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Thriller The Sins of the Sons

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    OOC: Combined with fin

    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Jabe Hospital

    "What you shall do? How shall I know! It was not my task. these things are secret. All of it is. And your friends is telling these Doctors all kind of things that if they ever went into the system of the hospital, would alarm powers you do not want to alarm. Listen, . . ."

    Sumiko watched as the man pulled out a book, quickly tearing out a page and pushed it into her hand.

    ?Tony will know. He is here. Go there fast. And don´t tell anybody about you and what happened to you. If someone finds out, kill him." He stared at her, his gaze reflecting the severity of the situation. ?You understand me??

    The colour drained from her face as she looked at the gun that had been thrust into her hand. It was small compared to the weapons she had seen Sarah using, but that didn?t make it any less dangerous. A scared look flickered across her face, This man had just told her to kill. To take the life of another. The weapon felt heavy and awkward in her inexperienced grip, sandwiched between it and her palm, the paper which was the next piece in this complicated puzzle. The man looked outside of the room, and it didn?t look like he liked what he saw when he turned back to face her

    "And do you treasure your friend in there? Take her with you, if you want her to life."

    Sumiko frowned. Andrea was in trouble? But this was a hospital who would want to?the mans face said it all. Foreboding. As if he knew what was coming. The realisation hit her like ice water to the face

    "Listen, I gave everything to give humanity that chance. You have to fix it!"

    He hissed as he started for the door. For a few seconds the only sound in the storage room was her rapid breathing and her heartbeat banging in her ears. She looked down at the gun, as her fingers tightened more around the grip. Could she really do this? Murder someone? Commit one of the worst sins a human could commit? The mans words from earlier echoed in her mind, followed by something that Sarah had said

    ?Where you come from I am already dead. And so will I be soon here! And you and your family and everybody else! You were meant to change that!?

    ?And he told me you would save the world, Sumiko. He said Sumiko will save the world or nobody will?

    The stakes were so great?she had seen what would happen if she failed?.She could feel the familiar sting of tears, but forced them away. She pushed the gun into the waistband of her hospital pyjamas, stifling a flinch as the cold metal glanced against her skin, pulling the bottom hem of the shirt she wore over it to conceal it. Letting out a deep breath, she walked towards and out the door, pushing it closed carefully so it wouldn?t make a noise. She crept along the white hallway, stopping as it branched off at the end. Staying as close to the wall as possible, she peeked around the corner, she spotted two men, who looked like they were orderlies, standing outside of Andreas room as if guarding it. She heard voices coming from within, one was the doctors, the other Andreas. She strained her ears to hear. She caught fragments of what she was saying. She?d known Vincent as a kid? They had coffee in Italy together? She frowned. This wasn?t right. Her words became fewer and less coherent by the minute and Sumiko could tell there was something seriously wrong. She backed away as she heard the doctors leaving Andreas room, holding her breath as they walked away. They were chatting in her native tongue, and what she heard made her stomach flip

    "She is clearly disoriented and having some sort of traumatic episode. We should move her to the psyche-ward. They are better suited to deal with her, she could be danger for herself and others." "I agree. Poor thing. She will fall asleep any second, then we can move her."

    Psychiatric ward?! A sheen of sweat started to form on her brow. She had to get Andrea out of there and fast, but how? Her mind raced. The doctors had left but the two orderlies
  2. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007

    Sumiko rushed to the red box, took the lever and pushed it down. The lights flickered. The lights flickered and that seemed to be everything that she was able to make out as an effect the alarm had. Then there was [link=]a strange noise. [/link] A crack.

    As Sumiko slowly turned around, the small gun still in her head she saw the two orderlies on the ground. Their bodies twisted, as if a dozen bones including their spines had broken in a second without a sound. Well one sound. a single crack that represented all their broken bones. Not far away lay a patient and behind him the Doctor Sumiko had spoken with a few minutes ago. They were all dead. It was surreal, but certainly not a dream. One could feel the cold claws of reality claw into the mind. Sumiko had not looked away for five seconds, not even three. But something had killed four people without making a sound in that time. And had she not taken a turn to get to the red box, she would most likely have died, too.

    Andy had fallen asleep now. She was still lying there in her bed, having no idea how her situation had suddenly changed.

    There was one exit available, though. From the waiting room Sumiko could hear screams. They died down incredibly fast.


    Tag: Leigh


    The streets were not the ones of Tokyo. They did not look very American either. But what did it matter where they were? There was nobody there to speak to anyway. Only Vincent staring at a man standing on a roof. Vincent. He stood in the middle of the street, obviously unaware of Andy arriving in that reality.


    The man on the roof of the nearby building probably looked back. That was very hard to make out. Certainly he did not move. Clearly this was a dream. The question was, was it Andy´s or did she and Vincent share it?

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  3. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Carl Weber
    The House

    Carl stopped for a second and turned to John. Indeed it was a trap. Carl doubted he would even reach that one. Shaking his head he sighed. ?It doesn´t matter. Not anymore. I see it now.?

