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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GrandAdmiralJello , Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Kev-Mas Colcha
    Aboard the Deathbringer, Battle of Garos IV

    "Any orders, my Lord? Is everything okay on the Deathbringer?"

    "Yes, now do your job!" yelled Kev-Mas, to the squadleader of Hunter Squadron, one of two TIE Interceptor squadrons, which were actually an inverted paintjob variant of the Royal Guard Interceptor originally designed for use by the elite Emperor's Royal Guards, which Kev-Mas so aptly called Shadow Guard Interceptors, "I want Hunter and Destroyer Squadrons to split up, and focus on taking out the Carracks, one squadron per ship!"

    Kev-Mas was pissed. His ship was damaged, and the battle had just started. It was then when he took a quick moment to think that he finally got it. He still had a tactical advantage, he just didn't realize it before. From being a high ranking Imperial, technically ranked extremely high above the average of his rank - the advantages of being a Dark Side Adept, he knew of many of the flaws of Imperial Starships, even those that were kept under wraps. That included those of the Strike-class Cruiser. For one, a single, well-placed hit on the power systems of the cruiser could shut down entire systems of the ship. To make it even better, the Deathbringer had high impact weapons, the missile launchers, which made it possible to cause the enemy cruiser to simply break apart, losing large portions of its structure. Finally, like many Imperial Warships, it had a prominent bridge tower, which if hit could spell even more trouble for the cruiser.

    Kev-Mas turned to the tactical/sensors officer, and issued his commands.

    "Focus three stutter-fire volleys of missiles, three quarters at the Strike-class Cruiser's Power Systems, and one quarter towards the bridge tower, all programmed to arc towards the sides, while drawing its shields towards the front with turbolaser fire. Also, concentrate laser cannons on the Carracks. Today we shall teach these fools not to get in the way of the Sith."

    With that, the pitch black warship opened fire with all weapons, in a dazzling display of firepower.

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  2. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Captain Tolin Corbec
    Savior Ready Room

    "Captain Corbec, I have been receiving worrying information from the Garos and Velmor systems."

    Within the privacy of the ready room, Tolin listened to the said information that was now being relayed to him by Captain Tokins. And during the briefing, the medic had to admittedly stop himself from raising a brow at the way that the other Captain spoke. Sark was indeed the overall commanding officer of this Kessel run but what was this? Alliance Intelligence, talk of Sith movements. Had there been more to this operation or was Sark just letting the command go to his head?


    "If you're asking volunteers for a recon mission I would happily oblige." Actually, maybe the "happily oblige" part might not be all that truthful depending on what was going on with Tokins but if it meant a chance to strike at not only the Sith but the Empire itself then he was all for it.

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  3. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Aurra Sing
    Battle of Kessel

    [blockquote]Slaves were escaping, daring the lightsaber duel to avoid the conflict, Aurra herself paying the little man in-front of her heed, rather that little man in-front of her. Zabrak or not, he was nothing to her. He wade into the fray, striking at her with one blade, and coming around with the other, a simple but effective one-two exchange that was atypically difficult to deflect with a single blade. A presence focused upon her back, and Aurra decided.

    She didn't stay still.

    Aurra leaped up and over, lashing her blade down at Thryta, a cut which would remove his arm at the shoulder if it came to it. Landing behind him, she swung and decapitated a prisoner, the Quarren's head rolling to the ground, the move allowing her to spin away from the engagement, blocking the exit.

    She cackled, in response.

    "And now you all die!" With a flick of her hand, she tossed the Quarren's head at Bilt with the Force, and readied her blade to engage the four of them. Eyeing Han Solo, and the Mandalorian, Aurra resolved that she would enjoy this. The milling crowd of slaves and prisoners paused, unable to get through. She was perfectly framed in the entrance, and they were very trapped. There was a single merc remaining on the floor, clutching his leg and wounded.[/blockquote]

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    IC: A'Sharad Hett
    Valley of the Golg, Korriban

    [blockquote]A'Sharad Hett did not need to fear the dark currents of Korriban, because he had the dark side as his tool. He was not a Sith, not truly - he had consorted with the devil so he might kill Palpatine and Vader once and for all. And so he could smoothly slide through the darkness, the torrent nudging him down avenues of rock and stone and power. It didn't take him long to locate the man making ripples.

    They still flowed from his initial location, and Vincent had not yet figured out the miasma to navigate the stone with ease. And so Hett approached him, from behind, slow and stealthy like a hssiss. He had to discern this ones true allegiance before he acted. He would not need the element of surprise in this dark place, but Hett had no intention of using anymore darkness than he needed to. There was some kind of darkness flowing from him...


    Vincent Mikaru, for his part, had been noticed. Sith voices swirled around the man, drawn to the amulet on his person - the amulet of Exar Kun. They were exultant, speaking clearly and coldly.

    It has returned...

    Call the Sovereign...

    Call the Dark One...

    It has returned...

    A gift for the Dark One, a gift of blood...

    The conclave of voices grew to a crescendo, filling the voice of the rogue Jedi, a stain that was not just attached to the amulet, but seeking ways to vise open his soul and being...

