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Thriller The Sins of the Fathers

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. LordTroepfchen Jedi Master

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    Apr 9, 2007
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    Jabe Hosptial, Tokyo, Family Reunion

    Tell me the truth of this reality.

    The words echoed in his mind, as he closed his eyes and grinned.

    "There is only one truth mother. Only one. Everything dies- Everything will die. Soon. Very soon. AAAALL of it."

    He gently stroked her face and grinned at her. His head slided to the side a bit, a habbit of his obviously. Then his grin froze on his face, revealing itself to be superficial in hte first place. His eyes carried the deadly cold of his nature, everything else was just mimcry. Fecial exressions forced on faces not his.

    "You will die today, my dear. Today. But not yet, not yet. Lilith. Mother. I am here for him. He has something I need. You . . . will be my dinner, tonight."

    And slowly he moved away from her and turned his head towards the motionless body of Carl. "Carl." He said and grinned. His body turned, as if adjusting to the next target and he stepped next to his bed, raising his hands, the fingers stretched away from each other, as if afraid to touch the other. "This will take a bit, but if I am done I would be gone if I were you. I haven´t been known to stick to my plans, have I?"

    He send his mother a last grin and pressed his hands both on the face of Carl. the body of his victim began to spasm. first as if electricity was charged into him, but then these spasms become faster and faster, as if fast-forwarded. Until they reached a speed where the eyes could only perceive the whole body as a blur.

    Caine screamed out. Was it pain or was it joy? Impossible to say. But it wasn´t weakness. It was certainly not weakness. It was the scream of predator, proud he had slain his prey.

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  2. LordTroepfchen Jedi Master

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    Apr 9, 2007
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    ooc: Okay, not only double posting, but triple posting. I apolgize deeply for this, but I have no time to wait until someone posted and I hope my privilege as a Co-GM makes this actually okay. Guess some people are waiting for this.

    In the important parts this was written and approved by SirakRomar.

    Thomas Schröder

    Slowly he turned. Even turning hurt now. But what hurt more where her eyes. He had lost. He had played his hand and his bluff had been called. With a painful sigh Thomas turned to the kneeling Markus again. ?Du wirst mich töten, oder?? The question if she would kill him, was clearly for Laura, as he spoke German.
    ?Yep.? It was her reply. But it wasn´t as snarky as you thought. It was sad. The saddest ?Yep? anybody had ever said. Thomas smiled. He raised his hand. The shoulder hurt, but Thomas realized it was probably a piece of his lung that was pierced by his rips. ?A moment with Markus, please?? He asked.

    Turning his head, he saw Laura step back, just two steps. The gun was no pointed at his neck. He sighed, the razorblade snapped open in his hand and then closed again. Slowly he went to his knees in front of the man. ?Markus. Markus. My unkillable Markus. You know what? You can kill everything. It is just a matter of having the right weapons.? He sighed. ?And I know what is the right one for you. Because you are like me. A sinner in a world coming to an end fears one thing more than anything else. The Truth. Is it? We both cannot handle the truth of what we have become. I am a monster. I know that. I totally realize I need to end. I cannot be allowed to continue. I simply can´t. But you will continue, Markus. For all days until the world ends and probably even thereafter.? Thomas lay his hands on Markus shoulders, giving the man the opportunity to shake them of, if he really wanted to.

    ?Are you ready for the truth? It is time we both face it, I guess.?

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  3. Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master

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    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Hamburg, Streets

    The hot tears rolled down his cheeks, staining his face by the clean streaks they left behind. Feeling their presence as thy rand down his throat, pausing at his adam?s apple, he wondered when the shot would ring out, when he would once more die for a wrong done in the past.

    Thomas spoke again, once more in the confounding tongue of the German that Markus had never took the time to learn. It was merely like the bells tolling one?s end. Yet still the shot did not ring out. Laura murmured and his eyes, watery and useless, opened. Opened only to have their first view of the smoke choked sky sullied by the further words of Thomas, only now in English. Yet the blade did not cut, the gun did ring.

    Thomas wanted a moment with him, and more words were spoken. Like rain to a drowning they fell each syllable upon his ears. Only when the rambling were accompanied by the laying of Thomas? hands upon him did he lower his head from heaven and looked upon the monster.

    ?What is this truth you think you found?? he asked. He had known many truths, but many no longer seemed to truly apply. Curiosity, curiosity somehow still did.

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  4. LordTroepfchen Jedi Master

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    Apr 9, 2007
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    Thomas Schröder
    Tarpenbekstreet, were destiny is in the air . . .

    Thomas smiled at Markus. It was a sad smile. One last moment between them, one last pain he had to inflict upon the world. he imagined it would hurt worse than the rip that was sticking into his lung. "Your daughter. Alice. Alicia? I killed her, just as I told you." Blood came from his mouth. He could feel it and he took a moment to wipe it away, looking right into Markus eyes. He wanted him to see it, he wanted him to know the truth. "I killed her again and again, but like her father she did not wanted to stay dead."