    And with that he fully turned around again. ?Milton tried to outsmart me? Really? What a waste of time. Because I never had a chance of making it out of this, John. So your Daddy spend the last what . . . eighty years . . . plotting my downfall which had always been a sealed deal. Nothing can save me. The one man I cannot convince, destroy, outsmart of overcome is after me and nothing will keep him from destroying me, I see that now. And with my destruction it will also be his and through that . . . the worlds. It is over. John. Milton always had problems accepting it. The only thing of greatness your Dad ever did, killing God? He told you about that one? He doomed us all. He doomed US all!? Karl closed his eyes. ?Do you play Chess, John? Has Milton taught you to play chess? Have you ever heard of the Immortal Game??
    Carl turned around again and began to slowly walk away.

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  4. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Jabe Hospital

    Sumiko pulled down the fire alarm handle firmly, bracing herself for the deafening noise that would flood the hospital upon its activation?but it never came. Instead, the lights in the ward started flickering. A confused look crossed her face for a brief moment but it melted away when a strange sound came from behind her. A loud sharp


    She found herself holding her breath as she turned around slowly. She stopped dead in her tracks at what she saw before her, clapping her free hand over her mouth to stifle a shocked scream. Bodies littered the corridor, the orderlies that had been standing outside of Andreas room not even a minute ago, now lay twisted and broken on the floor. A patient lay not far from them, and the doctor she had spoken too earlier lay splayed in a broken heap. They were dead. How could this have happened in just a few seconds? A terrifying realisation came over her. If she had been facing that direction just a few seconds earlier? She shuddered, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

    Her hands shook as she tightened her grip on the gun. Her knuckles almost white, her breath coming in low gasps as she fought to quell the rapidly rising feeling of fear that coursed through her. She gulped down the lump that was rising in her throat. The corridors felt like they were pressing in around her and an icy chill went up her spine. The sounds of screaming pierced the air and she whipped her head around, raising the gun instinctively in the direction the horrifying sounds were coming from. They were coming from beyond the quarantine unit, the only exit from this wing was a door at the far end of this corridor. The screams died down quickly, leaving only an eerie silence in its place.

    Awkwardly sidestepping the bodies, she ran into Andrea?s room, her dark eyes falling on the bedridden woman. She was unconscious, but at least alive and breathing. Walking over to the side of the bed, she spotted the I.V line that had been inserted into her arm. Hadn?t the doctors removed that earlier? Her eyes narrowed as she remembered what the doctors had said. They were going to put Andrea in the psyche-ward against her will. She looked at Andreas face. She didn?t seem to be aware of anything that was going on around her. Sumiko Chewed her lip nervously. Reaching for the IV line that had been inserted into Andrea?s arm, she let out a shaky breath and pulled the needle free, disconnecting her from the drugs that had been left to filter into her body. Leaning over her, she placed her one of her hands on the woman?s shoulder and the other on her arm, trying to rouse the woman from her sleep.

    ?Andrea! Andrea wake up! Come on wake up, Please!?

    She pleaded, her eyes darting towards the door, the screams from earlier seemed to echo in her mind.

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  5. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Combined with GM

    [b][color=deeppink]Andrea "Andy" Rebecca Baker[/color][/b]

    Sterile white hospital faded away. . .

    And darkness came swiftly.

    At first, Andy assumed she was dead. Again. But she was suddenly standing on a street. She had been in Tokyo, Japan before boarding the plane, and thought she had been there at the hospital. These roads looked nothing like Japanese roads. Or American, for that matter. Andy walked around for a second, wondering if she had returned back to the future. The place from her nightmares. Then she noticed someone standing on the road. She recognized him almost immediately.


    Andy followed his eyes, and noticed a man standing on a ledge. He was so shadowed Andy couldn?t tell if he was staring back. But Andy just knew that she was dreaming, that the doctors had drugged her or something. Doctor Nakamura?s last words had been almost haunting.

    ?Vincent!? She shouted. ?Vincent!? She began to run to him, stumbling once and falling over. She stood again and continued to run to him.

    Vincent seemed not to hear her. instead she heard how he began to laugh. It was an anxious laughter, showing his fight with sanity and then Andy could make out who was up there. Who was standing in that roof. Just as the figure jumped, she could see Vincent´s face. And his laughing face in front of her as he watched his other self jump of the roof.

    The body fell and vincent turned around to her.

    "Do I know you?"

    [i]Jabe Hospital[/i]

    She opened her eyes.

    Sumiko was standing above her, two hands on her shoulders.

    Andy realized that she had returned to the hospital. Looking around anxiously, Andy sat up. A heavy spell of dizziness took over, and she almost collapsed back on the bed.

    Had it been a dream? What did it even mean, actually?

    ?Sumiko. . .what. . .what?s going on??

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  6. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Jabe Hospital

    Andrea finally stirred, her eyes opening

    ?Sumiko?what?what?s going on??

