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Thriller The Sins of the Saints

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson

    Her eyes said a lot, their inflection, their change, not only if but the whens of softening and hardening. For him, as a father, that said enough, as a professional it said some and was yet lacking, but in this the will and devotion of a father was all that mattered. Especially when it came to her words, she was slow at connecting what he had said about ESTI doing this without his knowledge and that he was an unwilling participant, or perhaps she felt that percipitating at all was unforgiveable. Either way his choice was clear, not that a bullet to the leg would of stopped him, slowed him yes, stopped a father when he felt his daughters life was at risk? No.

    "Alright then. I believe you really are for my daughter." Slowly he went for the cuffs, not about to make any sudden movements. Putting on the cuffs he swallowed the lump of fear that had been building in the back of his throat, "I didn't do this to her, I never could of put her through something like this. I merely jumped at the first assignment that would put and keep me in the same nation as my little girl. Should of looked at who I was being tasked with and why they wanted me closer." there was no mirth in his statement, though he knew enough men that would of said it that way. No, just regret. Sorrow.

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  2. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    ooc: In before the update. [face_whistling] I´ll change my username soon.

    John Henley
    Streets of Nevada

    "They call it the Change." Sharon said. He smiled at her. also for the comment about his aim. "Well, sounds like a title for one of my worse albums, does it?"

    "Mass disappearances; mass suicides; entire cities gone mad. Now it seems we can add killer dogs and invisible roadblocks to the list." He liked her sense of humor. But he could not keep himself from wondering what made her such a cynic. "Sounds like the end of the world." He only said and was not actually bitter about it. "But what happened here? To us? From these buildings back there in Ely, I´d say we have been gone for a while." The song from the car wrecks came to him. Sharon aksed about it.

    He wiped the sweat from his face and looked at the car. "Indeed, that is my song. It´s just . . . I never released it." He said and looked to Sharon. "I actually just recorded it. Last thing before my Sue died." He smiled at the song and then realized something. "Dammit, these wreckages look like they´ve been there for ages. But they weren´t here an hour ago."

    So, could it be?

    "Are we in the future?" He asked and jogged over to the car.

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  3. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    End of Chapter IV - An American Nightmare

    Corben´s Inn, Nevada

    The Man looked at Vashti and stroked a hair from her face. "I will show you. I will." He slowly raised helping her up, too. Then there were the shouts of Jackson Clay. Yells. Commands. Underlined by a gun pointed at The Man. Who slowly turned around and eyed his new opponent. As if he only realized now he had forgotten to kill one of the people in here . . .

    "Get away from him Vashti." His voice was raspy, but commanding. His weapon pointed right at The Man. "Get away from him." Clay shouted again. His eyes flickering. Feverish.

    "Get away and I end this. Now." He pressed through his teeth. And The Man smiled. "Certainly." He said sand turned to Vashti. He took something from the pocket of his worn out suit and gave it to her. Nodding to the gun on the ground. Then he turned around and lead Vashti out of the line of fire like a dancer leading a Ballerina. With an extended arm. "Better, Jackson? Do you want to end it, now?" He asked, mocking. "And be alone with her?" The Man pressed air through his teeth, like he tasted a good wine. "Alone with her. Isn´t it that, what you wanted all along? I did you a favour in killing them, did I? All of them." The Man lay his head to the side. "C´mon. Shot and she is your. All yours." He whispered and winked.

    Vashti saw what the Man had given to her. A golden magazine for his little golden gun, that was now lying in the pool of blood. Seven shots.

    The Man gave her a short glance and a slight nod and turned back to Jackson.

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    Chapter VIII: The Passenger[/color][/b]

    [i]Streets, Wreckage[/i]

    John reached the car, still jogging. And saw that there was more to it than just age. Some strange red plant had grown over it, like restraints. And no radio was there, playing that song. Though he still heard it. It came from somewhere, where once the backseats have been.


    As he circled the car, he saw a skeleton lying there. Next to it. Rotten and only bones remaining. And the rusty remains of a Mossberg rifle next to it.

    [b]Tag: Xan, TGI[/b] (in whatever shape you will ressurface)

    [i]Flight 2440, Near 1st class[/i]

    The Stewardess shot Andy and Vincent yelled a final time. Gun down! Gun down!

    The woman did not hear, but instead pointed her gun right at Sumiko´s face. She never pulled the trigger. Two shots hit her head, as Vincent pulled the trigger. She collapsed and the Skymarshall yelled something about people staying calm. And him being a Cop. Then he looked at Andy. "Dammit!" He pressed out and began to drag Andy from the floor. Making his way upwards with her. "Can you help me?" He asked Sumiko. "We need to take care of her." He pulled open the door and entered the empty first class .Were indeed the song was playing. Empty seats everywhere. Dark. Only illuminated by a single lamp in the aft-part of it. Vince did not care, but lay Andy down and began searching for a 1st aid kit. "You ever treated a wound?" He asked Sumiko. And touched Andy´s shoulder. "Not that bad, little Lady. You´ll be alright. You´ll be alright."

    [image=] [image=]

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  4. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter IX - And Prometheus plays with fire . . .

    St. Thomas Church, Boston/Father McEneny´s flat

    "I´ll be fine, Father. I´ll be fine." Father Roselli said. And looked at the cross above him and their saviour once more. "Take good care of yourself." He said and folded his arms.

    The flat of the Father was nearby, obviously. And he was greeted by his answering machine blinking. two messages. The police asked him to come by next day to their station to answer a few questions concerning Roland. The second was from the bureau of the Arch-Bishop.

