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Thriller The Sins of the Saints

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Republic_Anvil

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    Oct 24, 2009
    IC: Gunnery Sargent Lance Apone, Corporal Calvin Hudson, Corporal Dwayne Hicks,
    Inside Military Tent Echo 3-W-2, outside BMC, Boston.

    Three men went about the business of preparing to kill.

    Sargent Lance Apone, a man of medium height and build, he finished snapping the last fashioners of his tack vest. He picked up a Heckler & Koch MK23, a semi-automatic .45 caliber handgun with a laser aiming module and a suppressor, slammed a magazine into the grip and racked the slide back, chambering a round, and securing the weapon in his tack holster.

    ?Lock and load people.?

    Corporal Calvin Hudson snatched up a Heckler & Koch MP5 and strapped it to his vest. A short wispy haired man with a ferret face, he slung the weapon and stood ready. His crooked teeth not quite hidden behind his sneer.

    ?Why is it that every time the Civies get into trouble, we got to pull their buts out of the fire??

    ?Stow it Hudson.? Corporal Dwayne Hicks gave Hudson a look that said he would happily shoot him as much a s spit on him.

    A solider appeared at the tent's entrance and spoke to Apone. ?Lets move.?

    Tag: No one

    IC: Ginsberg
    Inside Command Tent Echo 3-T-8

    Ginsberg watched as Abby picked up a weapon and started to check it. He wasn't very worried about his safety, if she shot him then her friend would be dead seconds later. He motioned to someone out side and returned his attention to Abby.

    ?Screw the sitrep, I?ll figure it out on my own.?

    ?Which is for the best, because we know very little about what is going on inside. As for being on your own, that won't entirely be true.?

    Just then three men walked into the tent.

    ?Gunnery Sargent Apone this is Ms. Schultz, she is going to be your CDC liaison. Don't worry about her keeping up she was a combat medic, she can hold her own.?

    Apone looked at her and just nodded. Hudson had a look like a cross between lewd and annoyed. Hicks just looked at her, his face blank. Apone finally spoke. ?Ok Schultz, have you been briefed?? at a shake of the head from Ginsberg, Apone launched into a quick explanation of their mission. They were the second team being sent in and they were to locate the missing first team, determine the situation and protect Abby while she collected her samples.

    Ginsberg handed her a pack with equipment for her sample collecting. ?Ms. Schultz I am sure that you can take care of your self but we are not in the habit of going it alone. So Corporal H...?
    Hudson interrupted Apone with a very suggestive grin on his face. ?Don't worry Sarge I'll stick t...?

    ?Shut it Hudson!? Apone glared at the ferrety man. ?Hicks, she your responsibility.?

    Hicks eyes never left Abby ?Yes Sir.?

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  2. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Angela Janssen
    Boston Medical Center, Boston

    Camden came out of nowhere and she had almost shot him. Then he embraced the boy. Was he his father? She had not known that there was any children in Dr. Fosset´s family. then again she hardly knew that man. The embrace seemed natural at first. But then it hurt. A flash of pain in her heart. Infection. They did not know how they spread. Still did not know. Then again she had embraced the boy. But . . . so what? They could be both infected. "Dr. Fosset, it might be the boy is infected with a most dangerous virus. And probably so are you now." She sighed and stepped back. Only one step. But a clear sign of distrust. A woman was there. Stephanie Dale if she recalled right. Holding her weapon tight she stared at both of them. Who knew who had it and who not, right now? "We need to get out of here and call the police. The CDC. Everybody. A virus that makes people behave violent is spreading down there. I had to kill two of the infected down there in the morgue." She explained, still staring at Camden. "And I think we need to Quarantine the boy, you Dr. Fosset and everybody else possibly infected."

    And yourself? Well, someone had to work on it and she did not feel infected, right? She did not feel ill.

    Tag: Spycoder


    Jackson Clay
    Corben´s Inn, Nevada

    The explosion meant nothing to him. His eyes were fixed on the country singer and Sharon as they arrived. And all the ball of fire did for him was illuminating the scene. "Yes, Vashti. You should go and look for survivors. I´ll talk to the others." Jackson said. Uninterested in her sudden burst of activity. Or her still having her gun. He would not allow her to stand in his way. Or anybody else. Guns would not change that. The Lord had chosen him for this.

    His own pistol in his right hand he stepped out and looked at Sharon and John. A dry and humourless smile on his lips. "Go, Vashti. Find the people from the plane." If there are any, but she was out of the way. It might save her life, after all.

    "Go." He hissed once more and his eyes became slits, staring at the other two.

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  3. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Doctor Camden Fossett
    Morgue - BMC

    The moment, the only clear moment in this entire day, was shattered like a window. And Doctor Angela Janssen had thrown the rock. Her voice was quivering, was that what her voice did. Quivered? She had that brown hair, those brown eyes, and in those eyes he drew strength. This woman, another Doctor, had survived this mess also. He had met a millionaire, he had met a adoption services woman, but now he had met another doctor. A beautiful one at that. Then he cursed himself, cursed these thoughts. He was married! These were not the times to say someone was beautiful.

    "Dr. Fossett, it might be the boy is infected with a most dangerous virus. And probably so are you now." Angela told him. That struck him cold. Not his son! Never his son. Let it take Carl, let it take Angela, but for heaven?s sake do not let his son die. He had just got him. And then he saw the step back. That hit his heart. Now he might die. He had known that would happen this whole time. But for now, who really cared anymore. ?If my son is going to die, Ms. Janssen, then I might as well die too.? Camden said, placing a hand on his son?s head, tussling his hair.