    A spirit arose before him, one Vincent recognised as Gaius Mikaru. The Betrayer. He was also a great deal more beyond, but he was one of the few Sovereigns of the Mikaru family who had been forced to leave. Perhaps even the only one. History was vague on that - especially after the Great War and the New Sith Wars.

    Gaius gestured forward, smiling at Vincent, genuine warmth in his voice. "Give me the amulet, little one. It needs to be taken, away from here. We have no choice. You know what I have done. What I can do. Let me save you, Vincent Mikaru. There is an acolyte after you. I can conceal the amulet from him, from this Dragon. But we must hurry."


    Hett watched the Sovereign and the man. He could detect what it was that they were being drawn to, finally - a Sith amulet, one of the two pieces that together could act as an anchor for him, according to XoXaan.


    Hett listened to the dark-blue Sovereign, frowning, and pulling back into the shadows, catching the whisper of a name.

    Vincent Mikaru...[/blockquote]

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  4. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Vincent Mikaru

    ?Am I to trust the Lord of Betrayal? He who abandoned his clan, his family, everyone that relied on him, he who betrayed all we stood for?? He tightened his grip on the gun, wondering precisely how to be rid of a spirit quickly, ?No. No I Don't think I believe you. In fact I certainly doubt you are Gaius, he died, far away from this world.?

    Vincent slide the rifle behind its back, the magnetic holder on the back of his suit locking hold of it keeping it in place. ?Do not think me some simple fool of a Jedi. Nor a naive lost soul trying to find a way to use the darkside without it using them. No. I am something different, something simple. I am just a man on a mission to bring an end to this foolishness and you, nor any acolyte will stand in my way!?

    Vincent called his lightsaber to his hand, its silver blade sparking to life as he unleashed a wave in the force. Spirits were still, according to research he had done, susceptible to at least force powers. He could fight this spirit on equal grounds, and any acolyte that dared face him. He would complete this mission or die trying, and he wasn't going to die here.

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  5. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Salla Vivek
    Aboard the Red Spirit, Velmor System

    Salla snorted at the possibility of Contruum taking on the Sith by himself and stomped her way back towards the cockpit. It would probably prove to be an interesting light show, but it would be a light show that would cost her credits. If Contruum went down at the hands of the Sith, she would lose her pay day. The thought made her misstep and stumble as the pirate leader began speaking once more.

    "I would assume, Captain Vivek, that the Sith are attempting to steal whatever Contruum is after. I'm just running this part of the operation. I assume he's seeing who will come to assist Garos IV."

    Regaining her balance, Salla turned and regarded the man, narrowing her eyes as she tried to gauge the man's intentions. Something didn't seem right about that statement and Salla couldn't decide if he was giving her a line of fluff or if he was simply trying to impress her. In either case, she doubted he was actually telling the truth. Placing her hands on her hips casually, Salla flashed the man a fake smile in an attempt to deter him.

    It didn't work so well.

    "That's everything. Unless you needed a co-pilot to sell things with the government hangar crew, of course."

    The smile faded from her lips and she arched an eyebrow curiously. "A co-pilot?" she repeated, obviously taken aback by the offer. It had been months since she had any sort of co-pilot and even then, she had been the one filling that particular position. She thought it would be a piece of cake handling the operations of a starship on her own, but the truth was, it got very lonely on those long hyperspace jumps all alone. Regardless of her not entirely trusting this man, she could still use the company. And in the end, that won out.

    "Sure, why not," she said in a sultry voice, a genuine smile now gracing her features. "Right this way."

    Not waiting to see if he was following, Salla ducked back into the cockpit and settled down into the pilot's chair. Her eyes danced across the instrument panel as she began to strap herself in for their journey.

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    [b]IC: Han Solo[/b]
    [i]The Mines, Kessel[/i]

    The sniper was now exposed - a humanoid female with a topknot and pale skin. She had the body of a warrior and the arsenal to prove it. Not only was she handy with a blaster, but she also carried one of those lightswords - a lightsaber or whatever they were called. She swung the blade in front of her and easily deflected a pair of blaster bolts coming in her direction. Han would've been amazed with her skill, but one of those deflected bolts just so happened to be one of his. With a distinct [i]thrump[/i], the bolt hit the tip of the blade and came sailing right back at him.

    With his eyes growing wide, Han instinctively turned and attempted to dive back behind the pile of rock and debris he had been using for cover, but he wasn't quite fast enough. The bolt passed a little too close for comfort, the intensity causing his ears to buzz as a searing pain suddenly shot across the side of his head and cheek. Even with the breath mask plastered to his face, it was hard to ignore the scent of burned hair and flesh. He had been hit. Of course, it was only a minor brush, but a hit nonetheless. It could've been so much worse, but he had luck on his side today.

    He winced in pain, his free hand coming up to gingerly touch the raw flesh left behind by the blast. It was nothing a little bacta couldn't fix but the stinging sensation - that was enough to make him angry. Clenching his jaw, he rose back above the mound he was hiding behind and fired off a couple shots in retaliation. The sniper was now engaged in some sort of duel with the Alliance pilot, making any shot difficult, but that all came to a crashing end as the woman expressed agility and skill that didn't seem possible for the likes of her.

    [i]"And now you all die!"[/i] she shouted as she moved to block their escape route.

    "That's what you think," he muttered under his breath, reaching into>
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