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Thriller The Sins of the Saints

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Rufus Jameson

    Hescreamed out in pain, as his muscles seemed to harden to stone. His whole body trembled by the impact of the vibrating touch of his enemy. The Thing should have been dead. No way anything could survive being shot to the head.

    Biting so hard on his teeth, they began to bleed Rufus armed the P-90 and pointed itat the mans chest. "Arrrrrgh." He hissed and pulled the trigger, as he collapsed. Close range, right into the chest. There had to be some way to kill him. Some way. He kept the trigger pulled, as he collapsed into the snow. Trying to gain control of the weapon and simply direct the deadly load into his enemy.

    Thoughts merged with the cold and Rufus felt only pain now. But he had not yet given up. Not yet.

    Dammit, you guy won´t be my end. Not mine.


    "Too easy."

    "Sometimes things are easy." The Man had said and handed him the money. "you can send your money through the address in the envelop. And once you found that German you are free to go. Free and very rich." The Man smiled and nodded. "Any questions?"

    Rufus had not many guests in his bureau, but that one was the strangest of them all. "Only one." He replied and looked at this mysterious lawyer.

    "Go ahead." He smiled like a perfect predator in a suit.

    "What if I fail." Rufus asked and leaned back.

    "Then you will be dead." And with that the lawyer had been gone. Rufus had accepted. Had flown to Nepal. Had met the King. Had survived, had almost found his target. He had betrayed that lawyer. Yes, but he still trusted his words. He would make it or he would die.


    "Diiiiieeeee!" He yelled out and kept his finger tight around the trigger, oushing it back anpumping all the lead he had into the Man.

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  2. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Flight 2440

    ?Never believe that Sumiko. Never. You are better than anyone else on this plane, including me. When I jumped at the Stewardess, I jumped out of fear. I am the coward, Sumiko.? Andrea said quietly offering a weak pat to Sumiko's leg. For a few moments Sumiko felt calmer at the woman?s kind words.

    "Arigatou, Andrea-san..."

    She said softly, before concentrating back on Andrea's wound, the injured woman still in a significant ammount of pain. It was then the sky Marshall appeared beside her, a first-aid kit in hand. As he was working on preparing the bandages, Sumiko's head jolted up as voices could suddenly be heard a bit farther behind them. Two voices in fact. Calm and friendly, occasionally laughing as if nothing serious was happening. A shiver went through Sumiko as she heard them converse. One of them she recognised. One of them was Tony?s...She could feel her heartbeat increasing in her chest and she fought to stop her hands from shaking as she listened to their words.

    " . . . knew it, didn?t you?"
    "No exactly. I?d say I made an educated guess."
    "So did I."
    "What do you think happened?"
    "He happened?"
    "Yes, obviously. I wonder if we are still around. In a way."
    "Haven?t we always?"
    "Always is not what it was used to be, my friend."
    "Yes, I know. We are hard to define by the means of language."

    Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers, One hundred million angels singing...That infernal song was still playing. Tony...why was he on the flight, why did she end up sitting next to him? Why did she get involved with him? Sumiko's face was stoic as she stared in the direction of the voices, listening as Tony and his mystery companion continued their conversation.

    "Don?t be so arrogant. We just don?t like it."
    "Yes, yes, maybe you?re right. Why are you here?"
    "The same reason why you have come."
    "I am here to die."
    "Are you?"
    "I think so."
    "And the woman?"
    "And the woman."

    "WHO IS THERE! WE could really need some help!"

    Vincent shouted, startling Sumiko out of her daze. Another rumble reverberated through the aircraft, causing the stressed out air Marshall to hiss under his breath in frustration before turning to her

    "I got this. Can you please go down and ask the pilot what the hell our status is?"

    Sumiko nodded and stood up to leave, but she hesitated as the two voices caught her attention once again.

    ". . . do suppose it did not go so well."
    "Well, you never know."
    "True. True. See will be here in a second."
    "I know."
    "You . . .?"
    "I?ll go to the toilet."

    She knew that the sky Marshall needed her to do what he asked of her, but there was something drawing her towards the mysterious men. She could not put her finger on it, but it was almost as if they were encouraging her to approach them. Their conversation ceased and everything went eerily silent. Someone emerged from between a cluster of luxury seats. Sumiko?s eyes widened in surprise. It was a man, but it wasn?t Tony. This man was smaller in stature, and he had less hair. Putting one of her hands to her jeans pocket, she felt the shape of Tony?s credit card through the denim fabric. The unfamiliar man started to make his way to the back part of the plane where the bathrooms were. She looked at the sky Marshall, a thoughtful look on her face

    ?I?ll try the crew phone first. The cockpit might be locked down as a precaution or something and If I leave I might not be able to get back up here. I think I saw one back there earlier?

    She said as calmly as she could muster before taking off towards where the men had been sitting in. Andrea and the sky Marshall hadn?t had any contact with Tony as far as she was aware, and she didn?t want to make the situation worse by causing a scene. Fishing his credit card out of her pocket, she grasped it tightly in her hand as she approached a cluster of luxury chairs.

    ?I think its about time I returned this?

    Sumiko said a hint of anger in her usual
  3. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Doctor Camden Fossett
    Boston Medical Center, Boston, USA

    The soft, pale skin.

    So. . .unlike Carly.

    And yet. . .so like her.

    The slap burned his face. He realized that Stephanie was still on the floor of Boston Medical Center, realized that she was in his hands. And that caused him to apologize, but before he could, the woman was already going off on him. He almost smiled, but smiles wouldn?t come in these times.

    ?Hey! Stay with me here. I'm the one who's shot, you don't get to go into shock!? Stephanie gestured to her side. ?I know, I know,? he whispered, letting his memories slip away. He couldn?t stand the thoughts. Thoughts were like death. Terror thoughts.

    ?Is there anything you can do to get me back on my feet? I would feel better if I was mobile when those Psychos find us. And we need to find Liam.? He nodded his head, pulling a needle and some stitching from his doctor pocket. He always had some of that, just in case. He also had so much more. After fully wiping the wound and stemming the blood, he started to stitch the wound. He finished moments later.