    "We need to get out of here and call the police. The CDC. Everybody. A virus that makes people behave violent is spreading down there. I had to kill two of the infected down there in the morgue." She explained, looking at him, "And I think we need to Quarantine the boy, you Dr. Fossett and everybody else possibly infected." Each word hit him like another rock. His face shifted slightly. ?I am not sick! I will not go with my son and be tested and be killed! You sorry ***** get out of our way. We are getting out of here! Me and my son!? Camden screamed, his eyes bulging. Tears were running down his face now. Instead of running, he just stood there, crestfallen. He realized quarantining him and his son was the only way to protect the ones not sick.

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  4. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]GM Note: [/hl]

    Work is killing your GM. I have become member of a team for a job with a very tight timetable and that will keep me busy over hte next few days. My thursday update is guaranteed, well t least assured I will make every effot to make it. but otherwise my updates will be slow for this week and the next. After that, I´ll be bakc with a vengeance!

    LordT promised an update later today. So if he GMs you, get your post in.

  5. The_Dark_Overlord

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    Apr 16, 2002
    Daniel Beckfris
    Inside Monestary

    Oh you had to be kidding. No way in any reality this was possible, flesh eating zombie monks?!
    On the other hand this might be perhaps the worst day to be a zombie monk of all days, this was just to much.

    "Sir?" Björndahl said, and without responding Daniel Beckfris's pulled his trigger finger unleashing fine tuned man made bullets of death and destruction. Fifteen man stopper bullets each second, nine hundred each minute. Each bullet designed to bring as much punishment and kinetic power as possible. His aim pulled higher first at chest height but was within a millisecond aligned with the zombie monks head.

    [link=]"KILL THESE DAMNED ZONKS!!!" [/link]Beckfris yelled and with that Björndahl grabbed a grenade and hoped he could blow up a few of the... zonks?! at the opening towards the larger hall.


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  6. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    ooc: So, here I am. As it is an unfair advantage to control NPCs in combat I´ll take Bjorndahl completely from here. I´ll update quite frequently from now on.

    Chapter VI: Darwin was wrong

    Monastery, Inside

    Prejudices were a dangerous thing. The frist one the two men had made was they faced zombies. The second, one was that they were stupid. As Beckfris hit the trigger his bullets ripped apart the first of the monks. the others dived for cover. 15 bullets every second. Then again, only 40 in the magazine. The two first attackers were hurled back, as a third grabbed Beckfris from behind and pushed him against a wall. Number four and five were through the door as Bjorndahls grenade passed them.
    Beckfris was lsammed into the stone wall. Pressing him against it, the man laughed into his ear, releasing a fould breath. Bjorndahl saw it, but could do little about it. the grenade he had just thrown came tumbling back into the floor, the monks around him taking cover, as he leaped back. Pressing his trigger he shot the man who had welcomed them into his face. A short and controlled burst. And then immediately rammed the SMG into the man who had neared at him from behind. "BECKFRIS!" He shouted, knowing the grenade would go of any second now.

    Tag: TDO


    Monastery, Roof

    The bursts hit the man with the deadly force one would have epxected. His face and chest ripped to pieces by Rufus shots he fell over and was send over the edge of the walls into the snow many meters below. From above Rufus Jameson could see the red blood spread down below.

    An explosion made the temple tremble under his feet. More monks came running out of one building at the southside of the Monastery, hurrying towards the main entrance. From htere shots, screams and yells could be heard. And from above one could see clearly the dozens of piles of bones that were everywhere on the monastery grounds. The truth of this fact was bizarre. But it left one with only on explanation. and mepty village, thousands of bones. all flesh digested by the monks. The monks had eaten everybody in the village.

    Of Jacob Zinsky though, there was no trace.

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  7. starwarsbeauty

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    Feb 1, 2005
    IC: Vashti Schick
    Corben's Inn

    The door slowly opened as Vashti pushed against it. The heat hit her face and her hair blew backward from the force of it. It felt so good on her skin. Fresh air not contaminated with all the days happenings or the scent of blood. The scent was familiar, comfortable.

    Inhaling deeply, a smiled spread on her face. Things would be alright. The air was still the same even if everything else was different.

    "Yes, Vashti. You should go and look for survivors. I´ll talk to the others."

    Turning her head to look at Mr. Clay, Vashti wondered what he meant. The others? The others were the survivors weren't they? As if answering her silent question, she heard a voice.

    Girl!" "We´re back!"

    Spinning back around, Vashti wiped the hair from her face as her eyes settled on the two figures in the distance. One a man, one a woman. The man Mr. Corben had been excited to see was waving at her and the woman was Sharon.

    Taking a few steps toward them, she froze. Mr. Clay not far behind her. Sharon. The woman who may be hiding something. The one who Jackson wanted to 'deal' with.

    "Go, Vashti. Find the people from the plane."

    The tone of his voice was harsh and commanding. It made the girl hesitate.


    Another command. Another second of hesitation. She didn't know what to do. Jackson looked angry as the other two came closer. Did she leave Sharon at the hands of the two men when she assumed Jackson meant to do her harm or did she stay here and try to prevent him from harming her. Could she even help? Jackson could over power her with ease. Then again, there was the other man. He could prevent Jackson from hurting Sharon while she went to help the plane survivors. Were there even survivors? How long ago was the crash? Could they have survived that long?

    Looking toward Sharon once again, she made up her mind. There probably wasn't any survivors and she couldn't knowingly leave Sharon in harms way until it was proven that she was dangerous.

