Thriller The Sins of the Fathers

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  1. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson

    Now he had to laugh at her last words. He had had to nod in agreement most of the way, but something about that last line...

    "Maybe that is what it all comes down to, you know? Maybe creation isn´t big enough for both of them."

    That made him have to laugh into blowing winds, "It's big enough, it is as big as they need. Only one is stuck in this corner of it, and the other won't leave. Although I don't think Weber would leave even if he could, he already told me he doesn't think anything else exists out there. A shortcoming considering how many thousands of years he was disconnected and something could of been made out there."

    Looking up at the circling Ospray he had to wonder. Would he ever get to see out there? Someday become an avid explorer like his favorite Star Trek shows, traveling the cosmos and finding new life and new civilizations? Maybe even given the chance if he was allowed the scrap of power Sebastian had to create a little bit of it? One has to wonder, "What do think we will be and do, when this is all over?"

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    Aug 19, 2007
    ooc: Fin asked me to include his update in here to make it a more fluent reading experience. Everything else was Fin approved, inspired or authored by him.

    [link=]Fin´s Soundtrack Suggestion - Lilith´s Son[/link]

    Rufus Jameson
    New Rose Hotel

    Leonard´s hand moved so fast, it was as if it never moved at all; as if it just vanished in one place and appeared in another. Now he returned Lilith´s grip, but his was more powerful, more hungry and . . . violent. His suddenly appearing grin was in a terrible way familiar. No matter what face he ever took, that grin seemed to never leave his features entirely.

    The mobile he had held crashed to the floor and Lilith could probably see it had not been turned on anyway. The man who stood before her probably did not know the pin of Leonard´´s mobile. The hand was irresistible, as if it was a force of nature.

    It was a power Leonard never had possessed. Poor Leonard who had fought and died in vain several hours ago, trying to protect Lilith.

    ?There is nothing on that piece of chunk, is there?? Leonard . . . Adam . . . or whatever you preferred to call it turned to Rufus, as Azrael hissed and crawled out of Lilith clothing, only to back away once it smelled it´s victim. The fear of the lesser predator, confirming beyond doubt and finally who stood there before Lilith. Who had stood there all along. The hard drive was wiped out of Lilith other hand and smashed against the wall.

    ?No there isn´t.? Rufus replied. He did not even care to grab his weapon. He wasn´t fast enough for that, he knew. ?I am sorry, old girl.? Rufus smiled at Lilith and it was probably the saddest smile a man had ever given to a woman. He took a cigarette out of his pocket, very slowly and put it on.

    When he had figured it out, he had known this would be his end, one way or another. He had no idea when the monster had replaced Leonard, but I had been a smart, unpredicted and elegant move. He had not ripped the knowledge out of their brains, but simply had stood there and listened. And Rufus had told it all. He had handed him the key. What a fool I am . . .

    But he hadn´t told him where the door was. Not yet.

    And that meant that Rufus had to do the last thing he deserved to, after giving hte monster all of his knowledge.

    Rufus had to life. R

    ufus had to stop all those men from controlling the Change. He knew that there was only him, Rudyard and Ghost now, fighting for the human race against whatever was out there. They weren´t as smart, as powerful or as old as any of their rivals. Yet they had an advantage, they had a goal, they had a chance. A tiny, meaningless chance, maybe. But it was a chance. He had no right to take this chance from humanity. It was not an escape, it was not a lie. It was the sad truth. Rufus had to save himself and Rudyard and Ghost. That was why . . . he had realized what he had to do. His father had told him about that game that had been in his mind for minutes now. . . . that famous Immortal Game.

    21 June 1851, he remembered now. In London, during a break of the first international tournament Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky played. They had been the dominant players of their age in the game of Kings, chess. On this tournament they finally faced off against each other. The very bold sacrifices that day made by Anderssen become legend. Anderssen gave up both rooks and a bishop, then his queen, checkmating his opponent with his three remaining minor pieces. It has been called the Immortal Game. Sacrificing the white queen and checkmate the opponent with the minor pieces. The Immortal Game. Wasn´t it exactly what he was playing here?

