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    Title: Wanderlust
    Author: VaderLVR64
    Characters: Sian and Trin
    Summary: The first meeting between the future Master and Padawan team leaves them both feeling a bit more at home.
    Note: Hopefully this will just be the first of a few works featuring Sian Ny and his Padawan Trin. Trin has been mentioned in the Sian stories, but he's never made an appearance. Sian wanted you all to get to know Trin.


    ?You come here a lot.?

    Sian turned to see a boy of about ten years staring at him. He was standing uncertainly by the edge of a wall, almost as if he was waiting for an invitation.

    ?Have you been spying on me?? Sian asked with a smile and gestured him closer. The child moved confidently forward, all hint of shyness vanishing in an instant.

    ?Maybe.? The boy gave a small smirk, mischief glinting in his blue eyes.

    ?Ah?I have a stalker then?? Most younglings would have gone out of their way not to disturb a Knight, especially when that youngling probably had another place he or she was supposed to be at the time..

    Absently, the boy reached up and pulled at one dark curl, twisting it around his finger. ?Nah,? he replied and shrugged. ?You?re just fun to watch.? Grinning, the boy leaned closer and confided. ?The girls?they follow you.?

    ?They do?? Sian asked with amusement, though of course he was well aware of the giggling hordes of pubescent fems that usually trailed behind him. Lynka called them his fan club, a term that never failed to irritate him, which was probably why she said it so often.

    The boy gave a snort of mild disgust and came to sit by Sian on the bench.

    ?I don?t know why they do that,? the boy muttered.

    ?I don?t think I can explain it either, ?Sian confessed. Then he held out his hand and offered it to the boy. ?I?m Sian Ny. What?s your name??

    ?Trin Zanedi,? the boy replied. ?Nice to meet you.?

    ?Same here.?

    They were silent for a moment, and Sian was surprised to find that the silence was comfortable. He had actually been sitting here contemplating practical jokes to play on his best friend, Qui-Gon Jinn. He glanced down at the boy. Trin probably had some good ones in his repertoire. If he knew him a little better, he might have even asked him.

    Trin looked up, surprising Sian with his frank, blue gaze. ?So?why do you come here??

    Here was a small balcony, enclosed with glass, set over the rear entrance of the Temple. It overlooked the teeming streets of Coruscant, and from here Sian liked to watch the parade of beings as they scurried back and forth, living their lives in the shadow of the Temple. ?I like to watch them.?

    ?Now who?s the stalker?? Trin asked.

    ?I mean?all of them,? Sian said as he got to his feet and walked to the railing. Trin followed him and came to stand at his side. ?Just look at them?all so different.?

    ?We?ve got lots of species here,? Trin pointed out logically.

    Sian shrugged. ?I suppose we all look different on the outside but we?re all Jedi,? he explained. ?We?ve all got this connection to something that none of them will ever even feel.?

    Trin?s eyes went back to the crowds below them. ?You?re right, that?s weird.?

    ?Not weird, different,? Sian corrected. ?Different?s good, it keeps us from becoming so entrenched in our own ways and beliefs that we can?t look up from our path and recognize that someone else might know a truth we have not even suspected existed.?

    ?Now you sound like Master Tidiz,? Trin muttered, speaking of the ancient Jedi who instructed younglings in Jedi philosophy. ?That?s not my favorite class.?

    ?Force help me, it wasn?t mine either,? Sian confessed.

    ?He was around to teach you?? Trin asked in clear disbelief.

    ?I?m not that old,? Sian protested.

    ?Sure,? Trin replied unconvincingly. ?Sure you?re not.?

    ?Just remember, one day you?ll be old too.?

    ?I?m already twelve,? he said solemnly.

    Sian could not completely repress the look of surprise and the boy was not easily fooled.

    ?Yeah, I know, I?m small for m
  2. MsLanna Jedi Master

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    Aw, lovely! [face_love]

    Good to see Sian in more stories, I like him. And his bond to trin had to be strong, otherwise he wouldn't have mpoed around so much after losing him.
    I hope to see more of this, for sure.:D
  3. earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master

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    Aug 21, 2006
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    Are you continuing this? If so, please PM me. I love Sian.
  4. Alexis_Wingstar Jedi Master

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    Sep 16, 2006
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    Oh, yeah! More Sian... and with Trin! [face_dancing] [face_love]

    Please put me on your PM list if you're continuing this! [face_praying]
  5. ratna Jedi Knight

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    Since I can't help juxtaposing this with that last image of Trin that is burned into Sian's soul, I hardly know what to say.