    "Mr. Clay, please don't do anything until we've had a chance to talk to them. Maybe Sharon can explain."

    Cold metal shifted in her tiny fingers. She still had the gun. If he was too hasty she could stop him. Her head nodded as she began to walk toward the others. Hopefully she would have the courage to do what was necessary if, or when, the time came.

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  8. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    ooc: Waiting for Xany beofre I do Clay.

    Angela Janssen
    Boston Medical Center

    Her gun raised and was pointed right to Camden´s chest. "You got no son Camden." She cooly remarked. "You and your wife never had kids." Obviously he was delusional. Stress? Pressure of the situation? Certainly a possibility. But more likely he was indeed infected. Probably not through the kid, but before. From up here. "Camden, you will be isolated or you will be . . . kept from endangering people otherwise." She had killed that day. She was not sure if she was ready to kill Camden. But hell . . . she surely was not ready to sacrifice the whole damned world to let him life.

    "Please, step back and go to the elevator. There are quarantine cells down there. We can keep you there, I do a test on you and the child and then we´re sure. Okay? After that you can go out and do whatever you want." He gun kept pointed at the mans chest.

    Angela asked what she had done to deserve this. The answer was obvious. nothing. There was nothing that made anybody in the world deserve this.

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Doctor Camden Fossett
    Inside BMC - Near Elevator

    Camden could hear Angela speak. Heard her words. Then he saw her gun. Her gun. The gun. The word echoed in his mind over and over again, and he heard glass shattering again and again. Again. And again. Time seemed to slow, and Camden could hear each heartbeat, each rhythm of his heart. He had studied how to become a Doctor in his earlier years. And right now, dressed in a blood stained doctor coat, holding his foster son?s hand, staring in the muzzle of a gun which was held by another doctor, was something not mentioned in the manual. None of this was in the manual. He felt the tears, and he wondered when he had finally shattered. It had been when Gina had died.

    ?I. Don?t. Care.? Camden roared suddenly, coming from his thoughts. He gripped his son?s hand tighter. ?I am foster father, Ms. Janssen. I am a FOSTER FATHER!? He was so angry, so tired of it all. And the moment seemed so clear, so heavenly. He wanted Angela to die, right here, right now. Then he decided he would get her in the labs. He would lay down, rest, then jump up and kick her in the jaw. Then he would grab a scalpel and shove it in her mouth. . .He stopped his thoughts. Where was all this coming from? He remembered from biology one time that when people meet the most primitive times, they turn primitive themselves. He was a man. And he would not fall apart.


    ?Sorry for shouting, Ms. Janssen. I realize you believe I am crazy, but I believe I have lack of sleep. I keep on seeing things and such. And this is my son. Not flesh and blood, but legally I am his foster father. And Carl Weber, I hope you have heard of him, is coming down here with a specimen of his own. We were to operate on it ourselves. I will go be examined, but I cannot speak for Stephanie or my son. My son, please spare him. He is just a child.? Camden begged to her, taking back a normal face.

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    Jun 15, 2006
    ooc: Fins told me what the message field is containing...

    Tarpenbekstraße, Eppendorf
    Hikaru Hoshi

    Hikaru got the mobile out of his pocket and held it between him and the wall. Robert had only activated the field "send to:" and Hikaru saw that the message was meant for Laura.
    Only that he had to type it. He chose to get this task done as fast as possible, so nobody would realize that he had done anything.
    He just typed: Komm nicht Heim. Lebensgefahr! Hoshi, and klicked on "send message".
    Then Roberts Mobile vanished in his pocket again.

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    Jul 13, 2008
    OOC: While there's not a good excuse for my continued delays in replying, I would like to apologize anyway. Hopefully now that I'm well rested and settling into summer it'll be easier to find time to update. Also - John Simm! [face_love]

    Somewhere in Boston

    Something the vigilante known as Godot had learned in his continued search for Caleb was the importance of recognizing the difference between the many individuals known as Caleb, those elements which called themselves Caleb, false Calebs, and Caleb himself. Naturally, the last proved the most elusive, and thus it was a relatively routine matter for him to dismiss the reports coming in regarding the hospital out of hat. Regardless of what they said, those individuals were not the true Caleb.

    No, Caleb was still out in the wilds of the urban jungle... somewhere.

    It was a night much like any other, and Godot found himself in another alley in another part of town, as he was wont to do. The image of himself in the fountain hung heavy in his mind, and the darkness that clung to the alley brought him solace, the unseen eyes of it giving him a comfort no other source could provide. Such was the paradoxical relationship between Godot and the dark - it at once fostered his deep-rooted paranoia and brought him security. Effectively, he was at his most calm when he was at his most heightened state of unease. A conflicting duality - two sides opposed and yet unified.

    Much like his face.

    A voice echoed in the empty space behind the nape of his neck, and the masked man was amused by his own reaction - a mixture of surprise and knowledge, like he had been taken unawares by the newcomer and yet was wholly prepared for anyone approaching him to come from behind. By the man's look and the way he talked, he was apparently familiar with Godot. That was worrying - he was a wraith, a shadow, perhaps not even a man, and a reputation of any sort could be extremely dangerous to his one mission. This bespectacled man - this Jimmy - was a variable, and the vigilante despised the potential risks that variables introduced. Caleb was a big enough risk without any help - and God was a big enough risk without Caleb!

    Yet in the man Godot could not help but detect the faint resonance of a kindred spirit, another who knew but did not know, saw but could not see. "I understand," he replied in a curt, gravely tone of voice. "I take it this is related to whatever it is you're holding?" he asked, his right index finger, glistening in ebony-colored leather, pointed directly at the man's fist.

