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Star Wars The Silent Cities of Coruscant - A game for everyone

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by LordTroepfchen, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. Crazed_Ewok

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    Aug 31, 2002

    Aww, thanks, Sith-I-5! :D Glad you liked it!

    IC: Leia Organa
    Hotel corridor, Coruscant

    Leia heard the voice behind her, questioning her. "I suppose you have a plan then? Or are you just gonna lead us around in circles until we're ultimately crushed to death? At least if I lead, we won't get lost."

    She didn't have any plan. All she could formulate was a desire to escape the hellish hotel. There was no other option - no other plan. Everything was secondary to escape, she felt. When she would emerge from the building, other routes would confront her. She wasn't prepared to face that. She didn't know why, much lesss how, she was here, nor why the planet seemed stranded. It didn't particularly matter, anyway, if she was lying under several billion tons of durasteel.

    "Do you know this place, Lieutenant?" The ex-senator asked the young officer, not breaking her stride. She had to re-establish her control over the situation for now. "Does the Imperial Navy often pay for leave in a place like this? I didn't think so," she bit out before he could respond. She felt somewhat guilty for being so curt and snippy, but there wasn't time for a power struggle. She put just enough edge on her voice to show her position was immutable, but kept it restrained enough not to provoke a slighted response from the Lieutenant. "The fact remains that I've found my way from the top floor with nothing but two sore hands and two bare feet, and I'm quite familiar with Imperial Center in the first place. We can debate about the order of command after we're outside, okay?"

    Leia moved for a little while longer before she resumed. "The main turbolifts are either falling to the ground or jumping off into the sky. We can't get out that way. From what I remember from my security attachments drilling into me, all of these taller buildings have an independent service lift system. I'm hoping we can ride that to one of the landings," she paused, turning an eye back to the officer, giving him a small opportunity. "Does that sound like it might work to you?" She was not sarcastic; being arrogant was not how one kept loyalty.

    TAG: HS29
  2. DarthSubZero

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    Nov 10, 2006
    IC: as Starkiller/Galen Marek
    Apartment Parade

    Vader blocked his strikes deftly, with the experience of one who had dueled so extenisvely, fought so many Jedi, as Vader did. Yet Galen could see the rather sluggish nature of his blocks. They were fast in normal standards, yet for someone as quick as himself, they were unusually lethargic.

    Yet it was only a scant advantage. He knew he could never pierce the darkness that exuded from Vader's mind ,yet he couldn't help but notice that, in the brief time he encountered him, that the Emperor's presence seemed to overshadow that of his Master. Either way, he would have to rely on his simple speed advatage over Vader, making strikes as Vader missed his mark.

    However, when he went to attack, images bombarded his vision, of the past. He rushed forward, yet Vader would easily catch that his mind seemed to be elsewhere.

    His mind wa son the Death Star, once again. A dark purple aura seemed to light the room. Vader was on the floor, defeated, his armor burned off at various places, revealing his features. Thunderclaps sounded, and he looked to the source. Purple lightning filled the room, as it all landed on an armored Jedi, writing on the ground, screaming in pain. The lightning originated from the fingertips of a cackling, hooded figure.

    The Emperor. Galen remebered all of this.

    Galen's mind was at odds with itself. As if trying to show him what he would accom;ish. If he rejected the dark side.

    Although his strikes were still ferocious, Vader would definetly notice how Galen's mind was elsewhere.

    TAG: helenith
  3. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Lieutenant Solo
    Hotel Corridor, Coruscant

    The woman's sharp tone echoed down the near-empty hallway, threatening to disturb the already unsteady foundation the building was apparently sitting on. "Do you know this place, Lieutenant?"

    The question was simple enough, but Solo thought he detected a hint of sarcasm. That was enough to set him on edge. He shifted his weight so that he was able to gaze upon the young woman, his eyes moving over her petite form as he studied her carefully. There was something about her - something he couldn't quite place...

    "Does the Imperial Navy often pay for leave in a place like this?" she continued without waiting for a reply to her first question.

    Solo ground his teeth with irritation before opening his mouth to speak. "Are you kidding? But that doesn't--"

    "I didn't think so," she stated curtly, cutting him off before he even had a chance to really respond. "The fact remains that I've found my way from the top floor with nothing but two sore hands and two bare feet, and I'm quite familiar with Imperial Center in the first place. We can debate about the order of command after we're outside, okay?"

