the Empire. "Identify yourself and state your reason for passage," the voice continued after a beat.

    Han's brow lowered into a scowl as he exchanged glances with his co-pilot, silently running down the list of possibilities for escape and coming up short. It appeared as if the only option available to them was to actually respond to the voice, stall for time and hope for the best. If his impromptu conversation back on the Death Star was any indication of their chances of pulling this off, they were in trouble. Chewie snorted from the seat beside the Corellian before turning away, obviously recognizing that fact.

    "Yea, go ahead, laugh," Han sneered, leaning closer to the comm device. "You'll find out when they're processing your pelt for textile goods." Clearing his mind of images of the snickering Wook, Han took a deep breath and activated the mic to begin his tirade. "Uh, this is the...Century Eagle. We, uh, we have a fresh load of--slaves waiting to, uh, be processed down in the facilities."

    Slaves. Real smooth. Not only did he despise the concept, but that was sure to bring the entire fleet breathing down their necks. All they could do now was sit back and wait for the inevitable response. Han had a sinking feeling it wasn't gonna end well.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Captain Tokins and Nakir Tal'Orar
    Aboard the Doneeta, enroute to Kessel

    [blockquote]Tokins turned to the much taller Mandalorian as the others filed from the room. Lylithe Kya exchanged a worried nod with the Nimbanel Captain as she left, and headed off to the deck. Undoubtedly she'd do some work with the fighters, boosting their morale, or some-such.

    "We'll be decanting within the hour, so we'll have to be quick, I'm afraid."

    Nakir nodded knowing time was of the essence.

    [hl=black]I know things need to move quickly, but Captain, I am afraid I am without a ship. Perhaps one can be a partial payment for my services?[/hl]

    He gestured at the room where the meeting had taken place before he spoke further.

    [hl=black]You spoke of alliances in the meeting. I believe it only fair that I tell you I was offered a Job before yours. Contruum offered me whatever price I asked, the job was to get a job among the Alliance Fleet and offer them information on your movements. They did not pay, otherwise this meeting would have gone much differently.[/hl]

    He crossed his arms over his chest and awaited the Captains answer, but he knew that the nimbanel had little room for negotiation on his proposition, and the news of Contruum asking for info on the Alliance would be considered a very generous gift.

    [hl=black]What say you Captain?[/hl]

    Captain Tokins blinked, stopping in his steps. "Contruum?" The Nimbanel pushed away his concern of the Mandalorian work ethic - he'd been warned by his experience with Fett; Nimbanel had been a freelance merc before the Alliance, and one with a pretty shady past at that. Sark flipped open his datapad almost immediately, scanning his notes.

    "Contruum just had its government replaced... but its neutral in the war. Why do you think they were interested in doing that?"

    Tokins scowled, for a moment. "What is your interest in telling me this?"

    Nakir smiled behind his helmet. Always a price they assumed.

    [hl=black]First, Contruum told me they were an independent in the war, but wanted to make sure no one was going to over run them. but we both know no one as small as them can be a neutral party. Some ones playing Puppet Master.

    Second, this information comes with no price. I can't get paid if you are betrayed then removed. Contruum failed to pay me, you have now taken the place of the highest bidder. My interest is only my own, at least for now.[/hl]

    He thought back to after Fett and Shysa had died. Everyone wanted him tot ake the role of Mandalore, to become their leader. He didn't want it, it was just a coincidence he was with Fett and Shysa, he wasn't qualified enough to be Mandalore.

    He turned away from the Nimbanel Captain and gestured.

    [hl=black]Will you give me a ship or not, Captain? Depending upon your generosity, you may pay me my wages in one fell swoop.[/hl]

    Captain Sark frowned at the Mandalorian, and found himself remembering a ship that he found surprising when he'd found the file. He opened up a file and held it out. "I've transferred this to the ship for Lylithe, but you may want it, and be more inclined to use it than her."

    It was Slave I. The Firespray which had belonged to the late Boba Fett himself.

    "How's that sound?" Sark was neutral. He knew he would be owed a few missions by Nakir with such a worthy price - Fenn Shysa and Fett had gone missing, reported dead, apparently. Sark's latest Intelligence report suggested that Fenn was in the Moddell Sector, in some kind of hunt for a tessent of some kind, however it was difficult to distinguish between Mandalorians sometimes.

    Nakir scowled under his helmet. Anger was a powerful emotion, one he easily used to his advantage, but his was beyond that. As he spoke, it came out in a visceral growl.