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  12. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    OOC - Apologies for the delay; I too have been absolutely hammered by work and other stuff lately, not to mention an unhealthy bout of writer's block. [face_beatup] I'll have an IC post in as soon as I possibly can...
  13. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter VII - Family. And other problems.

    Garage, Carl-Cohn Straße

    The man leaped from the car, just as Markus began to work on the jump start. modern cars were by far not as easy to trick as traditional ones. More electronic, less mechanics. The guy ran over to a dead SEK on the ground, giving two headshots to a policeman next to him. The demonstraters, the horde of violent psychpaths . . . left him alone as he went to his knees, took up an MP-5 and unloaded it at the car without thinking twice. sparks flew everywhere. and the attacker immediately reloaded the gun and fired another magazine, just as the car roared alive. His face showed frustration and anger. But he did not loose his head. instead he looked at the dead SEKs equipment and smiled. Taking the least of the deads magazines. one with a piece of blue tape to it´s lower side. Armor piecring ammo. He quickly began to place it in the weapon, while standing up and walking towards the stzarted car as if he wanted to go on a collusion course.

    Tag: Mitth

    Flat and all other waiting for replies. I´ll update once more later, probably. Same goes for The Passenger, which waits for LordT. He promised to post later today.

    Chapter IX - And Prometheus played with fire . . .

    Alley, somewhere in Boston

    The man blinked. "Yes, yes. Most likely. I think this is for you." He said and raised his arms. Offering something that looked like small computer to Godot, he smiled. It was more a confused, excusing and desperate smile. "I think you might need it. Much more than I do." And trembling a bit he stepped closer to hand the minicomputer to Godot.

    Before Godot could take it, he felt Caleb. Indeed, the enemy was nearby. The man looked up as if he had felt the same. "Yes." He simply commented on the shared perception. "Hurry."

    Tag: Ramza

    Flat of Father McEneny, Near St. Thomas Church

    The man pushed his glasses back onto his face and smiled politely as he entered. For a man of clearly a cool mind his look was surprisingly haunted. "I assure you, I am not here for a social visit. I would announce myself in due time before that." He smiled and looked around. His eyes fell on a bible. He nodded and obviously decided there was no point of sneaking around the reason for his presence. "I need your help, Father. Your expertise. I would have called for an expert from the Vatican. But the problem I face might have a political dimension for some and if . . . it turns out to be true. Real. Then mankind is in danger. In a way it never has been before." The Professor sighed. "My agency is young, but very specialized, Father. We investigate the Change and all things concerning it. In that investigation we found a man . . . a strange man . . . he claims to know what the Change is about. And he claims he was in personal contact with God. I mean with that . . . Eye to Eye contact with a person, a real person he claims to be God."moore sighed. "I am a scientist. As such I don´t think God is necessary a good solution to scientific problems. but the sotry he tells me is very, very different from everything the bible says. But it makes sense. Sense compared to events, many events he could not reasonably have heard of or known anything about." folding his hands Moore loked up. "Could you talk to him? For me? Could you give me an estimation of what he is saying? Of what he claims to know? If he takes it from nowhere or actually he is . . . reliable?" Moore was obviously unsure. "I would much appreciate the opinion of someone . . . a believer. A christina believer, especially. As I am not of chirstian faith. And haven´t seen my Rabbi since my bamizwa." he almost sounded excusing. Then shook his head. "Could you help us here, father?"

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Garage, Carl-Cohn Straße

    It was worse. The car was modern, which wasn't as much of a problem considering his gained tech knowledge over the years. What was a problem was the fact that he was having trouble concentrating and using that knowledge with someone unloading bullets into the armored car. Made it exceptionally hard to remember whether it was the blue or the yellow wire that went into the next port crossed.

    Finally, after what felt like an eternity to his jittery hands the car roared to life. Without awaiting an invitation he yanked the little stick to get the vehicle into drive before putting the 'pedal to the metal' as his mum might of said. As he peeled out of the parking spot he found the way out blocked by the man with a gun, who was putting another clip into his weapon. Which left only two questions to his mind in that adrenalin driven moment.

    How many bullets can an armored vehicle withstand before it lost the fight, and secondly could he? Could he drive over a man, even if the hordes did not seem to bother him. Could he. . .again. Foot pressing on the pedal, accelerating the car forward toward the ramp of freedom, he prayed with eyes closed as he leaned into the passenger seat for cover. Left hand holding onto the wheel as the sense of oddity washed over him. He was leaning into what he traditionally knew as the drivers seat from the passenger side. It was an odd moment to feel odd about that now of all times and situations, but still it bugged him as he prayed with rapid words driven by adrenalin as much as himself to the Lord to protect them from their enemies and guide them safely through this city of death so plagued.

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  15. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    Once again, my sincere apologies for taking so long.

    IC: Sharon Cosner
    Corben's Inn, Nevada

    The place looked awful.

    Sharon had been prepared to see it empty and derelict, like the cars and Ely itself, but she had not quite expected to see blood on the diner windows, a dead dog, and Vashti standing on the doorstep as if to greet them.

    John called out, waving. He turned to Sharon with a smile. "At least they are in our time."

    "Mm-hmm." Something was wrong. The girl looked worried, nervous, and she was holding a gun. The priest stepped out - he had his pistol in hand as well. The back of Sharon's neck prickled ...

    The two spoke briefly - Sharon was too far away to hear what - and then, after a moment of hesitation, Vashti began walking out to meet them. The priest stood where he was, staring at them - her - with slitted eyes.