    "Somehow I get the feeling you're blaming me for all of this," he returned in an equally brusque manner as he continued to follow her. "What'd I ever do to you, huh? I don't even know you, which brings me to my next point - you trying to boss me around." He shook his head with an indignant scoff. "It doesn't work that way, Ma'am. You bet I'll be bringing that up for debate once we get out of here."

    Stuck-up, political idealists. They were all the same wherever he went - always pushing their weight around and thinking they knew best. And on top of all that, they were next to impossible to get rid. It almost seemed like a practical joke that he would be stuck with one here.

    "Does that sound like it might work to you?" the woman finally asked after providing a lengthy description of the building's malfunctioning lift systems and offering the suggestion that they ride the service lift down to one of the landings. Despite not wanting to agree with anything this woman said, the idea did seem plausible. They were running low on options and Solo would take what he could get - maybe even claim some of the glory for himself in the process.

    "You were already complaining about sore hands and bare feet," he pointed out with a sly smile. "You sure you want to do more climbing around? I don't want to have to carry you." He shrugged, turning away. "But other than that, yeah, sure. That'll work."

    TAG: Cray
  4. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Vuffi Raa

    Morosly he followed Jacen, no he had not wanted to follow the man. Frankly he reminded him of his old Master the Sourcerer of Tund too much. Why? He wasn't able to quiet satisfy that variable in any simple or logical manner, and that bothered him. There was just something about him that set off one too many warning bells, especially after his handling of that one attacker.

    That was why he was with him now, the kid had insisted and done his spiel and one thing led to another. After all, how long did he think he could stand against the kid when he probably was the only one out of the group that didn't want to see how many pieces he could be torn up into by a wookie? So, yes he had 'sold out' as he Master would say, not that he felt he much choice in the matter.

    Finally the silence was broken as Jacen asked his first question. "Time is not the issue, especially by your considerations of this Coruscant sir. Instead this is a problem of triangulation, to accurately estimate it's location I need to take readings from three to five locations depending on depth variations. Each at least a couple kilometers apart. I already have one from Eastport, and if we can continue traveling I will be able to get a second. After that a spiraling inward pattern can begin, with the last one or three readings being slightly further apart yet closer generally to wherever we are headed."

    TAG: Sirak
  5. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: I had an idea . . .

    Jacen Solo

    "Good." Jacen said and breathed out. Let´s check that first then and later meet with the Jedi, okay?" He asked, as if he had not just changed all their plans. Looking into the distance he reached out to make sure nothing hostile was nearby. It all looked clear and well. With a smile he turned to Vuffi. "We shouldv be about two miles away from the Starport. Go ahead." He said and then looked up. How did the stars actually look like from Coruscant? The pollution covered them almost always, but he was sure he had seen them a million times when he had left the planet in his fighter. "Do you think it is possible to copy a planet like this? Recreate it completely from a scan or something?" Jacen asked Vuffi, while looking around. "Because I actually do not believe we are on Coruscant at all." He added then.

    Tag: Mitth
  6. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    [hl=black]GM-Note: I return with limited capacity . . . so Trieste, pelase read the OP and make yourself familiar with the kind of game you´re playing. Your character is meant to awaken oin this version of Coruscant, after having blacked out. No NPCs and nothing around him. Feel free to make a new opening, then, if you want to.

    Everybody else, please post and Tag me if you need a reply from me I have overseen. Or PM. That way it will be easier to sort this out than writing updates for people not playing right now.

    [i]Above Coruscant[/i]

    Omega received the reports and his processor began to evaluate, calculate and terminate impossible results.

    A second later he had found seventy indiviudals that were not the target.

    Half a second later the command was forwarded to eliminate them. All seventy. Then proceed.

    [i]Omega to all.


    No. 1274653
    No. 2983e7z48
    No. 293hhs92094
    . . . [/i]

    And from his starcruiser high above the planet a new wave of cloaked shuttles made their way down to the planet.


    [b]Tag: All, none[/b]


    [b]Joran Conoc[/b]

    The man had a blaster pointed at Dash´s face the second he entered the Maglev. He had no hair at all, was pale and wearing a grey overall. His eyes were black ,but even in their blackness fear was obvious. "Thank the gods, you´re not one of them!" He sighed and allowed it to sink at his side. "How long have you been here?" He asked and ducked into the passenger part immediately. "Go down, snipers." He hissed then. Realizing this was a newcomer.

