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Thriller The Sins of the Saints

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Sharon Cosner
    Somewhere in the desert

    Sharon chuckled. "An all-american country singer reading science magazines? Imagine that." But he wasn't just a country singer - any more than she was just a waitress. Country singers and waitresses didn't carry guns and know how to shoot them.

    (should she tell him?)

    "I think we should go back to the others. Tell them we have no medicine and plan what to do about these new arrivals. What do you think?"

    "It's as good a plan as any." Sharon squinted up at the sky again and shook her head. "Let's keep going."

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  2. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Chapter VI: Darwin was wrong

    Monastery, Main Court

    The man smiled knowing. "My name is Moan. You allow exteriors to deceive you. Dangerous. Follow me, please. You have arrived in time for our evening meal. And you might find Mr. Zinsky joining us. If he is who you seek." The man turned and went to the inside.

    Bjorndahl looked at the closed gates. And the piles of dead bodies. How many were they? A hundred? More?

    "We should be even more careful. And I swear, this was the last job I ever accepted in Nepal." He sighed and turned to follow Beckfris inside. Nobody had asked them to hand over their weapons and he checked his ammo. The man began to walk with small steps down a long corridor. At it´s end there were candles illuminating some kind of hall. But it was hard to make out details from a distance.


    The Storm was irritating, but they ignored it in their operationsp lan. The time window did not allow security concerns to keep them from executing their orders. Nothing could stop them, actually. Too much depended on that mission for General Wong. It had begun with small favours for a lot of payment. And then the business relationship with these Americans had turned into something entirely different. It had ended with a powerplant blowing up in Xiang Xiang. A power-plant he had granted them access to. And if his superiors ever found out, he could not imagine what they would do to him. So, he had to do whatever to cover it up. And the American Lawyer had at least kept his part of the deal. One man was left who knew. Only one. And General Wong knew where he was now. A second Lynx-Helicopter touched down into the snow. A fourth was already lost to the wind. Probably destroyed. Soldiers jumped out of them. Always four out of each of the helicopters and Wong himself gave a sign for them to lift again. The pilots armed their missles and turned into the wind. Trying to fight their way towards the mountains where this mythical monastery was hidden.


    Maon, the Priest in western clothes lead Bjorndahl and Beckfris down the corridor until they were at the gate to that hall. It seemed to be enourmous and it was less decorated than one could have thought. The heavy scent of incense came from it, but also the smell of flesh. Of rotting flesh. "After you." He said with a serene smile. And Bjorndahl exchanged a look with his employer. Actually he wished Adam was with them, for the first time.

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  3. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter VII: Family. And other problems.


    Michael looked at Markus. It was obvious he did not agree. Orders changed. And then soldiers were notified. Until then, orders were orders.

    [link=]Before he could say anthing, Laura forced her gun up and pulled the trigger. [/link] Michael´s reflexes pulled his. His shot leaving his gun the second Laur´s enteredh his body. A second shot was fired immediately after the first in rapid succession. Laura fired her second, missing Michael this time. But he felt the blood spread on his shirt, the pain arrive in his nervous system. He grew pale in a firghtening speed. Then, looking to Markus, his eyes were accusing his colleague. But as he dropped to his knees he tried to aim at Laura a last time. Turning to her, his gun tried to point right at her head.

    Laura could do little about it. The German girl had been ripped of her knees and was lying on the cold concrete floor now. Two bullets had ripped their path through her skin and flesh into her body. And he blond hair grew darker, as the spreading pool of blood reached her head and soaked it in blood. Blood. Everywhere was blood. Her strength left her, so did the feeling in her limbs. Her fingers became numb, then her arms. And in her ears her heart was beating slower and slower with every beat it made.

    From the upper floor a roaring horde of angry people arrived. Wielding emergency axes, crowbars, chairs and everything they could use as a weapon they charged out of the opening. The SEK commando did what it had been told to. They opened fire on the attackers. Bringing down a dozen, before theyeven reached the last steps to the garage. But they did not flee or slow down but seemed to b even more enraged. They would be slaughtered though. Having no chance against the half a dozen Cops who were there. Only two or three of them did now turn to Michael and Laura, though. And just as one of the raised a gun and approached the two victims, shots rang from behind. One of the policemen opened fire on his colleagues without warning. Two or three of them were down immediately. And they turned on each other. Shots rang. Everything spiralled into chaos. And Markus stood before it and saw Michael aim for the final shot at Laura.

    [image=] The Cop who fired at his own people.

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  4. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Thomas Schröder
    Tarpenbekstr. 55, Flat

    He raised his hands. What else could he do? This was no cop, he realized in relief. And he was still alive. "Ich bin nur der Babysitter." He said then and looked to little Alicia. The ten years old girl was still totally frightened. "Sind das Freunde von dir, Hoshi?" He asked then and did not attempt to flee. He somehow felt invincible today. Four people. Four people should not be forgotten in all future thoughts. And what he had learned about himself from them. All those years he had dreamt and no consequences had come from his dreams. Now he had made himself free. What could these guys do about it? He stepped in carefully and closed the door. "Nix wertvolles da, aber nehmt euch doch was ihr braucht. Dammit, haben die dich angeschossen Hoshi?" He asked the Japanese and only now he realized who the second, pale guy was. He raised a brow. Robert. What did he do here? Why wasn´t he dead?

    Well, things to find out later. For now he had to deal with the two gangsters. "Ihr würdet doch keien kleines Mädchen erschiessen, oder?" Thomas asked and took her from the ground, using her as bait and shield the same time.

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    Carl Weber

    Boston Medical Center

    Carl looked at Sptephanie and then at Camden as they spoke. They were afraid and confused. He was unsure how much grip on realiy they had left, anyway. "The Morgue should include a laboratory, right? Good. You go there and I´ll get us a blood sample from one of the infected." He sighed and nodded. "We meet there, then. Yes?" He checked his gun once more and already turned to leave. Time was now critical. Not long and those outside would loose their trust in a solutino that did not include torch the place.

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    . . . and introducing . . .

    The Passenger

    Flight 2440, First Class

    H returned from the toilet. Just in time to have missed the yougn Japanese. Tony was still there, sipping his drink. Suffering, for those who knew him. His sad eyes. His clam, controlled movements. The Passenger sat opposite of him, as if they were there for a trip together. Then his calm smile vanished. "How are you Tony?" He asked. Worried. "Dying." Tony replied. And lifted his jacket, that had skillfully concealed the wound and huge red blood spot in his shirt.

