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Thriller The Sins of the Saints

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Streets, Hamburg

    Horror. That was the one word he would choose to describe the scene that the world had become beyond his stolen cars windows. Kill and be killed seemed to be the new adadge that was taking life. Whatever the reason, he could not help but think of Dante and his leveled hell, and yet that even the before leaving the river such in part as what he now saw there twas played out. A play he had hoped could or would only be realized on such grand scale in imagination and illiteration, and not as now so depicted in the flesh before him.

    The radio played, perhaps on a station preset by the last individual to use it before he stole it. It told of military actions, the quarentine that was now in effect. ESTI was in ruins, the EU had taken it's nations combined military might to meet this problem, and three souls that yet bore his concern were stuck. Most dubiously so as the roar of the helicopters were testiment to.

    Then. . .nothing. Silence. Solitude. As if a hush had come over the world, leaving them alone. Even the car died, adding its silence to the moment that seemed to yawn out forever before him.

    ring. . .it began softly. . .Ring. . .closer. . .RING. . .by his seat. . .RING RING RI-ING! Everywhere! The coccaphony range out with it's varied multied both in form and texture, but with the simple command embedded within. . .answer Me.

    Looking back he looked upon his sole link unto the past, and thinking of mobility more than security he answered his cell. . .the fact that it shouldn't be doing anything didn't occure to him at the time as he moved back to tend to Laura's wounds wilst answering. "Take it easy luv." he softly whispered to Laura as he opened the suit case before pressing the talk button. "Hello." he spoke more normally as he moved the tele to cradle within the nook of his shoulder.

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  2. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Laura Blohm

    Pain. Someone speaking. Ringing. Thousand of sounds calling for her.

    She had shot a man. And he had shot her. What was she becoming? What had happened to her? Shaking her head, she felt the pain in every small part of her body. She was dying. And could not help but wonder if she had knew this? When the mission was given to her? When she had been told not to go to her father.

    Her father, sitting around somewhere in Afrika, running from his demons . . . from his crimes . . . he would never be forgotten. Never.

    "Father." She whispered and heard this voice again.

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  3. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Chapter VI: Darwin was Wrong

    Monastery (moving Draco along with his approval)

    The voices were still there, somewhere. So was music. Silent, almost unrecognizable music. Something of John Henley. [link=]A sad tune about fear and redemption[/link]. All too fitting. And as rufus stumbled down the floor, stumbled into the room at it´s end . . . he saw it. writing. Done with black coal on the street.

    Darwin was wrong. Einstein was right.

    The words written on the wall, so generous you had to step back to get them. Written in a hasty, somewhat obsessive handwriting. It was not only they were written in English, it was something about them making Rufus immediately certain, this was Jacob Zinsky´s handwriting. He had written it here.

    Tag: Draco

    [i]Inside the Monastery[/i]

    Beckfris leaped into the huge hall and the door gave him some protection, as the grenade went off and ripped apart the corridor he had just stood in. the walls were shaking, the ground trembling from the impact and he was covered in dust, as the ceiling came down and the entrance to the large hall collapsed. Cutting him off from Bjorndahl who was fighting for his life somewhere nearby, Beckfris was alone now.

    The hall itself was so deeply covered with the scent of rotting dead it was hard to breath at all.
    half rotten, half eaten corpses covered the floor. Some where leaned against the walls, as if they were resting from a day in the sun. Some where hanging from the sealing, hung up to dry like slaughtered pigs.

    And among them a single monks was eating. While his colleagues had run out to kill the new entries, this one had not stopped eating. A bizarre fat creature he looked up as the explosion ripped apart the silence of the room. Then he turned to Beckfris and smiled like a little child. "Jemi." he said. And Beckfris was just educated enough in dialects of the region to know what that meant.

    [i] Fresh [/i]

    The man forced his heavy corporlent body from the ground and made his way to Beckfris. His arms reaching out and his steps unsure and unbalanced as if he had not walked for a while. But only ate and ate and ate . . .

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  4. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    b]Co-GM Note: [/b] We have failed to establish contact with Republic_Anvil and she hasn´t updated for a few pages. Therefore Fin and I have decided to let me become the temorary GM of Chapter IX.1: We are Caleb and Chapter IX.2: And Prometheus played with fire . . . will stay in Fin´s hands.

    So, now I am in control of Boston Medical Hospital. Any questions, just send them in. I´ll stay as true as possible to the original planned out story for this Chapter.

    [i]Boston Medical Center, Near the Elevator[/i]

    They turned around hte last corner, when they saw them. Five of them. One was Dr. Carpenter. Camden knew him from the intensive care and Angela had worked with him quite a few times. the next one was a security guard, who now had a shotgun. The third was bleeding from a missing eye, a young asian man who did not seem to care for his heavy wound. The last two were woman. Young woman. Both looked a little hispanic, were not exactly attractive, but armed with axes. The security guard saw the group first and turned. Then Dr. Carpenter. Finally the other three.

    "Weeee arrrre CALEB!" The Security Guard hissed and grinned. he began to laugh and the other joined him. Then the One eyed Man began to run towards the group. Heading directly at Angela Janssen. Camden felt Liam getting closer to him. Dragging his arms around his leg.

    "Back! Back!" Weber shouted and got out his gun, aiming for his first shot. "Retreat!"
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    [b]The Passenger/Karl[/b]

    he smiled a mild amused smile at these sudden developments of friendships. Like sheeps they flocked together, now that the storm was gathering. He shook his head and turned to leave. "Come on. We need to move." He just said and began walking into the desert towards what he considered to be the right direction. For half an hour, he walked without a word. then he suddenly broke the silence. 2What did he tell you? Anton, I mean? Tony? You were a friend of his, were you?"

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  5. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter VII: Family. And other problems.

    Streets, Hamburg

    The empty streets. The ringing and Laura moaning. Then a voice so clear, as if the man stood next to Markus. It was a utting voice. One of a human creature iwth natural authority. Or was it natural? The accent was heavy German. with something mixed in, was it dutch?