    "Hello Father McEneny. This is Susan Day from the bureau of the AB. I tried to reach you, but was not able to, so I thought better the machine than you learning it from one of your community members. Father Roselli, the . . . questionable predecessor of you in that community . . . god may have mercy on his soul . . . has yesterday taken his own life. Especially a suicide might lead to further doubt within´your already stressed flock, so we wanted to give you an advance warning. His personal possession is still with you, I believe. Please look through it for any signs where we might send it to."

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    Restaurant, Downtown, Boston

    George laughed out. "Hate that movie. No serious. You do two shots. Three max, if you wanna do a head-shot in addition. If you get into a firefight, you always did something wrong." He said, as if he was telling a joke. then he pointed at the left of Milton Prests associates. "See that guy? John Calbere. Another lawyer. And Prest´s coordinator for his German partners." Their food came and he took the sticks and began eating. "He got orders today, we know that. They´re in the case he has. He wwill go early and sober. his car is parked on the customer parking lot right behind the restaurant. I want that case and I want the guy not able to tell Prest who has it." George said. "So, kill him." George said and took another sip of wine. "The 2010 season was really not our best in California, was it? I think it tastes a little to sweet." He commented on the wine. Then he threw his keys to Riya. "Under the driver seat is a box. You´ll fine a gun there. Unregistered. A silencer. Gloves. But I think you got time for a meal, first. Killing with an empty stomach is a bad idea and I guess to get into that dress you had to have an empty stomach. I love it by the way. Did I mention it?"


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    Middlesex, House of Alex

    He arrived with a silent girl with no mouth next to him. And for the second time this day he saw Sheriff Handerson. This time standing right in front of the house entrance and smiling him, covering his eyes from the light-bowls of the pick-up. "He began to slowly walk over to his car and the girl next to Alex became obviously nervous. Grabbing his arm and shaking her head in fear.

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  5. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    In Character: Andrea ?Andy? Rebecca Baker
    Flight 2440

    Blood was on her shirt. Her designer shirt. She couldn?t have blood on her designer shirt. The Stewardess probably had caused her to go nuts, and she was hearing the music in her head. But how had the Japanese girl heard it?

    The hairs on your arm will stand up. . .

    Andrea wanted to curse, wanted to scream at the annoying music and pain. Andrea watched as the Stewardess flopped on the floor, blood leaking from the side of her head. Andrea was pleased, yet horrified at the sight.

    At the terror in each sip and each sup. . .

    Someone was pulling her along. Andrea?s eyes starting getting blurry, and Andrea realized she was crying. Again. How many times could a girl cry? Andrea looked around her, at the destruction and death and despair. Was that her dreams? Nightmares?

    Will you partake of that last offered cup. . .

    ?Shu? tuh music off!? Andrea gurgled, spit and blood mixing in her mouth. She swallowed it, realizing she had bit her lip. She looked around, and noticed she was somewhere different. The noise was quieter.

    Or disappear into the potter?s ground. . .

    The music was louder. Was it coming from in her. Andrea winced as her shoulder bumped something. Pain. So much pain. Then a golden voice. It seemed to be the voice of God himself. ?Not that bad, little lady. You?ll be alright. You?ll be alright.? Andrea offered a smile, then turned her head to the other side. The Japanese woman was there.

    ?I neve? got ur name?? Andrea offered a small grin at her.

    When the man comes around. . .

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  6. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Flight 2440


    Sumiko shrieked as Andrea launched herself at the stewardess, trying to separate her from her gun. Sumiko?s eyes widened in horror as the gun discharged, a bullet ripping through Andrea?s shoulder. An ever increasing lump grew in her throat as Andrea collapsed to the floor and fell unconscious. Sumiko?s face paled and she shook her head

    ?No, no, no! not again! not again!

    She cried to herself, her fists clenched tightly, her knuckles turning white. Looking up the stewardess, she yelled at her

    ?Yamete! (Stop it!) Please stop it!?

    She pleaded, despair in her voice. These words fell on deaf ears however, and she found herself staring down the barrel of the stewardesses gun. She felt numb, and everything seemed to be happening in slow motion through Sumiko?s eyes. Two loud bangs rang through the air and Sumiko flinched. No pain came however, and instead the Stewardess crumpled to the floor, bleeding from serious head wounds. She was dead. She looked at the man who had dealt the killing blow, who was now looking back into the cabin, trying to calm people down. It was then that Sumiko?s theory was confirmed. He was a police officer. Standing up on trembling legs, The police officer approached Andrea and picked her up, ascending the stairs to first class.

    "Can you help me? We need to take care of her."

    Sumiko looked at him and nodded, following them up the stairs. Walking through the doors to first class, Sumiko took in her surroundings. The place looked deserted. It was dark and dim within, except for one lamp that glowed nearby. The unsettling country song was still playing. Sumiko frowned, she was positive she had heard someone laughing earlier, but there was no-one here. The police officer carefully laid Andrea down on a nearby bed before starting to rummage about for a first aid kit. He jolted Sumiko out of her thought?s as he addressed her.

    ?You ever treated a wound??


    She said quietly. She remembered the first aid classes she had sat in school, but it was only basic training. She had learned about how to treat a bleeding wound, but a bullet wound was a lot more serious than nicking your arm on a knife during home economics. But she had to do something. She had been useless during this whole thing. She would try...she had to try!