    "I know." The Passenger replied. And a deep sigh that seemed not ot be totally honest escaped him. "Does it give you any comfort you won?" Tony looked up. "Won?" He asked. "Our discussion. You were right. Right all along. And I was wrong. It was him. It was all him from the beginning. And now it is time to go home, is it?" Tony smiled. "Oh, I knew that back then when you denied it. Do you want to know what your future holds?" He asked the Passenger and the man looked at him. Gave him a long stern look. Then he shook his head. "Of all times this is the one I do not want to know more about. No, Tony. I don´t want to know what my future holds. I don´t want to have one." Tony nodded.

    They sat still, while the next rumbling wnet through the airplane. "We deserve it, you know that. Do you? For what we did? We deserve it. But they do not." The Passenger looked to the others. "We all do. They helped us. Always. We are flawed beings and this our time of judgment. Isn´t it poetic judgment it´s our worst flaws who brought out our judges now?" Tony smiled back. His head slowly dropping. "Oh, Karl. What do you know." He said and coughed a last time. As he hung his head, the airplane was caught by another wave of turbulences.

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  5. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson

    As Michael looked at him he felt his own heart sinking, then. . .then it all happened so fast. Gunshots were fired, as he found himself stumbling to his feet, gawking like a common spectator at the movies only knowing that the feeling would continue to pour. Laura was hit, Michael was hit, and in the abstractness that shock often affords with it's detachment from reality he noted the exit wound was on the wrong side. The large bloody hole was on the front instead of the back.

    Eyes, accusing, accosting, demanding, betrayed. They stared at him, freezing him as his hands reached into the satchel. Time as well seemed to slow as those eyes bore into him, laying their life, their blood upon him, saying 'You will never be clean. You will never forget. I die because of you.'

    Even as he fell to his knees those eyes bored into Markus who slowly pulled out a pen, shaking. Guns were yet screaming in the air, hordes were coming and he was locked, grounded by those eyes. "Eli, Eli. Help." he whispered as those eyes looked away. He knew the gun was raising for Laura, for his daughter, and he could not let that be.

    Feet stepping, heart pounding, the sound of that quickening beat raising in his ears until he could hear nothing else. Bum-bum Bum-bum Bum-bum, it roared as he stepped flipping the thin pen with the tip facing out, clicking it with his pinky before jabbing at an angle at the ESTI agents temple near him. He expected flame, he expected fire, but all that greeted him overcome senses was a thud as his sprinting feet moved to knock the agent over.

    Stepping away he left the man where he fell, his hands briefly registering the blood ring that ran the inside of thumb and index finger. He found himself by Laura's side, pulling out another pen, checking that it was the one he wanted before he jabbed it into the wounds, the fire sterilizing and cauterizing. Before he placed the briefcase ontop of Laura, and proceeded to drag her to nearby vehicle. The world was as some had said when he was growing up, was heading to hell in a hand-basket, one he felt himself falling into as well.

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  6. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Flight 2440, First Class

    Sumiko felt as if her heart was going to burst out of her chest, the rate at which it was beating as she helped get Andrea securely seated. Palpitations of fear. Andrea was now in quite serious distress, her screams fuelling Sumiko?s own sense of ever increasing panic. Once Andrea was secured, Sumiko sat down in the chair next to her, fumbling with her own seatbelt, her hands trembling as she fastened the buckle. The elderly man newcomer stumbled over towards Andrea and herself. He shook his head at the situation, but he also smiled despite everything.

    ?Nobody there. Everybody is gone. We?re all alone now. All alone now. Where is everybody?" He asked Sumiko.

    ?I-I don?t know! Agh!?

    She exclaimed as another shudder went through the plane and the plane began to descend quicker and quicker. A feeling of complete helplessness crashed over her like a wave and she felt herself starting to break down. Andrea had lost consciousness beside her once again. She squeezed her eyes closed, feeling hot despairing tears welling up behind them. If death was her final destination on this flight, she did not want to see what would happen in her final moments, digging her fingers into the material of the arm rest. Then she started to pray.

    In her minds eye She saw her mother and fathers faces, as well as her brother Katsuro and her best friend Kotoha. She would never see them again. She would never hear her mother?s soft and kindly words, nor her fathers sage advice. She would not play fight with her older brother when he came home from Tokyo to visit, nor fulfil the promise to Kotoha that she would pluck up the courage to talk to the boy that she liked. She was still young, had her whole life ahead of her, and in a few seconds it would be snuffed out like a lantern in the rain. Tears flowed freely now, her face buried in her hands

    ?Mother, I am so scared! Father I am sorry! I should have listened to you! I should not have left home! I love you!?

    She thought to herself, her heart filled with sadness. Within the groans and rumbles of the plane, a familiar voice could be heard

    ??any comfort you won.???..It was him...??.It was all him from the beginning?....know what your future holds??...We are flawed?...judgement??.Karl. What do you know.?.?


    Was her last thought as she braced for impact

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  7. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Angela Janssen
    Morgue, Boston Medical Center

    A child and a gun. Two things she never had a need to have. Now she had both. Taking Liam´s hand needed her some strnegth. But if it was carried by contact, she was infected now, too. Angela realized the dynamic of this. An ill person somehwere lead to the suspision of everybody being ill, assumed by everybody. Social isolation made cooperation impossible and therefore the problem was not solved. Eventually the systems of self-protection broke down. A pandemic was the result. And all of that would happen now in all parts of the hospital. And in all parts of her mind.

    "Stay close, little guy." She said and cursed herself for not being better with children. Even though that kid was odd. Surely. The gun in her left hand she opened the next door. The cooling room. The most unperfect place for a kid. Filled with dead bodies. "Close your eyes, lil´guy. It´s the shortest way to where we need to go. And I think we are in a hurry. but it´s a scary place, so don´t look until I tell you to. Yes?"

    She waited, but he did not react. So she took her hand and pressed it over his eyes. He got that. Then she sighed, pulled her weapon up, aiming into the direction where she would walk and entered. A room full of dead. Funny enough by now there were more dead outside of it, probably. Slowly she entered. Wondering if the others would still be somewhere. The guard. The Doctor. Oh, she would love to see the Doctor. But she had little hope. He would have fled or had fallen into the hands of these things.