    "Markus? You will listen. Laura will die. And when Laura dies, you´re girl is doomed. Not to death. But to things far worse than that. Sodomy, perversion, torture. Many month of it, before she is finally killed. If Laura is alive, you can probably prevent this future from happening. Probably. So, I ask you one simple question and I want a simple answer. Will you do anything, anything I ask to keep that suffering from your daughter?"

    Tag: Mitth, Sirak

    Flat, Tarpenbekstraße

    Robert coughed once more and let go of Hoshi´s arm. 2you have to stop Laura." he siad, his eyes closing as he lost consciousness. "You need to make her . . . need to . . . all will be . . . gone . . . " "What s he saying? Tell him to shut up?" The guy with the broken ankle hissed. Obviously he was eager to hurt Hoshi.

    Tag: Ben_Stormrider (more update comes from LordT once he posts)

    [color=orangered][b]Chapter VIII: The Passenger[/b][/color]

    [i]Desert, Nevada[/i]

    Vincent took care of Andy and looked after the Passenger and the Japanese girl. "What now?" The elder man asked. And Vincent only turned his head. "Now? now we follow them. Help me get andy together. We need to build something to carry her." He said and smiled down to the italian girl. "You´ll be fine." The old man forced himself up. "WEhy? he said . . . " Vincent looked up. angry. "Don´t listen to him. He says a lot. But it´s mostly lies." The old man looked after the Passenger than back to Vincent. "He saved us. what makes you say this?" Vincent shot him another look. "Saved us? nobody could save us. Look at thw wreckage. It´s burning. It´s gone. We were gone. I was in the Cockpit when it crashed straight into the ground dammit! Nobody was saved!" Vincent yelled. Then looked down to Andy. "What are you saying? We´re dead?" The old man looked at Vincent now as if he was mad.

    Vincent looked up and smirked. "Exactly." He only replied. And looked after the vanishing Passenger. "Exactly what I am saying. We´re all dead."

    "Oh my . . ." The old man sighed. "Well, I guess it´s a little hot for heaven then, is it?" He said and folded his arms.

    "Guess it is. Andy. We will need to carry you. I think you will make it. You need to drink a lot, you got that, honey?" He leaned over her and smiled down. "Don´t you leave me here alone, do you? Don´t . . . "

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  6. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Desert, Nevada

    Sumiko felt a pang of guilt deep inside of her as she watched Andrea wither in exhaustion. Karl?s voice broke through the desert air and she turned her head, watching him as he turned to leave.

    "Come on. We need to move."

    He said simply as he started to walk off into the desert. Sumiko turned and blew out a breath before making her way towards him and falling into step with him. They both continued on into the desert, following the general direction in which Karl calculated was the correct way to the settlement. She took small sips from her water bottle, making sure to make it last. They walked in silence for what seemed like forever, only the sounds of their sandy footfalls on the desert floor. Sumiko chanced a glance backward, the wrecked plane getting further and further out of view with each step, the only indicator the large plume of dark smoke from the wreckage snaking up from the ground, stark against the sky. Her thoughts focused back on Andrea and the others. It was hard to leave them behind. The guilty feeling surfaced within her once again as she tore her gaze away and looked down at the sandy floor, but through her silent pondering Karl's voice broke through, forcing her to look up

    "What did he tell you? Anton, I mean? Tony? You were a friend of his, were you?"

    Sumiko blinked in surprise. Anton? Karl had known Tony as Vincent did, he was the one he had been talking too in first class. Again an uncomfortable feeling washed over her. She found herself thinking back to when she had been in first class, after her confrontation with Tony, before the plane had crashed. Fragments in her still slightly fuzzy mind

    ??any comfort you won.???..It was him...??.It was all him from the beginning?....know what your future holds??...We are flawed?...judgement??.Karl. What do you know.?.?

    bringing her attention back to Karl, she sighed softly, unsure of what to say. She wasn?t sure if she should tell this man everything, but with Tony dead and her now being in the middle of the desert alone with him she might not have much of a choice.

    "We were more new acquaintances than friends...but that doesn?t mean I?m any less saddened by his death...He was sitting beside me on the plane, ordered a few drinks, started talking to me...He talked about prophecy?s, the future, or rather, seeing into the future...I thought it was the alcohol talking..."

    She trailed off, giving Karl a moment to register what she had just said.

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  7. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    OOC: Before I post Andrea, I have a question for Fins. :)

    Doctor Camden Fossett
    Inside Boston Medical Center - Near Elevator

    After a joint decision between all of them, Carl led the way, followed by him, Liam, and Angela standing side-by-side. Liam was at his side, and he laid a comforting hand on his head, sending down a happy smile towards his son. As they rounded the final corner, and Camden started to believe they were in the clear, he remembered his dream.

    'And you shall be like gods?? the voice of death and terror had rained down on his ears. He stopped at the corner as those thoughts came to his head again. He saw his hand reaching toward Carly, reaching for her. Then she was gone from his hand length. Gone forever.

    As he finally looked up, he saw the five people assembled before him. The actual he recognized was Dr. Carpenter, with whom he had worked with in intensive care. Nice man, maybe a little rough on the edges. Something looked strange about him. A craziness. Camden?s attention was brought to the security guard, who held a shotgun in his hands. At that sight he dragged him and his son back a few steps, whether his son liked it or not. The third man, a Asian man, looked nasty, one of his eyes a bloody and pussy hole. Camden?s face wrinkled up in disgust, averting his eyes from the man and to the two final women. Two Hispanics, both not exceptionally beautiful (something he knew he shouldn?t have noticed), stood beside them. Shaking and quivering, Camden felt his son?s hold on his leg tighten, and he drug the boy back around the corner.

    ?Weeee arrrre CALEB!? the security guard shouted, the others joining in. He realized how messed up they were. The Asian man charged at Angela, and within a split second, Camden followed Carl?s directions and ran, dragging his son along with him.

    ?Back! Back! Retreat!? Carl shouted to them, and Camden felt his heart pound over and over again. He dragged his son a few more steps until he searched his pockets for a small syringe, which he would use to stab one if they got past Angela and Carl, which would hopefully allow his son enough time to get away. He rubbed his son?s head as he waited for the gunshots with his deep breathing.