    He allowed the words to sink in. "So I brought her where nobody would be looking for her, to the abandoned, empty Kiel. And you? You did never care to go there and look for her. You never did. You abandoned her again and again. A sacrifice to your arrogance that you had figured it all out." He nodded. He thought of Laura, of Alice. Markus.

    "I guess it is true, the children of this world have to pay the price for the sins of their fathers." And gently, right next to Markus ear he allowed the razorblade to snap open and in the moment of Markus realisation it wandered the short distance towards his throat . . .

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  5. Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master

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    Sep 29, 2005
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    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Hamburg, Streets

    Looking at Thomas he watched the man?s face contort, how he spoke of his Alicia, his daughter. Watched as the monster displayed signs that he might not live long unless he got immediate medical attention. He half expected pleasure at such a sight, instead it merely was like looking at some poor bloke in surgery, knowing he wouldn?t make it through the operation.

    Then Thomas dropped a mythic bomb, Markus? eyes closed for a moment as Thomas continued to speak. Opening them he found they were dry, no longer the eyes of the repentant but of the fevered. Eyes of the mad, eyes of fire. ?Where!? he yelled as a part of his mind registered the snap open of the razor blade. Trying to knock Thomas? weapon arm away he jabbed forward with his wounded hand, one question stuck upon his lips.

    He felt his arm connect, felt the warm heat of his own blood, the pain of a slice of his own shoulder being exposed to the foul air. He knocked the monster to the ground and straddled him, pinning him. Neither one had the true training for such a fight, and Markus had the advantage for once as his body regenerated and he held pinned Thomas. "Where in Kiel is Alicia you putrid filth!"

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  6. SirakRomar Jedi Master

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    ooc: Oh no! :_|

    Laura Blohm

    She kept her gun pointed at both men, as they wnet down. Whatever he had told Markus, she could see it had been worse than the razorblade. And it was her fault. She had allowed Thomas to do this. Again. she had allowed him to do all of this. smart, cunning, charismatic Thomas who had dedicatd all his skills, knowledge and talent to being this monster he had become.

    "Where in Kiel is Alicia you putrid filth!" Laura looked at markus as he said. Could she be alive? Alicia? Could she really be alive? A last resort? A final ace for Thomas to play out? It was like him. It was his way of thinking, his way of acting. Just as he had seducd her, he had lured Markus into that trap. Kiel. Where in Kiel . . .

    There weren´t that many place thomas would even know in Kiel. But there was one. The place where he had spend nights and had become Robert´s best friend, while planning to steal his girl. Had he lured her into the afffair like he had Markus lured here? Yes. The answer was yes. Like any good manipulator he had been hiding lies behind truth, had allowed coincidence to cover up his tracks.

    Watching her own heads, the gun lowered and pointed directly at Thomas head.

    "She isn´t Roberts flat, isn´t she?" Laura whispered more than speaking out loud. It was not meant for them, but for herself.

    There was no way back, no means by which she could repair the damage. She had fallen for a monster and the world had paid the price. She had done it. As her father had told her, it was all her fault. Alicia? Had he played with her to get to her? Had he only recognized her, because she had introduced them? Had she done this? the world ended a thousand times in her head, as she saw the lines of the inevitable. The journalist, she had told her about Thomas. he had killed her. The ESTI men who had tried to protect her and had fallen to him. Markus. Everybody. They had all died because of her.


    The finger began to pressure the trigger. Thomas Schröder had to end now. No more words. He had to stop existing. For Laura´s sanity. The only thing that was left to do . . .

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  7. LordTroepfchen Jedi Master

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    Apr 9, 2007
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    Thomas Schöder
    Tarpenbekstraße . . . were agony claims it´s children

    He knew it was the ned. When he hit the pavement, he felt the blood fill his lungs. Lauralauralaura. Why had he never got to her? Had all this been only for those little joys that it had brought him and the grande prize would be denied?


    No, it wasn´t. He looked up and above them Laura looked down on him. And something inside of her . . . was dying. Something boiling water and blades had never been able to kill in his first try. And he understood. This was how it began . . .

    "She knows. Even Karl knew." He coughed up blood. "Guess he has her by now? You are so good in abandoning your child to monsters, are you Markus?" And he could not help but laugh. Blood spread now from his mouth, it spread all over his face. Pain became the only reality, as his inner organs began to deny him their service. It was as even his body tried to end his existence. His mind wanted to exist, but his body seemed to flee out of the slavery of his wicked thoughts.


    "Oh Laura."


    He could not breathe in anymore. He simply could not get any air to fill his lungs. His vision began to blur. The muscles began to stiffen in terror and he knew that this terror would soon infect his mind and give him a final moment of agony. His own pain would be the last one to witness.


    I love you.