    "Hello?" It escaped her, as she felt she was not alone anymore. She was now in the second line of bodies. A shot body of a young black next to her. She recognized it, she had declared him dead. She almost expected him to leap up. But obviously he didn´t. He had lost four liters of blood on her table. He was dead. "I need to stop watching the horror channel at night." He mumbled and looked to Liam. Faithfully he had folowed her. Then there was a sound. Like a heavy metal object had fallen to their ground. Immediately she began regretting her stupid hello. And caught herself by almost sending out a second. Letting the hand of Liam go, she signalled him to stand back and took the gun into both hands. Was that breathing she heard? Was it? Something was there. She lurked out of the cooling room into the office area and listened. It was there and it was nearby. Pressing her body against the wall, she wiped sweat out of her eyes. Sweatin a cooling room. Her breath was a white cloud escaping her mouth. Her eyes burned. And she waited there next to the door. Then Liam coughed. Maybe it was the cold. Maybe he had smells the chimacals in here. Angela widened her eyes and signalled him to stay silent.

    It was the same moment her hand came around the corner and grabbed her throat. Her reflex was to fight it. She felt her air not reaching her lungs and struggled with it. Liam leaped behind one of the desks and was hiding. Angela struggled, tried to push herself away from the hand. Then she realized she still had the gun. With an angry hiss she allowed the hand to drag her out of the cooling room. It was closed around her throat and as she turned around she saw a man with a screw driver in his left and her throat in a right. The screw driver raised and then her shot hit the room like a thunder. She had pointed the gun right into the man´s face and pulled the trigger. A second shot ripped his face apart and covered her in blood, as he collapsed. Pointing the gun at him, she wanted to shot a third time. But her intellect was stornger than her need of security. She waited. And realized her ammo was limited. Her enemies between her and freedom probably not. Save ammo, Angie. Save it for the other infected. Her finger left the trigger and pushed the button next to it to safe. She lowered the gun and breathed. "Wait here." Angela whispered to Liam and turned to Dr. andersons office. Kicking the door in. She was no longer in the sense of anyathing smart. She searched the room. An of
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    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter VII: The Passenger

    Flight 2440, Nevada

    The rumbles and trembling became faster and faster until it was one constant vibration. Then they felt the impact of the wheels setting down. Followed by a sound as if something giant made of metal was breaking apart. The wheels had broken, as the plane had set down too fast. Too hard. Screams. The airmasks come out of the ceiling. The lights go out. Then bright flashes. One. Two. Screams again.

    Vincent had known he wouldn´t make it. He had never landed something like this. Never had made any of the emergency courses. But when he had left the 1st class and everywhere had been only empty seats he had known he was in trouble. The cockpit was as empty as everything else and suddenly there was land under their airplane and beeping insturments signalling they had run out of fuel. He had screamed. then he had calmed himself down, sat down and told the other over intercom what this was going to be. He had tried to be porfessional. But in the second of the impact he really only felt fear.

    The plane broke apart on impact, the latter part catching fire and then vanishng into a ball of fire. The explosion was intense enough to ruin what stability the front part had and it hurled it up into the air and made it break, as it set down on the topside. It made half a turn in the sand, smashing parts of the upper ceiling and then it was lying in the desert sand.

    Nearby the burning remains of the engines produced even more heat.

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    Street out of Ely

    The plane came closer and closer to the ground an finally vanished behind a chain of hills that were between Ely and Corben´s Inn. There was a sound like thunder and then an explosion climbed high into the sky. They would probably see the fire, but not the crash site if they stayed on the street. Yet within´an hour they would be at Corben´s Inn. And from there it would be not more than two or three miles to the crash-site.

    The sun was now setting, hours before it should, actually.

    Tag: Xany, TGI (you can forward yourself into the Inn´s sight, then I´ll update)

    Corben´s Inn

    The thunder of the explosion was heard all the way to Corben´s Inn. And the impact of the airplane nearby made the ground tremble a bit.

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  9. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Rufus Jameson

    The man was gone. Taken by the mountain, as Rufus almost had been taken by it. And his whole appearance, his speed, his murderous eyes seemed so unreal suddenly. Only the dead body of poor Mabi reminded of their reality. Rufus gasped, his leg now aching terribly and fell into the snow. He clenched his teeth and concentrated on his muscles to relax. But they didn´t. The convulsions made him cry of pain. It needed almost five minutes until they began to relax. He fought every second not to loose his consciousness. Knowing if he did slumber, he would die. He would freeze to death. He would never awake again. Then, as he felt as if movement would not made him cry in pain, he tried to get up. He still had to hobble, as he began to move. Dragging his left leg after him. But it was at least movement. Because he knew every second he waited the other two companions of this monster he had seen earlier came closer to Zinsky. The hunt had become a race. And he wondered if he had already lost it. And what the other men wanted of Zinsky? Torture him for information? Kill him? Simply find him and talk? What did he himself want of him? Answers. He wanted answers to all his questions. And most of all to the one question the whole world was burning to have. What was the Change?

    He passed the plateau and then he saw it. A town. A whole town in the middle of the mountain. And at it´s right end was a fortress like monastery. It was beneath him. He had passed it climbing on the other side of the mountain. And the storm was pressing him now towards that town beneath, while the city itself seemed totally without any influence by the storm. The massive stony guardian that was the mountain had given it shelter. The problem was, how to get odwn there, obviously. He immediately knew the naswer and hated himself for having that idea. Roping down. Pressing his teeth together he turned. The longer he waited, the less he would like the idea of returning to Mabi to get the rope. And the whole climbing gear. So he made himself do it now. Down there was Zinsky. He had come so far. So far. He just had to do this one more thing. This one more thing and he would get his answers. He fell to his knee next to his dead guide and got the longest rope he could find and as many clamps as possible. Then he hobbled back. The whole thing needed him a bizarre long time. At least he felt as if it did, even though it needed only a few minutes.

    Once he was above the temple, he checked both ropes, pulled three clamps into the ground and hammered them in. Three were too many, perhaps, but he had a lack of security that was dominant enough without feeding it with the fear of the clamps loosening. He took another three and the second rope and prepared them. He would need to secure them in the middle of the way and cover the rest of the distance. Then he got rid of everything except the P-90, the two guns and the backpack with Zinsky´s computer and breathed in and out. His hsnds felt frozen, his heart was thundering in his ears. And he slipped over the edge of the plateau and was hanging above the monastery. Slowly, he gave room to slide down. Closing the clench again and repeating that maneauver . . .