    [b]Tag: Cor_Outrider[/b]

  7. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC: My apologies for not reading things completely. I think I'd better just watch and see for longer before trying again to truly get my bearings.
  8. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    OOC: No need to apologize. Happens to all of us, all the time. And no need to watch instead play. This is the game where you can learn by doing, try-and-error or whatever you find to be good. It has been designed for that specific purpose, actually. No need for perfection. So go ahead and try again if you want to join. Just make sure your char awakens on an empty Coruscant this time and you´ll be fine.

  9. Twysper

    Twysper Jedi Youngling

    Apr 17, 2010
    1. LordTroepfchen (GM): [link=]Anakin Skywalker, Pre-TPM[/link]; [link=]Obi Wan "Ben" Kenobi, Around the time he confronted A´Sharad Hett[/link]
    2. DarthSubZero: [link=]Galen Marek/Starkiller[/link] Just Before his Duel With The Emperor.
    3. Ceillean: [link=]Jaina Solo[/link], FotJ
    4. Kahn_Iceay: [link=]Yusanis[/link] Before his Duel with Darth Revan.
    5. HanSolo29: [link=]Han Solo[/link], NJO - a few months after Chewie's death; [link=]Lieutenant Han Solo[/link], during his time with the Imperial Navy - prior to rescuing a certain Wookiee
    6. Sir_Draco: [link=]Luke Skywalker[/link], beginning of The Empire Strikes Back
    7. darthhelinith: [link=]Darth Vader[/link] ESB
    8. Spycoder9: [link=]Leia Organa[/link], following the Death of Anakin Solo, [link=]Yoda[/link], right after his death
    9. TheSithGirly: [link=]Kreia/DarthTraya[/link], Time of her final return to Dantooine; [link=]Darth Zion[/link], same; [link=]Darth Nihilus[/link]; (at LordTs request and I´ll make him appear later)
    10. A_Sith_and_a_Vampire: [link=]The One[/link], just before the arrival of Revan
    11. Mitth_Fisto: [link=]Vuffi Raa[/link], just prior to Lando's duel with Rokur Gepta
    12. DarkLordoftheFins: [link=]Cade Skywalker[/link], prior to arriving on Tatooine and [link=]Mace Windu[/link], after the Sith Lord was revealed, before he enters the office
    13. Sith-I-5: [link=]Ewlla Iillor[/link], my younger game version, starting where [link=]The Machine Wars: Star Wars versus Terminator[/link] got locked.
    14. SirakRomar: [link=]Jacen Solo[/link], End of TUF, pre-JINO; [link=]Tera Sinube[/link], right after "Lightsaber Lost"
    15. Sawn_Kassal: [link=]Revan[/link], End of KOTOR
    16. darthramza: Evelios D'Rtan, of Tide of Flames fame, adapted for Star Wars use and immediately prior to the events of that game, and [link=]Anakin Solo[/link], immediately prior to the Junior Jedi Knights series.
    17. Ktala: [link=]Chewbacca[/link], Immediately after EP VI - ROTJ
    18. Corellian_Outrider: [link=]Dash Rendar[/link], ESB, Shortly after the Escape from Hoth. Before events of SOTE
    19. SkywalkerShine: [link=]Mi[/link], during the kidnap by the criminal gang leader Grintlok, and [link=]Celeste Morne[/link], before killing Constable Noana Sowrs
    20. DarthXan318: Darth Krasus (OC), approximately at the end of [link=]Integrated Balance of Power[/link]
    21. Gurthrim_Lah: [link=]C-3PO[/link] At the very moment before the stormtrooper's blaster fire hit him on Cloud City in ESB
    22. Cad Bane: Jaxxon [link=][/link] Twelve drunken hours after defeating Valence on Aduba-3[/quote]
    23. CPL_Macja:[
  10. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Streets, Outside of Eastport

    Chewbacca gave his response towards Han, as he waited for the others to decide. He decided to keep a wary eye open around them. This place, with no other life around, was like some kind of strange maze.

    He mood softened slightly as Han reached up and scratched the patch of hair on Chewie's neck to show his appreciation. "Thanks, pal," he said with a sad smile. "At least someone is willing to follow my lead."