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  8. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    John Henley & Jackson Clay
    Corben´s Inn

    Jackson hissed out in pain. The lead seemed to cause more pain with every move he made. It wasn´t the first time he had been shot. It was not the worst, by far. He could almost feel the poisonous substances from the bullet enter his body. His stream of blood. Another thing he was used to. Poison in his blood. Obviously he was dying. And that was something he had done before, too.

    The first time he had ever heard the song had been in 1963. It had been a young fella called John henely who had sung it and conquered every radio in Amerika with it. For Jackson it had always had a bitter taste. But he could not help himself but nod in the rythm of the drums to it, when he had heard it. Back then in folsom, right behind the barracks. In the only cell in his floor. [link=]The death row inmate Jackson Clay had found to God through the voice and words of John Henley. [/link]

    And the mercy seat is waiting
    And I think my head is burning
    And in a way I'm yearning
    To be done with all this weighing of the truth.
    An eye for an eye
    And a tooth for a tooth
    And anyway I told the truth
    And I'm not afraid to die.

    The truth in this words . . . the faith, the truthfulness had made him kneel and pray. And as he found to good, he found his way to the book. A man of the book. They had called him that. One of his names. The Strangler of Mills was what they had always preferred to call him. He had killed. And thou shall not kill. He deserved death. He did not deserve forgiveness. Also the priest offered it to him, he did not accept absolution for his sins. Not even would he suffer for the next century, him and his victims would be even. He knew that and for this knowledge he decided hell was where he belonged.

    I hear stories from the chamber
    Christ was born into a manger
    And like some ragged stranger
    He died upon the cross
    Might I say, it seems so fitting in its way
    He was a carpenter by trade
    Or at least that's what I'm told

    And Jackson knew his very own Mercy seat was waiting. As John always sung, down here it was made of wood and wire.


    John found the backdoor unlocked. But his plan to stealth in failed miserably. The door made a shrieking sound. He sighed and took out the gun. Closing his eyes for a second to allow his ears to take over. they were the better part of his senses anyway. Nothing. "Jackson? Jackson it´s me." He said and stepped in. "John. John henley. You remembeR? I am not here to harm you. I am here to talk!" He said and was not so true, if he was still meaning it. The life and death of people were in question. and the preacher was obviously not the good guy in this. Although Sharon seemed to have her register of sins, anyway. Well, even Saints were said to sin, he heard.This was about getting out of it alive. should the FBI or whoever take care of the law. "Clay?"

    He knew the song. It was his. He knew it all too well. Dammit, I don´t wanna die hearing my own song about it.

    [i]And indeed Jackson had been invited by the Mercy Seat. And an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The priest had been sitting next to Jackson and smiled. Such a gentle smile. "Where is Pater Michalski?" He had asked and the Priest had smiled again. "Not here." Had been his answer. Jackson had shook his head. Prediciting the words of his new father. "If they have send you to try and convince me to confess, I already told Michalski again and again that I regret, but do not deserve forgiveness. The demon is still inside of me. I will do it again. If not kept contained or killed, I´ll do it again." The Priest nodded. "Sure." He had only said. [/i]

    Jackson did not react to the mans voice. He only lay his gun to the side and looked out. Sharon. Vashti. They were there. Somewhere. A proper distraction, had the man ever learned to stalk a victim, properly. His eyes>
  9. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Andrea ?Andy? Rebecca Baker
    Nevada? - Heaven?

    Andrea watched on as Sumiko gave her a final, gloomy glance back at her. Andrea nodded her head as she lay on the sand, and Sumiko turned around, following Karl as he left. She watched her friend walk away, and she wondered if that would be the last time she would see Sumiko. The glittery tears in her eyes, the ones that sparkled and twinkled down her face, came back again. She never thought she could cry so much in a few hours.


    was still over her, and his handsomeness, his awesome good looks, made the tears dry up and made her confidence return within moments. Under his dark brown hair, his worried, aqua eyes glanced around at everything. She remembered he had said on the plane he was only half British, his mother from Barcelona. So many personal questions that should have been asked in a relationship. Then she heard the old man. Heard the words he had thought she wouldn?t hear.


    "What now?"

    Those words got her mind cranking up. She saw the smaller figures of Sumiko and Karl, glancing from the two men over her. If she was the one in the superior decision, she would just follow them, and show Karl who was boss. But neither of them held personal grudges for Karl like she did. At least she didn?t think so.

    "Now? now we follow them. Help me get Andy together. We need to build something to carry her."
    Vincent replied sharply, and Andrea grasped that Vincent might hold a grudge against Karl too. And that made her love him so much more. Vincent?s cold gaze melted from his features as he turned down to look at her. She faked a smirk at him, winking her eye at him. She knew it was pathetic, but when you loved someone - Andrea then realized she had thought the word love. She had never thought, when that man had spoke up on the plane, that she would be in love. And yet, she was.

    ?You?ll be fine.?

    ?I will always be safe in your arms, Vinnie,? Andrea giggled at her small, simple sentence, and that made her forgot again about her wound. She remembered that somewhere she had heard the saying love conquers everything. And now she knew that was true. The old man spoke up, obviously ignoring the loving gazes going between the two.

    "Why? he said . . . " - "Don?t listen to him. He says a lot. But it?s mostly lies." - "He saved us. what makes you say this?" - "Saved us? nobody could save us. Look at the wreckage. It?s burning. It?s gone. We were gone. I was in the Cockpit when it crashed straight into the ground dammit! Nobody was saved!"

    Vincent?s revelation on the matter of Karl, shook Andrea to the core. She glanced again to the wreckage, noticing the cockpit. Shattered, squashed, and mostly on fire. I can remember waking up?wait. Waking up! I didn?t even realize I went out. He did something to us. Or all of us died. Because none of us were awake. Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohimgod! Andrea?s mind whirled at these concepts, and she closed her eyes, moaning.

    "What are you saying? We?re dead?"
    - "Exactly. Exactly what I am saying. We?re all dead." - "Oh my . . . Well, I guess it?s a little hot for heaven then, is it?" - "Guess it is.?