    Closing her eyes for a moment and taking a breath in to calm herself, she ran towards the first class crew area. Entering the room, she flung open cupboard doors and yanked open draws, a look of concentration on her weary face. After a quick search she found what she was seeking, clean towels and linens for the first class beds and bathroom. Tucking them under one arm. In the corner of the room she found a crate of bottled mineral water. Grabbing a few of these also, Making her way back to Andrea?s bedside, she knelt down beside it. Opening one of the bottles of water, she rinsed her hands clean of the blood of the stewardesses first victim, drying them with one of the towels. She then took one of the pillow cases from the pile and folded it over a few times to made a thick wad. As she did so, she heard Andreas voice

    ?I neve? got ur name??

    Sumiko was relieved to see the woman awake and talking, so much so the smallest of smiles formed on her face. Ever so carefully, she removed the torn fabric around the wound so she could get a better look.

    ?Sumiko?my name is Sumiko?

    She replied softly, taking the wad of cloth and pressing it against Andrea?s shoulder, applying pressure to help stem the bleeding. She gave Andrea an apologetic look as she did so, not wanting to cause the woman anymore pain but it had to be done. As she continued to apply pressure, there was a sadness in Sumiko?s eyes

    ?I?m sorry Andrea-san. For this?for everything. I was useless, I wanted to do something but I was just too scared?I?m a coward..."

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  7. john123abc

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    Jan 23, 2010
    IC: Stanislaw Czarny
    Carl-Cohn-Strasse, 3rd Floor

    "Need to order a lock down. If it is any good anymore. Do you think you reach the emergency button at the end of the corridor, if I do cover you?" Jonah asked and held his side.

    Stanislaw sighed as he reviewed his current situation, while putting the knife back on his belt and taking out the smg he took from a soldier in the offices, "it might be tricky since we don't know the exact position of the shooter," Stanislaw said, crouched a little, passed the smg to his right hand, and took the soldier over his left shoulder so he could move and still use the body as a shield, "but since we don't have much choice, I'll try, so are you ready?" Stanislaw made sure the safety on smg is off...

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  8. Ben_Stormrider

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    Jun 15, 2006
    ooc: sorry for not realizing I'm breaking rules here. Yes, I'm the Newbie.

    IC: Hikaru Hoshi
    Tarpenbekstrasse 55, Corridor before the flat

    They were outgunned. Hikaru realized his mistake to not kill the housebreaker, but he didn't want to be a murderer. He just wanted to protect Thomas and himself. He wanted too much it seemed...

    But hope was not totally lost: Hkaru waited for one last shot, sending him to his great-grandfather to get his ass kicked for his carelessness. But instead he was told to get inside the flat.
    Fighting now would get them both killed, so Hikaru told himself to do as the man said. He laid his bokken on the floor and held his burning right shoulder instead.

    "Ok, ich verliere heute. Was wollt ihr hier?"

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  9. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Laura Blohm
    Stairs, Carl-Cohn-Straße

    Pulling the anorak of the dead man over the Cuffs of Markus she looked down on the dead and took his gun, too. Then she also took Markus and suddenly realized how heavy guns were. She checked that no bullet was in the chamber and then handed it back. "Okay, I guess you wanna get to her. And if it´s a trap, you only endanger her and yourself." Again noises of a fight out there and she sighed. "Go. Slow and warn nobody. Most German cops know no English, anyway. But I do." This was not her world. "Stop." She reminded herself and then took the suitcase and opened it. "Maybe I can get help." She explained herself and wondered why she did this. She was such a crappy hostage taker. At least she felt less angry. Taking out the mobile, she nodded to Markus to go, as she dialed Maria´s number. To no surprise he had the mobile of his wife programmed into it. Only the Mailbox replied. "Your Ex isn´t available. Probably you guys got her too, hm?" She sighed. And thought who else she could call. Thomas? Maybe Thomas? She hesitated. How reliable was he? But who else could she call? She did not know Hoshi´s number in her head. Father?

    She was shocked about that thought, pushing it away as fast as she could.

    "I´ll call a friend." She said and opened the door downstairs, to get a look at the chaos of the base floor.

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  10. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    In Character: Andrea ?Andy? Rebecca Baker
    Flight 2440, Somewhen

    'Sumiko. My name is Sumiko,? the Japanese girl replied to Andrea, and through her haze Andrea could see her. The music wasn?t fazing her anymore. Andrea smiled at her, wincing slightly at the pressure applied to her shoulder. But she would make it, she just knew she would. For her father. ?Sumiko,? Andrea said the name, offering her smile again.

    This girl was very nice, and was trying to save her life, which Andrea doubted many others would attempt. ?I?m sorry Andrea-san. For this?for everything. I was useless, I wanted to do something but I was just too scared?I?m a coward..." Sumiko uttered. She was depressed.

    ?Coward? Useless?? Andrea tried to sit up, but her shoulder burned, ?Never believe that Sumiko. Never. You are better than anyone else on this plane, including me. When I jumped at the Stewardess, I jumped out of fear. I am the coward, Sumiko.? Andrea sat back, offering a weak pat to Sumiko's leg. Then she winced again in pain.

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  11. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Desmond Connor

    Desmond awoke with a start and quickly sat up on the couch he had fallen asleep on. The dream he had experienced was as real as no other he had ever had. He was left feeling scared and confused.

    This feeling was no less after realizing that everything was not as it should be. His television was on, as was his radio. A bottle of bourbon and a glass sat next to the television, though he could not remember having either of them out...or even owning the bourbon.

    His hand moved slowly to where his gun would normally be, but the iwb holster was not clipped to his pants. He had taken it off before going to bed, and only now did he remember that it was laying on his bed in the other room.

    Standing up, still shaken from the dream, Desmond tentatively called out. "Who is here?"

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  12. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Heavy Combined with my pal LordTroepfchen!