    ?Done. Now, let me help you up. Do you feel uncomfortable, in pain?? Camden asked her, standing and then reaching for her hand, ?Then we can head to find Liam. And then, perhaps we can get out here. I want to get home with my son and both of you alive.?

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    Andrea ?Andy? Rebecca Baker
    Flight 2440, Somewhere

    ?You will make it sweetie.?

    Andrea stiffened slightly, jerking her head to look from the angel Vincent to Sumiko. Neither seemed to have even looked at her. Her father was speaking to her. That could be the only possible answer. Or her mind was making this voice up. Whichever one it was, Andrea enjoyed the words, savored the words of her father. While she hadn?t spoken to him in about a month, she had heard his voice in her mind. Andrea closed her eyes and smiled to herself. The music was a background noise, but now more voices were coming. These couldn?t have been generated from her mind, as Vincent and Sumiko both noticed the voices. She watched the two of them, and yet she felt like she was going to puke. She wished they would stop talking and would hurry up and help her.

    Her father watched her, a book spread out on her legs. ?What are you reading sweetie?? he asked her, coming to sit beside her on the couch. ?Some class assignment. Nothing much important,? Andrea smiled, looking into his glasses. His wise blue eyes gazed into hers, and she leaned up against him, offering a hug. ?You going to stay by your father forever?? he asked her, patting her head. ?Forever?? Andrea asked. ?Even when I am sick?? he asked, staring off into space as if he was thinking. ?Of course!? Andrea said.

    Sumiko was getting up. Andrea?s eyes gazed around the room, and she raised her good arm as if to try to stop Sumiko. It was no help. Looking to Vincent, Andrea smiled. ?I guess we?re alone again,? she smiled goofily, ?So, you know anymore about Sicily?? She loved his image, wished she could kiss him. She must have been crazy. Her final thoughts of the moment were of Vincent and her father talking. Funny thoughts, she giggled to herself.

    It was after her first real heartbreak. She was curled in her room, sobbing herself to sleep. Her father walked into the room, sitting down on the end of her bed. ?You will make it, sweetie,? her father said, patting her leg. Andrea raised her head, the crying stopped for a moment. ?Father?? Andrea asked. She hugged him tightly. ?From now on, I recommend I meet each of your boyfriends and decide if he is good enough for you,? he smiled, rubbing her head. Andrea glanced up at her Father?s face and saw the happiness melt away. She knew he was thinking about mother. But she wouldn?t let the sad bring down the happy.


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  4. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Combined Post with SirakRomar (so this is also her post, Mitth!) and approved by Fin!

    Thomas Schröder & Laura Blohm
    Car, leaving the building & Stairs

    Laura looked in shock at the 1st floor. And the moment her jaw dropped, Thomas took the call.

    He was speeding out of the building, little Alicia next to him in her seatbelt. No children-seats in cars of ESTI, it looked like. Grinning he threw the passport out of the window and weighed his gun in his hand, before putting it into his belt and taking a turn to the left, hammering in the third gear and accelerating the car. Vibration. Unknown number. He took it, while taking the next break. Alicia stared out in fear. "Yessss." he said grinning.

    "Hey, ich bins. Ich brauch Hilfe."

    "Laura!" He looked at Alicia, hit the breaks and drove his car to the pavement. "Wo bist du? Ich war bei der Kriminalpolizei, aber da ging alles drunter und drüber und ich hab dich nicht gefunden . . . "

    "Du warst hier?" Laura stepped away from Markus and looked at him, wondering if he understood German actually.

    "Ja, ich habe dich im Fernsehen gesehen und gesucht und dann hab ich . . ."

    "Fernsehen?" Did they search for her in the TV.

    "Alicia, hör zu. Ich hab Alicia. Prof. Finke´s Tochter. Sie rannte da im Gebäude rum und ich wusste nicht was ich tun sollte." He saw cops passing by and turned the key again. The motor howled alive.

    "Du hast Alicia?" Laura looked at Markus, now cursing herself she had used that name. Then she nodded. "Wir müssen uns treffen, Markus. Wo bist du?"

    Thomas looked at the downtown part. The Alster was now surrounded by burning buildings. The city was spiralling into chaos. "Lass uns in Eppendorf treffen, Innenstadt ist einfach nichtmehr sicher. In der Wohnung." He looked to Alicia and smiled. "Ich werd gut auf sie aufpassen. Kannst du dahin kommen?" He felt his heartbeat going faster at the thought alone Laura would come to him.

    Laura looked at Markus once more. She had hoped Thomas would help them escape, but she would not risk Alicia now. "Irgendwie, ja." Bis bald. Und Thomas."


    "Vielen Dank." Laura was almost crying. He risked so much for her.

    "Kein Ding." Thomas cut the connection and leaned down to Alici"Ich beschtz dich." He whispered and smiled. Alicia finally smield back and he made his wayto the Third Ring towards Eppendorf.

    Laura turned to Markus and sighed. "Good news is your daughter is safe and with a friend of mine. Bad news is, she is the reason he can´t help us. So, simple plan. You want to see Alicia ever again? Get me out of here and I´ll get you to her." Laura looked at him and nodded. "Okay?" And she handed him the keys to the handcuffs. She did not need them anymore. Alicia would be enough to motivate him. Among all things she considered him to be lying about, she believed he loved his daughter.

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  5. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    Chapter X: And Prometheus plays with fire . . .

    IC: Abigail Schultz
    In front of the Quarantine Zone, Boston Medical Center

    Elizabeth turned fully to Abby now. "I know a Doctor inside there. Anderson. I need to know if she is still in there. I need one of these military radios. You were in the army, were you? I mean, you can get one of those, if I distract them? I would be eternally grateful. Just so I can get a connection to the inside. Tell my sister Camden is okay and maybe . . . I can help. If I can talk to Anderson, I might . . . be able to help."