    ... and the prickling solidified into cold knowledge.

    Throughout her stay at Corben's Inn, she had kept a wary eye out for trouble of a more personal variety, but somehow she had thought - assumed, hoped - that The Change had removed that particular complication from her immediate future. Apparently not; apparently not only did the complication remain, she had poured coffee for it not a few hours ago, and suspected nothing.

    One man only. They believe in fate, you know?

    Yes indeed. Sharon found she did not appreciate the irony.

    Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Sharon felt her mind settle into a familiar groove. Her fingers itched for her weapon, but there was still Vashti to consider ... and John. She would not see them hurt if possible, and the first step towards achieving that was to pretend everything was fine.

    "Are you all right?" Sharon called to Vashti.

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    Apr 2, 2007
    LordT asked me to post the following. he, like all Germans, has massive problems to post right now and got no more Internet at home. he apologizes for his absence and promises to be back soon.

    I hate him for that post. BTW. Hate him.

    Thomas Schröder
    Flat, Tarpenbekstr.55, Eppendorf

    "Sure." Was all he said and let Alicia down. He looked the man straight into the eyes and allowed him to take the gun. He though of Maja Capsari. For some reasons he had no idea what to do about it. But he had to. He had to think of her. "I can call her. I got her number." He said cooly and looked around. He looked around a lot. It made him appear as if he was searching for something. Finally his eyes fell on Robert again. The guy was obviously suffering. He had ignored him so far. "Well, I want that guy dead, too." He said then and pointed to Robert. "Just because he is an arrogant bastard, like her. You knew he once told me it was okay I had a thing for her? That it was okay I adore her? he would understand? he smiled into my face with such generosity. and a week later I screwed his girlfrind. Pretty good, long night. Drugs. All of that stuff involved. . . . not interesting you, is it?" Thomas nodded. "Okay, I get a drink and then call her, ´kay?" Thomas was so incredible calm. Why? Why was he so cool? His second gun was heavy in his belt. there was actually a third one around, but when someone had tried to kill him with that earlier that day, it had not worked. He took out his dose of pills and threw another into his mouth. Looking down to Alicia, while doing it he smiled. "Want one?" He asked and offered the girl his syntethic drugs. the less she saw what would have to come next, the better.

    Tag: Fin, Ben

    The Passenger
    Nevada, Crash Site

    The 1st Class Passenger looked down on them all and then around. "I think there was a settlement nearby. A pitstop or Desert Diner or something. I think I saw it when we went down." He said, ignoring the fact it was highly unlikely that he would have seen anything. Then he turned to Andrea crawling over to Vincent. "Yes, Vincent. Wake up." he said and smiled a generous smile. The man began coughing immediately. He turned to Sumiko and the elder man. "You were Tony´s friend, right? I saw you two talking." Sadly his touched her shoulder. "I could notsafe him, I am sorry." He only said and then gave her a plastic bottle of water. Wherever he had it from, he behaved as if it was the most natural thing to possess in that moment."

    Tag: Leigh, Spy

    Carl Weber
    Boston Medical Center

    "Stop it!" Weber barked to the assembly of hysteric human beings. Shaking his head, he had the vile with blood in his left hand as he came around the corner. the new arrival had a gun, too. "whoever you are, you won´t shoot anybody. Or do you think that would be a great sign you´re no affected with that virus, hm? What did it cause? Violent behavior? Yes, surely. now that you are totally not affected, why don´t you shoot us ALL!" He stepped between Camden and Dr. Janssen (her label called her that) and stared her right into the eyes. "And you Camden begin to think. When did you adopt this boy? Today? Don´t be so damned OBSESSIVE, will you? We are doctors and scientists. We need to stay calm. Cool headed. this is a serious threat. And there only two ways to meet it. Burn this place down or find a cure. So, how do you think we will like the situation better to be solved, hm? we will now go to the morgue, lock ourselves in and begin looking into this Virus. Okay? I got a sample. We can isolate it and then look who of us is infected first. And if someone is, we will use him to develop a cure. Agreed?" Looking around Carl showed little patience for the assembled people. They would help him or die in the corridors of this installation. More important things were threatened then a bunch of neurotic urban doctors.

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  17. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 26, 2007
    Jackson Clay
    Corben´s Inn, Desert

    Vashti had kept her gun and was on her way towards Sharon. it was the nature of evil to temp and seduce all good people. Sometimes with passion, sometimes with reason. Jackson had hoped the girl would be with him, but she had chosen the other side. now she was a liability. expandable. A potential threat. He would try to let her life, but not hesitate to kill her if he had to. with a sigh of regret he closed his eyes. John Henley had a shotgun. Vashti only the small caliber gun. She was also probably a pretty bad shot. Sharon was surely not a bad shot. He should not let her shot at all. Actually, it was pretty easy what he had to do. he had to take down Sharon. And if the others stood in his way, he had to kill ´em all.

    As his eyes snapped open his arm raised, his gun prepared. a single shot. He could hardly miss on that distance. Shoulder. Right side.

    "one move and my next one goes to her head!" he yelled, before even making sure he had the mark. the Lord guided his bullet into it´s aim. He was certain of that. The Lord would give him the strength to overcome all evil.