    Above Base Camp

    He climbed first. Not even he had ever climbed a mountain under these circumstances. A full whiteout. Snow and ice. Freezing hands, stones and slippery ground and grabs. But they were almost there. Almost. He hammered the last security anchor into the cold stone and looked beneath. The American truly had shown he had will. Great will, actually. Hanging down there at a wall that now had a 90° ankle he fought to get up. Long exhausted, unexoerienced he had not given up. Made his way up there as if small obstacles like impossibilities could not stop him. An American hero, Mabi thought. Like in the action movies. And finally made it to the top, pulling himself into the snow of the plateau on which southern side the Monastery was. Still hidden by the mountain between them. He breathed out and then had to laugh. They had made it. Truly made it. Securing the tow he looked down and saw the American coming up. And suddenly felt something. Someone. Behind.


    The gun came into his hand in the same fluid movement he turned around. And there stood a man. "Japa Hirou?" He asked. And no reply came. Only a dry grin from the man who stood in the middle of a snowstorm with only a pullover on. Mabi knew this was no human. He had no idea why, but something in the eyes. He pulled the trigger. Once. Twivce. Hitting the mans chest. And the smile did not even vanish.

    A scream escaped his lips. More of a very loud gasp and then the man was with him. He had moved to fast to see him and grabbed the gun from his hand, twisting the ankle until it broke with a loud crack. Mabi screamed into the howling storm and felt someone painfully close his fingers around his gun again. "Try again." The Thing grinned down on him and let his broken arm go. Mabi had seen many things in his life. But he knew he would not life to tell of this one.

    So he did not try. Leaning forward he allowed his gun to drop into the snow. The Thing was fast. Too fast. But maybe the Americna could have chance. If it was slower. "Okay." Mabi answered and took the gun with his left, pulling the trigger four times, until it was empty. The first shot hit the knee of the thing. The next to shot into the air, as the Creature grabbed his hand, neck and broke both in one fluid move. Laughing into the storm.

    Rufus Jameson

    Pakith Region, Mountain
    Slowy Rufus catched uop with his guide. every muscle aching, every bone in his body seemingkly screaming of pain. He drgaged himself to the plateau they had finally reached and send a prayer it was their destiny. he could not climb another . . .

    The shots were surprisingly silent. The storm almost consuming them. But he saw them. Saw the body of his guide twist and turn in itself. And this elder man above him. He looked exotic. Or native. Whatever way you took it. and he had just killed the one kind person in theworld. Rufus first instinct was to drag the P-90 and shot. But he recalled what good that did to Lilith. The feverish eyes of the murderer turned on him as he took both hands around Mabi´s head. Then he dropped the guide as if he had been interrupted.

    Rufus breathed heavy still. The man grinning to him. "I have no problem with you." Rufus shouted of the wind. The Man shook his head. "Yes, you do." He answered and seemed to morph from one place to another. Only a meter away from Rufus. In shock Rufus gasped and fell to his back. His backpack made a gnarling sound.

    The Man slowly leaned forward. Rufus tried to grab his weapon, but the thing was simply too fast. Grabing his arm and twisting it to the point where he had to drop the automatic weapon. Rufus breathed in. He was not up to this task. He could not defeat this thing with speed or muscles, he knew. He felt that. So a dumb guy like him probably had to do something surprising, . . .. outsmart him "I know what you want. I know what . . . you want . . . from
  13. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    GM-Note: Updates this week will come on Thursday and Sunday.
  14. The_Dark_Overlord

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    Apr 16, 2002
    Daniel Beckfris
    Mountains, Near the Monastery
    [link=]The Wrath of Brother Storm[/link]

    "Or mabye he jumped" Daniel replied "Let's move". They began to ascend the steep mountain wall whilst the storm threw everything it had at them.
    Insanity, frustration, exhaustion, anger, fury, determination. Beckfris had to breathe heavily and concentrated to focus, clear his mind and keep it on the target.

    Even though he was a genius and all in all a generally cold hearted person the physical conditions at this moment threw all those things out the window, as it would do with any man.

    "What are we going to do when we reach the top?!" Björndahl shouted through the storm, a few feet above Beckfris.

    "We will stay low.. hopefully the storm will gives us enough cover to sneak into the monastery. With the dead man below we should be prepared to fire at anything. Hopefully Adam has completed the task he gave to himself and we will be in the clear.. Or, if he was just a man with many tricks he is dead and we do not have to worry about him."

    Daniel paused and looked over his shoulder, there was a brief, perhaps only a second long pause in the storm as if some greater power wanted him to see the magnificent view from his position. For a second he witnessed the beauty of mother earth, snow covered mountains as long as the eyes could see. It sparked the imagination of what this place would look like on a perfect day. Endless, clear blue skies and fresh mountain air welcoming you as you step out of your mountain cabin, aah! The out doors! And as quickly as it had come it went away and Brother Storm grinned at the two small dots of life that crawled up his steep icy walls. And with an ever growing fury he raged down on them with all his cold might, winds and snow, snow and wind!

    Ha ha ha!

    Björndahl could have sworn he heard a laughter in the wind.. or was it just his imagination? This.. This mountain, this storm, this mission, these men he surrounded himself wooooaaaaaahhh!
    He lost his grip and fumbled in the air for a brief second before he fell helplessly through the air, his life flashed before his eyes.
    Playing ball with dad, solving puzzles with mom. First grade, graduation day, first girlfriend, first kiss.. First car, straight A student


    His arm was stuck in something, Björndahl looked up and saw Daniel Beckfris holding his wrist in a tight grip in one hand and barely holding on to a ledge with his other.

    "Hang in there man!"

