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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by BENSKYWAKER, Feb 6, 2009.

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    BENSKYWAKER Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 28, 2005

    The Year is 1775 and a war has consumed America. The Continental Congress has founded an army and is taking the fight to the British. King George the third has launched a massive naval and infantry task force to destroy rebel opposition. The Continental Army is tasked with fighting off this massive task force. Unfortunately His Excellency, George Washington, Commander in Chief is dead. Assassinated by a loyalist. The Continental Army needs leaders. The British will arrive soon and defenses must be made. The army needs a chain of command. Gunpowder is low, the Continental Army has no naval force and very few cannons. Loyalists infect major cities like New York, and some have even taken arms up against the Army. Can the Continental army hold off the most powerful empire in the world? Will Freedom and Democracy prevail or will Monarchy forever control the world?

    Your Task:

    To fight for either the American Continental Army against the British


    To fight for the British as either a Loyalist, a British solder, or a mercenary from Germany

    Character Sheet:


    Gender: (women can be a part of the army either as a solder or a medic or cook, whatever)
    Rank: (There will be two equally weighted Generals on both British and American sides, otherwise whatever rank you want)
    Attributes: (something the defines your character)
    Habits: (something your character does, not needed)
    Skills: (Can be a farmer, a tobacco grower, whatever your character does for a living or is just good at)
    Hair color:
    Eye color:
    Additional: (thought of something I didn't? add it!)
    Personal Biography:
    Which side your on:
    Why you joined the war:
    Additional Information:

    Rules of the Game:

    1) PM me your character sheet
    2) There can only be 4 Supreme Generals, two on each side, first come first serve

    3) GM's word is law
    4) Respect TOS
    5) No God-modding (killing off players or winning battle single handedly)
    6) Respect other players and their characters (don't go killing people off or acting for them)
    7) Have Fun!

    Additional Information:

    As GM I will play as Continental Congress and King George the Third. So all requests for money and supplies needs to be directed towards me. And I will determine which side wins major conflicts based on the Generals overall strategies (or luck if its too hard to tell). But overall the game is up to you the players. I will try to supply map is you guys want to get that technical but otherwise will let you handle it. Be creative!

    The Generals: As one the four generals you will have several responsibilities. You will either lead your army North or South (hence why there is two on each side) and you have to come up with orders for your army. That will be left mostly up to you but occasionally Congress/King George will give you advice or orders. ORDERS MUST BE OBEYED

    Anyone of lower ranks: You will receive orders from the Generals. But nothing too grievous it will just direct the flow of game play. If the general tells his army to retreat you must do so but other then that your left to your own devices. Obviously you can win parts of battles on your own but check with me before taking to much control over the field.

    You can not play as George Washington he is dead. You could play as someone involved in the Continental Congress but you'll be given a job such as diplomat. Any Historical Figure goes (except Washington) but try to branch out and play in a different way then history.

    The game doesn't necessarily have to be focused around battles. Play how you want to play!

    America might not necessarily win! This game won't follow actual battles! You create history!

    GM reserves the right to affect the game in anyway he sees fit, but promises to let you have fun with it. I'm curious what you guys will do with history as your play ground!

    More Info as needed for the game later or at a PM request.


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  2. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    GM Approved