    Chewbacca left out a soft warble, then grunted, showing his teeth.
    "Wrrr..Raaaahh uuut."
    {"Course. Keep you out of trouble."}

    Chewbacca noticed that Han had a very thoughtful look on his face for a second. Like he was recalling something. Chewbacca had seen that look on his face before. When they had left Luke and the Princess behind, just before the Death Star had appeared over Yavin. He was about to give a word of encouragement, when Han started out at a quick pace down the empty streets.

    Then he heard the strange droid Vuffi Raa, that had done his own version of reapir on Han. He gave a soft huff. He mentioned it talk about leaving. While he might agree with that thought, he knew the droid would be better served helping them. It had the scanners and things that they did not.


    Chewbacca noticed when Han sighed and stopped walking, placing his hands on his hips. "What's wrong, don't like hanging out with my kid?" he asked in a light-hearted tone to try and cover up his concern. "Well, if it bothers you that much, I guess you can tag along with us. Right?" He glanced first to Cheewbacca and then to Leia.

    "Raahh HUUGG!"

    "Maybe you can even do all that scanning stuff along the way and if you find anything, we can report back to Jacen."

    Han looked over at Jacen who seemed to agree. He said goodbye and waved as he parted with the small droid. There group was getting smaller again. So now, they were down to The Princess. The OTHER Princess..who was pretty quiet now. Han, and him. As they began to move again, he moved closer to cover the others, as his bowcaster scanned the area in front of him.

    "Rwwaarrr..grr..... ahhh roooo haaaahhhh."
    {"With him gone, one less fighter."} He paused. {"Hope not too many lightsabers around."}

    With a grunt, he waited for Han to point out the next area that they would need to head towards. Han would guide them. He would look out for anything that didnt want to play nice.

    He paused once more, and began to sniff the air around them. He let out a soft growl, as he began to wonder if there was anything to EAT on this phantom world. Rations were ok, but right now, he could go for some real food.

    TAG: HanSolo, spycoder, SkywalkerShine, LordT
  11. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007

    The Droids kept on coming. A part of the metal ceiling came down on them and one made it out of the way. Leaping to the side, he fired a variation of darts at Revan. The second was buried under the metal construct. And Anakin yelled from behind, as the cloaked droid he had bumped in´to grabbed him and dragged him away. Another two of them uncloaked. And the corridor became crowded, as more and more droids arrived to join the fight.

    They were patient. Knowing sooner or later, now or later, here or somewhere else their numbers would give them victory.

    And then they would get the boy.

    The two newcomers activated their own charged blades, as the droid Revan had buried earlier borke free and straightened himself. Anakin meanwhile grabbed a metal door and the droid obviously hesitated to use too much force to take him with him.

    Tag: Sawn

    ooc: As ThreadOfFate seems to make a break, so I´ll step in to have the Jedi Temple fight . . . [/i]

    [b]Lexon the Reborn & Obi Wan Kenobi[/b]
    [i]Jedi Temple[/i]

    He did not know the place. But it stank of Jedi. The statues, the force. And these two arrivals. And then he found them. The alien and the two humans. Chatting at the turbolift. As clueless as him of their reason to be here. Too bad, Lexon thought. They had just took him his only reason he could have thought of to leave them alive.

    And his red blade hissed alive, as he leaped at the back of the eldest. Potentially their leader.

    "Look out!" Obi Wan screamed and his lightsaber ignited. but he was to far away to safe Master Sinube of this deadly strike, he knew that. This was no Sith. Darkness yes, but not intense. Dimmed. Somehow strange.

    Here and now, Obi Wan. He reminded himself and leaped forward to strike down the attacker.


    [b]Tag: Fin, Sirak[/b]>
  12. SkywalkerShine

    SkywalkerShine Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 16, 2007
    OOC: Guys, I am really sorry to say this, and I never have, but... I'm going to have to drop out. This year, I'm going to College to do some major things. So... it's been really great RPing with you all. See yaz. :(
  13. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC: Let's try this again...and do it right. :D


    "What the..." Wuher mumbled.

    One moment it had been just a regular day on Tatooine, minding the bar at Chalmun's. That hadn't made it a good day because there were very few good days on Tatooine. However, it had been the one constant of his life. And now that constant was gone. If it hadn't been enough that he'd been roused to consciousness from a blackness that had suddenly hit him like the punch of a drunk Whipid, to find himself in such foreign surroundings caused him to be even more dazed and confused.