    Abby?s head was still whirling trying to figure out exactly want was going on. An emergency at St. Thomas, the incident at the Veteran?s meeting, now the Medical Center was on complete Military lock down. She sat there listening to Elizabeth?s request to steal an Army Two-way so that she can contact someone named Anderson.

    Slowly she shook the cobwebs from her mind and answered the desperate psychoanalyst. ?Listen Dr. Beth, I was a medic not a communications expert. I have no clue if one of those will even connect us to someone on the inside. Besides, what kind of a distraction were you planning on using that would give me access to an unguarded radio?? Abby thought for a short minute and then reached for her small backpack that acted as her purse. Franticly she rummaged through its contents to find what she thought would help with their predicament.

    From the organized chaos she produced a white arm band with a red-cross emblazoned upon it. This was the universal symbol of a medic and medical transports in the field of combat. She hoped that she would be able to use this along with her recently expired Military ID to curry some favor with one of the young MPs standing guard outside the BMC.

    She looked over at the frazzled doc and placed a calming hand on her shoulder. ?Let me see what I can get out of the guard first. I might be able to get us some information without breaking too many laws.? Abby quickly affixed her ID to her belt and wrapped her left bicep with the red-cross band. She hastily pulled her hair up into a tight ponytail and checked her makeup in the mirror on passenger side visor. She took a deep breath and opened the car door.

    The former combat medic surveyed the line of MPs that divided the general populace from the quarantined hospital. She spotted a young private who might be susceptible to her curvaceous feminine body. Sauntering up to the soldier she confidently pointed to her ID that was hanging from her hip-hugging belt, she hoped that he paid closer attention to the shapeliness of her thighs instead of the expiration date of the card.

    ?I am Corporal Schultz?s with the 3rd of the 506th Medical Corps. I was called to escort a civilian psychoanalyst into the Clean Zone to assist the medical personnel inside the QZ. We have orders to be given access to a Secure Two-way and a tent to conduct our operation.?

    On the outside Abby exuded all the confidence in the world, but on the inside she was screaming in absolute fear and panic. If the young man even gave her the slightest hint of challenging her authority there she would be lost. She had absolutely no exit strategy should this blow up in her face. Hopefully Elizabeth?s distraction plan was better thought out then this.

    Abby just knew that she was going to land herself in the stockade with this stunt, but she continued to hold her breath mentally hoping that her luck wasn?t running out quite yet.

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  6. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christian
    Stairs to the First floor

    Looking past Laura, or whatever she chose to call herself, he felt his heart sinking within his chest. His daughter was in that. Why? If there ever was a why he did not know it now, if ever he could say he did.

    "Du warst hier?" Laura stepped away from Markus and looked at him.

    That sounded like you was here to his ears. Under normal circumstances he would of dismissed it since he didn't really know the language, but his gut and his heart would not let it slide so easily. She spoke some more in words that held no meaning to him, as his mind mulled it over.

    "Du hast Alicia?" Laura looked at Markus, now cursing herself she had used that name. Then she nodded. "Wir müssen uns treffen, Markus. Wo bist du?"

    His eyes locked on hers, he hadn't heard wrong, if only he hadn't skipped Latin as a child probably this would of been plain and transparent to him. Instead he was struggling with a part of him wanting to thank her and her mystery friend with all he had for getting Alicia out of here, whilst another wished he had a pair of brass knuckles and the musclebound tough that went with them to beat them all to a pulp for endangering and exposing his daughter in whatever extraction they had performed.

    Turning back to him after having turned away with that statement he listened, trying to go as blank as possible as he took those keys and undid the cuffs nodding his agreement. "Except for the use of physical cuffs, or alluring to killing my daughter if I don't cooperate, Your just like ESTI." The last part he spat out as he put the cuffs and key in his pocket.

    Reaching into his satchel he pulled out a small pager like device, quickly he popped the back of and flipped two small switches and moved one diodes effect a command post over before replacing the back as he continued to speak. "It's going to get real quiet, for about ten seconds. In that we are gonna run to the car bay they brought me through, hopefully we can get something there and leave without being noticed."

    Hitting the button without waiting for her reply he stepped out as all five small red lights lit crashing them both into a world of absolute silence as well as preventing any of their actions from sending noise that might attract attention. Then he left making a quick dash out the door as his left hand clenched the cuffs in his pocket. Hopefully a weapon he wouldn't have to use.

    He knew after ten seconds the device would start to not only block but openly transmit something auditory. Some let off steam by hitting something, him, he just let the tech do the talking. Then [link=]it would begin to let a little something through.[/link]

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  7. john123abc

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    Jan 23, 2010
    IC: Stanislaw Czarny
    Carl-Cohn-Strasse, 3rd Floor

    Stanislaw backed away from the door facing them, quickly he searched the body of the soldier Jonah killed, "I found some ammo on him if you need it," he handed two clips to Jonah and as fast as he could began to take off the soldier's kevlar vest while looking at the door every few seconds. Suddenly the time began to slow down again and the banging on the door became loud, overwhelming, and somehow dull to Stanislaw's ears, it was an sign of incoming flashback.