    Daniel swung Björndahl back to the mountain wall and he retained his grip, looking down he only saw a few feet down but it was a sure instant death if Daniel had not gotten a hold of him.

    "Thank you Daniel" he said and looked at his employer.

    "Do not mention it" Daniel Beckfris replied and began climbing up again "What would I do without you up there?"

    Björndahl looked over his should and grinned back at Brother Storm "Not today brother, not today" and so they continued to ascend the last part of the mountain wall.

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    ooc: Thx Fin :)
  15. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Anvil - LordT - Spycoder
    Combined Post

    In Character:
    Doctor Camden Fossett
    Stephanie Dale
    Carl Weber

    Stephanie felt pressure against her side as someone gathered her up off the floor. She opened her eyes to see Dr. Fossett looking down at her, his hand holding a torn sleeve to her side. ?Camden? What happened?? Her memory came back to her now. The blood, the screaming, the death. ?Why is this happening??

    "You have been hit by a bullet, it seems. And something is messed up. Somebody started a virus and by Mr. Carl Weber words, we have been put under quarantine. People are going freaking crazy," he offered a smile at her, but his back and stomach ached.

    Stephanie took the compress from Camden and sat up as best she could. She winced but the pain was fading, she vaguely recalled something about pain fading when in shock and that wasn't good. She got a good look at Camden, he was favoring his stomach, but she didn't see any blood except her own. Turning to look at the older man in the hospital gown holding the gun, she pointed back the way she came.

    ?Soldiers, they came into the building looking for someone. I think they said his name was Caleb.? Her eyes got wide then. ?And these guys came out of nowhere and killed the soldiers and started to shoot at everyone...? her voice cracked and tears started to stream down her face. Camden glanced down at her wound, trying to clean her wound. The blood flow had started to slow. He wished he had some water and soap to wash the wound. Extracting the bullets would prove to be a challenge. A long, hard challenge. And they didn?t have time.

    Carl looked down on her. "Caleb." He said and shook his head. "So, the military is upholding the Quarantine. Therefore we can forget leaving. Whatever it is we will have to deal it from inside. How many hostiles have you seen Stephanie?" He asked, using her name he had heard somewhere. She was probably dying. But he needed to know what he could learn from her first. He had decided to approach this problem, like a scientist. He would analyze it. And then solve it. He padded Camden?s shoulder. Reassurance was important in such situations. Camden offered a small glance at Carl and offered a hopeful smile.

    Stephanie shook her head. "I don't know, maybe half a dozen or more. They were so quick and then there screaming and so much blood..." her voice trailed off. She looked back at Camden suddenly, as if some part of her mind had just registered something was missing. "Camden, where is Liam?" The fear she felt for the boy was obvious in her voice. ?I honestly do not know,? he sighed, looking away from her, ?Last I saw him, I was going to tend to . . .another patient. I came back and. . .he was gone.? Camden could still see Gina?s haunted, dead body. Her beautiful blond hair stained with blood. Her eyes, her bright blue eyes blank.


    Camden was back to that beautiful, regretful night. Gina, walking in one night while Carly was out with her friends. Her make up was gaudy, her blond hair fixed in a wonderful fashion. He remembered the tight, Daisy Duke shorts she wore. Same ones she wore in high school, she had noted. Her tight shirt, outlining her wonderfully carved body.

    She had wiped a little piece of chicken from his soup from his face. She reached up, standing on her tip toes. She had moved his lips to hers, touching them lightly. He hadn?t fought. Her figure was so hot, her activities so wild. Her wild outfits, his calm face slipping away into a wild grin. He remembered falling upon the bed he and Carly slept on every night. He remembered the clothes by the side of the bed. He remembered then pushing her off, denying her. He told her he was married, and couldn?t let her do these things to him.

    Her sad eyes. Her dead eyes. Both stared into his, ruining his vision slightly. He wiped the one small tear from his eyes, looking back down at Stephanie. He
  16. starwarsbeauty

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    Feb 1, 2005
    IC: Vashti Schick
    Corben's Inn

    "I will show you. I will."

    Gently and slowly The Man helped Vashti to her feet. Her legs wobbled slightly but The Man helped to steady her. He was there for her like she knew he would be. For the first time in awhile a smile came across her lips. She had a new purpose now and a new rock to lean on. So she thought.

    Cracks began to spread across the rock in Vashti's mind. A voice was causing them, a voice that she never expected to hear again. Mr. Clay?

    Leaning her head slightly to the right, she saw him. The older gentleman, the priest, was pointing a gun at The Man. The Man's eyes left Vashti's face as he turned to look at Mr. Clay.

    "Get away from him Vashti." "Get away from him." "Get away and I end this. Now."

    Using her newfound strength she tried to find a way to protest the older man when The Man turned back to her. He was smiling. His hand went into his pocket. When it came out, he handed her a small object, before leading her away from Mr. Clay. His hand left hers but not before he nodded to the golden gun on the ground. She didn't know why he would nod to a gun right now.

    "Better, Jackson? Do you want to end it, now?"

    Vashti heard The Man's voice but it seemed as if it was from a distance. Right now she was too focused upon the cold metal object she held. Realization hit her. It was a magazine, a magazine to the gun that was on the ground, currently sitting in a pool of blood. Did he expect her to use it? The last time she shot a gun was years ago when her father decided to take her small game hunting. It ended when the little rabbit hopped away and Vashti burst into tears. She hadn't held a gun since.

    "And be alone with her?"

    The statement brought her back to the present. What was that supposed to mean?

    "Alone with her. Isn´t it that, what you wanted all along? I did you a favour in killing them, did I? All of them." "C´mon. Shoot and she is your. All yours."