    Tag: Fin (for hitting target or not), Xany, TGI, Vashti


    Angela Janssen
    Boston Medical Center, Corridors

    Angela allowed the gun to sink down. the man was right. They were preying on each other like animals. And if they had come that far, why bother to make any difference to the infected at all? where they any better? "We must be quarantined. everybody alive in the hospital must be. and we must prepared to defend against the madmen. They will come after us. From what I have seen . . . and I killed two of them . . . we have to expect them not to leave us alone. NOT at all." Looking to the new arrival. The famous millionaire who had made such a fuss of everything when he had been shot in front of their door, she slowly nodded. 2morgue got a laboratory. Toxic and health care. Fully equiped. and you only get there with a key card. we would be safe. But we will need food. Water, especially. As we do not know how long we will have to be there. And sedatives. If one of us is infected we need to isolate him and drug him. as far as I can see, they are hostile and aggressive but far from being unintelligent. they seem to have fully developed problem-solving capacities."

    Tag: LordT, Spy, Anvil
  18. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Nevada, Crash site

    Sumiko looked up from the floor as the heroic passenger addressed the bedraggled survivors. He talked of seeing a landmark during the decent. He must have had keen eyes to spot that during that overwhelming situation. Even so, a landmark probably meant people and the state they were all in they could use all the help they could get. Andrea was still tending to her unconscious new beau. The sound of his coughing was harsh but it was also a sign that the brave sky Marshall was indeed alive and breathing. She was still kneeling in the sand when he turned to her and the elder man beside her.

    "You were Tony´s friend, right? I saw you two talking."

    The man placed his hand on Sumiko?s good shoulder and she flinched involuntarily, her body still painfully raw from her injuries. Her dark eyes met the first class passengers own. She had a feeling what he was going to say next

    "I could not save him, I am sorry."

    So her worst thoughts had been confirmed. Tony had died in the plane crash. Her head fell back down, a pang of guilt spreading through her. Despite the fact that getting involved with him landed her in this situation, she was still saddened by this, Saddened by the un-necessary loss of life. In the end he didn?t seem like a bad guy. However al his cryptic words and ominous statements still gnawed at her thoughts.

    ?I see...? she said softly ?We weren?t really friends...but our paths crossed on the flight. He showed me kindness...I'm sure you did everything you could?

    She closed her eyes and said a quiet prayer for a few moments before looking back at the man. He said no more, but instead produced a plastic bottle filled with water and handed it to her. She carefully took it with her good arm gratefully, bowing her head gently in thanks. She had no idea where he had got it from, but this man, it was like he was prepared for anything. Struggling initially to open the cap with a weakened arm, she eventually managed to get it open. Before taking a drink however, she surveyed the darkening desert that was all around them. Then she remembered peering out of the window on Tony?s advice. They were over land, this very land. They shouldn?t have been over land. They should have been over ocean. She looked at the man, wondering if he could shed any light on this mystery

    ?Where are we??

    She said quietly before raising the bottle to her dry lips. She took a small sip, the water stinging her parched throat for a moment as it went down. She glanced around once again, an uneasy feeling crawling up her spine. She didn?t like the idea of being out here when it became completely dark.

    TAG: Fins, Spycoder, LordT (when he gets back)
  19. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Sharon Cosner
    Corben's Inn, Nevada

    Instinct took over. Sharon dove for the ground and struggled to draw her own gun from the concealed holster on her inner thigh, inwardly cursing both the open ground and the awkwardness of the manoeuvre. The trouble with holdout rigs, she thought grimly, was how damned hard they were to get out in an emergency -

    - and then her pistol cleared the holster, pointed straight at the priest. Her mind cleared.

    Sharon fired.

    TAG: Fins, TSG, TGI, starwarsbeauty

    As above, I'll leave it up to Fins to say if the shot hits.
  20. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Andrea ?Andy? Rebecca Baker
    Nevada - Near Remains of Plane

    Andrea let her hair fall so that it shrouded Vincent?s face from the scolding sun. She didn?t care if her sun burned, as she already had a busted up shoulder and a cut up arm. The blood trailed down her arm, reaching her hands, which were started to scrape in the sand and stone of the ground. Vincent?s handsome, weak features on his face brought Andrea on a montage of memories. Memories she didn?t really want to remember.

    The empty, lonely street was frightening. Andrea had just called her father on the phone, and he was answering. ?Sweetie,? her father had told her, in a raspy, high voice. Andrea felt the tears roll down her nose. Now that she thought about it, those had been her first tears of the events. ?Father,? she sighed, glancing toward her feet, which were covered in high heels. She glanced at the ceiling then, biting her lip to keep from crying. ?The d-doctors were right?? She heard a sigh, and the confirmed her question. Every question after was empty to her. She eventually say bye and packed her bags, heading toward the airport.

    The airport was not packed. Babies wailed, people talked, and pilots chatted before flights. But not many people were in the airport. Andrea approached the desk, handing in a passport she had bought, which had been roundtrip. The woman glanced at it, looking it up and down. Then she smiled and pointed to where she was going. Andrea saw a Japanese woman. Sumiko, she knew now. Andrea got onto a plane, seating beside a man who was performing math problems on his calculator. Her seat was G 12. She smiled at him, but he didn?t notice. Probably had a wife. A family. A living family without an expiration date.

    As she sat there, she heard a noise, a voice. Turning to her right, the lights lowered down, as if encouraging her to sleep. But the man on her right was speaking. ?I can never sleep in planes. Always feel like I could miss the crash. The Change hasn?t made flying safer, you know. You?re not American, are you? Spain? Italy?? he said, holding the London Times in his hands. He was very British sounding, his accent hinted with their accent. ?Sleeping in planes has always been a problem for me too,? she said, batting her eyelashes, flirting slightly, ?And I am from Italy, dear sir. My father lives in San Francisco, mother died years ago. My name is Andrea Rebecca Baker, but you can call me ?Andy?.? She gave him another small grin. She loved flirting, and it was especially easy because she was beautiful.