    The scream of suffering was not allowed to escape. It had no breath to carry it. Instead it was contained, raging through his breast. The heart was pounding and then it stopped. Just as everything else was gone.

    Lauralauralau . . .

    As his eyes became glassy his grin was the last thing that he was able to send out into the world.

    In a way, he was finally free.

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  8. Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master

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    Sep 29, 2005
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    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Hamburg, Streets

    ?No!!!? it was all that Markus could scream as he watched the monster die. Hunching over the body he screamed at it, he screamed at the corpse. Nobody was home anymore but yet he screamed nose to nose, venting his frustrations at the monster that would tell him where his daughter was.

    ?You selfish, sadistic, miserable excuse of a demonic hell spawns left-overs!? he ranted, he railed against that passing. Not for any love or desire for the life to extend, but in the mere desire to know where his daughter was.

    But then he knew as he rested there upon that corpse. All he had to do was wait and deal with another devil. Removing the blade from Thomas? hand he closed it and slid it into his pocket before sitting upright and looking at Laura. ?Do what you will, I have another monster meet to get to my daughter.?

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  9. CPL_Macja Jedi Master

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    Nov 29, 2008
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    Chapter 1 ? An American Nightmare

    IC: Joel David Shepherd
    The House, East End, DC
    Normally an order to sit tight and wait for pick up was a welcome one. But this time it did not sit easy with him, and he could not figure out why. He took a breath as he holstered his pistol and removed his K-pot. Slowly he moved over to the bed and sat down next to the mouthless girl.

    They looked at each other in silence. He could sense the apprehension in her eyes, ?To be perfectly honest with you miss, I don?t trust him either.? He chuckled to himself lightly, ?You know, I wish you could tell me your biography, then perhaps we could figure out what in the world is going on.? He shook his head wondering whether or not what he was saying was getting through to her.

    Suddenly it hit him, he did have a way for her to communicate with him. Quickly he reached into one of his breast pockets and pulled out an MPs best friend, his trusty [link=http://cache0.bigcartel.com/product_images/40243882/rite_in_the_rain_935.jpg]?rite-in-the-rain? all-weather notebook and a pen.[/link] ?Here you go,? he started as he handed them to her, ?let?s start with the basics. What is your name and where are you from??
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  10. Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC and SWC

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    IC: Lilith

    Lilith snorted. It was a soft, soft snort. So quiet, that it barely caused the air particles to move near her nose. Her opinion of the madman Caine, who had found the ability to end all life, dipped. He was not just a madman. He was a sadistic idiot of a madman. Her inner voice mocked. "The only truth of this world is death." It was almost Matrix-like in its wannabe-zen attempt. And now, she had been quite the fan of a film that - if viewed in the light of God and his angels as metaphors for the machines - worked relatively well. Apart from the third one. But, humanity couldn't help itself. She needed some more Plato, or Aristotle. Shame they weren't astonishingly good in bed.

    Her rambling mind told her that the fear had faded.

    Because she had decided, for all the power that little Caine had, that she was superior to him.

    All that happened to Caine was that he had broke. The immortal who could not die. He'd broken.

    That made him a pathetic man who had found a very big gun.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    And as he turned his back to her, and went to 'eat' Carl, Lilith flicked her hand, swatting the flower-pot to the bed - she thanked the late God for overly sentimental nurses placing flowers in a room - hoping to shatter it upon Caine's head, to use the water within to conduct electricity with all the machines and the like, to shock or stun the madman ? she grabbed the camera in a lightning quick move, and ran. She ran with feet touched by the power of immortals, mentally reassuring her familiar to ready himself if that did not slow down Caine.

    She screamed for Leonard, hopped over bodies ? there were so, so many ? and spoke into the camera, sharply.

    ?Carl, if you have a plan, this is really the best time for you to use it. I will stall him, but it?s not going to work unless you have an idea. Talking is not working.?

    She grimaced, looking up as she headed back in the direction she had came ? perhaps she?d make it to the plane, as she recalled how talking had gone beforehand.

    ?It never worked.?

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  11. SirakRomar Jedi Master

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    Laura Blohm

    She felt tears. Yes. Of course she did. What else could she do but cry? The man she loved, one man she had loved had been taken from her. In every possible way. Not even warm, comfortable memories remained, now that his true nature was exposed. Thomas Schröder the man she had loved had never existed. This monster had always lurked under the surface. Waiting for the world to change and fit it´s appetites.

    Markus talked to her and she hardly understood. Another monster or something.

    "Wrangelstraße. She is in Kiel. Near the university." She mumbled that to him. What did markus know about the daughter he had barely ever met? Shouldn´t she go there and save her? Save her? Had she saved anyone? Doom followed her with every step she took. As if death shadowed her to strike at anyone around her. And Markus, what had he become. Regenerating wasn´t the most unbelievable thing she had seen that day, but one of the many things not human anymore.