    Sumiko noticed the anxiousness in her eyes as she pushed herself up to sitting, but seemed to have some trouble as the drugs were still fresh in her system. She put an arm about her to help keep her steady. Sumiko looked her in the face, her eyes speaking volumes about their current situation.




    ?I?I can?t explain now, but we have to get out of here, were not safe! Can you stand??

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  7. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Andrea "Andy" Rebecca Baker
    Jabe Hospital

    Andy felt the tension Sumiko's dark eyes let off.

    ?I?I can?t explain now, but we have to get out of here, were not safe! Can you stand??

    Andy looked around for a second, seeing double of just about everything. She accepted Sumiko?s outstretched hand.

    ?Yes. . .yeah. I?m fine.?

    She let her feet touch the floor.

    ?What is-?

    Andy shook her head.

    ?Never mind. Let?s go.?

    She held Sumiko?s hand and hurried out of the room. She could feel it in the air. The urgency to escape.

    The dead orderlies in front of her door were the only sign she needed.

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  8. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Combined with Fins. We did this days ago and I forgot to post it.

    [link=]Soundtrack - The Immortal Game[/link]

    House and Desert

    "I know." John almost shouted after him. "It is a game where the queen is sacrificed to win hte game, isn´t it?" John shouted after him and tried to keep up then. Karl just allowed him to. Just for now.

    "Yes, something like that. It was a chess game played by Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky on 21 June 1851 in London. I was there that day, accidentialy. I had a weakness for chess in that century. But when you adopt this strategy in live it is more complicated. Because it is all about to find out who the black queen is." Karl finally stopped. "It is all about who get´s sacrificed. And in my case that is me. John, Milton wasted his time. I came here to find something out and then die. I did not know. But now I understand. Now, I see."

    Sharon and Vashti had been taken not by accident. They had been removed so he could not give them his message. The message he had been wrong all along. He had lost contact with the past. Someone had cut him off. And who could have done this? Only one suspect was in question. He did it himself. His other half, his other incarnation. It had gained some individuality, when the Change happened. It had gained . . . the impossible . . . autonomy. Like Liam Abec had once overcome the mind of Caleb. To what end? Karl already knew that. "This, John. This is my world. My creation. It is a hell. Maybe one of many unlimited versions of hell I produced. And after all those centuries the lies became true. There is a God and there is his adversary. I am that adversary. Not your father. I am. I let him kill God once. I watched. And now I am about to outdo him in the only impressive feat he ever did."

    John stopped and this time Karl did the same. "What do you mean you watched him kill . . . "

    "He had not told you that, had he? All of this? It is the price we paid for a freedom we never needed. We made a choice, John. All he ever wanted of us was to make a choice." Karl smirked. "We made one. He died. Willingly, I suppose. Your father did it, he burned him in a fire laid by his beloved humans. Man did blossom under our guidance, but mankind also commited the ultimate patricide. And you know what? They did not even know." Karl sighed. "Not true." He corrected himself. "When you look at the dead man who is God worshipped by Christians, they probably felt it. There is no forgiveness or absolution for what we did, only guilt, sin and damnation." Karl stepped closer. "I tell you because you need to know. Soon I will be dead. And you will carry on this mission, will you? Because it is all that gives you purpose, all that makes sense in this forsaken lands. So are you ready to do what even your father failed to do?"

    John stared at Karl. He stared at him for a long time. Then he nodded. It was a silent consent to a crime unspoken, for it was unspeakable.

    "What happens if I do it?" John finally asked. Karl shrugged.

    "Who knows? A Godless universe? Or maybe there won´t be a universe at all. I can guarantee you only one thing, John. One little thing. It will be an END. Finally it will all come to an END."

    There was a voice crying. Was it in Karl´s head? It had to be. And a laughter. He knew that laughter. His son had come to take him. Not Caleb. His true and only son.

    "You will be death, the destroyer of worlds." Karl smiled at him sadly. And slowly he raised his hand and touched the forehead of John with his finger. Pain hit the spot like a nuclear fire aiming at the very soul of John. "Caleb will help you. Like all my sons he desires most what he cannot have. Death . . . to become a reality he can experience. All others will try to stop you. One by one they shall fail and despair. For desparation is all that waits for any of us in this world now." Carl slowly cowered next to John. He looked at him. John finally regained his ability to speak and hissed out.

    "Why me?"

  9. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Jackson Clay
    Near the House

    Just another dead man.

    Jackson looked at him and then had to fight a smile appearing on his face. Sub-consciousness. Yeah, sure. A man doing hell of a bluff he had been. And a man with one miscalculation. Trying didn´t cost Jackson a thing. Another shot. This time it was farther away. Jackson´s head snapped around. He was aware he could not be shot, but he also was aware that he could be shot and buried, hacked to pieces or burned again. And that meant he would lose time, even more equipment and probably the race.

    This was a race, was it? The woman in the diner had not been the end of it, but there was more. He was still here and had not yet found salvation, so there had to be more. A greater plan he still served, right? He had to find him. And he had to kill him. What else could be the plan? What else could God still want him to do?