    Poland, Voivodeship of Opolskie, middle of the Laka-Jodlow Forest

    Stanislaw didn't noticed when he became his younger self again, he was sneaking through the dark, dump forest, following tracks of the rabbit. He took cover behind bushes from where he could see a small meadow, while avoiding any leaves or branches on the ground that could give away his position. On the other side of the meadow he could see a large rabbit nibbling on the grass. Slowly Stanislaw raised his bow above the bushes to have a clear shot, he prepared an arrow and pulled the string and straightening the hand that held the bow. Stanislaw released the string and an arrow whistled as it flew through the air and impaled the rabbit through its heart, "ha-ha!" Stanislaw said triumphantly and walked out of the bushes toward the rabbit. As he entered the meadow he heard a loud hiss, he prepared another arrow and looked on the ground around him thinking it was a serpent. However he found the meadow completely empty. Stanislaw saw a movement in the shadows or at least he thought he did, looking around the meadow he saw something moving in the shadows again, then he heard a twig snap and another hiss from behind him. Whatever hid in the shadows, it was circling him like he was its pray. He saw another movement this time much smaller, Stanislaw looked in its direction, Stanislaw saw two small red glowing points, they kept coming closer in his direction, soon a head followed them, and then a body. The creature was a size of a large dog and looked like a hybrid between a lizard and a gorilla. It was covered with coal black scales, its front limbs were almost twice as large as the ones in the back. It showed its long pinkish tongue and black teeth with a loud hiss. Stanislaw was terrified, what was this ungodly creature? He backed away and released an arrow that hit the creature in its shoulder but only enraged it. Creature began charging at Stanislaw as he tried to run away but he tripped and falled down on his back, the creature lounged at him, suddenly a gunshot was heard and the creature was thrown to the side in mid-air. A man revealed himself from a side of the meadow, without looking at Stanislaw he came closer to the creature and shot it in its head with a rifle. Stanislaw got up thinking it was his grandfather, however when they looked at each other Stanislaw was surprised. The man had black, dirty hair, long beard, and a long nose which somehow resembled an eagle's beak. There was a large scar on man's face and there were some gray hair visible in his hair and beard. His face felt familiar to Stanislaw, as if he saw it before, "Kim ty jestes?" asked Stanislaw but the man didn't respond, he just took some scales and cut off a finger and a tongue from the creature and hid it in a bag he carried. As man was heading into the forest , Stanislaw asked, "Kim jestes?" the man looked over his shoulder and said, "wracaj do swojego dziadka," and disappeared in the shadows surrounding the meadow. Stanislaw looked at the body of the creature, it stank of discomposing meat, Stanislaw turned around and walked in the direction he came from. As Stanislaw was entering the shadows of the forest, the wind picked up, the trees began to swing, and the noise their leaves created overcame Stanislaw's mind, he was coming back from his flashback.


    Stanislaw was holding onto the dead soldier's kevlar vest as he breathed quickly. This memory, why didn't he remembered it before, why did his mind blocked it out? Then he realized some
  8. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Laura Blohm
    Criminal Police, Carl Cohn-Strasse

    Alicia was safe. She felt a burden drop from her soul. Thomas. Of all people Thomas had got her. That smart, handsome Thomas who was most of the time to stoned or consumed by himself to be talked too, had saved the girl. Her lover. The man she had cheated Robert with. She was amazed. Surprised to say at least.

    Then she turned to Markus. "For the guy who arranged a bunch of soldiers to grab his daughter and drug her, you are pretty fast with assuming I would ever do her harm. I tried to safe her. While you and your crew did God knows what to her. So, don´t tell me I would do anything to her. But I´ll get her as far away from you fascists as possible. And once your Ex hears about it, you´ll be in real trouble." Laura hissed and pointed to his strange machine he had brought forth. "So, go ahead, I am right behind you." She sighed and nodded.

    She was fed up by these guys. Their brutality. Their arrogance. She had done nothing to nobody. She had lost her boyfriend. She had lost her life. Her order. And all because these guys were a bunch of insane wanna be James Bonds. If it was for her, these cannibals out there could eat ´em all. She was done with them.

    "Go." She said sadly and her thoughts shifted back to her father. her father. The disgust almost made her vomit, but she controlled herself. She needed something to eat and drink. And especially some rest.

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  9. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter VII - Family. And other problems . . .

    Carl-Cohn-Straße, Stairs, 1st Floor

    The sound vanished and Markus went forth, passing a man smashing another man´s skull with a fire-extuingisher. Blood was filling the air. The fluid and the scnet of it. Everywhere. And burned flesh. They made it to the way down to the garage and ahd to climb over bodies, until they reached the floor beneath. The moment the music went on, a man pointed an MP-5 at them, but then sighed and waved them through. What remained of the Hamburg Crimonal Police and SEK units was now down here, protecting that exit. "Got another two not mad!" They shouted and pulled them behind their lines. Markus could see several ESTI members. "That´s it, nobody else? Lock it!" An elder policeman said and a discussion began raging, if they could abandon their people.

    The music of Markus jumped into this scenarion and gave it a surreal note.

    There were still cars around. A dozen, perhaps. Out of the usually well filled garage. They amde only a few steps towards them, as Markus realized the had been spotted by a man he recalled from ESTI. The team leader of Janice team. A guy she had called Michael . . .


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    Carl-Cohn-Straße, Offices, 3rd Floor

    Jonah Stürmer took the clips and began pulling bullets out of the magazines and into his own. The door was still pulsing. "Okay, I guess a lot of enraged civillians are coming our way." He sighed. "We got no time for them. And the Alarm . . . it´s gone. Guess we lost this fight." He held his wound and nodded to Stansilav. "Everything okay? You can hanlde this?" He asked, as the man seemed absent.

    Then he tuned and his gun was ready. Janice stood there behind them. Bruised and obviously beaten up. "Blohm escaped." She said with a raspy voice and looked at both men, then to the door. "What is going on . . ." She never finished the sentence, as she collapsed into Jonah´s arms.

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    Ring 3, Hamburg, At Hoheluftchaussee

    The city was burning, spiralling out of control and slowly giving in to chaos. In he Speicherstadt Thomas had seen the army. Spreading through Mönkebergstrasse to the Central Trainstation, the heart of traffic in HAmburg. In Rothenbaum, chaos had spread and a group of rioter had smashed polcie cars. Shots in the harbour region. And finally a burning Hoheluftchaussee, where the Campus had obviously been a battlefield between police and students.

    " . . . wurde Hamburg mit sofortiger Wirking abgesperrt . . . deutshce und französische Verbände sind unterdessen in Bremen . . . tote werden auf 4000 oder mehr geschätzt . . . ungenuae Zahlen, Experten rechnen mit deutlich mehr . . . bereits 320 tote, bei den Ausschreitungen . . . " The Radio threw news at them in a stakato. And they made their way to the Tarpenbekstrasse. As Cops and special forces were running through the streets to create a defense at the great park, to defend the UKE, the biggest hostpital of Hamburg against the raging citizens of the city.


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    Chapter VIII - The Passenger

    Flight 2440, 1st Class

    Tony looked at the credit card and smiled.