    Had anything human survived? She could not help but look at the house to her right now burning. Was her other self still in there? Laura guessed the fire would not complete, what Thomas had failed to do. Would she join the rank of the unliving? Damned to wander htis earth with nothing left to life for?

    Her tears became a crying and she turned to move away from Markus and everybody else as fast as she could. She needed to be alone. Where she could not see more people die. She needed to escape . . . everything!

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  12. Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master

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    Sep 29, 2005
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    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Hamburg, Streets

    Listening to Laura?s words he smiled at her, ?I saw the image, there was a man?s heat signature near that of a little girl in the area you speak of. Perhaps we both have someone there?? Taking a deep breath he let that question hang in the air as he pulled the woman?s phone had taken with him and began flipping through what files the phone still had cached in it?s system. Finding a recent video that had not been purged yet he played it.

    [link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfIHkwSzayE]As the video played he had to smile. Alicia would like this.[/link] Listening to the song play he found the irony in it all, even in the coincidence that someone had been listening to it prior to being executed, and now that someone unable to leave the world so easily listened.

    ?Go where you will, I am going nowhere until after I meet Karl Weber and make sure his teams haven?t moved or abducted my daughter first. And deliver a message to him.? Speaking such he stood up from Thomas? yet cooling body and found himself humming along with the muppets.

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  13. SirakRomar Jedi Master

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    Laura Blohm

    Karl? Karl was alive? Perhaps even Marie would be there, then. Maybe Markus would indeed reunite with them once more. One last time, before it all ended. Maybe there would be a little joy in this world after all. Karl. He had always been so gentle to them all.

    "Karl. Send my greetings, Markus. And tell Alli I miss her! and that I love her!" She stopped and turned. "But there is nobody for me in this world, Markus. Don´t you people get it? There is only me and my father now! He will PULL ME into darkness, until I come back to him and I will NEVER come back to him. Not even if he rips the world apart, making me to! I am death, Markus. Everything and everybody who touches me dies! And I am dead. You just do not LET ME DIE!"

    She began to walk backwards. "Stay away! All of you, stay away as far as possible! STAY AWAY!"

    And she turned and did the only thing she could imagine to do. She found the strength to run. To run away from this terrible place she had called home once.

    All she needed now was a lonely place to die. To leave this place called existence once and for all!

    Leaving Markus behind and Thomas and all these strings and attachments that were only shadows of her former life.

    She was already undone.

    Now she needed to find . . .

    A lonely place to die.

    Somewhere in these ruins of her hometown.

    Where all her friends had vanished in the maelstrom her father had unleashed.

    Father. Please, father!

    "LEAVE ME ALONE!" She cried out to the empty buildings, hoping the echo would carry all the way to her mad, insane father . . .

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  14. DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master

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    Apr 2, 2007
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    Chapter One: An American Nightmare

    The House

    The girl took the key into her hand, as if she had never holding one. Her hand surrounded it completely, as if she wanted to use it as a knife. Then she looked at it curiously and finally set it down on the paper, slowly drawing letters. It was slow and the writing looked as if a small child had tried to imitate writing. But the word was readable.


    Then she looked up at Shep and nodded. In a way it looked as if she had never written before, but somehow knew how to do it.
    Looking at Shep she looked around. Then she wrote another word. Slow and steady painting letters.


    Tag: CPL


    Sanders looked at Basset. Then nodded. ?KKK dreams come true. They say the president is now imprisoned beneath it, until they can get him out of there. Doesn´t matter anymore, I guess. I was there a few hours ago. A battlefield.? Sanders seemed not to care too much.

    ?Guess you´re lucky you did not get the job after all, are you?? He then said, revealing he had recognized his ?driver?. He did not laugh about his own joke though, but instead checked his weapon again. It became obvious it was a sign of tension when he did that. ?We expect two to five soldiers who have secured Alpha. I outrank them, but you can never know if that means anything these days.? He went on and sighed. ?If we cannot move Alpha, I was ordered to eliminate it. No second thoughts. So don´t stay in my way if it comes to that. Do you have a gun, Mr. Basset??

    Tag: Spy

    Milton Prest´s Apartment

    The door answered immediately and opened. Inside the foyer revealed itself, with a lot of space and an almost tiny desk at it´s end. Behind it a beautiful woman stood up and came to approach the four policemen. ?Madam, Gentlemen? Mr. Prest expected you earlier. But you are lucky, he hasn´t left yet. Mr. Schuler, Mrs. Bright, I am afraid you will have to wait here. But Mr. Garret and Mr. Malone are more than welcome to join Mr. Prest in his Penthouse.?

    Malone immediately exchanged looks with the others. It was a common scare tactic to show superior knowledge, but this woman named them by name as if they were damned celebrities. Malone had shared garret´s concerns in the car, when nobody had been able to give the answer to his big problem. How did a man like him get so close to the President?