    He walked over to the driver seat and opened it. It had been a time since he had short-circuited a car. But he somehow doubted that the boy had the keys. He was right. Right above the pedals two wires were hanging free. He quickly made them contact each other an with a roar the engines jumped alive. He still had enough fuel for a few hundred miles and a bit more in the trunk, if he had seen it right. The navigation had not yet been activated, but once he clicked on the touchscreen it hummed alive. Almost scared Jackson withdrew his hand. Technology had been something he had familiarized himself with, but he had never embraced it. He clicked a bit through the menu and finally found the free roam mode. He was near Carson City now. He had guessed that much. The satellite did not work anymore. But several pic had been saved to the hard drive. He found them pretty quick. The whole handling of this high tech navigation system seemed to be based on what the youngsters called intuitive design.

    Empire. Empire, Nevada. Past Reno and the Pyramid Lake. Route 447. It was small. Smaller than he had thought it to be. The resolution was bad, but the route was already calculated. Obviously without GPS existing anymore that did not work so good. But good enough.

    Had the man lied? Had the man deceived him? He doubted it. Somehow Empire seemed like a perfect place for a God to bring together light and dark for a last stand. But the name, the name itself brought old memories fourth. In a town called Empire he had been captured. Also it was in Michigan, that was hardly a coincidence. And after the years on deathrow and his resurrection through the mercy of the Lord he had studied everything he needed to know to help his God in these times of needs. Among them the Prophecy of Daniel. The Prophecy of the Four Empires.

    "And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors have reached their fullness, a king shall arise, having fierce features, who understands sinister schemes. His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power. He shall destroy fearfully. And shall prosper and thrive. He shall destroy the mighty and also the holy people. Through his cunning he shall cause deceit to prosper under his rule; and he shall exalt himself in his heart. He shall destroy many in their prosperity. He shall even rise against the Prince of princes [the Messiah]. But he shall be broken without human means."
    Daniel 8:12 it was, if he recalled it right. The Antichrist. King of the fourth and final Empire.


    Had it been meant literal all along? Was the Antichrist in this small town in Nevada?

    Demons, so many demons dwelled these lands, all summoned by him probably. Into a world without God. A world in which only Jackson could restore order.
    Turning the car Jackson accelerated it onto the street and began his drive towards Reno.

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  10. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Jabe-hospital, Toyko, 2012

    The two women stumbled out and almost slipped, as a little stream of blood seemed to cover the floor, running from the doors of the waiting rooms. A head of a cdoctor and a few meters away the rest of his body lay nearby. Someone with a smashed head, an orderly probably, was leaning against a door. It was a corridor on a way to a massacre, obviously. For Andy it would be clear it had been happening while she slept, but Sumiko knew the terrible truth. All of this had happened so fast and so silent, she had not even heard it. But it had all happened while she was in there with Andy.

    A short scream came from nearby, but was silenced immediately.

    It were twenty five meters towards the emergency exit and then they had to go down the stairs. It wasn´t that long, but in this istuation such a walk could take the rest of your life . . .

    A new stream of blood appeared, this time coming from below the storage room, sipping through the little space between door and the ground as if it was desperate ot get away from someone. And Sumiko and Andy saw the doorknob turn, as someone was preparing to come out.

    Tag: Leigh, Spy



    Strange memories were evoked by the place and even Karl saw the value in humanities mortality, probably as his life suddenly seemed so precious in the face of it´s destruction. And he felt it. Slowly closing in, like a predaotr. Well, excactly like a predator.

    Somewhere far away [link=]a John Henley tune[/link] seemed to play. And a voice. Promising she could do something for him and not understanding the two of them shared the same fate. Sacrifices in the Immortal Game or Carl Weber.

    Tag: LordTroepfchen

    Road 47

    Driving through the night in the empty world of the future brought it´s own challenges. Cars suddenly appeared out of the dark, stones sometimes blocked the road, also the car had little problems with an off-road trip now and then. But when the sun came up Reno was lying before him. And it´s dark remains were the testament of an icnredible fire that had probably burned here once.


    The sunlight also brought the insight that all green, all vegetation near this place was dead, as if poison had entered the soil.

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Andrea "Andy" Rebecca Baker
    Jabe Hospital

    She clutched Sumiko?s hand in a death grip as she tripped over a head. Already weak and tired, Andy couldn?t regain her balance and landed on the floor. She tried catching herself, but her hands landed in something slippery.

    Shaky, she looked at her hand. It was drenched in blood.


    Andy jerked up, wiping her hand on her clothes. The orderlies were dead, the doctors, everyone in the hospital was dying. Heart pounding in fear, Andy heard noises. Screams of horror coming from a supply closet.

    ?We have to go!? Andy hissed as the person inside the closet slammed against the door, trying to escape as they screamed. Then it stopped. Blood oozed out from under the door.

    Andy squeezed Sumiko?s hand, making sure the girl was looking at her.

    ?WE. HAVE. TO. GO.?