    Name: Joseph Thundercloud
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Militia (guerrilla fighter)
    Personality: Stern and calculating, he is always focused on the matter at hand is is quick to adapt to the situation.
    Attributes: Tends to always look out for the weaker more than the stronger.
    Likes: The feeling of the wind, the building of a strong village, and the freedom that comes from electing the ones who lead you.
    Dislikes: The feeling of being trapped.
    Skills: Hunter and marksman
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Features: Strong cheekbones and brow line
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Additional: Has a dark tan
    Other: Has a tattoo of a hawk with a storm cloud around it.
    Personal Biography: Joseph was born into the hawk clan of the Onondaga nation of the Iroquois Confederacy. He was raised by his father and his mother as a hunter and warrior. When the British began sending troops through Onondaga lands he and several others of his clan went to the nearest Colonial settlement and signed up to join the militias they were forming to combat these savage red-coated demons. A master of striking from the shade and a dead-eye with his bow Joseph was more than willing to help those white people who held to a similar idea that he did, that all are equal, and that the ruler should be chosen by the people. He is now part of a guerrilla group in the vicinity of central New York, along with him and his clan brothers and those white men he trusts, they have held off the red coated invaders.
    Which side your on: Rebellion
    Why you joined the war: To help the white men find freedom.
    Additional Information: Joseph is an Onondaga native, the keepers of the fire. They are the heart of the Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois. He is bound by his people to protect their ways. No matter the cost.
  3. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    Name: Graf Gerhard von Seydrich
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Oberst (Colonel)

    Attributes: Stoic, Hard working, a man?s man
    Habits: smokes a pipe
    Likes: Order, soldiering,
    Dislikes: disorder, Sloth, laziness
    Skills: Marksman, Swordsmanship

    Height: 5?10?
    Weight: 180
    Features: Bayonet scar, upper right bicep & shoulder
    Hair color: dark brown, giving to grey at temples
    Eye color: Brown


    Personal Biography:
    Born in Pomerania, the Graf Gerhard von Seydrich?s family was the poorest of the nobility in Prussia. His father Graf Erich von Seydrich emphasized hard work, thoughtfulness, and loyalty. His formal education was adequate, but not really worthy of note, although he consumed military history voraciously. It was not until the Seven years war, when he was called up as a Lieutenant, did he really begin to shine.

    Eschewing a cushy staff job that his father (also serving) could have secured him, von Seydrich worked instead in a line infantry company, winning the men?s respect by doing the job competently and drilling them hard. He had a gift for engendering loyalty, and many of the men; even those older than him, began to lookn on him as a stern but fair father figure.

    Throughout the war, von Seydrich moved up steadily through the ranks, the attrition of war making such advances possible. He was present at the famous battles of Leuthen and Rossbach, and finished out the war as an Oberst (colonel). He was released at half-pay at the conclusion of the war, and returned to inherit his poor estate and land (his father passed from Consumption in the 5th year of the war). Though he was a war hero, due to his lack of wealth he was not an ideal candidate for marriage (war heroes being a dime a dozen after the seven years war). With his estate crumbling, he left it in the care of his younger brother and put out a call across the German-Speaking nations that he was assembling a mercenary company. He had heard of trouble in America. That the British were paying well for veterans to put down a rebellion. He had almost 800 respondents to his call-up, fully half of them men that had served under him in the war.

    Which side you're on: British

    Why you joined the war: Money and land

    Additional Information: von Seydrich?s mercenary company (800 effectives) is mostly an infantry unit, although they have four cannon and their respective crews, and a squadron of thirty cavalry; mostly for scouting. A 500 man training and replacement ?battalion? is being formed. German is the primary language, although some of the officers speak French as well. Von Seydrich himself speaks German, French and small amounts of Russian and English.

    BENSKYWAKER Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 28, 2005
    We got someone new today!

    Come on people it will be fun!
  5. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    cs approved

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Ethan Monroe
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Division Commander
    Attributes: charismatic, intelligent, arrogant
    Habits: snores when a talk bores him
    Likes: fighting, being in charge, books (especially military history)
    Dislikes: chaos
    Skills: profession: bookkeeper, a great strategist, sword master
    Height: 5?7
    Weight: 170
    Features: scar on his back for a bad training session with a sword
    Hair color: blue
    Eye color: brown
    Additional: none
    Personal Biography:
    Ethan was born in a military family. His father served as a in the British army throughout his life so he was raised by his mother. As he grew older, he learned military history through reading books about the ancient world and middle ages. As well as how to use a sword and fire a gun. When the 7 year war broke out, he organized two companies of 170 men of the area surrounding his hometown. His charismatic sway was able to make his men loyal to him even though he was still considered a boy. Later, he made a name for himself by launching a night attack on a French fort and successfully taking it. After the war, he settled down and set up a book shop. Although he was content with his excellent standard of living, his military heritage still pestered his innermost thoughts. When the Revolutionary War broke out, he decided to put his knowledge to use and sided with the colonists.
    Which side your on: Rebellion
    Why you joined the war: Boredom
    Additional Information: He has a loyal wife named Jen and two daughters Liv and Erin