    The Man winked at Mr. Clay and smiled. It was as if he had been keeping this secret the entire time and now he got to tell it before Mr. Clay. That was when it hit her. He was saying that Mr. Clay wanted her, to be alone with her.

    Doubt rose in her mind as her stomach began to churn. Swallowing dryly, she hoped to prevent herself from getting sick. Did he have alterior motives? Why had he chosen her to protect? There had been others, others who were now dead.

    The Man had to be wrong. Mr. Clay had only looked out for her. He protected her from Gordon by forcing her to the ground. He came out and tried to help her when Mr. Shaw arrived. He went and shot the dogs when they threatened them all. He was going to shoot The Man when he'd first showed up. He had only been looking out for her. Hadn't he?

    Looking back and forth between the two men, Vashti tried to sort it all out in her mind. Mr. Clay had endured all of this along with her but he may have other motives, he may be trying to take advantage of her. The Man had come in and killed multiple people so that he could help her become "the perfect soldier".

    Vashti was in the middle and knew that she was being used. Two men using her for whatever reasons they may have and she was naive enough to fall for it.

    The man looked to her and nodded before turning back to Mr. Clay.

    Bending down, her fingers wrapped around the gun. Lifting it into the air, blood dripped off it and back into the pool. Clicking the magazine into the gun she placed a finger on the trigger. Her hand was shaking but she rose it anyway.

    The girls eyes searched for Mr. Clays before leaving his face and going to The Man's. He seemed too confident right now.

    Vashti's eyes clenched shut yet again, the world around her went dark, as she aimed the gun and pulled the trigger...

    Tag: TSG, Fin
  17. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Sharon Cosner
    Ely, Nevada ... maybe

    A chill had settled in Sharon's gut.

    The future? Yes, it was possible. The old woman ... it was her future self, but perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Sharon was the past self. She had thought of it earlier; had thought of it, and dismissed it as an irrelevant bit of speculation. Now it seemed all too likely.

    "Could be," Sharon said, following John to the car at a more sedate pace. "But it doesn't make sense. If we are ... even if we aren't ... look at these cars. They've been here way too long for the batteries to be still running..." She trailed off, shaking her head. "And yet they are. This doesn't make any sense."

    "Unexpected and unpredictable things could happen," a voice murmured from her memory.
    "Like what?"
    "Like anything. So be careful."

    The chill in her gut had solidified into a block of ice. Time travel - insane future selves - mysteriously running batteries - cars overgrown with red moss. Was this ...

    Something caught her eye.

    "That rifle..." Sharon said aloud. She bent and gently teased the rusty Mossberg out of the skeleton's grasp, glancing from it to the one John carried. "It's the same model." Is it the same rifle?

    TAG: Fins, TGI (or next incarnation ;))
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    May 23, 2005
    "John Morris"
    Struenseestraße, Altona, Hamburg

    Morris smiled. He'd come to expect a great deal of things in this line of work - in this existence, even. That he was known was no great surprise. Kleym was proof that his name was out there - or at least the name of John Morris of London. He still had his secrets, whatever their true worth might be.

    "There'd be no sense in fighting; I'd win. And...if you come quietly...I can make it quick. Painless, even."

    Morris decided to be forward.

    "I don't plan on letting you survive for too long, you must understand. It's nothing personal. I want what you know...and then I want your blood."

    He paused, thinking about the concept for a moment.

    "I want your heart. And I'll have it, too."

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    Mar 5, 2006
    Alex McRea

    [link=]The Law[/link]

    As I've mentioned before I was never really fond of Sheriff Smiley showing up at my house. I was not pleased at all. The girl grabbed my arm, I really didn't have to look at her to tell she was not thrilled to see Smiley either. If she was a normal girl I could pass her off as a date, unexpected and unusual as that would be for me to have, but she was lacking a quality necessary for normal explanation. I.e. her mouth.

    I patted her leg, which was mostly all I could do with her holding my arm at that moment, to get her attention. "Duck down, I'll handle this." Leaving her to follow my instructions as she willed I left the truck running, those lights were an advantage. I could always use the excuse that the Sheriff was parked where I was planing to park and I would move the truck when he was gone. Simple enough.

    I opened the door, and use the motions to mask me unclipping the holster of my 90two. I just didn't know what to expect following the sudden German blitzkrieg at the warehouse. Closing the door I made my way over towards the Sheriff and his car. "You just like it here or something Sheriff? I could rent you a room if you like hanging around that badly." Respect for authority just wasn't something I had right at the moment.

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  20. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Chapter VII - Family. And other problems

    Carl-Cohn-Strasse, Stairs

    They made it only few steps and the sound in Laura's ear told her she had a connection to Thomas. Outside in the corridor of the ground floor Markus saw a picture like an nightmare. Blood everywhere. Dead people. A last shooting man, overcome by the crowd, literally ripped to pieces alive. He screamed, his MP-5 giving useless shots into the air.

    Above steps could be heard. Someone was coming down.

    Tag: Sirak, Mitth

    Carl-Cohn-Strasse, 3rd Floor

    Stanislaw ran and the hiss of Stürmer´s gun filled the floor. Silenced it fired into the offices above, to make sure whoever was there did stay down. It worked not so well. Then again Jonah Stürmer might have considered that to happen. Just as Stanislaw reached the lock down button, the attacker showed himself. Aiming with a P-90 straight at the polish ESTI member. And then collapsed dead, as thew button was pressed. Lock down was initiated. If anybody enforcing it was still alive. And Jonah stood up, holding his wound and slowly walking over to his final victim. "Three. Think we got them all." He commented and looked down to the destroyed face of the man. The doors behind Mr. Black began pulsing, as if someone was trying to open them by force. Hammering against them, wildly. "Who the hell is that?" Jonah wondered and reloaded his gun. Now down to his final clip.