    Papa,? she whispered. She would never see him again. Never feel his comforting, fatherly arms gripping her tightly. Never hear his words of encouragement, or words to go after a man. But she was done crying. If doom was indeed falling, she was not going down without a fight. She would help this Japanese woman, as feelings of thankfulness washed over her for helping her team up on the woman. ?I will NOT find another Stewardess. If you don?t help me, then I will help myself. You are killing everyone on this plane, so guess what? Go to hell,? she whispered the final words, which were filled with malice and anger. Turning to the Japanese woman, she said, ?Andrea Baker, at your service. I remember meeting you minutes ago. It seems fate wants us to team up.?

    The Stewardess, whoever the hell she was, was turning out to be a psychopathic creep with a gun, something no fake smiling stewardess should have in her hands. Andrea sighed, watching the Japanese girl get down, whimpering partly. Andrea didn?t sit down though. She just growled and rolled her eyes, wanting to turn on her heels to face the woman. She doubted that if she jumped she would hit the Stewardess, but it was her best bet. If only her Vinnie were there. . .
    \?Get down, or I?ll kill you. I don?t care about your father!? the Stewardess creep shouted at Andrea. Andrea almost turned around, but knew that in those few seconds it took her to turn around, a bullet would be in not only her back, but in the J
  21. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Doctor Camden Fossett
    Inside BMC

    Camden listened to Carl, glancing at his feet in shame. The man had just ran in on them, and Camden realized everyone in the whole hospital could have heard them. He watched Angela lower her gun, and sighed in relief, smiling at her. ?It seems you have come up with a perfectly logical and equal decision. And I am sorry I jumped on you. Its just Carly and I wanted a child badly, and when I became his foster father, I felt more attached possibly than ever. I may be too possessive but I love him dearly,? Camden looked amongst the three people in front of him. Then he looked to his son.

    ?I know you can?t speak, son, and I know you might not think of me as your father yet, but I love you, and if anything happens in there, I want you to know that,? Camden had gotten down to his son?s level, hugging him tightly as he closed his eyes, stopping the tears. Standing then, he looked at them again. ?Now, if all of you are ready, lets get this show on the road,? Camden gulped, and felt it, and he felt the thirst and hunger. When had he last ate or drank something? Slept? He had been woken up too early in the morning, and now he was feeling the side effects. But he wouldn?t show it.

    TAG: Boston Medical Center guys
  22. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    John Henley
    Corben´s Inn, Nevada, Showdown

    The girl, the priest, Sharon. It was all such a strange, surreal moment. Suddenly they began to shot. Clay at Sharon. Sharon returning fire. Was she hit? Accusations. Reason. It was no time for reason. He made no decision. As most good things in his life, this decision came from his heart. He would not let sharon die. Not after all they´ve been through. And his rifle raised only to the height of his shoulders as his finger pulled the trigger. The shot was roughly directed at Clay´s chest. But with a shotgun you never knew.

    John´s hand pushed back, to eject the shell from the chamber and replace it with a second. But as his finger pulled the trigger once more only a simple click came from the weapon.

    He had never checked how much ammo he had.

    [link=]Sooner or later God´s gonna cut you down.[/link] Remember? Sooner or later.

    He allowed the gun to slip from his hands and looked around. ready to dive behind cover, like an old western movie hero. Grabbing Sharon if possible to drag her along. "DOWN!" he yelled, as it was the only thing he could do for Vashti Who had been caught in the middle of this.

    Tag: Fin
  23. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    GM note: Tried to simply make the most realistic scene out of this, respecting who shot whom, when. Also overwriting Jackson a little, with Mel´s agreement. He won´t talk that much now. So here is Corben´s Inn. All others will follow later . . .

    Chapter VIII: The Passenger

    Corben´s Inn, Nevada

    The words Jackson Clay said we swallowed by the sound of thunder, as the firefight broke out. Jackson´s shot hit precisely where it had meant to go. The shoulder of Sharon Cosner was hit. She was hurled to the ground, as her own gun came forth and fired. Would she have been a second earlier, Clay would have had not a chance. Now her shots missed their target, as the burning lead of Jackson´s antiquated gun made it´s way into the flesh of her. The glass behind Jackson shattered, the wood next to him splitted and was send flying through the air from Sharon´s shots.
    Then the shotgun swallowed all noise of the world with it´s roaring bark and the dozens of small particles ripped apart the wooden facade of Corben´s Inn. john Henley had not hit Jackson directly. But direct enough. The glass in the door behind the preacher exploded. The lamp hanging outside was shattered. And finally Jackson himself was caught in the storm of burning lead and hurled back into the diner. Three small wounds burning in his side and leg. Screams, blood and the scent of fired guns filled the air, as the initial outburst of violence was over. Vashti had stood in the middle of it. And the fight for survival had begun.