    ?What is going on Tony-san? This is serious. People have been injured! People have died and many more may lose their lives! And I know you are involved somehow! In what league I do not know, but Please Tony-san?Tell me what is going on!? Sumiko demanded to know. He looked up at her and pushed the offered card away. "It´s useless, Sumiko. Now it is useless." He smiled and turned his face to the glass in his hand. Filled with water. "I am involved. So are we all." He only answered. "And I do not know what is happening. all I did was that something was about ot happen. so, I think you should really check with the crew now. Because . . . we are not over any ocean." He pointed out of the window next to him and a desert was p
  10. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007

    Chapter VIII - The Passenger

    Flight 2440, 1st Class

    Tony looked at the credit card and smiled.

    ?What is going on Tony-san? This is serious. People have been injured! People have died and many more may lose their lives! And I know you are involved somehow! In what league I do not know, but Please Tony-san?Tell me what is going on!? Sumiko demanded to know. He looked up at her and pushed the offered card away. "It´s useless, Sumiko. Now it is useless." He smiled and turned his face to the glass in his hand. Filled with water. "I am involved. So are we all." He only answered. "And I do not know what is happening. all I did was that something was about ot happen. so, I think you should really check with the crew now. Because . . . we are not over any ocean." He pointed out of the window next to him and a desert was pretty clearly visible.

    Behind Vincent smiled at Andy. "Sicily? Why don´t you get better and find out yourself, hm?" He shook his head and laughed. "You know what, if we get outo f this alive, we´re gonna date. I tell ya. No chance I do safe a woman like you and not get a coffee for it." He smiled, a little flirting. Then he saw an inboard phone and took it. "Hello. Hello. Cockpit." He asked, wondering who Sumiko was talking to. "Hello? Hello?" Nobody replied. "Can you stay along for a second?" He asked Andy.

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    Chapter X - And Prometheus played wth fire . . .

    In front of the Boston Medical Center, Boston

    The soldier looked at her passport, then at Abby. And finally he nodded. "Follow me." He barked and turned around. Another soldier immediately took his place. They had build a whole basecamp around the Boston Medical Center. not only uniforms. Also suits were here. All wearing strange batches. Not CIA, not FBI. But obviously in command. Abby was brought into a tent, where an elder man watched through files. He wor a uniform without insignia, but was treated with utmost respect. Which made it obvious, he was not only high ranking, but also powerful.

    "Sir," The soldier said and handed the man the passport of Abby. Another two soldiers next to the door readied themselves. Obviosuly the people around here were pretty nervous. A man in a suit to his right sighed. "Ginsberg, we don´t have time for . . ." But "Ginsberg" raised his hand and the man went silent.

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  11. Republic_Anvil

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    Oct 24, 2009
    IC: Ginsberg
    Inside Command tent Echo 3-T-8, outside BMC, Boston.

    ?Oh do be quite.? Ginsberg looked up from Abby's identification. ?Well, Corporal Abby Schultz of the 506th. According to this...? Ginsberg held up her ID. ?You were discharged. So my question is why are you trying to pose as active personal??

    Ginsberg smiled as he gave Abby her ID back. ?Don't bother answering dear, I can hazard a guess. There is someone in there...? Ginsberg gestured in the direction of the hospital. ?That you want to make sure is alright. Hmmm am I close??

    The man stood up and moved to a table and retrieved a file.

    ?We have similar goals. There is someone in there that I need to talk to. So we are going to help each other. ? Ginsberg tossed Abby the file. It had only a single picture and a name. It was of an older man and the name was printed at the bottom 'Weber, Carl'

    ?Here is the deal. I'll arrange it so that you will be permitted into the hospital. You find this man and then you will call me on this...? Ginsberg held up what looked to be a bulky cell phone. ?Its a scrambled SAT Comm, after I speak to him you are free to find the one your looking for. After you're done, I'll arrange for you to get out.?
    Ginsberg looked up at Abby. ?Any questions??

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  12. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Flight 2440

    "I am involved. So are we all." Tony answered simply. "And I do not know what is happening. all I did was that something was about to happen. so, I think you should really check with the crew now. Because . . . we are not over any ocean."

    ?What did you say??

    Sumiko exclaimed and quickly moved over next to the window and looked out of it. Sure enough, there was solid land-mass below them, where there should have been the Pacific Ocean. The look on her face said it all.

    Masaka! (No way!) This can?t be! This is a 10 hour plus flight! We should still be over the ocean somewhere!

    She stated, disbelief apparent in her voice as she continued to stare out onto the increasingly visible desert landscape that was now rolling along below them. Slumping into a seated position on the edge of the chair, she sighed heavily and shook her head. Everything was too much. The homicidal stewardess, the shootings, the Un-natural weather, the plane is distress and now this. And this man across from her, this man, who she assumed was just an inebriated yet imaginative passenger was sitting through it all, not phased at all. She found herself thinking back to earlier in the flight, when their paths first crossed

    "?More like telling you the future. A prophecy??

    Maybe he was so calm because he could indeed see what was coming. Even so, Sumiko had a bad feeling. Was Tony?s mysterious companion the same? Could he see into the future too as Tony had claimed? She decided to press him with one last question, but wasn?t sure if it would be in vain. She wrung her hands together nervously as she turned her head to look at him her expression had softened a little, but there was still an underlying sadness in her eyes

    "Anata dare? Dare ga hontoni anata desu ka?"
    (Who are you? Who are you really?)

    She would have questioned him further, but she had a feeling that she would not get a straight answer. She waited for a few moments but soon stood up again, convinced that she would not get a response.

    ?I should get back to Andrea-san?.If this is the first and last time our paths cross?thank you for your kindness earlier?

    She said quietly and bowed her head slightly to him, before turning her back on him and starting back down towards where Andrea lay

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  13. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    So, TheGoodImperial told me if he had not posted until Sunday I should post this for him. Now it´s almost Monday over so here it is . . . combined post with myself, actually.