    The bartender pulled himself up and tried to take stock of his surroundings. He was outside...but not. He was very markedly not in a room, he could tell that from the architecture, but cold durasteel surrounded him in every direction. It felt like one of those ecumenopolises that were in the Holos, the so-called jewels of the galaxy like Coruscant, Denon, Fondor, Commenor. They had been far off places that Wuher would never visit. Except now he was on one...but where were the people?

    "Hello?" Wuher said gruffly, his voice echoing off the metal.

    It was met with silence.

    He looked around. There was nothing in any direction to tell him where he was, why he was here, what he should do...

    And so Wuher walked. He didn't walk fast for there wasn't any place to really go. So he just walked.
  14. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Leia Organa
    With Group


    Leia could barely watch Han face off, but when she had to part with Jacen. That was tragedy. She had just been reunited with family, and then ripped apart by it. The battle itself had been seemingly quieting to her. She still could feel Anakin and Jaina, but they were fainter somehow, as if they weren?t moving around as much. Leia gripped her small blaster, hiding it back in her clothes. She was tired of this little venture.

    ?Han, sorry I haven?t spoken as much as needed,? Leia noted, recovering from the shock of everything still.

    TAG: HanSolo, Ktala
  15. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC: D'oh. Forgot to tag on my last post. There wasn't anyone to tag, but still, my bad.
  16. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Ensign Ewlla Iillor, outside the Room of a Thousand Fountains.

    Upon realising that the armoured warrior, Cody, had become unresponsive, she excused herself, and returned to the basement garden to get some material to produce the smoke signal that she and Commander Cody had been tasked with.

    Master Kenobi was missing from the pool side where he had found her, so she made her way to gather handfuls of the creeping moss hanging off some of the more easily accessible branches.
    She also collected a pair of sturdy looking twigs, and, as an afterthought, pulled a length of healthy green lianna vine from the tangle of vines that she had spotted elsewhere. This she tied round her waist, leaving some slack, to twist into a two inch-wide loop that she slotted the long barrel of her DC-15a into, so that it hung at her hip, and cinching the red material of her dress.

    She headed out again, making the most of the soft grass under her boots before returning to the hard, unforgiving ?crete outside. She hated the way the gun banged into her thigh with each step, but as long as the arrangement freed up her hands, she would live with it.

    Ewlla blinked in the daylight, and headed back to the still trooper, one hand over her brow, while the other clutched the fire-building material.

    ?Sir? Do you have a vibroblade I can borrow??

    Whilst waiting for a response from the pre-occupied trooper, she looked about for a tool she could use instead, and alighted upon the idea of using a sharp corner of the marble that formed the Temple architecture, to rub one of the twigs against, so that the hard stone started to gouge a pit into the middle of the stick.

    While she worked, she wondered where to place the smoke signal to be most effective, and what had happened to Cody.

    Tag: anyone at the bottom of the Jedi Temple steps, anyone who had been in the Room of a Thousand Fountains when she popped inside, Cody.
  17. Twysper

    Twysper Jedi Youngling

    Apr 17, 2010
    Coruscant Slums

    HK-47 put his robotic legs to the limit running after his target. Blaster rifle raised, he rained fire down on his enemy. His adversary proved excellent at dodging, missing every shot HK fired by mere seconds, but the meatbag's aim was terrible compared to that of an assassin. That is why the meatbag lost his weapon to begin with. The long corridor was reaching an end with only one other escape. The Assassination drone kicked the meatbag to the ground, but it reacted quickly by rolling to the side. With one sweep of the leg, HK-47 joined the meatbag on the floor. Both of them scrambled for HK's gun, kicking and shoving. HK did not even know who this man was; all he knew was that Revan told him to kill the meatbag. And that was exactly what he was going to do.

    The droid slammed his metallic foot into the meatbag's chest, sending the opponent flying back a few feet. Grasping the rifle, he stood above the meatbag- taking careful aim. HK-47 stared down at him, with dim lighting the meatbag's fear grew as he shivered. The droid's orange photoreceptors shined on the meatbag. As he lifted the gun to pull the trigger, his receptors filled with bright light. Next was a loud noise, then he lost his balance. HK-47 dropped to the ground, and his systems blacked out.