    Andrea?s head pinged, and Andrea felt some of that water coming up. Turning to her side, she tossed up water. Snuffing, she felt her stomach rumbling, moaned, and puked again to her side. The notion that they were dead. That they were in heaven. What if they weren?t in heaven? What if they were?Andrea couldn?t bear to say it. It was so hot, and that made her nightmare come alive even more. Opening her
  10. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Chriastianson
    Streets, Hamburg

    As the disembodied voice spoke to him his heart nearly skipped a beat there for a minute. It was surreal to say one word, have a feeling the tele was for you and then the person on the other end said your name as if it could of been no one else in this world gone mad. 'Markus yadda blah and you save the Laura instead of the Queen, or your daughter is placed under a woe to the brinks of imagination', with such insanity in the world this was merely like an attempt at treading on water without getting wet above the feet.

    Somehow still accomplished, miraculously. Perhaps that is why his brain did not register blaringly the insanity of it all, the miraculousness. Plus, perhaps it was his view of this thing. Revelations did say miraculous things would occur, children would dream dreams, young men would prophesy in earnest, and many a thing. The last yet rang unto his ears much like that sundered accent.

    A part of him still focused on working on Laura, fixing her up as best he was able with the materials on hand in the aid kit. Each moment he found it split, but each time like all life since this mess started, he let muscle memory ride nearly as high as conscious thought. So he answered, "Yes. God forgive me. . .yes."

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  11. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Angela Janssen
    Boston Medical Center

    Run? Angela did not feel like running. She did not feel like dying. And those who ran were inevitably catched and killed. The logic said so. Too many enemies. And nowhere to run to, actually. These things, looking human but identifying themselves by a christian name called caleb . . . they would shot in their backs. They would kill them. Or she would kill them first. She raised her gun and shot. Once, twice, three times, four, five. shot again and again. She shot the first running, first. Then the shotgun man. then the security. Then the others and the security once more. and everybody still mov8ing. Shot and shot. Until her gun would give her the characteristic click indicating it was empty, or her life fade, as she was killed in return.

    No cover. No remorse.

    This was kill or be killed.

    And Angela decided she would play the game, instead of escape it.

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  12. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Thomas Schröder
    Tarpenbekstr. 55, Eppendorf, Hamburg

    (totally approved by Fin, who played out the Enemy in this)

    "May I ask how many people you killed?" Thomas asked, as he passed by towards the kitchen. Looking at robert and hoshi, talking. "Why?" the man asked and pushed his gun into Thomasd back. 2I wonder how manyx people you have to kill to be a profgessional." Thomas asked and went to the fridge. opening it and seeing the two Sing Tau beers inside. the ones with the screw cap. He took both and offered the other to the man, who only smiled. Thomas could almost read his mind. He thought Thomas was playing nice, so he let the girl go or something like that. Thomas did play nice, but to another end. And the guy took the beer. thinking if he made thomas believe he could be his friend, Thomas would probably cooperate more. Thomas did not plan to, anyway. but the guy had just been played. In in these games the price was so extraordinary high. "Five." The man answered. "Five? so few?" the man nodded. "One makes you a murderer. three a killer. Five a pro. that´s what they say." He opened the beer with his teeth and grinned. It was meant to be an intimidating grin, Thomas was sure. Thomas played intimidated. Avoiding eye contact. Thinking of Maja Caspari. Maja, sweet Maja. "I see." He said and opened his own beer. They both drank. And the man took a mouth full of thebeer. "Hate asian beer." He said. "So do I." Thomas laughed. The man laughed with him. Thomas laughed even louder. And activated the water. The sink was filling with it. They took another sip. and the man looked into the sink. "What do you wanna do? The dishes?" He asked. And then heis face grew serious. He looked at the beer. Back to Thomas. "Five." thomas repeated. "guess that makes both of us pros." And with that he kicked the man between the legs. He did not react. just screamed out and Thomas took his second gun from his belt and aimed at the entrance of the kitchen. "Mescaline. I take a few drops of it any day. you know? Inside my beer." Thomas laughed. "You get used to it. When not, it obviously makes you slow. And confused. The second hostage taker came in and died immediately, as Thomas gun thundered out a shot. A second. A third. he was a pretty bad shot, but enough bullets would do the trick. The leader of them grabbed for his weapon, but Thomas did simply slid it into the sink. He pushed Thomas away. Laughing, the young German allowed him to. "Angry?" He asked. the man, obviously overtaken by the pretty high dose of the hallicgene stumbled forward and grabbed into the water. Thomas just shook his head and looked to his left. the toaster. He activated it and pushed it into the sink with all the wate,r the gun, and especially with the mans hand. Spasming the man collapsed. Thomas stood there, sighed and opened the cupboard. "You know what?" He asked him. the man looked up, tried to regain control of his electrocuted body. Thomas awaited no answer. "I think it´s better fun, when you do it to women. But I´ll take you as practice, okay?" And Thomas took out a small spoon. Looking at it. "My grannie gave that one to me. For tea. I think I never used it before. Never." And with that he laughed out once more and neared the man.

    All Hoshi and thomas heared next door was probably the screams of Thomas and the man. Thomas ones were ecstatic. The man screamed in pure agony, until he faded. When he regained consciosuness, he already had no eye left. And found it hard to breath, as Thomas had pushed a plastic bag over his head. Sitting in him, he waited. unjtil the body beneath him relaxed. Then he smiled, turned his head up and folded his fingers, stretching them, making the crack. "Robert?" He asked. "Tell me Robert, why are you not dead?" And with that he slowly left the kitchen. "I saw you in Kiel. why are you not dead?"

    Tag: Ben, Fin

    The Passenger

    "The alcohol? Maybe. Maybe not." The man said and wandered along. Again there was a long silence, before he stopped once more, turning towards Sumiko. "D
  13. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Doctor Camden Fossett
    Inside Boston Medical Center - Near Elevator

    Camden watched, holding his son?s hand tight in his grip. Liam watched as the flurry of bullets left Angela?s gun, and Camden wished to shield his eyes, but he held the syringe in his other grip. Angela?s bullets struck the first two Calebs in the line. Dead. Blood spurted from the wounds, and Camden glanced to Stephanie, who watched in a deep and different place, of pain and suffering. Seeing her standing there, he remembered her wound.