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  10. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Wreckage of flight 2440, Desert, Nevada


    Sumiko groaned weakly and stirred slightly as she started to regain consciousness, Her dark eyes flickered opened slowly, hazy and unfocused for a few moments. She found herself lying on her back, the sky above her was swirling grey, dark and foreboding. She felt something sandy and rough feeling underneath her as she gingerly pushed herself up into a seated position. Her hands touched sand, She was in a desert, nothing but sand and rock and dust as far as the eye could see. She shivered, no warmth had touched this place in a long while it had seemed and an icy wind whipped around her, chilling her to the bone. She got shakily to her feet, and looked around. Turning her head, she saw her.

    A person, no, a girl, was cowering on the ground. Alone, trembling and scared. Sumiko found herself walking towards her, but the closer she got to her heart and even her very soul started to feel heavy. The girl made no audible noise, but in her head she heard it, she felt it. feelings of Despair, Cries and screams threatened to overwhelm her. Her body felt like a lead weight and her mind felt numb as she fell roughly to her knees in front of the frail figure, a cold sweat starting to form on her brow.

    Her hand went up, as if to touch the girls shoulder. But her head came up, and both women came face to face with each other. Sumiko?s breath caught in her throat and her eyes went wide at what she saw. A mouth less face, haunted red eyes and bloody tears running down her pale face. She wanted to get up, she wanted to run, but she was rooted to the spot, frozen in fear. The waves emanating from the woman seemed to be getting stronger and Sumiko put her hands up to her ears, covering them, trying to block it all out but it was all in vain. A strange whisper was flowing in the wind, the words, not like any language on this earth.

    The feeling of numbness that paralysed her body gave way to the increasing feelings of pain. Why was she in pain? Why did it hurt so much? Her vision began to blur again. Behind the girl she saw another figure. The figure of Tony before he faded away into nothing. As everything faded to black a lingering sentence echoed in her mind

    "?And you will be like gods?"

    ~end dream~


    Sumiko screamed as her eyes flew open and she was almost immediately assaulted by pain. She was dizzy and her head was pounding, most likely concussed with blood matting her dark hair and stray trickles made its way down the side of her face from a head wound just above her hair line. She could feel a smaller gash on left cheek, but the worst of the pain was in her left arm and ribs. Breathing in was painful, her ribs most likely badly bruised and her left shoulder felt like it was dislocated. She coughed harshly, a mix or debris dust and smoke assaulting her throat. Through her blurry eyes she saw that the cabin was the wrong way up and the damage to the plane was horrific. She never remembered the crash, just the gut-wrenching noise or tearing metal and a massive shockwave that pitched her head violently against the seat in front, knocking her unconscious. She had no idea how she had managed to survive the crash but had?

    ?Andrea-san! She choked out weakly. Was Andrea OK? Was she alive? Did the old man make it? What about the sky Marshall? ? She tried to work her way free of her restraints but struggled with the pain in her arm. ?Andrea-san!? She shouted again through gritted teeth. Hoping to rouse the Italian awake at least, hoping that her worst fear had not come true

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  11. Ben_Stormrider

    Ben_Stormrider Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 15, 2006
    Hikaru Hoshi
    Tarpenbekstr. 55, Flat

    It was Thomas and he had a little girl and a gun with him. Where the heck did everyone have guns from? If only Thomas had been here a few minutes before... But now his kidnappers catched him, too. And there was nothing, Hoshi could do about it.

    But something in the face of Thomas gave hope to him: His flat-mate was apparently not feared of the strangers. Maybe he had some kind of plan to save the situation... and maybe he would get them all killed by doing something very stupid.

    "Sind das Freunde von dir, Hoshi?", Thomas asked, oviously to surpass some time.

    "Nur der eine mit dem ich den Partnerschmuck teile.", Hikaru answered and nodded slightly to the handcuffs.

    Thomas told the strangers to take what they wanted to and then realized that Hikaru was wounded. "Dammit, haben die dich angeschossen Hoshi?"

    The best Hikaru could do, was to give Thomas a hint about the one weak point he knew the one guy had. He nodded. "So bedanken sich diese Herren, wenn man ihnen das Handgelenk bricht.

    Robert was still down. Hikaru was chained to the heater. And finally Thomas did something. Something Hikaru never would have done. He took the little girl from the floor. He would the child get killed.
    Hikaru cursed very loud. He spoke the most foul-mouthed japanese affront he remembered without defining who he was cursing at. In fact, he was insulting the whole world. Today simply sucked.

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  12. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Andrea 'Andy' Rebecca Baker
    Crushed Remains of Flight 2440 - Ely, Nevada

    {dream, perhaps}

    Andrea opened her eyes to find the soft grass beneath her. The grass was strangely bugless, unlike Andrea's yard she knew about, which was covered in anthills and snake holes and so much more. The ground caused her to stumble for a moment, as this place didn't shake like the plane she had been on. Standing, Andrea reached to her shoulder, prepared to cry out. No pain. She glanced at her shoulder, shocked to find there wasn?t any blood at all. Looking toward her house, she noticed she was in the backyard. Her patio door was ajar. Puzzled, Andrea stumbled toward it, opening the door.

    ?Father?? Andrea shouted out, her voice echoing in the silence. Her house looked the same. Same old painting her mother had given her. Same old rug she had made back in elementary school. Same old walls she and her father had painted themselves. Andrea reached her hand out to touch the wall, then jerked away, stunned to find she could actually feel things. She breathed in and out, noting the scents of perfume which always filled her home. Perhaps everything that had happened had been a dream. Maybe she had fallen asleep in her backyard and her father was fine.

    ?Andy?? a weak voice called out in the silence, and Andrea ran toward the kitchen where she though the voice had come from. Her father. But he wasn?t in the kitchen. A fresh batch of coffee was being brewed, her microwave beeping, signaling that the food was done. Andrea opened the microwave and saw chicken noodle soup was in there. Her father?s favorite dish. Always helped him when he was sick. Andrea stumbled for a moment, her eyes blurring with tears. If her father was actually sick, that meant this could be the dream, that the plane was real.

    ?Daddy?? Andrea called out again, favoring a name for him she hadn?t used in a long, long time. She heard footsteps pattering down her wooden steps, the steps her father favored. Those large, loud footsteps she recognized even when she was a little girl and her mother was alive and she wasn?t living some strange, creepy life. Turning the corner, she passed the living room. Her widescreen TV rested on pause, the image of some news station on it. Andrea reached down for the remote, turning the TV on.