    John Henley
    Car wrecks, Desert

    "It's the same model." Sharon asked. And John understood imediately it was the same rifle, actually. Identical, except much older. And the skeleton lying next to it . . . "Same gun, I´d say."

    He closed his eyes and waited. If he would ide here, it would happen most likely now. He would fall into the sand, lay there the rifle not far away from him and die. Why would Sharon not help him? Well, he could only guess.

    He expected his death. Half awaiting it but it did not happen. So he opened his eyes again, as the last tunes of his song played in the radio. "Must have something to do with the moss. The strange red moss. The battery, I mean." He answered. As if he had not been ready to die. "And if that´s my rifle, we should go now, don´t you think? Before that happens." With that he turned and looked towards the direction he guessed Corben´s Inn.

    Then he sighed. Something had been in her eyes. In Sharon´s. Realization. Something puzzling. something he had not expected to see in a waitress. But it was none of his business, was it? He was wondering how that skeleton had died. Looking at the rifle he sighed again. "Why would I return here to get shot, hm?" He asked and then began walking. "C´mon, we can make it to Corben´s by nightfall, I assume." And John began to walk. If this was the future, he had no idea why everybody wanted to live in it . . .

    Good song title.

    He thought.

    "May I ask you something personal?" John asked Sharon as they walked.

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  14. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Carl-Cohn-Straße, 1st Floor

    It was a bloomin' nightmare, of the sorts he hoped his daughter would be spared. If she was spared. Who knew what these special agent wanna-be's had done to his daughter, in the end he was sure he would be having to pay out more shillings to a psychiatrist then he would want to admit making.

    Especially as the air and his nose was filled with the scent of blood, the sight, touch, and scent a surreal reminder as they walked past a man bashing another's head in. A reminder that though for once they were left alone with their thoughts in silence, they were not really alone at all, and in the worst way so. Cannibal, once merely an interesting side note to some regions, but how long had been since it had been applied to Europe in any manner? He didn't know.

    One step forward two steps back, what had been the accompanying step that had brought these steps to pass? Looking back at the woman being that followed after he wondered, what brought such as her hear with so little knowledge if her ignorance was not feigned, not merely a delay? Would he ever know? Should he?

    Then it was the song yet seeped into the air, bidden by thoughts and actions forgotten in the silent reverie within the mouth of death. The words chosen from the devices limited repertoire originally as a boon to his spirits, but now merely a sad note of how others yet used the inlaid truth to steer him about. One turned, gun raised only to lower again before they were ushered into the safety of the well defended exit.

    Noticing the cars he nodded and began to set his feet to the course, trying no longer to let his mind consider the world or situation it found itself within. Though yet a few steps and something yet caught his step, bring his heart and spirit to jump and catch within his throat. There, a face he knew and from the look remembered him from naught a morning that seemed yet ages ago to his weary soul.

    "Trust me." he whispered as he turned his head away from the spotter. Hopefully this spectre that yet his life yanked about would bare a moments delay. Turning it back again he called out, "Michael! Level Three! Sturmur, Janice, and one agent pinned down with semi defensible position!"

    He began to back peddle to keep moving. Being no cold blooded killer he could not leave them, knowing sacrifice or no without letting someone know. There the heart of all these arranged troubles, twas the heart.

    TAG: Sirak, Fin
  15. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Andrea ?Andy? Rebecca Baker
    Flight 2440, Somewhen

    Andrea noticed Vincent was smiling. She had only known him for about an hour now, but time didn?t matter anymore. It had stop mattering when a dark cloud had went over the plane. Time had stopped mattering when the Stewardess had brought out a gun. And time had stopped mattering when she had been shot. Time just really didn?t matter anymore, and Andrea felt that she liked, perhaps even loved, her savior. During this whole experience he had somehow saved her, whether it be her sanity or her life.

    ?Sicily? Why don?t you get better and find out yourself, hm?? Vincent spoke, and then laughed. At that moment Andrea realized her shoulder was bandaged. She sighed in a relief, but the sigh was a short one. Andrea could still see the dark cloud floating around the plane, the eeriness of the situation. She watched the news. Her father was an avid news watcher, and could tell what was going on in any place. She remembered her last call to him. She had known he was sick when he didn?t tell her the news.

    ?You know what, if we get out of this alive, we?re gonna date. I tell ya. No chance I do save a woman like you and not get coffee for it,? Vincent continued. Andrea giggled slightly. ?I would be pleased to have coffee with you,? Andrea said, reaching her not injured arm to her other. Vincent stood and started talking, not to her. Andrea was deeply worried when no one answered. ?Can you stay alone a second?? Vincent asked her.

    ?Just remember to come back for me,? Andrea giggled, but in the giggled was also worry.

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  16. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Sharon Cosner
    Somewhere in the desert

    Sharon tossed the gun back. It landed with a muffled clatter on the red-encrusted sand.

    She could think of nothing to say. John had arrived at the same conclusion she had, only he had connected one more dot - that if it was the same gun, the skeleton holding it was probably him. Sharon wondered if he also guessed the old woman's identity.

    They walked in silence for a few moments, just two human beings alone in the vast desert.

    "May I ask you something personal?" John asked suddenly.

    Sharon offered him a guarded half-smile. Personal questions were dangerous. Personal questions led to awkward conversations - or worse. Yet he had earned the right to curiosity ... "What is it?"

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  17. Ben_Stormrider

    Ben_Stormrider Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 15, 2006
    IC:Hikaru Hoshi
    Tarpenbekstrasse 55, 1 OGR, Flat

    Hikaru was angry inside but he stayed calm and selfcontrolled.
    He had no reason to believe this men a single word.
    He looked into the man's face.

    "Look out of the window. Hamburg is going crazy. You see the EDEKA down the street? She was in there, buying breakfast. People inside got crazy. They killed her, eating her alive. You better run away, because the Change coming for all of us."

    He pressed a hand on the wound in his shoulder to stop the bleeding. How was Robert doing? What was wrong with him? He was not the help Hikaru has hoped for when he met him.

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  18. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Carl Weber
    Boston Medical Center

    "No." Was his reply. A simple: "No."