    Tag: Xany, swbeauty, TGI, TSG

    Crash Site, Nevada

    The Passenger turned to Andrea and shook his head. ?Not yet. It´s too early.? He said. For a second he looked at her and then explained. ?You´re shot, my dear. The reason you feel so little pain now is the shock from the crash. But you must rest. Your friend has not even regained consciousness. All others are dehydrated. Weakened. If we wander of into the desert now, in broad daylight . . . we´ll be dead within´a few minutes. It´s at least 35 degrees.? He looked around. ?Celsius, I mean.? And he smiled slightly, that he had given away his origin, probably. ?We shall rest for another hour and then when the sun comes down we´ll walk over there. Can´t be more than an hour away. One and a half, maximum.? His talk was cut short, as a scream came from behind, suddenly.
    Vincent suddenly opened his eyes and a loud scream escaped his mouth. His body snapped up like an explosion inside of it had forced his head into the air. ?What!!?? His eyes showed pure panic. He looked at the crashed airplane, then to the other survivors. In panic he crawled away from the, dragging his gun out of it´s holster. ?Who . . . what . . . I am dead! The fire. The crash.? His eyes frantically looked for the remains of the plane and he breathed in faster and faster hisses. ?I felt it. I died. Who are you! Where am I?!?
    ?Calm down. You´re alive.? The old man now said. For the first time he spoke.
    ?I AM DEAD!? Vincent screamed only in reply. And he looked desperately at Sumiko. Then to Andy.

    Tag: Spy, Leigh, LordT (posted for him to cut things a little shorter on this end.Dialogue was his idea, anyway)
  24. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Andrea ?Andy? Rebecca Baker
    Nevada - Remains of Plane

    Before Sumiko could accept her hand, the man whom had saved her spoke to her. Andrea paused, then turned to him. ?Not yet. It?s too early,? the fellow passenger told her with a warming smile. She wanted to trust him, wanted to believe him, but how had he survived, and how had saved all of them, and who in the heck was he. ?Your shot, my dear. The reason you feel so little pain now is the shock from the crash. But you must rest. Your friend has not even regained consciousness,? by then Andrea looked back at Vincent. He still had not woken up, and something about that worried her. ?All others are dehydrated. Weakened. If we wander off into the desert now, in broad daylight. . .we?ll be dead within a few minutes. It?s at least 35 degrees.?

    ?You have to be kidding me, sir. There is no way in heck that it is 35 degrees out here-?

    ?Celsius, I mean. We shall rest for another hour and then when the sun comes down we?ll walk over there. Can?t be more than an hour away. One and a half, maximum,? the moment was cut short, her mouth opened but no sound coming from it. A scream coming from Vincent shattered everything going on. Snapping upward, Vincent?s eyes bulged from his head. Andrea froze, her own eyes bulging as she watched in wonderment. ?What!!? Who. . .what. . .I am dead! The fire. The crash. I felt it. I died. Who are you? Where am I?? Vincent started to crawl away from them, reaching into his holster for his gun. Andrea ran to him, using her hand to pat his hair. ?Vinnie? It?s me, Andy. The plane crashed. This man saved us!? she moved away from his still, her heart pounding in her chest. Then she turned back to the passenger.

    ?You have some explaining to do. Who are you? What-? Andrea suddenly screamed. Her hand flew up to her shoulder, her face turning pale white. Her eyes widened in fear. Falling over backwards, the pain in her shoulder shot down her arm and through her finger tips, then went back through and hit her neck. Andrea screamed over and over again. She had never been shot. She had never fired a gun. ?H-Help?? her voice faded away slowly. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she fought them down like a prize boxer. Her arm burned like crap, and she screamed over and over again.

    TAG: Sumiko, Fins, LordT
  25. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Nevada - Remains of Plane

    Sumiko smiled inwardly at Andrea?s use of an honorific at the end of her name. Honorific?s were used in Japan as a term of respect. She respected Andrea, but Sumiko didn?t feel all that worthy right now. She reached out to take her offered hand, but before she could the voice of the first class passenger

    ?Not yet. It´s too early.?

    Sumiko?s heart sank a little at these words. She wasn?t thrilled at the prospect of staying out here in the open longer, and Andrea definitely wasn?t as an argument quickly erupted between them both. As much as she hated to admit it, the first class passengers reasoning did hold some weight, but even so, the quicker they got out of this environment the better. Then, a chilling scream pierced the humid air, causing Sumiko to jump at the suddenness of it. Whipping her head around, she saw Vincent sitting bolt upright among the sand. Never before had she seen such a look of pure fear on a man?s face before. She watched as he looked at the ruins of the plane, then at the small group of survivors, clearly panicked. A chill as cold as ice water lanced up Sumiko?s spine despite the heat, as she watched the frightened sky Marshall scrambling to get his pistol out of its holster.

    ?Who . . . what . . . I am dead! The fire. The crash. I felt it. I died. Who are you! Where am I?!?

    ?Calm down. You?re alive.?

    Another familiar voice. It was old man. She didn?t see or hear him awakening, but it was a relief that he had. This attempt to reassure the hysterical man fell on deaf ears though.

    ?I AM DEAD!?

    Vincent screamed only in reply. And he looked desperately at Sumiko. Sumiko flinched slightly under the manic gaze before he settled on Andrea. Andrea ran over to him, trying to calm him. But suddenly she went down, grasping her wounded shoulder. Andrea would need a decent level of medical attention for that wound and out here there was no way she would be able to get it


    Sumiko shouted, the young Japanese girl trying to muster the strength in her legs to stand, But they turned to jelly and she collapsed back to kneeling, she just didn?t have enough strength to get to her, and her pain level was starting to increase. She growled in frustration, the sounds of Andreas screams tormenting her. She felt the now familiar sting of hot tears trying to escape but she blinked them back defiantly. Turning her head towards the first class passenger, her face was one of desperation and pleading, her dark eyes full of nothing but fear and concern

    ?I know I have no right to ask any more of you, but Please! Please you have to help her!?

    TAG: Fins, Spycoder, LordT
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