    Trin looked back out over the small section of Coruscant that was spread out before them. He pressed his nose against the glass. "I like watching them too," he said in a slightly forlorn voice. "Imagine what they've seen...and done." He sighed wistfully. "And all I've ever done is live in this Temple."

    "You've experienced things they'll never know," Sian reminded him.

    The boy shrugged, keeping his gaze focused below them. "They can say the same," he said in a small voice.

    Sian put his hands on Trin's shoulders and stood behind him, looking over his head at the mass of beings that had always fascinated and drawn him. "None of us can have it all, Trin. We must make a choice, and with that choice comes a path that is our destiny to walk."

    *thoughtful sigh*

    "... There are other Jedi who want more than life in the Temple. They're looking for something beyond quiet meditation."

    Oh, yes, and we all know how THAT turned out!

    Lovely AU that you are building with these stories.
  6. KELIA Manager Emeritus

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    That was wonderful

    [face_love] [face_love] [face_love] [face_love]

    I love seeing this softer side of Sian and he was so sweet with Trin.

    He had actually been sitting here contemplating practical jokes to play on his best friend, Qui-Gon Jinn

    practical jokes? :eek: :eek: :eek:

    How unlike Sian :p

    Great job on this. I look forward to more

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
  7. Lilith Demodae Jedi Master

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    Oh, I like these two already. Not everyone bothers writing Jedi with a sense of humor. Kudos. I'm sure I'll keep an eye on this story. :)

  8. Jinngerbread Jedi Padawan

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    The boy fell silent for a moment and then looked up at Sian through thick, dark lashes. ?Are you going to report me??

    Sian pursed his lips and crossed his arms over his chest, doing his best to look appropriately stern. ?Well now?that?s what I?m supposed to do,? he murmured.

    Even his best attempt at severity must have failed miserably because Trin looked at him and laughed. ?You won?t.? He sounded supremely sure of himself.

    ?I should,? Sian said under his breath.

    Awwww, I'm so glad to see that Trin is finally getting some screen time besides being a ghost, such a sweet touching moment :D
  9. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    MsLanna Good, because I've got lots of lovely plot bunnies for these two! :D

    earlybird-obi-wan Trin decided it is his turn to get a little screen time! :p

    Alexis_Wingstar This will be an ongoing thread, probably more along the lines of vignettes rather a continuous story line. :)

    ratna You know there had to be a saracastic, slightly vain Jedi somewhere in the Temple! ;)

    KELIA I know! I was shocked! :eek:

    Lilith Demodae Sian definitely has a sense of humor. He's also vain and afraid of someone realizing that he's a big mushy teddy bear. [face_laugh]

    Jinngerbread I felt like I knew Trin from having heard Sian talk about him, so it seemed only natural to give him a bit of screen time. :p


    Sian waited expectantly for Qui-Gon to speak, shifting from foot to foot. Finally, driven to impatience by his friend?s silence, Sian nudged sharply at Qui-Gon?s side with his elbow. ?Well?what do you think??

    Grunting softly, Qui-Gon turned slightly toward Sian and quirked one brow. ?What do I think about him as what exactly??

    Rolling his eyes, Sian heaved an exasperated sigh. ?What do you think of him?? He gave Qui-Gon and emphatic poke in the shoulder.

    Pursing his lips, Qui-Gon turned back to studying the initiates participating in a saber contest in the largest of the training arenas. ?He?s talented,? Qui-Gon observed quietly. ?He?s quick, committed without losing his focus. A worthy initiate to be sure.?

    Sian?s eyes narrowed as he thought he detected some amusement in Qui-Gon?s expression.

    ?Yes he is,? Sian murmured and he could not quite keep the pride out of his voice as he spoke.

    Qui-Gon shook his head and said, ?You?ve obviously already made up your mind about the boy. Why bother asking me what I think?? Sian became even more certain that he detected a subtle note of amusement in his friend?s voice, but Qui-Gon?s expression was solemn and contemplative. ?You?ve never listened to me before, you know.?

    ?Don?t you like him?? Sian asked indignantly, conveniently ignoring the truth of his friend?s words.

    ?I don?t know him, so I can hardly like or dislike him,? Qui-Gon pointed out reasonably. ?I?m just saying that if you?ve already decided to take him as your Padawan, why are you asking me my opinion of him??

    ?Because if you think it?s a good idea, I just might have to reconsider the whole thing, gundark brain,? Sian huffed. Then he muttered, ?Oh never mind. I should have known you?d make this complicated. All I wanted was for you to say, yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea, Sian, or maybe even have you lost your mind, Sian?? Then Sian scowled and kicked at the wall with his foot. ?I?m going to ask him anyway, I don?t care what you think,? he announced suddenly.