    In a scrap pile, lay the bronze assassin, surrounded by rubble. One by one, HK-47's systems came back online, until the power spread throughout him. The orange optics flickered on, with only trash in his sights. As the droid came to, he saw the meatbag's head crushed under several pounds of debris. The droid searched for his rifle amongst the scraps. Sticking out from under a slab of metal, HK-47 retrieved the gun. Observing where he was, he recognized the planet as Coruscant- not Nar Shadaa- the planet he had previously been on. The droid repeated the past events, analyzing what had occurred. Past the blinding light, and high-pitched sound, there was a gap in his memory core.

    HK-47 came to no conclusion and set out to find his answer- and his master.

    Anyone, No one.
  18. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC: Oh this opportunity is just too good to pass up!

    Streets, descending into the Slums

    Wuher's aim had been to head for what he thought was "fresh air", which was just the chill, industrial airborne pollutant that apparently passed for oxygen on this planet. However, somehow that only seemed to get him twisted around even further. Though Wuher had awoken in what had not looked to be one of the finer precincts of the planet, it seemed that things were only getting worse. Had he not been completely alone, he might have been afraid that some gang of ruffians would work him over. Wuher thought back on the troublemakers that had come into Chalmun's. It had been a lot easier to deal with them when he'd authoritatively held court behind the bar. That bar had also been handy to hide behind when things got particularly rough. Now he was completely exposed and defenseless. Not being the most physically fit man, Wuher wasn't going to last long if he encountered anyone who wanted to try and rough him up.

    The bartender was completely lost after fifteen minutes. Even if he'd want to find his way back to where he'd woken up, he couldn't have done it. There was no guarantee that there even was a good part to this planet. With a sigh, Wuher resigned himself to following his nose. Unfortunately, the stenches of this city didn't seem to promise any utopian ending to this journey.


    Minutes became hours. Hours piled on top of each other. Long ago Wuher had lost all track of time, just like he'd lost all sense of direction. He'd come across no one, not a single soul. What was this place that found him so completely and helplessly alone?

    And then he saw it. Not him. Not her. It.

    A droid.

    Wuher stopped and froze. He'd thrown out hundreds, maybe even a thousand droids from Chalmun's Cantina back on Tatooine. It would have been unfair to say that he hated droids. He just didn't like having them inside the cantina where they couldn't pay for drinks. To be fair, he also took a certain satisfaction at being able to kick droids out of the cantina without repercussions. After all, who was going to complain about that?

    And now the first thing he'd met in the barren, lonely urban landscape was a droid, getting out from under a pile of trash.

    And it had a rifle.

    Well frak, Wuher thought as he stopped dead in his tracks. For some reason the thought passed through his head that maybe this droid was going to kill him as a way to avenge all its brethren that had been kicked out of Chalmun's. Or maybe Wuher was dead and this was some sort of underworld where he was going to be killed by this droid a thousand times a day.

    All Wuher knew was that those receptors were focusing on him. Wuher just stood there looking at the droid, wondering what was going to happen next.

    TAG: Twysper
  19. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Luke Skywalker
    Apartments, Coruscant

    "They are gone. The Jedi above. But I still feel Vader nearby." Luke assumed, looking out for the drid as he sided with the elder warrior. "You know what, I think it has some kind of cloaking technology." He nodded to Yusani. "Maybe we should try and find others. Obviosuly we are not alone. They might know what the hell is going on here."

    And Luke nodded to the still nearby exit.

    Vader was neabry, indeed. To close for his taste. Much to close.

    Tag: Kahn
  20. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Vuffi Raa

    Quickly, now that the silence of travel was over, their mission as he was sure his current companion would put it had come to an end. "Copy a planet sir? Yes, it would be possible if one was sufficiently advanced and willing to put it's abilities and resources to such a monumental task for a significant period of time. An interesting notion sir."

    Scanning around he noted the signal, but then what else was there to do? Noteing the general direction that the signal seemed to come from he pointed in it's general direct with a slight right-ward direction to give the next read a more accurate determination. "The next scan should be performed from that location sir, with an either higher or lower elevation added to better lock down the exact location of the signal."

    TAG: Sirak, LordT perhaps
  21. darthhelinith

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    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Darth Vader
    location: Apartment Parade

    Vader could feel the loss in concentration of the young man in his next set of attacks strokes, which this time, he met with an almost lazy ease. Starkiller's mind was not in the fight, rather on... other things.