    Tag: JohnABC

    Tarpenbekstrasse 55, 1 OGR, Flat

    "Laura Blohm." The man answered nad pushed Hoshi up. His partner taking aim at the Japanese. Then they dragged the weak looking Robert into the flat and pushed them to the floor. Handcuffs were taken out. "Du und dein Kollege zusammen and die Heizung, los!" The man who had fought with Hohi before ordered. The other was cooler. More calm. He took a photo from the wall and looked at it. "Mitbewohner" He commented. And vthen looked through the wall of photos. He found one with Robert kissing Laura. "Und Lover." He said and smiled. "Where is Thomas Schröder, then?" He asked Hoshi and looked at Robert. He knelt before Hoshi, removing his skimask. He was surprising young, considering he appeared to be far more professional than his colleague. "Listen, little warrior. We are the guys who want Laura alive. The others want her dead. So, tell me where she is and you actually saved her, right?"


    Tag: Ben_Stormrider

    Strueenseestrasse, Flat

    The Man stared only back. Then he sighed. "What I know you can have for free. But you cannot defeat me. If you could, you would know enough about me not to consider your victory secured." He shook his head and emptied his glass of Single Malt. "So, answers? Or fighting?" He asked and looked at John. "I am not in the mood for any of both, but I am good host." He smiled.

    Raising his brows. "Obviously we could also begin asking the important question. Who knows about us? Or do you seriously think us meeting is coincidence?"

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    Chapter X: And Prometheus played with fire

    Middlesex, Alex House

    The Sheriff smiled friendly. "Actually I would, if my old lady would allow it, Alex. I would." He nodded and looked at Alex car. "Coming from somewhere? Not by accident that old factory, hm? Wanted to tell you I send someone over there. no need to leave your brother alone. Just wanted to make sure you know that and ask . . . well if you´ve seen my Deputy. I send him over there and he wanted to talk to you later, probably and now I tried to reach him to tell him I got over here first and can´t reach him."

    Alex heard him talk about how he came to this conclusion and that, but most irritating was there was light in the house. He had not left a single light on. And a mouthless girl was hiding in his car.

    Tag: Kahn

    Boston, Desmond Connor´s flat

    No answer came from the walls of the flat. No sign of life, except those that someone was obviously there. Or had been. Then Desmond actually saw someone sitting in his couch. The silhouette was pretty visible. And recognizable. That person looked like him. Sitting there still. Not moving. as if watching TV, only was the TV turned off.

    Tag: Despised1

    [/hl] TSG and TGI both asked me to give them until tomorrow. So, I´ll update The Passenger tomorrow.
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    CHAPTER IX We Are Caleb

    IC: Stephanie Dale

    Stephanie slapped Camden. ?Hey! Stay with me here. I'm the one who's shot, you don't get to go into shock!? Stephanie made sure she had his attention before gesturing to her side. ?Is there anything you can do to get me back on my feet? I would feel better if I was mobile when those Psychos find us. And we need to find Liam.?

    TAG: Spycoder, LordT


    Nothing. Dr. Anderson's pockets were empty except for the gum wrapper, the notepad and pen, and the tube of lipstick. Her purse was nowhere in sight and indeed was probably left behind in her office.

    Angela felt a tap on her shoulder. Behind her was the kid. Now that she had a good look at him. He was about five maybe six, brown hair and brown eyed. He also looked the worst for wear. His arms were scrapped and singed, and he had a stitched gash across his forehead.

    He stood there covered in blood and looking at her as if expecting something. His arm came up, and clutched in his little hand was a key card with a nylon neck loop that had snapped open. The card was a blue one that Angela had seen the Dean using all the time. This was one of the master cards that opened every electronic lock in the hospital.

    The kid grinned at her like he knew he had done something clever, and handed her the card. It was pretty obvious that he was avoiding looking at Anderson's body, even so he picked up the pad and pen and started to scribble. It took him a few seconds, but when he turned it around for Angela there were a few words that were written in large and unpracticed print.

    [i]?Liam Abec?[/i]

    He then crawled into Angela's arms like they were the safest place in the whole world.

    [b]Tag: TSG[/b]>
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    ooc: TGI excuses himself, but he is a few days without internet provider, while changing services. He will be back soon and to full capacity and he will actually keep his name, he told me.

    Now to Mr. Clay. Mrs. Janssen a little later.

    Minor input by Mr. Fin towards the end.

    Jackson Clay
    Corben´s Inn, Future

    It took faith to face the devil and not falter before his whispers of temptations. He approached the most human, less holy part of people. Resisting it, made you a part of that holiness, too. A Saint, so to say. Giving in made you his pawn.
    "And be alone with her?" The Man pressed air through his teeth, like he tasted a good wine. The sound itself made Jackson´s hand tremble. He had killed many. Many. In the nbame of the Lord. But that first blood on his hands had never been washed away, no matter how hard he tried. "Alone with her. Isn´t it that, what you wanted all along? I did you a favour in killing them, did I? All of them." He had not. He HAD not. Jackson had not wanted to be alone with her. He had never again been alone with a woman. NEVER. But he knew why. Deep in his heart he knew he had never been with a woman because he wanted to. He wanted to badly. His rotten, dark heart whispered to him. He would not give in. Not give in. He had not allowed it to himself until now. He would not allow it ever again. Had resisted the devil´s call. "C´mon. Shot and she is your. All yours."