    ?You?re welcome,? Qui-Gon said with a smirk.

    ?What?s that supposed to mean??

    ?Well obviously, you feel the Force has led you to this boy,? Qui-Gon explained. ?I wanted to see if you were firmly committed to the boy or just excited about the idea of becoming a Master. I see that the Force has truly brought the two of you together.? He clapped Sian on the back. ?Congratulations ? provided you can get him to take you.? Then Qui-Gon grinned wickedly, as if to say that might prove difficult. ?You?d better hope he hasn?t heard any Temple gossip.?

    ?He thinks I?m funny,? Sian grumbled

    ?Okay, so the boy has no taste,? Qui-Gon replied. ?I can deal with that. I?m sure I?ll even eventually get used to it.?

    ?If I let you talk to him,? Sian pointed out. ?That?s not been established yet.?

    ?Someone is going to have to teach him the proper way of doing things,? Qui-Gon observed. ?You?ll have him learning how to flirt before he learns negotiation techniques, or memorizing which wines go best with which foods instead of his katas.?

    ?I know all the katas,? Sian protested, ?and probably better than you. Just because I happen to know wines as well do/>
  10. earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master

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    Loved that banter between Qui-Gon and Sian, they are adorable.
  11. KELIA Manager Emeritus

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    Sian?s eyes narrowed as he thought he detected some amusement in Qui-Gon?s expression.

    If I didn't know any better, I'd think Qui-Gon was deliberately baiting poor Sian. :p

    ?You?ve got a mouth on you,? Sian observed

    Which will hopefully equal many, many amusing posts for us :D

    I loved the banter between Sian and Qui.

    And Qui following orders by keeping his mouth shut was just [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    It's good to see Sian chose a padawan who will keep him on his toes

    Great update

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
  12. Layren Jedi Master

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    ?I?m going to put your tunics in a wad,? Qui-Gon threatened. ?And insert them right into your big mouth.?

    ?Hush,? Sian hissed, elbowing Jinn hard in the side. ?Here he comes. Just stand there and make like a statue. I don?t want you scaring him off.?

    ?Don?t you think-?



    I really hope we get a scene with him doing exactly that in front of Trin :p

    Qui-Gon?s lips twitched as he held out his hand and offered it to the boy. He did not say a word, merely continued to smile like a simpleton. Trin studied him curiously. ?Can you talk?? he asked bluntly.

    Slowly, Qui-Gon nodded his head.

    ?Then why aren?t you saying anything?? Trin asked.

    Qui-Gon looked at Sian helplessly and then shrugged.

    ?I told him not to talk,? Sian confessed hastily.

    Trin gaped at the two Masters. ?Uh?why??

    ?He?s a gundark,? Sian explained. ?I didn?t want him to say something stupid and ruin things.?

    He really is a gundark, I agree with Sian :p *pats him * That was great, Kim! :D I'm enjoying this story very much! :D
  13. Alexis_Wingstar Jedi Master

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    [face_laugh] Oh, the banter was great throughout. I love Trin's bluntness. He's definitely gonna keep Sian on his toes. :D

    I can't wait for more.
  14. Lilith Demodae Jedi Master

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    Oct 1, 1999
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    I love how they agree not to kill each other without Sian actually coming out and asking if Trin would accept him as his master, or Trin actually answering.
  15. Star-Foozle Jedi Youngling

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    Aug 24, 2006
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    Oooooh, I'm liking this! The banter was just great. :D

    Very nice work so far. If you've got a PM list, would you add me?

  16. Rogue_Pilot_2347 Jedi Padawan

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    :eek: You dared to write a Sian/Trin story and not pm me about it?????

    I love it! Trin's great! I'm glad we get to meet him.

    One thing I found especially funny was the idea of Qui-gon telling anyone the "proper way of doing things." Is this not the same man whose padawan told him not to defy the council again? :p Well, to each his own way, I suppose.

    At any rate, this is great. If you continue this, and have a pm list, PLEASE put me on it!
  17. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    earlybird-obi-wan Thanks! :D

    KELIA Sian would be bored with the perfect Jedi Padawan. [face_mischief]

    Layren I'm glad! :)

    Alexis_Wingstar And that's exactly what Sian needs! :p

    Lilith Demodae They reached a mutual understanding without need of words. ;)

    Star-Foozle Sure! And thanks for reading. :)

    Rogue_Pilot_2347 Qui-Gon feels that HE is doing what's right, while Sian is just reckless. Pot meet Kettle (to quote Herman).