    Then he turned to Camden who had just announced to look for a child in the middle of a besieged, infected, hostile Hospital. And then get out. Somehow. "We are un Quarantine. If you haven´t won your doctor grade in a lottery you know they are thinking about how to contain the pandemic out there as we speak. And we can´t wander around in the hospital shouting Liam until we get killed by that Caleb. What we will do is simple. We will solve that problem. We will identify the illness, work out a solution, preferably a test and then offer it to the outside world. Once they come in to get it, we´ll be save. All of us. Including Liam. Otherwise the boy will be dead. You will. I will. That makes no senseat all to me." Carl now spoke with authority a man got over the years if all the world jumped, when he said jump. But he knew he was only reasonable. Caleb was a danger to all of them. And he was well advanced. they had to make some timegood, or this race was lost.

    "So, where are the laboratories and how do we isolate one patient?"

    Tag: Spycoder, Anvil


    Thomas Schröder
    Tarpenbekstraße, Eppendorf

    The city was going to hell. And pretty fast. People were dying, people were burning, running through the streets aflame. "Close your eyes." He sighed to Alicia, but she did not. "CLOSE YOUR EYES!" He commanded her again and she looked at him afraid and did what he told her. "Sorry. Sorry little one, I did not mean it. Not so easy, you know. To be me. Right now." He sighed and shook his head. They arrived at Tarpenbekstraße. His home. The streets was empty here. For a change. Thomas checked his gun. He had a gun, actually. Two of it to be precise. He had no ideas about guns except what 3d shooters told him.

    [image=] [image=]

    Then he looked into the Geschwister-Schollstrasse. The entrance to their trash-containers was there somewhere. Where a body was rotting. No, actually it were two now. Anyway. He was pretty sure both guns were loaded. He had no idea how to check how many bullets were left though. What did he need them for anyway? He did not know. Kill someone. Looking to Alicia he smiled. "I´ll protect you. See I got a gun. I can make you safe." He hoped speaking ot her in her mothertongue, English did a little to gain her trust. Then he sclimbed out of the car. One gun pulled to his bckpack, the smaller one. The other one, the longer sleeker gun was pulled into his pants. He took Alicia and opened the door. Then he turned and locked it three times. He broke the key and walked up the stairs. Blood. He realized blood was at the wall in the corridor. Blood of someone else. Some blood he had not spilled. He pulled his gun to his back and opened the door carefully. Then he realized he might be attacked. "C´mon little one." He smiled and grabbed Alicia, taking her to his arm, lifting her up. A shield, so to say. And opened the door. "Hello, Hoshi?"

    Tag: Fin, Ben_Stormrider


    Mountains of Nepal

    The bullets made his body spasm like a puppet on electirfied wires. He felt hte pain. Felt his body go over the edge. His feet trying to find groudn an fail. Felt the fall and then the dark . . . and he knew that American had no idea what he had brought over himself. No idea, indeed.

    Adam liked him. His greatness. His bravery. He was fascinated like him. In time he would meet him again. Maybe sooner than anybody thought. And he would take his time. It would be a very sweet kill.

    He tried to smile at this thought, but the bullets had not left enough of his face. So he simply hit the rocks beneath and the world went dark.

    Tag: Draco

  19. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Doctor Camden Fossett

    Boston Medical Center, Boston, USA

    When Carl spoke, Camden thought of someone. Doctor Haroldson was someone Camden hadn?t thought about him in awhile, and seriously didn?t know why, but the man had really been his mentor. The mad had actually instructed him about how quarantined areas, and how to deal with them. Then, Camden hadn?t listened very well, as he wondered when he would ever actually be in that situation. He remembered that the ?Doc? as they had called him had told them that calm was the most important rule. It took him back to that day in his mentor?s classroom. . .

    Birmingham College, Birmingham, Alabama


    ?So class, as I was asking, what do you think is the first thing to do when you have been officially announced in a quarantined environment,? Doctor ?Doc? Haroldson moved from his board to his desk. His class of adults, some older than him, fiddled with their pencils, doodled on paper, and whispered to each other. ?Come on, don?t act like a bunch of first graders. This is college. Have none of you watched the news?? Haroldson moved his eyes from person to person, resting on Camden, ?How about you, Camden? Feel like answering the question??

    ?Well,? Camden spoke up, ?I?m guessing you want to figure out what the hell you are doing under quarantine.? Camden glanced down at his pencil, which he fiddled with, tapping on his desk slowly. Haroldson shook his head angrily. ?Come on now. The first thing you do is try to keep everyone with you calm. You are the doctor. It is your duty,? Haroldson said. Camden nodded, making a sarcastic note on his paper. He was twenty years old, and he didn?t really care about Quarantine. He kept seeing Carly?s beautiful face, her long brown hair curled, her red lips brightening with lipstick.

    ?Second thing, Mr. Fossett. . .?

    ?You wonder what the hell is going on??

    ?Correct!? Haroldson exclaimed, and several of the dozing students jumped at his exclamation. ?You find out what is going on!? He offered a smile to Camden, a happy smile. Camden grinned back. ?Third?? he asked finally. ?You get the hell out!? one thirty year old noted beside Camden. Haroldson nodded and clapped his hands. ?Bravo!?

    The memory slowly faded away. . .

    Boston Medical Center, Boston, USA


    That word.

    That freaking word. The word that deserved no more explanation. The word that shot down his advice. The word that always disagreed, usually angered. That word. No. Camden?s mind blurred as he felt like crying. Why was he shoved in this experience? Why with this man? In his life, he had always felt superior, know how to lead. Now. . . Now Carl leads.

    "We are under Quarantine. If you haven?t won your doctor grade in a lottery you know they are thinking about how to contain the pandemic out there as we speak. And we can?t wander around in the hospital shouting Liam until we get killed by that Caleb. What we will do is simple. We will solve that problem. We will identify the illness, work out a solution, preferably a test and then offer it to the outside world. Once they come in to get it, we?ll be save. All of us. Including Liam. Otherwise the boy will be dead. You will. I will. That makes no sense at all to me." Carl spoke commanding, and Camden realized the truth of his words.