    POLARIUS Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 26, 2004
    gm approved, look forward to playing with you all

    Name:Thomas MacDougall
    Rank:Sgt in the virginia militia
    Personality:hot tempered and vicious under fire
    Attributes:strong leader and well versed in the highland way of fighting
    Habits: pipe-smoker
    Likes: whiskey and women
    Dislikes: The British with a passion.
    Skills: horse-breaker and breeder, also good with a basket hilt sword and pistol
    Appearance:Tall and lanky
    Features:Mark of a highwayman on his left arm, which is two crossed pistols with a sword through the middle of them
    Hair color:Blond
    Eye color:Blue
    Additional:walks with a bit of limp after being shot in the leg by a rival clan member
    Personal Biography:Son of member of the 1745 Jacobite rebellion,his father was killed and his mother fearing for their safety managed to stow away on a ship bound for Virginia. When they landed in virginia he was 18 yrs old and had already seen war. During the French and Indian war he served as a scout for the british because he was penniless at the time. After that he took to the road as a highwayman and vagabond occasionally robbing and looting along the roads of southwestern Virginia and sometimes into the Ohio territory.
    Which side your on:colonials
    Why you joined the war:"to fight for freedom from those who kept my people oppressed. The bloody damn English"
    Additional Information:does not think too highly of the rich and cowards

    BENSKYWAKER Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 28, 2005
    OK everyone lets start this bad boy up. People are more then welcome to come in as they please, pm me first still applies!

    First off I will be the Generals in till someone asks for the position.


    George Washington was in the front commanding his troops. The small British force was being overpowered and forced out. Soon Boston would be in there grasp. Watching as the British turned and fled George didn't smile, there was nothing pretty about death. But he was happy. He knew this war would get worse, he knew America was in for a hard time. He only hoped he would be up to the challenge. Could he lead this army to victory. Only time would tell. He thought back to his wife, and his home. The last letter said the floors were being redone. He wanted to over see it. He wanted to see his house finished and in its full glory but there was work to be done. The cost of Freedom took all these brave warrior away from their homes. And most of them weren't nearly as well of and he was. It was really their sacrifice that would lead America to a new age.

    George Washington jumped off his horse, and walked with his troops as they entered Boston. Some people came a cheered them on, some people stayed in their homes. He went with his staff and started to pick a HQ out. After several hours they picked a good spot and started setting up camp.

    Once the army was settled they begain to celebrate. He knew now was the time for a speech. Now in the moment of victory. He walked up and drew their attention. Then he said, "My fellow Americans, this was our first victory. This is our first step. This was the first major act to victory. And it was not me that set it about, it was you! This is your victory! So celebrate it! There will be hard times to come, the British will not always be so easy, but with your strength and courage I know we can prevail! Good work."

    His speech finished, he walked back to his HQ to get some work done. There were things that needed to be done. He turned a corner and saw a civilian staring at his home. Washington stopped and looked. A Cannon ball had torn a chunk through the house. The man turned, "It wasn't a British cannon that did this."
    "I know...I'm sorry"
    "Do you know what I told my wife this morning? I said, stay in the house in till the fighting is over. You'll be safe." said the man. Then he looked Washington in they eye. "You made me a liar." he reached in his coat and pulled a pistol out. Washington was never one to freeze, he reacted without thinking, and dived at the man. He tackled him, but the gun ignited. The bullet entered his chest and the pain was terrible. Washington knocked the man out, stood up and contuined back. He entered his office, no one was there. Everyone was out celebrating. He sat down in his chair and wrote a letter to his wife. After finishing it he rested his head and closed his eyes. This was the price of freedom.