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  12. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Jabe Hospital

    The scene that unfolded before her was like something out of a horror film, except this was no work of fiction, it was very, very real. Sumiko and Andrea moved hand in hand, the Italian woman?s grip on her hand was vice like. Suddenly Andrea lost her footing, slipping and nearly pulling Sumiko down with her. Looking down at the floor, her breath caught in her throat at the sight of the blood that stained the floor and was now spattered up her trouser leg. Andrea jerked back up to standing, frantically wiping her hands on her clothing. A metallic tang filled the air, Her eyes followed the stream of blood further into the waiting room and she felt her stomach flip. More dead bodies lay before them, maimed, mangled, decapitated bodies. How she managed to keep the contents of her stomach down at that moment, she had no idea. Her mind was going into overdrive. How could such a level of death and destruction occur in just minutes? Without any sort of sound or indication? A scream pulled her attentions back, whipping her head around in the direction it had came from, she let out a shaky breath, her eyes darting about the room as the scream was silenced abruptly. Her gaze fell on the body of a woman. Clad in blood soaked scrubs, she had been a nurse before her life was taken. Suddenly she remembered something, something that made all colour drain from her face

    "your parents are here. At least they visited you a while ago and I think thy wanted to wait, my dear."

    A nurse had told her this. Her parents had been here, what if they?had they been waiting here? Where were they? What happened to them? Maybe they had left before?went out for some air, or to phone her brother?

    ?Okaa-san, Otou-san? No, No, No please no??

    Panic started to rise within her rapidly, she barely registered Andreas words. A new stream of blood began to flow underneath a nearby door. Her free hand brushed the concealed weapon at her hip, sweat beaded on her brow. She wanted to run, but her legs weren?t getting the message from her brain as she stood rooted to the spot, Her dark eyes locked on the turning handle of the door. The feeling of her hand being squeezed pulled her out of her fear induced stupor enough to look away. Her eyes met Andrea?s and she could see the desperation in the other woman?s face

    ?WE. HAVE. TO. GO.?

    Her head turned quickly back towards the door when she heard another clicking of the handle. The exit was just across the waiting room, but at the same time it felt like it was miles away. Pulling the gun out of her waistband she pointed it towards the door as she took a step backwards. If whatever was in there gave chase, she could at least use it to defend themselves. She hoped?

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  13. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007

    "Sutoppu!" The sound came right from behind them. A Japanese police officer . . . or was it a guard? Andy would not be able to tell, although Sumiko would be pretty sure it was the second . . . stood and poined his pistol at the two. As he saw that Andy was not Japanese he blinked and then looked around. He had been in a room to their left and whatever was killing people here, it obviously had overlooked him.

    "What going on?!?" He yelled and his accent made his words barely understandable. But he never got an answer. Whatever it was that took him, it was so quick Sumiko and andy could not see it. But something seemed to drag him back into the room he had just come from. His screams were short and seemed to die down too fast. Then the rattling sound and crashing of the interior was heard. Considering how quick the attacker had killed all the staff on the floor he really took time with this one.

    Which left the two of them the chance to escape into the stairway. And run for their lives . . .

    And just as they turned around, Leonard stood right before them, gun drawn and with a pale face. The tall, serious looking Japanese in his early fifties radiated the expectartion of death. He did not look at them, as he hissed a simple "Run" and raised his gun to the storage room in which the sounds of killing had died down now.

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  14. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Sumiko Nakamura
    Jabe Hospital


    Sumiko?s breath caught in her throat as she turned suddenly at the voice that came from behind them. A Japanese man stood before her, emerging from the room to their left, a pistol drawn and pointed at the two women. He was wearing an official looking uniform but it definitely wasn?t that of the police force, more like a security guard. Lowering the gun to her side, Sumiko eyed the man with a mix of suspicion and caution. He was clearly freaked out at what was going on around him, his fear seemed to radiate off him in waves.

    ?What going on??

    He yelled, barely understandable such was the panic in his heavily accented voice. Unfortunately Sumiko wasn?t able to give him any sort of answer. One minute he was standing there, the next he wasn?t. Whatever merciless force that had blown through the hospital claimed another victim, in the blink of an eye, dragging the helpless man to his death. The sound of his terrified screams echoed out into the waiting room, then silenced as quickly as the others had been. Sumiko swallowed down the nervous lump that was forming in her throat. She tore her eyes away from the door and looked at Andrea. She was right, they had to go. And the had to go now.

    Turning back around towards the exit, Sumiko almost ran straight into the figure that stood right before them. Stepping backwards instinctively, Her eyes widened when she saw who it was. It was the man from earlier, the man who gave her the gun, the man who had delivered the foreboding message. He had his gun drawn, his face stoic and pale. The look on his face?Sumiko realised, this man was resigning himself to death. He had knew this was going to happen. And he was going to die to give them a chance to escape. He didn?t look at them, his gaze fixed on the door from which unseen horrors were occurring on the other side. He just said one simple word


    Holding onto Andreas hand once more, She started to run with her

    ?Don?t look back!?