    "So, where are the laboratories and how do we isolate one patient?" Carl finished, looking at him. ?I know where the labs are, and can lead the way, but isolating a patient? What do you mean by this? Do you want us to-to capture someone? Use them for our own gain? I-I guess w-we c-could do th-this. Hey Stephanie, you have any idea where the infected are?? Camden spoke, shaking. He remembered that elderly woman who had died. . .how long ago was it? Did it really matter? Did time matter?

    At the moment, Camden did not know.

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  20. starwarsbeauty

    starwarsbeauty Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 1, 2005
    IC: Vashti Schick
    Corben's Inn

    Darkness still surrounded her, her other senses were heightened. Hearing and sound. The sound of the gun shooting one of the seven bullets. The bullet whirling through the air toward its target. The bullet making contact. A man's scream of "No". Bodies moving. One would soon crash to the ground either dead or wounded, but that sound never came. Instead it was the sound of two bodies colliding.

    That is what Vashti didn't understand. Why hadn't she heard The Man's body hit the ground? Fluttering open slowly, her eyes adjusted to the light that flood into them. Slowly her hand lowered, the gun resting next to her right hip. That is when she saw Mr. Clay cradling The Man?s bleeding body in his arms. The Man was smiling at her, a bloody smile.

    "You´re perfect, indeed. So perfect."

    Her fingers tightened around the gun as she looked curiously at The Man. What did he mean?

    "It sucks to be a human." "Doesn´t i . . ."

    One last cough and it was over. He was gone. His eyes were glazed over as the life left him and his body went still.

    The young girl just stood there, staring at the body before her, not able to take her eyes away. "You´re perfect, indeed. So perfect." continued to play in her mind. Had this been a part of his manipulation of her? Had he coaxed her into doing this? She had thought she was taking control and making her own decisions for once but now, now she didn?t know. Now she wondered if it had been the plan all along. Maybe this was the final test to become the ?perfect soldier for the perfect war?.

    Anger rose in her. How could she have been so stupid to fall for his lies? Tears rose in her eyes, angry tears and sad tears. Anger for her stupidity and sad for the loss of life that she had taken away. She killed someone today. People go to jail for murder. The Man was no longer breathing because of the bullet she shot at him.

    Looking to Mr. Clay she wondered how he would react. She hadn?t killed him when given the choice but she had killed the man who might be able to help them. Would he comfort her like she wanted or reject her like she deserved?
    Taking tiny steps toward him, Vashti stood by Mr. Clay?s side before kneeling next to him.

    ?I?m sorry. I?m so sorry.? The tears fell down her cheeks as she awaited his response.

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  21. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    ooc: Sorry for my absence, Clay comes tomorrow.

    Angela Janssen
    Boston Medical Center, Morgue

    She teased the head of the boy. Looking down the dead Dr. Anderson. Then she realized she had not thought this through. Infections did not only befal strong, adult powerful men. They could befall anyone. Nobody guaranteed she was uninfected. Or the boy. She pushed him away from herself immediately and stepped back. Staring at him, as then smiled. Probably not very convincing. she still neded that Master Card. "Come with me." She said, but kept her distance to the boy. The mute boy. A first sign of it?

    Or did she get paranoid?

    Hard to say. Nevertheless, she would not escape this trap without that key card . . .

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  22. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005
    OOC: Sorry for the delay.

    "John Morris"
    Struenseestraße, Altona, Hamburg

    Morris frowned. This was not as entertaining as he'd thought it would be.

    "You seem oddly at peace with this turn of events."

    He sat down, eyeing the man cautiously.

    "I suppose I can talk. Though I have questions for you, too."

    He leaned forwards, pulled out the gun.

    "We can talk. For now. How do you know me?"

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  23. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]GM-Note:[/hl] 18 hours update warning! Just to tired now . . .
  24. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: Good, was afraid I missed it. Would have been my first one . . .

    Laura Blohm

    Garage, Carl-Cohn Straße

    She had fought hard against the need to vomit and now fear made her tremble, while her feeling she would need to throw up was still very present. People eating people. Blood. Everywhere. And now Cops. Besieged in a garage. And Markus asking her to trust him. Speaking to a man. The man. The eyes. She recognized the eyes.

    "Markus, we needa go." She whispered and leaned against a car. But her hand, trembling and pale as all of her, searched for her gun again in her back. Pulled into her trousers. Shwe wondered if it was armed. Or how many bullets were left.

    She had no idea about guns. All she could possible do is direct it a something nad push the trigger. Then again, that was it usually needed . . .

    "We need to go." She repeated. As if she could hypnotise Markus. The man . . . he was one of them . . . one of those who had captured her . . .

    Tag: Fin
  25. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Abby Schultz
    Inside Command tent Echo 3-T-8, outside BMC, Boston.

    ?Here is the deal. I'll arrange it so that you will be permitted into the hospital. You find this man and then you will call me on this...? Ginsberg held up what looked to be a bulky cell phone. ?It?s a scrambled SAT Comm, after I speak to him you are free to find the one you?re looking for. After you're done, I'll arrange for you to get out.? Ginsberg looked up at Abby. ?Any questions??

    The young veteran medic contemplated the choice that she needed to make while studying the picture of the man, Weber, that she was being tasked with locating. She still could not believe all that had transpired in such a short time. Now she was about to walk into a quarantined medical center to search for people she had never seen before in her life.

    Of course what other option did she have at this point? Go to jail for impersonating a member of the US Armed Forces? Not really an option if you asked her.

    Obviously she was going to say yes to the manhunt, but in order for her to help out Elizabeth she was going to need to speak with her before going inside the Medical Center.

    Abby looked up from the picture into the eyes of her new employer, Ginsberg. ?I?ll do it, but I need to speak with my friend outside the parameter. You see, sir, she is the one who needs to contact someone on the inside. So either she?s coming with me, or I need to get some information so I know who I am looking for.?


    She patiently waited his decision, not at all anxious about walking into a potential biological outbreak.

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