    ?Boston Medical Center is still under lockdown as we know of. A new disease, a deadly disease, has become quarantined in the small hospital, and hopes are dwindling on whether anyone will survive the nightmare,? TV reporter Francine David reported. Andrea couldn?t remember hearing about Boston. She wondered if the plane was on the news. She decided not to find out, so she paused the TV again. Coming in the living room was someone she had missed for forever.


    Giovanni Baker, dressed in a dark blue robe, reached his arms out to his daughter. He infolded her into his arms, kissing the top of her head. Both cried tears of joy and sadness. Andrea could tell by the robe that he had been losing weight. That meant he was dying. And her father couldn?t die. Giovanni couldn?t believe his daughter was here with him, and he enjoyed she was here. For several minutes they held each other, father and daughter, the last of a family. Strangely, they realized everyone in their family, everyone they were related to, had died.

    ?I have a boyfriend,? Andrea muttered, surprised those were her first words. Her father looked into her eyes, seeing her beauty radiate from her. A smile peaked on the corners of his lips, and he looked into his daughter?s face. She reminded him so much of his wife, and he felt the pain in his heart each beat, each bump, as he remembered his wife. Her death hadn?t been swift, and every time she hurt, he hurt. He sighed, glancing at his feet. ?And who might this boy be?? Giovanni asked his daughter.

    ?Oh, he is a bright British Sky Marshal named Vincent
  13. The_Dark_Overlord

    The_Dark_Overlord Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2002
    ooc: on a second thought.. nooo...

    Daniel Beckfris


    "Oh goodie" Daniel smiled at Björndahl "Let us eat my friend, the monks are offering us to take part of their dining rituals and we are not the ones to disobey" he lowered his voice "And on the other hand we are not the ones to taste the food either, surely it will be filled with poison"

    "Does it not bother you that they care so little for the fact that we are armed" Björndahl whispered back to Beckfris.

    "Of course it does but what can we do, either they are like Adam. Or they are so up in the air with their religious babble that they do not fear death, what ever the case may be we will surely find out if we are forced to defend our selves. Let us get to Zinsky, ask him what he knows and then get out of here. Hopefully with Zinsky but I have a slight feeling that he will not come freely"

    Björndahl nodded and they ascended the stairs and both gave Maon a brief nod as they began to guide them through narrow corridors made of stone eons ago. Every now and then they passed an opening which led into various bed and living rooms. The place reeked of incense and they both had an uneasy smile on their face each time Maon looked at them to check if they were still with him.

    They reached a hall, a hall which merged the incense with the smell of rotting flesh. There was no way in any hell that Beckfris was about to walk into some blasted trap. Rotten flesh, of course it was dinner time and Zinsky was probably the main dish. Man eating monks from outer space! Daniel Beckfris temper had come to a halt. Enough was enough.

    "After you"

    Beckfris smiled and shook his head "If you really think I will go first into a room stinking of rotten corpses and cheap incense you better think twise" he said and aimed his submachine gun at the monks head, staying out of an arms lengths range and nodding to Björndahl to take a few steps back to make sure that the monk did not try anything.

    "No you will go in there and get me Zinsky so he can answer my questions; so I CAN GET OUT OF HERE! And do not give me wise words for the road, I'm not here for a lecture or a tasty meal!"


    TAG: LordT

  14. starwarsbeauty

    starwarsbeauty Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 1, 2005
    IC: Vashti Schick
    Corben's Inn

    "Yes, I think she is behind it. I actually think she is the reason for all of this."

    Vashti wasn't sure what she should be thinking right now. She knew Sharon, well they worked together, and she didn't seem to be some kind of awful secret hiding person. Then again, they hadn't gotten to know each other all that well.

    "I need that gun of yours.""I need that gun and I need you to stay out of this. My mission has been given to me by the Lord. And you served him already well. But that enemy is mine to slay. I failed to protect you from him. I won´t fail again."

    He needed her gun and for her to stay out of "this". What was "this"? Why would he need her gun when he had his own? Her gun. The one she had been given by, the now, dead man at her feet.

    Mr. Clay's hand extended toward her, silently demanding the gun. His eyes were staring at her own.

    "Give it to me, please."

    She shifted her eyes away from his, needing a moment to think. If he left her for whatever reason, and she didn't have a gun for protection, what would she do? Was he planning on leaving her? Was he planning to leave her to kill Sharon? Why was she questioning him? He hadn't given her any reason to doubt his motives before. The gun had only brought her guilt. She had killed The Man with it and even if he was an evil man, she still took his life. Maybe Mr. Clay would do better with it then she had.

    Slowly her tiny figners wrapped tighter around the gun as it rose into the air. Slowly rising so the young girl would be, once again, unable to protect herself.

    Then there was an explosion. The gun left the air and went back to resting at her hip as her arm swung down swiftly. Her head spun around, turning toward the sound of the explosion.

    "What was that?!"

    Looking back at Mr. Clay, Vashti questioned him. Not sure how he would know any better then she did. Turning back to the noise, she stared out the door before walking toward it. The airplane. That is the only thing that would have been able to make such a noise.

    "We should go see if we can help. Maybe someone survived."

    What were the odds of surviving a plane crash? Her head shook back and forth as she answered her own question. Probably most were dead already if not soon to be.

    Her hands wrapped around the handle of the door.

    "Are you coming Mr. Clay?"

    Not waiting for his answer, Vashti began to open the door of the diner. Opening the door to the outside. The outside she used to know so well but now, now she didn't know what awaited her.

    Tag: TSG Fin
  15. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Talking lots of liberties here, and I?m kind of speeding up the time a little, but Anvil hasn?t replied or logged on in a few days so I went ahead.

    Doctor Camden Fossett
    Inside BMC

    ?Do you love me, Camden??

    The beautiful, blond nurse sat on the bench, resting in blood. Her hair was matted with dried, crusted blood, the red liquid dried on the right side of her face. She was dressed in her Daisy Duke shorts, her cowboy boots clapping in the puddles of blood and water. Gina flipped her hair behind her ears, and from the corner?s of Camden?s eye, he could see a bug crawl from her eye and crawl into her nose. Camden grimaced, withdrawing away from her and toward the others. "The Morgue should include a laboratory, right? Good. You go there and I?ll get us a blood sample from one of the infected. We meet there, then. Yes?" Carl asked Camden and Gina. Camden felt his food, what was left of it, sloshing up his throat. Shifting his eyes back toward Gina, he saw beside her was little Liam. The boy was mute, silent. No blood was on him, but his eyes looked dead. Gina held him tightly by the shoulders.