    ?Stephanie! Get out the way!?

    Camden?s voice echoed against the sounds of gunfire and shooting around Stephanie.

    ?Stay right here, Liam.?

    Camden ran, avoiding gun shots. But before he could reach Stephanie, the sounds of gunshots had ended, and Carl was speaking in another language, German he thought.

    "Gut gemacht, Doktor. Ich denke nun sind sie alle hinter uns her."

    In that moment, Camden froze up. Walking backwards, he caught Liam?s hand, and his son squeezed it tight. Camden glanced down at him, catching a look of curiosity. Not horror, or fear. But curiosity. He then wondered what had happened to Liam before he had arrived at the hospital. He remembered the grave words that his father had been dead, his mother in critical condition. So how did Liam survive. Camden could see the picture. An army man. Could he predict the future? Nonsense. But Camden knew that this was possible. This was the time of the Change. And while he had accepted it, he didn?t want to die before he had the chance to discover his son?s story.

    Stephanie folded, her skin a pale, deathly white. Camden let his son?s hand go and ran to the woman he had treated minutes ago. He hadn?t treated her well enough.

    ?Angela, help me,? he looked at the woman, wondering he was going to do with his lack of supplies on hand, ?Help me! Carl! Don?t let her die! Not another person! No more!? Camden was shouting now, emptying his coat pockets. Nothing worthwhile, except his syringe. His shirt was already in tatters, hanging off his body from the way he had ripped it to stop the bleeding. At the moment, it looked like a steady amount of blood was flooding from the wound.

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  14. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Angela Janssen
    Boston Medical Center

    Agnela felt the gun become lighter. In slow motion she saw the magazine drop out of the hilt and stared in shock at the scene. They had killed everybody. All five attackers were gone. They lay there. Dead and bleeding. "I . . . I . . . " Then she heard Camden. Letting her now useless gun slip to the ground she went over to the security guard and took his. Then she took the shotgun, before returning to Camden and Weber. "Take this and give us some cover." She hissed at Weber. Had he not told them to flee, that woman might never have been shot. Looking to Camden she padded the Doctor´s shoulder. "Can you get us some water from the bathroom? And all the towels you can find." She looked over to Liam. Then her eyes turned to Weber. "I´ll keep Steph and Liam save. Weber, you got a gun, go with him."

    Tag: LordT, Spy
  15. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    ooc: as usually I play this as a combined with LordT

    Rufus Jameson
    Inside the Monastery

    The handwriting was strange. Rufus was near now. So very near. He looked around, his submachine gun pressed against his shoulder and face. Where was he? Where? The writing He had to be nearby. Einstein was right, darwin wrong? rufus was no goddammit scientist. What did the man mean by this? "Hallo?" He asked, in a heavy accented german. About the only word he knew. "HALLO?" And pushed further into the corridor.

    The voices were still there, somewhere. And somewhere silent music was playing. hard to hear. Amrican music, was it? Monks harly had the new John Henley. Zinsky probably had it. Downloaded via satelite from any site. He blinked, wiping the sweat of his eyes and continued deeper into the monastery. [link=]The music grew louder.[/link] Then thee were steps on the stair. Immediately Rufus turned and waited. One of the monks appeared. Sniffing, as if he was blind. He had not seen rufus yet. Like a mule he seemed to be blind. With a gentle move of his finger Rufus turned the gun to single shot. And aimed with as much precision as his frozen hands and exhausted body allowed him. The click of his gun switching fire modes did not go unrecognized. the thing turned it´s head. grinned. Began to step towards him. Rufus kept his breath. Aimed. His leg hurt terrrible. His side was even worse. His lungs felt like they breathed only acid. He pulled the trigger. BLOP. The monk collapsed. A shot right into his head. Not exactly where Rufus had aimed. But good enough. He was dead, his blood spreading on the ground.

    The song of Henley was at it´s end and began anew. Repeat function. God knew how long it had been playing.

    Another corner. No more monks. The voices were gone now, too. Silence. No more shots from outside. No more screams. He kept his breath too long and released it, almost collapsing. Carefully he turned once more. Next corner. And the song was now loud. Near. The corrdor has six doors, leading to six small chambers. It was a dead end. the only way out was the way he had come. Turning his head to make sure he was not cut off, he found nobody there. He sighed and moved into the one open room. It was lighted by the pale green of a computer turned on. Attached to it where boxes still. And on the computer, on the desk the computer was placed on . . . a young man had collapsed. His body looked borken. As if had been shattered from the inside out. A mass of flesh in a bag of skin. Small pieces of bones piering it here and there.

    What happened to him? Rufus checked the small room, then looked under the bed. Nobody was there. Finally he slowly approached the body. A bald head, caucasian man. the he could still make out of this mess. Blue winter jacket. A cheap chinese weapon was laying there. Old and not loaded, he realized. Because the magazine lay next to the gun, as if someone had intended to insert it later. Or had decided against it. Given up? Obviously he had prepared to defend himself. But prepared to slowly.


    Rufus moved closer. Something was on the ground. A lighter and a package of cigarettes next to the small Macbook the dead had used. Taking the lighter and resisting the urge to grab the cigarettes Rufus made light and went to his knees. Photos. On the ground lay photos. Above them the hand of the dead. Blood dripping from it onto the pictures. Rufus had a look at them.

    Africa. Obviously. The first was a girl.


    Maya had been written on hte back. December 2011. Rufus gave it a look. Tried to find anything useful in the sad eyes of her. nothing. a sound from outside made him look up. He waited. Slowly pulled his gun into position. Nothing. He looked down again. Fotos of African country. He grabbed them and pushed them all into his jacket. One showed a sea. Boats were on it. Small houses nearby.
  16. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Carl Weber
    Boston Medical Center

    He took the rifle and looked at the dying woman. Shot, for a second time. there was no chance she survived this. And blood. everywhere. All viruses were carried by blood. Looking down to his gun he realized there was on shot left. He raised it to Stephanie dales head. "I am sorry." He said and pulled the trigger. Her brain scattered over the floor, as he shot her into the head. Letting the now usesless pistol fall to the ground, he looked at the Doctors, fully aware they would be furious, now. They still did not understand.