    ?I am so sorry.? Rufus said again and a single tear ran down his cheek. Adam would have to take her now. If he attacked Rufus, she would attack him. If he ran he´d probably never catch up with them. He had to take out Lilith. And that meant he would have to leave Rufus alone, long enough for him to do the impossible for a second tim
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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Lilith

    [blockquote]Leonard's face rippled, and it was as obvious as Sin itself.

    Adam. Caine.

    Her arm was in a terrible grip; Azrael was cowed; Rufus was staring at her, a look which was at once full of depth and yet entirely meaningless, so Cain could not read it. Lilith could hear a sad, reedy piano, somewhere in her mind; the truth - that she was about to die, and had to do so, in order for them to have a chance. It broke her heart... but she knew it was necessary.

    And knowing that Rufus did love her - despite his appearance, warmed her in more ways than one.

    "I love you too, Rufus." And Lilith grasped Cain's arm, turning to bear her teeth.

    She felt no fear. But she certainly felt alive. She hooked her leg around his, to bind him. Willing Azrael to assist, she locked eyes with her son. "So, let's talk. Because I know something you don't. I knew one more thing then they revealed. You never asked what I did between you appearing in Nepal, and my encounter with you at the hospital, did you?"

    Lilith smiled. The Queen of Temptation chose her bait. Dropping her truths like breadcrumbs.

    She was going to teach her son about a Pyrrhic victory. The madman who could only win needed to learn the best way to lose.

    Lilith was going to die in style, if she had to die.[/blockquote]

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  4. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    The Son
    New Rose Hotel, Tokyo

    Few mortals ever had seen through his facade. Rufus Jameson had done so, when not even his own mother could. A worthy advasery. Wasn´t it ironic he met him, when he was no longer looking for any? No, all he needed now was a quick victory. The Son would kill him another day and it would not been easy for Rufus. Now he took something even more precious.

    The Thing that was her Son turned it´s full attention back to Lilith and stared at her for a long moment while she talked. Was there regret? He wondered himself if there was. His mother would not see it probably, or take it wrong for mockery. But the Son knew that his mother had decided long ago to understand him or his needs. She had been the only one who had ever had the ability to do so. Karl had shown him, when Caine had taken him.

    She talked about the time in Nepal and what she had kept back from him, that he did not know. A gamble, as he had expected it from his mother. He smiled at her. Was rufus already running? He probably was. Caine, The Son did not care. he was with his mother. Finally. Her ruse could have worked had he not heard all she had not known. They both knew he knew what she did not know had been the key. What nobody knew. She had not even known the old one was dead, right? Sometimes studying the living kept you from seeing the true meaning if life. Dying. He had told her in the hospital, but she had not believed him. She would soon . . . soon . . .

    "I know now." He whispered to her. "I know who you are, mother. I know what you had to endure. The weight of centuries and the curse of eternity, it´s the only true damnation this world offers, it it? I know." His whispers were both full of a strange tenderness and the rumbling violence he kept in check. With a sigh he looked up and lay a finger on her mouth. "Pssst."

    And for the first time in ages someone had a glimpse at his true self. A glimpse of the man he was. It wasn´t a wicked monster or a demonic creature. He had no mark to bare and no obsidian eyes. It was a man and a beautiful one, preserved for all time. Only his eyes betrayed them. Because one did not see a soul in it, but only . . . murder.

    "Let us finally embrace!"


    His hands reached out with inhuman speed and upon touching Lilith a wave went through her body, breaking every body and shattering every nerve. Unlike others Lilith body did not die, but fought this impact. Ripping her into the air, he screamed out in anger, as he felt the resistance. It was futile, he knew it. He had neverfailed to kill anything. Yet he felt she did not deserve to resist, even if it was only herbody. It tried to heal, tried to endure under the power of this deadly force. It would need time to take her. It would need time to eridacte her from existence. Time the Son did not have.

    Then again, he had waited millenia to do this. He had all the time in the world.

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Laura Blohm
    The Last from Hamburg, my pearl

    That was a good question. That was truly a good question.