    ?Do you love him, Camden??

    Camden growled, glancing back at them. He knew they weren?t real, couldn?t be, or Carl would have seen them! But Liam, with his dead look, disturbed Camden. Gina opened her mouth as to speak again, but Camden stopped her, closing his eyes. He reached out, grabbed Stephanie?s quivering hand, and tugged her along. He heard Carl say something else, something about meeting him, and Camden nodded. ?Stephanie, she is following us!? Camden glanced behind him, seeing Gina and Liam following behind. Liam collapsed on the ground, and Camden wanted to stop, but had to keep running. Gina?s mouth opened wide, revealing shiny, pearly teeth. Blood dripping from them.

    ?Love me!?

    Camden felt the tears coming down his face, looking back again, but this time Gina has stopped. Tears, bloody tears rolled down her face. He cried more. Opening his eyes one more time, Gina was gone. The blood footsteps she had left were gone. Liam was gone. It had all been a dream, a trick of the mind. He needed some sleep. But Gina?s words still struck him cold. Her words, filled with love. They could never happen though. She was dead. ?Stephanie,? Camden said, stopping in front of the elevator, which he had already clicked the button to go down, ?what happened back there was something I had from a lack of sleep.? Perhaps my nightmares coming alive. Camden looked around, sneaking into the elevator that led to the morgue. This was the elevator, which would down by records room, and from there they would have to leave.

    The elevator doors closed, sending him and Stephanie down the elevator. The ride was not long, and a short ding opened the door to the elevator. Stepping out, Camden and Stephanie prepared themselves for anything about to jump out at them. Camden looked straight ahead and down a hallway to see someone he had thought was dead. Liam, standing beside another woman. ?Liam!? Camden shouted, forgetting where he was, or perhaps what he was doing. He ran down the hall, leaping at his foster son. The only link to the outside world. He hugged him tightly, his tears dripping on his foster son. Examining his son, he noticed all the blood, but for the moment, his son did not look hurt.

    ?Liam.? Camden sighed, looking into his son?s eyes with his first fatherly look ever. Hopefully it wouldn?t be his last.

    TAG: Girly, Anvil
  16. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Sharon Cosner
    Desert, near Ely, Nevada

    The plane went down, down, down ... then it disappeared in a cloud of flame and smoke. Sharon, shielding her eyes from the blast, shook her head.

    They kept walking towards the Inn. Sharon wondered what they would find there: would it be empty? Would it be full of dogs, like Ely? Was her car still there - and usable? Impossible to say ...

    "You handle a gun very well," Sharon said conversationally, to fill the silence as they neared Corben's. "Where did you learn to shoot? I didn't think country singers were usually crack shots with a shotgun."

    TAG: TGI, Fins
  17. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Laura Blohm
    Garage, Carl Cohn Straße

    The shot was a strange mix of pain and feeling numb. Of the intimate feeling of dying and the emptiness of hopeless struggles. And she realized her future alter ego might have been wrong. It might have been a dream. An illusion. A delusion even. She might simply have been a mad girl. A woman consumed by her loss of her boyfriend who began making things up. Things, that had let her to shoot a policeman who had killed her in the process of returning fire.

    Hr breathing hurts. And she breathes in short bursts of air now. Something burns her. She screams out in pain, as the fire touches her skin. And someone drags her. And she bleeds on the concrete floor. Or is it in a different order? Her mind looses the sense of time and order. Her life should now play backwards before her eye,s right? Well, won´t take long. Robert. She would have loved to die in Robert´s arms. She would have loved to do so . . .

    Or maybe she changed the future. Maybe she really did it? And now she dies. If so, she at least did not fail in her worst prophecy she had been given by her other self. She had not returned to her father.

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  18. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter VI - Darwin was wrong

    The roof of the monastery, western wall

    [link=]Hard and painfully[/link] Rufus landed on the monastery´s roof. But his check-mark he kept him from suffering any serious injuries. His leg and body still hurt from the confrontation with that thing on the mountain. But otherwise he was fine. As he turned up, fog covered the top of the mountain and now leaving the monastery in a dimmed, diffuse light. But in the fog he heard noises from nearby. Sounds. Someone smacking. Then he could make out the orange robes in the fog. A blad head of a young man. And the head of the man turned around.
    Finally Rufus saw his welcome comitee had been leaning over a corpse. A piece of flesh was still in his mouth. And the monk, that was what his robes implied, snorted. Then he slowly raised. In his left hand a large skinning knife. His face a bizarre mask of hunger.


    Murder was in his eyes.

    Tag: Sir_Draco

    Inside the monastery, Main Building

    The monk widened his eyes and it looked like laughter would burst out of him. "Get Zinsky? Oh I am afraid that is not possible my dear friends. And I would be so dissappointed to see you not joining us. You know recently me and my borthers have found the need of a very strict diet. And you were fitting so well into that." He now laughed out and three more monks appeared on the door step. These looked like classical monks. With their orange robes, barefooted. The main difference to the general idea about buddhists was, that their mouthes and chins were covered in crusted blood. Obviously they had digested raw meat. And the feverish look in their eyes sroblgy implied, they were eager to do so again.
    The four monks from outside also seemed to come out of nowhere, as they blocked the pathway to the exit. Their faces were covered by blood two. And one of them licked his lips. Exposing a line of very sharp teeth, not remotley looking like those of a human.
    "Sir?" Was all Bjorndahl asked, not allowing his eyes to leave the threats from both sides. He was calm now. Deadly calm. The battle was ineviatble. And that was where he felt most comfortable with. Kill or be killed. Waiting for any signal to strike from his employee, his finger began pushing the trigger of his SMG.


    Tag: TheDarkOverlord

    Chapter VII - Family. And other problems.