    After alerting everyone of Washington's death Nathanial Greene sat down and read the letter Washington wrote to his wife. It said,

    Honey, I love you. I'm sorry to inform you that I will not be coming home. I knew the price of freedom would be high, and I knew that this might happen. I'm sorry I left you a widow again, it was not my intention to hurt you. Please don't feel sorry for me. I am fully willing to die for freedom. I hope you can forgive me for never coming back.
    Yours forever,
    George Washington
    P.S. I think the fire place should be on the left, otherwise it will be to crowded on that side of the room.

    The Loss of George Washington was indeed a terrible price. But there is no time to morn him. The British are coming, and they are coming in force. Nathanial Greene is temporary Supreme Commander. Lord Howe is in charge of the British forces.


    A massive assault force, including most of the British navy, 11,000 British solders and all 9,000 Hessian is moving towards New York

    British: Take New York City, it could be the key to winning the war

    Colonial Army: Get to New Yor

    BENSKYWAKER Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 28, 2005
    OOC: Ok I've got some confuesed stares with this opening so I'll be a little bit more specific.


    The British Forces: You are approaching New York. You are currently in boats and ETA is two weeks. Your landing will be un-apposed but taking the city is another story. You don't have any cannons but a river runs through the terrain and you will have occasional naval bombardment. But the major fight will take place gun to gun and man to man. You also have numbers on your side.

    Colonial Forces: You are a day out from New York. Get there and start making preperations for the inevitable British invasion. You don't have a lot of time so your going to have to improvise. You also only have 8 cannons with you. You are out numbered, but if you bunker down you might just hold.

    Alright GO!
  9. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: Ethan Monroe

    Ethan Monroe looked around the area on his black horse Serephon. He was stationed here for three days ago. He looked with distaste at his division of 2,304 men and two cannons. A handsome group yes, but against an entire army, is hopeless. But he knew that one fact. Numbers do not win a battle.

    Quickly he rode around the army shouting "All leaders have council with me, we need to discus the battle plan."

    OOC: GM discribe the terrain please.

    BENSKYWAKER Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 28, 2005
    OOC: Your right my bad


    New York is a large city full of Loyalist. A River large enough to support most British boats lies in several miles in front of the city making attacking the British as they land a futile prospect. A hill lies West of the city suitable for stopping any British flank attacks but on the East is a heavily wooded area were the British could plan a sneak attack or the Colonial army could use it as cover. The British will be probably be landing North East and South of the city is mostly open and has a road that should be used if Colonial army has to retreat.

    Nathanial Greene's battle suggestions: Put half you cannons on the hill along with fortifications. Thus preventing the British from flanking you. But most of the battle will take place on the North East side of the city, so use the woods for cover but most of your forces should be protecting the city at all costs.

    General Howe's battle suggestions: Use the woods to sneak a task force into New York. Avoid fighting up hill, slowly build trenches towards New York into it is safe for the majority of the task force to attack the city

    NOTE: You do not have to follow any battle suggestions, and in fact at times they could be wrong. Greene and Howe both can make mistakes ;)

    Battle Statistics:
    Colonial Victory with out fortifications 15%
    Colonial Victory with fortifications 40%

    British Victory with full head first assault 35%
    British Victory with tactics and careful trench build up 65%
  11. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    IC: Oberst Graf Gerhard von Seydrich

    "So, this is America..." Colonel Gerhard von Seydrich thought as his Mercenary regiment left the road and headed towards the dark forests of New York. America, apparently, had Few paved roads, fewer stone buildings, and vast forests mixing deciduous and conifer trees. It was, in some ways, like the Germany of antiquity he'd read of during school. The Germany during the times of Arminius, and the Romans. A time when heathen Germans worshipped Donar and Wotan. Yes, this land seemed faintly to echo of that long long ago.