    Vader paused for a split second, before plunging into his former weapon's mind once again. The vision rose almost as yesterday, for Vader too could remember this, much to his own dismay, the moment he knelt defeated at the feet of the weapon he had built so perfectly...

    He pulled out of Starkiller's mind and attacked with a renewed fury, determined not to be beaten by his former pupil.

    "Your thoughts betray you, apprentice."

    He quickly attacked at Starkiller's head, fully intending to sever it.

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    "Don't worry about it," he dismissed the Wookiee's concern with a wave of his hand. "We'll probably be better off without him, anyway. I hate to say it, but I don't trust him."

    Jacen had been acting strangely ever since appearing in this ghost town. He wasn't sure what happened to them in the future, but he didn't like it. The different possibilities continued to race through his mind as he continued onward, choosing one of the pedestrian skywalks leading from the spaceport. Eventually, they all led to the Senate District and ultimately, their goal, so it shouldn't be too hard from here.

    ?Han," Leia spoke up softly from behind him. "Sorry I haven?t spoken as much as needed.?

    "Huh?" He spun around to face her, offering a reassuring smile. He should have realized all of this would've had an impact on her. Sometimes it was hard to keep track of everything when he was still hurting from loss himself. "You did fine. You worry too much." He came up alongside her, draping an arm over her shoulder. "Your diplomatic skills wouldn't have done much good against those lizards anyway."

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    ?Oh, you old, dirty smuggler,? Leia giggled, feeling a peaceful calm as he draped his arm over her shoulder, ?I?m surprised you didn?t run away like you always did.? Leia giggled again, leaning up to kiss his cheek. His cheek. She paused, looking at it strangely. It looked like Anakin?s cheek. She felt in the Force for Anakin, digging around. She stopped, glancing back at Han?s face.

    ?So, what are we doing now?? Leia asked.

    She really needed to pay more attention.

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    Even without feeling the impact, he could his one moment of foresight would cost him. Vader easily blocked his attack, almost lazily, and then came at him with full force.

    He could feel Vader's presence in his mind; try as he can to stop it, his mental defenses weren't keen enough to stop someone of Vader's caliber. He could feel his former Master's eyes taking glances, seeing the same things he was seeing in his mind's eyes.

    What Vader saw must've affected him, as Vader now attacked with new vigor, almost as if to rectify the mistake on the Death Star.

    "Your thoughts betray you, apprentice."

    Anger once again welled up inside, and Marek allowed it to flow through him, remembering once again his "apprenticeship" with the Dark Lord, and what he did to him later.


    He ducked down to avoid Vader's decapitating blow, feeling several fibers hair of burn.

    Yet, he didn 't let it bother him. He instead swinged his lightaber in his crouched position, hoping to bisect the Dark Lord.

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    [blockquote]HK-47 scanned the surrounding area. Nothing but trash and debris were in his sights. He set his optics to scan for life, turning to the side the droid watched a meatbag stop in his tracks and continue to stare at HK. His optics switched back to normal vision. HK hoped it was someone he one knew, perhaps Revan- but no, it was a random meatbag. HK-47's was not supposed to stay away from his master after killing the target. Oddly, his programming was not active- granting him free will. Perhaps this meatbag knew something, if not HK-47 had no interested. The droid aimed at the meatbag's head, walking to meet the meatbag. When he stood in front of the meatbag, HK noted the weak areas and ways to escape if the meatbag proved more of a challenge. He had no intention of killing anything until returning to his master, unless he was threatened.

    "Threat: Tell me what has happened here, or lose a head meatbag!"

    Keeping his rifle pointed at the meatbag's head, he waited for the man to respond. Hopefully he was not wasting his time conversing. Time wasted on his pursuit to locate Revan, the creator- the master.

    Where he was seemed to be unexplainable. Travelling across the galaxy in an instant after a flash of light was not possible. The fastest hyperdrive could not match up to this. Despite that, HK-47 was inside of the highest structures on Nar Shaada, last he checked- none had hyperdrives. Plus Coruscant is the capital of the Republic, surely more people would be wandering the streets. Yet, there was no one- but this fleshy meatbag who has not answered. Tightening his grip, HK-47 readied himself for what would come next.[/blockquote]

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