    Garage, Carl-Cohn-Straße, Hamburg

    The Garage filled with screams and blood and thundering shots from people who had no idea anymore who was the enemy. And just as Markus had dragged Laura to the next car, her wounds bleeding less, but the firce had not comletely closed them . . . two shots send spasrks his way, as they hit the armored vehicle a meter besides him.
    From the corwd of fighting people the man who had begun the firefight appeared and yelled at Markus. "She is mine!" Firing another shot at the window, as Markus leaped in. The key was obviously not in the lock. So the car would not drive anywhere until it was somehow started. The man fired a whole slavo of shots into the window. Scratches were they caused. And angry he threw away his empty gun and began looking for something else to use. His looks returning to Markus and Laura and then to the dead cops around him.
    In the background the riot had reached the police. Blood was slowly floating the floor of the garage as SEK-members desperatly tried to auto-fire against the coming stomr, killing dozens only to be overrun by hundreds. The policemen were dragged down, bitten, beaten and kicked to death. The Center of the Criminal Police was lost. Taken over by raging hordes of civilians.

    Tag: Mitth, Sirak

    Tarpenbekstraße, Eppendorf
    (combined with LordT as Thomas)

    "Verstehe." Was the
  19. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 6 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Father McEneny

    The Father stood blinking in the doorway.

    "Father? I am Professor Moore from Harvard University," said the man, "I am the dirctor of Prometheus. An organisation to research the change and I would need your help. I hope you can help, at least. Could I have a minute?"

    "Uh..." the Father finally said after a moment or two of blank, confused staring. " you have...a...badge? Wait...would you...can I get you some tea? Anything? Uh, do come in." He beckoned the man into his modest apartment, past the entrance-way into the sparse living room. Though humbly furnished, it was messy. The priest gestured at a pile of clutter. "I...don't get many visitors. So...I'm sorry...what is it you've come to see me for, again?"

    TAG: GM
  20. jedimastercam

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    Jan 24, 2007
    Andrea ?Andy? Rebecca Baker
    Destruction of Flight 2440 - Near Ely, Nevada


    Andrea jerked her eyes open, her beautiful eyes glancing around the plane. She jerked up straight suddenly, shocked. She wondered what had happened. Then she cursed herself. She must have fallen asleep, and now someone was getting her out -Someone was GETTING her out. She jerked again, trying to point to Sumiko. But Sumiko was gone. She sighed. Please let her be alive, please let him have saved her. Andrea glanced around the room, looking toward the outside. It was so sunny, so hot. The heat.

    The heat.

    Andrea felt the sun, the extreme heat burning, scolding her back. Her shoulder burned as the man took her, and she noticed he was bald. She had hoped it would have been Vincent. He was dead though. Andrea?s cut on her arm shone in the sun, the bright red blood color glittering perhaps. Andrea glanced at the people stretched out on the sand. Sumiko. She sighed, then her breathe stopped in her throat. Was that- could that- is that- Vincent? Alive! Beside him lay the old man who had saved her. Everyone she had met, other than the Stewardess and the business man, were here in this place. And she started to cry.

    She. Had. Survived.

    ?Hello young lady,? her savior reported, his voice calm and caring, ?Don?t worry. You just survived a plane crash.? He was bald, that she noticed most. Handsome man, perhaps getting on up in his age. Maybe if she was twenty, maybe ten years older, and she didn?t already have her someone she loved, she would care for him lovingly. But for the moment, all her love for him was centered on how he had saved all of them from dying.

    Vinnie. Had. Survived.
    She. Had. Survived.
    Sumiko. Had. Survived.

    They had all survived. As if it was signifying how close she had been to dying, the first half of the plane, the part she had luckily been on, exploded finally in flames. Andrea could imagine her sleeping figure dying in the flames. So close. She had been so close to death. She thought she might see her father again. Then she looked around. In the distance there happened to be a. . .city? She nodded, confirming her thoughts. A city. Maybe there would be people there. ?It is okay,? the man said again, ?We?re alive.?

    ?Thank you, sir,? Andrea told him. Ignoring the pain in her shoulder or hand, ignoring the headache blossoming in her head and banging her forehead with each heartbeat, she crawled toward Vincent. Laying beside him, she put her hand on his forehead. She reached down, not thinking about what she was doing, and kissed him. ?Wake up, Vinnie!? Andrea said, then giggled at how awkward the situation was.

    TAG: Fins, Sumiko, LordT (I guess we have two storylines together)
  21. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Garage, Carl-Cohn-Straße, Hamburg

    Guns. Weapons of infinitesimal destruction that relied on the combined effects of piercing and kinetic wave forms sometimes coupled with the devastating effects of shrapnel. As the bullet travels whether in air or in flesh it left waves of outward pressing waves of destructive pressure traveling in the same direction as the bullet. When the bullet exits these waves if unhampered by more solid structures will create an exit wound of exploding biomater that is much larger than the bullet by a factor of...

    ...What a time to forget a fact! Then again when one has someone trying no longer to shoot Laura but yourself the abstract thinking of the deadly qualities of ballistics doesn't really calm your nerves. Especially when sparks dance from the car door next to you before you managed to get in and close the door behind you. Luckily the locks worked without the automobile started, Thanks be for that! And for whoever invented bullet proof windows! He quickly amended in his mind as he stared at the cars wheel and the empty slot for the key. Woe to whoever didn't leave the thing in the ignition!

    Of course, he didn't really mean it, but still his words became truth in the rear view mirror as the maniac civilians tore the cops asunder. Literally bringing woe, or destruction, most likely upon whoever hadn't left the keys in the ignition for a fast get away.

    Prying to pop open the dash cover under the steering wheel he prayed this fool-hardy plan would work. All he had to do was get it open, find the two wires, cut them with his bloody pen torch that hopefully had enough of its short fuel supply and a twist and tap later the thing would be started. Then they could be on their way, to some safe spot where he could finally get into the back and perform some proper medical treatment so that his only living connection to his daughter didn't die.

    TAG: Fin, Sirak
  22. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 17, 2009
    John Henley
    Streets and then arriving at Corben´s Inn

    "Wyoming. I was raised on a farm in Wyoming." He said and smiled. "Hunted since I am five. But then again . . . she did not saw me coming. Strange enough, if she had already experienced the thing when she was younger. Maybe a smarter mindthan mine can make sense of it." He nodded and hummed a tune of his own Mercy Seat cover, as he made his way through the desert. Not long enough and a second explosion followed the first. The plane was most likely gone. But now they were in sight of Corben´s Inn. And the place looked awful. A truck was there. A fuel truck, probably. And blood. Dead dogs. Obviously killed by someone, so the place wasn´t empty. That was also what he thought, when Vashti came out. He was still too far away to speak normally to her, so he yelled. "Girl!" He took his gun into both hands and waved to her. "We´re back!" Turning to Sharon he smiled. "At least they are in our time." He winked.