    Tag: TSG, Spy
  17. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura

    "The alcohol? Maybe. Maybe not."

    Karl replied as the two continued to move through the desert sands. Sumiko had a look of thought on her face as she pondered Karl's words. He Didn?t seem to be phased by her unusual answer. Maybe he knew about Tony's mysterious claims already. Did Karl believe in the ability to see into the future too? Another long silence developed between them as they continued walking, but once again the older man stopped. He turned again to look at her

    "Do I make you nervous, girl? In any way?" He shrugged. "We are in the middle of a desert. Hostile. Deadly. We are all alone. If there is any problem we should face them now."

    He looked to the distance, towards the place he seemed to think the Inn was located. She followed his gaze for a few seconds before looking back at him

    "Because once we are there, we will all face tough decisions. And their consequences. As survival usually does, we will have to sacrifice a lot to assure we do not cease to exist. The question is, do we do it together? Or not?"

    Sumiko's stomach tightened at the mans ominous words. What he said rang true though. This desert was dangerous, heck, the whole world was a dangerous place to live in now because of the change. In a period of only a few hours she had experienced many things, so many unexplainable, impossible and terrifying things. She remembered the helplessness she felt under the gun barrel of the deranged stewardess before the crash , the shock of dragging herself from underneath the weight of a dead body, the terror of the diving plane. Then Andrea surfaced in her thoughts. That beautiful gutsy woman. She admired the Italian?s courage and drive. Compared to Andrea, Sumiko felt weak and pathetic. Memories from what seemed like an eternity ago brushed across the surface of her mind

    "Look at her she is such a loser..........why don't you fight back huh? wimp!........cry-baby.....I?m gonna make you life a living hell!..."

    No! No No!

    Then a more recent one

    ?I?m sorry Andrea-san. For this?for everything. I was useless, I wanted to do something but I was just too scared?I?m a coward..."

    ?Coward? Useless? Never believe that Sumiko. Never..."

    Sumiko sighed softly as she came back to reality, she would help Karl, she would work with him. She had too, for Andrea, for the sky marshal, the old man. If one looked closely enough, they would have noticed the slightest look of determination in her dark eyes.

    "Everything about this situation makes me nervous Karl-san. But I know you risked your own life to pull us all out of that plane, and because of that I trust you...I will help you, and I understand it will be dangerous, in nihon we have a saying - Koketsu ni irazunba koji wo ezu (If you do not enter the tigers cave, you will not catch its cub) You can't do anything without risking something..."

    She trailed off and looked the man in the face once more. He folded his arms. Then smiled.

    "Tony knew that. He asked me to keep you safe. You know that?"

    A look of surprise flashed across Sumiko's face at these words. Why would Tony ask Karl to do something like that? As thoughtful a gesture as it was, Why would he ask Karl to watch over someone whom he had only knew for a few hours and knew so little about? She was clearly taken aback by this

    "N-no I didn't...But why? Why did he ask that of you? I don't understand"

    TAG: LordT, Fins, (Spycoder maybe)
  18. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Doctor Camden Fossett
    Inside BMC - Near Elevator

    Through the daze that had confronted Camden in those several moments, Angela came through the daze. Her voice. She patted his shoulder, and he cast a glance at her. He smiled, realizing that in this mess he had made ?friends?. Real friends. Stephanie. Angela. Carl, maybe even. Standing, he noticed the blood from Doctor Carpenter. Splattered against the wall behind his body. Just like a squashed bug. He remembered their conversations over coffee, the simple talks of family life. Home. On several occasions, they would talk about patients, but that usually was a depressing subject, and they would change the subject. Angela walked toward the security guard, taking his shotgun from his dead body. Camden glanced toward the Hispanic woman at the far end. A blood wound oozed from her face, which had become a mangled mess. Blindly, he wiped a tear from his eye.

    The long beep of a monitor, signifying the death. The first person to die on his watch. A young African American woman, with long brown hair. He had attempted to close the wound. But he hadn?t. The gunshot wound had busted open, and in their attempt to catch the wound, she lost too much blood. The long beep. ?Time of death,? a young blonde haired nurse commanded Camden to tell her. He looked at the African American woman, her eyes closed. They wouldn?t open again. ?Time of death.? she repeated. Camden looked up at her, then back at his watch with a sigh. ?6:37 P.M.? he told her, and she nodded her head. As they all emptied the room, the woman covered with a blue blanket and wheeled from the wound, the blonde haired nurse approached Camden. ?Dr. Fossett,? she smiled at him, reaching her hand out, ?I am Gina Tyler. I was the nurse in the operating room with you.?

    "Can you get us some water from the bathroom? And all the towels you can find." Angela looked over to Liam. Then her eyes turned to Weber. "I?ll keep Steph and Liam save. Weber, you got a gun, go with him."

    Camden looked up at Angela, a small wrinkle creasing in his young forehead. He gazed down at his feet, then looked back up at her. He finally nodded in acceptance, and stood. He walked toward Liam, and without saying a word, pointed at Angela. Patting him on the back, he walked over to Carl, and stood by him.

    ?Would you like some coffee?? Camden asked Gina, pouring one cup and about to pour another. She smiled at him, nodding her head. Handing her the cup, she took a gulp, and a sob came from her mouth. He walked to her, folded her into his arms, and together they shared the pain of losing a patient on the operating table. After they finished sharing a moment of comfort, he heard her drop her cup against the counter. Sounded like a gun shot. A gun shot. a gun shot?

    Carl?s gun had been out. He shot her. He shot her. He shot her?Camden stumbled backwards in pure shock, a blood red aura around him. Her brains were splattered on the floor. In his mind Stephanie's body flashed to Gina, then back to her. Then to Gina. Then to her. The stressful moment was shattered as he fell on his back, tears dribbling down his cheeks. He had been starting to make friends. Friends. And Carl had ruined that. Grappling for a hold on reality, he struggled to stand. Struggled to move. Struggled to even cry.