    Moving Day

    ?Is that it?? Sian asked as Trin closed up the last box. Without even glancing around, Trin nodded his head. A youngling?s space in the crèche was limited by practicality, and even the young were taught that the acquisition of belongings was not to be paramount in a Jedi?s life.

    Trin had apparently learned that lesson well, judging by the few items in the boxes they carried.

    ?I?m ready,? he replied as he looked up and met Sian?s gaze.

    With a grin, Sian reached and ruffled Trin?s hair. The boy rolled his eyes and smoothed his hair back into chaos. ?Come on then,? Sian murmured as he grabbed a box and then opened the door of the crèche dormitory with his free hand. ?Did I tell you that Master Qui-Gon and his apprentice have invited us over for evening meal??

    ?That?s Xanatos, right?? Trin asked.

    Sian nodded. The two Padawans had not yet met, though Trin and Qui-Gon had gotten along well enough the only time they had met. Sian had no doubt that there were many enjoyable evenings ahead for the four of them, and though he would never admit it to Jinn, he was quite looking forward to them.

    The Council had not taken long to approve Sian?s request to be Trin?s master, and less then ten days had passed since Trin and Sian had decided to take that step. Neither of them saw any reason to delay making their bond formal. Today had been marked as the day for Trin to move his things into Sian?s new, larger quarters. Sian had moved in three days before with Qui-Gon?s help.

    They arrived at their door and by unspoken agreement, they both hesitated. ?So?this is it,? Trin said.

    ?This is it,? Sian agreed. ?The point of no return,? he teased.

    ?Until one of us kills the other,? Trin said with a smirk.

    ?We did agree to stop before we reached the point of actual murder,? Sian reminded him.

    ?Right?right,? Trin murmured. ?Still?it?s a big step.?

    ?The biggest,? Sian observed. ?Huge, in fact.?

    ?Sort of like your ego,? Trin commented.

    ?You?re going to get along quite well with Master Jinn,? Sian said with a sigh.

    Trin looked up at him and frowned. ?You won?t have a lot of visitors, will you??

    ?What do you mean??

    ?I mean, will there be women knocking on our door at all hours of the night, trying to get your attention because they think you?re cute or something?? Trin sounded quite disgusted by the idea. ?I?m still growing you know. I need my sleep.?

    ?I promise you?ll get plenty of sleep,? Sian said, holding one hand over his heart.

    ?And I don?t want any of those girls who follow you around trying to get in good with me because they think I can get them close to you,? Trin added.

    ?Not much I can do about that, I?m afraid,? Sian said. ?But you can always tell them about all my bad habits and see if that dissuades them any.?

    ?What sort of bad habits?? Trin asked suspiciously, shifting the weight of the box in his arms. ?And maybe we should have covered this territory before I said I?d be your Padawan.?

    ?It?s nothing important, my boy. Shouldn?t we go inside first?? Sian asked. ?This box is getting heavy,? he complained.

    ?Oh no,? Trin replied with an emphatic shake of his head. ?I want to know what I?m getting into before I put my stuff in there.? He blinked up at Sian expectantly, his eyes big and solemn..

    ?Well,? Sian murmured. ?I?uh?I tend to listen to music at night, and sometimes I put it up pretty loud.?

    ?What kind of music??

    ?All sorts,? Sian replied.

    ?I can live with that,? Trin said with a shrug. ?As lo/>
  18. earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master

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    liked that bantering between them, They are in for an interesting tume.
  19. Lilith Demodae Jedi Master

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    LOL. :) They get along so well. I just love it.
  20. Star-Foozle Jedi Youngling

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    Aug 24, 2006
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    *laughs* These two are the best. And Sian's toe issues had me cracking up.

    ?You?re weird,? Trin decided.

    ?I thought we had already established that,? Sian replied.

    ?Point taken,? Trin acknowledged. ?What else??

    Ah, yes, but that's why we love them. [face_laugh]

    Great work!
  21. Rogue_Pilot_2347 Jedi Padawan

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    May 16, 2005
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    Oh my goodness!! My sister has a thing with toes! That's so funny. I like the list of bad habits. Shouldn't Sian have asked for a list of Trin's bad habits?I wonder how Xanatos and Trin are going to get on.Man, now i'm kind of sad you killed Trin (in case there's anybody reading this who hasn't read Sian's diary) I'd like to see him as an adult!Thanks for the pm!
  22. Alexis_Wingstar Jedi Master

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    [face_laugh] I can't pick out any favorite parts of the banter beteween these two. I was laughing all the way through. Great update. =D=
  23. ratna Jedi Knight

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    I agree with Rogue_Pilot_2347,

    With all this banter, one can't help but wonder if there isn't some deep emotional bond already forming between them, which, of course, must be thickly disguised with witty and razor sharp repartee. *sigh* boys will be boys. that's why we love them so much.