    ?Did we meet?? Maone asked in his typical blunt manner that was usually hiding his smartness. The woman seemed to look surprised. ?Not that I am aware or, Mr. Malone. I am sorry. But I might look familiar for you I actually was on the cover . . .?

    Bright took over. ?Well where do you know our names from then?? The Secretary shot her a look, abviously confused by the aggression coming from the cops. But she regained her grace and nodded knowing.

    ?Mr. Prest told me. Of course. Will those of you cleared for the upper levels now please follow me?? She turned and went to the elevators. Bright and Schuler nodded. Covering the way out was the plan all along. Malone stepped in and looked at the secretary, as she pushed the button to the top floor. Green light scanned her fingerprint. Malone gave other parts of her body than her thumb attention and raised his brows in a ?not bad? gesture towards Garret. He tried to take things easy. Cops did that when they were scared. When they finally appeared the penthouse was every bit as impressive as they had figured it out to be all along. The Secretary lead them straight to the designed interior and out at the balcony.

    ?Dammit.? Neither him nor Garret had much time for news. But last time they had checked, there had been riots. Now from above here they could see the fires in the Government district and a swarm of helicopters swarming around it like flies were found ear a corpse. When an Apache fired a missle and it hit somewhere in the inner city with an explosion Malone´s jaw fially gave in an dropped. Washington D.C. was quickly moving from uprising to an all out civil war. The second in their nat
  15. DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master

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    Apr 2, 2007
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    Chapter Three: Nietzsche was right

    [link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0NJsW3y02s]Nothing good ever happened in the . . . [/link]

    New Rose Hotel

    A short hum was all the little red notebook gave it´s users and then it was up and running. A very sophisticated piece of technology. And Ghost immediately got what had been Rufus Jameson?s problem. The first hard drive was free to use, but the second one, holding a terabyte of data, had been locked and password coded. Her programs immediately began searching for backdoors and the password was identified as a six letter word. Not one but two of her programs began to crack it, but with her slow own laptop this would need quite some time.

    Meanwhile the first hard-drive, which was the entrance gate to the data on the computer looked ordinary enough. There was a collection of pictures. Obviously the boy had travelled quite a bit and been an enthusiast of photography.

    His tracklist was still loaded in his itunes, his pictures had been saved to his desktop, so he could find them quick. The analysis program of Ghost quite quickly found out he had looked over them for more than four thousand times. More than 12 times a day since he made them. They were tourists pictures. Ordinary pictures a student would make when travelling.









    Jacob Zinsky had also chatted with a woman under the alias of Cobinsky_Z. The protocol was still there.

    Then all activity had ceased, until Rufus Jameson had locked in a few days ago.

    There was a final draft of a text he had uploaded onto a blog he had not updated for five years.

    "Whatever happens, I won´t allow them to find him. They are coming closer. I feel it in a way that defies words to describe it. They are coming for me and I stare into the darkness waiting for them. But they must not find him and they never will. Farewell my friends.


    And that was it. The last thing ghost found was his attempt to delete the second harddrive and when that did fail, he encrypted it.

    Tag: LordT, Winged, Rufus

    ooc: Sorry Sinre, but to keep it realistic, your envisioned effect a vase of water has on modern medical technology was a bit . . . optimistic :p but worth a try, worth a try.

    [link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-JydxtkLHk]And no good things ever happen . . . [/link]


    The vase broke on the monsters head, but it had no effect. The body of Carl was spasming in a speed it remained a blur and Caine ? if you wanted to call him that ? screamed out as if in pain, as he began to twist his head, now imitating the same spasms. He was famous for his fast kills. This was not as easy as usual.
    Lilith was out of the room, before he was done, storming down the blood bathed halls of the hospital. Bodies were everywhere. The scent of death was hanging in the corridors. A clear mark of Caine and his presence.

    When Lilith pushed the laptop before her eyes and the camera got her picture. Carl was still there, turning back to her, as she appeared on the screen. Obviously he had talked to someone off screen.

    ?Carl, if you have a plan, this is really the best time for you to use it. I will stall him, but it?s not going to work unless you have an idea. Talking is not working.?

    She grimaced, looking up as she headed back in the direction she had came ? but there was nothing anymore. An empty bed and no sign of Caine or the body of Carl.

    ?It never worked.? She added.

    Carl nodded with />
  16. DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master

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    Apr 2, 2007
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    [link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26-migpeVJM]Interlude III

    Humanity had never accepted it´s responsibility. He understood that now. There had been truth. Truth had been written down in those books they worshipped. But instead of seeing it humanity had dodged it´s true purpose. Excused itself for not following it´s call. Churches. Temples. Mosques. Not even their fairy-tale Gods had asked for any of those buildings. They were the satisfaction of lesser needs.

    Wasn´t it fair one of them would now be their judge?

    Had they not educated themselves and given themselves laws?

    They should be held to these standards.

    And whatever failures the judgment included, it was humanities failure to bring forth no better judge. In the end, they had created their own fate.