    ?Oh, I am so sorry!? Gina cried, and Camden started picked the shattered cup pieces up, waving his hand at the woman. ?Don?t worry about it. You should know how many cups this hospital should own,? Camden replied. As they were both kneeled down on the floor, her blonde hair fell around her face. Those deep blue eyes. He was married. But did she love him? Did it matter? While no one was looking, Camden pecked Gina on the lips for one second. She giggled, and Doctor Carpenter himself glanced a look at them. Her cup had fallen like a gun shot. Like a gun shot? like a gunshot?

    Camden was on the brink of insanity. He knew this. He could see everything
  19. Ben_Stormrider

    Ben_Stormrider Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 15, 2006
    Hikaru Hoshi
    Hamburg, Flat, Tarpenbekstraße

    Hoshi only heard the sound of mortal combat. And was thankful for he hadn't to watch the gangsters die. Even if they deserved it.

    Then Thomas came out of the battlefield former known as kitchen. He said something about Robert in Kiel, as surprised to see him alive as Hoshi was when he first met him that day. Hoshi was jubilant.
    "Thomas-san! Sugoi! You did it! This was like in Weißkreuz, how did you earn such skills? A second gun did the trick? I don't believe it, they fell for their own trick... Let's find Laura and together we get away from the Change. Can you free us?"

    TAG: LordT
  20. The_Dark_Overlord

    The_Dark_Overlord Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2002
    Daniel Beckfris
    [link=]Flesh Hall[/link]


    His body reacted more to the scent than his mind, though he had smelt it before never in this magnitude. It was hard to combine a life of crime with the world of banks. Daniel rose up, the front side of his body was covered in blood, his face, his hands.. everything. He looked around.
    Corpses everywhere with their insides now on the outside like a beautiful picture. This, he had to admit, was art. Dried blood, fresh blood, tasty blood. Daniel licked his lips and felt a refreshing feeling inside, for the first time since he arrived at Nepal he was truly.. at peace. Would Zinsky's body be here? Was the fat monk Zinsky? Did any of this matter at a place like this?

    Could he not embrace it all instead?

    Perhaps I should stay?

    These monks seemed intelligent enough to engage in a conversation and they seemed to share his lust for death. His eyes now turned toward the fat wobbly monk who was approaching him presumably to eat him. "Jemi" it said. Perhaps with a little bit to content voice to be taken as a peaceful flesh eating monk.

    It all reminded him of an encounter he had at a young age with a snake.

    His family were residing in a cottage on the country side for the summer. He had been allowed to come along, only if he behaved. Daniel did, with perfection. Could he have been eight years old perhaps? Before he had left his boarding school Daniel made sure his clothes were perfectly ironed. That every straw of his hair laid in a perfect angle, pimples? Not if he could help it..

    They had arrived in mid June to a two bedroom cottage painted in a greish white and it was accompanied by a small garden. Red waist high wooden fence with a small gate wide enough to let one person through at a time. The skies were blue, a perfect summer day had it not been for the grass, it had been cut uneven, father would call the gardener to make damn sure that it was fixed.

    They ate a late lunch outside on a garden table. It was to small to fit all the four plates, Daniel had to have his plate in his lap, it interfered with his perfect creases. Why were they always putting a plate for his sister? She was dead.

    A few days later he had been ordered to play out side, enjoy the wild life and experience the thrill of the nature. Daniel ventured through the forest alone. It did little to impress him until he reached a rivulet that gently made it's way through the forest. Something fascinated him about it, where did the water come from? He approached it slowly almost sneaking up on it as if it was a living being. Daniel reached the edge of the rivulet and looked down in the water, he saw his own reflection in the pitch dark water. Strange, it must be polluted.

    In the corner of his eye he saw movement, quickly he turned and stood face to face with a snake, a long thin black thing that wriggled towards him. It stopped when Daniel turned around and stared into his eyes. Daniel could feel that it was measuring as of how big of a threat he was, he could swear that it smirked.
    Like this they stood for a few minutes, Daniel was sure that this snake would kill him if it bit him. It was an interesting and exiting feeling, a challenge of sorts, of will speed and dexterity. At almost the same time both of them lunged themselves towards each other. Daniel's hands gripped the snake around it's neck while the snake bit him in his left hand.

    The pain was incredible, never before had he felt anything like this.. It fueled his need to choke the snake. The grip tightened and the snake slowly ventured towards the other side. Just as it did his vision blurred and he lost his balance, fell into the rivulet leaning towards mud banks looking up through all the laves and branches at the perfectly toned blue sky.

    A great chandelier with skulls and rotting bones hanging from it lit up the room and observed the two beings, it threw both light and shadows in this land of flesh and living dead.

    Eat me?
  21. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Chapter VII: Family and other problems

    . . . nearing it´s end . . .

    Streets, Hamburg

    The mans voice breathed in. "Good. Laura needs to life. I wish her to. And I can safe her. You must bring her to me. Immediately. Bring her to me and she shall life. And so shall your daughter." The man killed the line. But before Markus could even consider the idea he had no idea where to go to, the navigation of the car jumped alive. And showed him the road to a place somewhere in the center of Hamburg. Am Santornkai 60. An office building in the newly created Elb City. Best office buidlings in the whole town.

    Tag: Mitth, Sirak

    Chapter VIII: The Passenger[/b]
    . . . soon to be over, too . . . [/color]

    Desert, Nevada[/i]

    Vincent took the remaining water bottles and pushed them into his jacket that was not an improvised bag. He looked up to Andrea as she asked him all these things. Then he helped her lie down in the improvised apparatus that they would carry her in. "Who I am? My mother? never knew my mother. But her name was Connor. My dead called himself John doyle. So I am Vincent Doyle. named after some unimportant soccer player from our regional club. My father always reminded me that guy was most likely to be my Dad." Vincent laughed. And began to lift her. the old man helped. "Hope so. Hope so." They began to carry her. "Nothing special about me. Went to school. couldn´t afford university. SAS. Wolverines. Then Police. Europol. Finally Skymarshall after 11/11. I stayed with it. Was my final job. They told me about our VIP guest and if he landed safely I would have been done for another year." They had begun to carry her now. "What about you? your father is ill? I am sorry to hear that."