    Rose. His poor Rose. she was gone much longer now, was she? Her corpse maybe rotten completely. He shook the thought out of his head and turned to the girl again. Take care of the living. Sooner or later God will cut you down, anyway.

    Tag: Xany, swbeauty, Fin, TSG
  23. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Alex McRea

    [link=]In the final hours of the night...[/link]

    I found myself thinking. As I watched the Sheriff drive off. Why was I doing this? Eccentric as I was I wasn't acting as my normal self. I didn't go out looking for trouble, it wasn't me. You go out looking for trouble and you generally find more than you can chew. Movies taught me that. But here I was. Standing in the dark, watching the tail lights of the sheriffs care vanish into the dark.

    I'd lied to him, for the better good I hoped, but still I'd lied. In one night I'd lied to the law, seen men in black burn... things, watched heard a man I've known for a decent period of time get shot to death, and killed a man with my own hands. And then there was the girl. My gaze fixated on her as I watched her slip out of the truck, wrapped in one of the blankets I kept for my Cot in there. What was she? Why was she here?

    [blockquote]And you shall be like gods . . .[/blockquote]

    And then there was the dream. Somehow, through some strange act of coincidence or higher power I had dreamed of this girl just hours before actually seeing her. Were she normal, I could pass it off as simply trying to tie the dream to something. But specifically dreaming about a girl with no mouth, and then to actually meet a girl with no mouth the possibilities of something happening that was beyond me was just to hard to not consider.

    Giving her an uncharacteristically weak smile I shut off the truck and grabbed my bag. Something or someone had sent me to meet this girl. Something, I don't know what was telling - no - driving me to protect her. For better or worse I as given a part to play in something bigger than I was. 'All the worlds a stage, and we are merely players.' I always did want to be an actor in my own movie...

    So I decided I'd play my part. Slinging my bag over my shoulder I closed the truck, and moved to escort my guest up the stairs and to the door. Only one more thing to do for the moment, so far as I knew. Solve the mystery of why my lights were turned on.

    Tag: Fins
  24. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Rufus Jameson
    Monastery of the Dead, Nepal

    The body was aching, the bones seemed to bend. Not break, no he knew that felt different. But aching, they were aching so badly. And then he felt the need to smoke. he knew cigarettes were in his pocket. Knew they were nearby and he could have one. But instead he gave himself to his headache. The burning muscles of his back were almost keeping him from getting up.

    Something was nearby.

    The P-90 swung from his back and he aimed into the fog that seemed to cover the Monastery out of nowhere. The small SMG seemed heavier now. Exhaustion took it´s price of him. But the tension of this place gave him power, too. He felt the need to end it. To find Zinsky and escape this white hell. And he knew this quest was not yet over. The orange robes were the first thing to make out in the fog. Slowly he allowed his gun to sink. A monk and a Buddhist one. He finally bit into his glove and pushed it from his hand, so he could nestle in his pocket until he got a cigarette. He was paranoid. Monks were not exactly dangerous and the others could not be here yet, could they? Than he heard the smacking. The body in front of the monk released larger masses of blood into the snow. His SMg raised again, as the monk turned around.
    His face was barely human. It only shared some basic features with a human. And it looked hungry with it´s sharp teeth, it´s small eyes and it´s evil unnatural grin. The monk came closer and Rufus was surprised how calm he remained. Fear filled him. Yes. But he had faced a thing that looked human and could survive getting shot a hundred times only a few minutes ago. He knew now that they were real. The monsters. The evil little pieces of nightmares. That build the phantasmagoria of men. The no phantasms. They were as real as he was. Or his P90. As the thing came closer, he defeated his fear long enough to give a clear and well aimed burst of five shots to the things face. The silenced gun would not alarm any others by sound. Only the muzzle-fire could reveal his location. That was his thought as the second burst was aimed into it´s chest.

    No fear. No, he realized he actually felt nothing. and something in his numb mind wondered if he was in shock. But his eyes, his finger, his weapon and all his deadly intent stayed focused on this thing. This thing that should never have existed.

    Tag: LordT
  25. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Desert, Ely, Nevada

    Sumiko was relieved to hear Andrea?s voice, but any strength to respond was replaced by the overwhelming feeling of her mind slipping back into the realm of unconsciousness, a mixture of pain and exhaustion that she was too weak to fight as everything faded to black once more.

    When she came around the second time, she slowly realised that she was not in the plane anymore. Instead she was lying on the ground, her bleary eyes met a darkening sky and she felt something that felt like sand beneath her. Was she dreaming that dream again? She heard the sound of feet on ground and in her Waking moments she thought she could sense Tony near her. She turned her could see Andrea, worse for wear but alive. The older man who had appeared in first class just before the crash was also there, lying beside her

    She sat up gingerly, but grimaced in obvious pain and grasped her upper left arm, her shoulder starting to radiate pain. She could feel that the joint was not where it was supposed to be through the fabric of her jacket. Her ribs were still hurting quite a bit too and the side of her head was streaked with blood, but considering she even survived the crash at all at least injuries would eventually heal. As she scanned the carnage of the crash site, her eyes also settled on the unconscious form of the sky-marshal. She scanned the immediate area once more. There was no sign of Tony. Had he...perished in the crash? Her dark eyes settled on the person who had saved them, He was busy comforting Andrea

    It was then that the god-forsaken plane unleashed one final surprise, causing Sumiko to shriek in surprise as what remained of the shattered plane burst violently into flames, a massive fireball erupting upwards, lighting up the darkening sky. She squinted at the brightness and could feel the heat in the air. They all could of still been in there the moment it blew if not for this man and just the mere thought of it made her stomach churn. She watched as Andrea used whatever strength she had to get to Vincent?s side. Who knew that love could blossom so vibrantly in such a short amount of time. Turning away to give them a moment of privacy, her eyes focused back on their rescuer. A look of gratitude graced her young face, though the grime and blood that settled there. She bowed her head as low as she could muster in her current condition, a sign of respect. She felt tears of relief well up in her eyes

    ?T-Thank you sir! Thank you...You risked your own life to saves ours, I don?t know how We?ll ever be able to repay you?Arigatou??

    She said softly, her eyes falling to glance at the sandy ground beneath her

    TAG: Fins, Spycoder, LordT
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