    [face_love] 8-}
  24. KELIA Manager Emeritus

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    ?Huge, in fact.?

    ?Sort of like your ego,? Trin commented

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    I see Trin learns fast :p

    I loved the bantering between Master and Padawan.

    I?m impressed Sian would admit to even the most embarrassing of faults?though he didn?t seem all that bothered :rolleyes:

    Great update

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
  25. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    earlybird-obi-wan I think they are, too! :D

    Lilith Demodae I wanted to write a Master/Padawan pair who were happy and willing to be matched up, no angst involved! :p

    Star-Foozle Weirdness is attractive in its own unique way. ;)

    Rogue_Pilot_2347 I confess, the toes thing comes from my youngest son. Who insists on wearing socks. :p

    Alexis_Wingstar Thank you! I'm having a great time writing Trin. He's wormed his way into my heart. [face_love]

    ratna That's how Sian shows love, and it seems Trin is the same way. Actually, that's a lot like my house. We tend to zing those we love. :p [face_laugh]

    KELIA I think we've established that Sian knows no shame. :rolleyes:


    ?It?s not much bigger than your personal area in the crèche,? Sian admitted as he looked around, truly seeing it as Trin?s space for the first time.

    Trin dropped on the bed and grinned. ?I don?t take up much space,? he reminded his Master.

    ?You?ve got a large presence,? Sian replied with a smile. ?Why don?t you take the rest of the afternoon to get settled in? I?ve got file some reports with the Council, bully the supplies Master into giving us more chocolate cake, and then remind Jinn that he?s feeding us tonight.?

    ?Sounds like a full day,? Trin agreed. ?Okay, I?ll unpack my two little boxes and then I?ll see what I find to do when I?m left to my own devices.? He glanced up through his lashes as Sian, a mischievous smile tugging at his lips.

    ?Ah, so you can?t be left alone without getting into trouble?? Sian guessed.

    ?Could you when you were my age?? Trin asked.

    ?To be honest, I still can?t be left alone without getting into trouble,? Sian confessed. ?Why do you think I took you on as a Padawan? I was hoping you?d keep me straight.?

    ?That?s a pretty big job,? Trin observed. ?And I?m just a kid.?

    ?True,? Sian agreed. ?But I have an idea that my friend Qui-Gon Jinn would be most willing to help you. He thinks that it is great fun to harass me.?

    ?Isn?t that my job now?? Trin asked with a grin.

    ?How very true!? Sian returned Trin?s smile. ?We?ll have to remind Jinn of that fact this very night.? He reached out and put his hand on Trin?s shoulder, giving him a solemn look, though laughter glimmered in his eyes. ?I knew this Padawan thing would work out.?

    ?Glad to be of service,? Trin replied dryly.

    ?All right then,? Sian said. ?Since I obviously can?t leave you here alone without worrying you?ll set a fire or something, you might as well come along with me.?

    ?Cool,? Trin said and hopped off the bed.

    ?We?ll start with the reports to the Council,? Sian said.

    The boy groaned and sat back down. ?Never mind, I?ve decided that I can behave myself just fine.?

    ?Too late now, my boy, you?ve gone and told on yourself.? Sian gave him a tug and pulled him to his feet. ?That?ll teach you to be honest.?

    ?Is this gonna be as boring as the Archives?? Trin asked mournfully.

    Sian laughed and shook his head, and Trin?s expression cleared. ?It?ll be worse,? Sian said quite cheerfully. ?But at least this time I?ll have someone to keep my company in my misery.?

    Slowly, Trin moved toward the door. ?I guess that?s only fair,? he muttered.


    They arrived at the Qui-Gon Jinn?s quarters precisely on time. Before he knocked, Sian leaned down and confessed, ?Usually I show up late, just to annoy Jinn, but tonight I promise to be on my best behavior.?

    ?That?ll just confuse him,? Trin guessed.

    ?I know!? Sian said smugly and then reached out and rapped smartly on the door.

    It opened and Jinn stood there, gaping at them. ?What in the blazes are you doing on time?? He was only half dressed, wearing leggings and an under tunic, but no boots, though his feet were safely covered in socks. ?You?re never on time!?

    ?I?m always on time,? Sian said smoothly, pushing past his friend and escorting his apprentice into the apartment. ?What/>
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