    She managed to choke out to Andy as she ran with the woman, across the room the green light above the emergency exit hailed their escape route. Sumiko pushed the bar down on the door with her free hand and pushed it open, stumbling into the stairwell on the other side. Once Andrea was through, she pushed the door shut behind them, Her breathing was heavy, her legs felt shaky, but they couldn?t stop. They had to keep moving

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  15. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Andrea "Andy" Rebecca Baker
    Jabe Hospital

    Andy noticed movement to their side.

    A guard, obviously confused at the situation as much as she was, stumbled in front of them. Andy couldn?t exactly understand what he was saying, seeing as his Japanese accent was thick. Maybe Sumiko was able to interpret his words, but before Andy could even attempt to ask her what the guy was saying, he was gone. Ripped back into the same supply closet where screams and cries could?ve been heard only seconds ago. Andy watched wide-eyed, as the guard?s shrieks filled the air.

    This was their chance to get out of here before whatever had gotten everyone else got them. Andy turned back around, ready to run, which she almost collided with a tall Japanese man. His face was grim, and in his hands was a gun. She had seen so many guns in the past twenty-four hours.


    He seemed to hiss at them. And Andy would do it. Somehow, when he said it, she was brought back to the desert. His voice morphed with Vincent?s dying breathe. She was doing all of this to see him. To see him and save Sumiko, who she was pretty sure was capable of taking care of herself. Andy at least pretended that she was needed by someone.

    ?Thank you.? Andy said to the man as she ran to the exit. Sumiko shouted something at her, but it was lost in the sounds of their running feet. They pushed through the exit together, and closed it behind them, but Andy knew they couldn?t stop there. They had to keep running. Had to keep pushing farther and farther.

    ?We can't stop!? Andy panted as she noticed how tired Sumiko was. Andy understood. "Keep going!"

    She would have to heed her own advise.

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  16. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Jabe Hospital

    They ran down the stairs and nobody was there to top them. No swat teams, no alarm. Nobody seemed even to be aware what had happened in the quarantine section. It had probably happened to fast, anyway.

    When they burst into the street they suddenly were in Tokyo, living, vibrant, colourful and ignorant of the danger it was in. People looked at the American and the Japanese girl in hospital gowns when they appeared there. But stranger things had been seen on these streets. So they largely ignored them.

    Whatever the two expected, the monster seemed to have other things to do. It did not follow them or hunt them, but stayed up there ending whatever bloody deed it had come for.

    Sumiko still had the adress where Tony was meant to be. Andy, who had never met Tony now only had a city or probably a world to search for Vincent. Somewhere out there he was . . . if nearby or far, far away was impossible to say.

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  17. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 26, 2007
    Jackson Clay
    Ruins of Reno

    Look, look the great whore of Babylon has fallen.

    In this world, Jackson realised with some satisfaction, all the whores had fallen. Babylon had been the world. All the tmeptations nad sins had been washed out of the streets by the fury of his Lord. Amen.

    He stopped the car and got out of it, looking over the rubble that had once been a city from above.

    Jackson smiled at the realisation of the justice in this. He felt free, now that all those girls in short tops and speaking nasty were gone. The Lord had finally set him free of all this tmeptations. With closed eyes he could not help it, but fell to his knees to thank him for that. It felt strange, now that he was so close to meeting the maker, but prayers always reached the Lord. All that had happened were undenialbe proof of that.

    The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.
    He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
    He leadeth me beside the still waters.
    He restoreth my soul:
    He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name' sake.

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil: For thou art with me;
    Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies;
    Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over.

    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,
    and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.


    The time had come. Doubts and regrets had no longer a place in these final days. the end was upon them and he would serve his Lord one last time to find a place at his right side.

    Judgment day, they called it. And they called it that for a reason.

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  18. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    [link=]GM approved Music - Sarah and Stuart[/link]

    If nobody figured it himself, this was heavy work combined with Fin, who I thank for this unique experience in collaborative writing.

    Sarah Brandt
    Las Vegas Ruins, Safe Room

    Stuart had cooked for them on his small gas-based oven. Pizza. He had most ingredients for that on tins and tubes and they seemed not to age, despite everything else was a victim of endless decay. But that seemed to be the way things were now. Some things aged, others did not. Even Stuart, as old as he seemed, was much younger than he should have been. 60 years, he had waited sixty years. Sarah could not begin to imagine what torture these sixty years would have been.

    ?Don´t be surprised if I look like I am your age tomorrow. These kinda things happen.? He had smiled at her, when he had taken of the helmet and said that. Sarah knew he would never look 20. His eyes looked thousands of years old. Tired, dead, estranged from the world.

    He wasn´t talking as much as before. And Sarah had to remind herself that when she said before, she really meant in her dreams. She had to laugh at herself, despite actually feeling a bit terrified. ?What is it?? Asked Stuart and returned from the kitchen with two glasses of wine. ?My last bottle, thought you might need it.? He explained and Sarah nodded with her head and tried to fight down another laughter. ?It was you, not Robert Kendler.? He said and could not help but giggle. Stuart raised a brow. ?What do you mean??