    He was aware he only felt it, because he allowed it to exist.

    But he had passed the test. He had resisted the temptation.

    The Change.

    He smiled into the dark of his mind. For once humanity had a word and they refused to use it.

    You shall be as Gods . . .

    He had not forgotten. He had not forgotten.

    And tears ran down his cheeks, permitted to exist to express the pain, much like the pain itself had been allowed to continue.

    They were coming. He felt everything fall into place.
    They were all coming here.
    Even though many did not know yet . . .

    They were coming to the Heartland.

    Tag: Nobody

    Chapter Five: Sinners

    Streets of Hamburg

    They parted in pain and tears and left the lifeless body of Thomas Schröder behind.

    Laura wandered towards the inner city, where she would find only ruins and empty buildings, just like everywhere else. It was an empty city in a rapidly emptying world. She had no news, no TV to show the earthquake in California, the terrible massacre´s in Africa or what a strange virus that seemed to eat people alive did to China. But she felt the agony in subtle trembles beneath the surface of existence.

    Once she reached the Speicherstadt she had finally understood . . . everything . . . (see PM)

    Tag: SirakRomar

    Not so Markus. His mind was probably driven by other needs and things. He made his way towards Kiel, towards the house he had met Karl and finally towards his daughter if he was lucky. He had not to go too far, before he saw the helicopters pass above him. And as if Karl had known he was about to come for him, he suddenly stood there on the street. Behind him a big jeep and a laptop which was showing a world map with spreading red points, that seemed to cover outbreaks of The Change.

    Calm, collected and almost bored he seemed to have awaited Markus.

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    Apr 2, 2007
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    GM Note:

    Yeah, I begin with those again. I know, I know. never been good at this promise thing. Anyway, we got news and those make it necessary for me to break my silence.#

    THE MOVE is coming. And much like THE CHANGE it cannot be stopped and will result in a big vanishing. Of these boards. Until they are resurrected in their new form. We got temp boards in the meantime. Whatever those are, we will have to see how good they are usable for RPing. Anyway, I don´t plan to let this game vanish for two weeks. The contrary. I plan to do a special. A rare opportunity to use combined posts to tell us a bit about your character. The mothers of a few combined posts to give every character who desires it a short prequel in form of one single scene. Just one scene. The condition is, I generate enough interest with that idea.

    Interested? [link=http://boards.theforce.net/UserPages/Profile.aspx?user=DarkLordoftheFins]Write me a PM.[/link] Not so much? Then ignore all of the above and have a nice three weeks break.

    Oh and just in case I decided to do a [link=http://www.facebook.com/pages/All-the-Sins-of-the-Saints/230252030395614?sk=wall&filter=2]SotS Facebook group[/link]. Yeah, we are that kinda RPing group now, how modern isn´t it? I´ll use it in the future, I guess. for now it is mainly there to make sure I can reach interested players should anything go wrong and the boards vanish.


  18. Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master

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    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Hamburg, Streets

    Watching her leave he nodded, it was all he could do. It was like some people in the more ?active? part of the business. When all you do is kill, and all your known associates have died do to missions or things beyond your control, well you begin to associate yourself as either cursed or chosen of death. Only thing was, with the Change, it might just be possible.

    Turning he put his feet to the pavement and began walking toward, well a sense of where he guessed Karl would be, and there he was. Kiel. The helicopter fly-by was a little disconcerting as was the lack of soldiers, but he figured an explosion probably had a much more disorienting effect on them. Especially if they noticed all those silenced that had spoken after the explosion.

    Still there was Karl, standing in the middle of the road, outside a jeep with a visible laptop and spreading red markers of the world. Taking in a deep breath he waved as he approached. ?I got a message for you, a question, and possibly demand. What would you like first you smug son of chaotic symmetry??

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  19. Sir_Draco Jedi Knight

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    Rufus Jameson
    New Rose Hotel, Tokyo

    He waited for Ghost to decode the computer. Rudyard phoned someone about Sadam. And he took a moment to contemplate about where he had come. He started feeling like a little girl. He was too sorry for himself. Many had died fpr him to get here and he did not wanted to change places with them. Fact was, he was a lucky one to have even got so far. Outside the people of Tokyo were ignoring the Change. they really did that. An incredible mentality. They were right, of course. There had yet to be a panic attack that made a difference. But it did not change people from trying.


    Ghost had obviously entered the first hd. The one had had got into himself, earlier. He turned an finished his glass. Rudyard had not reached anybody.