    [hl=black]Where did yo
  23. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Fedar Sen/Doan Ro

    "Roger that." Fedar and Doan said in unison. Instantly their fighters shot out of the hanger bay and went into the space above Kessel.

    "Fedar keep a shield flux around your ship never keep it in one place or you open yourself to an easy hit." Doan said as he spun around to fly alongside his new friend. "Don't forget to focus on the moment too, don't drift off for a second." he added as the two of them flew closer to the planetoids atmosphere.

    "Will do, be careful yourself and may the Force be with us all." Fedar said, he then opened a channel to the other Alliance fighters. "This is Fedar Sen to the rest of the Rebel fleet, keep your shields strong, shots sure, and may the Force be with us all." he said as they continued their advance on Kessel.

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tolin Corbec
    Aboard the Savior, Bridge, enroute to Kessel

    Despite not exactly being in command of his frigate, Tolin was remaining on the bridge for this operation if nothing else then to view Shard's capabilities of handling command, especially since it was the Alderaanian's frigate. While staring out the viewport, the doctor had retrieved the old laser scalpel from his pocket, fiddling with it in his hands but not turning it on while the medical frigate hurdled through the last legging of the journey through lightspeed.

    When the task force decanted, Tolin had placed the laser scalpel back in his pocket while reports came in. His insides grew cold when he heard the words "Star Destroyer" but looking out the viewport he was able to identify the vessel before the report continued to designate the warship as a Gladiator-class Destroyer. That dashed some of the worries away. Unlike it's larger and more fearful variants, the Gladiator was, at best, a patrol vessel. While the thing could carry two dozen starfighters, that force was pretty much the only intimidating feature that the ship possessed as even the Savior was better armed with it's eight turbolasers and ten laser cannons compared to the Star Destroyer's five light turbolasers and two laser cannons. Combine that with the firepower of the Doneeta and the ship was just severely outclassed for this engagement.

    So far nothing to really worry about in terms of opposition. At least for now Tolin could remain calm. No potential disasters so far. He looked over at the frigate's new commanding officer while the commander of the Doneeta, Captain Tokins, started issuing out orders, going to take this moment to get his first impressions of Shard's handling of command.

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Millennium Falcon, Kessel

    "Century Eagle, prepare yourself---" the drunken response was abruptly cut off as another warning alarm began to blare throughout the cockpit, drowning out whatever it was the distant fleet was trying to relay to them. It was no real loss as far as Han was concerned, until the cause for the alarm decided to show up and pin itself directly between the locals and the Falcon's position. And this time, it wasn't some small local defense fleet, this thing was huge.

    "I think we just overstayed our welcome," Han muttered under his breath as his eyes grew wide studying the formation of the ships laid out before him. This was no ragtag group of misfits, they were something to be reckoned with and somehow, they appeared awfully familiar. Too familiar. It had to be the Rebels. "Put all power to the shields," Han ordered when he snapped out of his daze, pointing an index finger at the Wookiee in the co-pilot's position. "We're gonna make a break for it while they're preoccupied. We may not get another chance at this."

    Chewie wasn't about to argue with that sentiment and he was quick to make the appropriate changes from his side of the console. There was only a few seconds delay before the freighter shot forward into the heart of the fleet, weaving in and out of vessels on a quest for freedom until she reached the perimeter and started to make a break for it. Hopefully there was enough going on around them not to notice a small, YT-1300 freighter making its way along their ranks. But maybe that was only wishful thinking...

    A Wookiee roar interrupted their rhythm as an indicator light on the comm unit began to flash for their attention. Someone out there took notice alright and now they were hailing them. Han gritted his teeth, intent on ignoring the small device, but the Wookiee had other ideas. Apparently he thought it was a bad idea to keep whoever it was waiting and decided to slam his massive fist down on the console to make sure Han knew it. And in that instant, it was the Battle of Yavin all over again. Except this time, the furball wasn't gonna let Han slip away and turn his back on them.

    "Alright, I see it!" Han yelled, jumping a bit in his seat at the Wook's insistence. After all, it was never a good thing to get him angry, life debt or not. "What is it with you and getting all soft on me in these kind of situations, huh?!" His hazel-eyed glare met the blue steel of the Wookiee's gaze before he reached across the console and angrily flipped open the comm channel.

    "Falcon here," he snarled into the comm, not worrying about rank or whether the figure on the other end held any kind of authority over him. "This better be good. I have more important things to do than stick around in the middle of a warzone."

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