    Sarah catched a bit breath and then looked at Stuart. ?My virginity. I lost it to you and not Robert. I thought I had only dreamt this with us. Obviously I kinda did, but it seems real enough for me to qualify as my first time.? She grinned. Stuart became red. ?Sarah, I am sorry . . . I did not . . .?

    ?It was wonderful, Stu. Just wonderful. And let´s say Robert had still a lot to learn.?

    Stuart could not help but laugh, while his head became red like a tomatoes. Sarah joined him and laughed, too. ?Quite rare, usually a girl cannot change who she loses virginity to!? And they had to laugh even harder.

    He had grown old, but the man she had once fallen in love with was still there. So was the man she had split up with. The man who had trained her. The man who had challenged her both mentally and physically. The man who had saved her and who she had saved, they were all there.

    But they were hidden and consumed by a sadness only centuries could bring forth in a man. She did not need to ask if he ever though of ending his life. She could clearly see he had tried. There were no marks visible. But it was in his eyes. Shame, because he gave up.

    ?I am glad I am here.? She said. Stuart looked up and had to cough. ?You can´t be serious??

    Sarah smiled. ?I am. I seriously am.? Laughing she leaned back and breathed out. ?This world is a ruin, but so was mine. This one is just a bit more honest about it, I´d say.?

    Stuart shook his head. ?You have no idea how wonderful our world was.? He stood up and got their food. Sarah sat there in this tiny compartment on that old worn out couch and nodded to herself. Didnd´t she? All the lies. All the hurt. And smiling, always keep on smiling. The only person worth saving she ever knew was not saved, but damned. Stuart. ?The Pizza smells delicious.? She laughed.

    ?One hundred percent homegrown. Like anything you´ll have tonight. A lot of time to learn how to do it. Didn´t exactly had a lot to do after I gave up.? He set it before her and it indeed look delicious. ?Gave up on what?? Sarah was indeed hungry. For the first time since she arrived here, she was hungry. What had changed? Sumiko gone? Was it that?

    ?On you. On Tony. When it became clear you did not come anymore, he got a message to me. Wrote it down and allowed it to travel through time to this place . . . I could hardly read it anymore. But the message was clear. Reconnaissance. Espionage. He wanted us to find out what we could about this world, about this p
  19. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Andrea "Andy" Rebecca Baker
    Tokyo, Streets

    She waited.

    Waited for it to come.

    But it never did.

    They ran down the stairs, Andy having several times to pause and catch herself.

    And suddenly. . .sunlight came from nowhere. They had pushed out the doors and were invited by the outside air. Vibrant colors spread far as they could see. A very big difference from the white interior of the hospital.

    Andy walked a few steps forward, letting her feet carry her. For once in this horrible experience, she wasn?t about to die. Well, not that she knew of.

    What do I do now? Where do I go?

    Only one word came to mind.


    Andy then realized Sumiko was behind her. She turned and walked back to her.

    ?We did it.? She laughed out loud. ?We made it. Us. The fly girls of Flight 2440 just escaped a hospital.? Giggling, she felt tears building it up somewhere. Exactly where she didn?t know. ?And you?re home, aren?t you? You mom and dad, they?re both alive aren?t they? You?ll get to see them again.? Her eyes sparkled with tears then. ?Damn. I can?t believe I would do this to you. You?re just a kid. . .? And yet, Andy knew she wasn?t anymore. She acted ten times older than Andy. ?I have to do something. Only thing left for me to do, I guess. And that is find Vincent. He could be anywhere in this world. And I have to find him. Ask him. . .some questions.?

    ?If you would like, you could come with me. We can go to the mall or something and grab some clothes. Grab a bite to eat. Then we could. . .? Don?t be so damn selfish, Andy. ?Never mind. A dream, I guess you could say. You have something to do. You were meant to do something. I can feel it, Sumiko.? She met the Japanese girl?s eyes. ?Go. Go. Go find that person you are looking for. And I?ll do the same.? Tears gushed over now. What am I doing? I just found her. We were just reunited. But somewhere down in her conscience she knew that was asking too much of the girl. They barely even knew each other, and Andy couldn?t take Sumiko away from the girl?s parents or fate. What if she took her away and Sumiko was never able to see them again? Andy could never forgive herself.

    ?Go show the world just the kind of person I know you are.? Andy squeezed Sumiko?s body one more time.

    She couldn?t think of anything else to say. . .so she just turned and began to walk down the sidewalk. People looked at her strangely, wondering why she was dressed in a hospital gown, but quickly got over it. With murder and insanity rampant throughout the world, seeing a pretty girl in a gown wasn?t that shocking.

    Where would she go first?

    To find some clothes. That?d be the first thing on her list. She remembered her father?s debit card numbers. She also knew how to get some deals of things. Flirty smiles. A brush of a hand. Batting eyelashes. All of that stuff. Japanese men were especially hungry for it. Those uptight women probably had all of them whipped.

    She wanted to turn around. She wanted to look back at Sumiko.

    But she didn?t.

    She kept walking.