    [b]Tag: Spy[/b]
  22. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Andrea 'Andy' Rebecca Baker
    Desert - Nevada

    "Daddy. Please."

    A young figure, brown hair tied back in pigtails, stood on the middle floor of the hospital, right beside the elevators. Her eyes were a deep blue, a focused blue, with a raw red around them. That was from the sobbing, the endless crying in the night. Down the hallways of screaming and moaning people, her mother was in a room. Her mother's side of the family had always been sickly. Grannie had been sickly. Andrea could still taste her chocolate chip cookies, the chocolate chips melting in your mouth. Even after eight years. Her father looked down at his daughter, and she could tell he was dying inside. Dying a long, slow death. He put his hands on her shoulders, shaking his head side to side in a sad motion. Andrea nodded her head, taking the hand of her S. F. Grannie, as she called her father's mother. As the elevator doors closed, Andrea watched as a peice of their relationship was snipped away. Later that day, her mother's life was snipped away.

    Using her muscle strength in her good arm, she propped up slightly to hear Vincent speak. He shoved some water bottles into his jacket, the ripped, dirty jacket. She wondered what was going through his mind. He had killed someone for her. The realization of the matter hit Andrea in a dizzying fact. Vincent had shot the stewardess who had stood in the way of murdering Sumiko and her. The others on the plane. She remembered in her fading mind, she had seen people, standing up and shouting, roaring in outrage. They were all dead. Detached from life. Or were they the ones who were dead? Andrea watched as Vincent lifted her up in his arms, and she grinned at him. He propped her on a aparatus from the plane, and Andrea leaned back and relaxed.

    "Who I am? My mother? never knew my mother. But her name was Connor. My dead called himself John doyle. So I am Vincent Doyle. named after some unimportant soccer player from our regional club. My father always reminded me that guy was most likely to be my Dad."

    Andrea watched as Vincent laughed. Unlike the flirtatious laugh she heard prior, she was getting a laugh that was filled with memories. Suddenly she lifted from the ground, and she almost toppled off as she struggled. The old man helped Vincent, and Andrea relaxed, regaining the balance she had lost.

    "Nothing special about me. Went to school. couldn´t afford university. SAS. Wolverines. Then Police. Europol. Finally Skymarshall after 11/11. I stayed with it. Was my final job. They told me about our VIP guest and if he landed safely I would have been done for another year."

    Andrea frowned. She wished now, more than ever, that the plane wouldn't have went down. Even though the plane had brought them together, she would rather see him fulfilling career dreams than chasing after her. She had to admit, she was a girl who was not easily tied down. At least Karl had survived the wreck. Now if they could hitch a ride at this Inn, and get out of here...Andrea realized that Karl and Sumiko might just abandon them. Find a nice car, a nice fellow, and say the plane was gone, nobody else out here. But Sumiko wouldn't do that. Unless he killed her. Now she wished she had went with them. He might kill Sumiko!

    "What about you? your father is ill? I am sorry to hear that."

    Andrea came back to reality as Vincent spoke again. He was a calmer, nicer sounding man at the moment. She coughed up some more water, but not as much as before. After clearing her throat, taking another swig of water, she smiled and continued with her life story. Her depressing life story.

    "Sure wish I could entertain you with a story as wonderful and pleasant as yours. But I can't. My Grannie meant the world to me as a child. While a remember her vaguely now, I guess I still love her. She died of the flu when I was five years old. I will never forget those cookies. I met a kid from Japan who moved to Italy. Kamakazi. I guess he was my first lov
  23. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 26, 2007
    Angela Janssen
    Boston Medical Center

    Angela could not believei t. for a long second, she just stared at the head of this woman . . . nobody had introduced them . . . and realized that while hse had prepared to save her, Weber had killed her. When she finally realized, she leaped to her feet, dragged out her gun and pulled it to Weber´s head. 2What have you done!? WHAT? HM? YOU KILLED HER! YOU ARE A MURDERER! A MURDERER!" Her finger slightly pressed the trigger nad her eyes almost pierced the mans skull. "WHY?!"

    She felt so ready to kill that self righteous man. But deep inside of her something asked, what she had actually become.

    Tag: LordT, Spy

    Been asked when I update Clay. I´ll wait for the others to post first, to avoid godmodding by "overwriting" them . . .

    And OOC: As some might have realized my "spelling-check" has become totally crazy. Some other Germans using the same suffer from it, too. I heard. So don´t worry. My firm providing it promised an update today or tomorrow. >
  24. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Doctor Camden Fossett
    Inside Boston Medical Center - Near Elevators

    Camden watched the events unfold in his eyes.

    Angela was mad.

    She was a monster.

    Monsters had to be dealt with.


    She was going to hurt Carl.

    He was mad.



    He raised his hands up, a syringe planted in them.

    ?Die! DIE, DIE, DIE!?

    But he couldn?t kill her.

    That wasn?t him.

    Not him?

    He was married. Had a child.

    But he was like this.

    He had always been like this.

    A monster.

    He then lowered the weapon, walked toward Liam who stood behind Angela.

    Then he turned, attacking her by leaping on her back.

    He had to get the gun.

    Get the gun.


    TAG: TSG and LordT
  25. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus J. F. Christianson
    Streets, Hamburg

    He did not know if he had done enough, enough to save Laura, the key to his daughter. So instead he had done what he could and now. . .now he would have to drive her body to where this voice dictated. Although the voice said nothing more, leaving him to Laura's mumblings of 'father'.

    Easing back into the front of the car, with closed eyes he picked up where she left off. "Father...Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us. . .as we forgive. . ." sighing he broke down as his body convulsed for a moment. The stray tears rolling down his cheek, before he obeyed that simple machin dictating the course to follow.

    Driving though the tears.

    Through the need of forgiveness.

    The harshness of forgiving.

    TAG: Fin, Sirak
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