    "No, no, it´s not like that. I won´t do anything to . . . "

    His words were cut short by a shot. His trembling hand turned to the shooter. His eyes blinked, as sweat dripped into them. No. No. No.

    "No." He gasped and dropped his gun, leaping to the shot man. He could not die. Not yet. Not leave them alone. Not take his secrets to the grave. "Noooo!" He yelled and captured the collapsing body, before it hit the ground.

    Tag: Fin, swbeauty
  24. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter VIII - The Passenger

    Flight 2440, Somewhere

    As Sumiko pressed the ripped shirt on Andy´s wound and Vincent prepared the bandage they heard not only music. No, from farther behind there were voices. Two people talking. Calm and friendly. Sumiko recognized one of the voices as Tony's.

    " . . . knew it, didn´t you?"
    "No exactly. I´d say I made an educated guess."
    "So did I."
    "What do you think happened?"
    "He happened?"
    "Yes, obviously. I wonder if we are still around. In a way."
    "Haven´t we always?"
    "Always is not what it was used to be, my friend."
    "Yes, I know. We are hard to define by the means of language."

    Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers
    One hundred million angels singing
    Multitudes are marching to the big kettledrum
    Voices calling, voices crying
    Some are born and some are dying
    It's Alpha and Omega's kingdom come

    "Don´t be so arrogant. We just don´t like it."
    "Yes, yes, maybe you´re right. Why are you here?"
    "The same reason why you have come."
    "I am here to die."
    "Are you?"
    "I think so."
    "And the woman?"
    "And the woman."

    Both laughed again.

    "WHO IS THERE!" Vincent yelled. "WE could really need some help!" He shouted. And another tremble went through the machine. "Dammit," he hissed. Turning to Sumiko. "I got this. Can you please go down and ask the pilot what the hell our status is?" He smiled politely and nodded, but was obviously concerned for Andy. The voices kept on talking somewhere at the end of First Class.

    ". . . do suppose it did not go so well."
    "Well, you never know."
    "True. True. See will be here in a second."
    "I know."
    "You . . .?"
    "I´ll go to the toilet."

    And then both were silent. And Sumiko could not resist the feeling they were waiting for her. A man stood up between the luxury seats of the First Class and made his way to the back part where the bath was. An average man in an suit. It wasn´t Tony. Less hair, smaller.

    Tag: spy, leigh

    Corben´s Inn, Nevada

    The Man spasmed as the bullet hit him. and his hand slowly moved to his neck. The shot had made it´s way straight through his throat and blood kept pumping from the opening, leaving his body like a bizarre fountain of crimson. Smiling he turned to Vashti and then collapsed. Jackson Clay was already there. Capturing the collapsing body. Blood came through The Man´s teeth as he lay in Jackson´s arm. His voice was raspy and his eyes grew glassy, as he stared at Vashti.

    "You´re perfect, indeed. So perfect." An cough brought more blood from his mouth and wound. "It sucks to be a human." He said and laughed. Turning his eyes to Jackson Clay and he smiled. Knowing. Just knowing.

    "Doesn´t i . . ." A cough ended his sentence for him.

    Tag: swbeauty, TSG

    I send [i]TheGoodImperial[/i] a massive info-post, which he will hopefully work into his next post and that will serve as your update for you two Xany, TGI.

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    [hl=darkred]Co-GM Note: POST 500! [/hl]

    Update get´s edited into this here in a second. First my congrats to our players for having spend 500 posts of teasing and ridicilous ideas of the minds of three insande individuals like Fin, Anvil and myself.

    Our gratitude and thanks for your faithful participation!

    [color=darkred][b]Chapter VIII: Darwin was wrong[/b][/color]


    Sneaking into the monastery was more difficult and easier than thought, the same time. The Monastery was actually a pretty humble terms for what appeared to be a small, hidden city in the mountains of Nepal. The real monastery was at it´s very end. Streets had to be crossed and stairs taken up to the towering building above. Not even the storm gave them a place to hide, as they had found the place to be surprising isolated from the wweather on the pass of around the maountain. no wind seemed to enter this area. Only a calm city in the snow.

    What made it easy, nevertheless was the fact the town was empty. Nobody seemed to be there. Shops closed. Doors locked. Only wind howling through the streets. "I don´t think it has gotten any better, just because we survived the storm." Bjorndahl hissed and took the rifle from his exhausted body. Taking it into both hands.

    "Hello there." The voice came from behind. and Bjorndahl turned with lightning speed.


    A boy stood there. Looking friendly, as if he was staring into the barrel of a loaded gun. Or did not know what that was. "They asked me to bring you up to the monastery. You´re here to meet the German tourist, are you?" Heis english was pretty good for a Nepalese. "Who told you to get us?" Bjorndahl demanded to know.

    "The monks. Obviously." And the boy turned and began climibing the steps up to the Monastery through the abandoned town.

    [b]Tag: TDO[/b]

    [i]Mountain, Plateau, not far away from the Monastery[/i]

    The man gave a suffocating sound, as Rufus came closer and then suddenly snapped forward faster than any eye could see him. His hand grabbed Rufus leg and a wave of pain went through the American. A powerful convulsion of all muscles in the leg went through Rufus. And the damage,d half ripped off face formed a hungry smile. Like frozen on it´s face. one with no joy. Like a junkie seeing his favourite drug.

    Adam knew he had made a mistake. The cold had slowed him down, the hunger for more had made him blind. And the American had tricked him. He was actually a more worthy prey than the usual ones. All the better . . .

    Only half a meter away from the abyssm on the northern side of the mountain the two man . .. the Man and the Thing . . . fought.

    [b]Tag: Draco [/b] (again see PM)>
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