    The barbarians of the past would not find things too different not far west of here, Seydrich had heard. Much of the continent was wild still. And there were notions of something known as "religious freedom" here. Where a man could choose what to believe, without the threat of damnation, or shunning to keep people to one church. So, said barbarians could conceivably could continue to worship Donar the thunder god and his kin if they so chose.

    Curious notions. Seydrich would have to look into it further if he found the time.

    But now he had other tasks. His regiment had arrived just after hostilities had begun, and had barely gotten off the ship after their dreadful 12 week journey before they were set to march north to take New York. The men were unhappy that they had not even a chance to buy a local brew or chase the local tail before being told to go fight, but every man was a volunteer.

    Seydrich had been able to find the proper British officers, and utilizing his limited english and a lot of sign language and miming, had secured the release of the regiments weapons, bought horses for his cavalry (and draft horses for his artillery), and signed the contract formally, collecting the first 6 months commission from His Majesty King George III. 'Till after Christmas, his men would now fight and die and kill under the whims of their paymasters, the British. Possibly longer if the war dragged on and the English decided to retain his services for another 6 months.

    For now though, he didn't want a long war. After the endless boring voyage, filled with sweat and stink and vomit, and his discovery that america was even MORE provincial than he'd thought: well, he wanted a quick victory and a celebration in New York City. And before him lay this ominous dark forest. His men, indeed, much of the British army would have to cross it to get to New York.

    His men still deployed in march column: 4 abreast and 20 deep, Echelon by Company. Seydrich at the head with his key staff. Cavalry screening the front and rear. Seydrich decided to change this. He issued the halt command and rode up towards the forest. He stopped about 20 yards out, trotting his Horse back and forth as he thought. Then he turned back and cantered to his officers. He addressed Major Erich Dollmann, another veteran of the seven years war and a comrade and friend.

    "They're in there. Have the men deploy to line. We'll work our way in a few leagues and hold position. Dig if necessary." He scribbled the orders on some parchment. "Keep two companies in reserve. Along with the Artillery. It won't be any use in there. As for the Cavalry..." Seydrich considered."Have all the cavalry except one squadron go and scout the other approach. The hill. They are not to engage the enemy. Just get some eyes on the enemy and the terrain. Maybe there's some dead ground we can approach from." Seydrich handed off the orders to riders who'd carry them to the various company commanders.

    "One other thing. Have the infantry fix bayonets. If there's action in the woods, it will be close and ugly. If even those barbarian Russians fall back from our steel, so too will these rebels."

    They saluted and rode off. Seydrich dismounted his horse and handed the reins to his youngest staff officer, who led the horse to the rear. Seydrich adjusted his belt, made sure his sword and pistol were in easy reach, and prepared to join the men in the advance.

    TAG: All

    POLARIUS Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 26, 2004
    OOC: Ok, I am going to try my best with this one

    IC: Thomas MacDougall

    "bloody hell" he said as he surveyed the land ahead of him being in the front of the column certainly had its advantages, he thought and many disadvantages. The thought of the ambush that left his father dead and him wounded in the old country was with him as he marched, the pain of the bullet was with him with every step. He had never been outside of Virginia and that made him feel uneasy he didn't know the terrain any better than his enemy, he shuddered at that thought. But at least he was the an aide-de-camp to the regimental commander so he knew where he would be. He just wished he had a horse instead of marching around. Still a day away from new york which he knew was key but he didn't have proper soldiers he had militia, oh well he wasn't a proper soldier either. Then he heard the drums pick up speed, damn, quick march, the command was growing impatient the column was moving fast enough. "Come on lads, we 'ave to get there before the bloody redcoats" he said loudly "think of our fellow countrymen who are holdin' by the skin of there teeth!" he knew he wasn't good at "rallying" his men but they listened because they respected him and that was he needed.

    Tag anybody
  13. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: Ethan Monroe

    Ethan looked around waiting for orders. His army just arrived at new york from Georgia. He rode up to the general. "Sir, What do you want me to do?"

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