    She allowed her mind to wander a bit around Makrus idea of her father and Carl stuck here. And the opportunity for one to leave. Leave into another corner of creation? shaking her head, she realized that a few million lightyears did probably not mean as much as humans thought. Then she turned her attention fully to the question at hand.

    "When this is over?" She repeated that last part of the question once more and then gave Markus a sad smile. They were going after Sebastian Falk, right? Her father, Markus creator so to say. Both of them were dead, but not yet gone because Father had decided them to continue their existences. They thanked him that questionable privilege by killing him. That was the plan. To make things even a bit more complicated they allied themselves with a Fallen Angel. One that seemed to deny the existence of the devil especially because otherwise he would probably have needed to admit he had come pretty close to the concept, himself.

    All of this seemed to be the tip of the iceberg. The finnish soldiers had not worked for any known party yet and considering what was at stake the world was after them. Nothing to worry too much about, when you had God on your side . . . oh no, they had not. Because they would kill them. Which made their survival unikely, if they had success and they would have success. Laura would not give up until they had killed the Thing that had once been her miserable pathetic father.

    "When this is over, I think we will be dead."

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  6. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    Chapter 1 ? An American Nightmare

    IC: Joel David Shepherd
    The House, East End, DC[blockquote] Joel knew when to live to fight another day, and now was one of those times. He took his off hand and placed it behind his head as he slowly knelt down to place his rifle on the ground. He then took his other hand and put it on the back of his head as well. The whole time he kept his eyes on the female, Lydia she had called herself, that was seemingly in charge. ?So what now, Sweetheart?? he asked her, ?You gonna put a bullet in my brain for helping this poor girl out? I doubt ya?ll are goin? to throw me into a cell down in Gitmo while to world goes to Hell in a Handbasket.?

    Joel knew that he was frakked and at that point he didn?t care anymore. He knew in his heart that the government that he loved and trusted had murdered his wife and kids in Boston. The military he joined to protect the people were shooting civilians in the street. He looked over at Lola, as a tear started to trickle down his cheek, and knew that she must have been involved in some kind of a government sponsored experiment. The only thing that he had left was his faith and because of it he no longer feared the inevitable.

    ?Listen girlie, you can do whatever you want to me, but let this poor girl go. My God will protect me and He will exact his vengeance for your sins.?[/blockquote]TAG: Fins and Spy
  7. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter One - An American Nightmare

    The House

    Lydia gave the soldier an unnerved smile and waved. two of her men, huge black men with handguns and rifles came closer and took the girl. The mouthless one did not react at all, but just gave Shepard a look that seemed to say "It is okay".

    "So will my God protect me. The difference is, you´ll face my God soon. While I assume you will sit this one out, as he always does, right?" It sounded like mockery, but that was obviously for her men. It was pretty clear she did not believe in anything she said and she did not care, either. "Cuff him." Was all she said and a man who had probably been a cop came closer, while another two disarmed Shepard.

    Inside the house it did not look a lot better, as more and more men and women appeared on the street, coming from all ages and races and social circles, all looking grim and dedicated. Jenkins was there, staring to the back door. "He ran, Sir. Shepard and hte package they . . . "

    Sanders looked at him, then sighed and lowered his gun. "Too many, we need to surrender. Or they´ll kill us and the girl will be gone forever."

    Frustrated he lay his assault rifle down and took out his gun, allowing the magazine to flip out of it and pulling the slide through, so the last bullet flipped out of the chamber. The first men were already at the door, opening it and coming inside, their guns raised. Jenkins obviously did not like it. He wanted to shoot. "Stand down soldiers." Sanders ordered him. But he raised his gun, just a bit and a single shot from a shotgun vaporized what had once been his head. "Throw your gun away." Sanders said to Garret and his look told him he did not like it either.

    Obviously some things Milton Prest had not calcualted everything. Obviously the plan had not worked out at all. Obviously . . . things were no longer under control.

    Far away an explosion rumbled through the streets and reached the remains of the house. Assault gun fire was carried over the scene to the group. It sounded as if a war had just begun somewhere.

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