    "Q´s free day?" Rufus joked and smirked, then turning his full attention to the little screen. Pictures. The chat protocol. More pictures. He had saved them on the desktop and if Rufus had this right, there had been a lot of views. So they were important. Was that where he had been? Rufus had earlier checked only one pic and concluded it would be Afrika. But he wasn´t a guy who did a lot of travelling. Tallahassee and Riverside, yeah. But Afrika he knew from old John Huston movies. "Slower." He asked Ghost and gave the pictures a moment to sink in. What a curious collection. You had the feeling they would probably tell a story, if they were ever put into context. But context was missing. Birds and someone who looked like a very happy farmer. A digsite. Caves. The house. The girl. Obvious tourist pics. The way the woman looked at the camera he assumed Jacob had slept with her. At least she had wanted to. She also seemed to be out of context. All others pics were shot to document something. Not her. Jacobs girlfriend? If so she might know a lot more than anybody else. The last picture was the most disturbing one. Because . . .

    "Is that the guy from pic 4?" Rufus asked and leaned forward. "I think he is. Looks very, very ill. But the pictures can´t be done more than a few month apart from each other." He assumed. Then he realized the others might not get why and turned to them. "Zinsky went to Afrika in 2011 and stayed only seven month. So those would have to be done in that time frame. Man, that is some detoriation this man is going through. Wonder what causes it."

    Then Ghost went through the spooky chat Rufus had read in Tibet. Finally some sort of letter. Jacob had known he had been followed and he tried to secure everything.

    Rufus sighed. There was no case here. The answers were on the second hard drive, the murder of Jacob was known and after them now. The mystery was, the why. The what it was all about. The Change. How in the world could Jacob Zinsky know about the Change? How could he get this platinum-nugget of information? rufus did not even realize his hands were getting another cigarette. The pictures stayed with him. A dig. A sick man. Africa. Somewhere in damned Africa. Could be anywhere. Could be very isolated. Could be . . . a perfect place to hide. Yet, he had expected scientists. He had expected a second C.E.R.N. or what it was you needed to cause all of this. And what Jacob gave him was a farm. Maybe it was unconnected? Maybe they were drawing lines not there? His guts told him nothing in this case was unrelated to anything.

    He looked at Rudyard and took a deep breath from his cigarette.

    The Brit was now into this with him. Rufus almost felt sorry about that. "How old are they? Your sons? They are in Britain I suppose?"

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    Karl Weber

    He was not impressed by nay of it. But curious. Curiousity was his most human weakness, he knew. Markus had survived. Which did not come as a surprise, although he doubted he would last. Being unkillable, did not make you invulnerable. It only made you a target on other battlefields. Thomas Schröder had probablyk nown that. Karl could see in Markus eyes, he had probably striked deep and now Markus was bleeding. It was Karl´s decision to heal him or let him bleed dry.

    "The order you proposed them is fine." Karl only replied, ignoring the insult and skipping the greetings.

    Laura Blohm hadn´t come. Smart girl. She felt them all coming ofr her did she? The big price. The one and only leverage there was against her father.

    He would correct that unexpected move by her. Soon.

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  21. Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master

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    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Hamburg, Streets

    Well the oxymoron went without rebuttal, and so did his changed stance toward the man. Nodding in reply he took a few steps nearer, ?Sebastian says, ?Notre dam is not for you?. Invariably I would guess that is what you now want. I want to know why? Why sic Thomas on me, why not reveal the common thread of Alicia, that she is like me? Of course this begets the question have you already recovered her?? Tilting his head he stared at the man.

    They were in the middle of a warzone of Change and both were acting more like a couple of individuals having a spat in a posh living room. All very odd, but yet common. ?The demand would be too blatant now, but yes I want my daughter and to keep her safe even if she is like me now. Meaning Sebastian has proved himself fallible. Also a measure of good faith, your high tech firewall has a high tech weakness.? Shifting his weight from one foot to the other he remember the last truth of Thomas, the deaths he had suffered, the extraction team.


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  22. LordTroepfchen Jedi Master

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    Carl Weber
    The Street

    He took out cigarettes. It was a gesture he had actually never seen himself doing. Strange, was it? To sdo sometihng new, after all those many, many years.

    "Do you smoke? I found those. And actually I ´think I´ll try it." He looked up.

    Notre Dam is not for you. Notre Dam is not for you.

    He got the message an it was suprisingy subtle, frightening knowledgable an a strong indicator Sebastian´s control o his truly inhuman abilities was rapidly growing. The time-window they had left to act was becoming a lot smaller. Soon it would close and the Change would be irreverisble. If it hot yet passed the point of no return. Carl had to smile, as he took the cigarette and lighted it. He ignited the tobacco and wondered why some humans liked the taste of ashes. Ashes. All that was left of them. Maybe it was the taste of the inevitable that had made thm addicted and th nicotine had been an excuse. Carl knew that wasn´t true, of course. He could feel the parting and reassembling of the molecules in the bloodstream and how they reached te nervous system to leave the desired effect. He remembered Markus was awaiting answers.