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  20. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC:Sumiko Nakamura
    Tokyo Streets

    Bursting through the emergency exit, the sterile whiteness of the hospital was left behind, only to be replaced with the sights sounds and smells of Tokyo city. The megalopolis seemed to glitter with vibrant lights, the streets were busy as Salary-men rushed to their next appointment and high school students walked in groups and chatted about boys on their way to arcades and cafes. Whatever had taken place in Jabe hospital, It had not left the confines of the building. Out here, the world didn?t know what horrors had been inflicted there. They must have looked a sight, American and Japanese women clad in hospital patient garb. A few passers by gave them curious glances, but the crowds largely ignored them. In this city, it was easy to overlook things. Looking down at her left hand, she noticed she had it in a tight fist. Opening her fingers up, she saw the crumpled piece of paper that contained her next step. Tony. This address would help her finally track him down. Would she finally get the answers to her questions? Her purpose? She didn?t know, but she would sure as hell try. Andrea stood a few steps away from her, surveying their surroundings. She carefully unfolded the paper, to read the address, when Andreas voice caught her ear and she looked up at he Italian woman. The emotions were evident on her face as she spoke

    We made it. Us. The fly girls of Flight 2440 just escaped a hospital?And you?re home, aren?t you? You mom and dad, they?re both alive aren?t they? You?ll get to see them again?Damn. I can?t believe I would do this to you. You?re just a kid. . ..I have to do something. Only thing left for me to do, I guess. And that is find Vincent. He could be anywhere in this world. And I have to find him. Ask him. . .some questions.?

    Tears ran from the other woman?s eyes as Sumiko felt her face fall at her words. Not only because she realised where this was leading, but also at the mention of her parents. She didn?t know where they were, if they were indeed alive or dead, and had no way of finding out. The nurse had said they were at the hospital, minutes before the deadly force had ripped thought it. And if they hadn?t been in the hospital at the time, she would lose them anyway if she failed in her task. The pressure was weighing down on her greatly. And now she was going to be alone once more. First Sarah, now Andrea? She could understand her wanting to get Vincent back, but considering their situation the decision to do so seemed hasty. It was strange. Andrea and Vincent had only known each-other a week if that, yet devotion was clear between them both. Was that the true power of Love? She forced herself to focus back on Andreas words

    ?If you would like, you could come with me. We can go to the mall or something and grab some clothes. Grab a bite to eat. Then we could?. ?Never mind. A dream, I guess you could say. You have something to do. You were meant to do something. I can feel it, Sumiko?Go. Go. Go find that person you are looking for. And I?ll do the same?Go show the world just the kind of person I know you are.? .

    Andrea was tearful as she pulled her into a hug, on Sumiko?s face a look of confusion and disbelief spread. Pulling away from her, Andrea said nothing more, instead turning and starting to walk away. Sumiko?s eyes narrowed as she watched. Letting out a trembling sigh, she ran after her, despite the aching in her legs, reaching out she grabbed the woman?s wrist from behind. She spoke to the back of her head.

    ?Wait a minute! Your not thinking this through! Do you know how big this City is? You said Vincent could be anywhere. Without a lead you might as well walk around this district in circles. Needle in a haystack!?

    Sumiko said almost matter-of-factly, frustration veiling her words, but she couldn?t help it. She was tired, just so tired of all of it. Andrea did not know the scale of what was at stake. And right now she was in two minds whether or not to tell her at all. She stepped in front of the older woman

  21. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Andrea "Andy" Rebecca Baker
    Tokyo, Streets

    [blockquote]Andy looked into Sumiko?s eyes.

    What am I doing? She seemed to ask herself. The teenage girl in a hospital gown looked so confused. Andy was confused at herself. Am I going to leave her alone? Abandon really my only female friend left in the world? Andy smiled.

    ?I?m. . .?

    Andy put her hands on Sumiko?s shoulders.

    ?I?ll go with you.? Was she dooming the chance to ever see Vincent again? Maybe. ?But I think the both of us have some things to tell each other.? Andy felt her smile fade away.

    A story came to mind.

    Romeo and Juliet. Love?s greatest tragedy. Young boy and girl fall in love in the matter of one conversation. Fate continues to keep them separated. And, in the end, they perish without ever saying good-bye to each other.

    She had read the play in Italy while she had been on vacation. Now it came to her mind fully. Was her and Vincent destined for tragedy? Certainly. Violent delights have violent ends.

    Andy shuddered.

    ?How about you tell me what you know while we walk. Then I?ll do the same.?

    She put her arm around her shoulders and led her down the sidewalk.

    Am I killing myself right here?

    She could only pray not.[/blockquote]

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]GM-Note: You can play until tomorrow evening. At 1800 EST we make a safety copy of both games and from there they are closed. There won´t be anymore updates from now on. Therefore SotSo goes officially on the MOVE-break. Prologues - for those who have signed up - begin on Thursday. Thanks to all of you for the amazing run so far and if we don´t see each other on the Temp-boards . . . see ya in a few weeks! [/hl]
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