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    This story is set 5000 years ago
    Ok, in this story the Sith and the Member's of the Krath, a secret order who support the sith, have dispatched a massive war fleet to corasant. The story starts aboard the sith warship Avenger, in the Hanger. The Sith are about to board there personal ships and land on the surface. In the story there are 5 sith and 5 jedi, plus 2 droid commanders.
    When you post, you must put a character sheet with the following things in any order:
    Hair colour
    Eye colour
    Skin colour( by the way, im not being racist)

    NP edit: Welcome to the RPF! You might want to try playing a few other games before starting your own. At the very minimum, you'll need an expanded story and some rules before this will be allowed to open.
  2. Kyle-Angelos Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 29, 2005
    My Character
    Name: Kyle Angelos
    Alias: Darth Bale
    Age: 20
    Affiliation: Sith
    Rank: Master
    Homeworld: Sileria
    Hieght: 1.85 Meters
    Weight: 159 lbs
    Build: Tall and Muscular
    Hair colour: Light Brown
    Hair Style: Short and spiked up
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Skin Colour: White
    Markings: Pentagrammic Tatto on left arm and a sith mark on the bottom of the back of the neck
    Clothing: Black sith robes and a black sith cloak
    Weapons: 2 red lightsabres
    Powers: Sith powers
    Ship: Darklight - a sith fighter with added 2 laser cannons, 1 concussion missle launcher, 1 proton torpedo launcher, more powerful shields and added menuvable.
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Not open for further replies.