    "Notre Dam. That is a rather long good night story, but a great, secret insider metaphor Seastian is using there. Really. I´ll spare this goodnight story for another time, maybe. When we have time. Thank you for delivering the message though." Karl folded his arms. "And you seriously ask me why? Why I had Thomas hunt you? Well, isn´t that obvious? I needed to lure out Sebastian. We both needed to find him. Thomas needed to die, too. I expected an immortal to be a bit too much of a challenge for him. Sooner or later." He gave Markus a smile, that really couldn´t convince anybody of his humanity. The perfect mimicry of human behavior was not necessary anymore. "And of course I recovered Alicia. I send my men the second I realized you fool seriously were not going after her. She is in safety now. I made very sure of that."

    And they reached the final point, with several things left out. Carl looked at Markus and killed the cigarette.

    "And indeed, Sebastian is fallible. You do not fail to impress me. Exactly my thought. It was what I tried to find out all along. The question is and remains . . . what do you and I do about it? Or are you abandoning our common quest to save the world? I guess you got someone to save it for, now."

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  23. Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master

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    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Hamburg, Streets

    He laughed, he had to after all that Karl had shared under his steely, well constant, gaze. For some reason it was as though the past, the present, and the mere sight of that oh so familiar imitation attempt of humanity had drawn it out of him. Raising his hand with a finger raised asking for a second he let it rattle his body.

    ? ?If a man who first puts his hand to the plow shall turn back, he is unfit for the kingdom.? I probably misspeak but it applies Weber. I have had a reason to save this world since the start, only which path best would see this happen was in question.? Shaking his head he looked at Karl Weber, unlike Sebastian, an ex-human, there was something left in this husk that the other lacked. It was the mere fact that he was able to adjust, to adapt, and to allow a margin of ?change? to be understandable.

    Perhaps it was like the human who had a pet cat or dog, inevitably as one played with their pets they began to adapt habits from them, just as the pets adapted habits from their humans to a degree. Smiling broadly he understood who was the perceived pet and who the perceived intellect. That didn?t prevent the truth that many a pet had saved their owner, and sometimes in the past had secured their owners survival.

    ?One who contradicts himself is liable to fall under his own lies, so far you skirt the gray but do not pass that line. Sebastian does, and so is the worse choice. I am with you Weber, to the embittered end.? Sticking out his hand to the man he awaited the reaction. Time was running through the hour glass, and the red was spreading. Oddly only time would tell if they would succeed.

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  24. spycoder9 Jedi Master

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    Jack Bassett
    Washington D.C.

    ?KKK dreams come true. They say the president is now imprisoned beneath it, until they can get him out of there. Doesn´t matter anymore, I guess. I was there a few hours ago. A battlefield.?

    Jack nodded as he listened attentively. He remembered Prest?s television screens once again.

    ?Guess you´re lucky you did not get the job after all, are you?"

    A low blow, to say the least. Jack almost hit the brakes then and pushed the guy out. But, being the diplomatic man he was, stared ahead. The only betrayal of emotion was he slight glace over to the man beside him. Unlike the Colonel, this man actually knew a lot. The Colonel pretended to be big and tough, but he was weak in comparison to this guy. Information was much more important than power in these times.

    "We expect two to five soldiers who have secured Alpha. I outrank them, but you can never know if that means anything these days. If we cannot move Alpha, I was ordered to eliminate it. No second thoughts. So don´t stay in my way if it comes to that. Do you have a gun, Mr. Basset??

    ?No, I don?t believe I do. I have a pocket knife, but I doubt that?ll help us wherever we?re going.? Jack turned on a corner. Visions of the pregnant woman and man brawling on the street resurfaced. ?I?d also appreciate it if you told what?s about to go down before we move in. I know we?re trying to get ?Alpha?, but what about these soldiers? How bad has the U.S. military gotten in these times??

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    IC: Jonathan Garret
    Milton Prest's Apartment, Washington, D.C.

    Even after Prest greeted them and shook their hands, Garret continued to ponder the words he had recited from Nietzsche...or whatever he had said the guy's name was. He couldn't say he was familiar with the text or that he particularly cared about it prior to this point, but he couldn't deny that it certainly rang true with the events that were transpiring around the world.

    God was dead. Garret had never been a religious person and to him, God had always been dead, but to have the rest of the world think the same...that was something monumental. It meant people were truly losing all hope. Prest's words had been quite disturbing.

    ?How can I help you Detectives??

    Jon cleared his throat and stepped forward, his hand going to his neck to loosen his collar - a nervous gesture. "We're looking for information regarding the death of Carl Weber," he cut right to the chase, his expression serious as he stared directly into the other man's face. "The guy was found with a hole through his head this morning in the East End and we found evidence linking you to the crime scene...cell phone records, actually. You were in contact with Mr. Weber just before someone decided to shoot him up."

    He paused, allowing that to sink in for a moment before continuing. "We also have reason to believe you were involved with the kidnapping of a small girl...directly tied to the murder. Coincidence? I would love to be wrong, Mr. Prest, but you better start explaining because things aren't looking good on your end..."

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